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Hi. My name is shane and I am a victim of remote mind control and public Harrassment. I would like to
say I am a survivior, but that would imply that the harrassment has ceased and it has not as yet. As I read
the other victims Introductions it was eerily familiar. It seems these perpitrators work methodically and
are highly organised. I have found that to lessen the public harrassment that steering clear of places with
closed circuit television and piped in music lessens the resources available to these corrupt corporations
to inflict themselves onto me. Stay storg and tell anyone who will listen. They can not remain a secert
and corupt coalition of the corrupt forever. Each day they remain safely concealed means they are one
more day closer to exposer. please visit my web site and post any comments you may like to just get off
your chest.


A real life case study

By Shane Watson.

The medical profession, helped by its alliance with the media have been presenting an incorrect view of
mental illness for far too long. These two institutions work in tandem to inflict psychosis like symptoms
and paranoia in their intended victims. As well as the dual pronged antagonising of the victim, the
media draws inspiration from the creative minds of the victims. A term that could well reflect this is a
community link between the entertainment industry and the public. This would allow the media to have
a finger on the pulse as it were, of the prevailing thoughts and sentiments of the public at a given time.

Not only this but going public on a victim, (using thinly disguised insults broadcast and passed of as
entertainment over the radio and television) especially one who could damage the ‘status quo’ of the
prevailing profit earning potential of its clients. This is essential true in fee for service and Allied Health
Services administered by Queensland Health, such as Hotel Services. Which, when required provide
specialist intervention measures (psychiatric measures such as psychological manipulation and pro-
actively promoting a hostile environment to invoke an artificial psychosis-like mind set in the victim)
which is not common knowledge. Unless you have had the misfortune, to have this department bring
the full force of its resources to bear on you. This will be further discussed in more detail latter in this

Most people are trusting of the individuals in the medical profession as dedicated and ethical healers that
deserve our respect and trust. However, this is implied by the public’s perception of the profession in
which they work and nothing to do with them being trustworthy individuals or earning that trust by
anything they have done.

First, it is necessary to have some basic grasp of the medical defining of symptoms of mental illness and
how they are induced by external means.

The medical explanation of auditory hallucinations originating somewhere between the ear and the
auditory cortex do not explain the full gamut of hallucinations. For instance, tinnitus is ringing, buzzing
or humming in the ear, obviously an organic or mechanical problem with the ear and/or the auditory
cortex being oversensitive and hearing all sound and unable to filter out unnecessary sound. Another
example is Nerve sheath myopia; chaotic and uncontrollable nerve firing through inflammation of the
nerve, also producing random sound. These are examples of real auditory hallucinations that are sounds
and not coherent word play. Auditory hallucinations originating as a cause of a chemical imbalance in
the brain also leaves a lot to be desired as an explanation. The possibility that misfiring neurons could
fire in such a way as to cause one word, let alone a complete interactive argument, is quite frankly, a
trillion to one possibility. Considering the fact that there are upwards of a billion neurons, and each
neuron is wired to thousands of others, the thought that a simple word can be randomly generated is very
far fetched indeed. (A User’s Guide To The Brain, Dr. John Ratey, Associate Professor of Psychiatry,
Harvard Medical School)

The defining of ‘voices’ as being auditory hallucinations is quite plainly incorrect. The ‘voices’,
sufferers of mental illness present to psychiatrists are nothing more than conscious self talk being
disowned either because of the delusional content, aggressive nature or inability to come to terms with
the conflicting issues, as yet undealt with and reconciled with the conscious mind. (Carl G. Jung,
Psychogenesis of Mental Disease)

Even if we suppose that perverted logic is forming the delusional and irrational content of the self-talk, it
does little to explain the relegation of these ‘voices’ to the realms of symptomatic auditory

The induction of pseudo-hallucinations or synthetic telepathy is easily hidden amongst the mentally ill.
Reinforced by the corrupt perpetrators that it is a positive symptom of the illness. This malicious
manipulation is conducted by mental health professionals working for Queensland Health and not
restricted to a single state but is world wide, as evidence by the increasing numbers of people coming
forward claiming to be the victims of mind control. These individuals state that they have been
abducted and implanted with mind control devices. While possible, it is highly unlikely that any
effective psychological mind control devices could be utilised without an intercranium implant. The
most that could be achieved by an under the skin implant is physiological and emotional control by low
frequency sound (11.7 hertz induces depression and aggression, 116 megahertz induces lethargy and
passivity) and/or pseudo-auditory hallucinations where sound is transferred to the ear by bone
conduction. Not to mention that scars or localised pain would be evident from the surgical procedure
required to implant these devices. This under the skin implant is also used for covert surveillance, by
remotely monitoring the ‘victims’ interaction with others.

These victims fail to realise the window of opportunity that exists in the hospital at the time of birth.
Everything is in place to undertake these procedures, opportunity, easy access to the brain because the
skull is not fully formed to encase the brain, skilled personnel, specialist equipment and motive. With
blatant disregard for even the most basic of human rights or consent to a surgical procedure, Doctors
implant neural interface electrodes in the brains of newborn infants. Logical arguments or research to
the contrary, presented by anyone with the balls to go against the system, only result in an increase in
intensity of this malicious and insidious psychological torture with no hope of respite, as being
implanted there is no escaping the deliberate beaming of radio waves directly into the mind of the

Synthetic telepathy is the induction of auditory signals that, if presented to a mental health professional
are diagnosed as nothing more than hallucinations. This is accomplished by the transmission of radio
signals to the intended victim by means of an intercranium implant. This implant is called a neural
interface electrode, which both sends and receives radio signals. For example, a person is implanted
with a cochlear ear, this consists of two parts the internal electrode and receiver, and externally, the
microphone and transmitter. If I was to take the transmitter into another room, and talk into the
microphone, the person with the implant would seem to present symptoms of mental illness as they are
hearing ‘voices’, that nobody else can hear. This is a simplified example of commercially available
technology known to the public, but shows just how easy it is to induce pseudo-hallucinations, and how
to the public, someone can be discredited and labelled as mentally ill, ostracised and stigmatised by the
perception that having a mental illness implies.

>From the above example, we can see that the ability to induce and hide this induction of supposedly
randomly generated auditory hallucination is relatively easy. This is the simplistic beauty of this
insidious manipulation of the victims mind set, up to and including admission to a mental health facility
to reinforce the manipulation that it is a genuine illness and that they are dedicated and ethical healers
devoted to the healing profession. All the while quoting that it is in the patients best interests that
compliance with treatment should be maintained to prevent a reoccurrence of psychotic like symptoms.
To keep the victim in a sedated and compliant frame of mind and to actively reinforce the doctrine of it
being nothing externally generated but wholly and solely internally generated by a mental illness.

The problems with trying to expose this ethically corrupt institution to an outsider is, it presents as a
mental illness, the public is ill informed and stigmatised by the medias portrayal of mental illness, as
well as the fact that the public has little to no knowledge of the technologies in common use, that
medical science has available to them. Even when confronted with allegations and irrefutable research
to prove the existence of this technology they shrug of this serious matter as if no such technologies
exist, or that they do not do it, or it is a genuine illness, which is what they would say to prevent close
examination of their blatantly corrupt ideology.

Especially if the person pointing the finger is openly revealing what this institution would prefer the
public never knew existed in the first place.

To this end, anyone attempting to expose this to the public at large is discredited, and what better way to
discredit someone than involuntarily sanction him or her under the Mental Health Act. This enables this
unethical institution to enforce the administration of mind altering drugs that they really have no idea of
the effects on the brain or how they work, only that they seem to achieve the desired results in genuine
sufferers of mental illness. If this was a genuine illness, I would expect at least some relief from the
symptoms of this disease but this is not the case as this is not an illness from which I suffer but
something far more insidious, and externally controlled.

As we are all individuals, we have our own set of life experiences, moral and ethical values,
perspectives, perceptions, and unresolved issues. As such, each person who presents with auditory
hallucinations will have their own distinctly individual set of hallucinations, peculiar to themselves and
having no similarities to anyone else. This is obviously not the case. I have engaged several people in
divulging the content of their supposedly illness related hallucinations, and the strikingly obvious
similarities are far too consistent to be anything other than originating from an outside source. Once the
defence orientated reaction is ignored, i.e. The story concocted to explain the hallucination and make
them seem less threatening, the content, theme and even the exact wording is all to familiar and
consistently replicated to be explained as an individuals hallucinations peculiar to the individuals
unresolved issues. More a case of the medical professionals use of a-typical themes, monotonous and
repetitive scripting and inability to be imaginative while engaged in this blatant manipulation of the
already disadvantaged and those persons who are a threat to this secret societies continued existence as
an unknown entity.

Further in regards to auditory hallucinations and thoughts that seem to just appear. The context, content,
themes and syntax used differs vastly from the basic beliefs and language used in everyday situations by
the victims. This implies that an external influence is at work, and not the general linguistic skills of the
person ‘hearing these voices’.

The most common themes used are:
Attacks on sexuality (implying that you are homosexual)
 Implying that your psychic/telepathic Using high profile media stories and saying your
responsible (such as the recent tsunami and implying you caused it as you have been fighting with the
devil) Implying that it is someone you know who is the ‘voice’ in your head This is also at odds with
the medical definition of hallucinations as being misperceptions of objects, thoughts, and feelings that
have no counterpart in reality. (Psychiatric Nursing, 1983, textbook)

There are two methods used this organisation in regards to the induction of pseudo-hallucinations. It is
as easy as turning the volume up or down to suit the purpose. When it is played louder, it is ‘heard’ and
perceived as an auditory hallucination. The second and harder to detect, is when the volume is softer.
These softer pseudo-auditory hallucinations are easily mistaken for your own thoughts.

However, this is plainly not how the brain works to bring up thoughts and memories. For instance, if
you have misplaced your keys, you do not recall where you left them in terms of words you just have a
pre-conscious recall of where you put them. It is not until you pro-actively engage in consciously
guided self talk and verbalise the memory that the recovered memory takes shape in the mind as words.

The difficulty with identifying these implanted thoughts is that it takes place internally and not in the
physical world where we experience a ‘me’ inside and ‘everybody else’ on the outside. This serves the
protective function of screening us from direct, unmediated contact with other people. A direct interface
would disturb this delicate balance and invoke all number of problems like a distorted sense of self,
alienation, mental break down that presents symptoms of mental illness, and constant appraisal of self to
be on guard against these intrusive, vindictive, and malicious thought manipulations.

Although it seems to be something out of the realms of science fiction, it is in fact, based on medical
research and technologies that have been in existence for over forty years, and sound science fact,
although little is known buy, or divulged to the public at large. Even going so far as to imply in any new
literature about this subject that it is new research and that in the future the ability to read minds will be
achieved with this technology. However, this technology is over forty years old and the future is not ten
or twenty years distant, the future is and always has been NOW!!

The specific quoting of content and suggestions of symptoms, instead of being generalisations, further
evidence this. Which shows that these professionals have insight which can only come about by
intimate inside knowledge, garnered by interaction with neural interface chips or to coin a phrase used
by this corrupt department ‘remote controllers.’

The main face-to-face interactive weapon used by these corrupt professionals is manipulation to change
both opinion and mind set, suggestions of a belief in telepathy to deflect attention and mis-direction.
This is easily accomplished in those of average intellect and trusting of the medical professional as
ethical individuals and dedicated healers.

These professionals follow the institutional climate without question as they have swallowed the
ideology and have been indoctrinated (academic version of brainwashed) to be compliant conformist
clones to the herd mentality of the prevailing political mindset.

The price these individuals pay is great, alienation from family and friends, superficial interaction with
others, a life based on lies, no sense of self identity, a perverted moral base, no sense of service to
others, and no hope of any true depth in honest, loving and intimate personal relationships. These
individuals malignant narcissism would lead you to assume that they are psychopaths. Unfortunately,
they are all too rational. They know what the consequences of their actions are, but do not care, as
they are ‘just doing a job’ sanctioned by and with the blessing of the government. They hide behind the
façade of the mental health system and invoke the powers of that system to discredit any outspoken
opponents of the system.

Showing no remorse and participating willingly and with deliberate and premeditated intent, actions,
and attitudes towards the crime of mental torture of their mind control victims.

This goes even further if you consider the monetary strain put on the limited resources the medical
system has available to it. How many life saving operations could be preformed, improvements to the
quality of life for those with physical disabilities (deaf or blind), not to mention the ability to intervene
and save people like Daniel Moorecomb (High profile child abduction case), if these resources where
put to work for an ethically correct use, instead of annoying the mentally ill, or the suppression of
state labelled dissidents who are not afraid to speak out against the corrupt system.

Neural Implantation is not new.

Among the many telemetry instruments being used today, are miniature radio transmitters that can be
swallowed, carried externally, or surgically implanted… They permit the simultaneous study of
behaviour, psychological and physiological functioning (Dr. Stuart Mackay. Bio Medical
Telemetry [textbook] 1968).

In 1964, Jose Delgado, a neuroscientist from Yale University, demonstrated how an operator could
control the behaviour of an animal with a neural interface. This was presented to the public as it was
deemed safe enough for the public to know, after all, it was only an animal, and we are much more
evolved than animals. However, are we not just consciously sentient animals ourselves? More evolved
than a mere animal but the construct of the brain is not that different. We evolved and added on to, not
reinvented the basic anatomy. If we peal back the layers of the brain we start with the primal brain not
too dissimilar from the reptiles, as we evolved the next layer was added, that of the mammal, and finally
the last layer that of the primate. Nothing reinvented but added on to as needed. Another of Jose
Delgado’s experiments consists of the ability to stimulate raw emotions (arousal, anxiety and
aggression) through an implant he called the stimoceiver.

This consisted of wires running from implanted electrodes in the brain to a transmitter/receiver located
entirely under the skin. (Jose Delgado, Physical Control of the Mind: Towards a Psychocivilised
Society, New York: Harpers, 1969)

In other clinical research, a cat was wired to a computer and the researchers could see what the cat was
seeing. (1968, Ronald K. Siegel, ‘A Device for Chronically Controlled Visual Input’) If we reverse this
model, we can see that visual hallucinations and dreams can be induce in the victims and presented as
symptoms of a mental illness, explained as a by product of an anxious mind. After all, if they can
decode an organically generated signal to be viewed on a television screen, it is also possible to
reverse this and input a signal into the brain causing pseudo-visual hallucinations or more commonly

More recently, a Japanese toy company (Takara Co.) has developed a dream-inducing machine. This is
a commercially available ‘toy’, and is capable of inducing dreams, of which you can control the content.

As we can see, the facts speak for themselves. It does not take much to stretch the facts to encompass
illegal and unethical use of this technology. An uncaring and paranoid government can and does
automatically label all new born infants as potential dissidents, taking steps to ensure it can keep tabs on
anyone, by implantation of neural interface chips directly into the brain. This invasive procedure is
more easily and readily carried out on infants, as the skull has not fully formed to completely enclose the
brain. Anyone who is outspoken or potentially capable of damaging it or its main source of income i.e.,

Big money multi-national corporations, by publicly discrediting and labelling as insane, through
induction of pseudo-symptoms, that look like a mental illness but are nothing more than mind control so
as a ficticous diagnosis can be made and maintained. So as the truth, although true, will be seen as the
delusions of a paranoid mind, a plausible excuse so any complaints can be left unacted upon by the
authorities (also involved in this corrupt alliance) when help is sought to expose this insidious and
corrupt organisation.

Mind control techniques are not new to the mental health professional. For one of these methods we
have to look no further than hypnosis, either passively induced or forced induction with the use of
transgression tapes and low frequency sound to promote the highly suggestible hypno-states. In this
trance state, the unethical therapist can implant a complete set of false memories. How can the lay
person distinguish the difference, after all the brain cannot tell the difference between what is real and
what is not. It would take great strength of mind, a well-defined sense of identity, and the ability to
recognise consciously with the mind that these implanted thoughts, feelings and life histories are not part
of the individuals ‘real life’ history.

With regard to trying to make a complaint to the police, it seems that if you mention mind control
technologies they instantly label you as mentally ill. If you refrain from that response and say you have
a mental illness it seems to be a valid enough reason to dismiss your concerns and not inquiring any
further into the issues put forward. Do the people with a mental illness have less rights than the ordinary
person, are they not entitled to seek justice? Is what they say automatically dismissed as the irrational
and delusional content of a paranoid mind?

Just because someone is labelled as mentally ill, does not mean what he or she say is not true. This
seems to be the case where if you have been labelled as mentally ill the general response is to be judged
not on the truth of your words, or the facts you can present to validate your concerns, but by the
prevailing stigma, ignorance, and the individuals biased personal judgement that pertains to the
perception that someone who has a mental illness is mentally unstable, delusional and unable to
distinguish what is real.

This is further compounded by the corrupt alliance between the media (mainly television, radio and to a
lesser extent the printed media) and Integrated Mental Health Services. The blatant sending of messages
by the deliberate morphing of the transmission signal; from insertion of subliminal pictures, frame
freezing or horizontal lines of interference with key words to send a message to the victims of this
unholy working relationship. Once a highly aware state of sensitivity/paranoia is attained, the coalition
goes into overdrive and increases its pressure by working simultaneously to increase the induction of
pseudo-psychosis. While in this higher state of awareness the media runs a message, usually an
advertisement, often and repeatedly. Morphing the picture by such methods as digitally changing the
colour of the actors shirts or even the wording on the shirts of the actors so as the victim will ‘see’ this
message, reacting by telling the mental health professional that they ‘get messages off the television’.
The professional then quotes that it is a psychotic symptom and hospitalisation is required. The
sufferers of mental illness have a very valid reason not to watch the television. The reason for this is
that they see themselves portrayed in the entertainment presented. A case of Art Imitating Life and
thinly disguised as entertainment. Not very likely, more a case of the corrupt misuse of technology, that
should not be put to such unethical use or be in existence in the first place. This is why these institutions
will go to any length to protect both themselves and the corporations to which they are subservient.

We can even go further with the intricacies of this alliance and implicate the people who operate the
music and closed circuit cameras in public places, most notably shopping centres. This is easily spotted
if you take notice of the music being piped in. For example, have you noticed that on odd occasions the
music comes in fragments? This is a method of communication that for want of a better term I shall call
verbal communication by proxy. This is delivered to the intended victim by Security firms and their
agents, also entangled in the conspiratorial alliance with the government to help keep outspoken
opponents of the ‘status quo’ on the defensive.

This is also called mass psychology, generally used to pacify the population enmass and if it is coupled
with low frequency sound, an eyes open trance can be induced, making the target population more ready
to accept suggestions.

This enables subliminal selling techniques to be readily accepted by the target demographic group,
namely you, the consumer. Making more money for the corporation, and in turn, more money for the
governments coffers.

This enables the continued financing of this insidious manipulation of the public.

Informing the public, one person at a time.
Be informed and inform others.
Share this information with others.
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