Work Authorization Form for Computer Repair


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									This is a document that authorizes a computer repair technician to perform services on
the computer of the granting party. This document can be customized to provide the
specific computer related tasks the technician is engaged to undertake. In addition, this
document provides for the fees charged, indemnity, licenses, and the procedure behind
changing the scope of services. This document is ideal for small businesses that offer
computer repair services, or for individuals or small businesses that want to engage a
technician to perform specific computer related tasks.
                         Work Authorization Form for Computer Repair

___________________ [Instruction: insert name of entity granting authorization] (“Granting
Party”) hereby authorize ___________________ [Instruction: insert name of entity receiving
authorization] (“Authorized Party”) to _____________________ [Instruction: insert detailed
description of job that is being authorized].

Authorized Party has knowledge, skills and expertise in the repair of computers, and Authorized
Party makes a living offering such services to clients;

Granting Party desires to retain Authorized Party to act as an independent contractor on Granting
Party's behalf and to perform computer repair and other services at Granting Party's direction;

Authorized Party desires to perform said services for Granting Party.

THEREFORE, the parties hereby agree as follows:

                                         I.     Services

1. Services. Authorized Party shall provide the following services to Granting Party (the
    A. ___________________ [Instruction: insert a description of the services to be
    B. ___________________ [Instruction: insert a description of any required
    C. ___________________ [Instruction: insert any associated schedules]
    D. ___________________ [Instruction: insert the applicable charges], and
    E. ___________________ [Instruction: insert such additional information as the
       parties mutually agree]

2. Changes in Scope of Services. Changes to the scope of the Services shall be made only in a
   writing executed by authorized representatives of both parties.

3. Compliance with Laws and Policies. Authorized Party shall bear responsibility for its
   compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, and shall abide
   by Granting Party's stated policies and practices in the course of rendering Services
4. Licenses. Authorized Party shall maintain all applicable federal, state and local business and
   other licenses, including any professional licenses or certificates, industrial permits and/or
   licenses, industry specific licenses, licenses, required by the state(s) and/or locality(s) in
   which it does business (i.e., fictitious business names, federal tax identification numbers),
   insurance, and anything else customarily required of Authorized Party as a business operator.

5. Subcontractors and Employees. Authorized Party shall have control over the manner and
   means of Authorized Party's performance. Should Authorized Party hire any such employees
   or retain any such subcontractors, (i) Authorized Party shall be solely responsible for setting
   their wages, hours and terms and conditions of hire and/or retention, and for paying same, (ii)
   Authorized Party shall have control over the manner, method and means of performance of
   any such employee hired or subcontractor retained, (iii) Authorized Party shall remain liable
   and responsible to Granting Party for all of the acts and omissions of any of Authorized
   Party's subcontractors, including those subcontractors not disapproved by Granting Party and
   (iv) Authorized Party shall ensure that none of such subcontractors files, records or otherwise
   imposes or notices any lien or encumbrance on Granting Party's or its Affiliates' assets or
   businesses. Authorized Party agrees to accept exclusive liability for the payment of taxes or
   contributions for unemployment insurance, workers' compensation insurance, or old age
   pensions or annuities or social security payments which are measured by the wages, salaries,
   or other remuneration paid to Authorized Party's employees or subcontractors.

6. Qualifications and Performance by Authorized Party. Authorized Party hereby
   represents, warrants and covenants that it: (i) possesses the requisite experience and skills to
   perform the Services required hereunder, (ii) shall perform the Services in an expeditious and
   economical manner consistent with sound professional practices, and (iii) is adequately
   financed to meet any financial obligation it may be required to incur hereunder.

                                         II.     Payment

1. Payment Terms. Granting Party shall pay Authorized Party for the Services on the terms
   defined in the applicable Statement of Work. Unless provided otherwise in a Statement of
   Work, Authorized Party shall bill Granting Party monthly in arrears. Granting Party shall pay
   the amounts payable to Authorized Party hereunder within _____ [thirty (30)] [Comment:
   This number is not provided for by law, but can be any number the user chooses] days
   of receipt of invoices submitted by Authorized Party.

2. Expenses. Authorized Party shall be reimbursed by Granting Party for all reasonable
   expenses, which have been approved in advance and in writing by Granting Party, and which
   are incurred by Authorized Party in the performance of the Services.

[Comment: user should edit the preceding language to reflect the agreement of the parties]

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3. Taxes. Authorized Party shall not be treated as an employee for federal or state tax purposes.
   Granting Party shall, to the extent it is legally required to do so, file all necessary tax
   information and reports with federal, state and local taxing authorities, including an Internal
   Revenue Service Form 1099, to report the income of Authorized Party. Granting Party shall
   not withhold or pay income taxes, Social Security taxes, disability, workers' compensation,
   or unemployment insurance payments, and any other assessments or taxes from the monies
   paid to Authorized Party hereunder, unless required to do so by law or as authorized by
   Authorized Party in writing. Authorized Party represents and warrants that Authorized Party
   will report all income earned from Granting Party pursuant to this Agreement and pay all
   federal, state and local income and self-employment taxes and other assessments required to
   be paid under applicable law. In addition to any other indemnity provided hereunder,
   Authorized Party agrees to indemnify and hold Granting Party harmless from and against any
   claims made against Granting Party on account of the non-payment of taxes by Authorized

                                      III.    Work Product

Ownership of Work Product. Except as set forth herein, the Deliverables, to the extent
copyrightable under the United States Copyright Act of 1976 (the "Act") shall be considered
"works made for hire" pursuant to the Act and, upon final payment, copyright in such
Deliverables shall be owned exclusively by Granting Party. To the extent such Deliverables are
not deemed a "work made for hire" under the Act, upon final payment, Authorized Party hereby
assigns to Granting Party all its right, title and interest in such Deliverables. Authorized Party
shall have or obtain all necessary authority to make such assignment. The parties will cooperate
with each other and execute such other documents as may be reasonably deemed necessary to
achieve the objectives of this Section.

                                IV.     Confidential Information.

1. The term "Confidential Information," as used below, means all information or material
   which: (1) gives the Owner of the information or material some competitive business
   advantage, or the opportunity of obtaining that advantage, or the disclosure of which could be
   detrimental to the interests of the Owner; (2) is owned by the Owner or in which the Owner
   has an interest; and (3) is either marked "Confidential Information" or "Proprietary

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2. Confidential Information includes, but is not limited to, the following types of information
   and other information of a similar nature (whether or not reduced to writing): inventions,
   drawings, file data, documentation, diagrams, specifications, know how, processes, formulas,
   models, flow charts, research and development procedures, research and development test
   results, marketing techniques and materials, marketing plans, price lists, pricing policies,
   business plans, information relating to customers and/or suppliers' identities, characteristics
   and agreements, financial information and projections, and employee files. Confidential
   Information also includes any information described above which the Owner obtains from
   another party and which the Owner treats as proprietary and designates as Confidential
   Information, whether or not owned or developed by the Owner. NOTWITHSTANDING

                                     V.      Indemnification.

1. Authorized Party's General Indemnity. Authorized Party shall indemnify, defend and hold
   harmless Granting Party from and against any claims, allegations, demands, loss, damage or
   expense relating to the bodily injury or death of any person or damage to real or tangible
   personal property, which is: (i) directly or indirectly caused by the gross negligence or willful
   misconduct of Authorized Party or its personnel or agents in connection with the
   performance of the Services hereunder; and/or (ii) resulting from a breach of any warranty,
   representation or covenant of Authorized Party hereunder.

2. Authorized Party Intellectual Property Indemnity. Authorized Party shall indemnify,
   defend and hold harmless Granting Party from and against any claims, allegations, demands,
   loss, damage or expense arising from or relating to a claim or allegation against Granting
   Party that any Deliverable infringes the registered copyright, trademark, United States Patent
   or other intellectual property right of any third party.

3. Granting Party Indemnity. Granting Party shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless
   Authorized Party from and against any party claims, allegations, demands, loss, damage or
   expense relating to or resulting from: (i) bodily injury or death of any person or damage to
   real or tangible personal property directly caused by the gross negligence or willful
   misconduct of Granting Party, its personnel or agents; and/or (ii) a material breach of any
   warranty, representation or covenant of Granting Party hereunder.

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                            VI.   Independent Contractor Relationship.

The parties shall be independent contractors. This Agreement shall not create any franchise,
fiduciary, agency, partnership, joint venture, employment or special relationship between the


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