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                    Android Application Development

Hitting an all time high, the android application went way past Google in the second last half of 2010. With
millions of users all over the world, the era of iPhone domination in the mobile application market is fast
becoming a thing of the past. Android application development has pushed the realization that it is not just
about iPhones anymore; it is a brave new world.

What is an Android?
Essentially, it is a software application for mobile devices, with middle ware, key applications and an
operating system. The use of Java programming is its constituent language, and is fast becoming the most
rapidly growing Java application in the global software market.

Android contains 4 components, which typically form its spinal column. These components are different, each
serving a specific purpose. They include; Activities-one screen with a user interface, like an email application
with-compose, inbox etc. Services-they run remote functions in the background, like playing music. Content
providers, serve the purpose of managing application data. A Broadcast receiver is an application that
responds to system wide broadcasts. Each of these serves a unique function.

For almost half of the total number of android users, this is the first real entry into the realm of smart phones.
Millions upon millions of Smartphone users are changing allegiances from iPhones to androids, especially the
younger variety. More than half its users, who are below the 35-year bracket, bubbly and application
enthusiasts, are flocking stores for the Android. However, it is usually just until the next big thing hits.

Android application development is an ever-evolving market, one characterized by exponential growth.
Everyone in the software applications industry is feeling the heat that Android is packing, and the fact that this
application is now available in mobile phone networks, increasing its availability tenfold, only makes it an act
of war against its competitors. Add to that the free Android application development packages and ridiculous
discounts, and it escalates to a full on assault!

Pearse Street, the design team responsible for Android app development, is constantly on some serious
innovation adventures, coming up with new designs, stylish, and sleek, to keep the Android faithfuls
captivated. The new applications are a notch higher than competing brands. Vigorous promotions and
advertising campaigns are bringing in scores of new people wanting to know what the fuss is about. Iphone
still leads, only on the fact that its users have more applications to work with as compared to Android users. It
is however, important to keep in mind, as I mentioned earlier, that it is a growing market, and the steps being
made are massive, so it's only a matter of time.

Finally, Android application development is an endless race for the title of being branded the biggest in terms
of application support. The likes of Apple and Google still have a significant advantage over Android in that
regard. Of the total one million known applications, Android accounts for around 320,000, while Apple sits at
a massive 600,000! So it is still a long road, but achievable nonetheless. Android applications are definitely
the new high.

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