Affiliate Article Marketing And You by supercibor


									Affiliate Article Marketing And You

Affiliate article marketing is your chance to distinguish yourself from all of the other affiliates for the same
product or service.

Writing articles about the products or services you represent as an affiliate gives you the chance to create a
certain amount of trust with your prospect. A well written piece that is informative provides information
about your professionalism and the product you are representing.

If you do not respect your reader and give them an article that has poor grammar, spelling mistakes and NO
valuable information about the product or service, you have lost ANY chance at getting the reader to either
finish reading your article or clicking through for more information.

* Honest product reviews on the products you represent are always welcome.

* Videos showing how the product works are priceless, especially if they are of a REAL user and not a
commercially made advertisement.

* The consumer wants to be ensured that their problems are going to be solved so itemizing the benefits of
the product that are NOT listed on the product sales page or in commercials helps create credibility.

The affiliate articles you write are your chance to sell without selling.

You do this by capturing their interest with the title, building on that interest with the first paragraph, create
a desire in them for more information with the body text then give them a call to action at the end where
they can have the desire for more information sated.

There are going to be a LOT of other affiliates for the product you represent and not all of them do affiliate
article marketing. Some may dabble at it but aren’t willing to put themselves, their personality and their
personal integrity into their business.

Take the time to know and understand your product before you write your first affiliate marketing article
and you will be separating yourself from the herd. Be honest and find a marketing approach that differs from
others and you’ll be exploiting a niche within that market.

The bottom line is always respect the reader, respect yourself and be a prolific writer if you want to win the
affiliate article marketing war with other affiliates in your niche.

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