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					                            Ronald R. Reagan
                              40th President
   Oldest President

Administration 1981-1989

  1) Reaganomics: Reagan gave us Supply Line Economics: The theory
     that tax cuts spur personnel saving and investment, which would spur
     business and labor growth
        a. Started the rise of Wall Street
        b. Began the terms Floating and Junk Bonds
        c. Started people known as YUPPIES (Young Urban People in

  2) Social Security: Extends Social Security benefits till 2050

  3) Terrorism and Americanism: Reagan promised retribution against
     international terrorism and vowed never to negotiate with terrorists.
     Reagan found it hard to keep these promises due to the fact that more
     Americans were taken hostage in Middle eastern countries:

        a. US Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon killed 16 Americans

        b. Terrorists drove a truck carrying explosives into the US Marine
           Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon killing 240 Marines

        c. Shiite Moslems hijack a TWA Airliner, landed in Iran, killed 1
           American Citizen and 2 Filipino citizens and released others in
           24 days

        d. Palestine Liberation Front attack the Italian Oceans Liner
           Achille Lauro

        e. Palestine Terrorists open fire in Rome killing 4 Americans

        f. Pan Am Jetliner was blown up over Scotland, Killing 259

        g. USS Stark was attacked in the Persian Gulf, killing 37 crewmen
  4) Reagan Blamed 5 Countries: North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran and
     Libya for the Hijacks and killing

  5) Singled out Muammar Quaddafi and Attacked Libya, killing 1 child

  6) Sent troops to Nicaragua to counter-act the Contra (Communist)
     Rebels trying to take over the country

  7) Invaded Grenada, a country in the Caribbean regaining the country
     from Cuban Supported Personnel and Socialist Regime

  8) Reagan told the Soviet Union to ‘Tear Down this Wall” referring to
     the Berlin Wall (Separate East Germany-West Germany)

  9) Reagan was involed in the Iran-Contra Scandal:

        a. It was claimed that Reagan gave Iran Military Arms for release
           of the 60 Hostages

George H. Bush becomes President in 1990

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