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									TaskStream ePortfolios
    TWU Kinesiology
• TaskStream (TS) is a web based
  program that allows you to create and
  manage an online portfolio
• You need to purchase an access code
  either from the bookshop or online at the
  TS website
• Once purchased, the access code
  allows you to register online and start
  using TS immediately
How Much TS Costs
• TS is required for your entire undergraduate
• It is suggested you purchase it for the number
  of years needed to complete your degree
  – Transfers ~2 years
  – Freshman 4 years
• TS has replaced a textbook that the
  Kinesiology Department dropped from the
  undergraduate program
• The bookshop carries 1-year subscriptions
• The TS home page
• Subscribe here

• Login here
Your TS Home Page
Getting Started
• Click on ‘My Programs’
• Choose ‘Self-enrollment options’
• Enter the program code ‘undergrad’
• DRFs are Directed Response Folios
  – We help / direct what responses you are to
• In essence, the DRF is what you enroll
• The DRF here is merely a number of
  submission boxes for your portfolio
  – Attached to the DRF is the portfolio
    template you will work on
Getting Started
• Click on ‘web folio builder’ in the left
  hand menu
• Under ‘Presentation Portfolios’ enter a
  new name and choose ‘Create It’
  – E.g. David Powell’s Portfolio
• Select the ‘KINS Undergraduate
  Portfolio Template’ and click on ‘next
• Choose a style (can be changed later)
  and click ‘next’
• You are ready to input your data
Editing Sections
• Clicking on the ‘edit’ link within a section
  opens up the ‘content editor’
• From here, you can do the following
  – Add text
  – Add images /
  – Add standards
  – Add attachments
    (files or TS work)
  – Add video
  – Insert web links
Adding Text
• The HTML editor is a WYSIWYG editor (What
  You See Is What You Get)
   – As you enter text and adjust your layout, the editor
     is creating HTML for you
• Text pasted into the HTML editor from a 3rd
  party source (e.g. Word) may not retain its
  original format due to a conflict in formatting
• To paste text into TS from a word document
  you should first clear any text formatting
• Standards are added from the content
• There are series of local (TWU), state,
  national and international standards to
  choose from
• You can create your own standards
  target list by clicking on the ‘Standards
  Manager’ on the left hand menu and
  choosing ‘target sets’
• Attachments should be in a format that
  can easily be read by other computers
  – Video should be in a format that can be
    read by QuickTime or Windows Media
     • free downloads are available at
        – http://www.apple.com/quicktime/win.html
        – http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/pla
  – Images should be in a standard jpeg, bmp,
    gif or tiff format
Sharing For Review (informal)
• Open the portfolio you wish to share
• At the top, choose ‘4: Publish / Share’
• Choose the ‘Request Feedback (Share
  with Reviewer)’ option
• Choose whether to share the entire
  portfolio or specific sections only
• Choose who you want to review the
Sharing For Assessment (formal)
• This is done within the submission
  boxes in the DRF
• It allows for a formal evaluation of your
  portfolio to occur
• It uses a rubric to grade each section of
  your portfolio
• Click on ‘My Programs’
• Under ‘KINS Undergrad Portfolio’
  choose ‘Work on DRF’
• Choose ‘3: Edit Content’
• Under one of the ‘Submission’ sections,
  click edit to open the content editor
• Choose ‘Attachments’ and ‘My
  TaskStream Work’
• Now select your portfolio
Publishing to the Web
• Open the portfolio you wish to share
• At the top, choose ‘4: Publish / Share’
• Choose the ‘Publish Options’ button
• Choose ‘Publish’ under the current
  status heading
• Check the address and create a
  password, then hit publish
Personalize Your Portfolio
•   ‘Choose Style’ option
•   Select the layout you want
•   Choose the color scheme you want
•   Use the web view to see how it looks
Help / Contact

Email: help@taskstream.com
Phone: 1-800-311-5656

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