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Olivia Clemens


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									   Born Olivia Louise Langdon on Nov. 27, 1845,
    in Elmira, N.Y.
   Daughter of Jervis and Olivia Langdon.
   Younger brother Charles and older adoptive
    sister Susan.
   Married Mark twain on Feb. 2, 1870
                                              (Floyd.)
   Livy went to Miss Clarissa Thurston’s Female
    Seminary. Thurston’s school specialized in
    “scientific education” and helped in the
    “formation of character.”
   12-year-old Olivia went to Elmira Female
    College to study Latin, arithmetic, English,
    grammar, U.S. History, music, and philosophy.
                                             (Floyd.)
   At 14 her health became descended
    to a point that she had to leave
   During the treatment she wanted to
    keep learning even though she could
    not attend school.
                                    (Floyd.)
   She had many tutors; she put together study
    groups, and a professor from a local college
    came for her lessons.
   Alice Hooker of Hartford (a good friend),
    wrote “Livy is so much more thoughtful,
    original, deep, than most girls and so is
    constantly making me go to the foundation
    of things.”
                                            (Floyd.)
   1862-64 Livy went to treatment centers and
    sanitariums in Elmira, Washington D.C. and
    New York.
   Livy was suffering from Pott’s disease:
    Tuberculosis of the spine.
   Which could have been caused by a fall on
    the ice.
                                           (Floyd.)
   Grew up in Elmira
   Elmira’s is located near the intersection of
    the Chemung and Erie canals
   Later it became a major railroad stop for
    industry and culture.
   Because of thriving town Jervis Langdon was
    very successful.
   He worked in timber and coal and the
    Langdon’s were pioneering families of the
                                             (Floyd.)
   Olivia’s parents worked as equals when most
    women were seen intellectually inferior.
   Olivia’s mother was also very active outside of the
    home (charities, women’s social organizations and
    support of abolition and temperance).
   Olivia’s aunt was a revolutionary itinerant teacher.
   At the time women were just getting degrees
    equal to men
   Both of Olivia’s parents were abolitionist.
                                                    (Floyd.)
   Mark Twain meets Charles Langdon on a
    cruise to the Holy Land.
   After the cruise Charles invites Twain to come
    have dinner with his family one night
   Twain ends up taking a liking to the Langdon's
    and the even go to a dickens performance
                            (Illinois Historical Digitization Projects)
   Mark Twain goes out west for about a year and
    when he comes back within a few days he and
    Olivia are engaged.
   At first the Langdons do not want Olivia to
    marry him but Charles backs him and he is
    very hard to resist
                            (Illinois Historical Digitization Projects)
   Olivia’s intellectual upbringing and forward
    thinking would influence Mark Twain’s views.
   Mark Twain wrote “I take much pride in her
    brains as I do in her beauty, and as much
    pride in her happy and equable disposition as
    I do in her brains.”
   She was his editor for many of his books.
                                              (Floyd.)
   When Twain marries into the Langdon family
    he becomes rich.
   His wedding gift from his father-in-law is a
    fully furnished house with a coachman who’s
    uniform cost more then anything Twain
   The house was in buffalo New York but Twain
    wanted to live in the suburbs
                            (Illinois Historical Digitization Projects)
   In the first half of there marriage there house
    became an infirmary because many people in
    the family got sick and died in there.
   They wanted a fresh start so they moved to
    Nook farm
                              (Illinois Historical Digitization Projects)
   Nook Farm was a very cozy community where
    you could go in and out of your neighbors
    house with having to ask.
   It was a very big literary community with
    many famous authors living there.
   They moved out of Nook farm in 1896 because
    there daughter died in the house and they
    could no longer stand to live there.
                           (Illinois Historical Digitization Projects)
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