The Nature of Soul

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					                                             The Nature of Soul
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It is the nature of soul to grow, to heal, and to love. As we enter into the world, we emerge as a tiny child. We
are open. We do not have conditions placed on us by our parents or ourselves. We have not closed
ourselves off from any possibility. It is though the world lay at our feet. We are a bundle of unconditioned

As we age, conditions are placed on us to direct us along our paths intended to keep us from harm. Even if
we manage to stay out of harms way, we move into a state of stimulus-response reactions toward life. This
draws us further and further away from the natural state of pure being we came into the world with as an

How can we return to our natural state of being? How can we call our soul back and gain a sense of spiritual
well-being? The following are ways we can return to the wholeness and healing we seek as spiritual beings
incarnated into the human race:

1. Do Something Creative.

Creativity engages our heart, our mind, and our imagination. These activities allow us to utilize our whole
being. Our attention moves from outer expressions of the world and enters the inner dynamics of living giving
rise to our heart and our imagination. When our heart and our imagination are given attention, we enter into
the realm of insight. Insight is our ability to see from within just how sacred and magical our lives really are.

In the realm of soul, our humanity becomes sacred. Through creativity we are aware how life flows through
us and not from us. The more we identify with these qualities of attention flowing through us, the more we are
identifying with qualities residing in us that are whole and healing. It is our natural state.

2. Spend Time With A Child.

Children have a way of drawing our attention away from activities and responsibilities defining us as adults.
All a child wants to do in this world is have fun. They seem to never tire of such activities. Children are
constantly motivated by play.

As adults, we tend to think of play as wasted time. Adults who lose a sense of play and joy in their lives are in
danger of losing self-motivation. The kind of self-motivation I am referring to involves the desire to have fun in
life. This can lead to a depressive state lacking creativity, spontaneity, and the heart of a child.

Each of us has the heart of a child within us that never tires. It is the part of us fully participating in and with
life. As our imagination and heart begin to guide us over the mind, we are in soul. In soul, our mind is in its
proper perspective. This part of us is our inner awareness not bound by the pressures of the world. When we
return to soul, the possibility of living whole and healed becomes a reality.

3. Become A Child.

The next time you look into a child's eyes try to feel their heart. Notice the difference and similarities of your
heart and their heart. Is there a difference? Is this awareness a long or short distance from where you were
as a child?

What happened to that little boy or little girl inside you? Since we cannot retrieve childhood physically, maybe
we can from within. Remember your past as a child - the good times and the bad times. As you look at your
life through the eyes of a child, recall how active your heart and imagination were. Embrace it. Let this inner
vision penetrate your entire awareness. Let go of your adult interpretations of your childhood and view it with
innocence and love.

Our true nature is to live in the world without being fully of it. Inside us are endless avenues that can move us
toward the experience of joy. When we let go of our tendency to view the world as right or wrong, good or
bad, we leave behind dualism and enter into Unity.

This Unity behind all appearances of diversity is a healing state of unconditional love. It is the part of us
bringing all life into being, leading us through life, and what will lead us home. It is the force of nature giving
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                                              The Nature of Soul
us life. It is our soul.

                                                                   Samuel Oliver, author of, "What the
Dying Teach Us: Lessons on Living"

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