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BATH. - Corbould


									                                                  CORBOULD                                               BATH.
                              RICHARD           b.
                                       CORBOULD, 1714,
                              d. 13 March 1814.
                                              I                                                                I
               William Corbould of Eye                                                     Pelham Corbould of Monks Hall,
               Clint and Syleham, Suffolk.                                                 Syleham. His wife Catherine
               Married Sarah Welton, widow.                                                married zndly, James Walne.
                   Pelham Corbolld of                                  ~lizabeth,                        William Corbould, of
                   Hoxne Abbey, d. there                               m. John                           Chancery Lane, London.
                   5 Oct. 181 I. Married                               Theobald.                         Married Eleanor Wright.
                   a dau. of Dr. Rutter.
              -.     --   -
          I                       I                    I                          1-                                       I
Dr. Pelham,                    John, of           Jesse, of                Elizabeth,                        Thomas, of
d. 21 Mar.                     Bath, d.           Devizes,                 d. before                         Bath, d. 3
I 864.                         4 May              d. 10 Dec.               1861.                             Mar. 1871.
                               1872.              1884.                                                                1

          I                                                    I                                                       I
Thomas, of Bath,                                  Robert Rutter,                                     William, b. 14 Apr. 1828.
brewer, b. 1818,                                  of Long Island,                                    Died at Ballarat, Australia,
d. 8 Apr. 1861.                                   New York.                                          24 Jan. 1914.

                          --                                            -
                                                                         ---                         -
                   ---                    I                    I                             I                             I                    I
Susan,                         Thomas, of             John                       Margaret                      Robert                     William
m. Wm.                         Bath,                  Charles,                   Jane, m.                      Rutter,                    Henry,
Hancock.                       brewer.                of Bath,                   Dr. Exell.                    of Devizes.                of Bath,
                                                      brewer.                                                                             d. 1902.
Rev. Wm.
                               Capt. Hy.
                                                      Lieut. Wm.                       Walter
                                                                                             I                                            --I
                                                                                                                               Rev. Kenneth John
Robert,                        Pearce,                Hy., b.                          Wilfrid,                                Kearton,
b. 1880.                       b. 1882.               1884, d. 1922.                   b. 1886.                                11. 1890.

     I                                I                        I
                                                                                                                           '      1
Paul, b.                       b. 1914.               Denise                     b. 1918.                     b. 1922.             I1
1910.                                                 b. 1917.

                                                                   -                                                               I
     I               -                I                    I                           I                                          I                     I
John                           Monica               Mary                     Elisabeth                                     Anne Teresa,         Michael,
Anton y,                       Mary,                Dorothea,                Frances,                                      b. 1930.             b. 1932.
b. 1922.                       b. 1923.             b. 1925.                 b. 1928.

                                                                       Page 48
                            SECTION VII.

                   CORBOULD                    OF   BATH

  The youngest son of Richard and Martha Corbould (see Section 11) was RICHARD
CORBOULD, 1714, bapt. at Cotton 26 April 1714, d. 13 March 1814 in his 100th
year, having had two sons :-
   I. WILLIAM    CORBOULD, Eye Clint and Syleham, Suffolk, b. circa 1740, d.
       after 1791. Married by licence at Syleham, 2 2 Dec. I 77 1, SARAH
       of Eye, widow, and had two daughters, the elder married Mr. KNEWITT
       of Stradbroke, and the younger married Mr. THEOBALD Syleham.
   2. PELHAM                of
                CORBOULD, Monks Hall, Syleham, now a farmhouse, born c.
       1741. He was famous for his lavish hospitality, and this was continued
       by his widow CATHERINE . . until her death at the age of 90. She
       married zndly, James Walne, of Monks Hall, who died aged 95.
          R. T. Corbould in his diary describes Mr. and Mrs. Walne as " a pair of
       the most hospitable people in Suffolk or any other county."
         O n the death of Mrs. Catherine Walne the following verses appeared in
       the " Ipswich Journal " :-
             Syleham, indeed, a heavy loss deplores !
               But not alone ; for every parish round,
             \Valne7s name, if not his residence, adores,
               And owns a loss with sympathy profound.
             0 I have join'd the hospitable board,
              And often view'd the venerable pair ;
             Exulting that their gifts they could afford,
              And so much bounty from their substance spare.
             One soul directed both ; let who would come,
              A friend or worldling, both alike appear'd,
             And never guest but found himself at home,
               In gladness welcom'd, and in sorrow cheer'd.
             I t seemed a favour to partake their fare,
                And such abundance greeted ev'ry guest,
             That was their heaven, promptly to prepare
                A room for feasting and a room for rest.

                                     Page 49
     Nor care nor overty had need to fawn,
       O r cringe or proud and ostentatious aid ;
     A look, a word, from " Aunt " or " Uncle " Walne,
       The very fears of poverty allay'd.

     Dear, good old man ! Thy years so honor'd blest
       I would the moisture from thy forehead wipe ;
     And still, beside thee, with an honest jest,
       Enjoy the social converse with a pipe.

     Sustain his years ye kindred souls who own
       The honour due to age and manly worth ;
     There is, I know, a coveted renown,
       A boast of heaven and a scorn of earth.

     Springing from sources that I've not explored,
       There is, of human worth, a saintly dread ;
     But if " Aunt Walne " were honor'd and adored,
       T'were less than human, not to weep her dead.

 Pelham and Catherine Corbould had issue :-
           CORBOULD, Hoxne Abbey, born c. 176j, of whom presently.
l a . PELHAM      of
2a. ELIZABETH      born c. 1766, married by licence at Syleham,
    Suffolk, 2j Sep. 1792, JOHNTHEOBALD, Starston, Norfolk, and had
    with 4 others :-
      I b. PELHAM   THEOBALD,   alive in I 81 I .
      2b. ELIZABETH                 also
                       THEOBALD, living in 181 I .
32. WILLIAMCORBOULD, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane,
    London, born c. 1768, d. 5 June, I 81 I. His will, dated 28 May 181 I,
    was proved in London 3 June I 8 I 2 by Eleanor his widow, and Francis
    Swann of Southampton Buildings. Married at St. George's Church,
    Hanover Square, London, I 5 Oct. 1797, ELEANOR              of
                                                        WRIGHT, South-
    ampton Buildings, who by her will dated 3 0 June 184j and proved in
    London 2 2 March 1849, left the whole of her property in Chancery
    Lane to her husband's nephew, John Corbould of Bath, in trust for
    her grandchildren (the children of her deceased son and daughter-in-
    law). They had :-
      I b. WILLIAM                       of
                     JOHNCORBOULD, Southampton Row, London, born
           c. 1799, d. at Hackney. Married LOUISA               who
                                                     HOLLOWAY, d. in
           London aged 34, and had :-

          2c. ELEANOR       CORBOULD, whom presently.
                    CATHERINE      of

                             Page 50
                     3c. ELIZABETH    CORBOULD,    Mrs. CORBOULD-  JONES. Married
                          . . . JONES, who m. rndly, abroad, . . . She had 2
                         daughters :-
                          ~ d GERTRUDE
                               .           JONES,married . . .
                          2d. ELEANOR     CORBOULD-JONES,. . .
                     4c. WILLIAM               d.
                                   CORBOULD, young.
                     jc. EMMA               d.
                                 CORBOULD, young.
  ELEANOR      CATHERINE     CORBOULD,    2nd dau. of William John Corbould, was
born in 1834. She married FREDERICK          MORRIS, 22, Milsom Street, Bath, son
of Frederick Morris, of Holloway House, Bath, gent. (d. there 12 March 187j ;
will pr. at A3 5,000) by his wife Cecilia Byron . . ., of 3, Gay Stzeet, Bath (d. at
Ealing, 27 April 1887).
  They had issue :-
    I. ELEANOR                       b.
                    JULIAMORRIS, at 22, Milsom Street, Bath, I April 1860, d.
        5 Dec. 1907, will pr. in London 18 Jan. 1908. Married at St. John's,
       Lower Weston, Somerset, 16 July 1886, WALTERALLEN SHEPPARD,                of
       Kin ston Road, Manvers Street, Bath, b. 14 Sep. 1862 at Paradise House,
       We1 s Road, Bath, elder son of Thomas Sheppard of Bath (by his wife
        Frances Alice, dau. of Frederick Morris), who was the 5 th son of James
        Sheppard of Bath, and a brother of James Sheppard, c.E., of Bath, and of
        Monte Video, Uruguay. Mr. Sheppard, who is of kin to the de Selincourts
       of Rustington Hall, Sussex, has six sons :-
         Ia. ~ N D                                      of
                   LIEUT.ALLENCECIL SHEPPARD, 8, Bennett Street, Bath, b.
             at 2, Bloomfield Crescent, Bath, 2 3 July 1887, bapt. at St. Luke's
             Church, Bath. Educ. at King Edward's School, Bath, and Lewisham
             House School, Weston-super-Mare. Enlisted in Motor Machine Gun
             Service in May 1916. Gazetted 2nd Lieut. in Royal Tank Corps, June
             1917 and served in France in the Great War for about two months, when
             he was invalided home with an eye injury. Invalided out of the Army,
             July 19I 8. Automobile Engineer.
             Married at St. John's Church, Truro, 26 Jan. 1914, MAYGWAVAS,     dau.
             of William Henry TROUNCE, Saskatoon, Sask., Canada, and has :-
               ~b.                                      b.
                   ALAN CECIL VIVIAN SHEPPARD, at Regent's Park, London,
                   7 Jan. 1918, bapt. at St. Luke's, Bath.
              2b. SHEILAGWAVAS                    b.
                                      SHEPPARD, at Bath 2 0 July 1920, bapt. at
                   Old Widcombe Church, Bath.
         za. CLAUDE    MORRIS               of
                                 SHEPPARD, Montreal, b. I Dec. 1888 at Midford,
             near Bath, bapt. at Wellow, Somerset. Married. No issue. He
             served in the Great War as Sergeant in the Canadian Infantry.
         ja. CAPTAIN   NORMAN                        of
                                  LOVELSHEPPARD, Finchley, London, b. at Mid-
             ford, Somerset 2 0 Feb. 1891, bapt. at Wellow ; served in the Great
             War in the Canadian Infantry and Royal Flying Corps. Married
             ADELAHOBBS,       and has :-

                                      Page 51
        4a. CAPTAIN    BERTRAM    KINGSTON               of
                                             SHEPPARD, Downend, Bristol, b. at
            Bath 15 May 1893, bapt. at St. Mary's, Bathwick. Served in the
            Great War. Gazetted Lieutenant Somerset Light Infantry, and was
            later transferred to the Indian Army. Promoted Captain (Gurkhas).
               Married CONSTANCE     REED,from whom he obtained a divorce. They
            had one daughter and a son MORRIS       JULIAN  SHEPPARD.
        5a. LIEUT.THOMAS      WILFRED                of
                                        SHEPPARD, Rajahbhat Tea Estate, Dooars,
            India, b. at Castle Cary, Somerset, 16 June 1896, bapt. there. Educated
            at King Edward's School and Victoria College, Bath. Tea Planter.
            Served in the Great War with the North Somerset Yeomanry for two
            years. Gazetted Lieut. Royal Tank Corps, and I 8 months later was
            attached to the Royal Air Force, in which he served for one year.
               Married- a t Calcutta, India, 18 Oct. 1928, B.L.E., dau. of W. G.
            PEARCE, Pill, Somerset, and has one son :-
              ~ b .WALTER    PEARCE               b.
                                      SHEPPARD, at Calcutta, 8 Sep. 1931, bapt.
                   at Rajahbhat T. E., 27 Oct. 1931.
          62. LAWRENCE                         of
                          JULIANSHEPPARD, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia, b. at
              Bath 10 Dec. 1902 ; bapt. at St. Mary's, Bathwick. Unmarried.
   Hoxne Abbey is built on the site of a wooden chapel in which the body of St.
Edmund lay until its removal to Bury St. Edmunds. The tradition of the place
asserts that King Edmund hid from the Danes under a bridge over the river Dove,
now called Gold Bridge, and that a newly-married couple, crossing the bridge by
moonlight, saw the reflection of the King's golden spurs in the water, and be-
trayed him. St. Edmund accordingly pronounced a curse on every couple who
should cross the bridge on their way to be married ; and a wide circuit was made
by any prospective bride and bridegroom in order to avoid it.
   The following legend, apparently concerning the Pelham family, ancestors of the
Corboulds of Hoxne, has been handed down through several generations of the
Corboulds of Bath : One of the Pelhams was knighted. His son would not
marry the heiress chosen for him by his father, who disinherited him in conse-
quence. Soon after this the Press Gang got hold of him as a young man ; but he
deserted and got away abroad. He came to England a few years afterwards in
disguise and was known in Bristol as " the dark gentleman who rode a white horse."
   PELHAM     CORBOULD   resided at Hoxne Abbey at the close of the 18th century.
He was born c. 176j and died at Hoxne Abbey j Oct. 1811. By his wife, a daughter
of Dr. RUTTER,he had :-
    I . DR. PELHAM                  of
                        CORBOULD, Redenhall-with-Harleston, Norfolk, and later
        of Bath, born c. 1790. Believed to have retired from the medical profession
        on his succession to the business of " Pelham C~rbould,"~brewers, maltsters,
        distillers, and merchants, of Harleston, Norfolk. Churchwarden at Reden-
        hall in I 85 I. Died at Redenhall 2 I March I 864, will proved at Norwich
        2 0 May 1864. Married MARY. . ., of Great Yarmouth, who died there
        10 July I 884 aged 86.    Her will was proved at Norwich by C. A. Ducket,
        Esq., M.D., on 2 0 Sep. 1884. They had :-

                                      Page 52
       Ia. WILLIAM              of
                     CORBOULD, 72, Regent Road, Great Yarmouth, d. at Hoxne,
           Suffolk, 18 Oct. 1902. Probate of his will was granted in London 19
           Feb. 1903 to Jane Plowman, widow.
2.   JOHNCORBOULD, Margate, Kent, and 8, Oxford Row, Bath. Born at
     Palgrave, Norfolk, and afterwards lived at Diss, Norfolk, and 7 and 32,
     Milsom Street, Bath.
        As a small boy he was talcen by his father (who always wore breeches,
     long stockings and shoes with buckles) to Nonvich Cathedral and was shewn
     a very old monument to an ancestor of the Corboulds. In 1880 only the
     surname remained on this ancient tablet.
        He died 4 May I 8 72 at 8, Oxford Row, Bath. His will is dated 5 Jan. I 867,
     and was proved at Bristol Nov. I 1872 by Frederick Morris, jun., of 22,
     Milsom Street, Bath.
3. J E S S ECORBOULD, Southbroom Place, Devizes, Wilts, and 37, Broad
     Street, Bath, gent., d. at Devizes 10 Dec. 1884, will pr. at Salisbury 21 Jan.
     1885 by J. A. Smith and G. Salway. He married Mrs. NAOMIHUNT,a
     widow with four children. She owned property in Devizes, including 11
     and 12, Britley. She died at Devizes 18 Nov. 187j. Her will, dated 3
     Dec. 1874, was proved at Salisbury 24 March 1876.
           CORBOULD, before 1861.
4. ELIZABETH      died
5 . THOMAS               of
             CORBOULD the Bluecoat School and Corbould's Academy, and
    of 16, Crescent Fieids, Bath, died at Bath, 3 March 1871.
        The Pelham Corboulds and the Corboulds of Fitzroy Square had not met
     for many years when George James Corbould the Artist was walking in Bath
     with a friend named Smith, who began talking about surnames. Corbould
     turned to his companion and remarked " Go where you will, you'll always
     find Smiths but you rarely see the name Corbould anywhere." He had no
     sooner said this when his friend replied " Do not be so sure of that, for
     what do you read over that doorway." I t was " CORBOULD'S         ACADEMY."
     Thos. Corbould married . . .COUSINS,       who d. at Bath 13 March i871,
     having had :-
       Ia. THOMAS                b.
                    CORBOULD, 1818, o whom later.
       za. ROBERTRUTTER                    of
                               CORBOULD, Long Island, New York. Married
           c. 1853, . . ., and had:-
             ~ b .MARYCORBOULD, Long Island, New York, born c. 1854.
                  Married in 1877, . . . . . .
       3a. WILLIAM               b.
                     CORBOULD, at Bath 14 April 1828. Married 3 April 1858,
           JULIAAUGUSTA                 of
                              SIGNELL, Bristol (aged 19). Sailed shortly after-
           wards, with his wife, in a 300-ton wooden sailing ship In,ooo or 14,000
           miles, for the goldfields of Ballarat, Australia. She died at Ballarat
           3 Sep. 1876, aged 36. He died there 24 Jan. 1914 aged 86, leaving
           issue :-      Research in 2008 shows that it was spelt "Signall",
                         not "Signell". Page 53
        ~ b .                                      b.
             ROBERTRUTTERCORBOULD, a t Ballarat 27 March 1862.
             Educated a t Ballarat College. Lived at Mildura, Australia.
                                        May 1883, CLARA
             Married at Ballarat, Melbourne College
                                                            LOUISABEAN,and has :-
               IC. HAROLD       SIGNELL                  b.
                                          CORBOULD, at Ballarat 14 May 1884.
page 53            Scholar of Melbourne College for three years.
re:            2c. RENEVERA                     b.
                                    CORBOULD, at Ballarat' 19 Feb. 1886.
Signall        jc. CHARLES      CORBOULD, a t Ballarat 1888. Educ. a t Mildura,
               4c. NOELBEANCORBOULD, at Mildura, educ. there. Served
                   in the Great War 1914-18.
               jc. CLARENCE                                 b.
                                    PELHAMCORBOULD, a t Geelong, Victoria.
                   Educ. at Wesley College, Melbourne. Served in the Great
                   War 1914-18.
               6c. MOLLY      MARIAN                  b.
                                         CORBOULD, a t Melbourne c. 1900.
        2b. WILLIAMHENRY                          b.
                                     CORBOULD, a t Ballarat 4 Nov. 1866, educ.
            at Ballarat College ; Mining Engineer and Metallurgical Chemist ;
            Life Member of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgy ;
             Member of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy ;
            Member of the Australian Chemical Institute. Was on the
            Broken Hill silver fields 188j, and afterwards visited Great
            Britain, the United States, Austria, Japan, France, Canada,
            Germany and China for the purpose of studying mining, geo-
            logical formations and metallurgical works.
                I n 1893 he walked from Freemantle, Western Australia, to the
            Coolgardie goldfields (some joo odd miles). O n the field, water
            was selling at IS. to 2s. per gallon, a I lb. loaf of bread cost IS. 6d. ;
            the price of everything else was in the same proportion.
                In recent years he was the directing spirit, in its early period,
            of Mt. Isa Mines, Ltd., Queensland, a company with a capital
            of 3,000,000 shares of EI each. The proved ore reserve, which is
            the fundamental asset of the business, already places Mt. Isa
            as one of the greatest lead-zinc deposits of the world, and this
            can be increased at any time as the full extent of the ore-bodies
            have not as yet been delimited. I t has been necessary to expend
            over ~ 3 , j 4 o , o o oto develop and equip Mt. Isa on a scale com-
            mensurate with the importance of the mines, and in order to
            ensure that production costs will compare favourably with any
            producer of first rank importance.
                In an article headed " The Makers of Mt. Isa," one of the
            leading Brisbane newspapers recorded that Mr. J. C. Miles
            found Mt. Isa ; but i t was left to Mr. W. H. Corbould to bring
            i t to the notice of the big international mining groups of the
            world, and he i t was who had the technical knowledge and suffi-

                                       Page 54
                       cient imagination to see the wealth of the ore, and to realize
                       that only capital reckoned in millions could exploit successfully
                       the low-grade deposits.
                          He married at Folkestone, Kent, England, UNA RUBINA,         of
                       Sydney, New South Wales, dau. of Lieut. Henry DODDS,R.N.
                       (who settled in N.S.W., and took up land there), and had issue :-
                        IC. VIOLETUNA CORBOULD, at Kensington Gate, London,
                            W.8., 28 Jan. 1898, d. there 17 Feb. I 898, aged 20 days.
                            Bur. in London.
                        2c. EVELYN                     b.
                                     UNA CORBOULD, at Perth, Western Australia,
                            in 1902. Married in 1923 at Government House, Rabaul,
                            Territory of New Guinea, Lieut.-Cmdr. D YSON STANDISH
                            HORE-LACY, (retd.), occupier and sole owner of Garua
                            Island, Talasea, T.N.G., who served in the Great War.
                               He is the son of Lieut.-Colonel Leslie Fraser Standish
                            Hore, M.c., of Luburua, Kavieng, T.N.G., Barrister-at-Law,
                            Resident Magistrate at Rabaul, who served in the Great
                            War with the 2nd Australian Light Horse in Gallipoli and
                             France, by his wife Emily Josephine, b. 1874, one of the
                            three survivors of the wreck of the S.S. " Quetta" in 1890,
                            eldest daughter of Dyson Lacy of St. Helens, near Mackay,
                            Queensland. Lt. Col. L. F. S. Hore is the son of Colonel
                               Dyson Lacy was born at Newark, Notts, in 1836, and
                            died at Sydney, N.S.W., in 1927, aged 91. He was a pioneer
                            of the grazing industry in Queensland. O n July 3 1873
                            he was married at Wetheral, Cumberland, to Frances Emilia,
                            dau. of Commander Joseph Irwin, R.N. (b. 1792, d. 1890
                            in his 99th year), who was the 3rd son of Thomas Irwin of
                            Justicetown and Solport, Cumberland.
                               Cmdr. and Mrs. Hore-Lacy have issue :-
                              ~ d .JOHN DYSON  HENRY               b.
                                                       HORE-LACY, at Rabaul, T.N.G.,
                                  25 May 1924.

                              2d. MICHAEL   FRANCIS  HORE-LACY, at Rabaul, T.N.G.,
                                   15 Nov. 1926.
                        jc. ERIC HENRY               b.
                                         CORBOULD, at Sydney, N.S.W., 9 Feb. 1909.
                            Twin with Harold. Educ. at King's School,* Sydney.
                        4c. HAROLD    EDWARD               b.
                                                CORBOULD, at Sydney 9 Feb. 1909.
                            Twin with Eric. Educ. at King's School, Sydney.
     *E. J. Corbould, B.A., and R. H. Corbould (Section IX) were educated at the King's School, Canterbury, and
E. H. Corbould and H. E. Corbould (above) were educated at the King's School, Parramatta, N.S.W., two of the
oldest schools in England and Australia respectively. The school near Sydney was founded in 1832 by Bishop
Broughton, who named i t after his old school in Kent.

                                                    Page 55
THOMAS  CORBOULD,    brewer, of                  JANEKEARTON,
22, Corn Street, Bath, b. 1818,
        d. 8 Apr. 1861.                 Wife of Thomas Corbould, of Bath.

                      MARGARET     JANE, daughter of
                      Thomas and Jane Corbould,
                      of Bath, and wife of Dr. Edmund
                             Exell, of Sheffield.

                                  Page 56
              3 b. FRANCIS           b.
                              CORBOULD, a t Ballarat 16 July 1868, married
                 MAUD. . ., and has :-
                  IC. WILLIAMWESTMAN                  b.
                                         CORBOULD, at Sydney                 1898, educ.
                      there. Served in the Great War.
                  2c. MABELCORBOULD, at Sydney 1900.
             qb. EMILYJOSEPHINE    CORBOULD, at Ballarat 10 Jan.
                                                b.                           1872. Un-
                 married. Lives in Australia.
             jb. ADA ELIZABETH   CORBOULD, at Ballarat 14 April
                                              b.                             1873. Un-
                 married. Lives in Australia.
             6b. MARYANN AUGUSTA       CORBOULD, at Ballarat 2
                                                   b.                        May 1875.
                 Unmarried. Lives in Australia.
  THOMAS                   of
             CORBOULD, 22, Corn Street, 26, Stall Street, Southgate Street, and
Beau Street (Counting House), Bath, brewer, eldest son of Thomas Corbould of
Bath, was born in 18 18. Member of the Royal Cumberland Masonic Lodge (the
oldest in Somerset). Died at Bath 8 April I 861, aged 43 ; will dated 26 NOV. I 8 j 9,
proved at Bristol on go April 1861. Married J A N EKEARTON, Irish lady, and
had issue :-
   I . SUSAN      CORBOULD,   married WILLIAM               an
                                                  HANCOCK, artist, of Bath, son of
       Alderman Edward Hancock, of Bath. They went to America and had
       several children.
   2. THOMAS                   of
                   CORBOULD, Bath, brewer, b. 28 Feb. 1844, died at Bath in Sept.
        1881. Married LUCY,       dau. of John Edward PIKE, Esq., sometime Governor
       of H.M.'s Prison at Bath, and had :-
         Ia. THOMAS    ALEXANDER       CORBOULD,   Veterinary Surgeon, of Scott City,
             Kansas, U. S.A. Unmarried.
         za. LUCYMAUDCORBOULD,             married ARTHUREDWARD       BALL, Company
             Managing Director, of Grasmere, Hayesfield Park, Bath, and had :-
               I b. KATHLEEN    LUCY   MARY   BALL,b. 16 Oct. 1894, d. s.p. at Bombay.
                    Married JOHN EDWARD        KING, Cotton Broker.
              2b. MARJORIE      EDITH MAUDE      BALL,b. 22'April 1900. Unmarried.
   3. JOHNCHARLES                       of
                          CORBOULD, 29, Russell Square, Brighton, and of Bath,
       brewer, b. 27 May 1846, died unmarried j May 1926 at 7, Cleveland Place
       West, Bath. Will pr. a t Bristol 21 Aug. 1926 by A. E. Ball.
   4. MARGARET                             b.
                     JANECORBOULD, at Bath 28 Oct. 1848, d. a t Sheffield in
       July 1917. Married at Bath, EDMUND          EXELL,M.R.c.s., L.R.c.P., physician
       and surgeon, 38, Rock Street, Sheffield. Dr. Exell was born at Bath 26
       Nov. I 844 and died I 8 March I 9 I 2 ; will proved I 2 April I 9 1 2 at Sheffield.
       They had :-
         Ia. HARRYEXELL, L.R.c.s., L.R.C.P. Edin. 1896, L.F.P.S. Glas. 1896, of.

             2, Burnaby Street, Langsett Road, Sheffield, b. at Ashford, Kent 7
             Feb. 1870, educ. a t Sheffield Medical School. Married LILIANWAIN
             of Sheffield, b. 29 Sep. 1877, d. I March 1931, leaving issue :-

                                           Page 57
      ~ b .GEOFFREY      EXELL,b. at Sheffield 17 June 1906, bapt. at Pits-
           moor Church, Sheffield, educ. at Retford Grammar School and
           Sheffield University. Medical Student.
     2b. KENNETHEXELL, architect (A.R.I.B.A. 1933)~of 47, Struan
           Road, Sheffield, b. at Sheffield 9 July 1908, bapt. at Pitsmoor
          Church, Sheffield. Educ. at Retford Grammar School and
           Sheffield University.
     jb. REGINALD       EXELL,b. at Sheffield 2 2 April 1911, bapt. at Pitsmoor
          Church, Sheffield. Educ. at Birkdale School, Sheffield.
     qb. DENISEXELL,b. at Sheffield 20 Jan. 1916, bapt. at Pitsmoor
          Church. Educ. at Birkdale School, Sheffield. Automobile En-
          gineering Student.
          -         -

za. EDMUND    CHARLES      EXELL,  M.P.s.,partner in Exell Bros., Manufacturing
    Chemists, 2 0 Bank Street, Sheffield, b. a t Ashford, Kent, 26 March
    1872. Educ. at Sheffield Grammar School. D.s.p. 17 Nov. 1929.
       Married 28 Aug. 1914, MINNIE, dau. of . . ROBERTS,             Registrar,
    of Sheffield.
3a. WILLIAM              b.
               EXELL, at Yeovil, Somerset, 2 2 Aug. I 873, educ. at Sheffield
    Grammar School. Married at Old Southgate, London, 27 July 1907,
    HELEN   CELIA,                                   of
                      dau. of John Samuel ABBOTT, Palmer's Green, London,
    and has :-
     ~b.  ARTHUREXELL,b. at Winchmoor Hill, London, N., 11 May
           1908. Bapt. at Winchmoor Hill. Educ. at the Merchant
          Taylors' School, London. Automobile Engineer.
     2b. CLIFFORD      EXELL,b. at Winchmoor Hill, N., 18 Sept. 1913, bapt.
          there. Educ. at the Merchant Taylors' School, London.
4a. ARTHUR    EXELL,    M.P.s., partner in ExelI Bros., Manufacturing Chemists,
    20, Bank Street, Sheffield, b. at Idle, Yorks, 8 Dec. 187j. Married at
    Old Southgate, London, 3 June 191I, BLANCHE,           dau. of John Samuel
    ABBOTT, Palmer's Green, London, and had :-
     ~ b NORMAN                 b.
                      EXELL, at Sheffield 2 Oct. 1913, bapt. at St. Augus-
          tine's Church, Sheffield, 2 Nov. 1913. Educated at Magdalen
          College School, Brackley, Northants, and Sheffield University.
          Medical Student.
ja. ROBERT    EXELL,b. at Idle, Yorks, 8 Sep. 1877. Married at Birming-
    ham, ALICEWOOD.
6a. MARGARET      EXELL,b. at Morsbro' Dale, Yorks, 8 Sep. 1880. Un-
7a. THOMAS    HAROLD      EXELL,b. at Sheffield 16 Jan. 1882, d. there 2 Oct.
8a. BERTHAEMMAEXELL, b. at Sheffield 7 Aug. 1883.               Married in
    191I , FREDERICK   MOORE,Chartered Accountant, of Sheffield. He
    died at Psalter Lane, Sheffield, 24 Apr. 1920, leaving issue :-

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          ~ b .EDMUNDMOORE, b. at Sheffield 6 Jan. 1914.           Educated at
               Retford Grammar School.
J.   ROBERT  RUTTER   CORBOULD, Devizes, Wilts, b. 27 Oct. 185 3. Died at
     Devizes 28 June 1914, bur. there. Married in America, where his wife
     and only child died.
6. WILLIAMHENRYCORBOULD, Bath and Midsomer Norton, Somerset,
   d. 1902. Married in 1880, FRANCES      MARY(of 2, Bathwick Street, Bath,
   b. 2 2 July 1 8 ~ 6 , 30 Jan. 1927, bur. at Carshalton, Surrey ; Letters of
   Administration granted in London 17 March 1927)~     dau. of John Compton
   HUSSEY,   Esq., of Clatford Hall, Marlborough, Wilts., by his wife Susannah
   Pearce, granddau. of Sir Christopher Slade, and descended from the Husseys
   of Salisbury, the Comptons of Compton Wynyates (Marq. of Northampton)
   and from King Edward I11 through his fourth son John of Gaunt. They
   had issue :-
      Ia. REV. WILLIAM    ROBERT               of
                                   CORBOULD, Carshalton Rectory, b. at Tiver-
          ton, Devon, 16 Dec. 1880. Educ. at Bristol Grammar School and
          Lichfield Theological College ( I 902). Ordained Deacon 1904 and
          Priest 1905 by the Bishop of Bristol. Appointed Curate of All Saints-
          wi th-All-Hallows, Bris to1 I 904-06, St. Michael, Basings toke I 906 ;
          St. John the Baptist, Bathwick, 1906-19. Rector of Carshalton,
          Surrey, since 1919. The cross with jewels, which is worn by arch-
          priests of the Orthodox Church of Russia, was bestowed on him in
          192j. In 1930 he was created a Knight Commander of the Order of
          the Most Holy Sepulchre by the Patriarch of Jerusalem.
      za. CAPTAIN   HENRYPEARCE      CORBOULD,    Royal Army Service Corps, of
          The Rectory, Carshalton, b. 3 Sep. 1882 at Midsomer Norton, Somerset,
          educ. at Bristol Grammar School. Served in France 191j-I 8 and with
          the Army of Occupation, Rhineland, I 91 8-2 I. Awarded the French
          Medaille d'Honneur (avec glaives en vermeil) and mentioned in des-
          patches. Late representative of the British American Tobacco
          Company in Belgium. Now representative of the Polytechnic Touring
          Association in France.
      3a. LIEUT.WILLIAMHENRY       CORBOULD,    Coldstream Guards, b. at Mid-
          somer Norton, Somerset, 6 April 1884, educ. at Bristol Grammar School.
          Served on the Western Front, France, 1914-18. Manager of the South
          African Branch (London) of the British American Tobacco Company.
          Died in Kent, 14 May 1922, bur. at Carshalton. Will pr. in London
          7 July 1922.
           Married by Rev. W. R. Corbould at St. John Bapt., Bathwick, 24
         June 1908, LAURA             (of
                           TRYPHENA 115 , Park Lane, Carshalton), 3rd dau.
         of Edward Augustus GREEN,of Rochfort House, Rochfort Place,
         Bath, and Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucester, descended from the Stafford-
         Northcotes, Earls of Iddesleigh, and had :-

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Lady Mary Stuart m. Sir William Graham.
Sir Robert draham of Fintry m. Janet, dau. of Sir Richard Lovell.
Robert ~ r a h a m Fintry m. Lady Elizabeth Douglas.
Sir David Graham of Fintry m. Lady    . . . Graham.
William Graham of Fintry m. Catherine, sister of Cardinal Beaton.
Sir David draham of Fintry m. Hon. Margaret Ogilvy.
David Grahgm of Fintry m. Barbara, dau. of Sir James Scott.
David Grahhm of Fintry m. Mary dau. of Sir James Halliburton.
James Grahhm of Fintry m. Ann, dau. of Colonel Hay.
David ~ r a h d m Fintry m. Anna Moray and had r son and lo daughters.
Robert ~ r a i a m Fintry m. Margaret, dau. of Sir William Murray.
Robert Graham of Fintry m. Margaret Elizabeth Mylne.

John ~ r a h a b Fintry,
               of                     Helen ~hribtianGraham,
and of Grahamstown,                   m. the Hon. Justice Henry Cloet6,     LL.D.,
Cape of Good Hope, m.                 of Woodstock Cape of Good Hope.
Johanna Catherine, dau. of
Rodolph Cloetk, of Westerford,
Cape of Good Hope.
                                      ~ajor-~enCral Henry Daniel ClijetC,
                                      Inspector-General of Police,
                                      Madras Presidency.

                                      Helen ~ a r a h
                                                    Woodbine Cloet6,
                                      m. Frederiy James Walker.

                                      Hilda woodbine Walker,
                                      m. Rev. K. J. K. Corbould,
                                      Rector of Lound, Suffolk.

                                        r 11-1
                                      Six children,

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      ~ b .FRANCIS                                b.
                    WILFRID PAULCORBOULD, at Ashton Gate, Bristol,
           25 Jan. 1910. Educ. at Westminster School. Now of the
           Polytechnic Touring Association.
      zb. PETER MARION                  b.
                           CORBOULD, at Golders Green ~j Aug. 1914,
           bapt. at St. Michael's Church, Golders Green. Educ. at West-
           minster School.
     3b. LAURA     MARY  DENISE                b.
                                  CORBOULD, at Bath 10 May 1917, bapt.
          at St. John Bapt., Bathwick. Educ. at the Convent High School,
          Carshalton, Surrey.
     qb. ANTHONY     KENNETH    CORBOULD, 27 May 1918 at Bath. Bapt.
          at St. John Bapt., Bathwick. Entered at Westminster School.
     jb. WILLIAM ROBERTCORBOULD? posthumously at Wallington,
           Surrey, 7 June 1922, bapt. at All Saints' Church, Carshalton.
          Entered at Westmins ter School.
4a. WALTERWILFRID CORBOULD, at Midsomer Norton in 1886.
    Educ. at Bristol Grammar School. Died in 1909.
5a. REV. KENNETH      JOHN KEARTON                   of
                                      CORBOULD, Lound Rectory, L.TH.
    1913, b. at Midsomer Norton, Somerset, 8 April 1890. Educated at
    King Edward's School, Bath, Lichfield Theological College ( I 9 I I) and
 - at the University of Durham. Ordained deacon 1913 and priest 1914
    by the Bishop of London. Appointed curate of St. Mark's Church,
    Hamilton Terrace, London, 19I 3-23, St. Matthias, Earls Court 1923-
    26. Rector of Lound, Suffolk, since 1926.
       Married 14 April 1921, HILDAWOODBINE,          dau. of Frederic James
    WALKER 47, Upper Hamilton Terrace, London, N.W., and The Old
    Hall, Felixstowe, Suffolk, Director of the London Power Co., Ltd.
    son of Dr. Walker of London), by his wife Helen Sarah Woodbine,
    dau. of Major-General Henry Daniel Cloett, Inspector-General of
    Police, Madras Presidency.
       Maj. Gen. Cloett was a son of the Hon. Justice Henry Cloett, LL.D.,
   of Woodstock, Cape of Good Hope, by his wife Helen Christian
    Graham of Fintry, and a nephew of General Sir Abraham Josias CloetC,
   K.C.B.,   K.H.
      Mrs. K. J. K. Corbould is descended, through her mother, from Henry
   V I I of England, Robert 111 of Scotland and William of Nassau, Prince
   of Orange.
      They have issue :-
    ~ b .JOHN ANTONY                  b.
                          CORBOULD, at Hamilton House, St. John's
          Wood, London, N.'rV., 7 Feb. 1922, bapt. at St. Mark's Church,
          Hamilton Terrace, London, 6 March 1922.
    2b. MONICA MARY CORBOULD, at 33, Kensington Mansions,
          London, S.W., 18 June 1923, bapt. at St. Matthias' Church,
          Earls Court, London, 16 July 1923.

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jb. MARY DOROTHEA                    b.
                        CORBOULD, at 7a, Philbeach Gardens,
     London, S.W., I Nov. 192j, bapt. at St. Matthias' Church,
     Earls Court, 3 Dec. 1 9 2 ~ .
qb. ELISABETH     FRANCES               b.
                           CORBOULD, at Lound Rectory, near
     Lowestoft, 5 Feb. 1928, bapt. at the Church of St. John Bapt.,
     Lound, 7 March 1928.
j b. ANNETERESA                  b.
                    CORBOULD, at Lound Rectory, 15 Oct. 1930,
     bapt. at the Church of St. John Bapt., Lound, I 3 Nov. 1930.
6b. MICHAEL    CORBOULD, b. at Lound Rectory, 29 Sept. 1932, bapt.
     by the Rev. W. R. Corbould at Lound Church, 2 0 Oct. 1932.

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