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									                   Developed during RBEC private sector focal point workshop 25 th – 27th October 2004

Summary of UNDP Lithuania private sector strategy
Completed by:               Lyra Vysockiene, Advisor to RR/RC

UNDP Country Office:        Lithuania

External/ Market Analysis

Opportunities                                        Threats
for C.O. working in private sector area              for C.O. working in private sector area
1st: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)           1st: Although partnerships have existed in
is not widely known in the country (usually          the past, UNDP does not have a history of
the perception of CSR is rather linked to            addressing the private sector in a strategic
philanthropy than partnership) and there is          manner, thus there might be little
a fine space for UNDP to play a catalytic            awareness as to UNDP relevance for
role in the area, thereby establishing good          business;
contacts with the business and increasing
the visibility of the Country Office (CO);
2nd: Several companies do CSR, but there             2nd: UNDP future in Lithuania beyond
are no consolidated efforts on country               2005 is not clear and this is a constraint in
level. Business is interested in joining             developing long term partnerships,
these efforts together – UNDP can provide            impacting on the interest of private sector
the forum for that under Global Compact              to work with UNDP;
(GC) network activities, as well as present
new project ideas;
3rd: There is an interest from several private       3rd: Certain sectors in the country are not
companies to work with UNDP in certain               strong enough to undertake Public Private
areas (e.g. safety at work, anti-corruption          Partnerships (PPP) and regional disparities
efforts, etc.);                                      in the country are huge;
4th: Private sector is getting stronger and is       4th: New powerful actors are emerging in
rather open for innovative ways of doing             the area of private sector development (e.g.
business.                                            EU) – UNDP involvement would either
5th: To direct single social projects of             require substantial efforts to be meaningful
companies to consolidated activities in the          or have no added value. UNDP so far
framework of Global Compact.                         worked only for development of businesses
                                                     (SMEs and entrepreneurship development
                                                     for women and the displaced professionals
                                                     in mono-industry towns) among most
                                                     disadvantaged groups.

                                                     5th: Private sector, at the moment, is more
                                                     interested in its own advertising rather than
                                                     real commitment to social issues.

                  Developed during RBEC private sector focal point workshop 25 th – 27th October 2004

Internal Analysis

Strengths:                         Weaknesses:
1 : Support and encouragement from 1st:Insufficient experience/skills/knowledge
senior management;                 of business environment and on working
                                   with private sector within the office, as
                                   well as lack of monitoring tools for
                                   business performance;

2nd: UNDP competence/experience in 2nd: Resources-staff and financial (currently
bringing various stakeholders together and very limited RC funds are being used for
neutrality of UNDP as a partner, which promoting the Global Compact);
may be helpful also in this area;

3rd: Good contacts with Government bodies           3rd: Office priority – resource mobilization
and acknowledgement of UNDP as reliable             – to sustain the activities beyond 2005
partner by Government and non-                      when core resources are likely to be
governmental sector.                                unavailable. Resource mobilization efforts
                                                    directed to government/EU funds, because
                                                    private sector resource mobilization efforts
                                                    can bring results only in a long-term
4th: Initial experience/contacts with the
private sector are very good and promising.

5th: UNDP is able to bring analytical work
products and capacity to work out project
proposals for PPPs.

Objectives and support needed
Objectives to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant to UNDP’s Mission and set at
3, 6 & 12 month milestones.

Overall objective for working with the private sector for UNDP Lithuania is to create
awareness on CSR/Global Compact and establish working relations with the private
sector with a view of mobilizing resources for UNDP programmes.

Objectives:                                Support needed (what + who from):
3 month objectives:
Internal                                            Staff training and exchange of
 Discuss with the staff of the Office the          experiences among the offices
    need/reasons/objectives to enhance              in the region on working with
    working with the private sector and             the private sector and the

                  Developed during RBEC private sector focal point workshop 25 th – 27th October 2004

   approve/elaborate in more details the                       importance of PPPs (public-
   action plan on working with private                         private partnerships);
   sector (by the end of November 2004);
 Learn/research more on the private                         Financial       (seed     money
   sector in Lithuania (using interns; more                   facility)/human resources for
   substantial research would require                         CSR/GC events and for more
   additional human and financial                             extensive analysis of the private
   resources that are currently unavailable                   sector in the country;
   in the office);
 In cooperation with Association of                          Resource persons for CSR/GC
   Foreign Investors draft a project                           events.
   application for EU funding for 2005
   promotional       activities   of    the
   CSR/Global Compact (possibly using
   external expert).
 Create sufficient awareness on CSR
   and the Global Compact in the business
   community, as to provide an entry point
   for UNDP in establishing good contacts
   with     business     (through various
   meetings, Conference on Responsible
   Business on 29 November 2004 and
   introduction     to     the   Unleashing
   Entrepreneurship Report, creation of a
   working group on CSR/GC promotion
   by the end of 2004, etc.);
 Entering into short term partnerships
   for promoting CSR/Global Compact
   with interested companies/professional
   associations (on the basis of example of
   already concluded partnerships with
   Association of Foreign Investors and
 Launching the Global Compact
   network (around January-February
 Using media as a partner at all times in
   promoting CSR/GC.

6 month objectives:                                           Staff training on partnership
 Create a platform/network where                              building and exchange of
   business and UNDP could establish                           experiences among the offices
   working relations and have joint                            in the region on working with
   planning of activities across the areas of                  the private sector and the
   interest;                                                   importance of PPPs;

               Developed during RBEC private sector focal point workshop 25 th – 27th October 2004

                                                           Financial      (seed      money
                                                            facility)/human resources.

12 month objectives:                                      Staff training on partnership
 Engage business in partnerships with                     building and exchange of
   UNDP in the areas of interest.                          experiences among the offices
                                                           in the region on working with
                                                           the private sector and the
                                                           importance of PPPs;

                                                           Financial/human resources.


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