Whats The Difference Psychology Vs Psychiatry

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					                               Whats The Difference Psychology Vs Psychiatry
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What's The Difference: Psychology Vs Psychiatry

The difference between psychology and psychiatry is unclear to many people. When people think of a
psychiatrist or a psychologist, they generally think of a person who helps people talk through problems, or
treats various mental disorders.

They both treat people with problems such as schizophrenia or depression. However it is the methods which
they use to treat their patient’s that differs, so when you look at psychology vs psychiatry you need to
understand the methods of each.

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the study of the human mind and human behaviour, in regards to a persons emotions, feelings,
mental characteristics, interactions with others, and how a person functions in society. Psychology is often
referred to as the ‘science of the mind’. Psychologists often treat people who have anger issues, anxiety,
mild depression or any other stressful problems.

What is Psychiatry?

Psychiatry is a medical science which focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of mental problems and
illnesses. Primarily, psychiatrists are concerned with mental health issues. They often treat patients suffering
from schizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety, personality disorder, dementia, and depression.

Educational Background

When considering psychology vs psychiatry, one of the main differences is the educational background which
is required for each profession. A psychiatrist has to have a degree in medicine. After they receive their
degree in medicine, a psychiatrist has to complete a four year residency in mental health. Some psychiatrists
also seek further education is order to specialize in a particular area, for example child psychiatry.

Psychologists, unlike psychiatrists, are not qualified medical doctors. A psychologist has to undergo doctoral
training to receive a doctorate level degree, which normally takes around five to seven years to complete.
This doctorate degree can either be Ph.D., which is a Doctor of Philosophy or a Psy.D., which is a Doctor of
Psychology. Some also gain a masters degree. In some fields, a one year internship is required before any
employment can begin.

Treatment Methods

One of the main distinctions between psychology and psychiatry is the differing methods of treatment. As
psychiatrists are medical doctors they are permitted to prescribe medications to treat problems, whereas
psychologists are not. After evaluating a patient, if a psychologist determines that medication may be
required, they can refer the patient to a psychiatrist.

The most common form of treatment in psychology is therapy. This involves the psychologist talking and
listening to their patient, to determine the patient’s problem or problems.

When considering psychology vs psychiatry, it’s clear that the main differences between the two are the
credentials required for each field, and the methods which are employed to treat patients. Although the
distinction between psychiatry and psychology can seem diminutive, as both treat similar problems, the way
in which they use different methods to treat their patients differs greatly.

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Description: Psychology is a science that encompasses many fields and has a wide variety of real world application. Before learning its methods of application, however, it is important to understand the definition of psychology and what it entails.