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									                                                        Order form for Wedding favors

                                                                      A Tree Instead
                                                                      One tree… one lifetime of memories

   A tree will be planted in honor of each one of your guests honoring their presence at the wedding. Each guest will receive A
   Tree Instead compliment certificate in your behalf, sharing with them your happiness. The tree will serve as a testament to
   the commitment of the couple to live in harmony with the environment and as a symbol of long lasting love. We will use the
   wedding theme for the favors. When you dedicate a tree, you also help the environment.

   *** Bellow is only the way the certificate will look. Prior to order them, please e-mail us to info@atreeinstead.com with information about the
   wedding, number of favors, date and the color of your invitations, so background paper and ribbon will match those colors. Thanks ***

   This favors not only are for weeding, but also for engagement or any occasion related to the wedding. Please e-mail us of fax us the wording
   and we will prepare the design.

   Basic Information:
   Couple names: ____________________________________________________________________
   Wedding date: _____________________________________________________________________
   Number of favors: ___________________________________________________________________

                 Product                                                        Quantity      Price
                 Wedding Favors (25 min) $3.50
                 Shipping & Handling (Flat rate)                                              FREE
                 Taxes (6% for Florida residents)
   Wedding Favor design:
                 The wedding favor reads as follow:
                                  John & Ana

                       In gratitude for your presence at our
                              a tree will be planted.

                                 (guest name)
                  let our love and new beginning be the rain
                   that will nurture the tree to grow in your    ATI-WF-01

Payment information using credit card:                                     Payment information using check:
Send form:                                                                 Send form to:
         By mail to:                                                                        A Tree Instead Corp.
                   A Tree Instead Corp.                                                     1825 Ponce de Leon Blvd. # 306
                   1825 Ponce de Leon Blvd. # 306                                           Coral Gables, FL 33134
                   Coral Gables, FL 33134                                  Check payable to:
          By fax to: 1-866-884-8383                                                         A Tree Instead Corporation
          By e-mail to: fax@atreeinstead.com

Sender Information                                                         Receiver Information
Name                                                                       Name
Address                                                                    Address
City                                                                       City
State                                                                      State
Zip-code                                                                   Zip-code
Credit card number                                                         Credit card Type
Expiration date                                                            Security code

I authorize A Tree Instead Corporation to charge my credit card              ___________              ____________________________
                                                                                Initials                    Signature and date

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