Setup Outlook Web Access on a Palm Pre for Employees by bestt571


Palm Pre is a slider touch screen mobile phone. Palm (Palm) Pre, multi-point touch screen and draw-style keyboard. Supports EVDO and WiFi capabilities, and is equipped with GPS, Bluetooth 2.1 technology and 8GB of storage space.

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									                                                                          Setup Outlook Web Access on a
                                                                                  Palm Pre for Employees

The purpose of this SOP is to define the process of configuring Outlook Web Access (OWA) on a Palm Pre for

1. Tap the Email icon on the Quick Launch.
2. Enter in the your Microsoft Exchange email address
Note: If you have already set up an email account and want to add another one, tap the Email applications menu >
Preferences & Accounts > Scroll Down > Add an Account, before following these instructions.
3. Tap the Password field and type in the corresponding password.
4. Tap Sign In.
5. Tap the MAIL TYPE field then tap Exchange (EAS).
6. Verify the information in the other fields and change the info as follows:
- Incoming Mail Server:
- Domain: Wesley
- Username: Your Wesley Username
- Password: Your Wesley Password
7. Once the information is complete, tap Sign In.
8. Once setup is complete, you can exit the application by first pressing the Center button.
9. Click the animated arrow to simulate throwing the card off the top of the screen, to close the application.

                  This document is controlled and maintained by the Office of Information Systems of Wesley College.
                                                       Last updated 12/9/2011

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