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                     Celebrating the common ground in the body of Christ                                                                August 2005
The Ozarks

Christi a n N e w s
                 “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit -
             just as you were called to one hope when you were called - one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all
                                         who is over all and through all and in all.” Ephesians 4:3-6 NIV

        Convoy of Hope Helps Hurricane Victims
Pensacola, FL — In a state sur-
rounded by water on three sides,
you’d never imagine water would
be such a precious commodity, but
Springfield-based Convoy of Hope

                                                                                                                            Praying with hurricane victims
                                                                                                                          making the community a better place.
                                                                                                                          This is accomplished through domes-
                                            U.S. Director Kary Kingsland         the hot item — it’s flying out of        tic and international outreaches,
                                         and his team are focusing their         here.” He is doing everything he         supply lines, and disaster response.
                                         efforts in small communities where      can to secure more of the precious
                                         help is scarce and people often feel    commodity for those struggling to        To learn more about Convoy of
                                         forgotten. Without media coverage       make the best of a bad situation.        Hope or to contribute to its relief
can’t seem to deliver enough of it.
                                         to make the destruction known,             A large area of the Florida           efforts, please visit
    The international relief organi-
                                         these smaller communities often         Panhandle was without power and
zation distributed 14 loads of disas-
                                         receive little or no outside help.      clean drinking water, and officials
ter relief supplies such as food, ice,
                                            The mild winters of the              said that some areas remained so         Kary Kingsland, U.S. Director:
and bottled water (provided by
                                         Sunshine State attract seniors, but a   for several weeks.                       417/861-1994 mobile
Culligan International) to commu-
                                         hot, humid summer without power                                                  Jeff Nene, Media and
nities hit by Hurricane Dennis. As
                                         and clean water can be devastating,     For more than ten years, Convoy of       Communications Director: 417/823-
of July 15th, Convoy of Hope dis-
                                         and Convoy of Hope is determined        Hope™, a nonprofit organization,         8998 or 417/860-2196 mobile
tributed more than half a million
                                         to help those who can’t help them-      has provided resources to organiza-      Kristin Kubitschek, Public Relations
pounds of relief supplies to the                                                 tions and churches to meet physical
                                         selves. In Florida managing the                                                  Director: 417/823-8998 or 417/894-
affected areas.                                                                  and spiritual needs for the purpose of
                                         response, Kingsland said, “Ice is                                                9084 mobile

 Branson                                                                                              faith. He is a      Jewish engagement ceremony and
       Zola Levitt visited                                                                            musician,           how the ceremony sheds light on the
         the Tri-Lakes                                                                                author of more      relationship between Jesus Christ
         Center in July.                                                                              than       fifty    and the Church. The ceremony con-
                                                                                                      books, host of      sists of five major elements: the bride
Well known Biblical scholar and                                                                       the weekly tele-    price, the marriage contract, the wine
Middle-Eastern authority Dr. Zola                                                                     vision    show      cup, the preparation of the bridal
Levitt spoke to the congregation of                                                                   Zola     Levitt     house, and the marriage feast.
Tri-Lakes Center church in Branson                                                                    Presents, and
on July 17, 2005. Levitt is a                                                                         has personally      The ceremony began with the groom
Messianic Jew and an ardent sup-                                                                      led more than       carrying the brides price in a sack
porter of the nation of Israel. For                                                                   80 tours to the     slung over his shoulder. He would
over thirty years, Dr. Levitt has con-                                                                Holy Land.          then present it to the father of the
ducted a teaching ministry emphasiz-                                                                                      prospective bride. The groom would
ing the centrality of Israel in Bible                                                                 Dr.       Levitt    often have saved his entire lifetime to
prophecy and the importance of the                                                                    shared the tradi-   satisfy the brides price. This signi-
Jewish foundation of the Christian                                                                    tions of the        fies the ultimate price Jesus paid for
                                                                                                                                               cont. on page 3

    Looking for a good pre-                                                                                                        Your Church
                 owned car?                                                                                                        Accounting
                          see pg. 16                                                                                               See page 10
Page 2                                                      August 2005                                  The Ozarks Christian News
in association with:
                                                                    We believe that...
                                                        • The Body of Christ is made up of people           ences between sacerdotal and nonsacerdotal
                                                        who have found salvation by faith in Jesus          churches, between Armenian and Calvinists,
                                                        Christ apart from “the good things” they            between premillennialists and postmillenni-
                                                        have done.                                          alists, and we should not attempt to gloss
                                                        • Our good behavior should be a natural             over these as some twenty first century ecu-
                                                        response to that free gift.                         menists have done. The differences do mat-
                                                            Concerning unity in the Body; Chuck             ter, and doctrinal disputes exist... some may
                                                        Colson said it best in his book, The Body.          even serve a healthy purpose.
                                                            “Readers may find the following difficult           Despite these differences, however, we
                                                        to accept. They cannot surrender the old            need to come together around the great truths
Snail Mail:
                                                        predjudices that not only make them feel            all believers have shared regarding Christ’s
The Ozarks Christian News
                                                        comfortable, but affirm that they are really        teaching about His body. It is a difficult line
107 Cedar Glade Road                                                                                        to walk, but walk it we must if the power of
Ozark, MO 65721                                         right. Others genuinely believe that the fun-
                                                        damental differences within the church are          the church is to be felt in today’s world.”
                                                        irreconcilable. We understand that belief.          Please Note: These viewpoints as well as
Phone: 417-485-8811                                                                                         the contents of this publication do not nec-
                                                        But if it is true, we have a bigger
Fax:   417-485-8812
                                                        problem...because Jesus Himself called us to        essarily represent the churches, ministries
                                                        be one. Of course there are doctrinal differ-       or advertisers herein.
E-mails:                          From the Publishers:                               the best Chinese Buffet around), Leslie                                                                           Wilson is our Tax accountant for the paper
                                                        We Love it here!                                   and Theresa Zuchinni is our Insurance
                                                        We have really enjoyed living in the Ozarks        agent. Midnight does my entire family’s
                                                        since we launched the OCN. Not only is             hair, Doug Pitt’s crew de-bugged our com-
Web Site:                                                                      puter’s mountain of spyware, Son Ray’s
                                                        the scenery beautiful and the people friend-
                                                        ly; we have had a very good experience             keep our car well maintained, Dr. Dollen
Publisher & Managing Editor- John G. Sacoulas           with the local churches and business folks.        educated me about sinus related tooth pain,
Assembly & Assistant Editor - Lila R. Sacoulas          For instance; we have personally used the          LaDena keeps our dogs from looking like
Account Representative - David Pick                     services of just about all the business under-     strays, Dr. Reid took care of our dog when
                                                        writers that you see in this paper except for      he got really sick, Pro Sign is getting pretty
Staff writers-
                                                        Equally Yoked. (My wife won’t let me date          creative with our signs and banners and the
Daniel Bogle.............From the Lion’s Den            anymore, but I did have lunch with a mar-          restaurants on page 18 keep my family well
Christina Dickson....Christina’s Corner                 ried couple that met through this service-         fed. Need we say more?
Mark Dixon...............It’s All Good                  John).
Chris Fluharty..........One Man’s Opinion                  Linda Aaron found us our house we
                                                                                                                                            John & Lila
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Lila Sacoulas..............Movie Reviews                property so we could see the windows in the
                                                                                                                                             The Ozarks
                                                        home again, Drive Home America pur-
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                                                        chased a vehicle from us, The Dragon
                                                        Garden hosted July’s proofing party (By far

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     eff Black and his family have been through                                                    grow, please use the services of the businesses and
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families from Amarillo, Texas to do a church
plant for the non-denominational, Full Gospel,
Trinity Church.
                                                                                                     Leaves on The Vine                          Pg. 15
     As many may have seen in the media, Jeff       Join them for their celebration service          Movie Reviews                               Pg. 9
was severely burned when coming to the aid of      every Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m.
two teenagers that were in a smoke filled house                  Located at:
                                                                                                     Ozarks Experts                              Pg. 18
from a cooking grease fire on the stove. After             5360 South Campbell                       Youth Page                                  Pg. 11
getting the boy and girl safely outside, Jeff                   Springfield
removed the pot from                                          (417) 886-6464
the kitchen and took it
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he is now in the long                                  Black and his family                                     107 Cedar Glade Road
healing stages.
    In the September
                                                       made be made at any                                        Ozark, MO 65721
issue we will have a                                   Great Southern Bank.                                    Since the subscription price only covers
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and the church he                                                                                        please feel free to send more money if you are able.
came to the Ozarks to start.

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 The Ozarks Christian News                                                 August 2005                                                         Page 3

                                                               We would like to welcome you to come
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                                          pare a place for all Christians in        effective and mutually beneficial
 Zola Levitt cont.                        heaven.                                   ways of supporting Israel is to visit
 our salvation as He carried the cross        When the father gave the word,        the Holy Land. “After all”, he said,
 to Calvary.                              the groom and his retinue would go        “we as Christians will be living there
     The terms of the marriage con-       to collect his bride. This would often    one day when Jesus returns for His
 tract were then presented. This          occur at midnight. The bride would        people.”
 covenant contained the promises of       therefore have to constantly keep            Pastor Mark Shorey, Senior Pastor
 the relationship between the bride       herself ready for the arrival of her      of Tri-Lakes Center, said, “These
 and groom. This signifies both the       husband.        The groom would           teachings are so powerful because
 Old Covenant which Jesus fulfilled       announce his arrival along the way        they enable believers to gain new
 and the New Covenant which He            with a shout from a member of his         insight and significance to founda-                   Article by:
 established by the shedding of His       party. This is a picture of the rapture   tions of our faith that we often take     Pastor Brian and Karen Wiseman
 blood on the cross.                      of the Church and a reminder to look      for granted.”                                Assist. Pastor/Youth Pastor
     The groom then presented a gob-      for the coming of the Lord.                                                        of the Tri-Lakes Center in Branson
 let of wine to the prospective bride.        The bride and groom would then
 After considering the marriage con-      spend a honeymoon week together.
 tract, she then chose whether to         At the end of the week, all of the
 accept the cup. If she drank the wine,   guests which the father had invited
 the engagement was accepted. If not,     would join the couple for a marriage
 the offer was declined. This cup is a    feast. This signifies the seven years
 type of a redemption cup, symbol-        of tribulation and the wedding sup-
 ized in the Passover meal and the        per of the Lamb mentioned in the
 Lord’s Supper.                           book of Revelation.
     If the bride drank from the cup,         At the conclusion of his remarks,
 the groom would then leave to con-       Dr. Levitt fielded questions from the
 struct a dwelling for the married cou-   congregation. Topics ranged from
 ple. He would continue working on        the judgment of God, how to effec-
 it until the groom’s father was satis-   tively and respectfully discuss the
 fied with it. No one knew the            New Testament with Jewish people,
 appointed time except the father.        and practical ways to support Israel.
 This parallels Jesus’ promise to pre-    Dr. Levitt stated that one of the most

                              YOUR Real Estate Specialist
                                  The Realtor with a Difference

                                Yt|à{ YtÅ|Äç YÜ|xÇwá
    Linda Aaron                    MURNEY ASSOCIATES
          860-7244                     REALTORS

  There is no truth to
   the disclaimer on
    page 5. We don’t
  know why the bread       10:00 - 8:30
    sticks have that      Closed Sunday
    affect on people.

      3 med. 1 topping Pizzas $3.99- Carry Out ($4.99 delivery)
  Minimum three- no limit • 3 Lg. 1 topping- $5.99- Carry Out ($6.99 delivery)
Page 4                                                                August 2005                              The Ozarks Christian News
                                                                                  keep a blank journal and take notes.
 THE DYING’S LAST GIFT:                                                           These may be used with any family
                                                                                                                          • Create a family tree. (Blank books
                                                                                                                          with family trees are available at
   FAMILY MEMORIES                                                                • How did you meet Dad/Mom?
                                                                                                                          most bookstores.)

                                                                                  (These stories are usually sweet even   • Ask questions about yourself.
“This was my mother’s.”                  coordinators, in the southwest           if relationships have been rocky.)      “What was I like as a child?” “Do
                                         Missouri office of Community                                                     you remember what I wore to my
“Remember the time I stepped on the      Hospices of America.                     • Tell me about some of the jobs        graduation party?”
bee just before church?”
                                                                                                                            •    Are there any special items
“I think my parents met at a dance,                                                                                         you want certain people to have?
I’m not sure.”                                                                                                              (This is a tough question to ask
                                                                                                                            and to answer. It is best ask this
A box of pictures here. A baby shoe                                                                                         gently and wait for the right time.)
there. A knick-knack from the
World’s Fair on the shelf. A chest of                                                                                       •     Ask specific questions about
old clothes. A rusty three-pronged                                                                                          relatives you don’t remember or
fork. A tiny turquoise ring. All of                                                                                         didn’t     know     well.    “Did
these items may bring back a flood                                                                                          Grandfather have a good sense of
of memories – if you know what                                                                                              humor?” “Why did Aunt Ethel
they are.                                                                                                                   move to Montana?”
    “Remember when…” is a
phrase that we often lose when a                                                                                            •     Inquire about family tradi-
family member dies. Each one of                                                                                             tions. “Why do we always open
us is a repository of life memories,                                                                                        gifts on Christmas Eve?” (A son
but it is especially poignant when                                                                                          discovered it dated back to when
an older parent, grandparent or aunt                                                                                        his grandfather was on the police
passes away.                                                                                                                force. He usually had to work on
    Many adult children are filled                                                                                          Christmas Day.) “Who taught you
with regret when they go through                                                                                            how to make Swiss eggs?” (A
the home of a deceased relative.                                                                                            daughter heard a wonderful story
They wish they’d asked more ques-                                                                                           about how her mother’s great-
tions. They are filled with even                                                                                            aunt, a pioneer woman, had passed
more sorrow wishing that person                                                                                             on the art of dyeing eggs for
were around to answer their ques-                                                                                           Easter which she had learned as a
tions now. They are afraid that the                                                                                         child in Switzerland.)
three-pronged fork they plan to
throw away may have come over                                                                                               Most of all, it is important that you
on the Mayflower.                                                                                                           talk to a patient as a human being
    Asking our loved ones questions                                                                                         who is important in your life and
about their lives, their things, pic-                                                                                       that      of      your     children.
tures, jewelry and our lives brings                                                                                         Remembering takes us on a magic
closure to all parties. This is espe-                                                                                       carpet ride through the past with
cially true when someone is dying.                                                                                          someone we love.
    “Storytelling is essentially how
memories are handed down through            Sadly, a person who is ill and        you had.                                Rick Williams writes in his poem,
generations, both teaching lessons       dying feels useless. A person who has    • Bring in objects and/or jewelry to    The Hospice Legacy: “Then gather-
and passing on wisdom. Nothing           cared for others is now taken care of.   the sick person and ask for the story   ing the leftover dreams and such
replaces the experience of telling and   The days seem long. As family mem-       behind it. (One adult child discov-     kind, they pack them gently into the
hearing firsthand what life was like     bers, we can help them and learn our-    ered that one old chair came to         knapsacks of their minds.”
or what memories are attached to an      selves by asking our loved ones          California by covered wagon and
item. That’s what makes both a per-      questions. Be sure to keep in mind       that     another     dated      from    If you have questions about hos-
son’s life and the mementos left         that people who are sick have limited    Revolutionary times!)                   pice, would like to volunteer or
behind valuable…memories and the         energy. Cut the conversation short, if                                           wish a free evaluation, please call
telling of memories.” These are the      the patient becomes too tired.           • Identify family pictures together.    Community Hospices of America
suggestions of Joyce McNeal and             Here are some prompts to help         (A niece discovered that her grandfa-   in Springfield at (417) 882-0453.
Marsha Okerstrom, bereavement            with your conversation. You might        ther had been married twice.)

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The Ozarks Christian News                                            August 2005                                                            Page 5

Maturity Involves Development
In His Presence: According to the proper  the things you learn in Scripture and the
working of each individual part, causes   way you live your life, you will never
the growth of the body for the building upmature into anything beyond a Sunday
of itself in love (Ephesians 4:16).       Christian. You are to "work out your sal-
                                          vation with fear and trembling; for it is
When a baby matures, it also develops. God who is at work in you, both to will
The baby learns coordination, and its and to work for His good pleasure"
body parts develop, grow, and work (Philippians 2:12-13).
together. Babies move from milk to solid
food. Paul compared this development to
that of a Christian: "Everyone who par- Development is marked by change. If you               Parking Lot Resurfacing Committe members were the first
takes only of milk is not accustomed to give earthly excuses about why things are             to suspect Pastor Fred had become “amen dependent.”
the word of righteousness, for he is an happening in your life, you are living as a
infant. But solid food is for the mature, natural man. But if your reaction to your
who because of practice have their senses situation is to focus on Christ at work in
trained to discern good and evil. you, you are becoming a mature believer.
Therefore leaving the elementary teach- When you are mature, you will react,
ing about the Christ, let us press on to think, and act like Christ because you are
                                                                                                           “This is
maturity" (Hebrews 5:13-6:1).             being conformed into His image.
                                                                                                       how we know
There is a developmental progression in       One Minute Please
Christian maturity, and one concept
depends on understanding another.
                                              Do you consistently live life looking
                                              through the eyes of Christ or are you still
                                                                                                     what love is: Jesus
Elementary principles must be mastered
before you can move on to deeper things,
                                              a natural man or a natural woman?
                                                                                                    Christ laid down His
but we're not supposed to dwell on ele-
mentary things forever.
                                                                        Dr. Tony Evans
                                                                                                         life for us.”
Spiritual growth takes place on the play-
ing field of life, not in the classroom. If
                                                                      President of Urban
                                                                     Alternatives in Dallas
                                                                                                      I John 3:16 NIV
you never make the connection between                       

WAL-MART HEIR                         Park.                                  director of the Children’s            lic schools. Some members even
                                          Walton’s father, Sam Walton,       Scholarship Fund in Charlotte,        suggested that the NEA initiate a
AND SCHOOL-                           founded Wal-Mart, the discount         N.C., said that while Walton was      boycott against Walmart stores.”
CHOICE-                               store chain that would later become    “always focused on the big picture,   Kakadelis said Walton was unfazed
CHAMPION, JOHN                        one of the biggest companies in the    he never tired of hearing the indi-   by the criticism.
                                      world. In March, Forbes magazine       vidual stories of students who were
WALTON, DIES IN                       listed John Walton as No. 11 on the    so appreciative of his financial
PLANE CRASH                           list of the world’s richest people     assistance. He was delighted to
                                      with a net worth of $18.2 billion.     hear how some of the families I
(EP)—John Walton was remem-               Walton used some of his wealth     worked with in Charlotte had been
bered in news reports as one of the   to     support    non-government       helped, and how their lives had
richest men in the world. But edu-    schools, including Christian           changed.”
cation experts are remembering        schools. In 1998, he and Ted               Kakadelis added: “John was
him as one of the nation’s great      Forstmann founded the Children’s       undeterred by the naysayers who
champions of school choice.           Scholarship Fund to provide            questioned his commitment to pub-
   Walton died June 27 at the age     tuition assistance for low-income      lic schools. In 1998, the Wyoming
of 58 when the homemade experi-       families wanting to send their kids    delegation of the National
mental plane he was piloting          to private schools. The fund has       Education Association accused
crashed near the Jackson, Wyo.,       benefited some 67,000 students.        him of bashing public education
airport in Grand Teton National           Lindalyn Kakadelis, a former       and siphoning tax funds from pub-

                   SIERRA MOUNTAIN MYST                                                                              Warning!
                  PRESSURE CLEANING, LLC                                                                             Eating Bread sticks with
                                                                                                                       dipping sauce from
• TIRED OF LOOKING AT THE MOLD, MILDEW, AND JUST PLAIN                                                               Your Pizza Place
                                                                                                                   in Nixa may be habit forming.
   DIRT THAT’S COLLECTED ON YOUR HOME’S                                                                   The Ozarks Christian News cannot accept
                                                                                                              responsibility for any addictions

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                       SCOTT MORSE-
       Free             (417) 496-8290
      Quotes!             Your neighbors will thank you!
Page 6                                                                     August 2005                                        The Ozarks Christian News
                                            in June, but they have dropped the ball    lagging. There is even a greater gap in          not stand on the truths of God but on
                                            when it comes to preaching the truth. I    men and women pastors. Men have a                the truths of man and so we let abortion

 One                                        took a little trip to to
                                            look and see if there was a sur-
                                            vey on today’s pastoral beliefs.
                                                                                                                                              continue, homosexuality gain
                                                                                                                                              acceptance, and blasphemy to be
                                                                                                                                              the norm. Like the Marine, we
                                            Sure enough there was, and          Our pastors cannot preach                                     need a few good men to step up
                                            boy was I surprised. Being a                                                                      and do what is not popular to man
                                                                                the truth because they do
 Man’s                                      minister myself I held to the
                                            hope that my collogues would
                                            not let me down. Come to find
                                                                                  not believe the truth.
                                                                                                                                              but honoring to God. Next time
                                                                                                                                              you elect a pastor or a politician;
                                                                                                                                              find out if they have a biblical
                                            out only 51% of Evangelical                                                                       world view before you let them
                                            pastors hold to a biblical world                                                                  lead you. Your soul State, and

 Opinion                                    view. George Barna’s criteria for a bib-
                                            lical world view was that the Bible
                                            was inerrant, absolute truths existed
                                                                                       53% belief, while women only have
                                                                                       15% of their gender believing in a bib-
                                                                                       lical world view. Geography has a lot
                                                                                                                                        Country may depend on it.
                                                                                                                                            I appreciate your comments. Please
                                                                                                                                        send them to the paper so that I may
                                            and are found in the Bible, Christ was     to do with it as well. Northerners have          see the impact or lack thereof. I am
                                            sinless, Satan was real, God is all-       only 43% whereas the South has 58%               also available to speak to churches and
 Where have all                             knowing and all-powerful, Salvation        of their pastors who hold to the biblical        civic groups on many topics, especial-
                                            by grace and                                                          world view.           ly those I talk about here. Contact me
the Pastors Gone?                           not earned,                                                           With all this         at for infor-
                                            and we have                                                           being said, it        mation or booking. Also visit my blog
By now many of you are wondering            a responsi-                                                           is a pastor’s         at
what planet I am from and how any           bility       to                                                       problem we            to read more of one man’s opinion.
school ever gave me a degree. Well it       evangelize                                                            face.       We        Until next month, may God be with all
was my schooling that taught me to          (the     great                                                        expect      the       your hand finds to do.
think and not accept the status quo. I      commis-                                                               man in the
hope these articles will continue to        sion). It is no                                                       pulpit to be
inspire and challenge you to look           wonder we                          TRUTH                              the     mouth-
beyond the accepted and obvious and         are killing                                                           piece of God,
look deeper into everything there is to     babies and                                                            but who’s to
life.                                       accepting                                                             say his views
    That being said this months article     homosexual-                                                           are not cor-
was inspired by a pastor’s view of the      ity as normal. Our pastors cannot          rupting God’s message. I believe that
state of America and how it relates to      preach the truth because they do not       America is at a crossroads because we
many pastors. His premise was that          believe the truth.                         are electing men and women who have
America’s problem is a pastor prob-             According to the survey 71% of         or are being taught a world view that is
lem. While the title set me back for a      SBC pastors have a biblical world          not of God. When we do that we get
                                                                                                                                                   Chris Fluharty
second, I eventually began to see his       view while Pentecostal (my denomina-       people like Matt Blunt who claims to                    OCN staff writer
point. Churches today have not only         tion) 44%, and Methodist 27%               be pro-life but fails to respect life even
dropped the ball for the needy, as I said   (George W. Bush’s denomination) are        if it is in a petri dish. Our pastors do

                                                                                                         For 24 hours of Branson information
                                                                                                            and live entertainment, go to:
                            Bug                               Why eat fast food when you                                                      •    Party Room discount- 10% off

                         Problems?                             can eat good food fast?                                                            Free consulting on Chineese culture,
                                                                                                                                                  medicine, traveling, business, ect.
                                                           The daily special is just $3.95.        became a Christian. I have one wife

                                                           So, why would you eat fast food         and two kids. (Thanks be to God, in
                                                           when you can eat good food with-        China that is not allowed)                  Pastors Recieve
                              417-581-1703                                                             I extend a personal welcome to
                                                           out the wait of normal sit down
                                                                                                   you and your family to come and
                                                                                                                                              1/2 off reg. price!
                                                                                                   enjoy great food at a great price!
                                                                                                                                                    Just present church bulletin
   FLEETWOOD                                               Hi, my name is Shaw Shan and I
                                                                                                   •   Fri. Nite buffet w/ crab legs- $8.95
                                                                                                                                                       and this coupon from
                                                                                                                                                    The Ozarks Christian News
                                                           am the manager of the Dragon
  PEST CONTROL                                             Garden. I was born and raised in the
                                                           People’s Republic of China. My par-
                                                           ents are both doctors and told me a
                                                           little about Christians when I was
                                                               I came to America to go to school
                                                           and became a graduate from SM SU.
                                                           However, I could not return to China
                                                           because of what happened in
                                                           Tianmen Square. I went to California
                                                           to work and also that is where I
“The Cadillac Service of Pest Control”
The Ozarks Christian News                                                    August 2005                                                                       Page 7

Dr. Reid Answers                                             Q       I hear about
                                                                     heartworms         A     Do your dogs go potty outside?
                                                                                              Have you ever had a mosquito          A       Your vet-
 Your Pet Care                                               killing dogs.      My
                                                             grandpa used to worm
                                                                                        in your house? All it takes is one bite
                                                                                        from an infected mosquito.
                                                                                                                                    is correct. By 8
                                                                                                                                    months,      most
                                                             his horses with chew-                                                  males will feel
    Questions                                                ing tobacco. Won’t                 My veterinarian says my dogs        their hormones
                                                             that work for my dog?      Q       skin problem is caused by lack      and spray urine to

Q      I hear talk about dogs need-
       ing vaccinations. My grandpa
didn’t vaccinate his dogs and they                           A       Nicotine will
                                                                     kill some para-
                                                                                        of nutrition and wants me to feed
                                                                                        another food and give supplements. Is
                                                                                        this necessary?
                                                                                                                                    mark their territory. The urine smell
                                                                                                                                    becomes MUCH more offensive with
                                                                                                                                    puberty and the fighting instinct
lived.                                       sites, but only the ones least danger-                                                 begins. These habits may not reverse
                                             ous. Nicotine is toxic to dogs, and can            We see many skin problems           after neutering if allowed to begin.

A       Diseases are much more easily
        spread now with the mobility
                                             kill them. Heartworms are in the heart
                                             and lungs and can only be killed by a
                                                                                        A       caused by nutritional deficien-
                                                                                        cies. The skin is much more visible
that many pets experience. They are          special product given under hospital-      than internal organs that suffer from
not confined to “down on the farm”,          ized conditions. The parasite does         poor food, so it is an indicator of the
but often are taken to the park, lake,       much damage, thus prevention is the        body’s general health. We see many
hiking trails, the groomer and boarding      key. The preventative medication, sold     skin problems resolve with a moder-
facilities.                                  by prescription only is much less          ately priced food we recommend.
    Parvo virus is a highly contagious       expensive than treating the parasite. In   These problems often return after
disease that is usually fatal. It is easi-   addition, roundworms and hookworms         treatment with meds if the food is not
ly spread on one’s shoes. It came to         are dangerous parasites in humans that     changed. Don’t spend money on meds
the US in 1978, so it did not affect         are controlled with modern heartworm       and fail to change the root cause.
dogs here before that (grandpa’s day).       preventatives.
Rabies is a disease that is fatal in                                                             My Veterinarian says I should
humans and almost all animals. Laws
in most communities require rabies           Q      If my dogs are inside, they
                                                    shouldn’t need heartworm pre-
                                                                                        Q        have my tomcat neutered by
                                                                                        six or seven months or he may begin to
                                                                                                                                       R. Michael Reid, DVM
                                             ventative, since it is spread by mosqui-
                                                                                                                                       ANIMAL HEALTH CENTER
vaccination by a licensed veterinarian.                                                 spray urine. He is 6 months old now
The certificate is a legal document that     toes.                                      and does not spray. Is she just trying to      5341 N. GLENSTONE AVE.
can “save your hide” legally if your pet                                                do unnecessary surgery?                        SPRINGFIELD, MO 65803
bites someone.                                                                                                                         417-833-3122

                                                           Best Buy Regulates Violent                                 cashiers for compliance; an agreement by employees to
Massachusetts governor                                                                                                enforce store policies; and disciplinary action against

Romney appoints wife to                                    Game Sales                                                 employees who sell violent games to minors.
                                                                                                                            CBIS had filed a shareholder resolution calling for
                                                           (AgapePress) - Retailer Best Buy has implemented           Best Buy to publicly disclose its policy on violent
faith-based post                                           strict policies to prevent sales of mature-rated video     video games sales to minors. It was joined by Trinity
                                                           games to children and teens. Christian Brothers            Health, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in New
(EP)—Gov. Mitt Romney, a moderate                          Investment Services (CBIS) said that company's new         York, and Dominican Sisters in Michigan, in the reso-
Republican who has been mentioned as a possi-              rules may be the toughest policy in place among major      lution addressing the issue. CBIS spokeswoman Julie
ble presidential candidate, appointed his wife,            retailers in the U.S.                                                          Tanner said, "CBIS is encouraged by
                                                                In late December 2004, a 15-year-old boy --                                  this important first step at Best
Ann, to serve as Massachusetts’ chief liaison to
                                                           acting as part of a sting operation directed by                                    Buy." CBIS manages almost $4
religious and faith-based social service organi-                                                                     kill ‘em, kill ‘em        billion, combining faith and
                                                           the Illinois State Crime Commission --
zations. Romney said one of his wife’s jobs                                                                         kill ‘em, kill ‘em!!!      finance in stewardship of
                                                           entered the Best Buy outlet in Schaumburg
will be to help faith-based organizations apply            and purchased two video games rated M                                              Catholic financial assets.
for federal funds. Nationwide, faith-based                 (for mature audiences). That should not                                                 The steps taken by Best Buy
social service organizations received $2 billion           have happened, said a Best Buy                                                         are not simply a good thing in
in federal funds last year. Making it easier for           spokesman, because the rating indi-                                                    the abstract, says the leader of
                                                           cates content of the game has been                                                     the     American         Family
religious groups to win federal funds has been
                                                           found to be suitable for persons ages                                                  Association. "AFA and other
one of the goals of the Bush administration.                                                                                                      pro-family groups, as well as
                                                           17 and older.
Liberal groups have complained that federal                    The young boy was taken to a total                                                 medical and mental health
funding of religious groups is a violation of the          of 15 retail outlets in one day -- among                                               organizations, have been
separation of church and state. Some conserva-             them Circuit City, Sam Goody, Sears, and                                               warning for years about the
tive groups also object, saying that the federal           Blockbuster. At 11 of those, he was able to purchase                                   effects of violent media on
government will dictate how they should do                 M-rated games. He was refused purchase at Target, EB                                  kids," says Don Wildmon,
                                                           Games, Toys R Us, and Wal-Mart.                            AFA's founder and chairman.
ministry, or will relegate organizations who
                                                               Since that operation in Illinois, Best Buy has               Wildmon says what CBIS has done should encour-
refuse the funds to a marginal status in local                                                                        age other Christians to get involved. "Activism can
                                                           revamped its policy. New provisions of the policy
communities.                                               include: programming cash registers to prompt cashiers     work when responsible people address critical issues in
                                                           to ask for ID; a "mystery shopper program" to monitor      a reasonable manner," adds Wildmon.

                                                                                                     A good idea...A military expert and Pentagon advisor
                                                                                                     says the United States should look at Germany if it wants to
                                                                                                     find a way to solve the long-term military recruiting problem.
                                                                                                     While President Bush and most Pentagon officials want to
                                                                                                     avoid a draft, retired Army Lt. Colonel Bob Maginnis says
                                                                                                     unless the pace of the war on terror decreases, conscription
                                                                                                     might be America's best recourse. He notes, "I have a half-
                                                                                                     brother who lives in Germany who, when he was 18, after his
                                                                                                     high school, had to provide mandatory public service -- either
                                                                                                     the military or he could go into social service. It was still the
                                                                                                     same 18-month obligation. He helped invalids in his communi-
                                                                                                     ty, and it was an organized program." While his brother chose
                                                                                                     the social service option, Maginnis points out that the Germans
                                                                                                     "fill their army with conscripts who would rather go into the
                                                                                                     army." The military advisor says unless the current pace of the
                                                                                                     war decreases, the U.S. might have to reinstate the draft, and he
                                                                                                     feels the German option would be fair to everyone.
                                                                                                     (Agape Press)
Page 8                                                                           August 2005                                       The Ozarks Christian News

                                                                                                                there are others that follow.         am very thankful for a
                                                                                                                To say the KJV isn’t the best         Christian news source such as

                                                                                                                we have. What have we been            this one. I am a licensed ther-
                                                                                                                using for the past 400 years? I       apist and I work for a non-
                                                                                                                believe the KJV is the Bible          profit Christian counseling
                                                                                                                that God has preserved for the        center here in Springfield. I
                                                                                                                English speaking people.              understand the difficulties of
     Some Responses from                                                                                                                              working in a non-profit atmos-
                                                                                                                 Clint Chiles
      our friends and foes                                                                                                                            phere, but I also appreciate the
            (All letters to the                                                                                 The KJV scholars didn’t have          dedication and hearts of those
           editor may be edited                                                                                 the newer dead sea scrolls;           involved because I know there
                 for content)                                                                                   and, the NIV addresses “miss-         is a higher purpose for your
                                                                                                                ing verses” in footnotes,             work.
                                                                                                                explaining that older & more
   Send your comments to:            Ozarks Christian News                 Jeff, The only answer I know is      reliable manuscripts do not           Jenifer Sturdivan - Springfield
                                    107 Cedar Glade Road                   it will only work this year          have those particular sections.
                                    Ozark, MO 65721                        because next year you will be        -ed                                   Thank-you Jenifer, we always
                          e-mail:                                          one year older.       -ed            ________________________              pray that what’s in this paper
                                                                                                                                                      is what God wants in it, not us.
                                                                           Response to Article: Is the          I read the June copy of your          God’s purposes are always
                Let us know where you found us!                                                                 publication this weekend and          greater than ours.        -ed
                                                                           KJV the one and only Bible?
                                                                           (July Issue)
“The Love of Chocolate”              when the year is not part of the
                                     equation?                             What you fail to realize is                          L O V E by Willard Hawkins
We have several people in our        Just wondering!
office who really like                                                     that the different Bible
                                          Oh by the way, I picked          versions actually twist the
Chocolate. I tried the riddle on
Page 20 of your July issue and
of course it worked out as
                                     up this issue at my work
                                     Gospel Publishing House
                                     (GPH) and I have enjoyed
                                                                           word of God. The Bible
                                                                           people talk of today is the
                                                                                                              L         Is for the Lord ruling in your life.
                                                                                                                        To show you your mistakes your sin and strife.

planned. I gave the informa-                                               NIV. The NIV takes the
                                     reading it. I was glad to see                                                      Is for the Operation that took place in your heart,
tion to 3 people who ran the
numbers and of course it came
                                     that you mention not publish-
                                     ing cult listings alongside
                                                                           word of God and twists it.
                                                                           I know it sounds nice and
                                                                           easy to understand, but do
                                                                                                              O         when you said to the Lord, from sin I now depart.
out correctly for all of them.       places of worship. Some cur-                                                       Is for the Violence that’s gone for evermore,
     The questions are:
• Why choose a number more
than once a week or less than
                                     riculum     providers      have
                                     thrown aside truth in quest of
                                                                           you realize that it takes
                                                                           away from the deity of
                                                                           Christ? Without getting
                                                                                                              V         and for the Vision of the great and glorious shore.
                                     money.                                into great detail, the NIV                   Is for Eternity that you will enjoy there,
10 when those numbers work
out also?
• Why would this year be the
                                     Jeff Holbert
                                                                           leaves out some scripture.
                                                                           Now I know this is only
                                                                                                              E         if you live a life of service and spread LOVE
only year that this would work                                             attacking the NIV, but

       Regarding “Should Christians consume alcohol” (Cross Talk in July)                                                                    in excess is wrong. Romans 14, 15 and 1
                                                                                                                                             Corinthians 8, 9, 10, deal with areas of
                 Here are some letters and e-mails we received.                                                                              exterior living that Christians disagree on.
                                                                                                                                             Those with more freedom are able to do
                                                                                                                                             things that other Christian brothers and
W       hy would a follower of Jesus Christ
        involve themselves in drinking
alcohol? One ounce of alcohol increases
                                               thereof are the ways of death.” If you are
                                               on the path of drinking, get off!
                                               Abstinence is the highest and best choice
                                                                                              they do not treat it with the respect that
                                                                                              my family has but please don’t try and
                                                                                              use scripture to support your personal tra-
                                                                                                                                             sisters cannot. Romans 14:5 says " Each
                                                                                                                                             one should be fully convinced in his own
the required time to make a decision by        for the followers of Jesus.                    ditions. It is poor biblical exegesis.         mind" on such matters. We should not let
10%. It increases errors due to lack of                                                             Anthony Brigallio - Springfield          our differences in these opinions divide us
attention by 35%, and lack of muscular              Kathie Hoekstra - Springfield             --------------------                           --"So whatever you believe about these
coordination by almost 60%. An alcohol         --------------------------                                                                    things keep between yourself and God"
                                                                                                                                             (Romans 14:22). Scripture is clear
related car accident occurs once every 22
minutes. Personally, I have had two rela-
tives die at the hands of a drunk driver.      I  n regards to drinking alcohol; I grew up
                                                  in a Christian home and being of Italian
                                                                                              I believe it is permissible for Christians
                                                                                                to drink alcohol according to scripture.
                                                                                              Unfortunately many Christians focus on
                                                                                                                                             "whether you eat or drink or whatever
                                                                                                                                             you do, do it all for the glory of God" (1
     By avoiding legalism, we have come        heritage my family kept table wine right       exteriors in evaluating spirituality. Jesus    Corinthians 10:31). Unfortunately, it is
dangerously close to promoting license.        next to the salt and pepper shakers. We        focused on what was in a man's heart as        easier to maintain a set of outward stan-
Drinking alcohol is not an issue of “if you    had wine with our meals and as an adult        his measure of spirituality. He said it is     dards, than to regularly examine our
drink, you are not as spiritual as I am.”      enjoyed a cold beer on a hot day without       not what goes into a man that makes him        hearts for the root of evil. May we move
Jesus used wine as a remembrance of His        ever being drunk.                              unclean, but what comes out of his heart-      beyond outward measures of spirituality
shed blood.                                         I have no negative experiences with       evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft,       and "fix our eyes not on what is seen, but
     Drunkenness or alcoholism is a sin,       alcohol personally. There is no prohibi-       murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit,       on what is unseen. For what is seen is
not a disease. If it is a disease, it is the   tion from alcohol in the bible except that     lewdness, envy, slander, and arrogance         temporary, but what is unseen is eternal"
only disease contracted by an act of the       we be not drunk. Alcohol is a gift from        that make him unclean (Mark 7:13-23).          (2 Cor. 4:18).
will, bottled and sold, habit forming, and     God. Benjamin Franklin said, “Beer is          Jesus himself was accused of being a                       Free in Christ - Springfield
has no germ or virus cause. I Cor. 6:9-12      proof that God loves us and wants us to        drunkard because he drank wine
“...drunkard...shall [not] inherit the king-   be happy.” Of course he was not a theolo-      (Matthew 11:19). Because Jesus drank
dom of God...and such were some of you:        gian but was well acquainted with the          wine, does not mean that we have to,                 Cross Talk
but ye are washed, but ye are sancti-          Word.                                          but I do believe it opens the door if we
fied...All things are lawful unto me, but           Jesus drank wine. Paul told Ti mothy      want to. Jesus’ first miracle was to turn
all things are not expedient...I will not be   to take some wine for his stomach, and         the water into wine at a wedding when         Should Christian’s have their
brought under the power of any.” Over          God told the Israelites they were permit-      the wine ran out (John 2:3-11). And it         children in Public Schools?
time, isn’t that what alcohol does?            ted to buy strong drink during the Feast of    was the best wine at the wedding! If
     Exodus 20:5 tells us sin of the fathers   Tabernacles. I realize the carnage on our      Jesus did not want people to drink wine,
visits the children unto the third and         roads and the personal damage caused by        he surely wouldn't have made wine from                Send your opinions to:
fourth generation. Do you want that            alcohol abuse but I emphasis abuse.            water to "reveal his glory." Some say
                                                                                                                                                The Ozarks Christian News
responsibility on your shoulders?              There is no physical pleasure greater than     that the wine of Jesus’ day was not fer-
Children tend to fall into the same sinful     sex but just because it is so greatly abused   mented or alcoholic. I find that hard to      107 Cedar Glade Rd. • Ozark, MO
patterns as their parents.                     I haven’t abstained from its joy (in the       understand since the Corinthian church                      65721
     I John 2:15 “Love not the world, nei-     proper context of marriage).                   was getting drunk on the wine at the 
ther the things that are in the world. If           Drinking alcohol in moderation is a       Lord's supper (1 Corinthians 11:20-21).             500 words or less please
any man love the world, the love of the        Christian liberty that has not been an         They were some of the first Christians;
Father is not in him.” What happened to        offense to God in my relationship with         they were drinking alcohol. If the wine
being the salt and light so that the world     Him. Unfortunately, since the cultural         was not alcoholic, they could not have
wonders what it is that we have that is        temperance movement infected the               become drunk from drinking too much
different from what they have?                 church, evangelicals equate any alcoholic      of it. Now scripture is clear that drunk-
     Prov. 14:12 “There is a way which         consumption to be a sin. I think it is wise    enness--drinking in excess is wrong, just
seemeth right unto a man; but the end          for Christians to abstain from alcohol if      as scripture is clear that gluttony--eating
The Ozarks Christian News                                                 August 2005                                                             Page 9

  Movie                                                                                         Reviews

War of the Worlds • PG-13                                                                                             Charlie and the
Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning and Tim                       Herbie Fully Loaded • PG
Robbins                                                  Lindsay Lohan, Michael Keaton, Matt                        Chocolate Factory • PG
                                                         Dillon and Breckin Meyer            Johnny Depp, Freddie Highmore and
Review by: John Gregory                                                                      David Kelly
                                                         Review by: The Movie Gal
This movie might just be the worst film I have
                                                         I thought this movie was good. They took the           Review by: The Movie Gal
ever seen. In the 20 some years I have reviewed
movies on some level or another, I have never            idea from the original Herbie movies and kept
                                                         close to the same theme. It seems a lot of                      Great movie! From the previews, I
given zero stars. There was usually something I                                                                 was afraid it would be a little dark, but I'm very
could find of redeeming value. Since when are            remakes now-a-days are so much more graphic
                                                         and fast paced and take a lot of liberties with the    glad I went! I took my 11 and 21 year old
you not to develop any sympathy for the main
                                                         story plots and characters. The old Herbie             daughters and they really liked it. There was a
character (Tom Cruise). However, there is a first
                                                         movies were fun to watch, kind of silly, but           lot of laughing and good comments throughout
time for everything. This film looks like a couple
                                                         always ended well. Also, all the old Herbie            the movie and the audience actually applauded
of 14 year old boys broke into the special effects
department and ran amok for two hours. Even              movies were made by Disney for the whole fam-          at the end.
though the movie was very intense, I found my            ily and this new one is no exception. My fami-                  They followed the original version of
mind wandering. How odd is that? And what hap-           ly went - from 8 yrs old and up - and we all           Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory quite
pened to the ratings board? This PG-13 film most         enjoyed it.                                            well. The ending, however, was different and
certainly should be rated R for the violent and dis-                                                            much better the second time around. During
turbing images. This movie is a blatant horror film      Here’s a very short outline of the movie:              this movie you find out why Willy Wonka is a
at best! Steven Spielberg has finally risen to the                         He’s Back!                           little weird and he doesn’t yell at Charlie.
level of his incompetency. I feel most sorry for                                                                Personally, I didn't like Willie Wonka getting
Miss Fanning. I assume she has seen the final                                                                   upset with Charlie and his grandpa in the old
screening of this gruesome movie and I can't pos-                                                               version.
sibly imagine she is so desensitized to this genre.                                                                      The Oompa Loompas’ songs are also
If she is, at such a young age, this brilliant actress                                                          more modern (my eldest daughter actually likes
is certainly going to be warped and become anoth-                                                               them better). I guess I'm an old fuddy-duddy
er Hollywood casualty.                                                                                          because I liked the original silly songs but the
         Please treat this film as an R rated movie                                                             new songs still teach some good lessons. In
and spare your children. On second thought...                                                                   fact, the whole movie is full of positive family
spare yourself the two hours of your life that you                                                              values for everyone that chooses to see it.
will never get back! The lame narration at the end                                                                       Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is
was some token and poor attempt to drag Orsen                                                                   rated PG which, for once, is (right on target) a
Wells’ original script into this piece of junk. They                                                            very good rating. This movie is geared for all
                                                           I shouldn’t review the movie “Bewitched”
actually give God credit for the demise of the
                                                           because this is a Christian paper. But for           ages, however, for sensitive children their par-
“other worldly” enemy not surviving because of
                                                           those of you who grew up watching it.                ents may want to explain a few scenes.
His infinite wisdom to put into place an immunity
shield to all non-earthlings.                              You’ll enjoy this movie - they followed
   By the way, I am not alone in my acerbic review.        the original theme. They even used real              Overall, I highly recommend this movie, it
I cannot ever remember the audience loudly pro-            clips from the Bewitched TV show. It                 offers a good laugh, will warm your heart and
claiming “Give me a break!” and “Oh, brother!” I           was a light hearted fun movie to watch.              put a smile on your face!
have a new rating score. I give it- “ Four Yechks”!                             Boy, I’m in trouble now, huh?

 PG vs. R                                 spective when it is noted that a sin-
                                          gle R-film -- The Passion of the
                                          Christ -- brought in more than $370
                                                                                   wants movies that everyone can
                                                                                   enjoy." According to MovieGuide,
                                                                                   the total domestic box office for
                                                                                                                             total ($4.2 billion). The five G-
                                                                                                                             rated films in 2004 totaled only
                                                                                                                             $253 million.
Even though greatly outnumberd in
                                          million by itself. John Fithian,         movies in 2004 was more than $8.5         - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2004, films rated PG had a bigger
                                          president      of    the    National     billion. The biggest slice of the pie     Some PG-13 movies should be
share of the box office than those
                                          Association of Theater Owners,           went to the 104 PG-13 movies,             rated R!     - an opinion from the
rated R -- something that hasn't
                                          said, "Diversity is great, but family    which brought in almost half of the       movie gal
occurred since 1984. According to
                                          films sell better
numbers released by MovieGuide,                                                                                         Walk-ins Welcome
                                          than R-rated                                                                  Monday - Saturday
a publication of the Christian Film                                                                                       Noon to After
                                          f i l m s .
& Television Commission, the 98                                                                                            Midnight
                                          Sometimes it
R-rated movies released last year                                                                                              Hair Cuts
                                          seems       like                                                                  Hair Extensions
took in just over $1.8 billion; how-
                                          Hollywood                                                                              Color
ever, the 43 PG-rated films bested                                                                                          High/Low Lights
                                          overlooks the                                                                          Perms
that figure by more than $300 mil-                                                                                               Nails
                                          middle of the                                                                        Manicures
lion. The performance of R-rated
                                          country, which                                                                       Pedicures
movies is put into even greater per-                                                                                         Facial Waxing
                                                                                                                             Body Waxing
Page 10                                                              August 2005                              The Ozarks Christian News
(AgapePress) -                   the actor talked about how Growing Pains, a hit TV sit- making and bringing lost               wrath for ourselves, and
                                 the ministry has affected his uation comedy that aired on people to Christ, Cameron            without the forgiveness of
Successful actor                 life.                         ABC from 1985 to 1992, as makes it clear there is no             Christ, eternity is hell. I
Kirk Cameron has                     Cameron's work with well as for his leading man contest. "All of us have                   don't want the people I love
found a full-time                The Way of the Master min- stints as "Buck Williams" in someone or many people in              to spend eternity in hell."
                                 istries keeps                                                            our     lives            That is why Cameron
vocation in                      him busy, but                                                            that      we          insists that Christians
equipping fellow                 he has no            "While I love to do benign family know are                                should never back down
                                 regrets about
Christians to share
                                 how he spends
                                                    entertainment and fun, great things not we don't      but
                                                                                                                saved,          when it comes to sharing
                                                                                                                                the full gospel of Christ. He
their faith                      the bulk of his        that are exciting -- adventures,                  like to talk          feels every believer has a
effectively.                     time. He says,
                                                    comedies, dramas -- there's nothing about it,"But                he         responsibility and a calling
                                 "While I love                                                            says.                 to do so, and that helping
For several years now he         to do benign          more important than seeing that t a l k i n g                            others learn how to lead
has worked along with            family enter-
evangelist Ray Comfort to        tainment and
                                                   people go to heaven when they die." about evan-        with
                                                                                                                     it,        people to Jesus has been the
                                                                                                                                most important work of his
develop a ministry known         fun,       great                                                         gelical pur-          career.
as "The Way of the               things that are exciting -- two end-times thriller pose and effectiveness, is                  The Way of the Master
Master."                         adventures, comedies, dra- movies: Left Behind and what he believes every                      (
                                 mas -- there's nothing more Left Behind II: Tribulation Christian must learn to do.
Cameron and Comfort host         important than seeing that Force. He stars again in a "Sometimes we'll say, 'Well,
a weekly television show         people go to heaven when third film adapted from the if they die without Christ
that teaches believers how       they die."                    popular book series by Tim they'll go to ... a not very
to witness to friends, family,       The Christian television LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, good place ... H-E-double
or strangers using the Ten       and film star is known to Left Behind: World War III, hockey sticks.'" the actor
Commandments. During a           many fans for his portrayal which is now in post-pro- continues. "But the truth is
recent appearance on             of young charmer Mike duction.                            that the Bible says every
Trinity Broadcast Network,       Seaver on the show               But between movie- time we sin, we store up

  Your Skills                                Our Tools


                                                                          Scandal rocked the Maple Valley Church when it was discovered
                                                                            that the choir had been lip-syncing for the last six years.
  The owners at Handyman Rentals would like to thank the entire
     community for their support and prayers since the fire that
  destroyed their building. They said “It is very touching to know
       that our customers were concerned about our welfare”.                                                                  ...The head of the Presbyterian
                                                                                         News Briefs                          Church USA says entering the
                                                                                         The Vatican newspaper is             country illegally "should never
                                                                                         denouncing Canada's legaliza-        mean a death penalty." Church
                                                                                         tion of homosexual marriage.         Moderator Rick Ufford-Chase
                                                                                         Canada became the fourth             says this summer's unusually
                                                                                         nation to grant marital rights to    hot weather in the Arizona
                                                                                         same-sex couples when the            desert, with the temperature at
                                                                                         Supreme Court's chief justice        times over 120 degrees, has
                                                                                         signed the legislation July 20th.    raised the death toll from heat
                                                                                         The        Vatican          daily,   and dehydration. The Border
                                                                                         L'Osservatore Romano, says           Patrol says it has found more
                                                                                         making homosexual unions             than a dozen bodies of illegal
                                                                                         "equal to marriage," is a "distor-   immigrants       in    southern
                                                                                         tion of God's plan for the fami-     Arizona's deserts since Friday.
                                                                                         ly." The Roman Catholic              Ufford-Chase says he and other
                                                                                         Church in Canada, in line with       Christians have set up water sta-
                                                                                         the Vatican's worldwide policy,      tions in areas where immigrants
                                                                                         vigorously opposed the legisla-      have died. He says church
                                                                                         tion. The Netherlands, Belgium       groups also are sending out res-
                                                                                         and Spain also allow homosexu-       cue teams to provide food,
                                                                                         al marriage nationwide. [AP]         water and medical care. [AP]
The Ozarks Christian News                                                  August 2005                                                                                          Page 11

         oesn’t it seem like                                                                                                                                   ing a choice for Christ is.
         life is nothing more
         than one choice after
another? In fact, deciding to
                                     From The Lion’s Den
                                  type         of                                                                            type of choice are,
                                                                                                                                                               They think that they can put
                                                                                                                                                               off      this      decision.
                                                                                                                                                               Unfortunately, putting off
read this article was a choice.                                                                                                                               making a choice is a decision
                                  choice may                                                                                 "Should I go to
When choosing my topic I                                                                                                                                      of its own. Not saying "yes"
                                  have little or                                                                             college" and "Will
chose to choose "Choosing"                                                                                                                                    to Christ is the same as say-
                                  no effect on                                                                               I go to the movies
as my choice, hoping you                                                                                                                                      ing "no." Isaiah 55:6 (NIV)
                                  your future,                                                                               or study for the
would choose to read my                                                                                                                                       says "Seek the Lord while he
                                  but we all                                                                                 History Quiz?"
choice of choosing! There                                                                                                                                     may be found; call on him
                                  must make                                                                                  These are the
are many types of choices to                                                                                                                                  while he is near."
                                  hundreds of                                                                                choices that you
choose. Let’s look at some
                                  them every                                                                                 must      carefully
different types of choices.                                                                                                                                   I mean, Heaven is going to
                                  day. A second                                                                              consider because
                                                                                                                                                              be better then any Disney
                                  type of choice                                                                           a bad decision has
The first type of choice, to                                                                                                                                  World, and it’s not for just a
quote the famous duo,
                                  is the "No-        When choosing my topic I                                              consequences.
                                                                                                                                                              couple of weeks. Choosing
                                  b r a i n e r
Gilbert and Sullivan, is the
                                  Choice." This is  chose to choose "Choosing"                                         Out of all the many
                                                                                                                                                              to follow Jesus also helps
                                                                                                                                                              you find the answer to all of
                                  the kind of                                                                          choices in life, the
                                  choice where it
                                                     as my choice, hoping you                                          ultimate "Choice-to-
                                                                                                                                                              those other important choic-
Choice." Speaking of famous                                                                                                                                   es in your life. This happens
duos,      in     Downtown
                                  is obvious what
                                  you        should
                                                      would choose to read my                                          end-all Choices" is
                                                                                                                       also a "No Brainer"
                                                                                                                                                              by obeying the Bible and
Springfield, Missouri there is                                                                                                                                trusting the Holy Spirit to be
a wonderful restaurant/bak-
                                  choose, unless        choice of choosing!                                            It is if you will fol-
                                                                                                                                                              your guide. Talk about a "No
                                  you also just                                                                        low Jesus or not."
ery called Merle’s Hot Dog                                         been crazy not to go on the                                                                Brainer!" What could make
                                  happen to have failed finger                                                  Choosing Christ is a for now
Emporium        and    Sweet                                       trip. I’m just glad that my                                                                you say no?
                                  painting in Kindergarten. My                                                  and forever wise decision.
Susie’s. Once you’ve made                                          brother did quite fine in fin-
                                  brother just came back from                                                   Joshua 24:15 (NIV) asks us
the wise decision to go there,                                     ger painting.
                                  a fantastic trip to Disney                                                    to make that choice. It says
it really doesn’t matter what
                                  World with our grandparents.                                                  "choose for yourselves this
you choose from the menu or                                        Another type of choice is
                                  What if he had said that he                                                   day whom you will serve."
which of Susie’s one million                                       known as many things. The
                                  didn’t want to go on the trip?
flavors of cheesecake, cakes,                                      "Choose-wisely-grasshopper
                                  Can you imagine any sane                                                      Probably the trickiest type of
cookies or brownies you                                            Choice," the "Choice-to-end-
                                  kid saying no to that, espe-                                                  choice is the "Choosing-not-
choose to eat. You will still                                      all Choices," or just the
                                  cially if they have fun grand-                                                to-choose” so you just chose                        Daniel Bogle
have lots of money in your                                         "Hard-to-make-important
                                  parents like mine? It was a                                                   Choice. Some people don’t                     Freshman at Glendale H.S.
pocket and a delicious meal                                        Choice." Examples of this
                                  "No Brainer." He would have                                                   realize how important mak-                         Springfield, MO
you won’t soon forget. This
                                                                                                                                                                 1.      Baby bear
                                                                                                                                                                 4.      Bird that hoots
                                                                                                                                                                 7.      Use your teeth
                                                                                                                                                                 11.     Country next to Canada: Abbrev.
                                                                                                                                                                 12.     What a sheep says
                                                                                                                                                                 13.     You wear it on your hand
                                                                                                                                                                 14.     Bothers
                                                                                                                                                                 16.     Ran really fast
                                                                                                                                                                 17.     What “E” means, on a compass
                                                                                                                                                                 18.     Bird that’s similar to a falcon
                                                                                                                                                                 19.     Story that has a moral at the end
                                                                                                                                                                 21.     “___ the Builder” (kids’ show)
                                                                                                                                                                 22.     It might be pierced
                                                                                                                                                                 25.     Verbal
                                                                                                                                                                 26.     Hit with a ray gun
                                                                                                                                                                 27.     “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. _____”
                                                                                                                                                                 28.     Stuff that makes hair stiffer
                                                                                                                                                                 29.     Kool-_____ (kind of drink)
                                                                                                                                                                 30.     Sloppy
                                                                                                                                                                 31.     Aladdin rubbed a magical one
                                                                                                                                                                 33.     Beef or chicken for example
                                                                                                                                                                 34.     Pay-TV
                                                                                                                                                                 36.     Mexican food that might be
                                                                                                                                                                         stuffed with beans or beef
                                                                                                                                                                 39.     “You can say that _____!”
                                                                                                                                                                 40.     Muhammad ____ (famous boxer)
                                                                                                                                                                 41.     Animal that moos
                                                                                                                                                                 42.     Short letter
                                                                                                                                                                 43.     “Come and ____it!” (cook’s cry)
                                                                     DOWN                                                                                        44.     Barbie’s ex-boyfriend
                                                                     1. You drink out of it!              15.   Not short
                                                                     2. “___ your imagination!”           18.   Jump on one foot
                                                                     3. Babe Ruth used one: 2 words       19.   Weather that makes it hard to see              32. “I cannot tell _____ (2 words)
                                                                     4. Very fat                          20.   “Two heads ____ better than one”               33. Stubborn as a _____”: (2 words)
                                                                     5. Thing on a witch’s nose           21.   Naughty                                        34. “You ____ do it!”
                                                                     6. ____ Vegas, Nevada                23.   Commercials                                    35. A long time _____
                                                                     7. Part of a cat’s paw               24.   Last name of the author of: Curious George”    36. Sack
                                                                     8. Wayne Gretzky used one: 2 words   26.   ___ code (part of an address)                  37 Part of the foot
                                                                     9. Adam and _______                  27.   Listen to                                      38. “Mind your ____ business!”
                                                                     10. Marry                            29.   Word at the end of a prayer
                                                                     13. Snatch                           30.   ____ badge (something a Boy Scout Earns)                             Answers on pag 17

                                         Chocolate Marshmallow Madness
Prep Time: 20 Minutes                                                                    1. Melt butter in saucepan. Add 3 1/4 cups of marshmallows and stir
Chill Time: 20 Minutes                                                                   until completely melted.
                                                                                         2. Take off heat, add vanilla, and cool slightly. (about 3-5 minutes)
Makes approximately 3 1/2 dozen clusters                                                 3. Add the remaining ingredients and stir together JUST UNTIL com-
                                                                                            bined. Do not over mix.
3 Tablespoons of butter (unsalted if possible)                                                4. Spray hands with non-stick cooking spray, shape the clusters
4 1/4 cups mini-marshmallows (seperated)                                                      with your fingers, and place on a sheet of wax paper to cool com-
1 teaspoon of vanilla                                                                          pletely.
1 1/2 cups of broken pretzels (sticks work                                                     For thosewho don't want to get their fingers dirty, you can use a
the best)                                                                                      spoon.
3/4 cup of chopped peanuts
1/2 cup of rasins                                                                        FYI: If you are feeling adventurous, you can substitute some of your
1 cup of semisweet chocolate chips                                                       favorite snacks for the peanuts and raisins.
Page 12                                                                 August 2005                                   The Ozarks Christian News
                                                       the world. Sit back and experience the intelli-
                                                       gence of these amazing and talented creatures in
                                                       the fascinating and enlightening bird shows.
                                                       Located off Hwy 13 Branson West at Talking
                                                       Rocks Cavern.
                                                          The hillsides outside of Talking Rocks
                                                       Cavern in Branson West are now home to the
                                                       new Wings of the World outdoor bird exhibit.
                                                       Owned by Bruce and Dianna Herschend, the
                                                       bird park is home to more than 120 exotic birds.
                                                       Many of the rare feathered friends hail from

                                                                                                                Sulfur Crested Cockatoo from
E   njoy a 45 minute tour through
    “Missouri’s Most Beautiful
Cave”. Get up close and personal as
                                                                                                                Australia, their most endangered
                                                                                                                bird. For those craving a Jurassic
professional guides take you along                                                                              Park-like       meeting,        visit
lighted paths going 100 feet deep,                                                                              “Henrietta,” an Abyssinian Ground
through millions of living, glistening                                                                          Hornbill from Africa, a bird rarely
crystals. Tours depart frequently                                                                               seen in the United States.
everyday from 9:30 to 6:00pm. We                                                                                Currently, a Double Yellow Head
guarantee your family an incredible,                                                                            Amazon they’ve dubbed “Old
natural adventure!                                                                                              man,” is currently their oldest bird,
   Also, check out our Nature Trails,                                                                           estimated to be about 40 years old.
Lookout Tower, Gemstone Mining,                                                                                 Importing birds became illegal
crawl through our Speleobox, shop in                                                                            about 40 years ago and he was
our amazing Rock / Gift Shop and                                                                                imported from South America.
bring lunch for the Picnic Areas.                                                                               With some love and care, “Old
“Putt” around in the new Cave                                                                                   Man” can live to be about 70 years
Country Mini-Golf and new in 2005,                                                                              of age. “The Herschend’s have a
explore “Wings of the World” Bird                                                                               genuine admiration for nature and a
                                 Park.                                                                          passion for conservation,” says
                                 Fun                                                                            publicity and marketing manager,
                                 f o r                                                                          Janell Honey-Davis.
                                 everyone!             Asia, Africa, South America and Australia.     Wings of Magic Shows and Wings
                                    Along an outdoor, wheelchair accessible 1/4- Educational Shows performed Daily.
                                 ingrockscav-          mile path, onlookers can get a birds-eye
                                      view of rare birds such as “Jesse,” a Lesser
                                      Walk the
                                 paths of this
                                 Bird Park full
                                 of    beautiful
                                 Exotic    birds
                                 from all over

 What does the “YKK” engraved on your zipper stand for?
    Six correct answers will recieve free tickets to both “Talking Rocks Cavern” & “Wings of the World” in Branson, MO
                                     The first 2 from e-mail, 2 from regular mail, and 2 from fax will be the winners.
     Please include your mailing address and where you picked up the paper. Mail answers to: The Ozarks Christian News • 107 Cedar Glade Rd. • Ozark, MO • 65721
                                                    E-mail to: • Fax to: 417-485-8812
The Ozarks Christian News                                     August 2005               Page 13

Faith in Branson
Al Brumley Jr.
Promotes a New
PBS Project
Al Brumley Jr., son of the late Al Brumley, author of
numerous gospel classics, is holding a one-day-only
special performance August 11th. Shows will be
held at 10am and 3pm at the Tri-Lakes Center (for-
                                                          Log on to
mer Mel Tillis Theatre) at 2527 State Hwy 248, in
Branson, Missouri. The variety shows will feature
pop, country and gospel music. Tickets are only $5
for each show. "The two shows are different and
folks are welcome to attend both," Al explained. The
goal is to fill up the theater, since the shows will be
filmed. "It's entertainment at 1950's prices," said
Brumley. The show will be taped and later played
on PBS and may air on cable networks as well.

Brumley stated, "It can be an educational experi-
ence for people to see how a TV show is made and
how a film crew works." He noted that they may
need to stop and restart the program if there is a big
mistake, but believes they can carry it off without
any glitches. And with their all-star band, they
should be able to accomplish just that. Brumley has
put together musicians that he calls "the best of
Branson" for these shows.

The shows called "A Stroll Down Memory Lane
with Al Brumley Jr." will feature the Les Brown
Band, The Lawrence Welk Band, members of Bobby
Vinton's band, and members of the Springfield
Symphony. Debbie Brady from Detroit, Michigan
will join the production. She has previously per-
formed in Branson. Al says, "she has one of the best
female voices I have ever heard." Tom Brumley, one
of the greatest steel guitar players in the world and a
former member of Buck Owens' band, the
Buckaroos, will also be playing in the shows. Tom is
Al's brother.

Some of the songs being featured include old pop
hits such as "Because of You," "Sail On, Silvery
Moon," and '"My Blue Heaven." Country favorites
will include Patsy Cline's "Crazy" and Hank
William's "Jambalaya." The Brumleys will also per-
form some of their father's classic gospel songs --
"I'll Fly Away," "Jesus Hold My Hand," and "Turn
Your Radio On."

Al Jr. says his current project is "just something I
have always wanted to do." As long as the lyrics are
family oriented and clean, he feels it is in keeping
with his strong Christian values to enjoy a variety of
music styles. "Christians should have fun," said
Bromley. And by the twinkle in his eye, it is evident
that he has had fun putting this production together.

Following his father's heritage, Al and his wife,
Robin, have toured the states many times over the
last several decades presenting gospel music to hun-
dreds of churches. Al Jr. has also had a presence in
Branson with various music shows over the years.

Al Jr. was born and raised in Powell, Missouri a town
with the booming population of 55. Robin hails from
Monett, Missouri, where she and Al currently live.
Both Al and Robin grew up in Christian homes, and
they now attend a small country church, Bethel
Baptist. Their daughter lives in Monett, and their son
resides in Nashville, TN. For the Brumleys, family
and faith are their main priorities.
Page 14                                                                     August 2005                                The Ozarks Christian News

       ne of the greatest than the Lord! Thank Him                          Petition Him to             (Psalm 34:13), and to “take        that you take time out of

       gifts God gives us for giving you                                      bring salva-              captive every thought to           every      day—preferably

       is the ability to a n o t h e r                                         tion to those            make it obedient to Christ,”       when you first awaken—to
communicate with Him                                                             who     are            (2 Cor 10:5).                      commune with Him. Paul

through prayer. However,                                                          lost. Give                                               encourages all believers to

many of us can’t                                                                   God their            Praying should never feel          “devote yourselves to

seem to                                                                   names. Inquire of             like a chore, nor should it        prayer, being watchful and

                                                                  Him what direction you                ever be your “grocery list”        thankful,” (Col 4:2) and to

                                                                are to go today, for we                 of things you “need” Him to        “pray continually”, (1Thes
                                                     day. Think should never rely on our                do for you. No; prayer is,         5:17)
                                             of your many own ability when we are                       literally, talking with God.
                                     blessings, reflecting on faced with important deci-                When you talk with your            Dearest fellow believers, I
                                   each one, and then                                                            friends, do you give      challenge you to do this
                  “find the        show your gratitude to                                                        them a “to-do” list,      every day for one week.
         time” to sit down         Him for those things.                                                         and then go on your       The Lord will richly bless
with our Heavenly Father           Ask Him to examine                                                            way? Of course not!       you for your faithfulness,
daily, and this is unfortu-        your heart and forgive                                                        In the same way,          and you will wonder how
nate. Once you have estab-         any sins that may                                                             God desires a real        you ever made it through
lished your daily routine, it      linger there. If you are                                                      relationship with         your day without it!
is difficult to add something      aware of any iniquities                                                       you. Yes, He wants
new. But let me encourage          you have committed,                                                           to bless His children
you by reminding you that          confess those to Him                                                          with gifts, but He
your walk with Jesus should        with a repentant heart.                                                       also yearns to just
be daily—not just on               He promises us in His                                                         talk with each one
Sundays.                           Word that “if we con-                                                         and be part of their
                                   fess our sins, He is                                                          day!
To begin, you must set your        faithful and just and
alarm clock 30 minutes ear-        will forgive us our sins and sions. Finally, ask Him to              We worship a loving God
lier. The quiet time of the        purify us from all unright- be with you every second of              who, like a father, wants our
morning is the most pre-           eousness,” (1 John 1:9). the day, to “keep your                      lives to be lived to their
cious time of your day, and        Ask God for His protection tongue from evil and your                 fullest. In order to experi-          Christina M. Dickson
who better to spend it with        for your loved ones. lips from speaking lies,”                       ence this fullness, it is vital        OCN Staff Writer

            “...I am with you always...”                                                                                                     Mathew 28:20

 Ministries Directory- Contact:                                       Ozarks Christain News - 107 Cedar Glade Road • Ozark, MO 64721
                                                                      (417) 485-8811 • email:-

                                                                                                        A medically monitored day          Margaret Geiger
  erica     kNOw M                                                                                      environment for the elderly and    (417) 852-3595
Am leep               ore
  As                                                                                                    disabled adults                    Engaging persons 55 years
                                                                                                                                           and older in volunteer service
                                                                                                        Families for Children              to meet critical community
                                    “The Convoy of Hope has
                                                                                                        627 N. Glenstone                   needs and to provide a high
     P.O. Box 130                   made dignity a pillar of the                                        Springfield, MO                    quality experience that will
 Humansville, MO 65674              ministry, refusing simply to                                        (417) 862-3586                     enrich the lives of the volun-
    (417) 754-8774
                                    unload food off the back of a                                       Kate Baldi - email:                teer
                                    truck. At Convoy events, the                              
    Greg Thompson                   poor are respected as honored
                                                                                                        An     innovative      program     Springfield Victory
                                                                                                        designed to recruit new foster     Mission
An action ministry helping               -Christianity Today
                                                                                                        homes in Greene County by          205 W. Commercial
Christians come together in         Convoy of Hope                       Convoy of Hope workers         providing information, educa-
 the body of Christ to do           330 S. Patterson Ave.             praying with hurricane victims                                       Springfield, MO
                                    Springfield, MO 65802                                               tion and technical assistance to
         God’s will                                            
                                                                                                        people wanting to open their       (417) 831-6387
                                                                                                        hearts and homes to foster chil-   James M. Harriger
                                    Grief Share                       Crosslines                                                 
                                                                      1710 E. Chestnut Expwy.           dren
                                        your journey from             Springfield, MO                                                      Ministry to poor & home-
                                            mourning                                                    New Every Morning                  less men, women & fami-
CCFP                                                                  (417) 869-0563
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1531E. Sunshine E-1                         to joy...                 Pam Copling
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(800) 818-6812                        1301 Boonville Ave.             since 1969 by providing food,     A Christian Ministry of love       P.O. Box 3947
Vicki McMillen                          Springfield, MO               clothing and other support        to those affected by homo-         Springfield, MO                        (417) 866-5013                services                          sexuality                          (417) 862-3586
Playing a   significant role in      If you’ve lost someone close
                                                                                                                                           (417) 882-4243
enhancing   the quality of child    to you, or know someone who       Daybreak
                                    has, please call us to find out                                     RSVP                     
care in      30 counties in                                           Adult Day Care
                                        more information about                                          Retired & Senior                   Providing accredited, excep-
Southwest   and South Central                                         1461 E. Seminole
                                     our weekly Griefshare semi-                                                                           tional therapeutic riding expe-
Missouri.                                                             Springfield, MO                   Volunteer Program
                                    nar/support group. We know it                                                                          riences, improving the quality
                                                                      (417) 881-0133                    627-N. Glenstone
                                      hurts and we want to help                                                                            of life for those in the Ozarks
                                                                      Rick Stephenson                   Springfield, MO
 The Ozarks Christian News                                              August 2005                                                                                  Page 15

                       Leaves on the Vine...
                                  Forsyth                                                           Sunsay- 9:30 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.                 The Salvation Army
First Assembly of God             First Baptist                                                     Sunday Eve. 6:30 p.m.                          1707 West Chestnut
                                  Church of Forsyth                                                 Wednesday 6:30 p.m.                            (417) 862-5509
211 E. Walnut                                                                                       Thursday Youth 6:30 p.m.
                                  205 Coy Blvd.                                                                                                    Major Norman Grainger
(417) 678-3811                                                                                      Pastor Billy H. Burris
                                  (417) 546-4452
                                                                                                                                                   South Street
                                  Pastor Jim Locke                       River of Life
Battlefield                                                                                         Redeemer Lutheran Church                       Christian Church
Battlefield                                                            Lutheran Church              2852 S. Dayton                                 500 South Avenue
                                                                     4900 S. Farm Rd. 189           (417) 881-5470                                 (417) 862-7079
Assembly of God
                                                                        (417) 881-2409              Sunday- 8, 11 AM & 5PM                         Pastor George Latimer
5154 S. Hwy FF
                                                                       Worship- 9:30 a.m.           Sunday School- 9:30 AM
(417) 882-1116
                                                                     Sunday School-11 a.m.          Pastors- Jeffrey Sippy                         Providence
Sunday School- 9:45 AM
                                                                       Youth-Wed-7 p.m.             & Duane Maas                                   Presbyterian Church
Sun. Worship- 10:45 AM                     423 South Street           Pastor Jim Buckman                          910 West Battlefield Road
Evening- 6:00 PM                            (417) 725-9383
Wednesday- 7:00 PM                                                                                                        (417) 887-8445
                                          SS-9:30/Wor.-10:30                                        Ridgecrest Baptist Church                      Pastor Derek Morrison
Pastor Rich Orrell                                                      2210 West Republic
Branson                                  Pastor Tony Christian                                      (417) 887-2317                                 Strafford
                                                                 Springfield                        Worship & Bible Study
Backstage-                                                                                          8:30, 9:45, 11:00 a.m.                         Bass Chapel
Hwy 248 & Shepherd of the Hills                                  Calvary Chapel                     Pastor Hosea Bileu                             Baptist Church
expy. (Mansion America)           Aldersgate United              of Springfield                                 8417 N. State Hwy 125
(417) 337-9476                    Methodist Church               2440 E. Seminole                                                                  (417) 736-2401
Sunday 10 AM                      401 Young Street               (417) 888-5030                                                                    Pastor Tony Ball
Local Pastors & Musicians         (417) 725-4949                 Sunday- 10 AM
                                  Sun. Tradition- 8:30 AM        Wednesday- 7 PM
First Assembly of God             Contempoary- 9:45 AM           Pastor Tom Humphrey                          Silver Springs                       Willard
600 West Main Street              Contemporary- 11:00 AM                                                        New Hope
SS- 9:45 AM (417) 334-3803        Sunday School @ each time
                                                                                                                                                   Lone Star Baptist Church
                                                                                                               Full Gospel                         3518 W. Farm Rd. 44
Sun. Worship- 10:45 AM            Pastor- Dr. Lee Strawhun                                              1119 North National Street
Evening- 6:00 PM                                                                                                                                   (417) 742-3102 or 376-2791
                                  North Nixa                                                                 (417) 865-4005
Wednesday- 7:00 PM                                                                                                                                 Sunday School- 10:00 a.m.
                                                                                                         Sunday School- 10 a.m.
                                  Baptist Church                    2101 W. Chestnut Expwy                                                         Worship- 11:00 p.m.
                                                                                                          Sunday Night- 7 p.m.
First Baptist Church              1730 N. Hwy CC                         (417) 865-4338                                                            Eve.- 7:30p.m.
                                                                                                         Wednesday Night- 7 p.m.
400 S. Sunshine street            (417) 725-5355                     Bishop David Knox, Jr.                                                        Wed.- 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                                          Pastor Ronnie S. Dean
(417) 334-7437                    Sun. Worship- 10:30 AM            SS-9/worship 10:15 AM                                                          Pastor Ron Armitage
8:00 AM- Worship                  Pastor Jerry Francisco   
9:15 AM- Sunday School                                                                                                                             Willard Assembly of God
10:30 AM- Worship                 Ozark                                                             Springfield First Church                       203 Miller road
                                                                                                    of the Nazarene                                (417) 742-4235
                                                                                                    3245 S. Kansas Ave.                            Pastor William Shackleford
                                                                                                    (417) 882-5992
                                                                                                    Sunday School- 9:30 AM                         Willard United
                                                                                                    Worship- 10:30 AM/ 6 PM
    Something to Celebrate!                                                                         Wednesday- 7:00 PM
                                                                                                                                                   Methodist Church
                                        6100 N. 19th Street                                                                                        304 Farmer Road
                                          (417) 581-5433
                                                                   3225 North Farm Rd. 123                                                         (417) 742-2414         SS and worship at- 9:00 &                                       Springfield United
                                    10:45 a.m.-Sun. Eve.- 6 pm
                                                                        (417) 833-8309                                                             Contemporary- 8:30 AM
                                                                                                    Reformed Fellowship                            Traditional- 11:00 AM
                                    Wed. Nite prayer- 7:00 PM     Sun.- 8:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m.
       Tri-Lakes Center                                                                             2434 E. Cherry Street                          Rev. Jeff Johnson
      2527 State Hwy 248                Pastor John Lindell       Sunday Evening- 6:00 p.m.         (417) 885-3816
        (417) 339-4041                  Wednesday- 6:30 p.m.            Sunday- 11:15 AM & 5 PM
    Sunday School- 9:30 AM                                        Pastor Scotty Killingsworth
                                                                                                    Southern Heights
      Worship- 10:30 AM                                 
                                                                                                    Bible Church
                                                                                                                                                          List Your
     Wednesday- 6:30 PM           Selmore Baptist Church
                                  4768 Selmore Road
                                                                                                    2228 S. Jefferson Ave                                church here!
                                                                 Grace Life Fellowship              (417) 887-0820
                                  (417) 582-6483
                                                                 2223 E. Kearney
                                                                                                    Sunday School- 9:45 AM                                Call us at:
                                  9 a.m. Sunday School                                              Sunday Worshup- 10:45 AM
                                  10 a.m. Sunday Service
                                                                 (417) 862-2220
                                                                 Sunday Service-10:00 AM
                                                                                                    Sunday Evening- 6:30                               (417) 485-8811
                                  Wed.- Youth Growth- 7 p.m.                                        Wed- Prayer/Study 7:00 PM
                                                                 Wednesday- 7:00 PM                                                                    107 Cedar Glade
                                  Pastor Joshua Hall             Pastor Vic Porter                  Vineyard Fellowship
                                                                  5335 S. Campbell, Suite 1
                                                                                                                                                       Rd. Ozark, MO
                                  Victory Baptist Church                                            In the James River Center                                       65721
                                  5058 State Hwy W               Glendale Christian Church          (417) 886-6965
                                                                 2110 S. Blackman Road                                                    
                                  (417) 581-2257                                                    Pastor Tim Stagner
                                                                 (417) 881-7614           
                                  Sun. 9:15 a.m. prayer
                                                                 Sunday School-9:45 AM       Sunday School- 10:00 a.m.      Traditional- 8:30 AM
Pastor Mark Shorey w/wife Kari    Sunday Service- 11:00 a.m.     Contemporary- 10:30 AM
                                  Sun. Evening- 6:00 p.m.        Pastor B.A. Austin, Jr.
New Horizons                      Wed.- Bible Study- 7 p.m.
Community Church                  Wed. Youth Service- 7 p.m.
627 Skyview Drive                 Pastor Bob Long                Pitts Chapel
(417) 294-4900                                                   United Methodist Church
Sunday- 10:00 AM                                                 600 N. Benton
Wed. Binble Study- 6:30 PM        Rogersville
                                                                 (417) 866-1720
Pastor- Dr. Don Brezavar                                         SS-10 a.m.
                                  Calvary Apostolic Church
                                                                 Worship- 11:30 a.m.
Brighton                          301 South Main Street
                                                                 Sun. Eve.- 6:30 p.m.
Noble Hill Baptist Church
                                  (417) 753-3738                                                 Coupon must be presented prior to purchase. Not valid with any     Exp. 8/31/2005
                                                                                                  other offer or discount. LIMIT: One coupon per party per visit.
3285 West Farm Rd 36              Sunday 2:00 PM                 Praise Assembly of God
(417) 742-5227                    Thursday- 7:00PM               3535 N. Glenstone
Pastor James Sewell               Pastor John M. Curtis          (417) 833-3000
Page 16                                                          August 2005                           The Ozarks Christian News

50s Musical                                      Coke4U has supplied many of the props. reography by Melody Williams. The show will
                                                 Costuming, in authentic 50’s style, is being done play every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night
“HiTops”                                         by Diana Hassani. A cast of 22 is being co- at 7:30 from July 21st through August 27th.
at Stained Glass Theatre                         directed by Laura Holloway and Chris McNeal,          Advanced reservations and early arrival at
                                                                                                      the theatre are recommended. An optional
                                                                                                        catered dinner (served at 6:30 p.m.) will be
It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 50, (more or
                                                                                                        available on Saturday performances only
less is OK too) the sound of 50’s music is uni-
                                                                                                        and special arrangements have been made
versally appealing. Add to that a live band,
                                                                                                        with Springfield’s Incredible Pizza for
high energy, wide name recognition, a great
                                                                                                        Friday night youth group packages.
cast of singers and dancers, and a great set and
                                                                                                        Complete ticket information is available at
it rises to a whole new level of enjoyment. If
                                                                                                        the theatre ticket office (417) 581-9192,
that’s all that HiTops had to offer it would be
                                                                                                        between noon and 5 p.m., Tuesday through
enough. But HiTops, by Ernie & Debbie
Rettino, offers a look at peer pressure in the
                                                                                                           For those not familiar with Stained Glass
kind of life-changing light that only God can
                                                                                                        Theatre, complete history and information
                                                                                                        is available through their website at:
    The show is being underwritten by
Coke4U, corporate sponsor, Calvary Chapel
                                                                                                        Stained Glass Theatre is a non-profit, non-
of Springfield, church sponsor, and the media
                                                                                                        denominational theatre ministry Serving
sponsor is 88.3 the WIND fm. Technical
                                                                                                        Christ Through the Arts in the Springfield
Director, Bobby Caringer, has outdone him-
                                                                                                        area for the last 22 years. It’s located at:
self with the set, which is a 50’ HiTops’s diner
                                                                                                       1996 W. Evangel, Ozark, MO 65724
with a real soda fountain counter with stools,              Picture by: Bobby Caringer
                                                                                                   (Behind Q.T. Gas Station at Hwys 14 & 65)
black and white tile and a ton of chrome.
                                                 with musical direction by Lolita Bear and cho- (417) 581-9192

                                                 Open 24 Hours                                                “Look to the Lord
                                                     339 S. Glenstone • Springfield                            and His strength,
                                                      (accross the street from Lighthouse Lanes)                 seek His face
                                                                 (417) 831-6777
 Daily Special Buffet • $4.99                                    Locally Owned!
 Children eat free with 1 paid adult • M.T.W
     Excellent Steaks & Mexican Food.                   Good Food at a Good                                            Psalm 105:4 NIV


   Special Bonus: Purchase a vehicle and get a $50.00 Gift Certificate
                                          First ten customers. Expires August 31, 2005

                        1601 E. St. Louis
                         (417) 862-2299                                                                        DENNIS AND DAVID
                                                    Corner of Hwy 160 & AA in Nixa                         1543 E. Kearney • Springfield
                                                             (417) 725-9233                                       (417) 866-6961

                                                                            2003 Ford
                          1995 Corvette                                                                                          2000 Honda
                                                                         Winstar Mini-Van
                            Red Hot!                                                                                               CRV - EX
                                                                      Equipped Not Stripped
                          Priced Right!                                                                                            4x4 / 75K
                                                                        This One’s A Steal
                           $12,995.00                                                                                             $11,994.00

                      2003 Honda Pilot EX                                   1994 Pontiac                                      2004 Taurus SES
                        Only 39 K Miles                                   Grand AM Sedan                                          V6 / 40K
                           3rd Seat                                    V-6 & Nicely Equipped                                     Loaded!!!
                         Hard to Find!                                   SAVE BIG !!! Only                                       $10,995.00
                          $24,995.00                                          $2,997.00

                            2001 Ford                                        1997 Ford                                           2001 Town &
                        Ranger XLT 4wd                                    Aerostar Mini-Van                                       Country EX
                         Extended Cab                                      Traded-In Here                                           Dual Air
                        4.0 V6 Automatic                                   Super Clean!!!                                         Quad Seats
                           $12,995.00                                      Only, $2,997.00                                         $9,995.00

                                                                             2001 Dodge
                           2000 Toyota                                 1/2 Ton 2WD Short Bed                                   2001 Dodge SLT
                            Avalon XL                                       Traded-In Here                                        4x4 / 59 K
                           6 pass/105 K                                     Sips Gas ~ V-6                                        Quad Cab
                             $9,995.00                                         $5,497.00                                         $14,995.00
The Ozarks Christian News                                                         August 2005                                                                         Page 17
                                                                                                                print.                                other vendors offer a 6 mega-
        DESK TOP VS NOTEBOOK?                                                                                        Ink jet printers do a pret-      pixel camera in the $300
                                                                                                                ty good job, but they are cost-       range that provides great
         “ASK D O U G”                                                                                          ly to print as anyone knows
                                                                                                                who continually has to
                                                                                                                                                      quality prints and is extreme-
                                                                                                                                                      ly easy to use.
                                                                                                                replace those print cartridges.
                                                                           15” screens are really nice               If you are serious about

          I have always had            unit. The best advice I can
                                                                           and recommended. Also con-           wanting to print your own, I
          a desktop comput-            give to someone wanting to
                                                                           sider the weight of the unit.        would look for a dye subli-
          er but am consider-          purchase a notebook is to not
                                                                           The weights vary from four           mation printer. You will see
ing a notebook. What am I              skimp on performance. Most
                                                                           pounds to as much as eight,          prices ranging from $200 to a
giving up in doing so?                 desktops can be upgraded in
                                                                           and is a big issue usually to        $1,000. Some only offer 4x6
                                       some capacity, but with note-
                                                                           ladies as well as users that         prints or smaller, where some

           Absolutely noth-            books, essentially what you
                                                                           travel a lot.                        offer much bigger and a bet-
           ing! In many cor-           buy is forever what that note-
                                                                                                                ter variation of print paper.
           porate     environ-         book will be. Yes, you can
                                                                                                                    I also like the printers that

ments, notebook computers              upgrade RAM and hard drive                     I am looking for a
                                                                                      color printer and         have a screen that allows me
(also referred to as laptops)          size, but notebook parts carry
                                                                                      have been sur-            to view pictures from a mem-
outsell desktop units. The             a premium in price and those                                                                                             Doug Pitt
                                                                           prised to see so many                ory card, without the use of a
greatest advantage is porta-           upgrades are often not cost
                                                                                                                PC. I find this very helpful                   President of
bility, and with wireless Hot-         effective.                          options. What is the best
                                                                           printer to use for printing my       when I have just shot some                    Service World
Spots all over town, being                  They can save someone
                                                                           digital pictures?                    pictures and want to print out             1409 W. Sunshine St.
able to access the Internet            money who may purchase a
                                                                                                                a quick picture. It can be a                 Springfield, MO
from anywhere has only                 PC for work and one for the
                                                                                                                pain having to get on the PC                  417-831-7077

heightened the excitement.             home. The notebook can be                     Dye sublimation
                                                                                     printers are going         every time to do this.
    As a rule, you will pay 20         used at both places with the
                                                                                     to give you the best            Now that digital cameras
to 30 percent more for the             added advantage that all of
                                                                           quality print. Epson is a            have really come down in
same features in a notebook            your programs and files are
                                                                           company that makes printers          price, I would recommend
versus a PC of the same qual-          the same at both places. It is
                                                                           for the digital market, and          one that has at least 2 mega-
ity. But as far as features go,        critical that you have a data
                                                                           they offer a proprietary tech-       pixels. But I highly recom-
notebooks often have more              backup system in place.
                                                                           nology that provides a quality       mend 4 or better. Canon and
options than a like desktop                When buying a notebook,

   Need a Handy Man?                                                       Crossword Key from pg 11

                   Massey & Sons, LLC
      Home Maintenance, Home Repairs, Yardwork, Painting,
            Gutter Cleaning, Mowing and More...
Ray Massey Owner - 417-724-1539 cell - 417-343-1524
        1051 Arrowhead Dr. • Nixa, MO 65714                                                                                   Contemporary Christian Music
                                                                                                                                   Branson news and weather
                                                                                                                                Also listen at

                                                                           "This study is a great confirma-     Southern Ba ptists end                from the 1940s into the 1970s.
    NATIONAL BRIEFS                                                        tion of something that supporters    boycott of Disney                     Most of the abuse was blamed
                                                                           of abstinence education have         (EP)—Southern Baptists ended          on an American missionary,
‘Religious left’ organizes             Australian pastor                   known for some time.                                                       William Pruitt, who died in 1999
                                                                                                                an eight-year boycott of the Walt
activist group                         faces jail for ‘intolerant’         Abstinence pledges, which we         Disney Co. that had targeted          and was also accused of abusing
(EP)—A new group that claims           comments                            know are almost always promot-       Disney for violating “moral           children in the United States.
to be both Christian and liberal       (EP)—Two Christian pastors in       ed by churches and other faith-      righteousness and traditional         These disclosures motivated the
has formed to counter the influ-       Australia who said Islam was an     based groups, can and do make a      family values.” The decision to       current changes, which require
ence of such groups as the             inherently violent religion may     real difference." The study find-    end the boycott came in a vote        ministers, deacons and elders to
Christian Coalition. The               face jail time for refusing to      ings, Klepacki says, should          on the final day of the denomina-     report to civil authorities if they
Christian Alliance for Progress        apologize for their comments. A     encourage the Christian commu-       tion's annual convention June 22.     know of abuse, or the risk of
announced its plans on June 22         Victoria state tribunal ordered     nity to "continue and even           The Southern Baptists are fol-        abuse.
in both Washington and                 Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot       increase" their efforts at promot-   lowing the lead of the American
Jacksonville, Fla. Founders of         to apologize for comments they      ing abstinence.                      Family Association, which origi-      N.C. judges consider
the group said it will promote         made in a speech, on a Web site                                          nated the boycott and which           legality of swearing on
equality for gays and lesbians,        and in a church newsletter in       Public broadcasting                  called for an end to it last month.   Quran in court
abortion rights, health care for all   March 2002. Their convictions       under scrutiny                       The resolution ending the boy-        (EP)—North Carolina judges
Americans, and peace over war.         were the first under the state’s    (EP)—An appropriations panel         cott called on Christian families     will consider if courtroom wit-
                                       anti-vilification laws, passed in   has recommended that govern-         to “continue to monitor” the          nesses can be sworn in on the
Bi blical account of                   2002. “Right from the inception,    ment funding for the Public          Disney company and other enter-       Quran instead of the Bible.
creation to go on display              we have said that this law is a     Broadcasting System (PBS) be         tainment providers to ensure that     Judges in Guilford County, N.C.,
at Tulsa Zoo                           foul law, this law is not a law     cut from approximately $400          their families are not harmed.        recently rejected the Greensboro
(EP)—The Tulsa Zoo in                  which brings unity,” Nalliah told   million a year to approximately                                            Islamic Center’s offer to donate
Oklahoma will add a display fea-       reporters. The two pastors have     $300 million. Though PBS sup-                                              copies of the Quran for court-
turing the biblical account of cre-    appealed their convictions to       porters deny that public broad-      Presbyterian Church                   room use. In a preliminary opin-
                                       Victoria’s Supreme Court.           casting is liberal, they say                                               ion, one state attorney said
ation. The Tulsa Park and                                                                                       (U.S.A.) adopts sex abuse
Recreation Board voted 3-1 in                                              Congress is trying to silence a                                            swearing on the Quran is permis-
                                       Study shows abstinence                                                   reporting changes
early June to create a display                                             dissenting voice. Tom Schatz,                                              sible. But the Guilford County
                                                                           president of Citizens Against        (EP)—The Presbyterian Church
explaining how the world began         programs work                                                            (U.S.A.) has adopted constitu-        judges maintain that “an oath on
according to Genesis. A heated         (EP)—A recent study by the          Government Waste said the need                                             the Quran is not a lawful oath
                                                                           for such funding is no longer        tional changes that prescribe how
two-hour debate included some          Heritage Foundation on the                                               clergy involved in sexual abuse       under our law.” Arsalan Iftikhar,
who said religion should not be        effectiveness of abstinence         necessary. "Public broadcasting                                            legal director for the
                                                                           is no longer in its infancy," he     should be treated by the church.
part of the taxpayer-funded            pledges in curbing sexual activi-                                        The new regulations become part       Washington, D.C.-based Council
organization. Supporters of the        ty among students seems to con-     said. He said government fund-                                             on American-Islamic Relations,
                                                                           ing may have been necessary          of the church's Book of Order on
exhibit said the zoo already had       firm that the pledges work. The                                          July 3. They will impose stricter     said Muslims shouldn’t have to
displays with religious themes,        study shows that students who       when there were few alternatives                                           swear on a text they don’t con-
                                                                           on the airwaves, but today it        requirements for reporting abuse
including the statue of the Hindu      take such pledges decrease their                                         to civil authorities and give         sider sacred. “Eliminating the
god, Ganesh, outside the ele-          likelihood of contracting a sexu-   makes “some sense to cut the                                               opportunity to swear an oath on
                                                                           federal support drastically." The    accusers more say in the discipli-
phant exhibit and a marble globe       ally transmitted disease and are                                         nary process. In 2002, the            one’s own holy text may also
inscribed with the words, “The         less prone to engage in any form    funding cuts will have to gain                                             have the effect of diminishing
                                                                           approval of both the House and       PCUSA made public cases of
earth is our mother. The sky is        of sexual activity. Focus on the                                         abuse of the children of mission-     the credibility of that person’s
our father.”                           Family’s Linda Klepacki said,       the Senate before taking effect.                                           testimony,” he said.
                                                                                                                aries to the Congo extending
 Page 18                                                            August 2005                              The Ozarks Christian News

                O ZARKS E XPERTS
Accounting              Lebanon Bible & Book       Counseling                Handy Man                     Photography              Restaurants
Leslie J. Wilson, CPA   Store                      Healthy Family Center     Massey & Sons                 Ayres Original
                        200 W. Commercial          834 West Battlefield      Home Maintenance,                                      Golden Corral
1410 E. Kearney                                                                                            Photography
                        Lebanon                    Christian Counseling      repairs,yard work, paint-                              3551 Shephard of the
Suite D, Springfield                                                                                       416 Avionics Ave.
                        (417) 532-9516             (417) 877-9292            ing, gutter cleaning and                               Hills Expressway
(417) 863-1500                                                                                             Ozark
                                                                             more!                                                  Branson                                                                                         (417) 581-3792
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The Ozarks Christian News                                                 August 2005                                                                Page 19

                 Community Calendar
Stained Glass Theatre             August 21-24                      Department of Family                                                Thursday, October 20
presents-                         EVANGELIST NANCY                  Services, Teen Challenge of
                                  HARMON & THE                      the Ozarks, Crime Stoppers,                                         Petra’s final Farewell Tour
Hightops                          MIGHTY WARRIORS                   The Mansion at Elfindale, the
When three novice angels          Tri Lakes Center                  Salvation Army Disaster          September 8 – October 29!
come across the term "peer        2527 State Hwy 248                Relief Team, the Ronald          When autumn paints the
pressure" in the heavenly         Branson • (417) 339-4041          McDonald House of the            foothills of the Ozark
archives, they have difficulty    See ad on page 21                 Ozarks, Community                Mountains, Silver Dollar City
determining what it means.        You will be blessed!              Partnership, and the             celebrates the spirit of
Gabriel tries to help them, but                                     Springfield Health Dept.         America during the Festival
finally God decides to send       Saturday, August 27               On the grounds of the event      of American Music and
them to earth on a fact finding   COMMUNITY FAIR to Feature         site, located in the east side   Crafts. There will be over
mission.. The show will play      Various Local Agencies            parking lot at 1701 S. Fort,     500 of the nation’s best musi-
                                                                                                     cians and craftsmen, and an        Juanita K. Hammons Hall for
every Thursday, Friday, and       1701 S. Fort                      host Cornerstone Church will
                                                                                                     All-NEW Salute To The              the Performing Arts
Saturday evenings at 7:30         Springfield, MO                   offer a Kiddies Area with
                                                                                                     Great American Cowboy.             on the campus of Missouri
through August 27th.               A real family oriented activi-   train rides, inflatables, face
                                                                                                     Plus, in Echo Hollow’s             State University in
1996 Evangel, Ozark               ty will take place in             painting, a playground and an
                                                                                                     Amphitheater, September            Springfield at 7:30 p.m.
(Behind Quick Trip)               Springfield from 9 am to          entertainment stage. Call
                                                                                                     23-25, 28-30 & October 1,          Tickets will go on sale
(417) 581-9192                    noon on Saturday, August          Barbie Simmons at 831-7242.
                                                                                                     you’ll hear the glorious har-      August 29th, 2005 at all                 27th. Opportunities as varied
                                                                                                     monies of Southern Gospel          Hammons Hall locations
                                  as photos of kids with a                                                                              Ticket prices will be:
Mon.-Fri.,Auugust 1-5             Greene County Sheriff’s                                            Nights filling the evening air!
                                                                                                     Collectively these groups          $25.00- Orchestra seating
                                  Dept. motorcycle, a free                                                                              $21.00- Mezzanine seating
Serengeti Trek                                                        Sunday, Aug. 28-Sept 1         have been honored with 22
                                  blood pressure check by the                                                                           $18.00 Petite seating
Vacation Bible School                                                                                Dove Awards, 4 Grammy
                                  American Red Cross, dis-
6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
                                  plays from the Springfield
                                                                        River of Life                Nominations, and 14 Singing
Aldersgate United Methodist                                                                          News Fan Awards.                   Support act will be:
                                  Art Museum and a drawing             VBS Group Safari                                                 Farewell June
                                  for a free wedding will be          4900 S. Farm Road 189
460 W. Aldersgate Drive
                                  featured.                         Rogersville • Hwy 60 across                Free Community Calander listings
Nixa (417) 725-4949
                                  OTC representatives will be        the road from Highlands
                                                                                                                    for your church, ministry or
 Monday, August 4                 scheduling student oral health       Springs Country Club
                                  screenings. Other organiza-        7:00 p.m. Call church for
                                                                                                       non-profit organization. Special events only. e-mail:
Zoegirl                           tions slated to participate               more info.              
Ozarks Empire Fair Grounds        include the Springfield Fire            (417) 881-2409                      or mail to: Ozarks Christian News
Springfield, MO                   Department, the Missouri                                                             107 Cedar Glade Rd.
                                  Highway Patrol, the MO                                                                 Ozark, MO 65721

...The Web Evangelism Bulletin            website has a particular emphasis Trailways, then for entertainers for work. "We are trying to reach
reports that Christian author and         on helping men avoiding the many ranging from the rock band them where they are without being
ministry founder Tom Burford,             temptations that arise from life on Twisted Sister to the legendary preachy," he says. Burford, who
who          runs        the                                                                                                     wrote Riding a site as                                                                                                      Dead         Horse:
an outreach for pornography
addicts and those who love
them, has launched a new site
                                                                                                       Carousel to Hell,
                                                                                                                                 the story of God's
targeting men who frequently                                                                                                     redemptive work
travel     away    from     home.         the road. Buford feels a deep con- Johnny Cash. Through the Man On in his life, and the novel Fires of is an exten-             cern for men who travel for a liv- the Road ministry and website, Darkness, points out that he knows
sion of the Man On The Road min-          ing, particularly since he has been Burford hopes to reach truck and first-hand the dangers that lie in
istry, headquartered in Madison,          a truck driver and was also a bus bus drivers, pilots, salesmen, enter- wait for men who fail to guard their
Tennessee. The recently launched          driver for years -- first for tainers, and other men who travel hearts and minds on the road.

                                                                                                     LaDena hosted a dog show. If there are 196
                                                                                                     legs and 126 eyes at the dog show, how many
                                                                                                     people and how many dogs are present? (All the
                                                                                                     people and all the dogs at the show have the
                                                                                                     normal number of eyes and legs.)
                                                                                                                    Answer on pg. 21.

                                                                                                               LaDena’s Grooming
                                                                                           Morgan                & Accessories                        Sara
                                                                                                                  2854 N. Biagio St.
                                                                                                                  Ozark, MO 65721
                                                                                                                 Specializing in Scissor Cuts
Page 20                                                                      August 2005                                     The Ozarks Christian News

Tangible Things                              works. In show business, you get beat up from their offering nor was personal            faith has a strong foundation. One thing
                                             mercilessly in the beginning and praised glory their goal. They knew their choice        is certain, God is still in the miracle busi-
through Spiritual                            at the end. This backward pattern pro- meant hardship, solitude and persecu-             ness, and even though it might seem like
                                             motes arrogance instead of humility, and tion. Nevertheless, Barnabas accompa-           an influx of cash would be a miracle, the
Means                                        adequacy rather than perfection and is nied Paul in most of his travels and              world would simply say you just got
                                             successfully convincing this generation teaching and was directly or indirectly          lucky. Besides, it’s difficult for the
Written by: John Lindsay                     that it’s OK to be an empty box as long responsible for nearly every gentile that        wealthy to offer an acceptable sacrifice,
                                             as you’re wrapped in pretty paper. came to know Jesus Christ. Elisha left a              because gifts from the wealthy are rarely

T    hrough the production process of Act
     of God, we have been learning a
great deal about using faith and the Holy
                                             Through God’s confirmation, I’ve been wealthy home, and due to his diligence
                                             forewarned that the most important issue and willingness to accept twice the
                                                                                                                                      a sacrifice. It’s the Ministries, churches
                                                                                                                                      and individuals without tangible
                                             facing Act of God or any faith accom- responsibility, he received twice the              resources who are typically willing to
Spirit to accomplish physical things         plishment                                                    blessing bestowed upon      bear their brother’s burden. Isn’t that just
through spiritual means, and have been       isn’t finan-         The Bible records rare                  Elijah. Pretty impres-      like God to give us water from a stone.
compelled to share that experience in        cial,     but                                                sive, but how do their      The miracles we should desire to be a
order to prepare others for the inevitable   spiritual,        instances where someone sacrifices apply to us?                        part of are the ones the world recognizes
physical and spiritual battles associated    imbedded            with tangible resources                  If a faith accomplish-      to be God’s handy work even after we
with accomplishing a godly vision            in the issue
through faith. Physical battles generally    of humility.
                                                              donated or sacrificed their ment of resources, to
                                                                                                                  is in desperate     try to usurp the glory. So don’t be afraid
                                                                                                                                      to have a vision, for though your faith
revolve around relationships, health and                       abundant lifestyle for the whom do you turn? The                       accomplishment, if you stay the course,
money, but spiritual battles, for those      Financial                                                    Bible shows that finan-     God will accomplish faith in you.
just beginning their faith accomplish-
                                                                   sake of God’s word.
                                             issues can                                                   cial sacrifices and back-
ment, are uncharted territory.               certainly                                                    ing are possible if but
    A friend of mine asked me if I           convince us to concede our faith accom- extremely rare. So when the financial
expected to win a Tony Award from the        plishment. The first thing most of us do issues seem insurmountable, an impor-
writing and production of Act of God.        when we’re in danger of not meeting tant question to ask is, why would God
Because of that question I found out that    payroll is run to a bank or a large church bring in a financial benefactor to ease the
there is a Tony Award for regional the-      and cry for help. Lack of money can also burden of the journey by which spiritual
ater. And what's wrong with being hon-       keep us off balance and distract us from insight, revelation and maturity are
ored for a job well done? After asking       what the devil ultimately wants to do - derived? It’s easy to misinterpret finan-
that question, God brought some inter-       corrupt us through our own pride. The cial pressure and stress for a mistake in
esting insight to mind. In the academic      Bible records rare instances where some- judgment, but don’t throw in the towel.
world we are encouraged regularly in the     one with tangible resources donated or It shouldn’t surprise us if God needs to
early stages, but the praise soon dimin-     sacrificed their abundant lifestyle for the further exercise our faith to where we
ishes as progress is made as we are held     sake of God’s word. Barnabas gave of stop second guessing ourselves, and
to a higher level of accountability. In a    his wealth to serve the early church. realize that He is still in control.
nutshell, the better at something some-      Elisha sacrificed his inheritance to            Take heart that if you’ve been given a     John Lindsay & Laura Fogal
one becomes, the more they have to           become the student and successor of vision and have taken the initial steps                         Act of God
work to receive praise, which enables        Elijah. Neither Barnabas nor Elisha toward realizing that vision without the                   See coupon on pg. 15
perpetual improvement. Unfortunately,        expected to receive financial increase security of adequate resources, that your
that's not how the entertainment world

 N    P    C    T    R    R    L    F    L     W    K    Z    D    X    G
 O    N    U    T    J    D    D    T    T     Z    S    U    O    Z    N                     LEAVES ON THE VINE
 S    A    R    L    O    N    G    B    R     E    T    R    O    P    D
 N    M    T    A    I    S    S    H    U     M    P    H    R    E    Y
                                                                                             PASTORS WORD SEARCH
 H    K    I    T    W    N    T    D    O     P    U    A    R    G    O               ARMITAGE                      HALL                           PORTER
 O    C    S    I    C    N    A    R    F     V    V    T    E    A    B               AUSTIN                        HATTEN                         SEWELL
 J    U    S    M    D    X    R    O    A     A    O    T    L    T    U               BALL                          HUMPHREY                       SHACKLEFORD
                                                                                        BILEU                         JOHNSON                        SHOREY
 A    B    T    E    M    I    R    F    Z     W    U    E    L    I    B               BOYD                          KILLINGSWORTH                  STAGNER
 F    D    A    R    S    E    W    E    L     L    H    N    E    M    Q               BREZAVAR                      KNOX                           STRAWHUN
 K    N    G    O    A    Q    R    L    G     R    B    U    D    R    M               BUCKMAN                       LATIMER
 X    O    N    K    A    B    P    K    P     N    B    A    N    A    F               BURRIS                        LINDELL
                                                                                        CHRISTIAN                     LOCKE
 O    J    E    B    M    L    O    C    K     E    I    A    I    L    D               CURTIS                        LONG
 C    H    R    I    S    T    I    A    N     W    H    A    L    L    X               DEAN                          MAAS
 E    B    U    R    R    I    S    H    O     R    E    Y    R    L    M               FRANCISCO                     MORRISON
                                                                                        GRAINGER                      ORRELL
 K    I    L    L    I    N    G    S    W     O    R    T    H    G    Q

      Home School Information - This is the gen-             site for local field trips. There are
eral Ozarks homeschool website.                  usually several trips a month at some                                       Educational Supply
They have a monthly publication just             of the most amazing places that one                                          2258 South Campbell
for home educators called the Home               would not normally think of.                                                 Springfield, MO 65807
Reporter. It is a complete listing of                                                                                         417-887-1154
the happenings in the area.                      James River Assembly offers co-op
                                                                                                                              FAX - 417-887-1617
                                                 classes on Friday mornings for the - This is the                 kids while mom is getting a chance to
Southwest Home Education Ministry.               fellowship with other women.
They put on a new home educators                 Call for information: (417) 581-5433
meeting each month at the Library
Center. It’s packed full of the infor-           The Library Center has a huge book
mation that you will need to begin               of groups for the area with all their
homeschooling. There is a great                  happenings. It might be worth check-
wealth of information there.                     ing into. The Library Center is locat-
                                                 ed at: 4653 S. Campbell Ave • - This is a             Springfield, MO (417) 874-8110
The Ozarks Christian News                                                   August 2005                                                           Page 21

                                                                       Representatives to
                                                                       also agree.

                                                                        What does the
We have great news! For 48 hours, you                                   Global Fund do
jammed phone lines on Capitol Hill to          with our crucial support? In Nigeria, tens
fight global AIDS and extreme poverty.         of millions of doses of a new, highly effec-
And on July 19th, because of the calls of      tive malaria medication will be distrib-                                                                  Mighty
over 23,000 Americans like you, the U.S.       uted. Can you believe that only 10,000
Senate voted $100 million more for life-       doses of this medication were available
                                                                                                                                                      are young
saving efforts needed to fight three killer    across all of Africa two years ago? In
diseases.                                      Mozambique, more than 55,000 people                                                                       people
                                               will receive life-saving AIDS treatment.                                                               turned on
Because of your help, we've moved one          These efforts help keep people alive long                                                                to God!
step closer to ensuring the Global Fund to     enough to grow up healthy, raise children                                                             Get Ready!
Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria will continue       and crops and build businesses and com-
life-saving efforts that deliver prevention,   munities.                                                                                               Sunday:
care and treatment to millions around the                                                                                                             10:30am
world. With passage of the Santorum-           And back here at home, we can know that                                                                 6:30pm
Durbin amendment, the Senate agreed that       we're doing more to fight global AIDS and                                                            Weeknights:
the U.S. should contribute a total of $600     extreme poverty. America's contributions
million to the Global Fund next year. In       challenge other countries to do their share,
the coming weeks, we'll need the House of      as U.S. law requires that each dollar from
                                                    the U.S. must be matched by two dol-                                                                DON’T
                                                       lars from other nations. Even                                                                     MISS
                                                        more, the Global Fund uses a sys-                                                                 IT!
                                                        tem of checks and balances to
                                                        fight corruption and ensure that
                                                        funding really reaches those most
                                                        in need-so that these efforts can
                                                        have the power to transform the
                                                        hopes of a generation.

                                                       Thank you for your help. Together
                                                       as ONE, we are changing the

                                                       The ONE Team

India Church                      Christian sanctuary has            protection, they will camp      face of violence. "By the        rebuilding of Jerusalem's
                                  recently been struck by            at the [church] site day and    grace of God through our         walls in the Book of
Confronts                         vandals for the fourth time        night and rebuild."             work among these people,"        Nehemiah.
Anti-Christian                    this year.                             Yohannan says it is only    he says, "a good number of          Just as the biblical
                                      This latest attack on the      by God's grace that nobody      these people have come to        prophet had to set up a
Violence,                         Believers' Church is being         got killed in this latest       know the Lord, been bap-         guard against enemies bent
Vandalism                         blamed on members of               attack, because "the news       tized and joined the             on destruction, Yohannan
                                  India's upper caste, known         reached the believers and       church." He believes they        says so must "The
By Allie Martin                   as the Brahmins. K.P.              the pastor that this was        are firm and fearless in their   Believers' Church" mem-
                                  Yohannan, founder of the           going to happen." He adds       resolve to go on spreading       bers in Lamding guard
(AgapePress) - A church           evangelical ministry Gospel        that the enemies of the         the gospel.                      against the Brahmins and
planted in India by mission-      for Asia (GFA), says these         church, reportedly, "were          These believers are "so       other attackers. "I think
aries with Gospel for Asia        frequent assaults against          actually coming to kill         radically in love with           these people come -- the
has weathered yet another         India's Christians have only       everybody, and [the church      Jesus," Yohannan contin-         anti-Christian gangs, who
attack. Previously, angry         increased local believers'         members] moved out of           ues, "they began to build        will come in the middle of
mobs have descended on            faith. "After all these            sight."                         their own church with their      the night to tear down the
"The Believers' Church" at        things," he notes, "the                The GFA spokesman           own labor, and of course,        whole thing down," he says.
Lamding and dismantled its        believers decided that even        says the Christian congre-      we were helping them." He
construction. And now, the        if the police and the govern-      gation is determined to         compares their struggles
                                  ment will not give them            stand for Christ, even in the   with the biblical story of the

                                                                                                              Congratulations to the 190 people
                                                                                                               who got saved at the James River
                                                                                                                Celebration on the 4th of July!
                                                                                                                  Welcome to the family!!!

                                                                                                         Answer to the math quiz from pg. 19-
                                                                                                         There are 28 people and 35 dogs.

                                                                                                         First, since dogs and people both have 2 eyes, divide
                                                                                                         126 by 2. There are 63 at the dog show. You know that
                                                                                                         dogs have two more legs than humans. There are 70
                                                                                                         more legs than eyes. Half of 70 is 35. Subtract 63-
                                                                                                         35=28. So there could be 35 dogs and 28 people. (or
                                                                                                         28 dogs and 35 people) To check if there are 35 dogs,
                                                                                                         multiply 4x35=140 then add 28x2=56 for the number
                                                                                                         of human legs. 140+56=196.
    Page 22                                                                             August 2005                                  The Ozarks Christian News

     Have Fun with Local Christian Singles
    E    qually Yoked (EY) in
         Springfield, a nationally
    licensed company, has had
                                               lowship, spiritual and person-
                                               al growth. When looking for
                                               people to date, many
                                                                                  membership to those who
                                                                                  could not sign the statement
                                                                                  of faith or who had a criminal
                                                                                                                     puter are secure and confi-
                                                                                                                     dential, accessible with a
                                                                                                                     username and password.
                                                                                                                                                        nights, and Branson activities
                                                                                                                                                        are just some of the social
    hundreds of members meet                   Christian singles don't know       record.                            Only members who have                 Success: Hundreds of local
    and marry locally. EY started              where to go. Manager, Lisa            State-of-the-art system: A      been personally interviewed        members have met and mar-
    in Los Angeles in 1986. The                Hill, states "Equally Yoked        new development at Equally         and passed the background          ried through Equally Yoked.
    name Equally Yoked is taken                has no equal in providing a        Yoked, the EY net, has             check are given information        Former member Shirley
    from 2 Corinthians 6:14                    huge network of like-                                                            to log into the EY      Rucker states, “Because of
    which states, "Do not be                   minded believers in a                                                            net. It is completely   Equally Yoked, I look for-
    unequally yoked with unbe-                 safe environment."                                                               different than inter-   ward to a lifetime with a
    lievers." The organization                    Security: When                                                                net dating sites        Christian mate. That means
    was founded to provide a                   people meet through                                                              where anyone can        more to me than anything else
    means for fulfilling this scrip-           personal ads or on the                                                           join regardless of      in this world." For many
    ture. At EY, Christian singles             internet, true identity                                                          background.             committed Christians, finding
    have the opportunity to build              and background is                                                                Current member-         a compatible Christian mate
    relationships where Christ is              often unknown. At                                                                ship has outgrown       is a priority in their life.
    central.                                   EY each member is                                                                the old system.         Equally Yoked is providing a
       EY currently has over 30                personally       inter-                                                          With the EY net         service in the Ozarks which
    offices across the country                 viewed about their                                                               there is no limit to    helps single Christians to suc-
    with over 30,000 members. It               Christian faith. Hill                                                            the number of           ceed in their quest.
    is the largest Christian singles           believes this "estab-                                                            members accessing          Solution: Christian singles
    organization in America.                   lishes a solid founda-                                                           profiles at the same    may contact Equally Yoked at
    Over 2000 people have taken                tion for positive rela-                                                          time.                   417.865.3600. For more
    advantage of the service in                tionships."       Each                                                                  Socials: Each    information, see their web
    Springfield, Missouri since it             member also signs a                                                              year Equally Yoked      site at
    opened eight years ago.                    statement of faith tes-                                                          sponsors a cruise
    Members will now have even                 tifying that they have                                                           for Christian sin-
    more options with numerous                 accepted Christ as                                                               gles from across           Christian?
    single Christians joining                  Lord and Savior and                                                              the country to
    through new satellite offices              that they hold to the                                                            meet.        Locally        Single?
    in Fayetteville, Arkansas,                 basic        doctrines      of     brought a unique technology        Equally Yoked host occasion-          For information about the
    Joplin, Missouri, Tulsa,                   Christianity. In addition, ID      to local members. Through          al social events as an addi-          Ozark’s largest Christian
    Oklahoma, and Overland                     must be provided for a crimi-      the EY net, a proprietary          tional way for members to               Singles Organization.
    Park, Kansas.                              nal background check. This         computer program, members          meet other Christian singles
       Service: Equally Yoked                  provides a level of safety and     are able to view profiles and      and find fellowship with peo-          Call 417-865-3600
    provides a profile based sys-              security not found in other        photos from the comfort and        ple in similar situations.   
    tem through which Christian                services. Hill confirms that       convenience of their own           Barbeques, dinners, plays,
    singles meet for dating, fel-              Equally Yoked has denied           homes. Profiles on the com-        hay rides, Bible studies, game                E-mail-

                                                                                           WE BUY GUITARS!
                                                                                                                                                            one another
                                                                                                                             3205 S. Campbell                 Hebrews 3:13 (NIV)
                                                                                       (417) 888-2360                        Springfield, MO 65807

Classifieds Classifieds Classifieds Classifieds Classifieds
                                        Blessed Hope Phone Cards              Account Representative               Need a Family retreat?               at the church office, 203
Anything you can fit in
                                        are reliable and cheap! 3.9 cents a   Ozarks Christian News                North Carolina Mountains             Vaughan Drive
     this box for:                      minute. No hidden fees. Buy           Sales position for north area        $100.00 per day!
        $15.00                          online at: www.christianlongdis-      (Strafford to Lake of the
Ozarks Christian News          Order (877) 619-6231.
                                                                              Ozarks) Must have dependable                                                 Sell your household
       P.O. Box 1165                    Rechargeable and guaranteed by        transportation. Generous com-
      Nixa, MO 65714                    Blessed Hope Communications.
                                                                              mission. (417) 724-8811              Branson Tickets:                      goods, merchandise, all
                                        Free distributorships available.
      (417) 724-8811                                                                                                   that stuff in your
e-mail: Senior’s Page Writer                                 Help “Rebuild Iraq, one child                                               garage, pets and any-
                                                                              at a time.” Teachers and sup-        Church Seeks Donations for
                                        The Ozarks Christian News is
                                                                              port personnel needed for            Baby Baskets                          thing else you want for
         BAPTISTRIES                    seeking a volunteer to head up the
     New: Collapsible Portable          Seniors page of the paper. Report     English speaking Christian           Our Lady of the Lake Catholic                   just:
                                                                                                                   Church is seeking tax
    Folds up like a lawn chair
                                        on what’s going on in the Ozarks      Classical Schools in secure
                                                                                                                   deductable donations of items to
                                                                                                                                                         $2.00 per line!
•   Vinyl tub w/ alum. frame            regarding our Seniors. Reply at       North Iraq. For more informa-
•   No assembly required                (417) 724-8811 or e-mail:             tion visit           include in their “Bundles of Joy     Ozarks Christian
•   70”x34”x39” Holds 200 gal                                                            baskets” for new parents of
                                                                              The Bible Rebinder                   babies born at Skaggs                News Classified
 The Original: Communion Table
           Baptistries                  Discover Sugars That Heal                                                  Community Health Center.               Advertising
                                                                              Don’t retire your Bible--
• Serves as a communion table                                                 Items include undershirts, dia-
• Oak plywood w/ fiberglass tub                                               Rebind it!                                                                  107 Cedar Glade Rd.
• NO plumbing required
                                                                                                                   pers, wipes, sleepers, blankets
                                                                              Fifteen years experience re-
• 74”x34”x39” Holds 150 gal             Christians helping Christians                                              and other items. Cash donations         Ozark, MO 65721
              ARM                                                             binding and repairing Bibles.
                                        with medical expenses.                                                     are also welcome. Items may            Fax- (417) 485-8812
  P.O. Box 1490 • Joplin MO 64802                                             Contact Joe Gleason,       Samaritan Ministries                                                       be donated from 8:00 a.m. to 4
Tel:(417) 781-9532 Fax:(417) 781-9532                                         Springfield for prices                                           
                                        (309) 686-8868, ext. 23                                                    p.m. Monday through Thursday
                                                                              (417) 865-3823
The Ozarks Christian News                                                August 2005                                                                  Page 23

          Chaplain’s Corner                                                               ture of fear, anxiety, and happi-
                                                                                          ness as he welcomed and
                                                                                          soaked in this unexpected
                                                                                                                               Isaiah 61:1 “The Spirit of the
                                                                                                                               Sovereign LORD is on me, because
                                                                                          fatherly attention.                  the LORD has anointed me to preach
                                          man said that the next time he saw
An Uncommon                               him, he could be given up to 34 years
                                                                                       One scenario given the young
                                                                                   man, suggested that three of his old
                                                                                                                               good news to the poor. He has sent
                                                                                                                               me to bind up the brokenhearted, to
                                          in prison as a result of the serious-
Occurrence                                ness of his two crimes. The so-called
                                                                                   running buddies might appear at his
                                                                                   door saying, “Yo man, we’re really
                                                                                                                               proclaim freedom for the captives
                                                                                                                               and release from darkness for the
                                          friends he was about to return to was    glad you got cut loose. C’mon, let’s        prisoners,…"
At first the scene did not appear that    bad news and the girlfriend he was       celebrate like old times. What ya say
unusual, but something unique was         involved with was questionable at        homie?” The one who painted the
about to happen that day at the           best. Collectively the group voiced      word picture followed up with what
Greene County Jail.                       the opinion that he was setting him-     was to be the last question… “Okay,
   Seven inmates, plus a chaplain         self up for yet another and more         so now three of your best and most
crowded around a large table in the       grave fall.                              influential friends have just suggest-
‘day room’. There were other tables,          The six caring friends, each sens-   ed that you join their celebration.
some empty and some with various          ing a growing paternal instinct,         Take a minute and answer yourself
numbers of inmates seated, either         seemed to kick into high gear with       and us honestly, what would your
playing cards or just hanging out.        strong parental suggestions. Each        answer          to       them        be?    Bob Reed and his wife, Jeanetta, live in
   At the first table, six of the men     took stabs at offering him advice        Silence…..then….., “Well, it would          Ozark. He is a full-time volunteer
were older, well seasoned with past       born out of personal experience.         be kinda hard….” The boy swal-              Chaplain to over 500 inmates at teh
histories of drug and/or alcohol          There was a combined passion pres-       lowed.                                      Greene County Justice Center in
addiction, crimes of varying levels of    ent, which was strong enough to              The last voice was heard to say,        Springfield.
seriousness, culminating in many          draw the eyes of those at another        “Hey, kid, ya just failed the test, wel-
                                          table to occasionally glance their                                                   Bob is available to speak/share the needs
years of incarceration. Each of them                                               come back”.                                 of this great home missionfield of over
was showing great concern for the         way. The concern for this young man          It is with such sadness that I relate   two million nationwide.
future well being of the seventh and      may, very well, have been a result of    that this young man returned just two
youngest member of this group. The        the painful reality that he could have   short weeks later.                          He is also past soloist of Revivaltime
young man, who had turned 18 only         been any one of their sons. It could                                                 Choir and available to minister in song
2 months ago, was elated about his        also have been the knowledge that so     Proverbs 1:10, 15 “My son, if sin-          as well.
release in a few hours. However the       many incarcerated fathers have failed    ners entice you, do not give in to
                                          their own sons, and this young man                                                   Contact him at (417) 581-2721 or email
panel of self appointed counselors                                                 them. —my son, do not go along with         him at:
were very concerned for his welfare.      was a reminder of that?                  them, do not set foot on their    
   In quoting the judge, the young            The young man displayed a mix-       paths;…”

                                                                                Some of our Staff, Family and Friends at Cassils Coffee Cafe during the
                                                                               monthly proofing party. These people are a God send! They have all been a
                                                                                                        blessing to this
                                                                                                        paper in many
                                                                                                          Thank you
                                                                                                       everyone! -ed

Progressive Christians                    Bible. Therefore, it is difficult to     develop an aberrant view on sexuali-        rate per capita in the United states
                                          argue a point with someone who has       ty because of environment. They             some 18 years after the passing of
or Apostate Believers?                    rewritten the play book.                 most certainly did not grow up in a         Roe vs. Wade. Get it? They are sug-
                                                                                   confused and corrupted home or bio-         gesting that the aborted babies of
                                          Two observations;
A     s the editor of the Ozarks
      Christian News I have the luxu-
ry of venting my wisdom and my            1) Conservative Christians have
                                                                                   logically inherited a propensity for
                                                                                   that particular fallen nature.
                                                                                                                               poorer mothers were more likely to
                                                                                                                               commit murder. They were very
                                                                                                                               diplomatic when stating this obser-
ignorance and the same time.              done a lousy job ministering to the      2) Progressives Christians lost sight       vation but it is still appalling that the
Therefore, I have refrained to write a    homosexual. They have been hypo-         of the ability to “welcome not              conclusion of a Christian could ever
regular column each month but on          critical in making it the unpardon-      affirm”. Why can’t they welcome             follow that line of reasoning. When
this particular day even the rocks        able sin without redemption. While       the homosexual without having to            our staff writer Chris Fluhraty sub-
would cry out if I didn’t!                they are generous to proclaim that       embrace their lifestyle?                    mitted his column this month I origi-
    I have been visiting blog sites       God can forgive their past; they deny        I have been reading “main               nally thought it was too “in your
from people identifying themselves        forgiveness in matters of church par-    stream” Christian leaders making            face”. But after checking his source
as “Progressive Christians”. After        ticipation and membership.               some outrageous statements about            (one that is highly respected by both
reading their viewpoints I find             “Homosexuality is a clear cut unde-    loving Jesus like any conservative          believers and non-believers) I knew
myself actually saddened that pro-        niable abomination before God and        but practicing forgiveness more like        it needed to be said. If you missed
fessing followers of Jesus Christ         His law”. Okay, I have heard that        Christ.                                     “One Man’s Opinion” on page 6, you
have interpreted God’s Holiness as        statement from many conservative               Attention “Progressives”!!            should read it and you will find out
capricious.                               Christians a thousand times. It is a     Jesus was very quick to forgive but         why some Christians believe the
    Progressive Christians are ready      true statement but their response to     He always admonished the forgiven           way they do.          -ed
to abandon God’s instructions on          the one caught in that sin has been      to go and sin no more.”
personal lifestyle behaviors and          weak. I imagine it is because they           I have tried to be as balanced as fyi- There are organizations that
believe this falleness to be an accept-   never struggled with a “same sex         possible when dealing with the hot
able Christian behavior. This same        love need”. They most likely were                                                have the proper balance regarding
                                                                                   topics but I just read on a “Christian”
group of “enlightened” scholars also      never sexually abused. They lack the                                             this topic. See New Every Morning
                                                                                   blog site that one advantage to abor-
do not believe in the inerrancy of the    understanding how one person could                                               in the Ministry directory on pg.14
                                                                                   tion was that it reduced the murder
 H OLY L AND                                                                       N ATURALS
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          Branson, MO 65616                                                             (417) 239-1955

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