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									Body Image= How you see your body and the way you feel about it.

What is anorexia?

A serious disorder in which a person starves themselves.

Judy Skinner is a recovered anorexic.
• Judy Sargent

20 years old

36 years old

Judy gave these reasons for becoming anorexic:
1. Loss of twin brother 2. Low self-esteem 3. Perfectionist 4. Parent's divorce 5. Parents obsession with weight 6. Father said she was "fat" and needed to lose weight. 7. Kids at school used to tease her and call her “chipmunk cheeks."

#1 Media/Social pressures

What was beautiful?

Marilyn Monroe vs. Calista Flockhart

Marilyn Monroe vs. Cortney/Jennifer

What is beautiful today?

#2 Anxiety and/or Stress

#3 Low self-esteem and unhappiness

#4 Controlling family members

#5 Family emphasis on physical appearance

#6 Mother had an eating disorder

#7 Perfectionism

Warning Signs of Anorexia:
• Intense fear of gaining weight • Skips meals by making up excuses • Will not eat in front of others • Wears baggy clothing • Degrades his/her body frequently • Denial of hunger • Excessive exercising

Warning Signs of Anorexia:
• Hair growth on body and face • Hair loss on head • Absent or irregular menstrual periods • Perfectionist • Depressed/Lonely/Anxious/Empty/Hopeless • Moody/Irritable • Strange selections of food • Reads food labels constantly

What is bulimia?
Frequent episodes of binge eating followed by one of the following: -Vomiting - Using laxatives -Fasting -Over exercising

Binge Eating

#1 To fill a void inside

#2 To hide negative emotions

#3 To cope with daily stresses and problems

Why would a person purge?

*Because of guilt and depression of having binged.

Warning Signs of Bulimia:
• Worried about body weight • Excessive food consumption • Frequent trips to the bathroom after eating • Blood shot eyes • Sore throat • Dental problems (tooth enamel wears away) • Exercises excessively • Irregular menstrual periods • Depression and/or mood swings

Most people with bulimia are at a normal weight or are overweight.

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