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           Contract Vendor: Virginia Correctional Enterprise (VCE)

Business cards are now to be ordered through Virginia Correctional
Enterprise at their website Orders for business
cards through VCE are not required to be re-entered into eVA.

Currently, VCE will only accept your College GE Master Card as payment
for business cards.

Once you have entered the website, click on the VCE logo at the bottom right side under
the words “Click Here for VCE Products”.

   1.     At the top of the page click on the block that states “Business Cards On-Line

          1st time users Click on “New User” to register.
          a. Use drop down menu to locate “College of William and Mary”.
          b. Create the rest of your profile information and press “submit”. Be sure to use a
               password you will remember, or write it down. VCE will verify that you are a
               state employee authorized to order on this site and should send you confirmation
               of your registration acceptance within 24 hours.

          Once you have received your acceptance email from VCE you can begin to order
          business cards.

   2.     Log on using your email address and the password you created when you registered
          above; click “submit”.

   3.     At top of page click “Card Templates”.

   4.     At the bottom of this page are two W&M templates – 992S1SI1C 204A and
          992S1SI1C 204B. Click the template you would like to use.

   5.     Enter your information as you would like it to appear on the business card.
          a. Fill in full name, title, department as you would like it listed on the card.
          b. Email – if you would like an abbreviation before your email, choose a type.
          c. Fill in email address.
          d. Fill in other contact information as required, depending on the template chosen.
          e. Choose an ink – Standard ink means flat print on card, Thermographick ink
             means raised print on card.
          f. Choose quantity – prices listed are for standard black ink. For green ink, a cost of
             $3.85 will be added to the prices listed.
          g. Choose if you would like a proof.
6.    Once all information has been entered, click “Preview”– you will be able to see what
      your card will look like. If you need to make any changes, just type over the
      information entered to the left. Then click “Preview” again and you will be able to
      see the card with your changes.

7.    If your card order is o.k. – click “Add to Cart”.

8.    You will now see the cost of your business card. You may click “continue shopping”
      to order more cards or you may click “check out” to proceed to the shipping
      information for your order.

9.    Create the shipping information for your business card. This information will be
      saved in an address book for future orders. Click “continue”.

10.   Review summary shipping information. Click “continue”.

11.   Create the billing information for your business card. This information will be saved
      in an address book for future orders. Note that your billing address must match the
      billing address for W&M on your credit card. Click “continue”.

12.   Review billing information and grand total of your order. You may edit your billing
      information, if necessary, as it must match your College charge card billing
      information. Click “continue”.

13.   Enter your credit card information; click “complete order”.

14.   Your order should be processed.


Description: Business cards provide an important service in business. They allow someone to keep in touch with someone else. You may have chatted with someone but you don't remember their name, where they work or how to get in touch with them but you have their business card. That's all you need. The business card is a simple efficient way of maintaining contact with someone. This form is a way to order business cards online. One has to provide all the details one wants on the card as well as the color of the card and the quality of the paper. Business cards actually began in China around the 15th century and emerge in Europe about 200 years later. They were used as a mean of introducing people. People try to make their business cards stand out and use materials other than paper. They've known to use materials such as plastic, metal, rubber and wood. Also the colors are more exotic than simple black on white. It's important to make your card stand out. People now also send their business cards online which is happening more and more as we move into an electronic age. Business cards can also come in different shapes besides rectangles.