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									3 phone interfaces that break away from the norm
People are becoming more and more concerned with the interface on their phone. If it isn't easy to use, and if it doesn't make them smile, people just
won't buy it. So, let's check out 3 phones that do their interfaces a little bit differently.

LG Arena - S-Class

LG have set a few benchmarks in their time, with mobile phones like the Viewty, and now, they've set a new one with the stunning LG Arena. There's
one simple reason why that is: the interface. You see, the LG Arena is the first phone form the Korean manufacturer to use their new S-Class
interface, which presents everything as icons on a 3D cube, that you spin around using your fingertips.

It's an incredible interface, and it makes the LG Arena a phone that begs to be touched and caressed. Combine that with a 5 megapixel camera, and
a superb media player, and you get what amounts to one of the best multimedia phones in the industry, with the LG Arena.

HTC Magic - Google Android

And so, we move onto Google Android, and the new phone showing it off, the HTC Magic. The HTC Magic is comparable to the iPhone, sharing a
similar keyboard-less design. Again, it's with the software that the HTC Magic shines, with Android living up to the title some have given it, that of
'game changer'. Its completely open source nature makes adapting the OS very easy, and the interface itself is once again a finger-friendly, sleek, and
polished affair, with gesture controls the order of the day. The tight integration of the full Google suite (including Apps and Gmail), makes it a real force
to be reckoned with, and it has to be said that the HTC Magic is a truly stunning phone.

However, another operating system not only matches Android, but adds a lot more functionality; it's a wonder of software engineering called WebOS.
And the phone you'll find it in is the stunning Palm Pre...

Palm Pre - WebOS

There's one soon-to-be-upcoming phone, though, that can top the sleekness of the LG Arena. That may be touch perfection for mid-range phones,
and the HTC Magic may have the world-beating Android OS to run on, but the Palm Pre is new in every sense of the word. With Windows Mobile
growing in user-friendliness and raw power, it's down to a brand new operating system to really wow us. Say hello to WebOS, as found in the stunning
Palm Pre. This takes phone interfaces to a whole new level, easily surpassing the supposed king of mobile phone interfaces, the iPhone.

The Palm Pre does this by simple expedient of being at least as user friendly as the iPhone, but with vastly more power and potential. Everything
becomes interconnected and synergised, so that the contacts menu on the Palm Pre links into your maps, which links into the browser, which links
into email and so on. Everything is interconnected and intuitive, and on top of that, the Palm Pre has one extra thing that the iPhone can't manage:
true multitasking. The Pre is simply one of the most important phones ever to have been announced!

About the Author
Review of LG Arena, HTC Magic, Palm Pre; Dave Saltonstall can be considered an expert on mobile phones, having worked in the industry for over 7
years. He now works for one of the UKs leading phones providers -- mobileshop.com

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