Bill of Sale - Motor Vehicle

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									This Bill of Sale for a Motor Vehicle is a written acknowledgement of the transfer of
ownership of a Motor Vehicle from a Seller to a Buyer. The document includes the
terms, and conditions of the sale. This document contains both standard clauses, and
opportunities for the use of optional terms, and conditions making it fully customizable to
fit the needs of the contracting parties. This document should be used by individuals or
entities that want to purchase or sell an interest in a motor vehicle.
                            BILL OF SALE FOR MOTOR VEHICLE

This Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicle (the “Sales Contract”), is made and is effective
______________________, 201____ [Date],


                _______________________ [Name of Business selling the vehicle] (the
                “Seller”), a company organized and existing under the laws of the __________
                [County/Province] of __________________ [State], with its head office located
                at: _____________________________________________ [Complete address]

                __________________________ [Name of buyer] (the “Buyer”), [ ] an
                individual with his or her or their main address located at the following address,
                or, [ ] a company organized and existing under the laws of the _____________
                [County/Province] of ______________ [State], with its head office located at
                the following address: __________________________________
                 [Complete address] [Instruction: Put a check mark or an "x" in the correct
                box, above, specifying if Buyer is a private party or a company.]

FOR GOOD CONSIDERATION, and in payment of $ ______________, receipt acknowledged,
the undersigned Seller, hereby sells and transfers to the Buyer the following vehicle:

Make                 Model               Color               Style               Year

Odometer             Vehicle ID No.      Date of Purchase


    1. Seller is the sole owner of the vehicle;

    2. Such vehicle is free of all encumbrances, security interests, and other defenses against

    3. The cash price does not exceed a reasonable retail price at the time of sale;

    4. The vehicle has been delivered to and accepted by buyer;

    5. All disclosures to buyer and other matters in connection with such transaction are in all
       respects as required by, and in accordance with, all applicable laws and regulations
       governing them; and

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    6. Said vehicle is being sold “as is” without any express or implied warranty as to condition
       or working order.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Sales contract on the date of
__________________________, 201_____.

 Seller                                              Buyer

 _____________________________________               ____________________________________
 Authorized Signature                                Authorized Signature

 _____________________________________               _____________________________________
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