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					                                  The University of Hong Kong

                                     Information Sheet
                               (For academic exchange in 2008/09)

Name of University:                The University of Hong Kong

Office dealing with study          Office of International Student Exchange (OISE)
abroad/exchange matters:
Mailing address:                   Academic Liaison Section
                                   The Registry
                                   9/F Knowles Building
                                   The University of Hong Kong
                                   Pokfulam Road
                                   Hong Kong

Street address:                    (same as above)
(For courier delivery)
Website for exchange-related

General information
General information (e.g.          The University is the oldest tertiary education institution in Hong
introduction about your            Kong. The main campus stretches along the north-western slopes of
university, location, etc.)        the Hong Kong Island between 50 and 150 metres above sea levels.
                                   The University today has a student population of around 15,000
                                   enrolled on regular degree programmes funded by the University
                                   Grants Committee, including 9,000 undergraduate students and
                                   5,700 postgraduate students (of which 1,700 are research students).
                                   All ten Faculties – Architecture, Arts, Business and Economics,
                                   Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science, and
                                   Social Sciences – and their departments provide teaching and
                                   supervision for research (both M. Phil and Ph.D.) students.

Academic calendar (2008-09)        (

1st semester/term:                 Teaching: Sept 1 – Nov 29, 2008
                                   Reading/Field Trip week: Oct 13 – Oct 18, 2008
                                   Examinations: Dec 8 – Dec 20, 2008

2nd semester/term:                 Teaching: Jan 12 – April 25, 2009
                                   Reading/Field Trip week: Mar 2 – Mar 7, 2009
                                   Examinations: May 4 – May 23, 2009

Number of credits or units that    30 credits for one semester - Students are expected to take a
undergraduate students need to     minimum of 24 credits to a maximum of 36 credits in each semester
complete in one semester/term      subject to approval of Dean/Head of Department
                                   (most of the courses are of 6 credits so student will be taking 5
                                   courses per semester)
Number of credits or units              180 credits
required for completion of
undergraduate honours degree

Language of instruction                 English, except for courses offered by the Department of Chinese

Special language courses for            Chinese language courses (Cantonese and Putonghua) of different
exchange students                       levels and Chinese culture courses are offered to all undergraduate
                                        international students. No fees are required.

Exchange-related information
Level                                   Undergraduate and Graduate (research students only)

Number of exchange students             Normally 2 full-year exchange students
admitted from each partner              (additional places are negotiable)

Duration of exchange                    One semester or one academic/calendar year

Programmes/Courses open to              All, except for the restricted programmes
exchange students                       Course description:

Restricted programmes (not open Courses offered by the Faculties of Dentistry and Medicine, and
to exchange students) / Faculties clinical courses offered by the Faculty of Education
with special requirements
                                  Law – ONLY for students majoring in Law at their home university
                                  Architecture - Applicants should have completed 1.5 or 2 years of
                                  relevant studies before applying. In addition to the usual application
                                  documents, student will be required to submit also a portfolio and a
                                  letter of recommendation from a teacher in Architecture
                                  Design. Only single semester (NOT full year) exchange will be

Services available to exchange          All exchange students enjoy the same access as local students to
students (e.g. internet access,         university facilities such as the University Libraries, Sports Centres,
sports facilities, libraries, student   Computer Centre, University Health Services, etc. Exchange
organizations, etc.)                    students are also welcome to participate in activities organized by
                                        halls of residence and students’ societies.

Deadlines for Nomination to             For September admission: March 31
reach HKU
                                        For January admission: September 1

                                        For Law courses: February 15 (for admissions in both

Are application materials               Upon receiving the nomination from partner university, nominees
available online?                       will be invited to complete an online Exchange Application Form.
                                        They will be informed of the application procedures via email.

Supporting documents required           Applicants are required to mail the original supporting documents to
to be submitted with exchange           OISE upon completion of the online Exchange Application Form.
                                    Supporting documents required includes:
                                    1) Academic transcripts and/or certificates or their certified true
                                       copies (if these documents are not in English, they must be
                                       accompanied by a certified translation in English.);
                                    2) certified true copies of the score report of English proficiency
                                       test (if applicable);
                                    3) passport copy
                                    4) CV (optional)

Arrival / Orientation programme
Recommended arrival dates           1st semester/term: August 25-27, 2008

                                    2nd semester/term: January 5-7, 2009

Is airport pick-up service        The OISE administers a Buddy Programme, whereby each
available? If yes, please provide participating exchange student is assigned to a local student, i.e., a
details:                          buddy, to help them settle down in Hong Kong. A local buddy will
                                  meet his/her international buddy at the airport, assist him/her in
                                  settling into residence, help during his/her stay in Hong Kong, etc.
                                  Exchange students will be invited to join the Programme, upon
                                  confirmation of admittance to the University.

Orientation programme               1st semester/term: August 29, 2008
(tentative date)
                                    2nd semester/term: January 9, 2009

Cost of orientation programme       Free-of-charge for Orientation, Cultural Adjustment Session and
(if any)                            Library Tour. Optional tours and cultural activities will be offered at
                                    notional charge.

Is university-administered         Students are advised to submit hall application asap. Hall places are
accommodation available to         very limited and cannot be guaranteed due to keen competition.
exchange students?

If yes, do students send        Application for Hall Membership can be downloaded at:
accommodation application to
your office and where to obtain
the application materials?      Completed application should be sent to OISE as soon as the students
                                are nominated for exchange at HKU (no need to attach an admission
                                offer). OISE will forward the application to the Centre of
                                Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) for actions once
                                the admission offer is confirmed.

Is accommodation available         Yes, hall accommodation is available from early September to
over semester breaks? If yes,      mid-June of the following year for whole-year lodging. No additional
any additional charges?            charges during semester break.

If university-administered         The Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS)
accommodation is not available,    provides advice/assistance in finding off-campus private housing.
will there be any assistance in    Relevant information is available at:
finding private housing? 

Visa requirements
Are exchange students required      Yes. Exchange students need to obtain a student visa except for
to obtain a student visa?           holders of Hong Kong Identity Card. Exchange students are
                                    required to nominate the University as their local visa sponsor.
                                    Application for Visa Sponsorship can be downloaded at:

                                 Information on application procedures for a student visa can be
                                 viewed at:
Are exchange students allowed to On campus: No
                                 Off campus: No

Is a special visa required for      On campus: Yes
                                    Off campus: Yes

Are exchange students required      Medical insurance is optional but highly recommended. Students can
to purchase a compulsory plan?      purchase accident insurance upon their arrival at HKU.

Is medical services provided in     The University also provides free-of-charge primary health care to
campus?                             full-time students at the University’s out-patient clinic. Dental
                                    service is also available at a notional charge. Please refer to
                           for more
                                    information on medical services at HKU.

Estimated expenses per semester (in local currency) <one semester is approx. 5 months>
University-administered            Lodging fees for university undergraduate halls range from
accommodation                      approximately HK$4,500 to HK$9,500 per semester. A few halls
                                   have compulsory meal charges ranging from HK$2,600 to
                                   HK$3,850 per semester but the figures do NOT cover all meals.
Private accommodation              Rental in private market is expensive. The rent for a room in a flat
                                   nearby may cost at least HK$3,000 per month plus utility charges.
Food/Meals                         Around HK$15,000 (3 meals a day in the campus restaurants)

Local transportation                HK$2,500 on average

Academic expenses (e.g. books,      HK$1,500 on average, but costs vary with different courses.
fieldtrips, etc.)
Personal expenses                   Varies with individuals.

Insurance                           Varies with individuals

Any fees other than tuition (e.g.   Students living in university undergraduate halls need to pay a hall
student services)                   association entrance and subscription fee, high table dinner fees, key
                                    deposit etc. on a semester basis. Allow HK$800 to HK$1,400 per

                                    All students are required to pay HK$350 caution money (which will
                                    be refunded after exchange studies) and HK$170 Students’ Union
                                    fee. Students should allow funds for sports goods, durable goods,
                                    overseas travel, personal items, insurance and medical expenses.


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