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									Please ask for:                                                           Elaine Stewart
                                                           Direct Dial:   01463791897


      Dear Parents / Guardians
      We are now into the 4th week of this eight week term and we are in for a busy time ahead.

                         We will be holding a Sponsored Fitness Circuit for P4-7 and Sponsored Obstacle
                         Course for P1-3 the week beginning 26th September.
                         Funds raised from this will contribute towards the costs of any visiting workshop
                         sessions we provide to enhance curricular topics, eg later this month P1/2 and P3
                         have ‘Zoo Lab’ visiting (cost £125) and the whole school will have a public speaking
      assembly following which P7 will be taking part in a morning’s public speaking workshop (cost £250). The
      money raised from the sponsored event will also help towards the cost of classes taking part in the
      Inverness Music Festival and sporting sessions for our Health and Fitness Week in June.
                             Your child will be bringing a sponsor form home this week.

      The Gala made the fantastic sum of £5,012.30. It was agreed at the Parent Council meeting last
      Thursday that some of this money would be used to:-
          buy an interactive Smartboard for the infant department with a height adjustable wall bracket.
             These boards are like huge computers fixed to the classroom wall and are used for a multitude
             of learning and teaching activities. The children absolutely love them (cost £1,000)
                             pay for the transport costs to enable classes to have visits outwith the school
                                 in connection with their topic work, eg Fort George, Urquhart Castle, Culloden
                                 Battlefield (approx £125 - £200 per class)
                             listening centres for each area of the school (nursery, infants, middle and
                                 upper). These are CD players that can have up to 8 earphones attached so that
             a group of children can be listening at once and completing related listening tasks without
             disturbing other children who are working round about (cost (£720)
       The Pupil Council will also be asked if they have suggestions as to what else can be purchased.

        Our last Rag Bag collection raised £140 for the ECO Group funds. Our next collection will take place on
        Wednesday 2nd November. If you are having a clear out please hold on to any unwanted textiles,
        including all types and quality of clothing, paired shoes, bags, hats, belts, towels, soft toys, curtains and
        bed linen and hand them in to the school the week beginning Monday 31st October. Collection bags will
        be sent out nearer the date.

                                 Head Teacher: Mrs Elaine Stewart, SQH, BA, Dip. Ed.
                       Duncan Forbes Primary School, Keppoch Road, Culloden Inverness, IV2 7NY
                                     Tel: (01463) 791897   Fax: (01463) 794227
                       SCHOOL GARDEN
                       The school vegetable garden has been productive this year – the pupils, under the
                       direction of Mrs Bauld (granny helper), have grown strawberries, rhubarb,
                       potatoes, peas, tomatoes and herbs which the children have had the opportunity to
                       taste and Mrs Forsyth the school cook has used for school dinners. We are now
                       starting to prepare our tubs and beds for the Autumn / Winter and need compost,
                       bedding plants eg violas, primroses, bird feeders, bulbs, cuttings from shrubs. If
                       you can help by donating any of these items it would be much
                       appreciated. If you have a 30-40 minutes to spare on Wednesday
 afternoons from 1.45 – 2.30pm then perhaps you could come along to work with the
 children and help in the garden – we would be delighted to see you.
 We are also collecting Morrison vouchers for gardening equipment – if you have any lying
 around please hand them in to the school.

This year our Pupil Councillors are:
Primary 1:       Emily Darge, Lewis MacKenzie
Primary 2:       Demi McLeish, Ross Hardie
Primary 3:       Scott Bell, Emma Sutherland:
Primary 4:       Jack McCabe, Angus Smith
Primary 5:       Scott MacRae, Holly MacKenzie
Primary 6:       Ben Murphy, Abbi Stephen
Primary 7:       Rebecca Smit, Emily Dickson

The pupil councillors will meet fortnightly with Miss Lamont and myself to discuss any issues their
classmates have highlighted and agree improvement projects they can be involved in.

House captains and vice captains have the important job of encouraging their house members to gain as
many house points as possible throughout the year. House points can be given for a variety of things eg.
good behaviour, hard work, being helpful. The children who have been voted by their classmates to carry
out this role are:-
 House            Captain                      Vice Captain
Allanfearn:       Kerry MacKenzie P7           Connor Romaine P6
Stratton :        Lewis Toddie, P7             Roddy MacLeod P6
Seafield :        Victoria Calderwood P7       Gavin Ryan P6
Ashton:           Vikki Fyall P7                Cameron Harper P6

This year the ECO group has been extended to include children from the infant classes. The children
meet with Mrs Jones and Mrs Green (parent helper) every 2 weeks. This term they are organising waste
Free Wednesdays and Car Free Fridays on the first week of every month and discussing their new action
plan for this session.
Members are:-
Primary 1:        Rhys Fairley, William Duncan
Primary 2:        Eleanor Fisher, Aaron Nicolson
Primary3:         Calum Mackie, Rachael Harper
Primary 4:        Emma Paxton, Jacob Kerr
Primary 5:        Danielle McLelland, Chloe McArthur
Primary 6:        Roddy MacLeod, Ewan Cromarty, Jessica Martin, Craig Greig, Jo Murray
Primary7:         Rebecca Smit, Chloe MacDonald, Mark Green, Erin Smith

                          Head Teacher: Mrs Elaine Stewart, SQH, BA, Dip. Ed.
                Duncan Forbes Primary School, Keppoch Road, Culloden Inverness, IV2 7NY
                              Tel: (01463) 791897   Fax: (01463) 794227
             We have 3 Junior Road Safety Officers – Lauren Dillon P7, who is continuing this role from
             last year, Matt MacFarlane and Lucy MacDonald in P6 who are new to the job. Lucy and
             Matt will be attending Junior Road Safety Officer training which is organised by the Road
             Safety Officer – we are still waiting to hear the date for this - and the children will be
working with Mrs Tunnicliffe to agree their plan of action to make our pupils more aware of Road Safety

 Just a reminder that each class throughout the school have Golden Time every
 Friday afternoon. (See our Positive Behaviour policy). It is during this time that
 the children are allowed to play games, create with art and craft resources and
 various other activities. Children can take in their own small toys to play with for
 this time but if they choose to do so then they are fully responsible for their own item. There are
 plenty resources within each class to occupy the children for this time so it is not really necessary to
 take in toys from home. Keep them safe and sound at home.

 Before the summer holidays we were informed the funding for Breakfast Clubs was no longer going to
 be available. As our numbers attending had dropped significantly last year we have only managed to
 continue having a Breakfast Club here at Duncan Forbes by reducing the staff from four to two and by
 increasing the cost from £7 to £15 per week. The reduction in staff means that the maximum number
 of children we can take is 20. At the present time we have places available. If you are interested in
 having your child attend the Breakfast Club from 8.00am – 9.00am each morning then please phone the
 school office (791897) for a form.

              We have recently updated our Positive Behaviour Policy and it can be viewed on the school
              website. Please have a look at it. For example did you know that we have an ‘achievement
              wall’ situated in the office corridor. This is used to highlight any awards / achievements
              the children have gained both within the school and outside school - judo certificates,
 horse riding rosettes, dancing medals, music exams, football cups, Anchor Boy and Brownie awards to
 name but a few. Children are encouraged to bring in their awards to our Friday afternoon ‘Award
 Assembly’ and tell us about them. If your child has achieved something out of school please let them
 bring in their award so we can celebrate with them.

 You may be aware that schools are required to have a School Improvement Plan which sets
 out development projects to improve the learning experiences of all pupils. Here are some
 of the Improvement Actions staff and pupils will be working on this year at Duncan
      Implement arrangements, in line with HC guidance, for monitoring and tracking
        pupil achievements both within and outwith school
      sample and share standards of writing across the school and Culloden Area School Group
      Further develop use of ICT to enhance learning and teaching throughout the school
      Implement whole school programme of Sexual Health and Relationships Education
      Collaborative planning between Nursery and P1 & 2 staff
      Review and develop the curriculum to include a progressive approach to skills for learning and
        skills for work
      Review of P7 – S1 transition documentation to ensure sharing of meaningful information
        between P7 and S1 staff

                          Head Teacher: Mrs Elaine Stewart, SQH, BA, Dip. Ed.
                Duncan Forbes Primary School, Keppoch Road, Culloden Inverness, IV2 7NY
                              Tel: (01463) 791897   Fax: (01463) 794227
 We also have to provide a Standards and Quality summary report for parents which gives an update on
 the progress we have made with development projects from last year and the difference they have
 made to your child’s learning experiences in the school - for example the development of ECO school
 status and children taking increasing responsibility for their learning and setting next steps. Full
 versions of both the School Improvement Plan and Quality and Standard report are available from the
 school office if any parents wish a paper copy and can also be accessed on the school website policy and
 documents page.


           This month we welcome Kirsten Livingston a 6th year work experience pupil from Culloden
            Academy, who will be helping in primary 7 on Tuesday mornings and primary 1 on Thursday
            afternoons. We hope she enjoys her time with us and gains an insight to working in a primary

           Primary 6B are going swimming every Thursday morning at Culloden Academy.
            Primary 6T will have their block of swimming after the October holidays – again on
            Thursday mornings. Parents will be sent permission letters towards the end of this

           A Primary 1 Parent information meeting on Numeracy will be held on Friday 16th September
            at 2.00pm here in the school. If your child is in Primary one come along and find out what kind
            of activities he/she will be doing while they are learning about numbers.

                                We will be holding our annual Harvest Service at The Barn Church on
                                 Monday 3rd October starting at 1.30pm. Once again our Harvest gifts will
                                 be going to Blythswood Food Bank and Blythswood have forwarded a list
                                 of food that they would be very grateful to receive from our Harvest
            Gift donations. These are Breakfast Cereal, Rice/Pasta, Tinned or Instant Potatoes,
            Oatcakes/Crackers, Tinned Vegetables, Tinned Tomatoes, Tinned Fruit, Long Life or Dilute
            Fruit Juice, Tinned Soup, Tinned Creamed Soup, Tinned Ham/Corned Beef, Tinned Tuna/Salmon,
            Tinned Mince/Stew, UHT Whole Milk, Tinned Custard/Rice Pudding, Tea Bags/Coffee, Sugar.
            Parents and friends are welcome to join us for this service.

          The School closes for the October holidays at the usual times of 2.30pm (P1-3) and 3.00pm (P4-
           7) on Friday 7th October.
          Menu Change W/B 3 October Monday is Chicken Fajitas and Friday is Chicken Burger in a bun.

                     Please note Monday 24th October is a Staff In-Service day
                                 Pupils return on Tuesday 25th October
       Whole school photos will be taken on this first day back (25th) after the October holiday

 Mrs Elaine Stewart
 Head Teacher

                             Head Teacher: Mrs Elaine Stewart, SQH, BA, Dip. Ed.
                   Duncan Forbes Primary School, Keppoch Road, Culloden Inverness, IV2 7NY
                                 Tel: (01463) 791897   Fax: (01463) 794227
                                   Newsletter September 2011

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Thank You

                        Head Teacher: Mrs Elaine Stewart, SQH, BA, Dip. Ed.
              Duncan Forbes Primary School, Keppoch Road, Culloden Inverness, IV2 7NY
                            Tel: (01463) 791897   Fax: (01463) 794227

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