Termination of Consulting Services by Consultant


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									This is a letter a consultant can send a client notifying them of the consultant’s intention
to terminate their relationship. This letter can be customized to indicate the effective
date of the termination. In addition, the consultant promises to keep the client’s
proprietary information confidential and the consultant will promptly return all of the
client’s property. This letter can be used by individuals or small businesses that offer
consultation services and want to terminate their relationship with a client.
                      Termination of Consulting Services by Consultant

_______________________ [Instruction: insert date]

_______________________ [Instruction: insert client’s name and address]



Dear _______________________ [Instruction: insert name of client]

         This letter effectively terminates the engagement of ___________________
[Instruction: insert name of consultant] (“Consultant”) by ___________________
[Instruction: insert name of Client] (“you,” “your” or “Client”) to provide certain consulting
services to you as described below.

          Whereas, the Client is engaged in the business of _______________ [Instruction:
insert date business], and Client and Consultant have entered into a Consulting Agreement
dated as of _______________________ ("Consulting Agreement"). Please be advised that the
consulting services shall end subject to the following conditions:

1.   End of Services. On _______________________ [Instruction: insert date] Consultant shall
     cease providing _______________________ [Instruction: insert description of services]
     for the Client. Specifically, Consultant shall no longer provide the following services:

     A. _______________________ [Instruction: insert specific services and rates]
     B. _______________________ [Instruction: insert specific services and rates]

[Comment: include all services. Insert additional lines if necessary]

2.   Payment. Consultant will promptly submit Consultant’s final invoice by
     _______________________ [Instruction: insert date].

3.   Representations, Warranties, Covenants and Agreements. Consultant represents, warrants,
     covenants and agrees that:

     A. Consultant shall not, directly or indirectly, use or divulge to any third party any of the
        Client's confidential information or materials disclosed or made available to Consultant
        by reason of his providing services to Client and not generally known to the public
        industry in which the Client is engaged (collectively "Confidential Information"). The
        Confidential Information includes, without limitation: trade secrets and other
        information related to the Client practices in accounting, marketing, advertising,
        promotion, merchandising, selling and distributing; price lists; vendor lists; customer
        know-how; and research.
     B. Consultant shall, at all times, hold the Confidential Information Secret.

     C. Consultant shall immediately deliver or cause to be delivered to Client all of the
        Confidential Information in Consultant's possession or control, as well as all other
        materials furnished to or acquired by Consultant as a result of, or during the course of,
        Consultant's work for Client.

4.   Protection. Client is advised to take all reasonable steps to protect Client after the
     termination of Consultant’s services.


By ____________________ [Instruction: insert name]

Its ____________________ [Instruction: insert name of position]

Date ____________________ [Instruction: insert date]


By ____________________ [Instruction: insert name]

Its ____________________ [Instruction: insert name of position]

Date ____________________ [Instruction: insert date]

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