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                                                                                                                    August 2011

To the Epsom Girls Grammar School Community INSIDE THIS ISSUE:
This term is an extremely busy one for our senior students as they prepare for their school
                                                                                                     BOT news                             2
examinations which will identify areas to be focused on for NCEA examinations in November.
We have implemented new strategies to encourage students to share their progress with                OGA news                           2-3
their families and we hope this is happening.                                                        General news                       4-6
                                                                                                     Student Support news                 6
We plan to include a regular column in the newsletters to keep you up to date on the
assessment year and on any new developments in NCEA. This month Mrs Pound, our Deputy                Career news                          7
Principal in charge of curriculum and assessment, explains the self tracking sheets which
                                                                                                     Curriculum news                  7-11
senior students filled out in Term 2.
                                                                                                     Arts & Cultural news            11-16
Winter Tournament Week is in progress as I write and I am sure we will have much to celebrate.       Sports news                     16-18
The Squash team has already won the national title which is a wonderful achievement. Our
                                                                                                     EGGS Development Office         20-21
musicians have also performed in the KBB Band and Orchestra Festival and we await the
results from that also.                                                                              Raye Freedman Arts Centre          22
                                                                                                     Important Dates                    24
Our annual Service Awards have also been celebrated at assembly and I hope you will read
the details of these in later pages. Service has a high priority in our student leadership positions in the school as each of the committees
which elect their prefect fulfills a specific service to the school community. An explanation of how the prefect selection system works
in the school is given in later pages.

This year we have not been able to fit all our students into the Hall for assemblies. In the first half year we split the school according to
tutor groups so that half of each year group attended Tuesday assembly and the other half attended Thursday’s. This half year we are
                                                                                       trialling having Tuesday as a Junior Assembly for
                                                                                       Years 9 and 10 and Thursday as a Senior Assembly
                                                                                       for Years 11, 12 and 13. At the end of the year we
                                                                                       shall evaluate the effectiveness of each model and
                                                                                       would welcome any feedback families have on this.

                                                                                       On 27 August I am travelling to China on a
                                                                                       Principals’ Delegation to learn more about this large
                                                                                       country which is so important to the future of New
                                                                                       Zealand and from which many of our students have
                                                                                       come. Not understanding the language and the
                                                                                       culture will put me in the same position as many
                                                                                       of our families when they first arrived here in New
                                                                                       Zealand. I hope to learn a lot and shall share some
                                                                                       of that with you when I return. In my absence Mrs
                                                                                       Pound will be Acting Principal.

                                                                                       Madeline Gunn - Principal
                     Winners of the Susan Devoy Trophy
                 New Zealand Secondary Schools Squash 2011
                                    Bring it on 2011                                                   Chinese Extravaganza

From the Board of Trustees
It was a great pleasure to welcome to the Board of Trustees Kito Pikaahu, the Whanau’s representative, and Michelle Johansson, the
Pasifika Parents Group representative. The Board are looking forward to working with Kito and Michelle to not only strengthening the
Boards understanding of the issues that affect Maori and Pasifika but also to work together to develop policies that will enable any
identified issues to be addressed. I am sure their contributions will be a positive influence on all the Board activities.

Increasing information technology use in schools has been topical in the last few months, in particular how best to implement its use
in schools. Epsom Girls Grammar School will be seeking to increase the use of information technology but we are cognisant that there
are many issues to be understood and addressed first. There will soon be a handbook issued to share our progress to date.

I am looking forward to the Daughter & Father breakfast on 14th September 2011 and hopefully meeting some of you there as well.
The Rugby World Cup will have just started so hearing Grant Fox’s views will be interesting. Tickets are limited so if you want to attend
do not delay!

Please do not forget the school fees donation, if you have not already made this contribution, to assist in your daughters’ education.
You will note that we have simplified the amount to be one sum, also that there are a number of payment options available including
monthly AP if that is more convenient. Remember this fees donation is fully tax deductible also. This contribution directly enables
EGGS to continue to develop facilities and programmes to provide leading educational opportunities for EGGS students.

Gerald Young - Chair Board of Trustees.

“1951 Girls” recall the new gym of 1953!
On 27 July about 25 former EGGS students gathered in the
staffroom to celebrate 60 years since they first started at EGGS.
They enjoyed a morning tea, luncheon and tour of the school.
They were amazed at the facilities in Stage 1 of the new Sports
Centre and recalled their own excitement at the opening of their
new gymnasium (now your “old gym”) which opened while they
were at the School in 1953. Here they are pictured in the “old
gym” which brought back many memories and stories from their
days at EGGS.

Over 100 “Old Girls’ meet up 40 years on…..

On 5 and 6 August a combined reunion was held of 1970 and 1971 third formers
who celebrated 41 or 40 years since they started in the third form at EGGS.
Over 100 former students from these years enjoyed a cocktail function at Iguacu
Restaurant & Bar in Parnell on the Friday night and then came back the next day
for morning tea in the foyer and boardroom of the Administration Building followed by a School tour. There were many stories and
much laughter as classmates who in many cases had not seen each other since leaving school suddenly recognised each other. It was
noted that the facilities had changed a little especially when seeing the Raye Freedman Arts Centre and Stage 1 of the new Sports
Centre. As the morning tea did not wind up until 3pm I am sure these women will be looking forward to their 50th reunion in 10 years

Annual dinner and Founders Awards Presentations - all of EGGS
Community welcome
As you will see from the invitation later in this newsletter, the OGA Annual Dinner this year will recognise 6 former students of EGGS
with the presentation of Founders Awards for their outstanding achievements. The OGA extends a warm welcome to former students
and their partners, and to staff, family and friends of EGGS.

The dinner will be held on Wednesday 21 September 2011 at 6:30pm in the Marjory Adams Hall. Tickets are $60 per person
and a cash bar will be operating. If you would like to be part of this night of acknowledgement, recognition and thanks to 6 women who
have demonstrated exceptional outstanding individual achievement or contributed significantly globally or nationally then purchase
your tickets using the form in this newsletter (page 19). Tickets numbers will be limited. For more information phone 970-6753 and
speak to Brenda or Carolyn.

Our Founders Award recipients’ chosen for this year are the late Emeritus Professor Dame Judith Binney, also known as Te
Tomairangi o Te Aroha (class of ’53) – awarded for service and achievement in History - this is a post humous award as Dame Judith
passed away earlier this year; Professor Jillian Cornish (class of ’63) awarded for service and achievement in Medical Research;
Dame Ann Hercus (class of ‘55) awarded for service and achievement in Politics; our very own Brenda Perry (class of ’71), who
heads the School’s Development Office, awarded for service and achievement in Women’s Tennis; Dame Alison Quentin-Baxter
(class of ‘43) awarded for service and achievement in Law and Foreign Affairs; and last but not least Dame Robin White (class of
‘60) awarded for service and achievement in Art. Dame Robin has a piece of artwork in this year’s EGGS Art Calendar which will be
launched at the dinner.

I hope I will see some of you at the dinner.

Julie Goodyer, President - EGGS Old Girls Association Inc

The Enrolment Committee of the BOT have recently met to consider review action where students have enrolled and attended
EGGS as ‘in zone’ students and have subsequently moved out of zone. We view this very seriously. Our expectation is that
students will remain living in the school zone while they attend this school, this is clearly stated in the statutory declaration signed
by parents at the time of enrolment and in our confirmation letter. The Board does not give permission to move out of zone nor
can we allocate an out of zone place to a current student. Moving out of zone may jeopardise continued enrolment at the school.
We are committed to ensuring that the school roll and zone is managed for the benefit of all students and the community.

  •   NZQA fees were due to be paid to the School by the end of Term 2. Students received an invoice to take home in June;
      reminders have been given, including a letter posted home and we are now at our deadline for receiving fees here at the
      School. From early September, any unpaid fees will need to be paid directly to NZQA. (A late fee of $50.00 applies).

  Student self-tracking sheets
  At the end of last term students in Years 11, 12 and 13 filled out a tracking sheet, identifying their progress in internally
  assessed credits to date, and their analysis of areas of strength and difficulty in the external standards. Many students
  made valuable comments and observations about their learning and achievement and we hope that this exercise has been
  of real use in helping students to be in control of their assessment progamme. We have encouraged students to discuss the
  information on this sheet with parents so that you can see the thinking and planning that they are doing in order to gain the
  results that they would like this year.

  University Entrance 2014
  A new University Entrance standard has been announced. This will not affect students who are currently in Years 11, 12 and
  13. It will affect students going into Year 11 next year. The structure is fundamentally the same as it has been - students
  will meet different criteria over the three years of NCEA. For next year’s Year 11 students this means that they will be meeting
  the new Numeracy criterion:

         10 credits at Level 1 and above from specific achievement standards, or three specific numeracy unit standards

  This requirement is the same as the NCEA Level 1 Certificate Numeracy requirement, so in meeting the Level 1 requirement,
  students will also meet the University Entrance Numeracy requirement. We do not forsee significant negative consequences
  for our students from this change and the Mathematics Department is working hard to maximise positive student outcomes.
  For full details of the new University Entrance Standard see www.nzqa.govt.nz – search S2011/030.

  looking Ahead
  nCEA Examinations 2011:
  Year 11 Level 1 - Monday 14 November - Wednesday 30 November

  Year 12 Level 2 – Thursday 10 November – Wednesday 30 November

  Year 13 Level 3 – Monday 14 November – Wednesday 30 November

  Scholarship – Thursday 10 November – Wednesday 30 November (please note that some Scholarship
  examinations are on Saturdays).

  For a 2011 examination timetable go to:
  to download the pdf.

Safer Journeys for teen drivers
Dear Parent(s)/Caregiver(s)

If your teenager is learning to drive (or about to start), please read on. This
can be a stressful time for both of you. But don’t worry, help is at hand.

•	   www.safeteendriver.co.nz is a new FREE website to help parents and
     caregivers like you
•    The resource was put together by the NZ Transport Agency in collaboration
     with a parent/teen relationship psychologist and an expert in driving
•    The website has lots of great tips to help you connect with your teenager and tools to teach them how to become a safer driver.

The Graduated Driver Licence System (GDLS) is a three-step process. So the things you need to teach your teenager will change as
they progress from Learner through the Restricted phase to their Full Licence.

At the Learner stage:
•    Teach them the practical driving skills (in a range of conditions and situations) using the tools on the website
•    In February 2012, the restricted driving test is getting harder to encourage around 120 hours of supervised practice.

At the Restricted stage:
•    Young drivers are most at risk during the first 6-12 months of driving solo
•    If your teenager has friends in the car with them, they’re ten times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash
•    Learn how to manage the risks using the tools on the website
•    It may be convenient for you to let your teen break their Restricted Licence conditions but:
     - your insurance may be compromised if they breach their Restricted Licence and cause a crash
     - they could be fined $100 and receive 35 demerit points (licence suspended for three months if they get 100 or more demerit
       points within two years).

Your teenager still needs you
It can be hard communicating with teenagers. But you’re still a positive influence on them, even though it might not feel like it at times.
So it’s important you get involved with your teenager’s driving education and stay involved until they have a Full Licence.

Visit www.safeteendriver.co.nz to use the tools and help your teenager become a safer driver.

If you don’t have the internet, you can order hard copy resources. For the Learner phase call 0800 772 284 to sign up to Practice.
For the Restricted phase call 0800 822 422 for a Safe Teen Driver pack.

NZ Transport Agency - www.nzta.govt.nz

Once again, the EGGS Sustainability Committee started off with big plans for
this term. Only three weeks into Term 3, the committee has initiated a short
term project of working towards a permanent code of practise within the Epsom
community. Our objective is to help students understand the important role
they play in applying sustainable initiatives at school.

From Week 3, till the start of the senior exams in Week 5, the Sustainability
Committee will begin the collection of food scraps produced by the girls, often
towards the end of lunch. The scraps which are collected will then be used to

  Short Term Host Families required This Term
  We urgently need homestays for students on a temporary basis while their host families are on holiday for a week or two over the
  next few weeks. EGGS will pay $255 per week for full board and reasonable inclusion in family life.

  If you have a spare room, live within 5 kms of EGGS and would like to help out please call Sharyn Goodall on 970 6757.

   Homestay Families required For 2012
  Have you considered hosting an International Student? EGGS welcomes International Students from many cultures into our school
  community and we are expecting new International Students in 2012.These students will require homestay accommodation.
  EGGS has many wonderful families who gain an understanding of another culture and find hosting these students to be a very
  rewarding experience. In 2012 we will pay $260 per week for full board and reasonable inclusion into family life.

  If you have a spare room, live within 5 kms of EGGS and speak English with your family as your first language, please call Sharyn
  Goodall 970 6757 or email Sharyn@eggs.school.nz as soon as possible.

feed worms in our private EGGS worm farm ‘Eggwriggle’ that will in turn produce compost
and worm ‘tea’ which is valuable to the plant’s health. After senior exams, this project will be
developed to accommodate long term maintenance of the worm farm over the weekends or
school holidays.

As the year progresses, the Committee will no longer be collecting the food scraps, but hopes
to see students taking up their own responsibility in placing the right materials in the different
bins our school offers.

By creating social awareness about the importance of recycling, the long term goal of our
committee is to illustrate through Eggwriggle the multifaceted nature of sustainability. We
hope that the successful maintenance of the worm farm will eventually contribute to future
projects within EGGS that are profitable and environmentally friendly.

Thank you to all the girls involved in the lunchtime collections. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  “Be the change you want to see in the world” - Ghandi

Sustainability Committee

leadership Committees 2012
Students contribute a huge amount to the school community through their service in a number of groups and committees. Soon Year
12 students will be invited to apply for committees they are interested in being involved in next year. If you are a Year 12 student now
is a good time to make sure you keep December 1 and 2 (Thursday and Friday immediately after NCEA exams finish) free to attend
leadership training, with prefect training on Monday December 5.

Body image leaders
This busy term has begun with a focus on promoting a celebration of women’s diverse body shapes and strengths by the Body Image
Leaders. Amongst a number of activities BILs celebrated uniqueness with chalk drawings on Paradise drive and repeating their yearly
redecoration of the toilet mirrors by covering them with newspaper and posters encouraging girls to really consider ‘what is the
measure of a woman?’ Is it what you see in the mirror or personal qualities, such as goodness, hope, generosity, humour. Further
activities are planned for the term, culminating in a cupcake day to celebrate and recruitment of new BILs for 2012.

The MASH Team is preparing for a week of activities in Week 7 on the theme of Tangles, looking at the tricky situations friendships can
get into. The team has worked hard in mediation and running workshops in Year 9 classes and the hostel.

The Travellers programme has continued with another group of Year 9 students meeting each week to reflect on their experience of
managing change and challenging life experiences.

The option round is underway and there are many students still making decisions about their future career path. All students in Years
10 to 12 are working on some form of career research within the core health class using the DreamCatcher online system to guide
them and store information. Please ask your daughters to share this research with you as they are doing a lot of work on it and given
the increased scores to get into University it really is wise for the girls to be doing this level of research to ensure they are on the right

The Year 13’s are also very busy applying for accommodation and scholarships of which most are due in the next couple of weeks. The
actual application for the course, unless it has a specific due date, is not due however until December so there is no need for them to
be stressing about this process yet. We also have a number of the providers coming in to school over the next 7 weeks to show the
students how to plan their course and apply properly. This guidance is extremely useful and it is highly recommended that they go to
these Period X talks on Mondays.

Courses and Career Open Day is on this weekend at the University of Auckland. This is an opportunity for senior students to go and see
what all the departments/ faculties offer and is a good chance for the students to see firsthand what they might be planning to study.
We have booklets here in the Career Centre if your daughter has not already picked one up.

Students wanting individual assistance at this stage must come to the Career Centre in their interval or lunchtimes and not come out
of class. Year 13’s can come in their study period as we don’t want any students to be out of class so close to exams.

Pasifika Update
There have been lots of exciting things happening
for our Pasifika students recently. We were fortunate
enough to receive a grant from the EGGS Heritage Fund
to buy some artwork for the school. There are now four
new pieces of Pasifika art placed around the school that
the Pasifika Committee selected. These pieces are in
the RFAC foyer, the Sports Centre, the Library and in
the Pasifika Homework Centre Room, L11. This art is
bright, colourful and reflects the pacific culture and it
really helps to give our school community a Pacific feel.

We have also had some really motivational and inspirational speakers coming to our Homework Centre over the past few weeks. Efeso
Collins, a popular Youth Mentor and Pasifika Education Coordinator and Courtney Meredith, a well respected Poet have both come in
and spent time talking with and inspiring our Pasifika students to excel in all aspects of life. It was good to have speakers that Pacific
Island students could identify with come in and speak to us. We are looking forward to esteemed poet and University lecturer Dr Selina
Marsh coming in soon.

The Homework Centre has also been a huge success for our Pasifika students, with large turn outs every Wednesday after school.
Students have been able to receive extra help from teachers and discuss work with their peers, and with exams around the corner it’s
excellent to see students focusing hard on their studies.

Another exciting event we recently organised were Year 9 and 10 Dodgeball and Netball games at lunch times. It’s a good way to allow
students from different year levels to interact and have fun together. Yet another positive outcome for our Pasifika students as they
enjoyed their time playing sport and mingling with their fellow Epsom Girls Grammar Pasifika students. We will organise more sporting
events throughout the year.

The Pasifika Committee have been making some really positive progress throughout 2011 at Epsom Girls Grammar and with special
help from teacher in charge Ms Todman, we are able to share our ideas for the future and make EGGS an even more enjoyable learning
experience for the Epsom Pasifika Community.

Olivia Motu - Pasifika Committee Leader 2011

From the English department
Christienne Jauriegui: BnZ literary Awards runner-up
Congratulations to Christienne Jauregui whose short story “Because Absence Doesn’t Make the Heart Grow Fonder” is one of six
runners-up in the prestigious BNZ Literary Awards (previously the Katherine Mansfield Awards). Competition Judge Penelope Todd
commended Christienne’s story for its bold experimental voice, and skilful depiction of relationships and setting. You can read the full
report on the website: http://www.bnz.co.nz/static/www/docs/la/2011-BNZLA-YWA-Penelope-Todd.pdf

EGGS library Week 2011
The week of 8-12 August was Library Week at EGGS, with guest
speakers and competitions to interest students in using the library.
Mrs Westall produced beautiful posters which student librarians, led
by Dana Lee and Aditi Sachdiva, distributed throughout the school.
For the first time, teacher Librarian Ms Lee organised promotion of
library activities with QR codes, which students could read with their
mobiles to find out when and where guest authors were speaking.

                                          Tuesday lunchtime saw the
                                          library full of students eager
                                          to hear the authors of the
                                          non-fiction book, Goodbye
                                          Sarajevo: a true story of
                                          courage, love and survival.
                                          Atka Reid and Hana Schofield
                                                                           Hana Schofield and Atka Reid talking to school librarian Tracy Westall
                                          began by talking about their
                                          experiences as sisters in a
                                          family shattered by war, then discussed their process of collaboration as two writers telling
                                          different parts of the story. Several students asked questions, including one about difficulty
                                          in getting published. Hana and Atka explained that as they were telling a unique story –
                                          most books about the war are written by male journalists – publishers were very interested,
                                          so unlike many authors it was not a struggle find a publisher.
 US author Lauren Kate with Deputy Head
     Student Librarian Aditi Sachdeva

Wednesday lunchtime was competition time, with students
completing a task in the library to go in to the draw to win a
number of prizes.

Thursday lunchtime was for many students the highlight of
Library Week. Ms Lee had entered a competition to have Lauren
Kate, a very popular US author, come to the school, and was
delighted when she found EGGS had been successful. Over a
hundred EGGS students along with a group of students from
Otahuhu College waited patiently for Lauren. Sadly, her flight
from Nelson was delayed, but once she arrived, students were
enthralled to hear her talk about her writing, and in particular
her latest book. Lauren spoke about how authors can be divided
into two; those who carefully plan their plots, and those whose
inspiration is a character’s voice. Lauren told her audience that
she is one of the latter group. She initially hears the voice of
the character and she then has to decide who they are, their
relationships, what happens to them and why. A number of
students had brought books for her to sign, and a bookseller
was on hand so students could buy her latest book, Passion.

An additional competition held during Library Week comprised
a survey asking students whether they would use ebooks if the
library purchased these for students to borrow. Over two thirds
of students who entered the competition responded that they
would; prizes of iTunes cards were drawn from competition

All in all, another successful Library Week at EGGS.

From the Business department
It is an exciting time for the Business Department as groups of our students enter external competitions. For the first time at Epsom
our Monetary Policy Challenge team has reached the national finals in Wellington. To earn a place in the finals the team gave a
very comprehensive account of the New Zealand economy to representatives of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. As one of only 6
teams throughout New Zealand the team will travel to the headquarters of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand in Wellington in Week 4
and present an updated account of the economy. The team will then need to answer questions from a panel of judges.

We also entered a team into the Deloitte Secondary Schools Case Competition run by the University of Auckland.                   In this
competition each team applies their knowledge and analytical skills to a real world business situation to solve various complex business
scenarios. The competition also helps to develop their communication, teamwork and time management skills. The team won first
prize and all the judges commented on their outstanding efforts.

Many of our Year 12 and Year 13 students have entered the University of Auckland’s Economics competition.                    It involves
answering multi choice questions on economic theory. We will have to wait a few weeks to get the results of this.

As well as these competitions the Business Department is preparing for Year 10 Market Days in Week 8 where the various businesses
that have been formed will be marketing and selling their goods and services to the school.

Mathematicians at play
EGGS students have many opportunities for extra-curricular mathematics.                There are maths games for fun at Maths Club every
Wednesday lunchtime, run by students Karen Chung and Jenitta Gnanakumar. Students have the opportunity to test their ability to
solve problems in individual and team competitions, and to participate in maths extension programmes.

The Australian Informatics Competition is a mathematics competition which tests the sort of problem solving used in computer
programming. The following students gained Distinction in Informatics: Hillary Metcalfe, Joy Qin, Snigda Saha, Emily Yi (Year 9); Joy
Hong, Helen McCartney, Luka Unger (Year 10); Kazuki Murakami (Year 11); Elizabeth Granville, Kate Hiam, Emily Manning, Yichen Pan
(Year 12); Claire Black (Year 13).

The Mathex competition is an annual event where Year 9 and 10 teams compete against more than 100 teams from 66 schools at each
year level. While we didn’t win prizes this year, both our Year 10 teams (A: Angel Song, Joy Hong, Aileen Zhou, Sueyeon Lee; B: Alice
Yang, Lina Lee, Eugenie Chung, Jane Waterhouse) finished 5th equal and our Year 9 A team (Seo-In Park, Gloria Chen, Delan Li, Miriam
Li) finished 9th equal, which was a very good result. The teams were well prepared by dedicated coaches Tracey Wang and Cindy Yin.

It isn’t too late to participate in co-curricular maths this year. The Year 9 problem-solving team continues practising and competing
this term. Maths club will run until the end of the year. Year 12 and 13 students still have the opportunity to enter and practice for
the Next Top Engineering Scientist Competition on October 1st.

From the Art department
The Annual Mount Eden Young Artist awards are coming up. The website is www.Edenarts.co.nz

Work is to be submitted by 22nd September and the Awards ceremony is on the 24th September. Any student taking Art at EGGS and
is over 16 can enter! Last year Michelle Chamberlin won $1,000 for her photography.

Year 10 Camp
Year 10 Camp is back on!! Following dates: Term 4, Week 5, 21st – 25th November.

Wearable Art Winners 2011

 Illumination Section: “Game Over”     The Dark Side: “Crescent Moon”         Reduce, Re-use, Recycle: “Etch”         Culture Shock: “Beat”
     Edania Ridzmann (model),          Vivian Xu, Belinda Han (Model),        Tayla Beddoes (model), Charlie    Emma Cornall, Tessa Boyd (model),
Victoria Chen, Tayla Morgan-Farrelly    Meetali Manhar Motiram Patel,         Cameron, Helena Casey, Emma        Ariane Tomaszyk, Binh Minh Ha
                                                 Jennifer Lee                            Nielsen

 Off to see the Queen: “High Tea”    Enchanted Garden winner and            People’s choice award:               Avante Garde: “Star Gaze”
 Aston Wainhouse (model), Tabitha   SUPREME winner: “Thumbalina”              “Playing with Fire”
                                                                                                               Shakya Peiris (model), Rebecca
   Penman-Chambers, Charlotte       Aleshia Seagrave, Sohnal Naran,     Georgia Campbell (Model), Ruby             Gatland, Cleo Duncan
  Rose Rennie-Younger, Kimberley     Ashley Busch, Brittany Robson    Kleyer, Petra Veail, Sophie Macaskill
    Pemberton, Georgia Bowers

Hip Hop Bring it on Finals
By placing second in the Auckland Central heats in June, the EGGS “Bring It On” hip hop dance
troupe competed again in the grand finals at the Trusts Stadium on the 6th August. Epsom’s
strong performance about female empowerment was slick and moving which enabled them to
stand out from other schools in the competition.

They came away with a much deserved 3rd place, which is an outstanding achievement. This is
the first time EGGS has ever placed at the grand finals!

Congratulations to all the girls who participated and worked so hard in the lead up to this event.
Special congratulations to the leaders, Milovale Tiatia and Chloe Wai for leading the group to
success. Finally a huge thank-you to our teacher-in-charge, Ms O’Donnell as well as Ms Stimson,
Mrs Mitchell and everyone who supported the group on the night!
Click here to watch the video
                                                                                                                  City Amour: “Liberty X”
                                                                                                              Claire Liggins (model), Georgina

Chinese Extravaganza                                                                                             Hitchcock, Katie Andrews,
                                                                                                                        Liana Panama

On the 6th & 7th August, Epsom Girls Grammar School hosted the annual Chinese Extravaganza with Auckland Grammar School at
the Raye Freedman Arts Centre. Over 100 dancers, singers, actors and crew worked together to perform two sold out shows with
enormous success.

Student run and directed, rehearsals for all the groups began early in the year and continued week after week - with the leaders
coordinating the organisation of scripts, music, choreography and costumes.

Congratulations to the student leaders, Jeanette Zhang and Sunny Li for their hardwork throughout the year.

Year 13 drama
daughters of Heaven
“Daughters of Heaven” by Michelleanne Foster was performed by Ms Jane Griffin’s Year 13 Drama class on the 16th and 17th August.
The play tells the chilling, true story of a Christchurch murder, by two school girls, which shocked the world. There were several very
strong and memorable dramatic performances which left the audience feeling unsettled. Congratulations to Ms Griffin and Year 13
Drama for putting on such a powerful show.

To view more Arts & Cultural photos click here
The Screens
On the 18th and 19th August, Ms McGregor’s Year 13
Drama class performed “The Screens” by Jean Genet.
The play was set in Algeria and dealt with the main
characters fall from grace amongst a revolution. The
performance was gripping and symbolic, challenging
the audience to confront political and social issues
that have occurred throughout history and continue
today. Congratulations to Ms McGregor and Year
13 Drama for their compelling performance of “The

Student run production
This years AGGS/ EGGS Student Run production was
the classic “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar
Wilde. This show was entirely student organised and
directed, with a lively cast and crew from Auckland
Boys and Epsom. It ran from the 3rd – 5th August,
providing the audience with comic relief and a look
at comedy of manners. Thanks to everyone involved
for their hard work and to those who supported this
production. Finally, congratulations to the student
directors     -   Henry   Winder,   Olivier   Clementine,
Georgia Moore and Ruohan Sood for their impressive

Theatresports Competition at St Kents
On Monday the 22nd August a theatresports group from EGGS performed in a regional competition at St Kentigerns College. After
an hilarious performance they were placed 2nd. Congratulations to the leaders Jayshri Nand and Hayley Tekahika and thanks to Mrs
Phillips who supported the group.

Epsom Music never sleeps. We have been so busy this month, primarily with our involvement in the KBB Music Festival. There have
also been a number of other events happening that have kept everyone on their toes. Watch this space…

Bands and Orchestras
Our bands and orchestras had their most important month of the music year with the schools KBB Music Festival. They have been
working very hard on preparing for the festival and all performed excellently. This year the festival was held at St Mary’s and Holy Trinity
Cathedrals in Parnell as well as two days at Westlake Girls and Boys High Schools. Our intermediate Concert Band also performed in
the Fringe Festival which was also a great experience for our junior performers. The KBB Music Festival was a very positive experience
for all our players and we came away with the following awards for our groups:
Epsom String Ensemble – Certificate of Participation
Epsom Chamber Orchestra – Silver Award
Epsom Symphonia – Bronze Award
Epsom Stage Band – Silver Award
Epsom Concert Band – Gold Award
Congratulations to the Epsom Concert Band on your Gold Award. An awesome result!

We preceded the KBB Festival with a concert at the Raye Freedman Arts Centre on 9th August which gave our bands and orchestras an
opportunity to perform in front of the school community. Thanks to all the parents and staff who came along to support our students.

Our Epsom Concert Band attended the
National Concert Band Festival in New
Plymouth at the end of last term. They
spent the weekend performing in the
festival   and    at   a   community   venue
and came away with a silver award.
Congratulations to the Epsom Concert
Band musicians!

Choral Music
At the end of Term two, the Epsom
Festival attended the ‘Sing Down Under’
Festival at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in
Parnell. Several other schools performed
at this all day festival and at the end                   Gold Award winners Epsom Concert Band performing at the KBB Music Festival

of the day all the choirs workshopped
together and performed a piece together.
Congratulations to the Epsom Festival
Choir who were awarded a Silver Award
for their performance.

At the beginning of Term three, the
Epsom Vocal Group took part in the
Auckland Secondary Schools Performing
Arts Awards competition held at the Otara
Performing Arts Centre. They competed
against over twenty other vocal groups
and have made it through to the finals
which are being held at 6pm on Friday 2nd
September at the Manukau TelstraClear
Pacific Events Centre. We wish them well
for the finals.                                                   Silver Award winners, Epsom Stage Band performing at the
                                                                          KBB Festival at Westlake Girls High School.

            Silver Awards winners, Epsom Chamber Orchestra                      Epsom Intermediate Concert Band performing at the KBB
             performs at the KBB Music Festival at St Mary’s                        Music Festival, Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell.
                          Cathedral in Parnell.

Contemporary Music
Congratulations to Year 10 student Georgia Campbell whose song ‘Dirty Water’ made it in to the top 50 of the ‘Play it Strange’
Songwriting competition. Georgia is part of our Year 10 extension music class who are studying for Level One NCEA music this year.
The ‘Play it Strange’ competition invites students nationwide to enter their original songs and the top 50 get a chance to record their
song at a professional recording studio after which it is put on to a CD.

Amber-Rose Stackpole competed at the US Open Synchronised Swimming Champs at the start of July. She finished 20th overall in
junior solo, 23rd overall in junior duet. She also competed at the Syncro Swim New Zealand North Island Championships on July 30th.
Amber-Rose placed 1st in junior figures, 1st in junior solo, 1st in junior duet, 1st in team and 1st in combination.

Rachel Kim competed at the Secondary Schools North Island Synchronised Swimming Champs on 29th July where she placed 1st in
the solo event. Rachel also competed in the Synchro Swim New Zealand North Island Championships where she placed 2nd in junior
figures, 2nd in junior solo, 1st in junior duet, 1st in senior free solo, 1st in team and 1st in combination.

Congratulations Amber-Rose and Rachel on your outstanding results!

    Katie Logan - first in the National Secondary                  Katie in her final bout for the championship against Stef Alexander
     School Sabre and the National Under 20’s                                              of Upper Hutt College
               Women’s Sabre 2011

Sports Council Sports Scholarships and Awards 2011
Sports Scholarships and Awards are presented to girls at ALL levels of the school ie. Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13.

Winners receive a certificate and cheque, these will be presented at EGGS Sports Dinner, on October 6th.

To be considered, students need to apply on the application form (collect from inside the Sports Office) and hand it in before the
deadline; September 7th. No late applications are considered.

Girls should apply for a Scholarship if they have represented EGGS in sport during 2011. They may apply under 3 different categories;
•      Elite sporting performance
•      All Round sporting ability
•      Contribution to EGGS sport thourgh coaching, managing, officiating and administration.

If you want to know more please talk to Ms Thomas, phone 970 6759.

                                                           P re s e n t s

                                               ROB MATTHEWS
                                              Inspirational Athlete
                                              TASMAN ROOM
                                      ALEXANDRA PARK FUNCTION CENTRE
                                           GREENLANE WEST ROAD

                                               THURSDAY 6TH OCTOBER

                                                          TICKETS ON SALE 22nd AUGUST
                                                                    FROM THE CASHIER

Sports dinner - Thursday 6 October
The EGGS Annual Sports Dinner will be held from 6.00pm on October 6th in the Tasman Room at Alexander Park, on Greenlane West.
Tickets will be available from the school Cashier from Monday 22 August until Friday 30 September, at a cost of $55 per head.

All girls and their families are warmly invited to attend this celebration of EGGS sporting success throughout 2011.

The after dinner speaker is Rob Matthews. Rob is an amazing unsighted runner and athlete who refuses to let anything hold him back
from achieving his dreams.

Certificates, Trophies for school championships, medals and Auckland and New Zealand competitions and School Colours and EGGS
Sports Council Scholarships will be presented at the dinner.

If you would like further information please call me on 970 6759.

Liz Thomas - Director of Sport

SPArC Survey on Young Peoples Sport & recreation needs
Our school has agreed to take part in a Sport and Recreation New Zealand (SPARC) survey in Term 3 this year, and some of our
students will be asked to fill in a questionnaire about their sport and recreational activities.

SPARC wants young New Zealanders to develop a love of sport and recreation that leads to lifelong participation. To do this it is critical
that SPARC understand their current experiences and future needs. It is ten years since SPARC collected comprehensive information
about young people (5 to 18 year olds), so an update is well overdue. SPARC also need to know how to support schools and teachers
better. They will be sharing the findings with their partners and other government agencies to improve opportunities for young people
to enjoy the many benefits of taking part in sport and recreation.

It is important to note that participation is voluntary, and students will be given the opportunity to ask questions before they decide
whether or not to take part. All responses are confidential, and they will not be asked for any identifying information (eg. they won’t
be asked for their name, date of birth etc). Information will be handled in a secure and safe way. The information from our school will
be grouped together with students from other schools, this may be at a regional and/or national level. Some of the information will
also be grouped together for our school.

As a “thank you” for our participation the school will receive a $100 voucher for sports equipment and a prize draw for one of four
visits to a school by a sports personality.

If you have any questions about this survey, you can contact Kay Haughey, SPARC’s YPS Project Manager at yps@sparc.org.nz.

If you do not wish your daughter to participate in the instance they are selected please email yps.info.newzealand@Synovate.com.

                                    Junior A Football team runners up in Auckland S S Football Championships

The School and the Old Girls Association
        invite you to a special
       Founders Awards Dinner
The Father and daughter Breakfast
EGGS Fathers and Daughters are invited to a Breakfast at School to be held during Rugby World Cup We are thrilled to have former
All Black and 2011 RWC TV commentator Grant Fox as our Guest Speaker. Girls who do not have a father able to come may invite a
person they consider a father figure.

When:       Wednesday 14th September 7:00am (for a 7:15 start) until 8:30am
Where:      Marjory Adams Hall, EGGS
Who:        Fathers and Daughters from all Year levels
What:       Breakfast & Guest Speaker, Grant Fox
Tickets:    On sale now from the Cashiers Office at $30.00 per person per ticket – cash, Eftpos, Visa/MC (phone 970 6763 for credit
            card payments)
Proceeds: Will support the Prefects Legacy Fund (an annual gift from the Prefects to an EGGS project)
Parking:    Available on tennis courts behind the new EGGS Sports Centre

The limited number of seats to this annual event are selling fast so be in early to avoid disappointment.

PS: Did you know that two of EGGS PE Staff, Emma Jensen and Vita Robinson, were members of the Women’s Rugby World Cup
winning team in London in 2010 !

EGGS Foundation Heritage Fund Grants awarded in August 2011
•   Chinese Cultural Group – purchase of traditional dance accessories
•   Help with expenses for several EGGS athletes representing the school at National Secondary School sporting events around the
•   Prefects Special Projects Group – funds to establish a history Treasure Hunt in the school grounds
•   EGGS Volleyball – contribution towards new uniforms & equipment
•   Te Reo Maori    Koroneihana Trip - contribution towards costs of trip to the Maori Kings Coronation (towards external exam
•   School Community Committee – helping to fund an activities week in the school directed at enriching the sense of community

                       SPORTS CENTRE
                                     TAGE O N E C O M P E T O N
                                 SS T A G E O N E C O M P LL E T II O N

                         WE’RE HALF WAY THERE!


                      Let’s finish the job together
                     Let’s finish the job together                        L


           Click here for more details

What’s on at the Raye Freedman Arts Centre?

night Music - Monday September 19th                                                         Forget everything you thought you knew about trumpeters and
                                                                                            experience Haydn’s Concerto played with clarity, grace and beauty
at 5pm - Auckland Chamber Orchestra                Auckland Chamber Orchestra
                                                   New Season 2011
                                                                                            by renowned soloist Huw Dann. The tempestuous, operatically
                                                                                        Auckland Chamber Orchestra
                                                                                        New Season 2011

Conductor     Peter Scholes
                                                                                            inspired 8th Symphony ‘Le Soir’ marks Haydn’s stormy transition
Trumpet       Huw Dann
                                                                                            from Baroque to Classical style, and Schoenberg’s epic Verklärte
                                                                                            Nacht delivers a message of passion and compassion against a
Franz     Joseph    Haydn,    Symphony     No.8,
                                                                                            gleaming, moonlit landscape.
G major “Le soir”
Franz Joseph Haydn Trumpet Concerto
                                                                                            To Book contact iticket (09) 361 100
                                                   Six concerts.   Book now at          Six concerts.   Book now at
                                                   www.aco.co.nz   www.iticket.co.nz    www.aco.co.nz   www.iticket.co.nz

Arnold Schoenberg, Verklärte Nacht
                                                                                            or www.iticket.co.nz

For further information on booking the Centre contact:
Diane Miller, Marketing Manager
Ph                (09) 970 6800
Mobile            0274 751 750
Email             dmiller@eggs.school.nz

Thank you to Matassa Coatings Ltd and
Jeffries Plumbing Ltd sponsors of EGGS
new battery-operated tractors.

Contact details:
Matassa Coatings Ltd
Ph 09 634 9000,
email: office@matassa.co.nz

Jeffries Plumbing Ltd
Ph 09 8337839,
email: craig@jeffriesplumbing.co.nz

                                                               Singapore Airlines flies up to 3 times daily from New Zealand to
                                                               Singapore and then beyond to 64 destinations in 35 countries.
                                                               Available now Singapore Airlines Economy Class Airfares to
                                                               UK/Europe, Asia, Middle East and Sth Africa. Travel between
                                                               01 Sep 2011 – 23 Nov 2012. Book now, seats are limited, sales
                                                               end 30 September 2011. To book go to singaporeair.com

                                                                          Thank you to                    for
                                                                         sponsoring languages into our school!
                                                                       You can now access FREE online language
                                                                                games and activities.

         RAYC Sailing Academy                                         Flyers with login details will be coming home
                                                                        soon, or email info@newbeginnings.co.nz.
    Thur 15 Sept 7pm Info and Registration

Contact Dorothee Lampe at 524 9945 or academy@                        FREE in-home demonstration covering
RAYC.org.nz                                                                  Maths, English and Phonics!

                                                                       Accelerate your child’s learning with
RAYC provides boats, lifejackets and sailing equipment,
all included in the Course Fee
                                                                               exclusive distributors of:
School Holiday Programme
Monday 10 Oct until Thursday 20 October on weekdays                                from

Learn To Sail courses starting 24 Sept on weekdays 4-7
pm or in weekends 9am–12pm                                              Just call or email us to arrange a visit.
                                                                          0508 HOMETUTOR (0508 466388)

                                             dates to remember
                                                               TERM 3
                   WEEK 5      Mon 29 Aug                      In-service Day - School closed for instruction
                               Tue 30 Aug                      Years 9, 11 & 12 Option Forms deadline
                               Wed 31 Aug              9:20    Late start
                               Thur 1 Sep                      School exams start
                   WEEK 6      Mon 5 Sep                       School exams all week
                               Wed 7 Sep               9:20    Late start
                   WEEK 7      Mon 12 Sep                      MASH WEEK
                                                               Year 10 Business Market Day
                               Wed 14 Sep              7:00    Father & Daughter Breakfast - Marjory Adams Hall
                                                       9:20    Late Start
                                                               Sports Photos
                                                      19:30    PTA Meeting
                               Thur 15 Sep                     Arts & Cultural Photos
                                                18:30-21:00    Writer’s Night - RFAC
                   WEEK 8      Mon 19 Sep                      EGGS MAORI LANGUAGE WEEK
                                                               Blood Donor Day
                                                               University of Auckland Course advice day Year 13
                               Wed 21 Sep                      Pre-enrolment Day
                                                       9:20    Late start
                                                               Founders Dinner
                               Fri 23 Sep             12:50    Talent Quest
                   WEEK 9      Mon 26 Sep                      ARTS WEEK
                               Tue 27 Sep             19:30    Epsom Music Competition - RFAC
                               Wed 28 Sep                      Rose Day
                                                               Drum Day
                                                       9:20    Late start
                               Thur 29 Sep      19:00-21:00    Arts & Cutlural Awards Ceremony
                               Fri 30 Sep                      Mufti Day
                   WEEK 10     Mon 3 Oct                       CHALLENGE WEEK
                                                               Senior Reports issued
                               Wed 5 Oct               9:20    Late start
                                                      19:30    Epsom Music Leavers Concert -RFAC
                                                      19:30    PTA Meeting
                               Thur 6 Oct       18:00-22:30    Sports Dinner
                               Fri 7 Oct                       Last day Term 3

Enrolment for 2012
Application forms for home zone and out of zone enrolment are available online at www.eggs.school.nz
and from the Administration Office.

Ballot for out-of-zone places
Year 9
The Board of Trustees will be allocating places for entry into Year 9 next year. The exact number of places will depend on the number
of applications received from students who live within the school’s home zone.

To be eligible for an out of zone place all students (including sisters and daughters of past students) must lodge an
application by Thursday, 1 September 2011. The ballot will be held on Thursday, 8 September.

Year 13
The Board is not able to confirm the availablity of places in Year 13. We will be balloting for a waiting list and places will be filled
from that list should there be vacancies. Prospective students must lodge an application by Thursday, 3 November 2011. The
ballot will be held on Thursday, 10 November.

We have decided not to hold ballots for out of zone places in Year levels 10, 11 and 12 for 2012. This is due to the current level of
enrolment in Years 9, 10 and 11 and our forecasts of new enrolments and leavers; we expect to be fully subscribed in 2012.

                   Epsom Girls Grammar School              Silver Road                                   Tel: (09) 630-5963
                                                           Epsom                                         Fax: (09) 638-9143


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