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									                             - BROKER FEE          AGREEMENT -

THIS AGREEMENT (The “Agreement”), made and entered into this ______day of                 by and
between               (“Broker”), and ______________________(“Client”).

WHEREAS, Client desires to purchase                          notes the of which shall be used to
identified herein below; and,

WHEREAS, Broker, subject to the terms herein, will provide broker services to assist Client in
obtaining and closing on such commitment.

NOW, THEREFORE, the parties hereto, each in consideration of the covenants and agreements
of the other, in consideration of the services to be performed, and for good and other valuable
consideration, the receipt and adequacy of which are hereby acknowledged, agree as follows:

1. Client hereby contracts Broker to:

2. Client agrees to pay to Broker an amount equal to            (0.0 %) of the Purchase Amount
   for purchases up to               and        (0.0%) for purchases over       as a fee (the
   “Fee”) which shall be earned upon the funding of any of the above mentioned properties
   whether in whole or part. It is understood and agreed that Broker.

3. The Parties agree that the payment of any fees due shall be made directly out of the proceeds
   of the purchase. Client hereby irrevocably agrees for the sole purpose of issuing instructions
   to Escrow/Closing Holder to pay the fee directly to Broker or his assigns.

4. Broker and Client agree that this employment and authority of Broker by Client shall continue
   twelve (12) months from date hereof, and shall continue from month to month after such
   twelve month period, unless and until said contract is terminated by either of the parties in
   writing, excepting the covenants as described in Paragraph 5.

5. Client or any affiliate of Client agrees not to circumvent Broker by directing, approaching,
   dealing, contacting, or entering into a transaction with any other part
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