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					                  Helpful Photography Tips
Photography is one of the most enjoyable and challenging form of art. Not only does it need
talent and skill, it also takes effort and an enormous sense of interest and love for the arts to
perfect it. Photography covers a vast variety of fields which requires a definite and distinct skill
to produce quality photos.

Learning the art of photography is not that tough anymore. You don't need to spend a lot of
cash but it only takes a camera, time, effort, and a few tips from the experts. You can't be an
expert in a flash. You have to bear in mind that everything starts from scratch and progresses as
you learn. Learning the art of photography would start from the simplest tips that will guide
you through.

Look your subject in the eye. Just like in real life, looking in the eye in taking a picture can be
very engaging. This means you have to position the camera at your subject's eye level. This will
create a personal and inviting feeling. According to renowned photographer Jeff Hutchens, one
must shoot from anywhere but your natural eye level.

Use a plain background. This is to avoid distractions and putting the focus on your subject. Plain
background highlights the beauty of the subject you are capturing. You must study your
background before you begin shooting.

Use flash outdoors. Using flash outdoors will lighten the face of your subject. What's the reason
for this? The sun's brightness can create shadows on your subject's face. Using flash will
remove the unattractive facial shadows.

Move in closer. If your subject is small, take a step closer and make sure to zoom in on your
subject. This is to fill your picture area with your subject.

Move from the middle. The middle of your picture is not a very good place for your subject.
Move your subject away from the middle to make your picture look great.

Lock the focus. This applies if your camera has auto-focus. This kind of camera focuses on
whatever it is in the center of the picture. If you want to have a great capture, you need to put
your subject away from the center and lock the focus to avoid blurred pictures.

Watch the light. You need to know that next to the subject, the most important part of a
picture is the light. It greatly affects the look of your photographs. If you don't like the lighting
on your picture, try to rearrange and move yourself or your subject.
Be a picture director. If you want to create quality photographs, be a director and stop being a
passive photographer. A good picture director selects the location, adds props, and arranges
the subjects to have an award-winning photograph.

These are just simple photography tips to help you as you start your career in photography. You
should also have the patience, creativity, and willingness to explore. If you possess all these,
you're on your way to a great artistic experience.

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