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									              Job Description for Regional Talent Centres

Job Title:            Age Group Head Coach

Reports to:           Director of Football

Status:               Part-Time Employee

Salary:               $40 per session (less tax)
                      You will also be supplied with Coaching Apparel for the term of
                      employment and access to one formal coaching course.

Term:                 20 weeks;
                      Oct-Dec 2010 and Feb-April 2011 (terms 4 & 1 in the school year)

Commitment:            Two 90 minute sessions per week (1 mid-week)
                       One of the sessions may be a Games Day
Please note that there is an element of unpaid time that comes with this role such as:
attendance at trials, Coach Development sessions and debrief meetings after each term.

Roles & Responsibilities:

In liaison with the Director of Football, the Regional Talent Centre Head Coach will have
overall responsibility for the planning, implementation and continual improvement of the
programme for the squad. This will include:

   •    Planning the overall programme based around the CF/NZF philosophies including
        Technical/Physical/Psychologica l/Social aspects of Player Development;
   •    Evaluating and monitoring progress in all areas of player development;
   •    Selecting squads, with the Assistant Coach, for all Matches;
   •    Taking coaching sessions with the team;
   •    Close liaison with the GK coaches for each session (if applicable);
   •    Creating Player Reviews at the conclusion of each term (April & June);
   •    Keeping Player registrations and forwarding them to Capital Football every week;
   •    Regular contact with Capital Football on potential Federation quality players;
   •    Taking responsibility for all equipment, balls, bibs, cones etc.
Required Experience & Qualifications

The Capital Football Regional Talent Centre Head Coach should have the following
experience and qualifications:

    •   Extensive coaching background, preferably with youth teams
    •   Minimum of Level 1 YOUTH, or equivalent qualification
        Level 2 YOUTH would be preferable.
    •   Experience of leading, or working as part of a team.

Required Skills:

Specifically, the following skills are vitally important:

    •   Leadership – leading positively by example (role model to players).
    •   Communication – active, regular, effective communicator.
    •   Inter-personal Relationships – working successfully with people .
    •   Management – effective skills.
    •   Mentoring – working with Assistant coaches to deve lop them as coaches.

At a personal level, the successful applicant will have demonstrated a strong awareness
of world’s best practice in coaching, and have shown a desire to achieve excellence in all
areas, through continual personal development.

If selected you will be given a Code of Conduct and fixed term employment agreement
for your perusal and signature.

To apply for a position please forward a ‘Football CV’ and a covering letter outlining your
coaching philosophy and reasons for applying to: andy@capitalfootball.org.nz

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