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San Antonio Chiropractic Doctor, Dr. James Franklin, Educates Community On Health And Wellness


Franklin Chiropractic & Accident Clinic Inc and Dr. James Franklin D. C., San Antonio chiropractor, offers an entire menu of educational programs and presentations that benefit community health and wellness.

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									San Antonio Chiropractic Doctor, Dr. James Franklin, Educates Community
On Health And Wellness

San Antonio, TX, 10-JANUARY-2012 - Franklin Chiropractic & Accident
Clinic Inc and San Antonio chiropractor, Dr. James Franklin, D. C., are
pleased to announce a focus on health and wellness education for the
community. As a profession, chiropractic demonstrates a philosophy that
incorporates natural and non-invasive methods that benefit the patient by
looking at a holistic approach.

Some of the educational topics that are promoted by chiropractic
physicians do not even require a visit to a clinic. For example, posture
training can be presented and taught in seminars, classrooms, workplaces,
and even senior centers.

Simple exercises that can used to relieve stress, painful muscles and
headaches, among other things are popular subjects for community
education. Again, this is a topic that can be taught in many locations.
It doesn't require a lengthy presentation.

Some presentations in the workplace are more specific. The chiropractor
can look for ways to maximize ergonomics in the office or manufacturing
site. These talks could incorporate posture, seating design and other
features. Dr. Franklin works with the target audience to tailor the
presentation that will be of most benefit.

Learn more about about chiropractic techniques for improving health in
San Antonio by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and
others who have additional questions about specific techniques described
in this press release may contact Dr. Franklin at the location below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. James Franklin, D. C.

Company Name: Franklin Chiropractic & Accident Clinic Inc

Address: Nacogdoches Office, 12802 Nacogdoches, San Antonio TX 78217

Contact Telephone Number: (210) 657-6744

Contact Fax Number: (210) 657-7230



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