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									                              2007 AnnualReport

“In my 85-plus years, I have spent many days
and nights in hospitals throughout the United
States.As you aim for doing a top-notch job,feel
gratified that you are attaining the goals for
which you strive.” Jean D. Hart, N. Stonington, CT
                                     T Our Community

                                     We are pleased to report that in 2007 The Westerly Hospital provided another year of
The Emergency Department
                                     outstanding community health care to residents and visitors from Westerly, Stonington and
is led by Dr. Christopher Lehrach,
(left), Chief of Emergency
                                     surrounding towns. By several important measures that appear in this report, your Hospital is
                                     proving to be a very good hospital, which it has been our privilege to lead this past year.
Dr. Jay Colby, Chief of
Radiology, reviews a CT
arteriogram using the PACS
(Picture Archiving
                                     The financial strains that have affected us at The Westerly Hospital again this year have been
Communication System), an
electronic imaging system that
                                     felt by institutions like ours across the country, and throughout Rhode Island and Connecticut.
provides improved clarity and
remote access for physicians.
                                     In our state, the looming crisis prompted the governor to appoint a task force to examine
                                     the situation and propose solutions.

                                     The Westerly Hospital was an active participant in the process. The vice-chair of our Board
                                     of Trustees and one of nurses were at the table. Some of the findings and recommendations
                                     are summarized in this report. Our 2008 strategy for the future of the Hospital includes an
                                     aggressive program of physician recruitment to meet the needs of our patients, and advocating
                                     for action at the state level. Refinements and additions to our services will keep The Westerly
                                     Hospital the hospital of choice for patients and physicians.

                                     The past year demonstrates that our community can have continued confidence in the quality
                                     of our clinical programs and in the level of attention we pay to our service. The year ahead
                                     must include significant improvement from a financial perspective. In pursuing that goal, we
                                     will work hard to earn the continued support of our community.

                                     Charles S. Kinney, FACHE      William A. Nardone               Steven R. Yolen, M.D.
                                     President / CEO               Chairman / Board of Trustees     President/Medical Staff


2007 was yet another busy year for our clinical staff as we added services to meet community needs        “The care and concern
while continuing to provide excellent patient care.                                                       of your Emergency
                                                                                                          Room staff were
Top of the Charts Patient Satisfaction                                                                    outstanding. We were
                                                                                                          far from home but felt
One constant at The Westerly Hospital is our keen focus on our patients’ satisfaction. We measure
                                                                                                          right at home.”
patient satisfaction each month through an anonymous, objective survey. This year’s survey results put
us in the 90th percentile or top 10% of hospitals for inpatient care, and in the 99th percentile or top
                                                                                                          –Mr. and Mrs. James Hanson,
1% in Emergency Department Care. We are very proud of these results and the staff in these areas          Des Moines, Iowa.
that provide this level of care to our patients each and every day.

First in the region to offer catheter-free test for GERD
Physicians of Gastroenterology Specialists of Westerly and Mystic were the first in this region to
offer the Medtronic Bravo pH Monitoring System, a patient-friendly method of measuring
esophageal pH levels in patients with severe heartburn, or gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD).
This method allows physicians to diagnose the condition in a more comfortable way than the
traditional pH testing method, which involves placing a thin tube through the nose and down
the esophagus.

Joining the fight against cancer
Last January, the New England Division of American Cancer Society and Westerly Hospital joined            Westerly Hospital
forces in the fight against cancer by signing a collaborative agreement to work together on a number      physicians Robert
of key initiatives, including education programs for medical providers and consumers, advocacy and        Legare, Oncologist,
outreach efforts throughout the community, and special programs for patients and families.                Erik Enquist, Urologist,
                                                                                                          and Allen Leadbetter,
Providing support to our community                                                                        Surgeon, and Margaret
In 2007, we continued to offer free support groups to our community members who are dealing               Austin (standing),
with the following medical issues: prostate cancer or cancer in general, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and     Westerly Hospital’s Vice
                                                                                                          President of Nursing,
scoliosis. We also offered support to those dealing with the loss of a loved one, new mothers who
                                                                                                          join Debborah Smith,
need help breastfeeding their newborn, and to parents of children with special needs.
                                                                                                          ACS state vice presi-
                                                                                                          dent, cancer control, for
Helping our community be Healthy for Life                                                                 the signing of a collabo-
The Westerly Hospital offered free programs on a number of topics through its Healthy for Life            rative agreement.
Community Education program: Laser Vision Correction and Macular Degeneration, Controlling
Cholesterol, Pain Management, Digestive Health, Diabetes Outpatient Education, Lyme Disease,
Bike Safety, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, Food as Medicine, Prostate Health, Puberty, Women’s Health,
Breast Health, Caring for Aging Parents, Medication Safety, Smoking Cessation.

Award Winning Diabetes Education Program
The Westerly Hospital offered to the community a six-week course last Spring to help diabetics man-
age their disease while maintaining an active and productive lifestyle. Taught by Certified Diabetes
Outpatient Educators, The Westerly Hospital’s outpatient diabetes program was recently awarded
Continuing Education Recognition from the American Diabetes Association for meeting national
standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs.


“For many years,           Throughout the year, our employees, volunteers, and Auxilians gave their time and money to many
my family and I have       community causes, including:
used the facilities
of The Westerly            • $4,600 raised for The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and Daffodil Days.
Hospital, their
                           • $3,000 raised for The American Heart Association’s HeartWalk and Wear Red Day.
Physicians and
                           • $2,200 raised for our own Helping Hands Fund, in which employees hold various events through
Nursing staff. I will
                             out the year, and divide the funds among a number of charities chosen by staff.
continue to praise and
recommend others
                           • Donations to the Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center’s Food Pantry.
to take advantage of       • A Thanksgiving Meal, prepared and served by over 50 employees and volunteers to more than 150
your small town              clients of local community service agencies including the W.A.R.M. Shelter, Johnnycake Center,
hospital. I have seen        Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center, and Wood River Health Services.
many changes over
the years, and I           In addition, $6,600 was generously contributed by employees to The Westerly Hospital Foundation’s
envision more good         Annual Fund which is designated for capital improvements.
things to take place
in the future.”            Our Volunteers
                           Over 300 volunteers donated more than 48,000
–Elizabeth C. Martinelli
                           hours of their time by providing vital services
Mystic, CT.
                           such as escorting patients and visitors through-
                           out the Hospital, greeting people at various
                           reception desks, and wheeling patients from the
                           Hospital at discharge, to name just a few. And
                           our Comfort Quilt volunteers meet regularly to
                           produce unique quilts for patients.

                           Celebrating Our People
                           The Westerly Hospital celebrates and honors
                           its 700 employees and volunteers throughout
Hospital employees         the year with various reward and recognition programs, including the Annual Service Awards,
and volunteers once        Employee of the Month award, Leader and Employee of the Year award, Attendance Recognition
again participated in      program, “You’re A Gem” peer recognition program, Annual Employee/Volunteer Picnic, and weekly
the American Cancer
                           recognition in our internal newsletter.
Society’s “Relay for
Life” this past June.

                               Employees of the Month                         Leader of                    Employee of
                               Libby Kettlety , Human Resources               the Year.                    the Year.
                               Linda Rogers, Communications                   Deborah Stokes,              Libby Kettlety,
                               Noel Fleck , Biomedical                        Supervisor of                Human Resources
                               Sylvia Lamotte, Nursing Assistant
                                                                              Patient Financial            Assistant
                               Roger Gardner, Information Systems
                               Sara Gabriele, Food Service
                               Maria Trombino, Housekeeping


The Westerly Hospital prides itself on its quality of care. To that end, our leadership and clinicians
are working together to incorporate best-practice procedures from hospitals across the country and
the state to continuously refine our care.

Accredited Services
This past summer, the Westerly Hospital received several important accreditations, including an
overall accreditation for the entire hospital from the Joint Commission, a nationwide seal of approval
that indicates a hospital meets high performance standards. The Hospital also received the following
    Laboratory accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) as well as by the
    American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).
    Diagnostic Imaging department accredited for its MRI services by the American College of
    Radiology and its Mammography services by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration/
    Mammography Quality Standards Act (FDA/MQSA).

An Environment of Continuous Learning
T improve the knowledge base of its physician staff, the Westerly Hospital offers a Continuing
Medical Education program (CME) overseen by a committee comprised of a physician chairman,
coordinator, several physician members, and representation from the hospital administration. In 2007,
the Hospital’s program was accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical
Education, a national body that provides stringent guidelines that must be met by all institutions
involved in the educational process.

Exceeding Hospital Quality Standards
Medicare and the Joint Commission require that hospitals across the nation report their performance
in 25 areas of clinical quality standards, known as “Core Measures.” These measures reflect the
treatment of patients diagnosed with congestive heart failure, heart attack, pneumonia, and those
requiring surgical procedures, some of the most common reasons patients are admitted to a hospital.
Our physicians and nurses have recorded some of the highest scores in the state in these areas, and
we continue to stay abreast of methodologies that will ensure such care continues. This past
November, the Hospital received an award from Quality Partners of RI, a nationally recognized
leader in healthcare quality improvement, for our performance on our Surgical Core Measures.

Award Winning Medical Emergency T          eam
Last February, the Westerly Hospital established a Medical Emergency T     eam (MET), a team of
clinical staff members including respiratory therapists and critical care nurses charged with bringing
advanced care to a patient who appears to be failing before that patient worsens and goes into respira-
tory failure or suffers a heart attack or stroke. Our Medical Emergency T  eam was proud to receive an
Honorable Mention Advancing Innovation in Healthcare Award from Quality Partners of RI this year.

Continuous Improvements in Intensive Care
The Westerly Hospital continues to improve the quality of its Intensive Care Unit as an active
member of the Rhode Island ICU Collaborative. Among our many achievements in 2007, the
Hospital implemented proven strategies in intensive care that reduce length of stay, complications,
and associated costs. Specifically, the Hospital saw eight months of no ventilator associated pneumo-
nia and nine months of no catheter related blood stream infections.


“If anyone tells me     In 2007, the Westerly Hospital experienced
they must go to a       an increase outpatient volume, including an
big city hospital for   increase in patients coming from southeastern
treatment, they do      CT and southern RI. Conversely, our inpatient
not know what your
                        volume declined which can be directly attrib-
hospital and staff
                        uted to the attrition of three of our physicians.
can and will do.”

–Howard O. Smith,
                        We added a number of new physicians last year
Westerly, RI            as well as a cutting edge new pain management

                        Physician recruitment
                        The Westerly Hospital continues to focus on physician recruitment. Last year, we welcomed the
                        following new physicians to our Medical Staff this year, all of which are Board Certified in their
                        respective area of expertise.
                                                                            (not shown):
                                                                            Karen Castaldo - Anesthesiology
                                                                            Christopher DeSantis - Anesthesiology
                                                                            Saryn Doucette - Pathology
                                                                            Sumita Gokhale - Pathology
                                                                            Juan Miguel Mosquera - Pathology
                         Adrian             Paul           Susan
                        Hamburger          Barber          Stuart
                          Pain             Urology       Pediatrician
                        New Pain Management Clinic
                        Last February, we established the Westerly Spine & Pain Center at The Westerly Hospital run by
                        Dr. Adrian K. Hamburger, Board Certified in pain management and anesthesiology and trained at
                        Harvard and Johns Hopkins. Dr. Hamburger has expertise
                                                                in nerve pain, work and sports-related injuries, shingles and
                                                                Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). He also provides
                                                                interventional management of chronic low-back pain
                                                                resulting from degenerative disc disease, stenosis, herniated
                                                                discs, nerve impingement, facet joint arthritis, and other
                                                                degenerative spine diseases.


Fiscal 2007 posed continuing financial concerns for the Hospital. The Hospital received $70,970,000
in net patient revenue and other operating sources and incurred expenses of $76,941,000. Offset by invest-
ment income and by funds raised for capital purchases, the bottom line loss was $1.7 million. We provided
$1.3 million in charity care and incurred bad debt amounting to $4.6 million.

In 2007, Charles S. Kinney, President and CEO of The Westerly Hospital, was awarded the Partnership for
Action Grassroots Champion Award by The American Hospital Association (AHA) in partnership with the
Hospital Association of Rhode Island (HARI). The AHA presents this prestigious award to just one hospital                                                                Charles S. Kinney,
executive in each state. Mr. Kinney was recognized for mobilizing a delegation of several community leaders                                                              President and CEO
and patients to speak on behalf of the vital role the Hospital serves in making comprehensive medical care                                                               of The Westerly
available to residents of southwestern Rhode Island and southeastern Connecticut. He was cited for his                                                                   Hospital, is
skillful ability to articulate the financial crisis facing hospitals to the community, state, and federal legislators                                                    presented with the
and regulators, and insurance plans.                                                                                                                                     Partnership for
                                                                                                                                                                         Action Grassroots
In addition, representatives from The Westerly Hospital participated in the Community Hospital Task Force,                                                               Champion Award
a statewide effort to help improve the financial condition of RI hospitals. The Hospital was represented on                                                              by Ed Quinlan,
                                                                                                                                                                         President of
this task force by board vice chairman Fred Allardyce and state nursing board member and Hospital surgical
                                                                                                                                                                         the Hospital
nurse Sharon Smith. Preliminary outcomes from this task force include a recommendation for the 2008
                                                                                                                                                                         Association of
legislative session to reform payment and reimbursement for hospitals, and collaboration amongst community
                                                                                                                                                                         Rhode Island
hospitals on services, up to and including mergers. The Task Force is continuing to meet into 2008.                                                                      (HARI).

THE WESTERLY HOSPITAL      William A. Nardone                   David R. Bailey                     Charles S. Kinney, FACHE,        EX-OFFICIO
BOARD OF TRUSTEES          Chairman                             John P. Casey                       President/CEO                    Jeanne M. Lachance
2006-2007                  John C. Warren                       David D’Eramo, Ph. D                Steven R. Yolen, MD,             Treasurer
                           Vice Chairman                        William J. Griffin IV               President of the Medical Staff   Maureen L Carboni
                           Fred A. Allardyce                    Martha McQ. Hosp                                                     Secretary
                           Vice Chairman                        Allen W. Leadbetter, MD                                              HONORARY TRUSTEES
                           William G. McKendree                 Walter J. Lentz, MD                                                  Robert J. Brockman
                           Vice Chairman                        Mary Jo Orsinger                                                     Thomas F. Moore Jr.
                                                                                                                                     Henry J. Nardone

THE WESTERLY HOSPITAL      MEDICAL STAFF OFFICERS               CHIEFS OF SERVICES                  Robert E. Fox, MD                Lisa Menard-Manlove, MD
MEDICAL STAFF OFFICERS     Franklin F. Leddy, MD                Mary Minn, MD                       Chief of Medicine                Chief of Pediatrics
AND CHIEFS OF SERVICES     Chair, Credentials Committee         Chief of Anesthesia                 Rachel Ciaccio, MD               Andrew Neuhauser, MD
2006-2007                  Steven Yolen MD                      Christopher M. Lehrech, MD          Chief of OB/GYN                  Chief of Surgery
                           President of Medical Staff           Chief of Emergency Medicine         Jila Khorsand, MD
                           David R. Rivera, MD                                                      Chief of Pathology
                           President Elect
                           James G. Stuart, DO

THE WESTERLY HOSPITAL       Charles S. Kinney, FACHE            Jodie Arthur                        Rich Munson                      Barbara Stewart                     “The staff in your
SENIOR MANAGEMENT STAFF     President/Chief Executive Officer   Director, Human Resources           Director, Facilities             Director, Performance Improvement
                            Jeanne M. LaChance                  Nancy J. Barisano                   Nicholas J. Stahl                Leslie Bartholomew                  Wound Care
2006-2007                   Vice President, Finance/CFO         Director, IS & Communications/CIO   Director of Development and      Manager, Process Improvement
                            Margaret F. Austin RN                                                   Community Relations                                                  department were
                            Vice President, Nursing/CNO
                                                                                                                                                                         wonderful: reassur-
THE WESTERLY HOSPITAL       John C. O’Brien                     Nicholas J. Stahl, CFRE             Susan M. Dush                    Mary Jo Orsinger
FOUNDATION                  Chairman                            Executive Director                  William J. Griffin IV            Linda H. Philips                    ing yet realistic in
BOARD OF DIRECTORS          Charles S. Kinney, FACHE                                                Katherine W. Hoxsie              Jennifer Schwindt
                            President                           David R. Bailey                     Joseph J. Kirby                  Edward P. Smith III                 their approach to
2006-2007                   Jeanne M. LaChance                  Linda Brenner                       Allen W. Leadbetter, MD
                            Treasurer                           Mallory Constantine                 Henry J. Nardone                 EX-OFFICIO                          me. I would highly
                            Matthew H. Thomsen                  Arthur M. Cottrell III              Paul D. Nunes                    William A. Nardone
                            Secretary                           Galan Daukas                        Michael Ogle                                                         recommend it to

THE WESTERLY HOSPITAL       Maura Laudone                       Shelley Weier                       Asst. Treasurer                  Estelle Cryan
AUXILIARY EXECUTIVE         President                           Treasurer                           Maggie Anderson                  Past President
COMMITTEE                   Linda Trebisacci                    Malee Greenlee                      Corresponding Secretary          Margaret Austin
                            1st Vice President                  Asst. Treasurer                     Sally Gordon                     Hospital Liason                     Margaret C. Green,
2006-2007                                                       Linda Philips                       Recording Secretary
                                                                                                                                                                         Mystic, CT
WESTERLY ADULT DAY          Mary Gormley                        Cathy Young                         Meredith Eckel                   Jeannette Misuraca
SERVICES, INC.              Chairman                            Treasurer                           Wade Jensen                      Jack Morehouse
BOARD OF DIRECTORS          Maureen Najim-Haberek               Ann Lain                            Charles Kinney                   James Sylvestri
                            Vice Chairman                       Secretary                           Mary Krupinski                   Barbara Stillman
2007                                                                                                Jennifer Luther                  Anthony Vellucci                                         6

Dr. Joseph P.              The Hospital’s accomplishments in quality of care and patient satisfaction, and in the growth of our
Giancaspro, Family         services this past year, are the direct result of the support we receive from donors. Each donor should
Practioner, discusses      feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment for the difference he or she has made in advancing the
“Heart Healthy Eating”     progress of the Hospital.
while Chef Luke Arts,
Johnson and Wales
                           Contributions to the Hospital through The Westerly Hospital Foundation totaled more than $1.1
University, demon-
                           million in fiscal 2007, which is helping to replace patient beds throughout the Hospital and to make
strates healthy cooking,
at the Hospital’s
                           other capital improvements that would not have been possible without philanthropic support upon
Community Education        which the Hosptial has always relied. In 2007, these improvements included upgrades to information
program.                   systems in the pharmacy, and other clinical equipment of direct benefit to our patients.

                           In addition, the Hospital was the recipient of a special grant from the Foundation for Health,
                           which contributed its interest in the property at One Rhody Drive, adjacent to the Hospital and the
                           site of the renal dialysis facility. This value of this grant was independently appraised at $750,000.
                           Lease income from this property will help build a special fund to benefit patients with renal and
                           related disorders.

A report of                The Westerly Hospital Auxiliary contributed nearly $100,000 this past year, providing funds that will
Community Benefits…        be directed to new patient beds in the intensive care unit, a blanket warmer for radiology, additional
By The Numbers:            Lifeline communicators, and other specific needs contributing to patient care, comfort, and safety.
                           These funds were the result of the hard work of the Auxiliary and the many donations made to
Oct 1, 2006 through
                           Auxiliary events including the annual golf outing and the “Lights of Love” program, and patrons of
Sept 30, 2007
                           the coffee and gift shops.
$4.6 million – Bad
debt from those who        The support the Hospital receives each year is reflective of the confidence and pride the community
are unable or choose       has for the Hospital and all that it provides. A list of donors appears on the following pages, and we
not to pay a portion       thank each and every one who contributed this past year.
or all of their bill

                                                                                                                 2007                   2006                   2005
care for those who are     Total Admission                                                                       4,643                  4,816                  4,879
unable to pay a portion    Births                                                                                  444                    411                    395
or all of their bill       Emergency Room Visits (Including Convenience Care)                                   25,195                 26,585                 26,182
                           Ambulatory/Outpatient Visits                                                        506,140                476,469                441,593
1,420 – Community          Laboratory Procedures                                                               499,861                462,526                429,403
flu vaccination shots      Pathology Procedures                                                                 29,958                 28,484                 21,642
                           Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization                                                      271                    301                    386
864 patients helped        Physical Therapy Procedures                                                          58,023                 53,479                 46,998
by hundreds of pints       Radiology
                             Diagnostic Procedures                                                              35,775                 33,864                 32,577
of blood collected           Nuclear Medicine Procedures                                                         3,598                  3,365                  3,932
through 6 employee/          CT Scans                                                                           12,653                 11,797                 10,320
                             Ultrasound Procedures                                                              10,922                 10,998                 11,143
community blood              Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)                                                    2,368                  2,032                  1,676
drives                     Respiratory Therapy                                                                  27,200                 27,306                 27,480
                           OR & Ambulatory Patients                                                             12,840                 11,106                 10,692
706 – Community            Observation Patients*                                                                   755                    743                    831
Education enrollment       Total Days of Patient Care                                                           17,308                 18,730                 18,576
                           Length of Stay – Days (Excluding Newborns)                                             4.06                    4.0                    3.9
9 – Community              Average Daily Census                                                                   47.4                   48.6                   48.3
Support Groups             *Patients requiring nursing monitoring & evaluation prior to possible admission or transfer

The Westerly
Hospital Foundation

                       Established by The              Mrs. H. L. Achilles, Jr.            Mr. John H. Walker                         “Thank you so much
                       Westerly Hospital Board of      Seneca E. Allyn                     Mr. Raycroft Walsh                         for all the Hospital has
                       Trustees, the Cornerstone       Erwin H. Barnes                     Barbara Wharrie
                       Society’s purpose is to thank   Mr. James E. Blackwood, Sr.         Theodore T. White, Jr.                     done for our family over
donors for including the Hospital in their wills and   Miss Mildred H. Bray                Mr. Nelson C. White, Sr.                   the years.”
estate plans.                                          Virginia Brilhart
                                                       Iris C. Brown                       Founder’s Society
Cornerstone Society members exemplify the lasting      Miss Phyllis T. Brown               (Recognizes annual donors of               The Ely Family,
tradition of philanthropy on which The Westerly        Mrs. Orton P. Camp                  $500 or more)                              donors to the 2007 Westerly
Hospital was built.                                    Louis Cercena                                                                  Hospital Annual Fund
                                                       Mrs. George P. Clark                ~indicates new member
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Anderson                         Alice Comstock                      * denotes the donor is deceased
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Bailey                             George Cropper
Mr. & Mrs. David D. Bell                               Katharine W. Davis                  $50,000 &      OVER
Linda F. Brenner                                       Mrs. Frederick F. Driftmier
Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Buffum                           Mrs. Anne P. Earle                  William & Catherine Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Buffum                            Mrs. Effie P. Farrell               The Forrest & Frances Lattner Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Cottrell, III                     Katherine W. Ford                   The Westerly Hospital Auxiliary, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Davis                             Marion Lounsbury Foster
The Rev. Dr. Frederick F. Driftmier                    Capt. A. E. Francis, USN (Ret.)     $25,000 - $49,000
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. P. Elmer, III                     Mrs. Vera E. Fuller
Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Hirsch                             Mrs. Thomas L. Gallagher            Mrs. William H. Gray
Mrs. Paul E. Hollos                                    Mrs. Hartford P. Gongaware          Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Griffin
Ms. Pamela J. Hurst                                    Louise P. Greene                    The Alfred M. Roberts, Jr. Charitable
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hutcheon                         Mr. George Hammond                            Foundation                       Mr. and Mrs. William
Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Kinney                           Mrs. Robert H. Iglehart             Mr. Paul A. Verbinnen &                    C. Anderson, recent
Joseph & Katherine Hoxsie Kirby                        Elsie I. Jordan                         Mrs. Cecilia Greene                    Cornerstone Society
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Lane                             Mr. & Mr. J. Harold Kenyon
Mr. Peter L. Lewiss, Esq.                              Mr. Harry K. Knapp                  $10,000 - $24,999                          members, and Nick
Mrs. Emma I. Lloyd                                     Mrs. Katherine Knox                                                            Stahl, Executive Director
Mr. & Mrs. Martin L. Lyons                             Milton M. Leibovitz                 Mrs. Angel Anderson                        of The Westerly Hospital
William B. & Lois Vars Mason                           Clarinda Y. Lincoln                 Anonymous
Mr. & Mrs. William G. McKendree                        Mr. Albert S. R. Lundstrom          Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lamm
                                                                                                                                      Foundation, enjoy the
Mr. Edward T. Morenzoni                                Estelle Magni                       Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Long                 Cornerstone Society
Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Moses                              Evelyn B. Man                       Mr. & Mrs. W. Hollis Petersen              Dinner held at the
Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Nardone                            John H. Miller                      Mr. Charles H. G. Rees*
                                                                                                                                      Hospital this past
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Nolf                               Clifford W. Mitchell                Mrs. Joyce O. Resnikoff
Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Nunes                               Mr. & Mrs. Danforth Mitchell, Sr.   The Rhode Island Foundation                November.
The Rev. Alexander Ogilby                              Mr. & Mrs. Gerard H. Morrissey      Mr. & Mrs. Steven Tighe~
Mr. & Mrs. Victor J. Orsinger                          Jessie S. Morse                     The Washington Trust Company
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Orthwein, Jr.                      Mr. Bryant A. Muenzen
Mr. John Parker                                        Mary P. Myers                       $5,000 - $9,999
Marion S. Palm                                         Bertha Nichols
Mr. Joseph E. Pucci                                    Florence Nichols                    Mr. & Mrs. Fred A. Allardyce
Mrs. Nancy T. Rees                                     George Nichols, III                 Anonymous
Mrs. Dorothy Roberts                                   Mr. David Parker                    Chelsea Groton Foundation
Mrs. Edwin F. Sherman, Jr.                             Mr. Robert B. Perry                 Mrs. Wells W. Constantine
Mr. Owen E. Sherry                                     Mary U. Phillips                    Mrs. Barbara Crum
Mrs. Rose M. Shortt                                    Dorothy W. Pietrallo                Mr. & Mrs. John C. D’Amato
Nora H. Spens, MD                                      Mrs. Elisabeth Prentice             Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Davis
Mrs. Albert D. Spicer                                  William Previty                     Mr. & Mrs. J. Hap Fauth
Mrs. Seymour St. John                                  Mr. Kenneth S. Prosser              Reginald H. Fullerton, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Stahl                           Mr. Charles H. G. Rees              Meredith & Whitney George
Mr. Matthew H. Thomsen                                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Richmond      Bill & Geraldine Griffin
& Mrs. Adrienne Hall                                   Robert S. Riley                     Mr. & Mrs. Keith G. LaRose~
Mr. David Tranchida & Mrs. Pam Faley                   Ruth Scanlon                        Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Maguire
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Vocatura                            Mr. Hamilton D. Schwarz             Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm A. Makin
Mrs. Irene E. Walker                                   Mr. Edwin F. Sherman, Jr.           Mr. & Mrs. Bruce McShane
Mr. & Mrs. Nelson C. White, Jr.                        Mrs. Mary D. Sherry                 Mrs. John W. Pershing
                                                       Dr. Albert D. Spicer                John & Pat Power
In continuing appreciation for the previous            Rev. Seymour St. John               Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Reynolds
members of the Cornerstone Society, no longer          Lillian Stedman                     Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Royce
living, whose estate planning during their lifetime    Christopher Sylvia                  Mr. & Mrs. James M. Schoonmaker, II
has assisted the Hospital in providing quality         Julia Trefes                        Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Serra
healthcare to our community.                           Judge Charles F. Trumpetto          Mr. & Mrs. A. Michael Slosberg
                      The Westerly
                      Hospital Foundation

                      Catharine D. Smith                       American International Group, Inc.     The McKendree Family
                      Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Smith               Amica Companies Foundation             Edward & Theresa McQuade
                      The Hans and Dorothy                     Amica Mutual Insurance Company         Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Meehan
                          Widenmann Fund~                      Mrs. John Andersen~                    Mr. & Mrs. William F. Meyer~
                      Mr. & Mrs. Frederick B. Whittemore       Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Bacon, Jr.        Mr. & Mrs. James Michalove~
                                                               Pat & David Bailey                     Mary & Insu Kong
                      $2,500 - $4,999                          Mr. & Mrs. Chaplin B. Barnes           Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Moore
                                                               Mr. & Mrs. James R. Barnes             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Moore
                      Anonymous - 2                            Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan S. Bean            Dr. & Mrs. Maged N. Nashed
                      The Acorn Foundation, Inc.               Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Betteridge, Jr.       Paul & Patty Nunes
                      Ms. Linda F. Brenner                     Jim & Mary Birle                       Ted & Trish O’Connor
                      Mr. & Mrs. Russell E. Burke              Mr. & Mrs. John H. Breck, Jr.          Joseph F. Patton, Jr
                      Mr. & Mrs. John P. Casey                 Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Buffum           Mrs. J. Dabney Penick
                      Mr. & Mrs. Finn M. W. Caspersen          Chariho Furniture                      Mr. & Mrs. James R. Pierce
                      Mr. & Mrs. Joseph N. Cugini              Mr. & Mrs. Clifford C. Collings, Jr.   Stanley Popiel & Ingrid Feddersen
                      Dime Bank                                Dr. Pamela J. Connors &                Quadra Med Corporation
                      Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Dush                    Mr. Gary A. Dobson                Tom Reid
                      Mr. Mark T. Gallogly &                   Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Constantine      Rhode Island State Grange Foundation
                          Ms. Lise Strickler                   The Cove Point Foundation              Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Richins
                      Olga & Lyman Goff                        Mr. & Mrs. David J. Cunningham         Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Sawyer~
                      Mr. & Mrs. Henri N. Gourd                Mr. & Mrs. Roswell M. Curtis, III      Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Sculco
                      Dwen & Lang Heminway                     Ardelle F. Darling                     Seelert Foundation, Inc.~
                      Holstein Foundation                      Mr. & Mrs. Galan G. Daukas~            Bob & Sarah Seelert
                      Richard & Martha McQ. Hosp               Dr. & Mrs. David D’Eramo               Shoreline Nephrology Associates
                      Mr. Peter S. Humphrey                    Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Divney~          Mr. & Mrs. Grant G. Simmons, III
                      Joy & Jonathan Ingham                    Dr. & Mrs. Leslie J. Drake             Edward & Linda Smith
                      Mr. & Mrs. James G. Jacquette~           Mr. & Mrs. William J. Drakos           Mrs. Nicholas M. Stahl
                      Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Kinney             Duffy Family Fund of the Community     Mr. & Mrs. James W. Stevens
                      Joseph J. & Katherine W. Kirby           Foundation of New Jersey               Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Switz
                      Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Kurland              Mr. & Mrs. John P. Duffy               Olive P. Tamm
                      Dr. & Mrs. Allen W. Leadbetter           Mrs. Anne C. Earle                     The 564 Foundation~
                      Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Long~              Mr. Ariel Emanuel &                    University Pathologists~
                      Dr. Michelle Cretella &                       Mrs. Sarah Addington              Mr. & Mrs. Michael Vocatura
                          Dr. Mark Mancini                     Emma Clyde Hodge Memorial Fund         Mr. & Mrs. Adalbert von Gontard, Jr.
                      Mrs. Lois Vars Mason                     Dr. & Mrs. Erik G. Enquist             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Wall, IV
                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. McCormack           Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Galvin          Mr. & Mrs. David H. Wallace
                      Mr. & Mrs. John L. McCormick             Mrs. Shirley C. Gegenheimer            Mr. & Mrs. William P. Weil
                      John & Karin McCormick                   GlaxoSmithKline Foundation             Westerly Community Credit Union
                          Foundation, Inc.~                    Calvert C. Groton                      Mr. & Mrs. Langdon B. Wheeler~
                      McQuade’s RX                             Mr. & Mrs. Mikel Halvorson~            Warren & Thasia Woodworth
                      Ginna & Biff Miller                      Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Hoffman          Dr. & Mrs. Steven Yolen
                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Morello             Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Holliday
The Hospital’s 2007   William A. & Diane H. Nardone            Mr. & Mrs. Kevin F. Horrigan           $500 - $999
Columbus Day float    David & Linda Nolf                       Mr. & Mrs. John B. Hull, III
                      Mr. & Mrs. John C. O’Brien               IKON North America                     Anonymous - 4
wins “Most Original   Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Pfaff              Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. Jenkins, Jr.     Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Ahearn
Theme.”               Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts         Johnson & Johnson                      Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Albert
                      Mr. & Mrs. J. Christopher Philips        Dr. & Mrs. Donald R. Kelly             David & Maggie Anderson
                      Mr. & Mrs. John M. Regan, Jr.            Kelly Family Fund of the Fidelity      Mr. & Mrs. Dexter Anderson
                      Mr. & Mrs. Myron Saranga~                Charitable Gift Fund~                  Mr. & Mrs. Hans Angermueller
                      Mr. & Mrs. R.J. Schaefer, III            Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius J. Kluepfel       Mr. & Mrs. Mark Anthony~
                      Dr. & Mrs. David Schwindt                Lillias & Bill Lane                    Ashaway Charitable Trust
                      The New York Community Trust, Gallogly   Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Laracy              Mr. & Mrs. Peter Austin~
                      Strickler Family Fund~                   Angel & Ken LaVine                     Bag Ali~
                      Mr. & Mrs. Henry G. Toolan~              Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Lazarus          Alexandra & Daniel Barber
                      United States Surgical Corporation       Mrs. Lois Leadbetter                   Mr. & Mrs. James T. Beale, Jr.
                      Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Unruh, Jr.         Marion & Frank Leddy                   David & Deborah Bell
                      Mr. & Mrs. John C. Warren                Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Legare            Gil & Gabriele Bell
                      Mr. & Mrs. L. Randall Yates              Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Lehrach         Mr. H. George Beresford, Jr.
                                                               Dr. & Mrs. Walter J. Lentz             Mr. & Mrs. Dean C. Berry
                      $1,000 - $2,499                          Mrs. Amanda A. Lindberg~               Mr. & Mrs. John Birk~
                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lloyd                Mr. & Mrs. William R. Blair
                      Dr. & Mrs. Whitney W. Addington~         Mr. & Mrs. John B. Lynch               Mr. & Mrs. Carl Blume
                      Mr.* & Mrs. Thomas G. Ahern              Mr. & Mrs. Eric Marziali               Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Boll
                      James & Julie Alexandre                  Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. McGowan           Ms. Gail Bonner

The Westerly
Hospital Foundation

Mrs. Eugine R. Bradford                  Mr. Leonard M. Horner                  Dr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Rayner
Mr. Van M. Brown & Mrs. Wanda Tillman    Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. House~            Mrs. Catherine Reid-Murphey
Mrs. Janet M. Burke                      Ray Hoxsie                             Mr. Stephen M. Richoll
Drs. Alison & David Cameron              Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. Hruska              Curtiss & Leslie Roach
Mrs. Frank S. Carey                      Ms. Pamela J. Hurst                    Mrs. Kathy A. Romanella
Col. & Mrs. David G. Carter~             Drs. Christopher Hutchins &            Drs. Barry & Dena Ross
Mr. & Mrs. Leigh Carter                      Rachel McCormick                   Mr. & Mrs. Lynn A. Ross~
Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Cawley               Dr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Jaccarino      Mr. C. David Rowbotham~
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Celico               John Conti Insurance Agency, Inc.      Snowden & Marianne Rowe
Champion Urology                         Mr. & Mrs. John H. Jurgens~            Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Ruzzo
Mr. Richard Chapman~                     Joan & Fred Kampfe                     Mr. Michael T. Ryan
Cherenzia & Associates                   Drs. Adam S. Kaufman &                 Mr. & Mrs. Michael O. Sanderson         Scholarship chair-
Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore E. Cherenzia, III       Rebecca J. Woodward                Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sands~
                                                                                                                        woman Jean Newbury
Dr. Rachel K. Ciaccio & Mr. Michael J.   Edward Kent, MD~                       Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sanford~
Ciaccio                                  Mrs. Nancy L. King                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Savage~            and Auxiliary president
Mr. Dean Clark~                          Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kraynak, Jr.        Mr. & Mrs. Frederick H. Scholtz~        Maura Laudone with
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Coduri                Mr. & Mrs. Michael LaChance            Eunice R. Schonning                     2007 Auxiliary
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Collinson          Michael Leahy & Deb Kotchen~           The Schonning Insurance Agency
Mr. & Mrs. John N. Conti                 Leigh Mary W. Carter Foundation~       Seaside Internal Medicine – John        Scholarship Award
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Conway~                 Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Leitner              Beauchamp, MD                           recipients.
Mr. & Mrs. Armand E. Corina              Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Lemp             Mr. & Mrs. John B. Severance
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Cosentino             Mr. & Mrs. William Lester, Jr.         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Severud
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Cottrell, III       Mrs. Henry Lewis, III                  Mr. Owen E. Sherry
Mr. & Mrs.* Arthur H. Coy, Jr.           Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Liguori           Mrs. Rose M. Shortt
Estelle R. Cryan                         Emma I. Lloyd                          Julie & Jim Slimmon
Dr. Christopher A. D’Arcy &              Mr. & Mrs. Spike Lobdell~              Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Smith
     Dr. Victoria Reyes                  Mr. & Mrs. Frederick R. Loney, Jr.~    Max & Marianna Solis
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey C. DeMovick, Jr.       Mrs. Carolyn G. Longolucco             Joan H. Soons
Densmore Family                          Mr. & Mrs. David L. Luce~              Nora H. Spens, MD
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas DePatie                Mr. & Mrs. Gerard T. Lynch             Mrs. Mary W. St. Pierre
David & Lorraine Devault                 Mr. & Mrs. Guy Maiorano                Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Stahl
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony C. DiMaio             Gail Mallard & Edward Callender        Mr. & Mrs. Rodney G. Stieff
Walter Doll                              Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Malone~           Stonington Fish & Lobster, Inc.
Mrs. Margaret C. Dove                    Mary Jane & Robin Marvel               Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Sylvestre
Mr. Jeff Brown & Dr. Daniella Duke       Mr. & Mrs. Merton L. Matthews          Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Terranova
Mr. & Mrs. John Dumouchel~               Carol H. Maynard                       Mr. Matthew H. Thomsen & Mrs.
Edward D. Jones & Company                Mr. & Mrs. Barrant V. Merrill          Adrienne Hall
Mr. & Mrs. T. Wilson Eglin               Mary Grace Meyerand                    Mr. & Mrs. Randolph I. Thornton, Jr.~
Ms. Wendy Elberth                        Mr. & Mrs. George C. Moore             Ms. Irene G. Thorp
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. P. Elmer, III~      Mr. & Mrs. Christopher S. Morgan~      Thorp & McAndrew Real Estate, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Grenville Emmet               Mr. & Mrs. Rich Munson~                Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Tomenson, Jr.
Mr. Daniel J. Ernst, Jr.~                Terri & Jim Muren                      Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Toole, Jr.~
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Felber                Henry & Mary Nardone                   Mr. & Mrs. Stanley S. Trotman, Jr.
Jeffrey I. Feldman, MD                   Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Nelson              Mr. & Mrs. David D. Tura
Lynne R. Ferrari, MD~                    Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Nelson             United Way of Rhode Island
Mr. & Mrs. John Fitzgibbons~             Mr. & Mrs. John F. Noonan              Mrs. Arthur D. Van Winkle
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Flynn              Dr. & Mrs. Ralph A. O’Connell          Vendors 4~
Capt. & Mrs. Robert F. Fox, USN (Ret.)   Mrs. John J. O’Connor                  Mr. & Mrs. David M. Vocatura
Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Franklin~           Mr. & Mrs. Brendan P. O’Donnell        Mr. Peter A. Vogt
Mr. Donald L. Friend                     The Rev. Alexander Ogilby              Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Vuono
Mr. Adolf O. Fuchs                       Olympia Tea Room                       Wal-Mart of Westerly
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Gaccione            Roger & Jeanette Orlomoski             Mr. & Mrs. Keith Walker
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Gailun              Mr. & Mrs. Victor J. Orsinger          Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Wallington~
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Gillie              Mrs. Frederic C. Paffard, Jr.          Louise S. Walsh
Mr. & Mrs. David G. Gordon               Drs. Prior L. Parker & Caryn Nesbitt   Penelope & David Wartels
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Griffin~           Andrew & Carol Parsons                 Wescon
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Griffin, III       Mr. & Mrs. John R. Payne, Jr., Esq.    Anne H. White
Mrs. Sylvia M. Gulla                     Pequot Health Care                     Mr. & Mrs. Henry M. White, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Hark                 Mr. & Mrs. Harvey C. Perry, II         Miss Janet Whitman~
Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Harkins              Mr. R. L. Pignataro, Jr.               Dr. & Mrs. Philo F. Willetts
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hatfield            Mrs. Claire Platt Gibson
Harry & Janet Heide~                     Mr. & Mrs. David Prigmore
Peter & Joy Hewitt                       Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Prosser
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Hinkle               Mr. Joseph E. Pucci
Mr. Hugh H. Hoffman                      Lorraine & Doug Randall

    “My mom passed away after spending
    her last days in the Hospice Room at
The Westerly Hospital. Not only was my Mom
 cared for with love, but we her family were
           looked after to the end.”
          – Elaine Headley, Ashaway, RI


 25 Wells Street, Westerly, Rhode Island 02891
         401.596.6000 800.933.5960

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