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           Communities Directorate
   (Customer & Communities Directorate from
           Sport, Leisure and Olympics Service
                          Annual Operating Plan

                                  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

       The gross controllable expenditure for the services included in this business plan is:
                                    £2.779m (£1.406m net)

                 This will deliver the following outcomes, activities and projects:

      Provide a strategic co-ordinating function for sport including communication and
       website development to enhance the social and economic regeneration of Kent.
      Lead and manage the Kent Campaign for the 2012 Games to ensure that Kent
       derives maximum benefit and long-term legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and
       Paralympic Games.
      Support and increase participation by adults and young people in sport and physical
       activity, in conjunction with Health and other partners.
      Develop school sport and opportunities for young people, including managing the
       Kent School Games.
      Support and build capacity within the voluntary sector through governing bodies of
       sport, coach, club and volunteer development.
      Develop and co-ordinate disability sport.
      Lever funding into sport in Kent.
      Support the sports industry through advising on facility development, planning and
      Support the development of talented performers.
      Support sports events in the County.

                                      And will be staffed by
                                           23.5 FTE

Head of Service – Chris Hespe
Portfolio Holder – Mike Hill
Director– Des Crilley


The Sport, Leisure and Olympics Service consists of three main strands – Kent Sport (the
Sports Service, incorporating the County Sports Partnership for Kent), the Kent Campaign
for the 2012 Games and a wider involvement in Leisure provision through strategic projects.
The two main purposes of the service are:

   (a) To provide the strategic lead for and co-ordinate the development of sport and
       physical activity through strategic alliances/partnerships;

   (b) To ensure that Kent derives the maximum benefit and long-term legacy from the
       London 2012 Games and other major events.

                                       Legal Framework

The provision of sports services by local government is a permissive power. The
government encourages local authority involvement in sport and physical activity through
the government’s Legacy Plan for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Places, People,
Play) and a new Physical Activity Plan, through which sports’ contribution to health,
community safety, education, economic regeneration, community cohesion and pride in
one’s locality is acknowledged. More recently the new Coalition Government has endorsed
and supported Sport England’s National Strategy for Sport and has introduced a new
national school sport competition initiative.
The discretionary service supports the County Council’s work in a number of statutory
functions, such as the provision of education, services to young people, strategic planning
and services to disabled and vulnerable people. Also, the sports service supports other
discretionary work in economic development, supporting business, regeneration, health
improvement and supporting the Third/Voluntary sector.
The service also has a key role to support Kent County Council’s work to support
independence in targeted wards.
The Education and Inspections Act 2006 (Section 6) also requires local authorities to secure
(so far as is reasonably practicable) sufficient educational and recreational leisure time
activities, and sufficient facilities for such activities, for improving the well-being of those
aged 13-19 (or up to 24 in the case of those with learning difficulties). The responsibility for
the duty comes under the local authority working within the context of the Children's Trust.
The duty includes sports training, coaching, leadership and activity programmes, out-of-
school hours activity and information services. Other changes to Education provide
additional challenges but also opportunities, as does the Social Impact Bond, which the
Government plans to introduce to create opportunities for private / commercial investors to
invest into social outcomes.
Furthermore, a new Public Health White Paper provides the County Council with a
responsibility for Public Health locally and the opportunity to commission sport and physical
activity providers to meet local health outcomes.

Central government and the Local Government Association are encouraging local
authorities to work to ensure their areas derive maximum benefit from the London 2012
Olympic and Paralympic Games. Kent County Council is one of five Authorities to have
achieved Beacon Status for its work in securing legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and
Paralympic Games and therefore, has a key role to play in driving this work and sharing
best practice nationally.

                               Planning Context and Priorities

Bold Steps for Kent.
Sport, Leisure and Olympics will contribute across each of the three main “Ambitions” to
support the local economy and Kent Business; to tackle disadvantage and to support the
Voluntary and Third Sector. Specifically, the Service will:

      support sport and leisure business with advice and seek external funding to support
       facility developments and events which assist in regenerating communities; develop
       links with business for mutual benefit and support business to win 2012 contracts;

      provide opportunities for people, including disabled people, to participate in sport and
       physical activity and contribute to tackling health inequalities; This will include
       managing the Kent School Games on behalf of the County Council and co-ordinating
       structures and programmes in disability sport;

      co-ordinate sports education programmes to develop skills, entrepreneurship and
       employability amongst local residents, including young people. Build capacity within
       the Third/Voluntary sector and strengthen the fabric of Kent’s societies, through
       supporting Governing Bodies of Sport, clubs, coaches and volunteers;

      co-ordinate the County Council’s work on the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games,
       to ensure that business and tourism, education, young people, local communities,
       volunteers/ the voluntary sector, cultural partners and sport benefits from the
       opportunities that this “once in a lifetime” event provides. In 2011/12 greater
       emphasis will be placed on addressing the preparation for the year 2012 itself,
       including the deployment of volunteers, public safety, the Olympic Torch Relay, the
       “badging” of the county, information services, and transport.

   Securing Beacon Status for KCC for its work in Olympic and Paralympic Legacy, has
   created additional demand on the team to share good practice with other organisations
   and authorities. In 2011/12 increased emphasis will be given to the Local Leadership,
   Local Legacy programme, concerning using the 2012 Games to address health
   inequalities. This will include the benchmarking of 2012 related work with other local

   The Service also contributes with Kent Children’s Trust partners to the local Children &
   Young Peoples’ Plan, particularly the objectives below:

          o Respond to the opportunity of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to
            inspire Children and Young People to take part in a range of opportunities
          o Increase access to physical activity including sports in school and colleges
            and after school clubs especially for those aged 11-18

External influences are related to the funding, terms and conditions, policy changes and
monitoring arrangements of external agencies such as Sport England, since the Service
also contains several externally funded staff. As referred to earlier, the new national school
sports competition will be rolled out, which the Service is keen to see integrated with the
existing Kent School Games. Kent will be delivering one of nine national pilots for the
English School Sport Competition in June 2011. Additionally, the new Public Health White
Paper is likely to influence the service’s work in developing sport and physical activity
opportunities with local providers.

Sport England has confirmed its commitment to the “County Sports Partnership” element of
the service and managing new programmes of work will be included as a requirement of the
new funding agreement. Staff will continue to support National Governing Body work in the
County, linking with local school and district level community sport structures.

The Service will also need to take account of rapidly changing external national, regional
and local influences in relation to the County Council’s work on the 2012 Olympic and
Paralympic Games.

Medium Term Financial Plan Arrangements

      The service is receiving some additional funding for Pre-Games Training Camps in
       2011-12 and will be increasing its efforts to attract teams to train in Kent prior to the
       2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, with a view to develop long-term links in sport,
       tourism and economic activity;
      The service is receiving funding towards the Open Golf Championships in Sandwich
       in 2011 and will be working with partners in Dover, Canterbury and Thanet in
       particular to ensure Kent benefits from these Championships;
      The service will receive reduced levels of funding related to developing physical
       activity (a previous Towards 2010 target) and will subsequently need to reduce its
       work in this area or seek alternative sources of funding.


The business objectives set out in this plan are monitored to ensure they will be delivered.
Risks associated with potential non-delivery, and the controls in place to mitigate those
risks, have been assessed and documented as part of the annual operating plan process. A
risk plan has been developed as necessary.

The specific Business Risks to the Service are as follows:

      Budget savings required across the authority will present a challenge to the Service.
       The Service will continue to seek out savings with as minimal impact on activity as

      The current loss and potential future loss of local networks and partners, such as
       School Sports Partnerships, which could impact upon the Service’s ability to deliver
       the Kent School Games and the national school sports competition at the same scale
       and quality as in previous years. The Service will seek to work with other networks
       such as School Sports Associations or other providers to ensure the impact is
       minimised or seek out new external delivery structures

      External funding – due to the current economic climate there are fewer sources of
       external funding for the Service to access. The Service will seek out new sources of
       funding (particularly commercial) or will discontinue externally funded work should
       funding not be accessed.


                                   Portfolio Revenue Budget
        Net                                      Gross   Service             Govt.     Net
        Cost     Portfolio       Service          Exp.   Income              Grants    Cost
       £000s                                     £000s    £000s              £000s    £000s
       1,628       CMY                           2,779    -1,373     1,406       0    1,406

The targets, activity and projects set out in the tables below will be used formally to track the
business plan at mid-term and end of year monitoring, as part of the KCC ‘Core Monitoring’
Core Services and Forecast Activity Levels

The following summarises the core and on-going work of the Service for 2011/12:

Olympics and Paralympics
    Provide the county leadership and co-ordinating role on 2012 issues, serving the Kent
      2012 coordinating Group, District 2012 Group, sectoral task groups, and KCC Cross-
      Directorate Group.
    Co-ordinate the response to the 2012 Games from sectors, including sports, arts,
      tourism, economic development and regeneration, volunteering, schools and young
      people, resilience, transport and communications and media.
    Ensure the work on 2012 with relevant partners contributes to regeneration (particularly
      in growth areas) and supports local businesses and influences national agendas for the
      benefit of the county.
    Deliver Kent County Council’s responsibilities nationally as one of five Beacon
      Authorities in London 2012 Legacy

Facility Development and Dual Use
    Plan the facility needs for sport in Kent in order to enhance the sports facility stock in
    Advise on facility planning, design, funding and management and secure external
        funding for facility development.
    Increase the sports use of school and education sites by the community.
    Encourage the development of facilities of strategic significance in Kent, including
        specialist sports facilities and centres of excellence and performance.
    Co-ordinate the processes in Kent for the county to secure and manage Pre-Games
        Training Camps for 2012.

Strategy and Planning
    Provide a county-wide perspective in the planning for sport and manage the
       implementation of the Strategic Framework for Sport (with the Kent and Medway Sports
       Board), using research and undertaking market research to support the work.

      Co-ordinate sports development work across KCC and act as the County Sports
       Partnership in Kent, including hosting and supporting staff funded through Sport
       England and other agencies.
      Input into plans, consultancies and strategies affecting the development of sport in Kent.
      Use appropriate national and local research and monitoring to inform and plan future
      Oversee the implementation of the second phase of the Kent Strategy for the 2012
       Games and plan for the year 2012 itself.

Coaching and Leadership
   Co-ordinate and develop services and programmes which increase the quality and
      quantity of sports coaching and leadership in Kent, in order to support participation and
      raise the standards of performance.

Disability Sport
    Co-ordinate disability sport in Kent, including providing information and advice and
       overseeing implementation of the Kent Disability Sport Strategy.
    Ensure that appropriate structures are in place for disabled people to participate and
       improve within their chosen sport, including co-ordinating the work of the team of
       Disability Sport Associate Officers and district Sportslink projects and with other

Develop School Sport and Opportunities for Young People
   Encourage links between schools, Further Education, Higher Education and the
      community (including clubs and other sports providers), and enhance competitive
      opportunities for young people.
   Work with KCC Units and external organisations to enhance the quality and quantity of
      the educational sports facility stock.
   Work with KCC Units, and external organisations to provide sports training and CPD for
      teachers and those working with young people in educational establishments
   Organise with appropriate partners the Kent School Games.

Club Development and Volunteering
    Provide support services to clubs and volunteers with a view to enhancing the quality of
      clubs and the number of suitable volunteers.

Performance, Excellence and Developing Talent
    Work with top performers, coaches and governing bodies of sport to raise the standards
      of performance and encourage excellence.

Raise Funds for Sport in Kent
    Lever funds into Kent sport from trusts, foundations, governing bodies of sport, Sport
      England, Europe, the National Lottery and other bodies and organisations.

Networking and Co-ordinating
    Develop and maintain the Unit’s network of partner organisations and ensure
      communication in Kent Sport.
    Support and provide co-ordinating structures for sport.
    Provide a base and support for sport specific development officers.
    Produce printed and electronic communicative publications. Provide platforms,
      structures and materials to clearly communicate with and draw together partners and

       communities interested in sport and physical activities, through digital, print and
       traditional media.
      Act as a project development agency for key schemes and county-wide partnership
       projects, e.g. Sportivate.
      Provision of and signposting to education and training opportunities to up-skill and
       support partners working across the sport sector.
      Develop the service’s website (which has an audience and is Integrated with Third and
       private sector organisations), as a primary source of sports and 2012 information in

Developing Physical Activity, Sports Participation and Supporting Independence
   Encourage Kent's residents of all ages to participate in physical activity and sport as a
      healthy activity.
   Contribute to meeting participation and health targets through work in public health,
      leadership, information dissemination and supporting the work of Community Sports
      Networks at district level.

    Lead Kent County Council’s involvement in the Open Golf Championships 2011 at
    Organise and develop programmes of community events to provide a high profile focus
      for sport and 2012 legacy in Kent, ensuring that opportunities are provided for
      participating and spectating and that events lead to long-term developments.
    Seek to attract events of major significance and international teams, to Kent, on the
      back of the London 2012 Games.

   Maintain Quest (UK Quality Scheme for the Sport and Leisure Industry) registration, with
       a rating of “Excellent”
   Maintain the nationally recognised standards for child protection and equalities in
       sport.(Advanced Standard for Safeguarding and Preliminary Standard for Equalities).
   Maintain the standards in the Service’s ‘Charter for Sport in Kent’, including seeking
       customer views.
   Implement and monitor the Service’s Improvement Plan.
   Maintain accreditation to the ISO14001 Quality Standard and implement and monitor the
       Service’s Environment Action Plan.

  New Projects, Developments & Key Actions
  The Corporate Director is authorised to negotiate, settle the terms of, and enter into, the following agreements and projects:
Project/development/key action                     a/c manager       Links to other plans inc     Deliverables/outcomes planned for        Target
                                                                     Corporate/Directorate                      2011/12                    Dates

Strategy and Planning
Manage the Sports, Leisure and Olympics            Chris Metherell   Bold Steps for Kent         Opportunities explored with key           Monitor
planning for specific sites in Thames Gateway      Chris Hespe       Regeneration Framework      organisations and some developments       progress
and ensure that opportunities to secure            Stephanie Holt    Thames Gateway Olympic      planned                                   September
facilities of strategic significance in Thames                       Action Plan                                                           2011
Gateway and Ashford are grasped.
Develop a focus on 2012 “Games Time”               Chris Hespe       Bold Steps for Kent         Welcome project developed                 March 2012
activity, including the welcome, branding and      Stephanie Holt,   Customer & Communities      Branding of Kent at key venues agreed     November
information services                               Chris Walker      Directorate MTP statement   Website information to become             2011
                                                                     K2012                       “Games Time” focussed                     March 2012
                                                                     Vision for Kent
Lead on the 2012 Local Leadership, Local           Stephanie Holt,   Customer & Communities      Benchmarking with 2 other local           March 2012
Legacy (LLLL) programme with Hackney and           Chris Hespe       Directorate MTP statement   authorities to share and benefit from
Essex, as part of “Beacon Authority” status        Chris Walker      K2012                       best practice

With partners, seek to attract and support         Chris Hespe       Bold Steps for Kent         Pilot National School Sports              June 2011
sport, leisure and 2012 related events of          Mike Bishop       K2012                       Competition held                          July 2011
national and international significance,           Paul Panton       Regeneration Framework      Open Golf Championships held with
including the Open Golf 2011                       Chris Metherell                               successful profile for KCC in 2011.       July 2011
                                                   Natalie Harris                                Organise the Kent International Sitting
                                                                                                 Volleyball Tournament                     Nov 2011
                                                                                                 Firm up Kent Events Schedule for 2012
Support National Governing Bodies to               Sheena           Bold Steps for Kent          Min of 16 NGBs working in Kent, with      By end
develop their plans in Kent                        Pitchford,       Sport England Strategy       agree plans to develop their sport.       March 2012
                                                   Guthrie Miller,  NGB Whole Sport Plans
                                                   Bianca Logronio,
                                                   Andrea Murphy,
                                                   Russell Fairman,
                                                   Karen Bird
                                                   Stuart Butler
Project/development/key action                       a/c manager        Links to other plans inc     Deliverables/outcomes planned for       Target
                                                                        Corporate/Directorate                      2011/12                   Dates
Seek to establish links with local business          Chris Hespe        Bold Steps for Kent         Links with appropriate business          December
networks for the benefit of business and sport                                                      networks to provide additional           2011
                                                                                                    opportunities for local business and
                                                                                                    additional funding generated for sport
Ensure District “Profiling” Exercise is              Kevin Day,         Bold Steps for Kent         Individual meetings arranged and local   End January
undertaken across all local authorities              Stephanie Holt,    K2012                       district profiles (x 13) updated.        2012
                                                     Chris Metherell,   Regeneration Framework
                                                     Chris Walker,
                                                     Mike Bishop,
                                                     Andrea Murphy
Facility Development and Dual Use
Identify the facility needs in Kent for 42 sports,   Chris Metherell    Sport England Strategy      Publish Needs Assessment                 Publication
including disability sports and taking account       Mike Bishop        Regeneration Framework                                               September
of NGB facility plans.                                                                                                                       2011

Progress Kent’s plans to establish Pre-Games         Chris Metherell    Customer & Communities      DVDs produced for National Olympic       March 2012
Training Camps for visiting sportspeople in                             Directorate MTP statement   and Paralympic Associations. Direct
light of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic                                K2012                       marketing to nations and sports. At
Games.                                                                  Regeneration Framework      least one further Memorandum of
                                                                                                    Understanding signed with a nation.
                                                                                                    Host some camps in financial year
                                                                                                    Plan staff and volunteer resourcing to
                                                                                                    support camps in 2012
Performance, Excellence and Developing Talent
Support potential Olympians and                      Mike Bishop        Bold Steps for Kent         24 potential Olympians & Paralympians    January
Paralympians and high level coaches through          Elise Rendall      K2012                       supported                                2012
KCC’s Talented performers funding                    Kevin Day          Sport England Strategy
                                                     Bianca Logronio                                25 Coaches supported (cumulative)

Project/development/key action                      a/c manager       Links to other plans inc     Deliverables/outcomes planned for        Target
                                                                      Corporate/Directorate                      2011/12                    Dates

Coaching, Coach, Leadership and Workforce Development

Manage the Sports Leadership Project in Kent        Stuart Butler     Bold Steps for Kent         Increased number of sports leaders        March 2012
(subject to funding) and implement Sport                                                          working in community safety functions.
England’s sports leadership programme                                                             Contribution to
                                                                                                  reducing Anti Social Behaviour and
                                                                                                  developing employability skills for
                                                                                                  young people
Support the Kent Coaching Network with key          Bianca Logronio   Bold Steps for Kent         Coaching Strategy for Kent                Meetings –
partners and delivery of the Coaching               Sheena            UK Coaching Framework       implemented                               May, Jul,
Network Action Plan                                 Pitchford                                     Improved support for coaches              Nov, Feb
                                                                      Sport England Strategy
                                                    Kevin Day

Identify and promote opportunities for partner      Bianca Logronio   Bold Steps for Kent         Apprenticeships widely promoted and     March 2012
organisations to use apprenticeships to                               Customer and Communities    partner organisations using apprentices
support their capacity and to promote                                 Directorate MTP statement
apprenticeship vacancies within the county.

Raise Funds for Sport in Kent
Develop information on local, regional and          Andrea Murphy,    Bold Steps for Kent         Up to date sources of funding             March 2012
national funding sources and assist                 Chris Metherell   Regeneration Framework      promoted to partners
in maximising additional inward investment to                         Sport England Strategy      Successful applications for funding and
sports programmes and projects in the                                                             significant inward investment into Kent
county.                                                                                           attracted
Voluntary Sector Support
Identify more volunteers for sport through          Guthrie Miller    Bold Steps for Kent         60 further volunteers for Sport           By end
linking NGB and Club requirements to                                  Sport England Strategy      identified                                March 2012
volunteer networks.

Project/development/key action                     a/c manager  Links to other plans inc         Deliverables/outcomes planned for         Target
                                                                Corporate/Directorate                          2011/12                     Dates
Train sports coaches, volunteers, leaders, and Bianca Logronio, Bold Steps for Kent             Improved Workforce for Sport in Kent.      By March
paid professional sport and leisure staff,      Guthrie Miller, Sport England Strategy          1,000 coaches, volunteers, leaders,        2012
including linking to the Skills Active Regional Stuart Butler,  Children’s Workforce Plan       professional staff trained
Hub.                                            Louisa Arnold

Manage the Service Level Agreement for the         Chris Hespe      Bold Steps for Kent         Team of Events support volunteers          March 2012
Kent eVent Team, to ensure a team of               Stephanie Holt   K2012                       created.
volunteers are found and that events use           Guthrie Miller                               2012 Volunteers registered (cumulative
those volunteers to assist with major sports,                                                   over last 4 years)
leisure and cultural events.                                                                    150 Events registered (cumulative over
                                                                                                last 4 years)

Communication and Information
Enhance further, rationalise and seek to           Chris Walker     KCC ICT Strategy            175,000 visitors                           Regular
integrate www.kentsport.org and                    Margarita        K2012                       800,000 page views                         updating,
www.kentsport.org/london2012, increasing           Twemlow                                      4.2 million hits                           development
the number of ‘hits’, and ‘visitors’ and page      Stuart Butler                                                                           and social
views.                                                                                          Min 95% of visits via non KCC              media
                                                                                                websites and search engines
Ensure wide use of Kent 2012 insignia to           Chris Hespe      K2012                       Permitted insignia used widely.            By end
'badge' events, activities and publications.       Stephanie Holt                               Kent events, activities and publications   March 2012
                                                                                                use insignia regularly
Plan for and implement marketing campaign          Chris Hespe      Bold steps for Kent         External organisations (statutory,         From Jan
and support materials for the Kent 2012 Year       Chris Walker     K2012                       voluntary and commercial) engaged          2012
of Sport                                                            KCC Communications Plan     and using branding
Co-ordinate Disability Sport in Kent
Secure major disability sports events for the      Mike Bishop      Bold Steps for Kent         International Sitting Volleyball           September
County.                                            Paul Panton      K2012,                      tournament secured. Prospect for           2011
                                                                    Disability Sport Strategy   accommodating Paralympic Cycling in
                                                                                                2012 considered fully

Project/development/key action                      a/c manager       Links to other plans inc        Deliverables/outcomes planned for        Target
                                                                      Corporate/Directorate                         2011/12                    Dates
Manage & co-ordinate partners to ensure the         Mike Bishop       Bold Steps for Kent            County Athlete Assessment                 Oct 2011
delivery of the Playground 2 Podium County                            CYPP                           Development Centre held
Athlete Development Centres                                           Sport England Strategy         Opportunities for young disabled
                                                                                                     people to progress in their chosen
Developing School Sport & Programmes for Young People
Plan for and launch the Kent School Games           Natalie Harris    Bold Steps for Kent            Kent School Games 2012 Launched           Oct 2011
for 2012, seeking to co-ordinate activity with                        Customer & Communities
the new national School Sport Competition                             Directorate MTP statement      Successful pilot of National School       June 2011
(including the National Pilot in Kent in June                         Every Child Active in Kent     Sports Competition national
2011)                                                                 K2012
                                                                      CYPP                           Plans co-ordinated with national School
                                                                                                     Sport Competition

Implement the year 1 plan for the Sportivate        Andrea Murphy,    Bold Steps for Kent            1813 young people “retained” via          Plan
Programme for 14-25 year olds                       Nathan            CYPP                           Sportivate programme                      implemented
                                                    Hazledene,        Sport England Strategy and                                               from April
                                                    Sheena            Legacy Plan                                                              2011– March
                                                    Pitchford                                                                                  2012
Developing Sports Participation, Physical Activity and Supporting Independence
Develop information on sports opportunities         Elise Rendall /   Bold Steps for Kent            Information collated and made             September
for adults & older people.                          CSP Role          Health Inequalities Strategy   available                                 2011
                                                                      Older People’s Policy          (Links to activekent website)
Seek to influence the new Health & Wellbeing        Chris Hespe       Bold Steps for Kent            Sport and physical activity recognised    Oct 2011
Board. Lead and establish a physical activity       Kevin Day         Public Health White Paper      as a key element of health                (tbc)
sub-group to feed into the Board                    Elise Rendall     Health Inequalities Strategy   improvement in Kent
                                                                                                     Understanding of GP Consortia and
                                                                                                     funding opportunities for physical
                                                                                                     activity for all ages

Project/development/key action                     a/c manager       Links to other plans inc        Deliverables/outcomes planned for        Target
                                                                     Corporate/Directorate                         2011/12                    Dates
Develop further links with health partners to      Elise Rendall     Bold Steps for Kent            Good practice promoted.                   March 2012
ensure better coordination and                     Kevin Day         Public Health White Paper      Improved liaison between sport and
communication in sport and physical activity       Chris Walker      Health Inequalities Strategy   health sectors
work.                                              Russell Fairman   Older People’s Policy          Quarterly reports to DoH and update
                                                                     Framework                      reports to the Kent Public Health Board
Quality, Standards, Policies and Reviews
Undertake a service-wide Customer                  Kevin Day         Customer & Communities         High levels of Customer Satisfaction      Nov 2011
Satisfaction survey                                Andrea Murphy     Directorate MTP statement      and views of customers on
                                                   Russell Fairman                                  improvements to service sought
Work with Volunteering England to pilot and        Guthrie Miller,   Bold Steps for Kent            Investors in Volunteers Standard met      May 2011
implement national standards for sport             Russell Fairman                                  and maintained
through the Investing in Volunteers
Rationalise the Service's database system to       Russell Fairman   KCC ICT Strategy               Databases rationalised leading to         March 2012
enhance performance, management and                Jenny Taylor      Sport England Strategy         improved admin efficiency and
customer communication.                            Karen Bird                                       management of information
Environmental Performance/Equality and Diversity
Support delivery of KCC Equality & Diversity       Chris Hespe       KCC Equality Strategy          Implement service-specific actions        March 2012
                                                                                                    Progress monitored                        Oct 2011
Environmental Performance & Climate                Head of Service   Kent Environment Strategy      Implement service specific actions to     March 2012
Change adaptation: Support delivery of Kent                                                         support delivery of the Kent
Environment Strategy                                                                                Environment Strategy

                                                                                                    Progress monitored                        Oct 2011

  In line with financial regulations, any capital projects on this list will be subject to a prior "gateway review" by the Project Advisory Group,
  in consultation with the Leader. Risk Registers for major projects are maintained. These are available on request.

   5. STAFFING PROFILE (as at Feb 2011)

                                                                  Head of Sport, Leisure &
                                                                  Olympics – Chris Hespe

                                  Team Administrator

 Kent Sports Facilities          Head of Operations –           Kent Sports Development             Strategic Projects                Kent Manager for the
Development Manager -                 Kevin Day                   Manager for Disabled            Manager – Chris Walker                 2012 Games –
   Chris Metherell                                               People – Mike Bishop                                                   Stephanie Holt

Finance Officer                  Kent Sports                                                      Business Development
     (p/t                     Development Officer                                                       Manager                   Beacon Co-ordinator
                                                             Disability Outdoor
                                                                                                                                    (2012 Legacy)
                                                            Pursuits Co-ordinator
  Info / Admin                                                                                      Research &
     Officer                   Kent School                                                      Communications Officer             Kent Projects Co-
                              Sport Manager               Kent Sports Events Officer                                               ordinator for 2012
                                                                                                                                      (Gap Year)
                                                                                                          Support Officer
                                                                    Disability Associate Officers (19)
                                          Governing Body            Administration                                                              Admin
  Kent Sports Leadership
                                          Support Manager           Adaptive Rowing                         Sports Co-ordinator
                                                                    Archery                                     (Gap Year)
                                       Coaching & Workforce         Badminton
                                        Development Officer         Boccia                                        Key:
   Coaching Network                                                 Cycling
   Officer                                                          Football                                      Highlighted: Staff supported by but not
                                         Club & Volunteer           Goalball                                      necessarily line-managed or contracted
                                        Development Officer         Judo
                                                                    New Age Kurling                               Highlighted: CSP funded
      Archery Dev’t Officer             Netball Dev’t Officer       Sailing                                       Italics: KCC contracted but externally
                                                                    Shooting                                      funded
                                        NGB Staff / SSDOs           Sitting Volleyball                            Underlined: Staff contracted to other
                                                                    Swimming                                      organisations
                                                                    Table Tennis
                                                                    Wheelchair Basketball                         Bold: KCC funded & contracted
                                                                                  (as per      2011/12 as
                                                                                  2010/11      at 1st April
                                                                                   plan)          2011
 Grade KS 13 (or equivalent) and above                                               2               2
 Grade KS 12 (or equivalent) and below                                              22              21
 TOTAL                                                                              24             23.5
 Of the above total, the estimated FTE which are externally funded                 10.5            10.1


                                                                Benchmark           Estimated         Target or
                                 Links to          Actual
Performance or Activity                                         Data (where         Final year        Forecast
                                 Strategic      performanc
Indicator                                                       available)           2010/11          Final year
                                 Priorities      e 2009/10
Active People Survey:          Bold Steps for      21%          National level     21.9% (APS            N/A –
% increase in adult                Kent         APS 3/4 Dec          of            4/5 due Dec         National
participation in sport and                         2010             23%               2011)            indicator
active recreation (@ 3 x                                                                             discontinued
30 mins per week)
Number of athletes             Customer &                         Kent runs
supported to compete at        Communities          868         largest FANS           1000               1100
a national level in the run-    Directorate                     scheme in the
up to 2012 Olympics and           Priority                          Region
Paralympics (cumulative
over last 4 years).

Funds levered into Sport,      Bold Steps for   £3.68 million     N/A - local       £2.4 million      £2 million
Leisure and Olympics                Kent,                           target
work in Kent.                  Regeneration
Facility developments          Bold Steps for        58           N/A - local             40          40 facilities
advised on planning,                Kent -                          target                             advised
design, funding and              Economy,
management.                    Regeneration
Number of Pre Olympic           Customer &      New target           More                 4                   5
and Paralympic training        Communities                        Agreements
Camps agreed                     Directorate                     than any other
                                   Priority                     county in South
                               Regeneration                           East
Number of the following        Bold Steps for
trained through the              Kent – Vol/
Services' programmes:          Third Sector &
(a) coaches                         skills          804            No data             1000               1000
(b) leaders                     development                        available
(c) officials
(d) volunteers
(e) teachers
(f) Other
                                                           Benchmark          Estimated      Target or
                              Links to          Actual
Performance or Activity                                    Data (where        Final year     Forecast
                              Strategic      performanc
Indicator                                                  available)          2010/11       Final year
                              Priorities      e 2009/10
Number of national or       Bold Steps for       3           Held largest         3               2
international sports            Kent,                           ever
events supported            Regeneration                     Paracycling
                             Framework                     event in Europe
Number of local             Bold Steps for    N/A New       N/A New local        N/A             25
community events                Kent          Indicator       indicator
(a) Number of hits                           4,034,322       N/A - local      3.2 million    3.4 million
(b) Number of visitors                        143,890          target          160,000        175,000
(c) Number of page                            741,071                          700,000        800,000

Governing bodies of sport   Bold Steps for       43           46 NGBs             40          40 (inc 16
supported to develop          Kent – Vol                     funded via                      with formal
their sport in Kent.           Sector,                      Sport England                       plans or
                             Inequalities                                                    agreements
                                                                                               in place)
Number of sports clubs      Bold steps for      175        Second highest        345              370
achieving national            Kent – Vol                    in South East
Clubmark accreditation         sector,                          region
(cumulative).                Inequalities
Number of sports clubs      Bold steps for      334         Only county to       385             435
involved in the Club          Kent – Vol                     run scheme
Connect Card Scheme            sector,
(cumulative)                 Inequalities
Number of people            Bold steps for      1062          Scheme             1650           2012
registered on Kent eVent      Kent – Vol                    recognised in
Team database                  sector,                      Beacon award
(cumulative)                 Inequalities

Kent 2012 Campaign
Please note that detailed performance indicators for the Kent 2012 Campaign can be seen in the Kent
2012 Strategy second phase, which can be viewed on www.kentsport.org/london2012


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