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Ontario extends coverage for firefighters


									                                                                                   November 16, 2009 Vol. 32, No. 46

           Ontario extends coverage for firefighters
             Firefighters in Ontario are applauding the province’s           The change is retroactive to 1960, allowing past
             decision to extend presumptive workers’ compensa-            volunteers, part-timers and investigators to apply for
             tion coverage to volunteer and part-time firefighters,       benefits. Ontario has about 19,000 volunteer firefight-
             as well as to fire investigators with the province’s         ers, 11,000 full-timers, 220 part-timers and 46 active fire
             Office of the Fire Marshal.                                  marshal investigators, the ministry indicates.
                 “This is one of those times where you’re actually           Richard Boyes, president of the Ontario Associa-
             waiting for Santa Claus to come down the chimney,”           tion of Fire Chiefs (OAFC), says the OAFC is pleased
             says Carl Pearson, first vice-president of the Fire          with the changes for non-full-time workers. “The ex-
             Fighters Association of Ontario, whose membership            tension recognizes the dangers these fire personnel
             includes volunteers. The Ministry of Labour’s No-            face in assisting and protecting Ontarians,” notes
             vember 5 announcement signalled “a great day for all         Boyes, whose association has also been lobbying the
             firefighters in Ontario,” Pearson adds.                      government for extension.
                 Presumptive coverage for certain cancers and heart          “It was the right thing to do,” Boyes says. “We
                    injury, which has been in place for full-time         certainly had to address that inequity that was being
   Eight types firefighters since May of 2007, makes it easier for        developed within the fire service,” he adds, noting that
                    workers who suffer fire-related illness to qualify    volunteer services were beginning to find it more
    of cancer       for benefits under the Workplace Safety and           difficult to get commitments from personnel.
    covered         Insurance Act. Under the legislation, eight types
      under         of cancer — as well as heart injuries suffered        Extension of coverage to benefit all firefighters
   legislation      within 24 hours of fighting a fire or completing a    The change will stand to benefit both full-timers and
                    training exercise — are presumed to be work-          volunteers, Pearson says, pointing out that full-time
             related, unless proven otherwise, the ministry notes in      firefighters who previously worked voluntarily or part-
             a press release.                                             time will be able to include that time towards their total
                 When the government implemented the policy for           years of service.
             full-time firefighters, it pledged to consult stakeholders       Skeaff, citing cost estimates from the Workplace
             to determine if eligibility criteria for volunteers, part-   Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB), says the extension
             timers and investigators would need to be altered. For       is expected to result in some WSIB premium increases.
             instance, brain cancer is presumed to be work-related        For Schedule One municipalities (those that pay WSIB
             for full-timers with at least 10 years of service.           premiums), the existing premium rate is expected to
                 Ultimately, the province decided to leave the criteria   increase by 27 per cent over time, a figure based on the
             untouched, says ministry spokesman Bruce Skeaff,             assumption there will be 18 additional claims annually
             emphasizing that the province had always planned a           and 71 retroactive claims. For Schedule Two munici-
             two-stage process to extend the presumptive cover-           palities (those that bear the full costs of claims and
             age.                                                         don’t pay WSIB premiums), it is expected they will

New this week. . .
                Ont — Worker fatally stabbed by colleague ... 2           Fed — Effective oversight crucial: TSB ......                4
                Fed — Asbestos takes heavy toll ................. 2       Editor’s Notebook ........................................   5
                Ont — Study probes employers’ attitudes ... 3             Man — Officer assaulted at football game ....                6
                Man — Dispute sparks call to police ........... 4         Ont — Company failed to pay wages ...........                6
2 / Canadian Occupational Health & Safety News

           have to cover an additional eight claims annually and           as physical assaults. The first-ever study measuring
           $23 million in retroactive claims, he says.                     criminal victimization on the job, released in February
              The following cancers (and years of service re-              of 2007, found that nearly one-fifth of all incidents of
           quired for compensation) are included in the presump-           violent victimization, including physical assault, sexual
           tive legislation: brain (after at least 10 years of service);   assault and robbery, occurred in the victim’s workplace.
           bladder (after at least 15 years); kidney (20 years);           Furthermore, the research found “a high proportion”
           colorectal (10 years, diagnosed prior to 61st birthday);        of incidents against those working in accommodation
           non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (20 years); certain types of             or food services, retail or wholesale trade, and educa-
           leukemia (15 years); ureter (15 years); and, esophageal         tional services sectors.
           (25 years).                                                         Ross Arrowsmith, a Calgary-based senior corpo-
                                                                           rate security advisor for the Workers’ Compensation
                                                                           Board of Alberta with over 20 years of experience in
           Argument turns deadly at                                        workplace security and investigations, notes that a
                                                                           number of precautions can be taken to help prevent or
           Ontario sushi restaurant                                        reduce incidents of violence in the workplace, includ-
           A seemingly mild argument between two employees of              ing: conducting thorough background checks on po-
           an Ontario restaurant has ended with a stabbing that            tential employees, providing proper training, creating
           left one dead.                                                  an open-door policy and protocols for safety con-
               The incident unfolded at the New Generation Sushi           cerns, and development of a “no-tolerance policy” on
           restaurant in downtown Toronto just after 11 pm on              workplace violence.
           November 7, says Detective Sergeant Terry Browne of
           the Toronto Police Service’s homicide squad. Browne
           says the two co-workers became involved in a verbal             Asbestos-related diseases
           dispute in the main section of the restaurant, which
           escalated as they made their way into the kitchen.              take heavy toll, stats show
               “It was a minor dispute and it was work-related,”           A majority of work-related deaths in Quebec this year
           Browne confirms, adding that the deceased worker                have been caused by asbestos-related occupational
           was stabbed with a “sharp-edged item” and taken to              diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis, new
           hospital, where he was pronounced dead. “It was a               statistics released by the Confédération des syndicats
           very quick incident and it was very unfortunate,” he            nationaux (CSN) indicate.
           says of the city’s 50th homicide of the year.                      Of the 104 work-related deaths between January
               Browne says that many details of the investigation          and early August, 61 have been caused by asbestos-
           cannot be released as the matter remains before the             related diseases. The CSN, which based the numbers
                   courts. However, he says it doesn’t appear              on data from Quebec’s Commission de la santé et de la
 No prior          there were any prior conflicts between the co-          sécurité du travail, released the statistics in mid-Octo-
                   workers. “I’ve spoken to many, many people              ber during its occupational health and safety week
  conflict         who know them both and it appears at this time          activities.
 between           it was something that just began that evening              For the same period in 2008, 58 of 127 deaths were
 workers,          and quickly escalated.”                                 asbestos-related. And in 2007, it was 64 of 131. The
police say            Browne estimates that between 20 and 40              latest national data from Statistics Canada also points
                   people, including staff and customers, were in          to a rising number of deaths from mesothelioma, a
           the restaurant at the time. The 27-year-old deceased            cancer affecting the lining of the chest or abdominal
           employee and the co-worker acted as both waiters and            cavity. There were 384 such deaths across Canada in
           chefs at the restaurant, Browne adds.                           2005, up from 292 in 2000.
               The company could not be reached for comment,                  “It takes many years often for [mesothelioma] to
           but a message on its website says that “New Genera-             show up,” notes Dr Murray Finkelstein, an assistant
           tion Sushi is closed until further notice.”                     professor at the University of Toronto’s public health
               Two days after the incident, a post-mortem exami-           school and an occupational health researcher. The
           nation was conducted and determined the cause of                average period of time between a worker’s first expo-
           death as a stab wound to the chest. Browne adds that            sure to asbestos and death at the hands of mesothe-
           25-year-old Xu Wang was arrested following the stab-            lioma is about 45 years, Dr Finkelstein says, adding
           bing and charged with second-degree murder. The                 “there are some that are shorter, there are some that are
           Chinese consulate has also been advised, as both the            longer.”
           victim and suspect are Chinese nationals.                          Ontario’s Workplace Safety& Insurance Board re-
               A recent study from Statistics Canada noted that of         ports that it accepted 19 mesothelioma claims in 2000,
           more than 360,000 violent incidents in the 10 provinces         which rose to 41 last year.
           in 2004, the majority — 71 per cent — were classified              James Brophy, a researcher associated with the
                                                                                                  November 16, 2009 / 3
Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers, writes      November 5, the survey featured data collected from
in a 2007 paper he co-authored that the number of            public, private, not-for-profit and for-profit organiza-
Canadian worker deaths from asbestos exposure is             tions.
expected to peak between 2010 and 2020. He also                  The study — conducted in the summer by COMPAS
points to research that estimates nearly 31 per cent of      Inc on behalf of the Toronto branch of the Job Oppor-
all Canadian work-related fatalities between 1993 and        tunity Information Network (JOIN) — also found that
2005 were related to asbestos.                               24 per cent of executives said concerns with higher
    Mesothelioma statistics are likely much more com-        absentee rates discouraged them. The perceived ex-
plete than data on asbestos-related lung cancer, Dr          pense related to hiring an employee with a disability (21
Finkelstein suggests. “I would expect most [lung can-        per cent) and increased effort to train employees (16 per
cer] cases are not captured,” he says, noting that in        cent) were the third and fourth most frequently men-
instances where workers have a history of smoking            tioned concerns.
and asbestos exposure, the development of lung can-              However, when presented with a variety of poten-
cer is often attributed to smoking.                          tial positive reasons for hiring a person with a disabil-
    Canada generally does “a very poor job” of tracking      ity, the following factors emerged as the most likely to
work-related incidences of diseases caused by asbes-         motivate employers:
tos, argues Kathleen Ruff, a member of the Rideau            — 53 per cent said the idea that employees with
                                                                                                                     Study also
Institute on International Affairs, an organization that     a disability will “try harder” will motivate them to
is critical of Canada’s continued export of chrysotile       hire;                                                     looks at
asbestos mined in Quebec.                                    — the same amount of employers (53 per cent)              positive
                                                             thought that people with disabilities bring a reasons for
Illnesses could have been prevented: advocate                “fresh perspective” to the job and that would be            hiring
“The tragedy of [asbestos-related illness in Canada] is      an excellent motivator;
it could have been prevented if we had not denied the        — 46 per cent felt that disabled employees are
scientific evidence, if we had not allowed the asbestos      “much more loyal” and,
industry to use the same tactics as the tobacco indus-       — 41 per cent agree with the idea that those living with
try,” charges Ruff, a Smithers, British Columbia resi-       a disability are “more reliable on the job.”
dent and former director of the province’s Human                 Susan Howatt, chairperson of JOIN Toronto’s board
Rights Commission.                                           of governors, says that while many employers recog-
    But there have been some notable developments in         nize the value that people with disabilities can provide
the collection of data on asbestos-related illness. Former   in a workplace, “outdated stigmas are still the number
workers, a union and the provincial workers’ compen-         one barrier to jobs in Toronto. People living with a
sation board in Newfoundland and Labrador have               disability represent the largest, untapped human re-
come together to begin creating a registry of former         sources pool in Canada and they deserve a chance.”
miners at the Baie Verte Asbestos Mine who have
developed asbestos-related diseases.                         Majority of executives unaware of regulation
    And nationally, CAREX Canada is planning a               In fact, the study found only 22 per cent of business
workplace exposure surveillance project to “develop          executives said they were aware of the Accessibility for
robust estimates of the number of Canadians exposed          Ontarians with Disabilities Act, while 73 per cent were
to workplace carcinogens, at what levels, and any            unaware of it. The act outlines topics including acces-
geographic variations that may affect these estimates,”      sible employment practices, policies and training.
the organization notes.                                         Sharon Myatt, JOIN Toronto’s employer develop-
                                                             ment consultant, says that oftentimes employers who
                                                             want to move forward with accommodating workers
Study probes issue of hiring                                 with disabilities do not consider that disabilities are not
                                                             just physical. “Over 50 per cent of disabilities are
workers with disabilities                                    hidden and episodic,” she says, noting estimates
More than one-third of company executives are dis-           suggest that less than five per cent of people are born
couraged from hiring people with disabilities over           with a disability.
concerns about managing potential underperformance              Establishing a work environment where all employ-
issues, suggests a new survey.                               ees can achieve their potential is important, says Sylvia
   The study of 110 human resource executives from           Chrominska, the group head of global human resources
a cross-section of Ontario-based firms found that 36         and communications at Scotiabank. With regards to
per cent of senior executives said they were discour-        accommodation, Scotiabank uses a variety of tools
aged from hiring a person with a disability because “it’s    including: a centralized fund that supports job appli-
harder to dismiss an underperforming person with a           cants and employees with disabilities to ensure they
disability than one without a disability.” Released on       have tools required to do their jobs, such as assistive
 4 / Canadian Occupational Health & Safety News

              technologies, interpreters and other services; flexible    team went into very quick action, along with the
              work hours and arrangements to accommodate all             assistance of the RCMP, and that came to a quick end.”
              employees; and, adaptive tools built into technology          There have been several incidents recently around
              applications and websites to makes them accessible to      the country involving violence in the workplace. Late
              workers with disabilities.                                 last month, a 38-year-old claimant at the Workers’
                                                                         Compensation Board of Alberta building in Edmonton
                                                                         sparked a 10-hour standoff with police after he stormed
              Police called after dispute in                             the building with a gun and took nine people hostage.
                                                                         The early-morning incident ended at 6:15 pm on Octo-
              Manitoba office building                                   ber 21 when Patrick Clayton surrendered after releas-
            A confrontation between an employee and his super-           ing the last of his hostages (COHSN October 26,
            visor culminated in a large police presence at the           2009).
            Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) building in down-
            town Winnipeg.
                On the morning of November 10, the employee was          Effective oversight vital to
            in his office having a meeting with his supervisor, an
            MPI executive, when the argument began, says MPI             aviation safety, TSB says
            spokesman Brian Smiley. Although he could not com-           The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) has
            ment on the details surrounding the incident — includ-       highlighted ineffective oversight by the Canadian
            ing whether a weapon was involved — Smiley says              Business Aviation Association (CBAA) as a contribu-
            “very early on, our security staff recognized that this      tory factor in an aircraft crash that injured 10 people two
            employee was experiencing a health issue.”                   years ago.
                “They were observing the employee interact and               In its report released on November 10, the TSB
            based on the training they’ve received, they realized        notes that private operators regulated by the CBAA
            they needed to call the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS)        were not held to the same standard that Transport
            to ensure there would be a positive outcome on this,”        Canada implemented for commercial operators. Spe-
            Smiley says. “They kept up very close monitoring             cifically, Transport Canada regulations require com-
            which, in many ways, led to a very peaceful and              mercial airline companies to implement safety manage-
                   positive outcome.”                                    ment systems (SMSs) in stages, on a fixed timeline,
  About 12             Smiley says that after the incident, there was    “while the CBAA was free to implement SMSs for its
                   a large “police presence” at the building which       operators on its own terms with no fixed timeframe.”
    police         included about 12 police officers and 10 vehi-
   officers        cles. He adds that MPI sent an e-mail to the          Regulatory responsibility transferred in 2003
responded to approximately 800 staff employed at the com-                In 2003, Transport Canada transferred regulatory re-
   incident        pany — a non-profit Crown corporation that            sponsibility for some aviation operators to the CBAA,
                   provides basic automobile insurance coverage          but “prior to this accident failed to exercise effective
            to Manitobans — to inform them about what was                oversight of the CBAA programs,” the statement
            transpiring at the building.                                 adds.
                A WPS spokeswoman says that police have con-                 “This is a serious problem,” says TSB member
            cluded their investigation into the incident, and the        Kathy Fox in the statement. “Safety can be compro-
            employee will not be facing any charges.                     mised when SMS plans are vague, deadlines are flex-
                Smiley says the building consists of nine floors; the    ible and critical oversight is lacking.”
            top three floors are exclusive to the MPI, with several          The investigation relates to an accident on Novem-
            other floors used as shared facilities. With regards to      ber 11, 2007 in which a business jet carrying two crew
            security measures, he says, the company uses a pass-         members and eight passengers touched down seven
            card system and employs both in-house and private            feet short of the runway in Fox Harbour, Nova Scotia.
            contractor security staff, with typically about two staff    The TSB report says that the main landing gear of the
            stationed per floor. Although there is “very stringent       jet became damaged when it struck the edge of the
            procedures in place” for handling potential conflicts,       runway, and “directional control was lost when the
            “there’s always a constant review of procedures,”            right main landing gear collapsed.” The aircraft then
            Smiley adds.                                                 skidded off the runway, coming to a stop about 1,000
                But this is not the first time a potentially dangerous   feet from its initial touchdown point, close to neigh-
            situation occurred at the company’s building, Smiley         bouring homes.
            says, using the example of an incident about two years           The aircraft was operated by Hamilton, Ontario-
            ago in which an angry customer “staged a fake bomb”          based Jetport Inc and the flight had departed from that
            outside an MPI claim centre in Portage la Prairie. “Our      city.
                                                                                              November 16, 2009 / 5

   The report says that one crew member and one             facturing engineering and operational excellence.
passenger suffered serious injuries, with the other         Cunningham most recently held the position of direc-
eight occupants suffering minor injuries. The aircraft      tor of design and manufacturing for Medrad Inc’s
sustained major structural damage.                          cardiovascular disposable products.
   In two key recommendations, the TSB called for the           Dr Casey Chosewood has joined the National Insti-
CBAA to set SMS implementation milestones for its           tute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) as
certificate holders and for Transport Canada to ensure      manager of the institute’s WorkLife Initiative program,
the CBAA has an effective quality assurance program         which aims to sustain and improve worker health
in place to audit its certificate holders.                  through better work-based programs, policies, and
   “Although the Jetport SMS program had been               practices. Dr Chosewood previously served as the
accepted by the CBAA-accredited auditor, in reality,        director of the Centers for Disease Control and Preven-
Jetport did not have a functioning SMS,” the report         tion’s office of safety and health.
says. “The traditional, reactive safety management              Canadian Helicopters Income Fund has appointed
process that was in place did not identify many of the      Don Wall as president and CEO. Wall has held various
risks involved.”                                            positions with Canadian Helicopters for over 20 years,
                                                            including that of senior executive vice-president and
Many pilots unaware of system limitations                   president of the company’ western division. The an-
During the course of its investigation, the TSB also        nouncement follows the retirement of Jean-Pierre Blais
found that many pilot were not aware of the limitations     as the president and trustee of Canadian Helicopters.
of visual guidance systems used to conduct safe
approaches and landings. Known as visual glide slope
indicators (VGSI), these systems use ground-based
light beams to show pilots when they are too high or          News Summaries
low on approach, “but many pilots don’t realize that
VGSI should not be used when flying larger aircraft,”       RCMP officer assaulted several times
the report says. In addition, information on the dis-       Hazelton, BC — An RCMP officer was assaulted
tance between the cockpit and the landing gear (eye-        several times following a traffic stop. At about 2:40 pm
to-wheel height) is needed to know which VGSI to use,       on October 24, the officer had finished arresting one
but the TSB investigation “revealed this information is     vehicle passenger for obstruction when the driver
not readily available to pilots.”                           assaulted the officer, says an RCMP statement. The
   To address these issues, the TSB issued two further      officer, who was investigating the possibility of the
recommendations: Transport Canada ensure that eye-          driver being intoxicated, fell to the ground following
to-wheel height information is available to pilots of       the assault at which time two other passengers
aircraft exceeding 12,500 pounds; and, Transport            left the vehicle and allegedly kicked the officer
Canada require training on VGSI systems so pilots can       several times and attempted to disarm him by Bystanders
determine if the system in use is appropriate for their     grabbing at this holstered sidearm, the statement         able to
aircraft.                                                   says. Luckily, bystanders were able to step in and        protect
                                                            protect the officer from further attack while a officer from
                                                            second police vehicle arrived. The second officer
                                                                                                                  further attack
   Editor’s’Notebook                                        was also assaulted, but sustained minor injuries
                                                            and continues full duty, the statement says. The
Names in the news… The BC Forest Safety Council             RCMP has recommended the following charges against
has appointed Chuck Carter as its director of trans-        three of the people involved: impaired driving, assault-
portation safety. Carter, who joins the council at its      ing a peace officer, resisting arrest, attempting to
Prince George location in December, will develop and        disarm a peace officer and counselling the offence of
lead forestry transportation safety initiatives that will   disarming a peace officer, uttering death threats, es-
involve close working relationships with government         caping lawful custody, and assisting in an escape from
and industry, with an emphasis on resource roads.           lawful custody.
Carter brings more than 25 years’ experience to the
council, most recently as safety coordinator for Canfor’s   Store clerk prevents robbery attempt
woodland operations in BC and Alberta.                      Princeton, BC — A grocery store clerk stopped a
   Industrial Scientific Corporation has announced          robbery attempt after unnerving the would-be thief.
that Tom Cunningham has joined the company as               The incident happened at about 8:15 pm on November
vice-president of global operations. In this role,          6 when the man entered the Golden Hills Grocery & Deli
Cunningham will have responsibility for operations          carrying a black cloth grocery bag and demanded
including manufacturing, supply chain, quality, manu-       money from the cashier. “She calmly suggested he ask
6 / Canadian Occupational Health & Safety News

           police for some money as well, seeing that they had just        Inquest to probe worker’s death
           pulled up to the store,” says a statement from the
                                                                           Toronto — Dr Bonita Porter, deputy chief coroner for
           Princeton RCMP. “Without looking over his shoulder
                                                                           inquests, has announced that an inquest will be held
           to verify this, the would-be thief turned on his heels
                                                                           into the death of a worker in 2006. Pierre Poulin, 38, died
           and left as quickly as he had come in.” Police arrived
                                                                           on May 12, 2006 from injuries he sustained at a con-
           minutes after a 9-1-1 call, but the suspect was not
                                                                           struction site in Hornepayne, says a statement from
           located. The RCMP is reminding commercial retail
                                                                           Ontario’s Ministry of Community Safety and Correc-
           establishments to take the following security tips to
                                                                           tional Services. The inquest will be held on November
           help aid in the investigation of robberies: post a height
                                                                           26 and is expected to last two days, the statement says.
           strip on the entrance door to assist with description
                                                                           The inquest will examine the circumstances surround-
           details; install video recording equipment to record
                                                                           ing Poulin’s death and the jury may make recommen-
           interior and exterior locations; ensure cameras are
                                                                           dations aimed at preventing similar fatalities.
           positioned at an angle to capture facial and head-to-toe
           images; educate staff to not exacerbate the situation by
           being uncooperative.                                            Company fined for not paying wages
                                                                           Hamilton, Ont — Greenrock Outdoor Landscaping &
                                                                           Contractors Inc of Flamborough, Ontario was fined
           Officer attacked at football game                               nearly $5,000 on October 28 for failing to comply with
           Winnipeg — A 24-year-old man has been charged with
                                                                           two orders to pay wages owed to employees. Greenrock
           assaulting a peace officer after a member of the Win-
                                                                           was fined a total of $4,763.99 on two counts of failing
           nipeg Police Service (WPS) who was working at a
                                                                           to pay wages issued by an employment standards
           football game was attacked. The incident occurred at
                                                                           officer, says a Ministry of Labour (MoL) press release.
           about 2:20 pm on November 8 as the police officer was
                                                                           The MoL says that it investigated claims for wages
           attempting to escort an intoxicated man from his seat
                                                                           owing to two employees — issued on February 23,
           at the Winnipeg Blue Bombers game, says a WPS
                                                                           2007 and June 20, 2007. By March 19 of this year, the
           statement. Another man seated next to the intoxicated
                                                                           orders were still outstanding, but have now been paid,
           man attempted to prevent the individual from being led
                                                                           the press release says.
           away, prompting a second officer to intervene. As
           police were walking out of the area with the man, a third
           man “struck one of the officers several times in the back       Check out CSA standards online
           of the head,” the statement says, adding that beer was          Saint John — WorkSafeNB is encouraging workplaces
           also thrown on the officers. Willam McGimpsey was               to use standards from the Canadian Standards Asso-
           charged with assaulting a peace officer and detained            ciation (CSA), which are available to view before
           at the Winnipeg Remand Centre.                                  purchase. A WorkSafeNB statement points to a CSA
                                                                           pilot program which was launched on October 1, 2008
           Two convenience store clerks injured                            to provide users with broader and easier access to
           Winnipeg — Two store clerks have been injured                   occupational health and safety standards. Now in its
           following an attack at a convenience store in Winni-            second year, the pilot program provides access to CSA
           peg. At about 7:10 pm on November 5, two men entered            standards referenced in oh&s legislation across the
           the store and confronted the clerk before going behind          country. The WorkSafeNB statement notes that the
           the counter and filling a bag with assorted cigarettes,         standards are in read-only PDF format, and users will
           says a statement from the Winnipeg Police Service. A            not be able to cut, paste, print or download them,
           second employee was alerted to the incident at which            adding that the province references about 40 CSA
           time he was physically assaulted and pepper sprayed             standards in its oh&s legislation. To access the stand-
           to the upper body. The two men escaped with a large             ards or for further information, visit http://ohsviewacc
           quantity of cigarettes, the statement says.           

                                 Editor: Jason Contant; Editorial Assistant: Dan Birch–
                                                Publisher: Peter Boxer
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