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Incoming Italy

 ...specialist in tailor made travel.
Dear Travel Professional,
Executive Travel Service Incoming is a dynamic and innovative company arranging and
operating land-based services in Italy.
Through the confidence and trust of both our partners and our suppliers and following the
mainstay of our Group philosophy - a commitment to create the best value for people -
Executive Travel Service is one of the market leader for ground services in Italy.
Quality, reliability, efficiency, integrity and competitive pricing are the operating tools of
our DMC offices in Sorrento and Rome. To deliver a total travel product that is precisely
tailored to the individual wishes and needs of the arriving visitor, be it individual or group.
Over the past years, E.T.S. has benefited from prestigious partners (Thomas Cook Northern
Europe, Travelsphere (GB), Shearings Holidays (GB), Falcon Travel (USA), Kras (NL) etc…)
which have widely contributed to maintaining the brand image of the company and to
ensuring its development.

OUR COMMITMENT                                   OUR STRENGHTS:
A company’s success is achieved with the         •	A	web-based	booking	on	line
complete understanding and support of            •	1300	travel	agencies	in	Italy
a common goal by all its members, while          •	40	tour	operator	network	on	the	five	conti-
allowing each individual employee to reali-        nents
ze personal and professional achievements        •	30-years	experience
through the encouragement of creative and        •	Two	offices	and	two	outlets	in	Italy.
innovative thinking at every level.              •	Head	Office	of	600	sq.	m.
Executive Travel Service is built on the com-    •	35	persons	at	your	disposal.
mitment and dedication of its staff working      •	50.000	customers	in	2006,	from	18	countries.
together towards a common goal.                  •	350	selected	hotels.
                                                 •	A	stock	of	650	rooms	allotted	daily.
                                                 •	Affiliated	IATA	and	FIAVET.
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Hotel booking:	Executive	Travel	Service	contracts	over	350	hotels	throughout	Italy	with	generous	allotments,	
excellent conditions and value-for-money rates. Long established business partnerships with major industry
suppliers, as well as preferred relationships with smaller, privately owned properties, feed our extensive range
of hotels.
The choice is very wide and ranges from a simple family run hotel to the luxurious comfort of Italy’s best
hotels,	antique	palaces,	converted	farmhouses,	hidden	retreats,	private	apartments	and	villas.	We	look	for	a	
genuine atmosphere, with the best service, in the best position.

Transfers & Chauffeur Driven Car Hire: Driving clients around in safety, comfort and style is also our busi-
ness.	We	own	a	fleet	of	luxury	vehicles	and	provide	chauffeur-driven	services	from	a	simple	airport	transfer	to	
private car tours around Italy. A door to door service in relaxing comfort.

Private Shore Excursions: If you enjoy the comfort and elegance of your cruise ship and the easy pace of life
on board, why accept a lower standard for your shore excursions. Avoid waiting to be herded into large buses,
following a mass of people and a guide holding a board aloft, from one canned attraction to the next. Your
private driver will meet you at the dock and whisk you away in comfort for an exclusive city tour, a countrysi-
de excursion or both.

Private Tours & Sightseeing:	Unsurpassed	reliability	and	safety,	consistently	high	quality	vehicles	and,	most	of	
all, the dedication of our professional and caring drivers, will do so much more for you then driving yourself
around. Choose from our suggested selection of tours, or design your own individual sightseeing itinerary.

Guide Services: If you are travelling alone as an individual, or as part of a group, you will never miss any local
attraction with your own personal private guide. Professional guides have inside knowledge of the area, inclu-
ding information normally only available to locals, and can also give you advice on the best places to eat or

Private visits:	We	offer	the	possibility	of	private	visits	not	only	to	historical	buildings	of	cultural	significance	
such	us	the	Sistine	Chapel	and	Vatican	Museum	in	Rome	but	also	privately	owned	Palaces	in	Venice	or	Sicily,	
Castles	and	Villas	in	Tuscany.	

Cookery Courses:	Wherever	you	are	in	Italy,	the	choice	of	cookery	schools	is	now	unlimited	especially	in	our	
home area which is the Amalfi Coast and Capri. Natural, vegetarian, gourmet, they all offer hands-on courses
celebrating	the	richness	and	variety	of	our	regional	cuisine.	We	can	provide	information	and	make	reserva-
tions for you.

Rent A Boat: Sailing boats, motor yachts, or small local open cruise boats are ready to take you around our
superb	coastline,	for	a	swim	,	for	a	moonlight	party,	for	a	wedding.	We	have	a	variety	of	options	to	help	you	
onto the water at prices you can afford, with or without a crew.

Concierge Service: Like a Hotel Concierge, we can make dinner reservations, pre-book tickets for museums
and special events and more. Anything linked to our programme can be arranged and we are always ready to
deal	with	unusual	requests.	

Weddings & Celebrations: It takes time and expertise to make your wedding or special celebration perfect.
We	have	both,	with	qualified	staff	and	partners	especially	in	our	home	area	which	is	the	Amalfi	Coast	and	

Fly & Drives: Explore Italy at your own pace and in your own style! Our expansive and nationwide Fly–Drives
program offers the classic, tried-and-true itineraries as well as fully tailor-made programs to suit each visitor’s
particular	interest,	taste	and	budget.	We	provide	industry-leading	documentation,	including	maps,	driving	
directions and places-of-interest along the way. Executive Travel Service also offers “exclusive” or client-spe-
cific programs for travel professionals geared towards promoting this product in their specific international

FIT hotels can be booked directly from our inventory using our web-based on-line reserva-
tions	system	offering	instant	confirmation.	We	also	feature	on-line	hotel	descriptions	inclu-
ding location, number of units, room and hotel amenities, maps, value-added services and
a rating system to assist you in creating the perfect match of customer to hotel. In most
cases, we also offer a selection of downloadable images for each property and continue to
add on a daily basis.
To complement every hotel stay, a range of FIT services are available for single-city stays, or
more elaborate tailor made packages: Airport transfers, ranging from airport shuttle service
to private limousines, popular sightseeing tours and attractions, show tickets – these are
just a few of the individual services available.



       A magic water-world. There seems to be a secret spell in
       the water. It’s enough immerse oneself to feel free and
       carefree. You feel yourself. The desire to dive in a paradi-
       siacal kingdom overcomes. At the latest here, begins the
       new holiday dream. One of the most distinctive elements
       of our times is the care for our body and beauty, as well
       as maintaining a young look. This is testified every day
       from advertising, cinema and the great success of aes-
       thetic surgery and wellness centres spread all over the
       world. Italy is one of those corners in the world where
       there is the largest number of natural thermal spots
       and therefore spas, offering a stay which conjugates the
       great successes for the body shape, with relax, all held in
       spots of rare beauty. The great Italian tradition for ther-
       mal spots comes from far, from the ancient Rome where
       the thermal spots was a daily meeting for every Roman,
       and some of the thermal spots we are offering now are
       re-built on ancient Roman thermal spots, such as the
       one in Ischia.


       In the most beautiful cities of Italy there are a
       few extraordinary places in which timeless ele-
       gance,	sophisticated	style	and	Old	World	courtesy	
       are vibrantly alive. These lasting concepts are also
       accompanied by a deep respect for another very
       precious aspect: your clients valuable time. They’ll
       find all these things and more in our Luxury Hotels
       selection, the elegant line of fine five-star hotels
       with excellent service and true comfort. So come
       with us and experience our luxury product line.


      Our staff organizes everything you need for your
      special events. A full assistance service for peo-
      ple who want to get married in the wonderful
      surroundings of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.
      From the churches to the party in the hotels or
      the beautiful villas of the surrounding area, pho-
      tos, entertainment, legal files and procedures and
      honeymoon, we will give you full assistance to
      reduce	your	thoughts	to	the	minimum.	We	will	be	
      glad to assist your clients in organizing the wed-
      ding reception and help in choosing the restau-
      rants menu, including wines and sparkling wine,
      floral decorations for the dining room and perso-
      nalized printed menus.


                                            One of the many fascinating aspects of travelling
                                            to a foreign Country is undoubtedly represented by
                                            local food. In our Country this is even more intere-
                                            sting	since	each	of	the	20	Italian	Regions	has	a	well	
                                            defined culinary tradition based on local natural pro-
                                            duce and on different ways of preparing food accor-
                                            ding to local taste and tradition.
                                            In Campania, particularly in Sorrento, the local cuisi-
                                            ne	has	retained	its	tradition	of	simple	and	quick	pre-
                                            paration , without too much sophistication , in order
                                            to preserve the fragrance and flavours of the fresh
                                            ingredients. The school offers one-day and multi-day
hands-on cooking classes as well as all inclusive packages that are offered year round from a
minimum	of	two	to	a	maximum	of	15	participants.
The classes are based on menus of the traditional Italian cuisine. Special programs can be
arranged for those who wish to focus their attention on specific dishes or Italian specialties
such as Pizza, bread, pasta, sauces, fish, pastries and decoration, drinks and

In collaboration with Sorrento Cooking School


       Our	company	is	able	to	meet	any	client’s	request	
       , can personalize the cruise to give our guests a
       wonderful holiday for a single day, a weekend,
       a whole week or even more, sailing on motor or
       sail boats, fully assisted by a perfect service, get-
       ting the opportunity to discover from the sea the
       enchanting landscapes of Mediterranean Islands
       and mainlands coasts, staying on board to lay in
       the sun, exploring the sea, snorkelling, or scuba
       diving. As extra opportunities: dive courses and
       tours up to getting an official licence, or a simple
       sea trip to the destination of your wishes!

Italy together with Hertz.
                      General Condition and Terms: The vehicle is
                      consigned in a perfect state and with the
                      petrol tank full; the petrol is always at the
clients cost. The vehicle must be returned with a full tank of
petrol or otherwise, besides having to pay for the top-up of
the	tank,	a	supplementary	cost	will	be	requested	for	re-filling	
the tank, it is also necessary to hold a current credit card. The
return of the vehicle has to be at the same time at which it
was taken, for late returns there will be debited an extra day
of	hire	charge	according	to	the	official	price	list	(a	delay	of	59	
minutes is allowed). All car hire charges include:- oil, mainte-
nance, insurance for fire and theft, insurance for third party,
exchange	of	the	vehicle	in	case	of	break	down,	helmet,	CDW.		
The insurance does not include damage to the inside of the
vehicle, wheel hubs, wheels and the loss of documents, these
having to be left always in the vehicle. The driver has to be
over	21	years	old	for	group	A/B/C	(minimum	23	for	the	group	
above	C)	and	a	maximum	of	73	years	old	with	a	valid	driving	
licence for at least a year. For every other additional driver
there will be a supplement The car hire fee does not include:
petrol and any fines, any cancellation of booking to be made
at least 7 days before the booked date to avoid any eventual
NB	:-	The	type	of	vehicle	requested	will	be	made	available	
to the client where possible, but in the case that a particular
vehicle is not available, it will be substituted with one of a
superior group.

          Discover	the	history	of	Venice,	learn	how	the	city	was	built,	its	
          profusion of museums, ancient palaces, points of interest and
          different centuries churches spread all over its sestrieri.
          Let us guide the clients into one of our enchanting itinerary
          through	the	art,	history	and	traditions	of	a	secret	Venice,	out	of	
          the main tourist paths, discovering its tradition festivities, tra-
          ditional	food	and	crafts	or	take	a	trip	into	the	Venetian	lagoon	
          with its typical boats...
          Our deepening on churches, museums and points of interest are
          made up with history, curiosities and some practical informa-
          tion to help you enjoy your visit. To understand the city and its
          particular	habits,	take	a	look	at	our	glossary	of	Venetian	dialect,	
          where you’ll find the most popular phrases and expressions that
          you may hear while wandering around the city!

          Today	we	can	find	the	history	and	the	art	of	Venice	in	its	many	
          traditions: from its traditional festivities inherited from the
          splendour of the sea power Republic traditions, to its traditio-
          nal	kitchen,	influenced	by	Venetian	maritime	trade	with	the	
          East	and	by	the	many	populations	settled	in	Venice	along	the	

           The Historical Regata                ry and the culture of      the Arno in Pisa
           The Historical Regata is         the	most	unique	city	in	the	   and on the lagoon
           one of the most picture-         world. Re-launched two         in	Venice,	to	celebrate	
           sque	and	moving	tradition	       decades ago, thanks to its     the history and memo-
           festivities	of	Venice,	attrac-   mix of transgression, art,     ries of the four maritime
           ting	Venetians	and	tourists	     and fun, today the Carnival    cities.
           every year.                      of	Venice	is	considered	by	
                                            its inhabitants and tourists   The Venice Film Festival
           Madonna della Salute             as an event not to be          The	Venice	Film	Festival		
           day                              missed.                        is the oldest Film Festival
           Every year, on November                                         in	the	World,	and	takes	
           21,		Venetians	built	a	          Saint Mark day                 place every year in early
           temporary bridge of boats        Saint Mark’s day it’s on       September on the Lido
           that cross the Grand Canal,      the	25th	of	April.	In	this	    island, in the historic
           connecting San Moisé and         day	Venice	celebrates	Saint	   Palazzo del Cinema on
           Santa Maria del Giglio, for      Mark, the patron saint of      the Lungomare Marconi,
           the health’s day proces-         the	city.	The	25th	of	April	   in	Venice.	The	first	edition	
           sion, in Madonna honour.         Italy celebrates also its      of	the	Venice	Film	Festival	
           Thousands of people cross        freedom from the war and       took	place	in	1932,	toge-
           the votive bridge and            the fascism and Nazism.        ther	with	the	18.Venice	
           visit the main altar of the                                     Biennale, the major bien-
           imposing Salute Church           The Palio of the Ancient       nial exhibition for contem-
           to give thanks and ask the       Maritime Republics             porary art, after an idea of
           Virgin	Mary	to	intercede	        It’s a yearly boat race        Conte	Giuseppe	Volpi.	
           for their health.                between the four Italian
                                            Maritime Republics that
           The Carnival of Venice           sailed the seas in medieval
           Carnival is one of the           times. It’s hosted, in turn,
           oldest traditional feasts of     on the Mediterranean sea
           Venice,	rooted	in	the	histo-     at Amalfi and Genoa, on

               Florence contains an exceptional artistic patrimony, glorious
               testimony to its secular civilization. Cimabue and Giotto, the

               fathers of Italian painting, lived here, along with Arnolfo
               and Andrea Pisano, reformists of architecture and sculptu-
               re; Brunelleschi, Donatello and Masaccio, founders of the
               Renaissance; Ghiberti and the Della Robbia; Filippo Lippi and
               l’Angelico; Botticelli and Paolo Uccello; the universal geniuses
               Leonardo	da	Vinci	and	Michelangelo.	Their	works,	along	with	
               those of many generations of artists up to the masters of the
               present century, are gathered in the city’s many museums. In
               Florence, thanks to Dante, the Italian language was born; with
               Petrarch and Boccaccio literary studies were affirmed; with
               Humanism the philosophy and values of classical civilization
               were revived; with Machiavelli modern political science was
               born. Academies, art schools, scientific institutes and cultural
               centres all contribute to the city’s intense activity. The Chianti
               area, between Florence and Siena, is one of the most beautiful
               countryside in Italy and a famous wine production area.

               SPECIAL EVENTS
               ART - INTERNATIONAL             view on the latest furni-       PITTI IMMAGINE
               HANDICRAFTS FAIR                ture and design trends, so      Florence hosts five
               The International               if you are keen on design,      fashion events that
               Handicrafts Fair (Mostra        we suggest you to visit         are among the most
               Mercato Internazionale          it, cause it is also a huge     important in the inter-
               dell’Artigianato) is the        interior design showcase        national calendar; Pitti
               craft show not to be            where it’s possible to find     Immagine Uomo, Bimbo,
               missed. You can enjoy           the right object for every      Filati, Casa and ModaPelle.
               Florence at its best in         kind of taste, from classic     Pitti Immagine’s mission
               spring and take advantage       to weird-looking technolo-      is to stage fashion fairs
               of the many opportunities       gical objects.                  and events in the sense of
               from discounts on the                                           production-consumption,
               admission ticket and meals      “FESTIVAL DEI POPOLI”           and esthetical and cultural
               to the playroom for small       The Festival dei Popoli is      design. The shows have
               children. ART exhibits          Florence’s film festival with   shifted from fashion as
               many handmade products          an international category       a product to fashion as
               including clothing and          and an Italian category.        global lifestyles, as striking
               accessories, silverware and     When	it	was	founded,	its	       settings, as social rela-
               jewellery, furniture, beauty    leitmotif was to transport      tions and communication
               and health products and         its public to places far        among classes, generations
               food and wine. There is         away in terms of both time      and cultures.
               also an area dedicated          and distance; to bring the
               to gastronomic delights         world to Florence.              FLORENCE GIFT MART
               where you can select the                                        The Fortezza di San
               most delicious genuine          FLORENCE BIENNALE               Giovanni or da Basso is
               specialities. These are nine    Every two years the             home of the Florence Gift
               days not to be missed and       Fortezza da Basso hosts         Mart, which occurs twice
               you will want to come           the International Arts          a	year	and	lasts	for	3-4	
               back again next year!           Biennale in Florence. It        days. The idea behind it is
                                               was	started	in	1997	by	         to present to the public
               SALONE DEL MOBILE IN            brothers	Pasquale	and	          original objects suitable as
               FLORENCE                        Piero Celona as the need        gift items.
               The Salone Del Mobile in        was felt for an important
               Florence is one of the most     international venue that
               important furniture fairs       would make it possible for
               in Italy according to the       talented career artists to
               number of exhibitors and        exhibit their latest works
               to sales. This exhibition       in a panoramic survey of
               gives to its visitors a whole   contemporary art.

       In the past half century Rome has expanded well beyond the
       walls	started	in	the	3rd	cent.	by	Emperor	Aurelian,	and	it	now	

       extends north to the Aniene. Long sections of the ancient walls
       have been preserved, however, and archaeology remains an
       essential element of modern city-planning in Rome. Ancient
       marble columns and ruins rising beside modern apartments
       and offices, noisy boulevards, and luxurious villas and gardens
       characterize the modern city of Rome. As in ancient times, the
       larger section of Rome lies on the left bank of the Tiber, which
       intersects the city in three wide curves and is spanned by over
       20	bridges.

       Colosseum (Colosseo)            at its center as it faces      in	313	A.D.	to	
       originally the Flavian, is an   Borromini’s church, Sant’      celebrate emperor
       elliptical amphitheatre in      Agnese in Agone.               Constantine’s victory
       the centre of the city of                                      over Massenzio.
       the city, the largest ever      Spanish Steps (Piazza di
       built in the Roman Empire.      Spagna)                        Basilica di San Giovanni
       It is one of the greatest       Located in the heart of        in Laterano
       works of Roman architec-        Rome, this vibrant and ele-    It is the Rome’s cathedral,
       ture and engineering.           gant	square	is	surrounded	     founded by Constantine
                                       by	18th-century	buildings	     in	the	IV	century.	It	was	
       Pantheon                        augmented by the colour-       destroyed and recon-
       Dedicated to the seven          ful flowers that adorn         structed more times. The
       planetary divinities and        the Spanish Steps. The         basilica’s actual shape
       featuring an interior of        elegant steps by Francesco     dates back to the XII
       gorgeous marble, the            de	Sanctis	(1723-1726)	        century
       Pantheon is one of the          consist of twelve flights
       most impressive monu-           of varying width, which        Baths of Caracalla
       ments of Augustan Rome.         descend to the scenic          They are named also
                                       Franciscan Church of           “Antoniane” and were
       Trevi Fountain (Fontana         Trinita dei Monti.             built	up	from	212	A.D.	up	
       di Trevi)                                                      to	217	A.D.	by	Emperor	
       Certainly the most famous       Vatican Museums                Caracalla.
       and photographed foun-          Having visited Rome a
       tain in Rome, legend has        number of times it never       Domus Aurea
       it that whoever throws          fails to amaze just how        Built by emperor Nero, it
       a coin into the pond will       BIG	the	Vatican	is.	Advice	    had to be the largest and
       return to Rome.                 to anyone about to take        richest residence ever rai-
                                       a trip is don’t expect to      sed. It was named Domus
       Roman Forum (Foro               remember all that you see      Aurea (gold House) thanks
       Romano)                         in the Museums. Like...        to its valuable decorations
       The commercial, political                                      and prestigious furniture.
       and religious centre of         Basilica di Santa Maria
       ancient Rome, which fea-        Maggiore                       Monument to Vittorio
       tures the Arch of Septimus      One of seven pilgrimage        Emmanuele II
       Severus, Temple of Saturn,      basilicas in the world, this   It is an imposing monu-
       Arch of Titus and the           church was founded in          ment	built	up	in	1885	
       House	of	the	Vestals.           432	AD	and	is	where	the	       according to architect
                                       famous architect Bernini       G.Sacconi’s plan to celebra-
       Trastevere                      is buried.                     te the fiftieth anniversary
       This busy and lively nei-                                      of the kingdom of Italy.
       ghbourhood has the look         Ara Pacis
       and feel of a traditional       The altar of peace is one of   Castel Sant’Angelo
       small Italian town, with        the most important monu-       Emperor Hadrian had it
       people shopping, chatting,      ments of ancient Rome. It      built	in	130	A.D.	as	his	
       drinking espresso and going     was	built	in	13	B.C.	to	com-   mausoleum. It held the
       about their daily business.     memorate Augustus victo-       remains of the Imperial
                                       ries over Spain and Gaul.      family until Caracalla.
       Piazza Navona
       The most outstanding            Arch of Constantine            Catacombs of Domitilla
       square	of	the	Baroque	          It is the most important       Place of burial and wor-
       period in Rome features         of the Roman trium-            ship of the early Christians
       Bernini’s Fountain of Rivers    phal arches. It was built

                The Sorrento coastline is just waiting for you in all its splen-
                dour, one of the many interesting destinations in the Campania

                region. An area which is considered to be important for its
                history, archaeology and its artistic beauty making it one of the
                most fascinating places in Italy.
                The low land of Sorrento finishes with an amazing terrace,
                which drops away to the sea below, described by many tra-
                vellers in the past as being “a prodigious garden in an eternal
                spring”. Sorrento has a mild climate all year round giving its
                exuberant vegetation and flora.
                Stretching between parks and perfumed gardens full of oran-
                ges, lemon and olive groves, lovely Sorrento, symbol of the coa-
                stline,	home	of	the	famous	poet	Torquato	Tasso,	who	epitomi-
                zed all its mystery and fascination in the legend of Ulysse being
                captured by the Sirens

                CAPRI – ANACAPRI                year concerts are organi-        temples, one of
                An unforgettable day            zed in his honour. Return        which if the Temple
                dedicated to the island of      to Sorrento.                     of Poseidon” and that
                Capri. Leaving from the                                          of Hera with a boundary
                port of Sorrento by hydro-      POMPEI – VESUVIO                 wall which is perfectly
                foil. Upon arrival in Capri     This visit to the excavations    preserved.
                you will first go to Anacapri   gives the visitor the possibi-
                to visit the villa of Dr.Axel   lity to see the innumerable      ERCOLANO – HALF DAY
                Munthe, a famous Swedish        remains that are well pre-       Ercolano was destroyed
                writer who wrote the book       served in time and can still     together with Pompei in
                “History of St.Michael”.        demonstrate the prosperity       the 79th Century a.c. by
                Free time in Anacapri for       in which the citizens of         the	eruption	of	Vesuvius.
                lunch and then on to Capri      this city lived. After the       Ercolano was a residential
                centre to visit the “gardens    visit, lunch is optional, then   area where villas of rich
                of Augusto” from where          continuing	for	Vesuvius	by	      Romans where found, it
                you can admire the famous       coach	up	to	1,000m	above	        was covered by lava which
                landmark “Faraglioni” and       sea level and then by foot       after many years has tur-
                the Marina Piccola. Free        to the crater rim for a gui-     ned into tufo stone which
                time for shopping and to        ded tour.                        preserved the greater part
                visit	the	famous	main	squa-                                      of the constructions and
                re. Return to the port for      CASERTA – CASSINO                their frescoes in a perfect
                homeward trip to Sorrento.      Caserta is considered the        state.
                                                “Versailles“	of	Naples,	
                POSITANO-AMALFI-                for the vast Royal Palace        NAPLES - SOLFATARA
                RAVELLO                         constructed for Carlo            Naples is rich with monu-
                It is said that the Amalfi      of	Borbone	in	the	17th	          ments and palaces of great
                Drive is one of the most        Century. The palace is           historic importance. The
                spectacular trip in all of      surrounded by a vast park,       National Museum has a
                Europe for its beauty of        which boasts the presence        section, which contain
                the countryside. The            of ancient trees and an          many archaeological
                first stop is made at the       artificial	waterfall	of	75	      treasures from many civi-
                “Madonnina” for photo-          meters, seen from the            lizations including those
                graphs of Positano, gem         palace, which is a good          of Ercolano and Pompei.
                of the Amalfi coastline.        three kilometres away.           It will be possible to tour
                We	continue	then	for	           Continue then for Cassino        the city and to admire the
                Amalfi. At the centre           (free time for lunch) A visit    Royal	Palace,	The	Square	
                of Amalfi there is the          to the famous monastery          of the Plebiscito, and
                Cathedral dedicated to          founded by S.Benedetto of        the Maschio Angioino.
                St.Andrew, the front of         Norcia.			During	the	2nd	        Continue for the Solfatara,
                which is decorated with         world war it was comple-         which is a kind of active
                18th	century	mosaics.			        tely destroyed and then re-      crater that is found in the
                Free time for lunch. It         constructed keeping to the       area of Pozzuoli.
                is suggested to take time       original design plans.
                to visit the arsenal where                                       ISCHIA
                the great galleons of the       SALERNO – PAESTUM                Ischia is original a volcanic
                marine fleet were built.        In the middle ages Salerno       island dominated by the
                You must not miss a visit       was the major producer           mount Epomeo. Upon
                to the “Emerald Grotto”.        of medicines, in fact on of      arrival in Ischia a coach
                Our trip continues on to        the most famous Medical          will be provided for a
                Ravello where a visit to        books are named “Regimen         circular tour of the island.
                the cathedral dedicated to      sanitas salerni” written         In the afternoon free time
                St. Pantaleone and also to      in Latin and translated in       for shopping, or for rela-
                Villa	Rufolo,	having	inspi-     almost every language.           xing on the beach before
                red	Wagner	to	write	his	        To the east of Salerno we        our return trip to Sorrento.
                Parsifal, and where every       find Paestum with its four

        It is perhaps the most famous island in the world, certainly one
        of the most beautiful.
        Capri is found not more than four miles from the coast and is
        in fact a continuation of the mountainous promontory that
        constitutes the Sorrentine peninsular. It is actually that which
        makes up its particular landscape and the “faraglioni” rocks,
        the grottos, the rocky outcrops, but also its sandy beaches and
        the large amount of vegetation. The Emperor Augustus was
        fascinated	by	Capri	already	2000	years	ago,	in-fact	uniting	it	
        with the empire. Tiberio made the island his residence in the
        last	10	years	of	his	life.			Then	Capri,	like	as	if	in	a	magic	spell,	
        remained	in	a	deep	sleep	lasting	18	centuries	until	a	Swedish	
        doctor, Axel Munthe, re-discovered its un-estimable beauty.
        Since then, nothing can ever be done to hide away this famous
        place again.
        Capri however isn’t just … Capri. There is its constant rival:
        Anacapri, the other popular area that is noted for the homes of
        Tiberio and Axel Munthe. The island owns both internally and
        externally two particular treasures: the “blue grotto”, situated
        at extreme east side of the north of Capri and the “Faraglioni”
        rocks on the opposite side of the island facing south east.
        Priceless treasures to admire and contemplate! Thanks to its
        particular geographical position, Capri enjoys an enviable cli-
        mate: the winters are mild (ll°C is the average temperature)
        whilst the heat of the summer is moderated by cool sea breezes
        that provide relief and that keep the skies a constant limpid

                         Charterhouse    charming villas. By tradition,   ries and hydrofoils
        of S.Giacomo                     there would have been no         berth, while the east
        The Certosa di San Giacomo       less than twelve villas all      arm is the latter and it
        (Charterhouse of St. James)      around the island, each dedi-    is occupied by the tourist
        is the loftiest expression       cated to one of the Olympus      port, where pleasure boats
        of Caprese architecture. It      gods. Unfortunately, only        park.
        is a monastery that was          the ruins of three remain:
        built during the late Middle     Villa	Jovis,	Sea	Palace,	and	    Tragara and Faraglioni
        Ages which today houses          Damecuta.	Villa	Jovis	is	the	    Tragara is the most famous
        a museum, a school and           largest and most sumptuous       and best liked walking pas-
        a library. It is open to the     of all the Roman villas          sage in Capri: along it there
        public and has a garden          on Capri. Located on top         are many elegant villas. It
        attached. The Certosa was        of	Mount	Tiberio,	at	354	        ends with a panoramic ter-
        founded	between	1363-71	         meters above sea level, in       race facing the Faraglioni,
        by Count Giacomo Arcucci,        an outstanding position, it      the view of Capri known the
        a nobleman of Capri and          was the main residence of        world over. From Tragara’s
        personal advisor to Queen        Emperor Tiberius, and reflects   terrace you can enjoy also a
        Joanna I of Anjou at the         his austere personality it its   wide view over island’s sou-
        Angevin court of Naples. It is   design.                          thern side, featuring Marina
        said that Count Arcucci had                                       Piccola, underneath the steep
        sworn to build the monastery     Marina Grande                    face of Mount Solaro, in the
        if his wish to have a male       The Marina Grande (Large         middle of which is found the
        heir came true.                  Seashore) is the harbour of      enormous cavity of Grotta
                                         Capri, located in the bay on     delle Felci (Grotto of the
        Imperial Villa Jovis             north side of the island, in     Ferns). The whole area called
        Capri was chosen as a place      front of Naples and its gulf.    Tragara extends from Mount
        of residence by two empe-        The harbour consists of two      Tuoro’s western slope to the
        rors: Octavian Augustus and      large arms: the western one      plain of Occhio Marino (Sea
        his successor Tiberius. The      is the former and it works as    Eye), situated behind the
        latter built some particularly   commercial port, where fer-      Charterhouse.

              Ischia could be named as the health capital of the region, due
              to its volcanic mud that bubbles underground. The erupting

              activity is only positively beneficial, producing the thermal
              waters.			The	island,	which	has	an	area	of	around	35	km,	with	
              six towns (Barano Ischia, Casamicciola, Terme, Forio, Ischia,
              Lacco Ameno and Serrara Fontana), seems to be separated in
              two by the area from Forio to Ischia Ponte, to the north there
              are the green hills amongst which there are many private
              homes, to the rocky south, being less built up, there are pro-
              montories, rocks and panoramic views from all angles.

              THE THERMAL BATHS Ischia island is the ideal place to get you
              in shape, to relax and commune with nature. Underground
              there are rivers of boiling mineral water, that, according to
              there properties and temperatures, are used to prevent and
              cure a various amount of ailments. Additionally, Ischia offers a
              wide range of choice of health and beauty cures and relaxation
              that will satisfy anyone who is looking for a healthy break and
              a chance to pamper oneself.

              EXCURSIONS FROM ISCHIA             that you have passed a day        the weather con-
              Our excursions are made by         that will remain in your          ditions permit, there
              air-conditioned bus, with          memory as being an unfor-         will be a stop enabling a
              departure from Ischia. You         gettable experience.              visit of the BLUE GROTTO,
              will be picked up from the                                           (not included in the tour
              hotel first thing in the mor-      TOUR OF THE ISLAND OF             price).
              ning and returned back in          ISCHIA (by boat)
              the evening, after having          A tour of about three hours       RAVELLO / AMALFI /
              passed an unforgettable            to allow you to admire the        SORRENTO
              day. The service we offer our      natural beauty of the island      Pick up at the hotel and
              clients	is	of	a	high	quality.		    from the sea, its coastline,      transfer by coach to the
              That, together with our            first right on the edge of        Ischia port or Casamicciola.
              professional guides and the        the sea, then gently sloping      Embark for Pozzuoli. Arrival
              ability of our drivers, allows     down, bringing to your            time is about one hour.
              us to offer you an exclusive       attention the scenes of           Having arrived back on firm
              service.                           incomparable beauty. There        ground a trip across the val-
                                                 will be a stop for about one      ley	of	CHIUNZI,	arriving	at	
              TOUR OF THE ISLAND OF              hour at SANT’ANGELO, an old       Ravello, where there will be
              ISCHIA                             seaside village, today being      a stop of about one hour:-
              You will remain enchanted          the prime tourist spot of our     visiting the Cathedral and
              when, in front of your eyes,       island. During the visit there    Villa	Rufolo.			Continuing	
              you will be presented with         will be an opportunity to         for Amalfi and a visit of
              the countryside of Ischia, still   walk along the characteristic     the Cathedral. Free time to
              uncontaminated. You will be        alleyways of the village.         have lunch. Departing for
              able to admire unimaginable        Another short stop will be        Sorrento after having made
              beauty that will last for all      made to admire the Grotta         a short stop in Positano (at
              your stay.                         del Mago. The return is esti-     the look-out point). Arrival
              The departure time estimated       mated for late afternoon.         in Sorrento for a stop of one
              at	10.00	hrs,	pick-up	at	your	                                       hour. Return by way of
              hotel and with our guide the       TOUR TO CAPRI                     motorway with embarkation
              start of an adventure, which       Departure by boat from the        from Pozzuoli for Ischia.
              will finish in the late after-     port at Forio, Lacco Ameno,       Transfer to hotel.
              noon	about	18.00/18.30	hrs.			     Casamicciola and Ischia.
              We	will	lunch	on	Mount	            Arriving at the Marina            NAPLES AND NATIONAL
              Epomeo in a typical local          Grande	at	about	10.00	hrs.,	      MUSEUM
              restaurant where you will be       where our guide will meet         Pick up at the hotel with
              immersed in a particularly         you. Transfer by a minibus        transfer by coach to Ischia
              charming	atmosphere.			We	         to Anacapri. Short break          or Casamicciola. Arriving
              will have the classical Ischian    and a visit to the small centre   at Naples and a tour of the
              dish “pasta in a rabbit sauce”,    and	the	famous	VILLA	SAN	         city with a two hour stop
              all washed down with a good        MICHELE (Swedish museum).         to allow for the museum
              local	wine.		We	will	visit	the	    Possibility to have lunch in      visit, where the guide will
              most beautiful spots, from         Anacapri. Transfer by mini-       show you the section that
              the point of view of natural       bus	to	Capri	town.		Visit	the	    houses the treasures and
              beauty: The beach of Citara,       famous	“Piazzetta”.		Walk	        remains found in POMPEI
              Cuotto, Panza, Sorgeto,            along the elegant streets of      and HERCOLANIUM and
              Sant’Angelo, Serrara-Mont          Capri.			Visit	the	Garden	of	     the statue of the Farnese
              Epomeo, Cartaromana,               Augustus, with panoramic          collection. After a stop for
              Niirodi, Fiaiano with its          views over the Faraglioni         lunch the tour continues for
              Mount Rotaro, Ischia Ponte,        rocks,	the	VILLA	KRUPP	and	       the CAMPI FLEGREI to visit
              Casamicciola, Lacco Ameno,         the Marina Piccola. Short         the	Solfatara.			Visit	of	the	
              Fango. In the late afternoon,      break then transfer to the        anfi-theatre of the SIBILLA.
              when you have returned to          main port. Departure for          Return from Pozzuoli to
              your hotel, you will know          Ischia	at	about	16.00hrs.		If	    Ischia and transfer to hotels.

                       Welcome	to	the	Amalfi	coastline,	paradise	for	those	in	love,	the	
                       perfumed air, adored by celebrated artists, an area of coast that

                       softly curves around the cliff edge and down to the sea, fea-
                       turing steep drops planted with olive, vine and lemon groves.
                       Poets, writers, musicians and dancers, Kings and Queens, Princes
                       and Princesses, Lords and Ladies, they have all visited this land,
                       even only after maybe a short stay, they have left a little bit
                       of their hearts in this infinitely magical part of the Campania
                       region. From Salerno it is obligatory to stop in the four divine
                       jewels	of	this	coastlines’	crown:	Vietri	sul	Mare,	Maiori,	Minori	
                       and Atrani, then onto Amalfi itself, the oldest marine republic.
                       Here there are houses that slope down to the sea, villas, gar-
                       dens, remains of ancient towers, convents and grand buildings,
                       surrounded by the typical vegetation of the area, all makes this
                       particular region of Campania the most impressive place in the
                       world. As the last stop on this trip, the ‘Diamond’: Positano, a
                       place on the coastline of incomparable beauty. Positioned at
                       the centre of the Gulf, with homes built on terraces, amongst
                       beautiful gardens planted with palm trees and lemon groves.

                       AMALFI:                          PAESTUM:                       for its exciting
                       Not only the fantastic           Pick up from the hotel         lookout terrace..
                       monuments (the cathedral,        and depart for the disco-      This villa had been
                       the cloisters of Paradise, the   very of one of the most        bought	in	1904	by	
                       museum and the ancient           famous centres of ancient      Ernest	William	Beckett	
                       Arsenali), but also the fasci-   Magna Grecia. Paestum          who	in	15	years,	with	the	
                       nation of the little alleys      is an archaeological area      help of local authorities,
                       and characteristic streets       of great importance, the       transformed it into a
                       where the local crafts and       majestic Doric columns of      museum with both ancient
                       produce are sold. Meeting        the temples dedicated to       and modern pieces of art.
                       point: The Lovers Fountain.      Neptune and Cerere, the        Villa	Rufolo	was	initially	
                       Duration	3	hours.                remains of the Basilica,       owned by some local noble
                                                        and the ruins of the           family: the Rufolo, the
                       CAPRI-ANACAPRI:                  strong boundary walls. In      Confalone, the Muscettola
                       Crossing over by ferry.          the museum there are           and	The	D’Afflitto.	In	1975	
                       Upon arrival escort to           displayed rare relics and      it has passed under the
                       Anacapri by coach. Free          examples of priceless art      control of the Provincial
                       time for shopping and            works. Return scheduled        Office for Tourism of
                       optional	visit	to	the	Villa	     for	14.00	hrs.		Duration:	     Salerno.	Since	1953	in	the	
                       San Michael, which was           Half day                       garden	of	Villa	Rufolo	is	
                       owned by the famous                                             hosted a prestigious music
                       Swedish writer, Axel             MINI CRUISE AND THE            festival, held each year in
                       Munthe, who wrote the            EMERALD GROTTO                 the first half of July.
                       story of the Saint Michael.      A private motorboat will
                       Optional lunch then con-         await you at the port in       Vietri sul Mare
                       tinuing for the centre of        Amalfi for a marvellous        Vietri	sul	Mare	is	the	first	
                       Capri.			Visiting	the	famous	    mini-cruise along the          town in the Amalfi Coast
                       square	and	a	walk	amon-          coast. There will be two       we meet coming from
                       gst the gardens of Augusto       stops: the first at the        Salerno, which is only
                       to admire the beauty spot        beautiful bay of Conca dei     three kilometres distant
                       ‘The Faraglioni’ and the         Marini for a visit to the      from.		Vietri	is	famous	
                       Marina Piccola, continuing       Emerald Grotto, rich in        above all for its ceramics
                       along	the	Via	Camerelle,	        stalagmites and stalactites,   handicraft, that has always
                       the most elegant street of       the second stop will be in     been very flourishing.
                       the island. Return to the        the	picturesque	town	of	       Historical references of
                       port and board the ferry.        Positano for time to relax     the “maiolicari” and their
                       Duration:	Whole	day.             and shop. The return trip      furnaces located around
                                                        is	scheduled	for	13.30	hrs.	   Vietri	are	numerous:	the	
                       POMPEI-VESUVIUS:                 Duration: Half day             most ancient written
                       This visit to the excava-                                       documentation belongs
                       tions will give you the          Ravello                        to	the	XV	century,	when	
                       possibility to see the           Based	at	350	meters	on	        Vietri	was	one	of	the	main	
                       numerous diggings that           the sea level, Ravello         centers of a larger pro-
                       are well preserved in time       overhangs the underlying       ductive area including also
                       and still today demon-           towns of Minori and            Cava, Nocera and Salerno.
                       strates the wealth of this       Maiori. This enchanted         The main archaeological
                       city in the past. After the      place is among the most        remains of this period
                       visit, optional lunch, then      beautiful in the whole         have been recovered in the
                       continuing	for	Vesuvius	         Amalfi Coast, with an          Abbey of the near town of
                       by coach to the height           intense	and	unique	land-       Cava dei Tirreni.
                       of	1,000meters	above	sea	        scape. Ravello is renowned
                       level and then by foot to        for its peacefulness and
                       reach the crater edge for        the deep fascination con-
                       a guided tour. Duration:         nectin with the villas :
                       Whole	Day                        Villa	Cimbrone	is	renowned	

              This	island	is	a	unique	place	full	of	art,	archeology,	history,	
              folklore and breathtaking scenery. And, of course, great food.

              Sicily is almost a nation unto itself. The enchanting land where
              Archimedes taught and Saint Paul preached was a Greek
              colony, a Roman province, an Arab emirate and a Norman kin-
              gdom. The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Swabians, Angevins and
              Aragonese made Sicily their own, leaving behind an eclectic
              history that you can still touch today. And Sicily will touch you.
              Sicily is Europe, Africa and Asia on one island. Greek tyran-
              ts, Arab emirs, Norman knights, Byzantine bishops and Holy
              Roman Emperors made Sicily the place it is. Experience their
              legacy in Phoenician settlements, Punic cities, Greek temples,
              Roman amphitheatres, Norman Arab castles and Aragonese
              churches. Thirty centuries of history expressed in the Classical,
              the	Romanesque,	the	Gothic,	the	Baroque.

              ARTS AND CULTURE
              Culinary Arts                    Folk Art                        Ceramic Art
              Food and wine seem to            The spirit of Sicily’s medie-   As old as time itself, terra
              be a true expression of a        val past lives on in the folk   cotta is foremost among
              people’s personality. Sicilian   art of the world’s most         Sicily’s artistic traditions.
              cuisine is such a vast --and     conquered	island.	Tales	of	     This art was popular with
              delicious-- topic that we’ve     Saracen soldiers, Norman        the Sicanians, Phoenicians,
              dedicated several pages to       knights and German dam-         Greeks and other ancient
              it.	Food	and	Wine	describes	     sels depict the history and     peoples of Sicily, and is
              various Sicilian specialties,    adventure of the Kingdom        continued today by their
              and translates the names         of Sicily. Lively puppet        heirs. The most traditional
              of the most popular Sicilian     shows, ornately decorated       ceramic art features the
              dishes, with information on      horse carts and medieval        intricate motifs brought
              wines and olive oils. Recipes    style tournaments and reli-     by the Moors, embellished
              and the Mediterranean Diet       gious pageants preserve an      by the Renaissance spirit
              have their own pages, and        ageless tradition. Step into    of	the	Baroque.	That’s	the	
              so do Restaurants. Buon          another world.                  ceramic art for which Sicily
              appetito!                                                        is famous.

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                    5 Days / 4 Night

                   Day 1: ROME - ASSISI - SIENA - FLORENCE
                   Early morning, departure for ASSISI, the mystic town of Saint Francis still
                   surrounded	by	ancient	walls.	Visit	the	Basilica	of	Saint	Francis	with	its	early	
                   Renaissance masterpieces by Giotto and Cimabue. Proceed on to SIENA, the
                   beautiful medieval city renown for the Palio. Then on to FLORENCE. Dinner and

                   Day 2: FLORENCE
                   Continental breakfast. Guided sightseeing tour of the cradle of the
                   Renaissance.	Visit	the	beautiful	Piazza	del	Duomo,	the	Cathedral	of	Santa	
                   Maria del Fiore, Giotto’s Bell Tower, the Baptistery of St. John, the Academy of
                   Fine Arts Gallery housing the “David” by Michelangelo, and Santa Croce, the
                   13th	century	Franciscan	church	with	Cimabue’s	famous	crucifix.	Rest	of	the	
                   day at leisure for optional sightseeing or shopping. Dinner and overnight.

                   Day 3: FLORENCE - PADUA - VENICE
                   Continental breakfast. Departure for PADUA, where you will visit the famous
                   Cathedral of St. Anthony, guarded by Donatello’s “Gattamelata”. Continue on
                   to	VENICE,	and	upon	arrival	enjoy	a	guided	walking	tour	of	this	unique	city.	
                   You will see the Piazza and Basilica of St. Mark, the Doge’s Palace, the Bridge
                   of Sighs and the Prisons. Then visit a glass factory to see the moulding of glass.
                   Dinner and overnight.

                   Day 4: VENICE
                   Continental breakfast. Morning at leisure for optional tour to the islands of
                   Murano, Burano and Torcello by motorlaunch or for shopping. Dinner and

                   Day 5: VENICE
                   Continental breakfast. End of the tour.


                       5 Days / 4 Nights

                      Day 1: ROME - NAPLES - POMPEI - SORRENTO
                      Departure to NAPLES, panoramic city tour including Mergellina, Castel del-
                      l’Ovo,	the	Royal	Palace.	Continue	to	POMPEII.	Visit	the	ruins.	Lunch	in	a	typical	
                      restaurant. After a short visit to a Cameo factory, proceed along the coast to
                      SORRENTO, a jewel of the Sorrentine Peninsula, famous for the cultivation of
                      oranges, lemons and olive trees. Dinner and overnight.

                      Day 2: SORRENTO - CAPRI - SORRENTO
                      Excursion	to	Capri	to	discover	the	beauty	of	this	wonderful	island.	Weather	
                      permitting	visit	the	Blue	Grotto.	Lunch	in	a	typical	restaurant.	Visit	Anacapri	
                      wiith its magnificent views, time at leisure. Return to Sorrento by ferry. Dinner
                      and overnight.

                      Day	3:	SORRENTO	–	AMALFI
                      Morning departure to Amalfi via the breathtaking Amalfi Coast. En-route
                      you	will	see	Positano	and	other	picturesque	fishing	villages.	Time	at	leisure	in	
                      Amalfi. Dinner and overnight.

                      Day 4: AMALFI
                      Free time to discover the beauty of this wonderful coastal resort, or to explore
                      the area. You can take a local bus and visit Positano or Ravello, or take time to
                      relax and plunge into the water of the Mediterranean Sea. Dinner and overni-

                      Day 5: AMALFI - POMPEI - ROME
                      Breakfast at the hotel, morning at leisure, early afternoon transfer to Pompeii
                      where we will start our trip back to Rome. Traffic permitting, estimated time
                      of	arrival	approximately	09.30	pm.

                   Rome-Firenze-Venezia-Naples-Pompei-Capri-Rome                                         Day 6: NAPLES - POMPEII

                   8 Days / 7 Nights                                                                     This morning it’s off to Pompeii. A city perfectly preser-
                                                                                                         ved	as	it	was	on	that	fateful	day	2,000	years	ago,	when	
                   Day 1: ROME - FLORENCE                                                                ash and lava literally stopped it in its tracks. You’ll see
                   This morning we’re off to Florence. As we traverse the hilly countryside to this      the tragic fossils of people attempting to escape and
                   capital of Tuscany, we’re reminded of the exceptional talents who traveled this       the ‘secret room’. Back to Rome.
                   very	path	long	before	us.	Dante.	DaVinci.	Michelangelo.	Galileo.	Botticelli.	After	
                   getting settled into our hotel, we meet for dinner at a lovely local restaurant       Day 7: ROME
                   and toast our good fortunes with Tuscan wine.                                         With	our	expert	local	guide	we’ll	tour	the	Vatican	
                                                                                                         Museums and the Sistine Chapel, the room where
                   Day 2: FLORENCE - VENICE                                                              the Pope is elected. Next we visit St. Peter’s Basilica,
                   This	morning,	we	board	our	first-class	train	to	Venice.	We’ll	arrive	in	time	for	a	   by	far	the	largest	church	in	Christendom.	We’ll	see	
                   great	Venetian	style	lunch	with	wines	of	the	Veneto	region.	After	lunch,	we’ll	       Michelangelo’s Pieta, as well as Bernini’s seven-story
                   meet	our	local	expert	for	a	walking	tour,	seeing	St.	Mark’s	Square,	the	great	        bronze canopy located above the main altar. After a
                   Byzantine Basilica, and inside the Doge’s Palace.This evening we return to            break for lunch, we board our coach for a panoramic
                   Florence.                                                                             tour of Imperial Rome including Castel St. Angelo, the
                                                                                                         Roman Forum, Largo Argentina, the Jewish Ghetto and
                   Day 3: FLORENCE                                                                       the Circus Maximus. Then we’ll enter the Colosseum.
                   Today we’ll enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the town atop Piazzale
                   Michelangelo, followed by a tour of the Academy of Fine Arts where                    Day 8: ROME
                   Michelangelo’s	proud	“David”	stands.	We’ll	see	the	majestic	Duomo	built	in	           Continental breakfast. End of the tour.
                   1296,	Giotto’s	Bell	Tower	and	the	Baptistery	with	its	renowned	“Gates	of	
                   Paradise”	doors.	We	follow	the	medieval	streets	to	the	most	striking	square	in	
                   Florence, Piazza della Signoria and then to Santa Croce Church. There’s plenty
                   of time to shop this afternoon, followed by dinner at our hotel.

                   Day 4: FLORENCE - NAPLES
                   Our relaxing drive to Naples takes us through the rolling hills, scenic vineyards
                   and dreamy olive groves of Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and Campania. Along the
                   way, we’ll pass the medieval villages of Orvieto and Orte and travel through
                   the	beautiful	Tiber	River	Valley.	At	last,	we	see	the	sapphire	seas	of	the	Gulf	of	
                   Napoli	and	the	imposing	presence	of	Vesuvius.	We	go	on	a	panoramic	tour	of	

                   Day 5: NAPLES - CAPRI
                   This morning we cross the Bay of Naples to the world’s most enchanting island.
                   The vacation spot of Roman emperors and today’s movie stars. Later this after-
                   noon, we sail back to Naples.

                  You’ll	start	your	holiday	with	a	three	night	stay	in	the	Italy’s	Capital.	We	then	head	south	for	a	four	night	stay	in	popular	Sorrento,	over-

                  looking the fabled Bay of Naples, with the opportunity to visit the ancient city of Pompeii, as well as the beautiful Island of Capri. The
                  contrast between the hectic scramble of Italy’s capital and the relaxed lifestyle of one of the country’s most famous resorts could not be
                  more marked. You’ll find each day offers another experience to treasure.

                  Day 1: UK TO ROME                                                                       delicious wines and culinary delights of this region,
                  On arrival at the Rome airport, transfer to the hotel, situated in the surroundings     such as the excellent pasta dishes and locally cau-
                  of Rome, for a three night stay. After dinner, an optional excursion is offered :       ght fish before the evening’s entertainment of
                  Rome by night , to discover the lighted city.                                           Neapolitan music. An optional excursion is offered
                                                                                                          to the beautiful island of Capri : A full day excur-
                  Day 2: ROME                                                                             sion including a short ferry crossing to the wonder-
                  Free to relax and enjoy our excursion programme, the following excursion is             ful island of Capri, the visit of the villages of Capri
                  included:                                                                               and Anacapri, the Gardens of Caesar Augustus and
                  A full day tour to explore the Eternal city, with an included guided tour of St         the Faraglioni Rocks.
                  Peter’s Basilica and the stunning Sistine Chapel. The rest of the day for a voyage
                  back into history and see the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain           Day 6: AMALFI COASTAL DRIVE
                  (throw in a coin and you’re sure to return).                                            A full day excursion along the stunning coastline
                                                                                                          with	free	time	in	the	picturesque	town	of	Amalfi.	
                  Day 3: ROME TO SORRENTO                                                                 Poised between the mountain and the sea, the town
                  Leaving Rome, a morning visit to the Castelli Romani , once the country retreat         is dominated by its highly decorative Renaissance
                  of weathly Romans, is followed by a trip to the village of Castel Gandolfo, home        Cathedral, built in the 9th century and well worth
                  of the Pope’s summer residence, before continuing to the Bay of Naples and              a visit.
                  Sorrento, one of Italy’s best holidays resorts, with its pretty marina, relaxed atmo-
                  sphere and fantastic shopping for four nights stay.                                     Day 7: NAPLES
                                                                                                          A full day optional excursion included a guided visit
                  Day 4: POMPEI AND VESUVIUS                                                              at the archaeological National Museum of Naples
                  A full day trip including a guided walking tour of this ancient city of the Roman       and a walk through the monumental town centre
                  Empire,	frozen	in	time	when	nearby	Mount	Vesuvius	erupted	in	79AD	and	buried	           to admire the famous New Castle, the Umberto
                  the entire area under a layer of hot ash. Comparatively recent excavations have         I Gallery, the San Carlo Opera House and the
                  revealed mummified remains of the inhabitants and their lifestyle as they were          Plebiscite	Square.	
                  over	2,000	years	ago	before	a	visit	to	the	mighty	volcano.	
                                                                                                          Day 8: SORRENTO TO UK
                  Day 5: SORRENTO                                                                         Transfer to Rome airport for your return flight to
                  Take time to wander through the old cobbled streets of the historic centre, enjoy       the UK.
                  shopping along the main street, Corso Italia, or simply stroll down to the picture-
                  sque	harbours	of	Marina	Grande	and	Marina	Piccola.	Don’t	forget	to	sample	the	

                    Join us on our discovery of the wonderful Italian lakes from the majesty of          nal excursion to the pretty lakeside towns of Malcesine

                    stunning	lake	Maggiore,	the	quaint	Lake	Orta	,	the	dramatic	Como	with	steep	         and Limone is furthermore available. Malcesine offers
                    wooded hillsides and the Mediterranean Garda surrounded by olive and citrus          an	array	of	cobble	streets	watched	over	by	the	13th	
                    groves and the delightful Lake Iseo.                                                 century castle, whilst Limone is an artists paradise with
                                                                                                         two colourful ports.
                    Day 1: UK TO LAKE MAGGIORE
                    Arrival at Milan airport , transfer to Stresa on the shores of Lake Maggiore for     Day 7: SIRMIONE AND PESCHIERA
                    a	4	night	stay	at	an	hotel	situated	in	the	centre	of	this	delightful	resort.	        Discover the southern areas of Lake Garda on this
                                                                                                         included excursion to visit the towns of Sirmione and
                    Day 2: LEISURE IN STRESA, LAKE MAGGIORE                                              Peschiera.	Uniquely	positioned	on	its	own	peninsular	
                    Enjoy	the	lakeside	promenade	in	picturesque	Stresa.	browse	in	the	delightful	        Sirmione is famous for the natural springs in this area
                    slops or watch the world go by tram one of the mow pavement cafes. Our               of the Lake. By contrast enjoy the bustling town of
                    optional excursion experiences lire jewel that is Lake Orta, known locally as        Peschiera on market day.
                    ‘Venice	without	the	Water’,	here	narrow	cobbled	streets	run	between	pastel	
                    washed houses.                                                                       Day 8: LAKE GARDA TO UK
                                                                                                         Transfer to Milan airport and departure to Uk.
                    Day 3: LAKE COMO
                    Lake Como is an area of outstanding natural beauty, with a colourful shoreline
                    punctuated by tiny pods and vibrant villages and backed by rugged mountain
                    scenery, which falls into shimmering waters. Relax as we explore some of the
                    delightful lakeside villages. An optional lake cruise with tree-time in delightful
                    Bellagio can likewise be enjoyed.

                    Day 4: AT LEISURE IN STRESA, LAKE MAGGIORE
                    Enjoy a day at leisure in Stresa or alternatively opt for an optional excursion
                    to the enchanting Borromean Islands, set in the centre of this gulf of the Lake.
                    The royal family palace on Isola Bella with its archetypal gardens, a treasure
                    trove	awaiting,	as	is	the	quaintness	at	“Fishermans	Island”.	

                    Journeying to Lake Garda. we pause on the shores of pretty lake Iseo. Iseo is
                    often overlooked next to its larger, more illustrious neighbours. A cruise over
                    the glacial waters is included as is some free time on Monte Isola - the lakes
                    very own Island. Arriving on Lake Garda we reach the Hotel in Riva del Garda
                    for	the	next	3	nights.

                    Day 6: AT LEISURE AN LAKE GARDA
                    Enjoy a day on the shores or Lake Garda where you can explore the delightful
                    alleyways and take front promenade in the centre of Rive del Garda. An optio-


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