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									16 April 2010        By: Marius Oiaga, Technology News Editor
                     Pepsi Teams Up with Microsoft for Global Football Campaign
                     Focused on the World Cup in South Africa

Football Hero
                     With less than two months until the start of the 2010 football World Cup in South Africa,
Microsoft            PepsiCo International and Microsoft have partnered for a new global campaign focused on
                     the main sporting event of the summer. The Redmond company already launched the MSN
                     World Cup News Centre in April, 2010, working with Press Association Sport, and has also
                     teamed up with PepsiCo for the Global Football campaign, which will be served to football
                     fans through Microsoft Advertising.

                      According to the Redmond company, PepsiCo International's Global Football campaign will
                     be offered on no less than 14 markets worldwide, including Europe, the Middle East and
                     South America. The promise from Microsoft is that its advertising division has put together
                     an integrated brand engagement campaign, featuring ad content from Pepsi as well as a
                     new website hosted on MSN. The integrated Global Football campaign was developed by
                     Microsoft Advertising in concert with OMD International London.

                      "We are thrilled to partner with PepsiCo International once again on a truly innovative,
                     ambitious and engaging brand campaign," Darren Huston, corporate vice president, Global
                     Consumer and Online, Microsoft, revealed. "As excitement ahead of the 2010 summer of
                     football grows, there will be a significant upsurge in demand for information and
                     entertainment around the game. Microsoft's broad offerings through our global channels
                     provide unrivalled reach across the internet, the 'Football Hero' campaign will help PepsiCo
                     International tap into this summer's football buzz by positioning it as a brand that is well
                     attuned to the needs of its target audience."

                      Live as of 15 April 2010, the campaign is designed to take advantage of the growing
                     enthusiasm building for the 2010 football World Cup in Africa and is planned to last until the
                     end of the summer. Its target audience will be able to enjoy content featuring star players
                     such as Lionel Messi, Didier Drogba, Thierry Henry, Ricardo Kaka, Frank Lampard,
                     Fernando Torres, Andrei Arshavin, and Michael Ballack.

                      Microsoft Advertising's Creative Solutions team has worked to put together the 'Football
                     Hero' website, offering fans a chance to play their way from 'zero to hero' in no less than
                     five interactive games. Advertising from the Global Football campaign will be offered across
                     Microsoft Advertising portfolio such as Xbox.com, Xbox LIVE, Hotmail and MSN, but also
                     Windows Live Messenger.

                      "Building on the phenomenal success of the Pepsi Max Club we are excited to be working
                     with Microsoft Advertising again to build an exciting and engaging brand experience for
                     football fans around the globe. Working with Microsoft Advertising we can reach a vast
                     audience of engaged consumers and embrace the competitive spirit of football. Our target
                     consumers are always looking for new, exciting and more engaging ways of spending time
                     online, and we believe the launch of the 'Football Hero' website will be a popular source of
                     entertainment over the coming months as hundreds of millions of consumers turn their
                     attention to football," Claudia Lagunas, Digital and New Media director at PepsiCo
                     International, stated.

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