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Zeeblio has taken what Tripod’s previous builder was capable of and upgraded           Upgraded Features:
it significantly. Tripod has refined the drag and drop capabilities, making the        •	   Media Manager
builder more user-friendly, while also adding a handful of useful add-ons that         •	   Navigation Placement
help with site layout as well as media integration from Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa,
and Vimeo.                                                                             •	   Style Categorization
                                                                                       •	   Add-on Categorization
                                                                                       •	   Google Webmaster & Google
The Marvelous Media Manager                                                                 Analytics
One of Zeeblio’s most distinguishing factors is its completely redesigned Media
Manager. With the manager, Tripod members can upload images, videos,                   •	   Quick Link to Published Site
documents, flash, and audio files as well as import pictures from their Flickr         Additional Add-ons
accounts. They can categorize their media into separate folders and even open          •	   Column Tool
their images up into an editor to make some changes before they drop it on their
                                                                                       •	   Heading Block
page. The manager and all of its functions is contained within the builder and can
be accessed quickly from the Media tab, which will show a quick view of all the        •	   List Block
files within the manager.                                                              •	   Vimeo
                                                                                       •	   Photobucket Gallery
It’s Oh-So-Easy                                                                        •	   Picasa
Don’t know code? No problem. Zeeblio’s add-ons are created with webmasters
                                                                                       •	   Photo Thumbnail
in mind so that you can easily drag and drop your text, Twitter feed, video, or
anything else to your desired location. Just follow the guides that show you           Updated Add-ons:
where you’re placing your add-on. Plus, with the wizard walking you through the        •	   Form Tool
beginning of your site building experience and helpful knowledgebase articles
                                                                                       •	   Guestbook Tool
to help you along the way, figuring out how to build a site from scratch has never
been easier.                                                                           •	   Flickr
                                                                                       •	   Photo Album

You’re Unique - Show It                                                                What’s In A Name?
While all of Zeeblio’s templates are professionally designed to give you a great       Zeeblio may not sound like it means much
looking site, Tripod understands that you may want to express yourself and             of anything, but it was born out of creative
show your unique taste. With simple customization, templates can be altered            brainstorming and it represents just that.
to have slight color changes or completely revamped - you decide. Again, not           Zeeblio was made for website builders
knowing code is not an issue. You can view the customization of the template in        of all skill levels to be able to easily bring
                                                                                       their creative thoughts and ideas to life.
basic properties view so all you have to do is go in and change background
                                                                                       Sure, the name Zeeblio may have been a
images or colors. If you do know some CSS, switch to source view for more in           fun spark that we ran with - but isn’t that
depth access.                                                                          how all great ideas start?

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