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					                                                      WEDDING RECEPTION CHECKLIST

The wedding reception will probably be the part of your wedding where you and your
guests spend most of the time. It is the occasion for you to enjoy your family and friendsʼ
company and, most importantly, to celebrate your marriage with them. The reception also
gives the two family parts the opportunity to get to know each other better and merge into
one big family as a result of your wedding. In order for you to enjoy a well organized and
relaxed wedding reception, consider the checklist below.

Donʼt feel overwhelmed by all the ideas pointed out here. Just pick the ones that best suit
your dream wedding.

      Set budget
      Start 6-9 months in advance
      Choose location / venue
      Decide if you want to hire a wedding planner
      Select MC
      Clarify deposit, guarantee, insurance and cancellation terms
      Decide if you want to be catered for by a restaurant, catering service or do it youself
      Organize decoration (check out our wedding decorations checklist)
      Organize flowers (check out our wedding flowers checklist)
      Choose wedding favors
      Check if you need any extra rentals (tables, chairs, linens...)
      Organize wedding cake (check out our wedding cake checklist)
      Decide if you want a bar tending service (check out our catering checklist)
      Decide if you want a professional photographer / videographer
      Organize entertainment, program and toasts
      Organize music (grand entrance, dinner, dance), soundsystem, microphone, DJ
      Organize a dancefloor
      Decide if you want to provide child care
      Organize transportation for you and the guests
      Clarify deposit, guarantee, insurance and cancellation terms
      Make a written contract with all agreements

If you neither celebrate in a restaurant nor hire a catering service you should also:
      Organize dishes and cutlery
      Organize food, beverages and snacks
      Organize coffee and cake
       Ensure people have been selected and agreed to help with the clean up, so you
donʼt have to do the pick-up after such an intense day.

Tip#1: Ensure that someone does a test with the soundsystem, microphones, etc. that day
before the event.

Tip #2: Consider the following for the program: welcome speaches, toasts by best man /
maid of honor / parents, slide show, cake cutting, long-distance calls, etc. You may find our
Activities Checklist useful as well.

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