Annual Report l 2010 by xumiaomaio


									C a n C e r     S o C i e t y

Annual Report l 2010

         Cancer Society of New Zealand
         Canterbury-West Coast Division
                           Notice of Meeting
                      Notice is hereby given of the
         79th Annual General Meeting
              of the Cancer Society of New Zealand
               Canterbury-West Coast Division Inc
                         to be held on
                     Monday 2 August 2010
                          at 6.00pm
       in the Seminar Room, Cancer Society Centre,
            246 Manchester Street, Christchurch
              Refreshments will be served at 5.30pm prior to the meeting

Chairman’s Report                                                                                       1
Chief Executive’s Review                                                                                2
Treasurer’s Report                                                                                      8
Income and Expenditure Analysis                                                                         9

Canterbury-West Coast Division Inc
Statement of Financial Performance                                                                     10
Statement of Movements in Equity                                                                       11
Statement of Financial Position                                                                        11
Auditor’s Statement                                                                                    11

Canterbury-West Coast Division Trust Board
Statement of Financial Performance                                                                     12
Statement of Movements in Equity                                                                       12
Statement of Financial Position                                                                        13
Auditor’s Statement                                                                                    13

Grants and Trusts                                                                                      14
Directory                                                                                              16

                     Front cover:
                     Liam Tyrell, Angus Simmons, Rahul George and Mitchell Cameron from St Bede’s
                     College happily exchanged a day of studies to become volunteer collectors on Daffodil
                     Day, marking the 14th year that the School has supported the Cancer Society on our
                     national appeal day.
                         CanCer SoCiety of new Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division

                                                Chairman’s Report
The year began in style with the opening       options were looked at, among those
of Daffodil House by the Prime Minister        explored have been to rent off-site
of New Zealand, the Honourable John            space, convert parts of Davidson House
Key. This was a day to be remembered           to accommodate staff, add a floor to
by all the guests who attended, including      the current Cancer Society building,
among many others, His Worship the             and demolish the current building and
Mayor of Christchurch Bob Parker and           construct new offices. At the end of the
David Meates, the CEO of the Canterbury        day none of these options were deemed
District Health Board. Daffodil House was      cost effective. The final solution has been
blessed by both Kaumatua, Riki Pitama          to make some minor changes to the
and the vicar of St. Mary’s in Merivale,       existing Cancer Society building and to
Archdeacon Craufurd Murray, and all            build a relocatable meeting room (with
present were blessed by a perfect sunny        desperately-needed wheelchair access)
autumn day. Arguably, the highlight of         on the small garden which lies between
the occasion was the beautiful singing         Davidson House and the Cancer Society
of the Selwyn House School choir. It is        Centre. Plans have been approved and
gratifying to note that since its opening,     the resource consent process is under
Daffodil House has had almost total            way.
occupancy, providing accommodation to             It is my pleasure again to thank the
those cancer sufferers that need it in not     Executive Committee for another year
only a functional, but also supportive and     of hard work, and for bringing the             Peter Davidson, Chairman of the Canterbury-
                                                                                              West Coast Division thanks patrons for attending
friendly environment. Congratulations          strategic plan to a successful conclusion.     the Cancer Society Emerald Dream Ball.
are to be extended to Clare Te Hau and         They will now be ready to begin anew
her team for their extraordinary effort in     with formulation of the next three year
getting this facility up and running.          strategic plan!                                seen the opening of the St George’s
   In parallel with the opening of                As presented in the Chairman’s Report       Cancer Care Centre. This has provided
Daffodil House, the Christchurch Sunrise       from last year, Sir Allan Wright and           some new challenges to the Division.
and Riccarton Rotary Clubs generously          Margaret Reeve have resigned from the          After some very constructive discussion
donated and presented a van for the            Cancer Society. Their statesmanship and        with members of the Cancer Care
transportation of patients between the         wisdom have been missed. Nevertheless,         Centre, the Cancer Society has been
accommodation facilities of the Cancer         we have been fortunate to have two very        able to provide a role in assisting with
Society and the Oncology Department            capable replacements join the Executive.       Cancer Society staff in the Centre,
at Christchurch Hospital. The driver for       Adrian Te Patu and Hamish Devine               transportation, and the organisation of
this van has been funded by the Cancer         bring new dimensions to the meetings           accommodation for out of town patients.
Society and this service has been so           and have already shown their worth             The funding of accommodation for out of
successful that the Executive has allowed      in contributing their ideas in robust          town cancer sufferers requiring radiation
for an increase in these driving services in   discussion. We look forward to their           therapy remains an issue. The Cancer
the coming year’s budget.                      continued and developing roles within          Society and St George’s have co-operated
   The Executive has worked hard to            the Executive.                                 to provide a substantial subsidy for this
complete the three year strategic plan,           At the Executive table we have spent        accommodation, and are jointly lobbying
with two major pieces of work.                 much time discussing the Cancer Society        Central Government, the DHBs and
   The first was the consideration of          of New Zealand, in particular the lack of      private insurance carriers to assist with
research and the revision of the Grants        diversity within the National Board. To        this accommodation.
Policy. The major change here was the          try and improve the mix, the Executive            Finally I would once again like to
introduction of three $15,000 grants to        approved my replacement on the Board           acknowledge Elizabeth Chesterman and
be awarded each year. These grants will be     of CSNZ with Kathy Conlan, who brings          her team of staff and volunteers. Their
focused on clinical researchers, who are       a wealth of governance and policy setting      work in alleviating the burden of cancer
unlikely to be successful in other grants      skills. It is the belief of the Canterbury-    in those unlucky enough to be affected
rounds due to a limited research track         West Coast Division that her youth,            by this disease is exceptional. We are truly
record.                                        vigour and skill set will contribute greatly
                                                                                              fortunate to have such dedicated people
   The second has been around the              to the functioning and health of this
                                                                                              in the Canterbury-West Coast Division.
provision of additional space so               Board, and through it the Cancer Society
desperately needed for Cancer Society          of New Zealand.                                Peter Davidson
services and programmes. A number of              Towards the end of the year we have         Chairman
CanCer SoCiety of new Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division

                                           Chief Executive’s Review
The first year of operation for Daffodil House has been an              to those who lived a great distance from Christchurch. The
‘hotelier’s dream’ with occupancy at capacity levels as soon as         purchase of these additional 23 rooms here at Daffodil House
renovations were completed. The official opening of our second          is a very positive and welcome move. During my time on the
home-away-from-home for cancer patients in Christchurch                 Canterbury-West Coast Executive, we have recognised the
was held on Thursday 4 June 2009 – a happy celebration made             wonderful financial support the rural communities have given.
even more memorable with the arrival of our special guest, the          It has been a privilege to be involved with such a dedicated
Honourable John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand.                     group of people and I retire on a very positive note. As I stated
   Cancer Society volunteers had already taken up an                    at the start – I began with Davidson House and I finish with
opportunity to preview the premises during two open days                Daffodil House – what more could I ask for?” Sir Allan Wright
in April, while considerable work on renovations including
                                                                           The Division provided supported accommodation for 936
weather protection porches, construction of a community
                                                                        patients from North and South Canterbury, West Coast, Nelson
lounge, office and reception area, and installation of signage,
                                                                        and Marlborough regions in the year under review, 405 in our
alarms, an upgraded hot water supply and guttering, together
                                                                        newest Daffodil House facility and 459 in Davidson House, now
with telecommunications links was undertaken.
                                                                        12 years old – a marked increase on the 453 patients who were
   Kaumatua, Riki Pitama and the Vicar of St Mary’s in Merivale,
                                                                        accommodated in March 2000. With 26% of patients having
Archdeacon Craufurd Murray began with blessings while the
                                                                        travelled from West Coast communities and 22% patients
neighbouring Selwyn House School choir sang the national
                                                                        from South Canterbury we continue to reflect on the many
anthem and provided a delightful musical interlude charming
all the guests, including the Prime Minister.                           wonderful comments in the guestbook and letters from those
   Mr Peter Davidson, Chairman of the Division’s Executive              who have stayed in our facilities.
Committee, highlighted the rationale behind the purchase of                “Thank you very much for all the kindness, care and
the property and the challenges the cancer community faces              consideration throughout my 24 day stay in Daffodil House.
into the future.                                                        We have both been enriched by the experiences of our stay, the
   Sir Allan Wright delivered a moving speech in which he               characters we have met and the company we have enjoyed.”
acknowledged his own journey with cancer and the special                   “John and I wish to thank you for your kindness and care
pride he felt in his role on the Cancer Society Executive               you gave us while at Daffodil House. It has been such an eye
Committee from the fundraising efforts in 1996 for Davidson             opener to see the magnitude of volunteers and support given
House and concluding this year on his retirement with the               – so sensitive and caring. We felt those suffering cancer and
purchase of Daffodil House.                                             their supporters were really so much better off than those
                                                         P r i m e      attending treatment and going home. There was such a spirit
                                                      Minister John     of fun and caring encouraged by you and your team. We feel
                                                      Key’s ‘off the    very privileged to have been at Daffodil House and had such
                                                      cuff’ but well    wonderful support. We are truly grateful.” Bev & John Coates,
                                                      informed          Greymouth
                                                      a d d r e s s        Clare Te Hau, Manager of Cancer Society Accommodation
                                                      acknowledged      Services says: ‘The addition of Daffodil House has given us the
                                                      the significant   opportunity to offer a range of accommodation options that
                                                      role the Cancer   allow us to more easily meet individual needs. As the thank-
                                                      Society plays     you cards highlight, people who have had to leave their own
                                                      in supporting     homes to receive treatment do appreciate the opportunity to
Prime Minister John Key and Sir Allan Wright, Cancer  the delivery      share with others going through the same experience.’
Society Executive member declare Daffodil House open. of cancer care
throughout New Zealand. Two guests currently staying in                 0800 CANCER Helpline
Daffodil House, Sarah Hewer and Yan Chen, cut the celebratory           Staffed by trained cancer information nurses, the 0800 CANCER
‘Daffodil cake’ on behalf of all the cancer patients – past, present    Helpline service covers South Island regions from Bluff through
and future – served by the Cancer Society before inviting the           to Kaikoura and Karamea. Calls to the Canterbury-West Coast
Prime Minister and Sir Allan Wright to cut the ribbon to declare        Division team have trebled in the past three years.
Daffodil House officially open.                                            A national independent study of this service has been
   “I very much appreciate the opportunity I have today                 undertaken this year, involving telephone and written
to say a few words on behalf of the rural communities. My               questionnaires and focus groups. Ethnicity data gathered across
first experience with the Society in 1997 was to chair the              the entire New Zealand service reveals:
fundraising committee while Davidson House was being built.                73% of callers identify as New Zealand European
At that time I did not realise what an important part it was               6.2% as Maori
to play in providing a home away from home for those who                   1.5% as Pacific Island
had to travel for treatment more than 100kms each way daily.               1.9% as Chinese
This was brought home to me when, in 2002, I was diagnosed                 1.1% as Indian
with a cancer problem, and for 35 days I made the 60km trip                5.8% as other
each way from our home in Sheffield... no big deal really                  1.5% refused to answer
but it highlighted to me how important such facilities were                8.5% were not asked

                                 CanCer SoCiety of new Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division

 Daffodil shuttle – a gift for cancer patients                                              Christchurch Hospital re-development
                                                                                            The Cancer Society is
                                                                                            very supportive of the
                                                                                            proposed re-development
                                                                                            of Christchurch Hospital.
                                                                                            The far-reaching and
                                                                                            strategic approach which
                                                                                            the Canterbury District
                                                                                            Health Board has adopted                • Do you know you
                                                                                                                                                                    know about the pro
                                                                                            in recognising and                         Christchurch Hospita
                                                                                                                                   • Do you want to
                                                                                                                                                                        l Redevelopment?
                                                                                                                                                                learn more about
                                                                                            meeting the long term                     project?                                             this significant
                                                                                                                                   • Do you want an
                                                                                            health needs of people                    offer your opinion?
                                                                                                                                                                opportunity to ask
                                                                                                                                                                                             questions and
                                                                                            from throughout the friends and fami Canterbury- West Coast Division invites
                                                                                                                              The Cancer Society
                                                                                                                                               ly to a public mee                           its supporters and
                                                                                            South Island is to be Board’s long termThis is an oppowilltingtyabouhear first hand about tchuDistrHospital
                                                                                                                                                 plans, how it
                                                                                                                                                                rtuni to
                                                                                                                                                                            t the proposed Chris

                                                                                                                                                                                                          ict Health
                                                                                                                             ask questions.                        affect you and a forum
                                                                                            commended.                                                                                     to offer your opin
                                                                                                                                                                                                               ion and

                                                                                                Our submissions
                                                                                                                                                                  To be
                                                                                                                                      Cranford Center, 115 held at the
                                                                                                                                                                     Cranford Street, Chr
 Christchurch Sunrise and Riccarton Rotary Club members join Cancer                                                                     (part of the King’s
                                                                                                                                                            Church complex and                   istchurch
 Society staff, with their shiny new people mover outside Daffodil House,                   stated         “In      the                             Thursday 22 April
                                                                                                                                                                                  next door to Engli
                                                                                                                                                                           2010 at 1.30pm
                                                                                                                                                                                                     sh Park)
                                                                                                                            RSVP to the Cancer
                                                                                            past, planning and The Cancer Society is ty 379 5835
 a home away from home for cancer patients from Canterbury, West
                                                                                                                                                   looking forward to
 Coast, Nelson and Marlborough regions.                                                     development of health this significant redevelopment project. oming you to this forum to learn about

                                                                                            services has tended Elizabeth Chesterman
                                                 Departing for an appointment
                                                 are Claudette Thitheridge with             towards ad hoc and short Chief Executive
                                                 volunteer driver Dawn Gresham,             term decision making.
                                                 both residents of Geraldine,               This has resulted in inadequate and outdated
                                                 with staff member Kate Shearer
                                                                                            facilities soon after completion date, with no provision for the rapidly
                                                 who organises driving requests
                                                 in South Canterbury. With 22               changing health needs of the community and without the ability to
                                                 trips to date, Claudette has               accommodate any new technological and medical advances. The
                                                 been driven by a number of                 CDHB, in addressing the land swap and consent issues, which have
                                                 volunteers during the course
                                                                                            stifled development in the past, are to be congratulated for “putting
                                                 of ongoing treatment. Dawn
                                                 has been a volunteer with the              all their cards on the table” and working with the Christchurch City
                                                 Cancer Society since 1989.                 Council to plan for a modern, adaptable and adequate health facility
                                                                                            which maximises the site and takes the community’s health needs
                                                                                                The Cancer Society provides a variety of support services on the
                                                                                            current site, including direct patient services and volunteer transport.
                                                                                            We receive numerous ‘complaints’ from patients and their family
                                                                                            members about the difficulty in negotiating the current hospital site,
 A significant highlight for the Division this year was the gift in August of a brand new   illogical and problematic placement of related services, parking and
 12-seater transit van donated by two of the city’s Rotary Clubs – Christchurch Sunrise     transport difficulties and over-crowded facilities. Whilst the Cancer
 and Riccarton.                                                                             Society works closely with the DHB and our community to address
     This wonderful new shuttle has alleviated pressure on our extremely busy               many of these ‘complaint’ issues (through the provision of volunteer
 volunteer driving service and is a regular sight on city streets picking up passengers     transport, funding to enhance facilities, provision of a shuttle service,
 from Davidson and Daffodil Houses destined for the Christchurch Oncology Service.          a significant collaborative project to build the Information and
     Passenger numbers rose from 272 in September to 903 in March 2010. The work            Learning Centre within the Oncology Department) much of this is
 of the Society’s volunteer driving service continues however, as patients from suburbs     ‘window dressing’ and only addresses the short term needs.”
 throughout Christchurch, Banks Peninsula, North and Mid Canterbury travel to their             The Cancer Society hosted an information meeting about
 appointments with one of our wonderful 220 volunteer drivers at the wheel.                 the re-development proposal for its volunteers, clients and
                                                                                            supporters on 15 April 2010. Approximately 50 people
                                                                                            attended this meeting and asked many questions, posed a few
Participants overwhelmingly found the service to be of a high                               challenges and generally were very supportive of the proposal.
caliber, with the ability to access the service from anywhere in                            Issues around tree removal, the future of the Hagley Hostel
the country a real bonus. Results revealed that 366 callers found                           and the Resource Consent issues around building height and
the Helpline via the Internet, up from 57 in 2007, in tandem                                floor area were of little importance to this informed audience
with a three-fold increase in referrals from Cancer Society staff                           – their concern lay with finding the most viable solution to
and health professionals, also Cancer Society promotions and                                the community’s health needs and the current proposal was
advertising or family, friends and telephone directories.                                   endorsed as a sensible and practical way forward.
   Cancer information nurses from the Auckland, Wellington                                      This submission was prepared on behalf of the staff,
and Christchurch Centres have now met to discuss the                                        Executive Committee and volunteers of the Cancer Society.
recommendations arising from the survey, including greater                                  It also recognised the unique needs of the people with cancer,
awareness of the service and access for those in marginalized                               now and in the future, who will require cancer treatment at
sectors and locations.                                                                      Christchurch Hospital.
CanCer SoCiety of new Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division
Smokefree                                                                    They are young, they are impressionable –
Christchurch Cancer Society Youth Ambassadors, involved in                   out of sight, out of mind
advocacy for a ban on tobacco displays in retail outlets, were
recognised for their efforts by Volunteering Canterbury as the
recipients of a Youth Award. In South Canterbury, our Timaru
Smokefree Youth Ambassadors won the Advocacy Award and
were runners-up in Youth Participation for an International
Heart of Relay Awards for their work and involvement at the
Timaru Relay for Life event in 2009.
   The adoption of a Smokefree Playgrounds Policy by the
Waimate District Council – the first district council in South
Canterbury to make the move – was a significant milestone,
while the Christchurch City Council’s adoption of a Smokefree
Outdoor Areas Policy covering playgrounds, parks, sports
                                                                                     Canterbury Smokefree Youth Ambassadors Richie Clarke,
grounds and Council-run events resulting from the benefits                              Luke Roberts, Malachi Batchelor and Jamie Poole
in partnering for a Smokefree Canterbury with Christchurch
City Council.
   An evaluation of the Hornby Smokefree Community
Project by the Canterbury District Health Board also led to the
successful extension of this project until 2011 with funding
by Partnership Health PHO. Our ongoing partnership with
Partnership Health PHO in Christchurch is a great example of
a successful and productive working relationship in the spirit
of the Cancer Control Strategy.

Cancer Connect
The Canterbury-West Coast Division continues to manage the
                                                                              Smokefree Youth Ambassadors present their banner with signatures to
Cancer Connect service New Zealand-wide, linking patients
                                                                                                   local MP Jo Goodhew
with trained support volunteers who have experienced a
similar cancer. Fifteen new volunteers have joined 68 other
Cancer Connect volunteers from Kaitaia to Bluff in offering
this confidential, anonymous service, each prepared to share
what the experience was like for them. This year 183 cancer
connections have been made and, while medical advice is not
given, patients have overwhelmingly found the service of great
value. From the comfort of one’s home, telephone discussions
may centre on decision-making around treatments, partner/
family issues, emotions, children, sexuality, self esteem and
body image, available support and much more. No-one can
answer such questions unless they have been there themselves,
which highlights the real benefit of this service.                                         South Canterbury Smokefree Youth Ambassadors

                                                                             Designed to give young people a voice, the ‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind’ campaign
                                                                             aims to remove tobacco products from prominent in-store displays and marketing to
                                                                             children across New Zealand, and it’s gaining momentum.
                                                                                 Groups of Cancer Society Smokefree Youth Ambassadors, now well established in
                                                                             Christchurch, Timaru and Greymouth, have been busy collecting signatures, gaining
                                                                             support, meeting with MPs and featuring in publicity campaigns and news stories
                                                                             across the region.
                                                                                 Students from St Bede’s College and Discovery One School in Christchurch
                                                                             were the first to come on board with five Ambassadors; this year 24 Ambassadors
                                                                             representing six secondary schools across Christchurch are involved.
                                                                                 In Timaru, 12 young people meet regularly at the Cancer Society Centre in their
                                                                             own time to develop an action plan involving visits to primary schools, gaining support
                                                                             with signatures on postcards and banners, along with a visit to their local MP Jo
Thirty-six wig stands were generously handcrafted for the South              Goodhew. Each benefits by the skills they develop – leadership, communication,
Canterbury Centre by Bob Yellowlees, a member of the Wellington Guild
                                                                             advocacy, lobbying, working with the media, and project planning – to stand them
of Woodworkers. Bob originally made one for a family member who had
lost hair as a result of undergoing cancer treatment. Women are usually      in good stead for the future.
advised to put their wigs on a preserving jar when not wearing them to           Our Smokefree Youth Ambassadors not only bring a young face to the Cancer
keep their shape, but these elegantly crafted natural wood stands can        Society, but their work across the country has helped to put the issue of young people
grace the most stylish of bedrooms. The Centre loans these to women for as   becoming addicted to smoking back on the agenda. The tide may be turning.
long as they need them.

                        CanCer SoCiety of new Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division

Research                                                              To the Cancer Society –
The Division contributed almost $500,000 towards cancer               Canterbury-West Coast Division
research this year, the largest portion devoted to the Society’s      I am writing this letter
national research grants.                                             to thank you for the
   At a local level, five promising students participating in         sponsorship of my summer
the ten–week Summer Studentship Programme were assisted               studentship project.
with grants of $4,500 each. Hosted by the University of Otago,            I am currently working
Christchurch, the Programme encourages students to take up a          on the project ‘Impact of
career in medical research by way of an introduction to research      Obesity-related factors on
methods in a field of interest to them – public health, clinical,     research to chemotherapy
or laboratory–based research.                                         in colorectal cancer’ with
   Recognising the difficulty for students in accessing funds, the    the Angiogenesis and
Division was keen to encourage oncology research, along with          Cancer Research Group
fostering research habits and showing students that research          at the University of Otago,
can be an interesting part of their work.                             Christchurch.
   Much of the money spent on research goes to molecular                  With rising obesity Students Ken Khye Ng, Bree McCallum, Sarah
(laboratory) research, and two of the students assisted by the        rates both worldwide and Murphy and Holly Mills with Cancer Society
Cancer Society in this research programme were in this field,                                        Chief Executive Elizabeth Chesterman.
                                                                      within New Zealand many Absent: Anna van Pomeren
with two others involved in clinical research and the fifth in        diseases that have been
psychosocial research.                                                linked to obesity such as colorectal cancers are on the rise. It is therefore important
   Sarah Murphy’s research on support in hospital was partly          that these patients are given the appropriate treatment.
funded by the Cancer Society as well as by a generous donation            It is hoped that this project will lead to an insight into the different responses
from Mr Alister Smyth, a cancer survivor. Alister also contributed    to chemotherapy of cells containing obesity-related factors, compared with those
to the research undertaken by Holly Mills.                            that do not.
   Research by student Anna van Pomeran was funded by the                 I personally know several people who have been affected by colorectal cancer
Society’s Buller Support Group, while Ken Khye Ng’s project           and therefore it is a great privilege to be given the opportunity to be involved in
was funded by the Ashburton Support Group and the Rangiora            this research and hope our findings can lead the way towards a much improve
Support Group-Bequest Fund supported the project by Bree              outcome for these patients.
McCallum.                                                                 Once again I thank you for your sponsorship of this project and hope you
   None of these valuable research activities could happen            can make it to the final presentations where I will present the findings of the
without the generosity of our community as well as the                research.
Division’s wide range of fundraising activities throughout the                                                                                   Holly Mills

A grant for new SunSmart teaching resources for all primary
and intermediate schools in the region was received from the
Southern Trust. This grant will enable a new resource package
to be available in every classroom throughout the region over
the course of 2010.
   Twenty–five percent of Canterbury and West Coast primary
and intermediate schools have now received official SunSmart
Accreditation from the Cancer Society. The accreditation
recognises schools that have comprehensive sun safety policies
and practices in place to protect staff and students from skin
   Southern Woods Tree Nursery & Greymouth Nurseries are
acknowledged for their ongoing support to the SunSmart
Schools Accreditation Programme in providing a free shade
tree to every accredited school.
   In November we saw the launch of the Outdoor Workers              Templeton School has adopted SunSmart policies
Campaign, which continued throughout summer.
   The Division also appointed its first health promotion intern     Health Board and Community & Public Health that looks
this year - a three month post designed to offer an opportunity      at coordinating and supporting health promotion in South
for a recent graduate wanting a career in public health /health      Canterbury for child and youth, across all educational settings.
promotion to experience work within a non–government
organisation.                                                        Physical Activity and Nutrition
   We also have ongoing SunSmart involvement in WAVE                 A supermarket intervention was run in partnership with the
(Wellbeing and Vitality in Education), an inter–sectoral             Hokitika New World Supermarket during mid 2009 – this was
framework jointly funded by the South Canterbury District            a pilot for work planned for 2010/11.
CanCer SoCiety of new Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division

Volunteers were involved in many fundraising and promotional              The event was inspired by a young colleague who had been
activities throughout the year and were well supported by                 diagnosed with bowel cancer. The feedback and support for
our generous Canterbury and West Coast communities.                       the first Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari resulted in an avalanche
These included the Ellerslie Flower Show (March 2010);                    of enthusiasm and entries from riders wanting to be involved
Christchurch House & Garden Tours (March 2010); Wedding                   again this year.
Show (September 2009 and March 2010 in Christchurch and                      An idea devised by a Christ’s College student grew into a
September in Reefton); Otahuna Daffodil Days; Hawarden Art                mass sponsored hair shaving event involving 66 other students
in a Garden; Recycle Boutique of pre–loved clothes at the West            raising $14,681 for the Cancer Society. We were also the
Coast Centre in Greymouth (July 2009); Ballantynes Timaru                 recipient of funds raised at a public open day at the new Control
car parking collection; Timaru Scottish Society; “Untouchable             Tower at Christchurch Airport, hosted by Christchurch Airways.
Girls” Topp Twins Film Premier Greymouth (31 March);                         Two Relay for Life events were held this year, the first
Whitebait fundraiser at Wild Foods Festival Hokitika; Goodman             alcohol-free Relay for Life in Greymouth on 20/21 February.
Fielder donation in recognition of milkman Ian and Carol                  Despite hitting the headlines, the Relay event proved to be
Wall’s 25 year service to the Hokitika district; South Canterbury         both enjoyable and successful. Among the teams was a group
Rural Volunteers Day in Tekapo in March                                   of working women, all members of the New Beginnings support
   The Emerald Dream Ball in Christchurch in June attracted               group which meets each month at the West Coast Centre.
620 guests and was successful in raising $48,000, including the           Christchurch’s Relay for Life on 6/7 March drew a record
proceeds from an auction on the night.                                    number of teams to celebrate the lives of those living with
   The week prior to this, a daring excursion involving 30 tiny           cancer, remember and honour those who have been lost to
scooters on a 10–hour journey from Christchurch to Hokitika               cancer, and fight back against a disease that affects one in three
– an innovative Air New Zealand engineering crew initiative               New Zealanders.
across the Southern Alps - raised $10,000 for the Cancer Society.

Volunteers Robin Oakley and Alison Kinnard on duty at one of the open     Balloons release into a sunlit sky for the start of the Relay for Life
homes featured in the Christchurch House & Garden Tours, in partnership   Greymouth
with the Look Good Feel Better programme

Movember                                                                                              All kitted out for another day at the coal face
                                                                                                      are Corey Fraser, West Coast health promoter;
Our West Coast Centre marked Movember                                                                 Anne Hines, West Coast Coordinator Health
with a new and innovative partnership                                                                 Promotion; Martin Witt, Manager Health
                                                                                                      Promotion & IT Services; and Stephen Roach,
with Pike River Coal which involved both                                                              Business Manager. Cancer Society staff visited
Stephen Roach (Business Manager) and                                                                  Pike River Coal during the Movember health and
Martin Witt (Health Promotion and IT                                                                  wellness campaign. 88 percent of mine workers
Manager) in a trip to the mine and a close                                                            participated in the Shave Off which began with a
shave!                                                                                                breakfast, while a function held later at Speights
                                                                                                      Ale House enabled those who were working at
                                                                                                      the coal face to join in.

                             CanCer SoCiety of new Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division
                                                                                 During the year we said a sad farewell to Jessica Staniland
                                                                              (Christchurch support services), Stewart Walter (Westport
                                                                              Community Liaison) and Rebecca Michelle (administration
                                                                              support in South Canterbury), and welcomed new staff members
                                                                              Catherine Dwan, Frankie Roake, Tony Bradley, Raewyn-Ann
                                                                              Ford, Sally Hall and Chris Cuff.
                                                                                 Thanks also to Wendy Barker, Vanessa Hughes, Ruth Taylor,
                                                                              Rex Graham and Amy Hely for supporting us with short term
                                                                              contract work throughout the year.
                                                                                 We also accepted the resignations of Margaret Reeve and
                                                                              Sir Allan Wright, long-serving members of the Executive
                                                                              Committee, both of whom received citations at the Annual
Stepping out for Daffodil Day in Greymouth
                                                                              General Meeting in August. We welcome new members Adrian
                                                                              Te Patu and Hamish Devine to the Executive Committee.
                                                                              Marcia Westcott
                                                                              (left), a Christchurch-
                                                                              based volunteer was
                                                                              recognized at the
                                                                              Volunteering Canterbury
                                                                              ‘Volunteer Recognition
                                                                              Awards 2009’. In the
                                                                              past 15 years Marcia
                                                                              has drawn on her vast
                                                                              experience working in
                                                                              the corsetry industry
                                                                              as a volunteer for
                                                                              our prosthesis fitting
                                                Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari   service. Another string
                                                                              to Marcia’s bow is as a beautician, and she uses these valuable skills as a
                                                                              volunteer for the Look Good Feel Better workshops. Marcia is congratulated
                                                                              by Cancer Society Support Services Coordinator Kathy Inns.

                                                                                 The challenges of cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment,
                                                                              palliative care and research continue to increase and likewise
                                                                              the role of the Cancer Society in meeting these challenges. This
                                                                              last year has challenged the staff and volunteer team to find new
                                                                              ways to do old things, become more creative in meeting needs
                                                                              with limited resources and through advocacy ensuring that
                                                                              our community’s voice is heard in the ‘right places at the right
                                                                              time’. The Cancer Society of New Zealand, Canterbury-West
                                                                              Coast Division is fortunate that its loyal and dedicated staff and
A candle vigil at Relay for Life Christchurch                                 volunteers and its generous supporters believe these challenges
                                                                              can be met and managed. In closing, I want to sincerely thank
People and places                                                             the Cancer team for working with me to ensure we continually
Our new base in Ashburton at 175 Burnett Street opened on                     strive to meet our mission to reduce the incidence and impact
September 21 offering a central and easily locatable Cancer                   of cancer and ensure the best cancer care for everyone in New
Society Centre in Mid Canterbury. Of the more than 25 new                     Zealand.
volunteers who have come on board, some are now providing                     Elizabeth Chesterman
reception duties. The Farmers department store in Ashburton
donated $10,800 to the new Centre as part of the store’s
centenary last year while local firms 100% Stewart and Holland
and The Courier provided a heat pump to keep volunteers and
patients warm in winter and cool in summer.
   At the culmination of another very busy year, I wish to
acknowledge to the 720 loyal and hardworking Canterbury and
West Coast volunteers. Without their dedication and energy,
the Cancer Society would struggle to offer the services it does
to those in central and outlying Canterbury and West Coast
   In February we paid tribute to Christine Hope, coordinator
of volunteer driver services in Christchurch for 25 years of
loyal service, while Mary-lin Crawford resigned as coordinator
although continues as a volunteer of our Geraldine Support
Group after 10 years of service.                                              A glittering line-up of Cancer Society staff at the Emerald Dream Ball

CanCer SoCiety of new Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division

                                               Treasurer’s Report
                                       For the year ended 31 March 2010
                                         The 2010 financial year    result given that the expenditure includes a distribution to the
                                         has been an excellent      Trust Board of $500,000.
                                         year for the Division.        The Trust Board has had an extremely positive year, with
                                         Revenue for the year       investment markets improving during the year resulting in
                                         is up approximately        a significant increase in the value of investments held. These
                                         $955,000. Two major        investments continue to be managed by Craigs Investment
                                         contributors to this       Partners. In addition, during the current year the Trust Board
                                         increased revenue          received rent from the Division for Daffodil House.
                                         are bequests, which           The Division and the Trust Board are in a strong position
                                         are up approximately       financially, which will enable the Division to continue to meet
                                         $440,000 and revenue       the increasing demands for services that have become apparent
                                         for Daffodil/Davidson      over recent years.
                                         House accommodation,          Every year in the Treasurer’s Report I like to thank those
                                         which          is    up    people who contribute to the success of the Canterbury-West
                                         approximately $475,000     Coast Division of the Cancer Society. This year is no exception
                                         as a consequence of        and I would like to thank the Chief Executive, the staff and
                                         purchasing Daffodil        the volunteers who have continued to work tirelessly to ensure
D W P McCone                             House at the end of the    the needs of all those people who require support from the
Treasurer                                last financial year.       Division are met.
                                            Total expenditure          Over the last couple of years as the world has faced some
for the year is up approximately $63,000. This expenditure          significant economic challenges, I have often expressed my
includes a distribution to the Trust Board of $500,000. Last        concern about the Division’s ability to successfully raise the
year’s distribution to the Trust Board was $1,000,000. Adjusting    funds required to operate each year from a community who
for these distributions to the Trust Board, operating expenditure   have endured the financial burden of a reasonably significant
for the year has increased by approximately $560,000.               recession. It is extremely humbling to note, when reviewing
Approximately $400,000 of this increased expenditure has been       the income from our fundraising activities and donations, a
incurred in provision of the Daffodil House accommodation;          significant increase in revenue from these combined sources
the balance reflects the increased demand for the Division’s        over the last year. Consequently my final thank-you goes
services throughout the year, particularly in respect of support    to the many people and organisations who support the
services, which have increased by approximately $85,000.            Division financially through their continued donations and
   The Division has reported a deficit for the year of $90,872.     contributions to our many fundraising activities.
This includes a depreciation charge of $135,125, resulting in a     D W P McCone
cash surplus for the year of $44,253. This is a very satisfactory   Treasurer

    Your good Will will make a difference
                                                                By leaving a bequest to the Cancer Society, you can benefit the
                                                                lives of thousands of New Zealanders, now and in the years
                                                                ahead. Any bequest, large or small, will bring hope to those
                                                                living with cancer, and enable us to continue our work within
                                                                your community. Every dollar helps in our efforts to:
                                                                r Provide practical support services and information
                                                                r Fund new research into cancer treatment, cure and
                                                                r Reduce the incidence of cancer through health promotion.

                                                                     For an information pack call 0800 55 65 85
                                                                             or visit

                         CanCer SoCiety of new Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division
   Cancer Society of New Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division Inc
                                                                                                                        In an effort to provide a
Income analysis for the year ended 31/3/10                                                $                  %          consistent presentation
                                                                                                                        of financial information
Accommodation                                                                           847,894            20.0%
                                                                                                                        across the Divisions of
Bequests                                                                              1,396,805            32.9%        the Cancer Society, it has
                                                                                                                        been agreed the following
Donations & Grants                                                                      456,092            10.8%        analysis will feature in
Investment                                                                               29,399              0.7%       the Annual Report of
                                                                                                                        each Cancer Society
Other Fundraising                                                                     1,422,819            33.6%        Division. Annual Reports
                                                                                                                        for consecutive years
Sundry                                                                                   86,629              2.0%       will therefore be able to
                                                                                                                        present comparative data.
TOTAL INCOME                                                                          4,239,638           100.0%

Expense analysis for the year ended 31/3/10                                                      $           %
Accommodation                                                                           833,047            21.7%
Administration                                                                          250,208              6.5%
Fundraising                                                                             493,023            12.9%
Health Promotion                                                                        582,799            15.2%
Research                                                                                399,520            10.4%
Sundry                                                                                   58,462              1.5%
Supportive Care                                                                       1,148,297            30.0%
Volunteers                                                                               65,154              1.7%

                                                                                      3,830,510           100.0%
Distribution to Trust                                                                   500,000
TOTAL EXPENDITURE                                                                     4,330,510

Net Operating Surplus/(Deficit)                                                         (90,872)

   Cancer Society of new Zealand Canterbury-west Coast division inc          Cancer Society of new Zealand Canterbury-west Coast division inc
        Income Breakdown for the year ended 31 March 2010                        Expense Breakdown for the year ended 31 March 2010

                                  Sundry                                                             Volunteers
                                   2%                                                                   2%
                                                     Accommodation                                                       Accommodation
                                                          20%                                                                 22%

Other Fundraising                                                     Supportive Care
      33%                                                                 30%


       Investment                                          Bequests                                                             Fundraising
           1%                                                33%                  Research                                         13%
              Donations & Grants                                                                     Health Promotion
                     11%                                                                                   15%

CanCer SoCiety of new Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division
                                     Cancer Society of New Zealand
                                   Canterbury-West Coast Division Inc

                             STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE
                                  For the Year Ended 31 March 2010

       Income                                                        2010          2009

       Bequests and Legacies                                      1,396,805       954,457
       Cancer Society Shop – Gross Profit                           23,705         32,683
       Daffodil/Davidson House Accommodation                       847,894        373,200
       Donations                                                   367,954        251,105
       Grants Income                                                88,138         32,814
       Fundraising & Appeals                                      1,422,819      1,462,508
       Interest Received                                            29,399        114,268
       Membership Subscriptions                                         2,378        1,622
       Sundry Income                                                17,382         17,483

                                                                  4,196,474      3,240,140

       Less Expenditure

       Cancer Society of NZ Research Levy                          325,000        325,000
       Cancer Society of NZ Health Promotion Levy                  130,000        130,000
       Cancer Society of NZ Support Services Levy                   27,000         27,000
       Support Services                                            744,473        657,009
       Daffodil/Davidson House                                     792,226        387,549
       Information & Learning Centre                                56,394         54,012
       Health Promotion/Information and Resources                  351,675        326,987
       Mid Canterbury Community Liaison                             52,085         42,550
       North Canterbury Community Liaison                           33,077         35,785
       South Canterbury Centre                                     266,595        252,077
       West Coast Centre                                           178,427        170,828
       Fundraising & Appeals                                       534,195        485,116
       Occupancy Expenses                                          126,754         99,594
       Special Grants                                              590,164       1,132,160
       Volunteer Services                                           41,032         43,895
       Professional Fees                                            25,095         37,804
       Cancer Society Shop                                          13,154         16,956

                                                                 $4,287,346     $4,224,322

       Net Operating Surplus/(Deficit)                              (90,872)      (984,182)

       Net Surplus/(Deficit) Transferred to Equity                 ($90,872)    ($984,182)

                 CanCer SoCiety of new Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division
                               Cancer Society of New Zealand
                             Canterbury-West Coast Division Inc

                         STATEMENT OF MOVEMENTS IN EQUITY
                             For the Year Ended 31 March 2010
                                                                               2010              2009
Equity at 1 April 2009                                                      5,124,408         6,180,590

Total Recognised Revenues and Expenses for period
Add Net Surplus/(Deficit) for year                                            (90,872)         (984,182)

Equity as at 31 March 2010                                                 $5,033,536       $5,124,408

                               Cancer Society of New Zealand
                             Canterbury-West Coast Division Inc

                             STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION
                                       As at 31 March 2010
                                                                             2010              2009
Equity                                                                     $5,033,536       $5,124,408
Equity is represented by:
Current Assets
Cash on Hand                                                                    1,800               700
Bank Accounts                                                                 184,185           223,138
Sundry Debtors                                                                137,123            90,471
Prepayments                                                                    19,794            15,075
Stock on Hand                                                                  40,926            41,839
Short Term Deposits                                                           734,640           732,502
                                                                            1,118,468         1,103,725

Property Plant and Equipment                                                4,350,559         4,335,433
Total Assets                                                                5,469,027         5,439,158
Less Current Liabilities
Sundry Creditors                                                              417,253           300,513
Funds Held                                                                     18,238            14,237
                                                                              435,491           314,750
Net Assets (as above)                                                      $5,033,536       $5,124,408

We have reviewed the summarised financial information to be included in the 2010 Report to Members and
are satisfied that it has been properly extracted from the audited financial statements for the year ended 31
March 2010.

Ernst & Young
Chartered Accountants
Full copies of the audited Annual Accounts and accompanying notes are available upon request and can also
be viewed at our centres in Christchurch, Ashburton, Greymouth and Timaru.

CanCer SoCiety of new Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division
                                   The Cancer Society of New Zealand
                               Canterbury-West Coast Division Trust Board

       The Cancer Society of New Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division Trust Board is a Charitable Trust
       incorporated under the Charitable Trust Act 1957 and was established in 1995 with the purpose of providing
       a capital base to assist in funding the on-going activities of the Cancer Society of New Zealand Canterbury-
       West Coast Division Inc.

       The Trustees of The Cancer Society of New Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division Trust Board are the
       members of the Executive Committee of the Cancer Society of New Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division
       Inc. The Chairman of the Trust Board is Mr Peter Davidson.

                                   The Cancer Society of New Zealand
                               Canterbury-West Coast Division Trust Board

                            STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE
                                 For the Year Ended 31 March 2010

       Investment Income                                                               2010            2009
       Interest                                                                      157,851          283,561
       Dividends                                                                      33,103           83,886
       Rent – Daffodil House                                                         140,000                 –
       Realised Gains on Sale of Investments                                                –          33,782
                                                                                     330,954          401,229

       Investment Expenses
       Administration                                                                    247                (7)
       Property                                                                       30,560                 –
       Realised Loss on Sale of Investments                                           55,680                 –
       Depreciation                                                                   67,252                 –
                                                                                     153,739                (7)
       Operating Surplus for the year                                                177,215          401,236

       Plus Distribution from Division                                               500,000        1,000,000
       Net Surplus/(Deficit) for the year                                           $677,215       $1,401,236

                               STATEMENT OF MOVEMENTS IN EQUITY
                                   For the Year Ended 31 March 2010

       Equity as at 1 April 2009                                                   6,707,656        5,855,633

       Plus Net Surplus/(Deficit) for the year                                       677,215        1,401,236
       Plus Movement in Investments at market value over cost                        336,715         (549,213)
       Total Recognised Revenue & Expenses for the Year                            1,013,930          852,023
       Equity as at 31 March 2010                                                 $7,721,586       $6,707,656

                  CanCer SoCiety of new Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division
                           The Cancer Society of New Zealand
                       Canterbury-West Coast Division Trust Board

                          STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION
                                 As at 31 March 2010
Current Assets                                                                   2010             2009
National Bank of New Zealand Ltd                 Cheque Account                512,675            94,877
National Bank of New Zealand Ltd                 Call Account                    46,455         116,671
Accrued Interest & Dividends                                                     39,067           32,221
GST Receivable                                                                        –         437,499
                                                                               598,197          681,268

Short Term Deposits                              National Bank of NZ Ltd       254,308                 –

Mortgages                                                                        43,750         125,000
Debenture Stock                                                              1,952,705        1,506,418
NZ Government Inflation Indexed Bonds                                          313,562          303,486
Shares                                                                       1,054,954          591,484
                                                                             3,364,971        2,526,388

Property Plant and Equipment                                                 3,507,027        3,500,000

Total Assets of Trust Board                                                 $7,724,503       $6,707,656

Less Current Liabilities                                                          2,917                –

Net Assets                                                                  $7,721,586       $6,707,656

Represented by:
Accumulated Funds                                                            7,227,407        6,550,192
Investment Fluctuation Reserve                                                 494,179          157,464
Equity as at 31 March 2010                                                  $7,721,586       $6,707,656

We have reviewed the summarised financial information to be included in the 2010 Report to Members and
are satisfied that it has been properly extracted from the audited financial statements for the year ended 31
March 2010.

Ernst & Young
Chartered Accountants

Full copies of the audited Annual Accounts and accompanying notes are available upon request and can also
be viewed at our centres in Christchurch, Ashburton, Greymouth and Timaru.

CanCer SoCiety of new Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division

                     Grants distributed by the Division 2009 – 2010
Grants to the Cancer Society of New Zealand                                      Research Group, University of Otago, Christchurch – Research project
National levy towards scientific cancer research                 ($325,000)      ‘Analysis of suppressor cell numbers and function in cancer patients.’
 ($5000 contribution by Cancer Society Rangiora Group–Bequest Fund)              ($5000) (Funded by Cancer Society Rangiora Group– Bequest Fund)
National levy towards Health Promotion programmes                ($130,000)      Dr Peter Sykes, Department Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Christchurch
                                                                                 Women’s Hospital – Research project ‘Plasma and Serum Vascular
National levy towards Support Services programmes                  ($27,000)     Endothelial Growth Factor Levels in Women with Gynaecological Cancers’
                                                                                 ($5000) (Funded by Cancer Society Rangiora Group–Bequest Fund)

                                                                                 Grants to Equipment, Service and Projects
                                                                                 Look Good Feel Better – Contribution to programme costs for
                                                                                 women experiencing cancer ($2179)
                                                                                 Psychosocial Oncology New Zealand (PONZ) Conference
                                                                                 sponsorship, Dunedin ($500)

                                                                                 Grants to Professional Development and
                                                                                 Pam Allan, Physiotherapist, Timaru – ‘Pink Pilates Programme
                                                                                 Education & Certification’, Auckland ($2000)
                                                                                 Dr Suzanne Benjies, Research Fellow, Department Pathology,
                                                                                 University of Otago, Christchurch – 7th European Cytogenetics
                                                                                 Conference, Stockholm, Sweden ($4000)
                                                                                 Gregory Betzel, PhD Student, Physics & Astronomy Department,
                                                                                 University of Canterbury – American Association of Physicists in
                                                                                 Medicine Meeting, Anaheim, USA, ($1557)
Staff members Rae Noble-Adams and Gabrielle Hall, and Desma Dawber,              Ann Bradley, RN, Radiation Oncology Services, Christchurch
Oncology Nurse Specialist, South Canterbury DHB attended the Australian          Hospital – 19th Scientific Meeting/Australasian Brachytherapy Group,
National Cancer Care Conference in Surfers Paradise in March, bringing           Melbourne Australia ($1200)
back many ideas for improving cancer co-ordination in the region.
                                                                                 Lil Convery, Patient Support/Green Prescription, Canterbury West
                                                                                 Coast Regional Sports Trust – World Conference of Health Equity &
Grants to Research                                                               Sustainability/International Union for Health Promotion, Geneva
University of Otago, Christchurch Summer Studentships, Research
Projects ($22,500 – 5 projects @ $4500 each)                                     Dr Margaret Currie, Research Fellow, Department of Pathology,
                                                                                 University of Otago, Christchurch – American Association of Cancer
r ‘Is the routine treatment of young women with CIN2 necessary?
                                                                                 Research 101st Annual Conference, Washington DC, USA ($1500)
  A retrospective study of outcome in women under the age of 25 with
  CIN2 managed conservatively.’ Student: Bree McAllum, supervised                Dr Gabi Dachs, Senior Research Fellow, University of Otago,
  by Dr Peter Sykes and Helene Macnab. (Funded by Cancer Society                 Christchurch – British Association for Cancer Research 50th Meeting,
  Rangiora Group – Bequest Fund)                                                 Edinburgh, Scotland ($2000)
r ‘Impact of obesity-related factors on response to chemotherapy in colorectal   Dr Sarah Gunningham, Pathology-Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
  cancer.’ Student: Holly Mills, supervised by Dr Gabi Dachs and Dr              University of Otago, Christchurch – American Association of Cancer
  Margaret Currie. (Funding contribution from Mr Alister Smyth).                 Research 101st Annual Conference, Washington DC, USA ($1500)
r ‘The needs of cancer patients with life-limiting illness. A survey of          Dianne Harker, Research Nurse/Study Co-ordinator, Department
  patient needs and sources of support in Christchurch.’ Student: Sarah          Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Christchurch Women’s Hospital –
  Murphy, supervised by Dr David Gibbs, Dr Bridget Robinson and                  Psychosocial Oncology Conference, Dunedin ($510)
  Kate Grundy. (Funding contribution from Mr Alister Smyth).                     Sharyn Heath, Clinical Therapy Services, SCDHB, Timaru Hospital
r ‘Is Neuropilin-1 expression on the T regulatory cells of patients with         – 8th Australasian Lymphology Conference, Melbourne, Australia
  colorectal cancer involved with inefficient immune surveillance?’ Student:     ($1500)
  Ken Khye Ng Supervised by Dr Sarah Gunningham, Dr Barry Hock,                  Theona Ireton, Kaitiaki-Oncology Services, CDHB-Maori Health
  Dr Neil Lambie, Dr Judy McKenzie and Dr Margaret Currie. (Funded               Team – National Maori Cancer Forum 2009, Rotorua ($750)
  by the Cancer Society Ashburton Group).
                                                                                 Carolyn Kardos, Senior Dosimetrist RT, Oncology Services,
r ‘The role of myeloid-derived cells in tumour blood vessel formation.’          Christchurch Hospital – 19th Scientific Meeting/Australasian
  Student: Anna van Pomeran, supervised by Dr Margaret Currie, Dr                Brachytherapy Group, Melbourne, Australia ($1200)
  Barry Hock, Dr Kasia Mackenzie, Dr Sarah Gunningham and Dr Judy
  McKenzie. (Funded by the Cancer Society Buller Group).                         Helen Morrin, Curator, Cancer Society Tissue Bank, Department of
                                                                                 Pathology, University of Otago, Christchurch – International Society
                                                                                 for Biological & Environmental Repositories Meeting, Netherlands
Cancer Society Tissue Bank                                                       ($1716)
Operational costs of the Christchurch Hospital-based Cancer
Society Tissue Bank ($17,250) (Contribution of $5000 by Cancer                   Radiation Oncology Department, Christchurch Hospital –
Society Rangiora Group – Bequest Fund)                                           Contribution towards attendance of Michelle Graham & Sneha
                                                                                 Narayan, Radiation Therapists, at COSA 2009/The 36th Annual
Dr Jacqui Keenan, Senior Research Fellow, Department of Surgery,                 Scientific Meeting of Clinical Oncological Society of Australia,
University of Otago, Christchurch – Research project ‘Do bacteroides             Coolangata, Australia ($1000)
fragilis outer membrane vesicles increase the risk of colorectal cancer?’
($3245) ($3000 contribution from The Lady Tait Charitable Trust)                 Emma Rawson, Maori Health Promoter, Cervical Screening
                                                                                 Programme, CDHB – National Maori Cancer Forum 2009, Rotorua ($750)
Dr Judith McKenzie, Senior Scientist/Honorary Fellow, Haematology                Social Work Services, Christchurch Hospital – Contribution towards

                         CanCer SoCiety of new Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division
attendance of Kay McGirr, Valerie McDonald & Lydia Bras at National    Jones Foundation – for general cancer services ($10,000)
Maori Cancer Forum 2009, Rotorua ($750)                                EG and DM Kerr Charitable Trust – for general services in South
Jidi Sun, Master Thesis Research Student, Physics & Astronomy          Canterbury ($500)
Department, University of Canterbury – Engineering & Physical
Sciences in Medicine & the Australian Biomedical Engineering College   Lion Foundation – for power expenses at Davidson House, Daffodil
Conference (EPSM-ABEC 2009), Canberra, Australia ($560)                House and Cancer Society Centre ($15,000)
Jan Sullivan, Genetic Associate, Department Clinical Genetics,         Mainland Foundation – for TV/DVD/Video at Daffodil House
Southern Regional Genetic Services, Christchurch Women’s Hospital –    ($1856)
BCRA Conference/The 3rd International Symposium on Hereditary          McKenzie Charitable Trust – set up costs for the Cancer Society
Breast and Ovarian Cancer, Montreal, Canada ($1000)                    Mid Canterbury Centre ($9540)
Maria Waterson, Breast Care Specialist, CDHB, Christchurch – 12th
                                                                       Midland Masonic Lodge – for general cancer services in South
National Breast Care Nurses Conference, Sydney Australia ($1150)
                                                                       Canterbury ($2600)
Grants received from Trusts and Foundations                            Paramount Charitable Trust – for general cancer services ($4000)
2009 – 2010                                                            Sand Dunes Classic Trust – for West Coast patients requiring
P A Blakemore Charitable Trust – towards volunteer driving             accommodation in Christchurch ($3000)
service in South Canterbury ($3000)
                                                                       The Southern Trust – SunSmart Schools Accreditation Programme
Phyllis Campion Charitable Trust – for general cancer services
                                                                       resources into schools in the Division ($18,778)
Rebecca Maude Chalmers Charitable Trust – costs associated             St Francis Charitable Trust – for general cancer services ($15,629)
with Relaxation Classes in South Canterbury ($1400)                    The Lady Tait Charitable Trust – for cancer research ($3000)
Community Trust of Mid & South Canterbury – volunteer driver           Temuka Nifty Thrift Charitable Trust – for general cancer
expenses in the South and Mid Canterbury areas ($15,000)
                                                                       services, including accommodation in Christchurch for out of town
Eureka Trust – printing costs for Cancer Society donor newsletter      patients ($500)
                                                                       The Ken Waterman Charitable Trust – for general cancer services
Ron Hosken Charitable Trust – for general cancer services in South
Canterbury ($1000)                                                     ($5000)
Margaret Hutchings Charitable Trust – for general cancer               W R Kettle Trust – for travel and accommodation costs for West
services ($1000)                                                       Coast people travelling to Christchurch for treatment ($2000)

                                     associates Urological

                   Thank the Cancer Society for supporting their
                  patients with prostate, bladder, kidney, testicle
                                 & penile cancer.
                                      Hiatt Chambers, St George’s Medical Centre
                                            249 Papanui Road, Christchurch
                                               Telephone (03) 355-5129
                                               Facsimile (03) 355-6368

CanCer SoCiety of new Zealand Canterbury-West Coast Division

Cancer Society of New Zealand                                     – Van Driver                                Tony Bradley
Canterbury-West Coast Division Incorporated                       – Van Relief Driver                         Raewyn-Ann Ford
246 Manchester Street, PO Box 13450, Christchurch 8141           Manager Volunteers                           Dianne Boyce
Telephone (03) 379 5835 (Main Office)                            Reception/Retail Administrator               Faye Flanagan
Cancer Information Helpline 0800 226 237                          – Reception/Retail Assistant                Marie Keys
Facsimile (03) 377 2804
Email:                             MID CANTERBURY CENTRE
Website:                                     175 Burnett Street, PO Box 296, Ashburton 7740
                                                                 Telephone (03) 307 7691                  Fax (03) 307 7693
Executive Committee as at 31 March 2010                          Support Services       Annie Bonifant    Mobile 027 282 9640
Chairman           Mr Peter Davidson*                            Health Promotion       Cheryl Ford       Mobile 027 392 7737
Treasurer          Mr David McCone*
Deputy Chairperson Ms Kathy Conlan*                              NORTH CANTERBURY SERVICES
Members:           Mr Alister Argyle                             Telephone (03) 379 5835                      Fax (03) 377 2804
                   Mr Hamish Devine                              Support Services     Catherine Dwan
                   Mr Richard Gray
                   Dr Mark Jeffery                               SOUTH CANTERBURY CENTRE
                   Mrs Kate Reid                                 32 Memorial Avenue, PO Box 682, Timaru 7940
                   Mr Adrian Te Patu                             Telephone (03) 688 0124                Fax (03) 684 6314
Ex Officio Member: Ms Elizabeth Chesterman                       Email:
                   Chief Executive                               Manager Community Services             Gabrielle Hall
*Mr Peter Davidson – Divisional Delegate to National Board        – Support Services & Health Promotion Kate Johnson
(CSNZ) (to April 2010)                                            – Administration Support              Kate Shearer
                                                                  – Administration Support              Rebecca Michelle
*Ms Kathy Conlan – Divisional Delegate (from April 2010)                                                (to November 2009)
*Mr David McCone – Member of the National Finance Advisory       WEST COAST CENTRE
                                                                 98 High St, PO Box 81, Greymouth 7840
                                                                 Telephone (03) 768 9557                      Fax (03) 768 9587
Management and Staff                                             Email:
Chief Executive                          Elizabeth Chesterman    Health Promotion/Fundraising                 Anne Hines
Business Manager                         Stephen Roach           Support Services/Administration              Jenny Kenning
Executive Secretary                      Jan Smith
                                                                 Support Services, Hokitika                   Chris Cuff
Manager Health Promotion & IT Services   Martin Witt
                                                                                                              (from March 2010)
 – Information Co-ordinator              Sue Clark
                                                                 Support Services, Buller                     Stewart Walter
 – Health Promotion                      Cheryl Ford
                                                                                                              (to November 2009)
 – Health Promotion, Nutrition           Krystal Somner
 – Health Promoter, Hornby Project       Berdie Milner
                                                                 Cancer Society Regional Groups
Manager Income Development               Jane Sherriff
 – Appeals Co-ordinator                  Mandy Derrick           region                      Contact Person             telephone no
Manager Information & Support Services   Liz Horn                North and Mid Canterbury
 – Cancer Information Nurse              Meg Biggs               Amberley               Jan Draper            03 314 9559
 – Cancer Information Nurse              Rae Noble-Adams         Ashburton              Gwenda Ireland        03 308 9262
 – Cancer Information Nurse              Jan Read                Cheviot                Susie Shield          03 319 8358
 – Cancer Information Nurse              Kate Velenski           Christchurch           Cancer Society Centre 03 379 5835
                                                                 Diamond Harbour        Joy Harding           03 329 3356
 – Cancer Information Nurse              Viv Williams
                                                                 Ellesmere              Annette Parkinson     03 329 6870
 – Support Services                      Josie Cowen             Hurunui/Hanmer Springs Liz Florance          03 315 6366
 – Support Services                      Sharon Henshaw          Kaiapoi                Barry Daniell         03 327 6195
 – Support Services                      Ali Mitchell            Kaikoura               Charmaine Hanbury-Webber
 – Support Services                      Sally Flower                                                         03 319 5861
 – Group Programme Co-ordinator          Frankie Roake (from     Malvern                Liz Frizzell          03 318 1333
                                         November 2009)          Oxford                 Ron Rivers            03 312 3047
 – Group Programme Co-ordinator          Jessica Staniland (to   Rangiora               Janice Peter          03 313 7895
                                         November 2009)          South Canterbury
 – Support Services Co-ordinator         Kathy Inns              Timaru                     South Canterbury Centre    03 688 0124
 – Volunteer Driving Co-ordinator        Christine Hope          Geraldine                  Mary-Lin Crawford          03 693 8965
 – Volunteer Driving Services Relief     Gillian Shirley         Mackenzie District         Helen Humphry              03 685 8885
                                         Robyn Deighton          Twizel                     Elizabeth Higgins          03 435 0175
Accommodation Services Manager           Clare Te Hau            Waimate                    Pat Collins                03 689 8978
 – Administration Support                                        West Coast
   – Davidson House                      Valerie Elder           Greymouth                  West Coast Centre          03 768 9557
                                         Marie Keys              Westport                   Debbie Knudsen             03 789 6628
  – Daffodil House                       Gail Clement            Hokitika                   Chris Cuff                 03 755 7010
  – Relief                               Sally Hall              Reefton                    Betty Gilsenan             03 732 8525

                                                  • Professional Investment Advice
                                                  • Portfolio Management
                                                  • Sharebroking & Fixed Interest
                                                  • Cash Management Account
                                                  • Superannuation Solutions & KiwiSaver
                           Your full              • Pension & Superannuation Transfers

                            service               Advisory Partner of the
                                                  Cancer Society
                         investment               Christchurch Branch
                           advisory               Level 3 Craigs Investment Partners House
                                                  Cnr Armagh Street & Oxford Terrace,
                             firm.                Christchurch
                                                  03 379 3433

                                                              A Disclosure Statement is freely available on request.
                                                                     Visit for more information.

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                                                                       DAFFODIL DAY 27 AUGUST 2010
                                                                       This year we’d like to raise more than ever for Daffodil Day. Please
                                                                       donate at any National Bank branch or online at

The National Bank of New Zealand, part of ANZ National Bank Limited.

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