Termination of Consulting Services by Client

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									This is a letter a client can send a consultant notifying them of their intention to
terminate the consultant’s services. This letter can be customized so the client can
provide the specific reasons for terminating the consultant. In addition, the client can
demand for the return of any materials they provided the consultant and require the
consultant to maintain the confidentiality of the client’s proprietary information. This
letter can be used by individuals or small businesses that want to terminate the services
of a consultant.
                                [Instruction: Insert client letterhead.]

_____ [Instruction: Insert date.]

_____ [Instruction: Insert addressee.]
_____ [Instruction: Insert addressee address.]
_____ [Instruction: Insert addressee city, state, zip code.]

        Re: Termination of Consultancy Agreement as of _____ [Instruction: Insert date.]

Dear _____: [Instruction: Insert consultant name or company name.]

Pursuant to the terms and provisions of that certain consultancy agreement dated as of _____
[Instruction: Insert date of agreement.] entered into by and between _____ [Instruction:
Insert hiring company name.] as hiring company (“Company”) and _____ [Instruction: Insert
consultant name.] as consultant (“Consultant”) (the “Consultancy Agreement”), this letter shall
serve as written notice of the termination of the Consultancy Agreement as of _____
[Instruction: Insert date cancellation should become effective.].

The Consultancy Agreement is being terminated as a result of _____ [Instruction and
Comment: Insert description of contract termination reasons. If for breach of contract,
state the same with reference to specific contract provisions. Also, further state if any
additional steps have been taken to resolve the dispute prior to this letter being sent. If the
agreement is being terminated according to its terms, the same may be stated here in the
alternative. Sender may want to review the Consultancy Agreement to ensure a reason
must be given. If no reason for termination must be given, sender may want to consider
not including a reason, as same can give rise to claims from terminated party.]

[Optional language and comment: Consultant (including for purposes of this letter all
employees, consultants, agents or independent contractors of Consultant) should return all
materials provided by Company to Company at _______ [Instruction: Insert address to
return all materials to Company.] by that date which is no later than _____ [Instruction:
Insert date.]. For purposes of this termination, such materials shall include any and all
hard copies and electronic copies of documents or other items provided by Company or
Company’s agent during the term of the Consultancy Agreement and/or related in any way
to Consultant’s provision of goods and/or services to Company (collectively and
individually, the “Materials”). If additional requirements prior to termination, please list
them here. This may include, but are not limited to, removal of belongings from Company
property or return of identification cards, security cards and the like.]

[Optional language: Whether or not pursuant to the terms of the Consultancy Agreement,
Consultant shall be obligated to keep confidential all Materials and other information
obtained during the term of the Consultancy Agreement confidential, shall not disclose any
such information to any third party without the Company’s prior written consent, and
shall require that its employees, consultants, agents or independent contractors also

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maintain such confidentiality, except that such requirement shall not be required where
required by law or pursuant to a valid court order.]

[Optional language: As the Consultancy Agreement did not constitute an employer-
employee relationship, no further applicable employment termination provisions are
required, and the hiring company shall not be liable for any employment termination
payments. Please submit your final invoice, and payment for will immediately be remitted
to you. Upon receipt of such final payment and fulfillment of all conditions set forth in this
termination letter, all further obligations between the parties to the Consultancy
Agreement shall be fulfilled, and the Consultancy Agreement shall be deemed terminated.
[Comment: Sender of letter should ensure prior to including this language that no
employment relationship has been created by the Consultancy Agreement, and that no
further obligations remain on company’s part in terms of any such employment
relationship, if any.]

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


[Instruction: Insert signature block.]

[Comment: Parties should ensure this notice is sent pursuant to the notice provisions of the
Consultancy Agreement. If no such notice provisions are provided, sender may wish to
consider sending by a method which will provide delivery confirmation.]

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