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					                                                 Title: Budget Input
                                             Scenario : Management Accounting
                                             Process : Administration of Research Grants

Budget Input                                                                        GM_CREATE_

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Perform this procedure when there is a requirement to input a budget for a simple grant.
                                 Business Process Description Overview
This transaction allows the addition of a budget to a grant. Budgets are the basis of availability control and are
held at sponsored class level.
A simple grant is defined as one which has only cost centre and has no overheads.

              Input - Required Fields                                     Field Value/Comments
Process                                                   The budget process

Grant                                                     The number of the grant to which the budget is to be

Document Type                                             The budget document type

Budget Version                                            The budget version

Reason Code                                               The reason for entering the budget

                  Output - Results                                               Comments
A budget has been added to a grant                        Xxxx

Tips and Tricks
A budget can only be added to a grant which has an award status.
      Use this procedure to input a simple grant budget.

      Perform this procedure when there is a requirement to input a simple grant budget.

         A grant must exist with the status “award”

Menu Path
      Use the following menu path(s) to begin this transaction:
           Accounting      Public Sector Management         Grants Management       Budgeting
      Entry Documents       Create Budget Document

Transaction Code

Helpful Hints
         xxx
         xxx
Procedure1.   You have completed this transaction.

     You have added a budget to a grant.


Description: This is an example of budget. This document is useful for conducting budget.