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					                                                                                                                  Volume 34
                                                                                                                  Number 2

                      FarmSAFE                                                                                    JUNE/JULY

        FSA HITS 2008 TARGET
                                          We all know that farming presents        35% reduction in all work related
                                          many potential hazards and dangers,      injuries in Ontario, and is still moving
                                          but it is also encouraging to know       forward. The goal is to make Ontario
                                          great strides are being made to make     the safest workplace in the world and
                                          this profession a healthier and safer    eliminate all fatalities, injuries, and
                                          environment for everyone. The 2008       illnesses in the province. This means
                                          numbers are in and yes all our efforts   hitting a bullseye of at least 7% injury
                                          have managed to reduce the number        reduction annually.
                                          of injuries, illnesses and fatalities
                                          compared to the previous year.           We are proud to say the farming
                                                                                   sector has hit it’s 7% target. We are
                                          The WSIB’s strategic plan “Road to       well on our journey to meet every
                                          Zero” has a most ambitious vision of a   demand on the Road to Zero.

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                                           IN THIS ISSUE
    FSA Hits 2008 Target • Swine Flu Pandemic • Young & New Worker Blitz
  CEO Announcement • Fall Blitz on Falls • Summer Driving • Twitter Launch
Board Nominations Welcomed • Heat Stress & Sun Safety • Doug Lambie Retires

                   SWINE FLU PANDEMIC
                                       DO YOU HAVE A PLAN PREPARED?
Ontario's top medical officials say the            influenza sessions. The
World Health Organization's (WHO)                  Swine influenza is a
decision to declare the swine flu to be            strain of influenza virus
a Phase 6 pandemic was the right step              that usually affects pigs,
— and people in the province should                but which may also
not worry unnecessarily.                           make people sick.

"We have a plan in place to monitor                Human Swine influenza
and assess the H1N1 flu virus. We                  is a respiratory illness
will continue to implement that plan               that causes symptoms
with our partners and agencies and to              similar to those of
co-ordinate our response activities                regular human
with the Public Health Agency of                   seasonal flu. Human                 WHO
                                                                                        DECLARES SWINE FLU TO BE A
Canada," Dr. David Williams said at a              cases of swine
                                                                              PHASE                    6
                                                                                           PANDEMIC IN THE PROVINCE
news conference in Toronto.                        influenza A
                                                                                            was not believed to be the main factor
                                                   (H1N1) virus infection have recently
Williams said the WHO took the                                                              in those deaths.
                                                   been identified in Mexico, USA,
correct step by declaring the H1N1 flu             Canada and in other countries. This      Williams told the news conference that
to be an official pandemic. The                    is a new influenza A virus that has not “if the virus were to increase in
province's acting chief medical officer            been identified in people before, and    severity, additional measures would
of health said the decision was made               human-to-human transmission of the       be undertaken" to protect the
because of geographic spread, not the              virus appears to be ongoing.             population.
severity of the disease. Williams said
the cases in Ontario have not been                 After seven weeks of swine flu in the                     The total number of cases reported in
severe.                                            province, Ontario has 14 people with                      the province is now up to 1,562.
                                                   the virus in hospital at the present                      Additional information and helpful links
An influenza pandemic usually                      time. Thirty people have been                             are available from our website at
spreads in two or more waves, either               hospitalized over that period. Two                        www.farmsafety.ca.
in the same year or in successive                  people have died, although swine flu
                                                                               $50,000 today for a violation under the Occupational
                                                                               Health and Safety Act (OHSA), after a worker was injured.
WOODSTOCK, ON, June 12 /CNW/ - Moonfleet Poultry                               For more information visit the following link:
Inc., a Guelph company that collects live chickens from                        http://ogov.newswire.ca/ontario/GPOE/2009/06/12/c5935.
farms and transports them to a poultry processor, was fined                    html?lmatch=&lang=_e.html

                         FALL BLITZ ON FALLS
 Ministry of Labour is planning ahead and has announced that Slips, Trips
                & Falls will be the focus this upcoming Fall
          Published by the Farm Safety Association Inc.        The Farm Safety Association believes the information and recommendations in this publication are
          101 - 75 Farquhar Street Guelph, Ontario N1H 3N4     reliable and reflect expert contemporary opinion on the subject area(s). However, the Association
          519.823.5600 • 1.800.361.8855 • 519.823.8880 (fax)
                                                               assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or sufficiency of this information, recognizing
          C.E.O.: Dean Anderson
          Editor: Tammie Karsten (tkarsten@farmsafety.ca)      that circumstances, conditions and other extraneous but pertinent factors may vary greatly.
          Supporting Writer: Steve Zronik
                                       AROUND THE INDUSTRY

Ontario is working towards a safer       QUICK FACTS                                    (direct and indirect) to employers
workplace for all by focusing on the                                                    of a lost-time workplace injury
protection of young and new workers.         Between 2001-08, young                     was $106,500.
                                             workers aged 15-24 sustained
Blitzs are part of the Safe At Work          573 critical injuries, and there           Between April 1, 2004 and
Ontario Compliance strategy to               were 27 fatalities.                        March 31, 2008, declining
reduce workplace injuries. Keeping                                                      rates of lost-time workplace
workers safe means increased             According to the Workplace                     injuries have saved employers
productivity for Ontario’s economy and   Safety & Insurance Board                       more than $5 billion in direct
less strain on the                                                                      and indirect costs.
health care system.     “...   REDUCED WORKPLACE INJURIES
During this blitz,       MEANS INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY                   ...”
health and safety
inspectors will check that young and     (WSIB), young workers employed
new workers are being properly           in occupations such as sales and
trained, supervised and meet             service, transport/equipment
minimum age requirements.                operators, and labourers in
                                         processing, manufacturing and
Inspectors will focus on a wide range    utilities had the highest number of
of service and industrial work sites     allowed lost-time claims for on
and review particular activities like    the job injuries.
planting and landscaping. They will
examine        personal       protective This blitz does not include
equipment and machinery safeguards,      municipal work sites,
and look for hazards that could cause    farming operations or                     JUNIOR FARMERS
                                         construction sites.
potential falls or musculoskeletal                                                   DONATE $6,300
                                         In 2007, the average cost                TOWARDS FARM S AFETY
                                                                                The Junior Farmer Association of Ontario
                                                                                (JFAO) designated The Farm Safety
CALL FOR NOMINATIONS                                                            Association as their provincial charity for
                                                                                2008-09 and gave the association a
The       workplace       accident    and Farm Safety Association
                                                                                donation of nearly $6,300 this past spring.
prevention system in Ontario is       (FSA) into one organization to be
currently being restructured to       called the Safe Workplace
                                                                                JFAO itself is a charitable organization that
enhance the delivery of health and    Promotion     Services     Ontario
                                                                                relies almost entirely on outside donations
safety services to all regions and    (SWPSO), which will continue to
                                                                                and sponsorship to operate programs. It
businesses. Several meetings          serve the industrial, service,
                                                                                provides leadership and coordinates the
have been held and the process is     farming and similar sectors across
                                                                                provincial activities of local Junior Farmer
well underway to amalgamate           Ontario.
                                                                                clubs across southern Ontario.
Industrial Accident Prevention
Association    (IAPA),      Ontario                continued on page 4
Service Safety Alliance (OSSA),                                                    THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

continued from page 3   Board of Directors                              attend meetings.
                        An advisory group representing IAPA,
                        OSSA, and FSA has been tasked with          The Board of Directors shall also be
                        recruiting candidates for the initial       constituted so as to include a variety of
                        board of directors of between 9 and 13      diverse experiences, expertise, and
                        directors to be optimal for the operation   viewpoints. In addition, the board shall,
                        of Safe Workplace Promotion Services        to the greatest extent possible, reflect
                        Ontario.                                    the vast cultural diversity of the
                                                                    province of Ontario.
                        The advisory group has determined
                        in the governance model that a              Advisory Councils
                        competency-based board will be              To serve as a forum for providing
                        established, and that a majority of         sector-specific expertise to assist
                        directors shall be representatives of       SWPSO in the achievement of its
                        members of IAPA, OSSA, and FSA              mission, the new organization shall
                        with the remaining directors to be either   have a minimum of three Advisory
                        representatives of members or               Councils; one for each of the
                        independent.                                amalgamating organizations: IAPA,
                                                                    OSSA, and FSA. These Councils shall
                        The advisory group is currently seeking     be advisory only and shall have no
                        board members who demonstrate the           administrative authority.
                        following attributes:
                            integrity and high ethical              The advisory group is also currently
                            standards;                              seeking council members who have
                                                                    demonstrated leadership in health and
                            intellectual capacity for conceptual
                                                                    safety at an operational level, who are
                            and strategic thinking;
                                                                    committed to the improvement of the
                            ability to cut through complex          health and safety of workers, and who
                            issues and ask incisive questions;      are able to provide advice and
                            independent judgment;                   guidance from many perspectives.
                            candor and the willingness to
                            table difficult issues;                 For specific details on the Role of the
                                                                    Board of Directors and Councils,
                            willingness to act on and be
                                                                    Competency Requirements, Time
                            accountable for decisions;
                                                                    Commitment, and How to Apply, please
                            the interpersonal skills to work        visit our website.
                            collegially and express views in a
                            way that is both challenging and             www.farmsafety.ca
                            supportive; and,
                            commitment to prepare for and

                                                      e are pleased to announce that, effective

                                          W           June 15, Elizabeth Mills will become the
                                                      inaugural CEO of the organization being
                                          formed to amalgamate the FSA (Farm Safety
                                          Association), IAPA (Industrial Accident Prevention
                                          Association), and OSSA (Ontario Service Safety Alliance).
                                          Ms. Mills will be working with the Board of Directors of the
                                          newly-created Safe Workplace Promotion Services Ontario
                                          (SWPSO) to ensure that Ontario’s employers and employees
                                          in these sectors have the health and safety programs and
                                          services they need. This will be accomplished by reinvesting
                                          in front-line activities through an integrated and
                                          streamlined service delivery model.

                                    An executive with over 16 years of leadership
                                    experience, Elizabeth has been the CEO of the Ontario Service Safety Alliance
(OSSA) for more than a decade. In 1997, she brought together a coalition of industry trade associations and volunteer
organizations to form OSSA. She has been instrumental in building the organization through entrepreneurial leadership,
applied business acumen and a commitment to health and safety. Congratulations Elizabeth!

         on’t let a leisurely sunny day    an important role in the safe               workers and family while travelling

D        drive turn fatal.
         weather       means
driving conditions and in turn more
                                           transport of agricultural equipment.
                                           However, as many rural areas have
                                           recently become home to many new
                                                                                       on rural roadways during the
                                                                                       summer season.

                                                                                          Slow down. Excessive
people out on the rural roads. We          residents, traffic levels on country
                                                                                          speeds on rural roadways is
would like to remind all motorists         roadways in agricultural areas have
                                                                                          dangerous. It is important
that patience is an important virtue       been steadily increasing. When a
                                                                                          to keep in mind that farm
when vehicles and agricultural             producer meets a steady stream of
                                                                                          equipment generally has top
equipment share rural roadways.            oncoming vehicles, they may feel
                                                                                          speeds of 40 km/h. Excessive
Large equipment, moving from field         that it is more prudent to continue on
                                                                                          speed both impairs your ability
to field is common, often taking up        rather than risk partially pulling off to
                                                                                          to stop if you are behind
more than a single lane even if the        the side of the road and having
                                                                                          agricultural equipment and
operator is driving as close to the far    motorists pass when oncoming
                                                                                          reduces the time that an
edge of the shoulder as possible.          traffic may be approaching at high
                                                                                          operator has to react to you if
Each year, several accidents occur         speeds. This is especially true when
                                                                                          they meet you around a curve.
in Ontario between vehicles and            visibility is poor in the case of curves
farm implements                            or hills. The following are a few              Don’t assume that the
                                           points to consider to protect your
Courtesy, as well as patience, play                                                                   continued on page 5

                               GET READY FOR THE HEAT
                    Heat Stress                                                                   Coping With Heat                                                        Preventing Heat Stress
                    Rising temperatures may pose                                                  Your body is always generating heat                                     Generally, plans related to hot weather
                    additional risks to your body’s cooling                                       and passing it to the environment.                                      should be in place between May 1 and
                    system when working or playing in hot                                         The harder your body is working, the                                    September 30 of each year. The
                    weather. When heat is combined with                                           more heat it has to lose.                                               following are some helpful tips:
                    other stresses such as physical work,                                                                                                                     Reduce physical demands
                    loss of fluids, fatigue or some medical                                       When the environment is hot or humid                                        of work tasks through
                    conditions, it may lead to heat–related                                       or has a source of radiant heat (like                                       mechanical assistance
                    illness, disability and even death.                                           the sun), your body must work harder                                        (hoists, lift–tables, etc.)
                                                                                                  to get rid of its heat. If the air is
                                                                                                                                                                              Provide cool, shaded work areas
                    This can happen to anybody — even                                             moving (like the winds) and it is cooler
                    the young and fit. In Ontario, heat                                           than your body, it is easier for your                                       The employer should assess the
                    stress is usually a concern during the                                        body to pass heat to the environment.                                       demands of all jobs and have
                    summer. This is especially true early                                         Workers on medications or with                                              monitoring and control strategies
                    in the season, when people are not                                            pre–existing medical conditions may                                         in place for hot days
                    accustomed to the heat. For outdoor                                           be more susceptible to heat stress and                                      Increase the frequency and
                    workers, direct sunlight and humidity                                         should speak to their personal                                              length of rest breaks
                    are usually the main sources of heat.                                         physicians about work in hot                                                Caution workers to avoid
                                                                                                  environments.                                                               direct sunlight
                                                                                 RELATIVE HUMIDITY (%)                                                                        Assign additional workers or
                         100% 95% 90% 85% 80% 75% 70% 65% 60% 55% 50% 45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10%
                    49                                                                                                                                    50     49           slow down the pace of work
                    48                                                                                                                                    49     48
                    47                               ACTION RECOMMENDED                                                                           50      47     47           Schedule strenuous jobs to
                    46               30 - 37                   Warn for symptoms and drink extra water                                            49      46     46
                    45               38 - 39                   Provide 15 minute relief periods every hour                                 50     47      45     45           cooler times of the day
                    44               40 - 41                   Provide 30 minute relief periods every hour                                 49     46      44     44
                    43               42 - 44                   Provide 45 minute relief periods every hour                         49      47     45      42     43           Provide cool drinking water near
                    42                45 +                     Too hazardous to continue physical activity                 50      48      46     43      41     42
                    41                                                                                                     48      46      44     42      40     41
                                                                                                                                                                              workers and remind them to drink
                    40                                                                                             49      47      45      43     41      39     40           a cup about every 20 minutes
                    39                                                                                        49   47      45      43      41     39      37     39

                    38                                                                                   49   47   45      44      42      40     38      36     38           Train workers to recognize the
                    37                                                                              49   47   45   44      42      40      38     37      35     37
                    36                                                                 50    49     47   45   44   42      40      39      37     35      34     36           signs and symptoms of heat
                    35                                                         50      48    47     45   44   42   40      39      37      36     34      33     35
                    34                                                 49      48      46    45     43   42   40   39      37      36      34     33      31     34           stress and start a "buddy system"
                    33                                50      48       47      46      44    43     41   40   39   37      36      34      33     32      30     33           since people are not likely to
                    32                50       49     48      46       45      44      42    41     40   38   37   36      34      33      32     30      29     32
                    31    50    49    48       47     45      44       43      42      40    39     38   37   35   34      33      32      30     29      28     31           notice their own symptoms
                    30    48    47    46       44     43      42       41      40      39    37     36   35   34   33      32      30      29     28      27     30
                    29    46    45    43       42     41      40       39      38      37    36     35   33   32   31      30      29      28     27      26     29           Light summer clothing should be
                    28    43    42    41       40     39      38       37      36      35    34     33   32   31   30      29      28      27     26      25     28
                    27    41    40    39       38     37      36       35      34      33    32     31   30   29   28      27      26      25                    27           worn to allow free air movement
                    26    39    38    37       36     35      34       34      33      32    31     30   29   28   27      26      25                            26
                    25    37    36    35       34     34      33       32      31      30    29     28   27   27   26      25                                    25
                                                                                                                                                                              and sweat evaporation and
                    24    35    34    33       33     32      31       30      29      28    28     27   26   25                                                 24           preferably light–coloured clothing
                    23    33    32    32       31     30      29       28      28      27    26     25                                                           23
                    22    31    30    30       29     28      27       27      26      25    25                                                                  22
                    21    29    29    28       27     27      26       25                                                                                        21
                         100% 95% 90% 85% 80% 75% 70% 65% 60% 55% 50% 45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10%
                                                                                                                                                                          For more information on dealing with
                                                                                                                        Source: Heat Stress Awareness Guide, WSIB 2007.
Note: Clothing and radiant heat must also be taken into account when using this guideline.                                                                                heat stress or to download some
                    A HEAT STRESS REFERENCE CHART CAN COMPARE                                                                                                             helpful tools visit www.farmsafety.ca.

continue from page 3                         equipment will have to make
                                             wide turns in order to be able to
    equipment operator knows that            gain access to the field.
    you are behind them. Unlike
    the stable mirrors that are              Watch for lights and reflective
    found on vehicles today,                 markings at night. If you see a
    mirrors on farm equipment                pattern of lights ahead of you
    tend to take a lot of abuse.             that you do not immediately
    Visibility due to the sheer size         recognize as a car or truck,
    of equipment is very limited.            slow down. Farm equipment
                                             may have many different
    Be cautious when passing farm            configurations of lights or
    equipment. Look for potential            reflective markings. In addition,
    field entrances when you are             most wagons and other
    preparing to pass. If the                implements should have a red         For more information on safe driving
    equipment ahead of you is                and orange reflective triangle       on rural roadways, order or
    slowing, there is a good chance          (Slow Moving Vehicle) sign at        download a copy of The Safe
    that the operator may be                 the rear of the tractor or           Movement of Agricultural Equipment
    getting ready to turn. This is a         equipment      or   implement.       on the Roadway from our website at
    good time to wait rather than            Please proceed with caution.         www.farmsafety.ca
    pass,     since    often   farm

        fter a long and tiresome winter there is nothing      •   Always wear sunglasses

A       better than being out on a warm day. But it is also
        up to you to know the dangers of working when the
sun’s radiation is most intense. Repeated daily exposure
                                                                  that filter out at least
                                                                  90% of the sun’s
                                                                  ultraviolet rays
to the sun over a number of years increases an
                                                              •   Choose the right
individual’s risk of developing a number of health
                                                                  clothing to protect the
problems, including: aging, wrinkling, cancer and damage
                                                                  rest of the body
to the eyes.
                                                              •   Cover up as much as possible
Did you know that it is even possible to get sunburned on
a cloudy day? Take steps to protect yourself by:              •   Wear a hat to shade the ears, face, temples,
                                                                  and the back of the neck.
•   Limiting your time in the sun
                                                              Protecting the skin and eyes against the sun is one of
•   Liberally appling sunscreen lotion (SPF15 or
                                                              the best things you can do to protect your future health.
    higher) to all exposed and unprotected skin.
    Reapply as needed

     For more information on Sun Safety visit our website at www.farmsafety.ca

 WATCH FOR                                              SAYING GOODBYE TO A GREAT CONSULTANT
 Aug 19-20, 2009
 Hastings Plowing Match,                             Doug Lambie, safety consultant for counties of Dufferin, Muskoka,
 Hastings Ontario                                    Simcoe, York and parts of the North, retired from the Farm Safety
                                                     Association team on May 14th, 2009. Doug joined the Association
 Sept. 22-26, 2009
                                                     in the fall of 1999 and was involved in the development of Health &
 International Plowing Match,
                                                     Safety Management Programs which had province-wide impact.
 Temiskaming, Ontario
                                      We thank him for his dedication and service; especially with the Volunteer and
 October 8-9, 2009                    Northern groups. Doug always strived to push the Association to be clear and
 Greenhouse Conference Show,          accurate in everything we did. We will miss his honest passion and get the job
 Mississauga, Ontario                 done work style. We wish him all the best in his retirement endeavours.

 The Farm Safety Association would like to extend their appreciation to the 2009 Annual Conference Sponsors - Dairy
 Farmers of Ontario, Pillitteri Estates, Ontario Turkey, Ontario Pork, Royal City Nursery, Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable
 Growers, Farmer’s Markets Ontario, Niagara Parks and Hilton Fallviews - with their generosity this year’s Annual General
 Meeting and Conference was a tremendous success.

                                            Published by the Farm Safety Association Inc.

                                            101 - 75 Farquhar Street Guelph, Ontario N1H 3N4
                                            519.823.5600 • 1.800.361.8855 • 519.823.8880 (fax)

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