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89 WEC Noticeboard - AUGUST 2010 by xumiaomaio

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                                                                        AUGUST 2010
                                                            (next Noticeboard due out Friday 6TH August 2010)


So another month has been and gone – and apologies for such a late Noticeboard!!! This month has been beyond hectic
at work and really the last thing I was thinking about was going on a computer when I got home – and well time just
swept past me.
                                                                                                                                       Public Notices/Events ....................................................... 1-5
So I know I mentioned last month about HATING winter, and well I am moaning again – I know I can’t do anything about                   Tips On Improving Suppleness Under Saddle ..................... 5
it, yet still it annoys me!! This, I would have to safely say is the worst winter I have known!! Our property looks terrible and       For Sale .......................................................................... 6-14
I hate looking at it in daylight!! The other day I was walking through a particularly muddy patch and it sucked my boot off,           W A N T E D ...................................................................... 14
I hopped forward landing particularly hard on my remaining booted foot only for that to get sucked off and then plonking               Service Directory........................................................... 15-16
me on my butt in the mud, all this after the horses had literally galloped flat stick down the race – handbrake slide through          Services Available......................................................... 16-22
the gate into their stables!! Gravel flying, horses flying, dogs flying and me sitting on my butt in the dark in the mud!!!! I         C O M P E T I T I V E T R A I L R I D I N G:
felt like one of those Thelwell paintings!! Oh but Marbles remained upright through the whole manouver so very proud :o)               Wellington Area Trail Riding Club - What Is Ctr? ............... 23
Speaking of Marbles – he’s really growing up now – but there was a reason he wasn’t attacking all my covers – my ‘baby’                W E S T E R N:
is teething!!! His ‘tusks’ are pushing through, poor thing (hasn’t stopped him eating though!!) he wasn’t too happy about              • Showmanship Polish: Hand Position & Control .... 24-25
Glynn doing his teeth this time round either, so took a while longer, but got it done in the end. So I think he has lost all the            Introduction
teeth he’s meant to and still has a couple more to grow (I really should know that by now – note to self, google horse                 • Western Dressage: Leg Yield To Lope Depart ..... 25-26
teeth growth!). I have kept all his baby teeth – they are in a bowl in the lounge :o). Well, the countdown is now on for                    Introduction
him going away to be backed, it’s still with much trepidation – it will be weird with him gone for six odd weeks! And even
                                                                                                                                       S H O W H U N T E R:
scarier when he comes back and I have to ride him!! Thank heavens it’s Gavin doing him!! At least I know he’s going to
                                                                                                                                       • Visiting memory lane with George Morris .................... 27
come back with decent manners and behaviours!!
                                                                                                                                       • Two jumping exercises by George Morris.................... 27
The dogs are going stir-crazy – we have had to implement more ‘safety’ measures in the way of a ‘playpen’ outside the
dog door – as both Finn and Max have a tendency to scarper in 3 secs flat – both for different reasons – Max is fixated
                                                                                                                                       • Exercise For Better Cross Country Control.................. 28
on the rabbits – we have two living around the house area – one in the garden block and one in the barn (and much to
Bruce’s disgust and horror – Max has been slowly and systematically digging out under the barn LOL) and well as for                    OTHER ARTICLES:
social bunny Finn he just wants to visit the entire neighbourhood!!! Though at the moment he has an obsession of                       Married With Horses: The Write Way................................. 29
jumping up to the top of the hay bales and sitting up there???? Not sure why – but then again with Finn I guess there                  Understanding Horse Personalities, Part 2: ..........................
doesn’t have to be reasonable logical justification?? And then there is Hunter – the biggest and most insanest of the                        How To Train, Reward Mixed Type...................... 30-31
bunch – he has decided that the cold just isn’t for him! He goes outside for the briefest of moments (to do his business               Developing A Dressage Canter.......................................... 31
and that’s about it) and then rushes back into the bedroom and burrows under the blankets – or if the fire is on lays about            Stretching For Good Riding Posture .................................. 32
10cm from the fire door!!! He is such a wimp, goes around puddles, avoids mud and rain – but goes totally insane if you                Stretching For Good Posture – The Psoas Muscle............ 32
mention “ball” to him, he knows where we stash all the “good” toys, one of which is on a shelf in the stables (one of those            Lunging Your Horse....................................................... 33-35
great ball launcher types) anyway if you ignore him he gets more and more frantic until he’s making these awful whining                Balance, Feel & Rhythm..................................................... 36
noises :o) in the end if I don’t have enough daylight to throw ball, I just give him the ball and he runs around the stables           Your Horse's Back .............................................................. 36
throwing it in the air and launching after it (again being careful not to go out in the cold/rain).                                    Developing A Full, Round Neck..................................... 37-38
                                                                                                                                       Ask The Experts: Returning A Broodmare To Work .......... 38
Okay that’s it from me – boring month aye – grrr winter :o) countdown for daylight savings now though 46 sleeps!! (and
                                                                                                                                       Da Vinci's Horse ............................................................ 39-40
then for sleeps for Santa 135) – and as much as I grumble about the weather (I am definitely of the mind that it can
                                                                                                                                       Stretchy Circle Vs. Überstreichen ...................................... 40
NEVER, EVER be too hot (I lived in Dubbo, Australia for a while and loved it!!)) Spring is just around the corner – our
                                                                                                                                       31 Random Facts About Horses ........................................ 41
trees are starting to bud again and it’s light until 5.30pm, so surely the grass growth isn’t far behind that. On that note I’ll
                                                                                                                                       5 Minutes To Improve Your Riding: Head Position ............ 42
sign off otherwise it will be yet another day before I send this out to everyone :o) - take care and happy riding.
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                                                          PUBLIC NOTICES/EVENTS
             This is a urgent notice.                             Saturday 14th August from noon - $10 per horse -                     CALL ALL THOSE INTERESTED IN
                                                                  dressage arenas up, ride indoors. Includes the use
           FROM 1ST AUGUST 2010,                                                                                                       BECOMING A SHOW HUNTER JUDGE
                                                                  of a yard and you can ride on our forest trail as well
    Everyone using Foxton Race Track must                         as all three arenas.                                                 HI all, I am trying to get together a clinic for people
   Now use the Back entrance to enter & leave                                                                                          who may be interested in becoming Showhunter
                                                       Snaffles Cafe will be open from 8am till 4pm - please
  the course. This is due to new OSH Rules of                                                                                          judges. We are in dire need to judges in the lower
                                                       pay for your practice day in the cafe.
     keeping the Front Gate lock at all time,          "Onslow Pony Club registration day for the 2010/11                              north island and its becoming harder and harder to
                                                       season is being held Sunday 22 August from 1.00pm                               cover all the shows. I am now on the Judges’
   Equine Research Centre Website until 2.00pm at the Ohariu Valley Hall. We welcome                                                   Advisory Committee and really need to get people
                      new members and existing members to join our pony                               into the sport for the lower north island. There may
<,,p club for a season of quality riding instruction and                             be parents or parents of children who no longer do
                    ort=80,proto=http>                 friendly competition."                                                          Showhunter or just interested parties who are
                                                                                                                                       interested in the sport who would like to become pre-
Want to find out about the exciting equine research                            WAIKANAE PONY CLUB                                      candidate judges or people who used to judge and
being carried out in New Zealand? Visit the new ERC                          Will be holding their Enrolment Day                       may want to get back into it. I would like to get this
website, aimed at everyone with an interest in                              for the 2010/2011 Pony Club Season                         underway asap so that anyone interested would have
horses. Bookmark the site to check on latest                                                                                           the opportunity this season to sit in with the national
updates, or email Catherine Nicholson for more
                                                                                 Thurs 26th August 2010
                                                                                  Time 5pm – 6.30pm                                    judges we do have (very few).
                                                                     At The Clubrooms, Waikanae Park, Park Avenue,                         Contact Gail Goodwin
                  Tielcey Park                                                        WAIKANAE
                                                                     All past members and new members welcome                                     CLOSURE OF XC COURSE AT
              Saturday 14th August                                                                                                                 SOLWAY SHOWGROUNDS
             - CHANGE OF TIME –                                       URGENT CHANGE OF START TIME!!                                    At the recent AGM of the North Wairarapa Pony
due to a Saddle Up show in the morning, we have                               Horowhenua Manawatu MGA                                  Club, it was decided to close the cross country
changed the practice day to be from noon onwards.                                         29th August                                  course at Solway (Masterton A&P Showgrounds) for
You may not ride before this time as they will be                                 At Foxton race course                                any use other than organised pony club events
competing on the arenas.                                              The new start time for both shows will be 10am.                  authorised by the NWPC Committee. This decision
                                                                                                                                       was made based on increasing incidence of improper
WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                                       AUGUST 2010                                                                                                 PAGE 1 OF 42
use, damage and safety concerns. Anyone found        $200/week to train them 5 times a week (includes                  holiday programmes and adult social
using the cross country obstacles on any part of the private paddock, hard feed, hay, training) or                     programmes
course other than at an authorised event, training day
                                                     $150/week to train them three days a week (includes          •    Group lessons: $40 pp per lesson (50 min)
or rally may face being banned from events run by    the same).                                                        Private lessons: $50 per lesson (50 minutes)
North Wairarapa Pony Club.                           Our trainer is our rider - Jo Chaney is extremely            •    Experienced and patient instructors
We would appreciate your support in ensuring experienced in breaking in and bringing on young                     •    Places are limited
compliance with this decision.                       horses, as well as competing in dressage (she is             •    Contact us for more information phone during
For any queries, please contact me at (06) 372-3817. competing at Level 5 at the moment) or eventing (to               office hours 06 353 3533
                                                     Novice). To enquire contact Margo by phone on 06
       Meg Wheatstone, District Comissioner          353 3533 or email her at
                                                                                                                              SARAH LINTON EBW
            North Wairarapa Pony Club                                                                                    EQUINE THERAPIES & SADDLE FITTING
                                                                                                                                 Waituna Road, RD 2, Pahiatua
          BREAKING IN SPECIAL                                                                    Phone: 06 3766780 or 021 703290
Valley View is offering a Breaking in Special for all     •      aimed at horse-owners, farriers, trimmers and                   Website:
young horses booked for breaking in and early                    vets. To celebrate the launch of the new site,                        DATES COMING UP:
Mileage. From the 1st June until the 30th August                 we’re offering 10% discount on everything in       Sunday 15th August – Wellington & Kapiti Coast
2010. Get your young Horse started under saddle                  stock for a very limited time for online orders.   (1pm – 4pm booked with Levin Trekking Club demo)
now,so you can have them ready to bring out in the               To get the discount use the coupon code            Monday 16th August – Wellington & Kapiti Coast
spring. Let your Horse reach it's full potential and             “farriershopdotcom” when checking out – before Wednesday 18th August – Bomac Lecture at Awapuni
contact us today for more information!!!!!                          st
                                                                 31 May 2010.                                       Racecourse, Palmerston North
      CONTACT:                •      Hoofcare and anatomy Books                         Friday 20th August – Manawatu
                                                          •      Kevin Bacon’s Hoof Range                           Saturday 21st August – Manawatu
Instructor: Karen Britton,                                •      Horseshoes – (including the new Roller Lites)      Sunday 22nd August – Wairarapa
Equine Behaviour Solutions                                                                                          Monday 23rd August – Wairarapa
                                                          •      Old Mac’s Hoof Boots
•    Services: Equine education and rider coaching;                                                                 Friday 27th August – Hawkes Bay
                                                          •      White Lightning for seedy toe
     foundation training ('starting'/'breaking in') and                                                             Saturday 28th August - Hawkes Bay
                                                          •      Hoof Treatments and Dressings
     remedial work ('re-training'), young horse
     handling and float training.                         •      Farrier Tools and Equipment Please feel free to                            Face book
                                                                 forward this Email on to anybody you think   
•    Dressage, early jump training and confidence
                                                                 might be interested or make use of the                              Equine-Therapies-Saddle-
     building for horse and rider. Challenging and
                                                                 discount.                                                      Fitting/104780892896878?v=wall
     conflict behaviours addressed, and positive
     horse-rider relationships established.                  SELL YOUR HORSE FASTER AND FOR MORE
                                                                                    MONEY…                                      CLAREVILLE SADDLERY
•    Waikato area                                                                                                        
•              when you learn the secrets from horse selling experts
                                                                          from throughout the world.                    Specials -Winter Combo’s to Winter Jackets.
•    Phone: 07 883 8641 or 027 233 1408                   Just Released by New Zealand company Thathorse, A lot of items are 50% off. New items added daily.
                                                           The Essential Guide to Selling Your Horse is a world WELLINGTON FEED & SADDLERY
                                                           first e-Book with over 120 pages of practical, easy to
PROBLEM-FIXING                                                                                                      •     has a large supply of horse feeds in stock
                                                          read advice. Learn everything from how to write great
Racehorse and sporthorse troubleshooter, Andrew                                                                           including SPEEDIBEET – ready in 10 minutes
                                                             adverts, how to present your horse in its best light,
Froggatt, is available to help you with all problems                                                                      ($43.50) and FIBREBEET ($45.50), and we
                                                           getting the money you deserve and making sure you
ranging from float-loading, ground manners,                                                                               provide a free delivery service.
                                                           find the perfect home. Perfect if you’re selling for the
problems under saddle including bucking, rearing,                                                                   •     We also have Zilco, Horze, and Ranfurly Rugs
                                                                          first time or you are a pro!.
nappiness, all racehorse problems including gates,                                                                        with payment plans available.
                                                                    Download it right now for $US24.95 at
uncompetitiveness, etc. He can come to you or send                                                                  •     Check the website for our other products or we
your horse to us. Ring 06 364 3064.                                                                                       welcome visitors to our shop at 60 Rifle Range                                 TIELCEY PARK LESSONS                                            Road, Ohariu Valley, Wellington or phone us on
                                                          •      Riding Lessons are now available in the                  04 477 6784,
TIELCEY PARK OFFERS:                                             afternoons each weekday and on Saturdays           •
If your horse/pony needs a tune-up or some                       from 10am. All levels and ages welcome -
schooling to bring them into work for our winter series          Small groups & private lessons. Ponies and
- let us do it for you. We have two options -                    horses available or use your own School

                                                              SHOW DETAILS
HOROWHENUA MANAWATU MOUNTED GAMES                                          Ribbons 1st – 4th                     •  Combination must not have competed in any
             WINTER SHOW SERIES                                      Champion & Reserve Sash’s”                      Open Show classes at an A&P Show or Sports
                                                                       SUPREME CHAMPIONS                             Day.
                                                                          Sashes & $50 Prize                     • To be ridden in a snaffle bit only.
                    29th August                           •    Pleasure Mount sponsored by Jo Lochhead           • Jacket & Plaiting
                                                          •    Show Hack sponsored by Te Awahou Racing           •    This class is for the schooled pleasure Hack
 Lead rein riders must have never ridden off lead at
                                                          •    Show Pony sponsored by Rachal Te Awe Awe              and rider wishing to compete in a flat ring but
 any show eg : A&P, Sports Day, Gymkhana etc.
                                                               Ray White Real Estate TM                              for one reason or another is unsuitable for show
  RED RING FIRST YEAR RIDDEN SEASON OFF                   •    C K Realty Limited Licenced (REAA 2008)               ring ie conformation/breed issue. The rider will
        LEAD 10 YEARS & UNDER ****                                                                                   be expected to complete a work out. This is an
                STOCKMANS                                 Morning                                                    opportunity to present your Hack and yourself in
             RIBBONS 1ST TO 4TH                           •    Inhand Pony, Show hack, Pleasure hack,                a disciplined class.
                                                               Pleasure, Lead rein pleasure pony, Pleasure
GAMES:8 & under, 9 to 12 years, 13 to 17 years 18
                                                               pony rider 10 yrs & under, Pleasure pony rider    Afternoon
     & Over (6 games for each category)
                                                               over 11 yrs & over                                FARMLANDS SHEPHERD MOUNT
                                                          •    Pleasure hack                                     Classic New Zealand Farm Shepherd Pony & Hack.
            MOUTOA PONY CLUB                              •    Show Pony Lead rein show pony, Saddle             Riders will be asked to carry out Farming type tasks
              SPRING SHOW                                      hunter pony, Show pony, First year ridden pony    which may include opening and closing gates, riding
              FOXTON RACE COURSE                          •    Show Hack - Show hack Saddle hunter hack,         with livestock, carrying and/or dragging items, cutting
        Saturday 4th September 2010                            Pleasure show hack                                INHAND UNREGISTERED MINATURE &
                                                                                                                 SHETLAND PONY FUN RING
     INHAND CLASSES          RIDDEN CLASSES               PLEASURE SHOW HACK                                      Show Hunter Practice Rounds

WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                           AUGUST 2010                                                                 PAGE 2 OF 42
           ONSLOW PONY CLUB                                     HOROWHENUA/MANAWATU                                   accepted without payment. Make cheques
                                                               MOUNTED GAMES ASSOCIATION                              payable to Horowhenua Dressage Group.
            12 & Under Gymkhana,
            Saturday, Sept 4th 2010
               Commencing 9.30am
                                                               ‘LOUD SHIRT DAY’                                Ground/Administration Levy $15 first horse, $5 per
                                                                                                               horse thereafter per rider. Horowhenua/Wellington
          at OPC Grounds, Bryant’s Farm
                                                                    Individuals COMPETITION
                                                                                                               members $5 discount. All fees payable with entry.
                                                              18TH AND 19TH SEPTEMBER 2009                     Include SAE for draw.
             8 and under 9 – 10 years
                                                                        Foxton Race Course
              11 – 12 years Lead rein                                     State Highway 1, Foxton                        LEVIN PONY SPORTS DAY
       Care & Attention, Best Pony Club Pony             LOUD SHIRT COMPULSORY AS UNIFORM, prizes
                                                                                                                              OCTOBER 24TH
           Best Combination, Best Rider                                                                                             (labour weekend)
                                                              will be awarded for these categories
              Games for all groups:                                                                                    Flat classes show jumping show hunter
                                                                  Loudest Shirt    Most Original
        1) Flag Race 2) Walk, Trot & lead                                                                                       games for all ages groups
                                                                       PAIRS COMPETITION                           This will replace the gymkhana which will now be
             SHOW HUNTER- STYLE
                                                                  Mini class; (12 years and under.)                                 held in April 2011
               Poles on the ground
                                                              Open class; open to all riders of any level.               programme to be out in a few weeks
        Max 30cms Max 60cms Max 80cms
                                                                 Junior class; (17 years and under.)
        SHOW JUMPING – OPTIMUM TIME                           Veterans (over 25-33yrs) Masters 34yrs +                      Wairarapa Scrap Metals Ltd
                  Poles on the ground
        Max 30cms Max 60cms Max 80cms                              WAIKANAE PONY CLUB                                     WAIRARAPA DRESSAGE
    A consolation event will be held if required                         COMING DATES:                                       SPRING SERIES
•    Registration Fee $30 per rider (limited to 15 per                                                                         Solway Showground,
     class)                                                 x/c and SJ practice Day 5th September 2010
                                                            Spring Show             19th September 2010            17th October   2010 & 12th December 2010
•    Entries on the day will incur a $10 surcharge on
                                                              Spring ODT             17th October 2010         •      Entry Fee
     top of the $30 entry fee, and must be made by
                                                              Sports Day             23rd January 2011         •      Class 1 – 8          $10 - Ribbons only
     8.30 am to the show secretary. Full form must
                                                                Autumn ODT             17th April 2011         •      Class 9 – 21         $15
     be completed.
•    Ribbons will be awarded from 1st to 4th                                                                   •      Prize Money         $30, $25, $20, $15.
•    Entries Close 5pm Thursday 2nd September               PALMERSTON NORTH PONY CLUB                         •      Ground Levy $5 per horse
•    One height per person for jumping rounds.                        MINI SHOW                                •      Admin Levy $10 per rider
•    NZPCA Rules apply to EVERYONE                              18th September, 2010 –                         •      Stables/covered yards $15, Yards $10
•    Pony Club uniform or tidy attire is accepted (No              afternoon show jumping practise             •      NOTE: ALL FEES MUST ACCOMPANY
     Jackets or plaiting required)                                 19th of September, 2010 –                          ENTRIES.
•    No whips or spurs in games                                     flat and showjumping classes               •      NB: Local rider’s entries only accepted when
•    Riders must be ages 12 years and under from 1                      Manfield Park, Feilding                       Rider Assistance Form completed and returned
     September 2010                                      All showjumping will be held on the surfaced arenas          - available from Ann Webster
•    No Dogs allowed on grounds NO                                        (including indoors)                         (
     EXCEPTIONS                                                        Programmes out August.                  •      Send entries and cheques made payable to
•    Onslow Pony Club Committee reserves the                   Overnight horse accomodation available                 Wairarapa Dressage to Ann Webster, 344
     right to alter any class at any time                     Contact: Sharon Sara                Kahutara Road, RD 1, Featherston, 5771.
•    Cancellations (if wet) will be on 2ZB from 7am                                                            •      CONDITIONS:
     or ph Kathy 477-1120                                                                                      •      ESNZ rules apply.
•    Sausage Sizzle, soft drinks and snacks will be        HOROWHENUA DRESSAGE GROUP                           •      Wairarapa Dressage committee reserves the
     available from 10am                                       SPRING TOURNAMENT                                      right to alter or cancel the program or prize
                                                                      FOXTON RACECOURSE                               money within ESNZ rules.
    PALMERSTON NORTH MINI SHOW                                        19th September 2010                      •      SAE for draw. No email draws. No email entries
      Sunday 19th September, 2010                            Entries close on Friday 3rd September 2010               accepted.
                Manfield Park, Feilding                            Ungraded and Graded classes:                •      Horses restricted to 3 classes per day.
            Flat and showjumping classes.                                                                      •      No dogs allowed on Solway showground.
     Showjumping to be held on surfaced arena's.         Conditions:                                           •      All horses must wear ESNZ numbers.
    Saturday 18th 1pm - 6pm practise showjumping         1. All classes run under ESNZ rules. The              •      Training/Unregistered riders will be provided
            Programmes out early August                      organising committee disclaims all liability in          with back numbers to be worn at all times -
            Contact:                     accordance with article 160 ESNZ general rule.           collect from office on arrival at grounds.
                                                         2. Entries must be made on official ESNZ              •      Unregistered entry form available to download
                                                             membership forms and include current horse               from:
       ‘LOUD SHIRT DAY’                                      registration and membership numbers.              •      POINTS PRIZE CHAMPIONSHIP for levels 1 –
        OPEN COLOURED SHOW                               3. Ungraded Training classes entries to be                   8 for registered classes 9 -21. Riders must
     SUNDAY 19TH SEPTEMBER 2010                              made on form available on dressagenz website             compete at both days to eligible.
                 8.30AM START                                or contact Kaye as below. Open to non-
              At Foxton Racecourse                           registered and registered training horses.
             ENTRIES ON THE DAY                              Riders in all Categories eligible.
    A FLAT FEE OF $20.00 COVERS ALL YOUR                 4. The committee reserves the right to alter prize
     CLASSES PLUS $4.00 GROUND LEVY.                         money in accordance with Article 460.
                                                         5. Entries may be restricted to their grade
                 CATEGORIES:                                 according to class numbers.
      Roans & Greys                 Palominos
                                                         6. Late entries if accepted will incur a 50%
     Blacks & Browns                Chestnuts                surcharge. Late entries will go on a waiting list
       Appaloosas               Buckskins, Duns              and if accepted will not be entitled to refunds.
                              Cremellos Chocolates       7. Refunds less 20% upon written request with
                                 Pintos & Paints             Dr’s/Vet Certificate within 7 days of Tournament
          ALL CLASSES HAVE A BEST                            subject to committee discretion, provided
               MANE & TAIL CLASS                             Secretary notified by 7pm the night before.
     RIDDEN CLASSES IN BOTH WESTERN &                    8. Entries close Friday 3rd September with K.
             PLEASURE CATEGORIES                             Emeny, 136 Florida Road, R.D. 20, Levin.
        Ridden classes follow halter classes                 Phone 06 368 8095 before 9 pm. For enquiries
      ALL classes have a Champion & Reserve                  email No entry
          Also Supreme Champion Exhibit
WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                          AUGUST 2010                                                                PAGE 3 OF 42
 "Getting your Horse Ready for the Season"                    For those who may wish to book Sarah for a                  the town of Viana Alentejo east of Lisbon,
                                                          personal consultation, she will be giving out discount          where she trains dressage horses for
         Saturday August 21st,                                                 vouchers.                                  Portugese and overseas clients and gives
                   10am - 2pm.                            Bookings are essential. Contact Rae on 06-3640082               regular riding tuition, as well as travelling
This will be all about feeding and the fitness required                                                                   internationally to clients in Australia, USA,
to have your horse prepared for the coming season.                                                                        Philippines, Denmark, Holland and New
•    An Informal Q & A day at Action Feeds.                   VANESSA WAY - Training Clinics                              Zealand.
•                                                                             Manawatu Area
     Everyone is invited, the BBQ will be going and                                                                •      Lessons will be held at the Thompson’s Horse
     drinks served.                                                 August Clinic 28th and 29th                           Centre and are usually all on an individual basis
•    Danise Johnson from Dunstan Horse Feeds                                2 days every month                            and last for about 45 minutes.
     and Sarah Jocelyn will be at the shop to answer                    If interested please email                 •      For more information and if you like to book a
     questions like:                                                                             space please email
•    *What to feed my horse now that hes is coming                                                               or phone
     back into work?                                            JILL URLICH JUMPING CLINIC                         •      021 434 311
•    *How much work does my horse need before I                         23/24 August                                            Equinology INC® presents…
     can go to a competition?                                         at Thompsons Horse Centre
•    *Is it ok to just ride 3 times a week?                                                                             SADDLE FITTING COURSE for Equine Body
•    *How do I increase energy when he is already                      27/28/29 September.                              Workers and MassageTherapists, Trainers,
     fat?                                                             (During the school holidays)                     Owners and Health CarePractitioners with Dr.
•    *How do I put weight on him without him getting                 The arena at 333 Grays Road.                                    Ridgway, DVM
     fizzy?                                                              Yvonne van den Berg                                     December 16-19, 2010
•    *How do I know my horse needs electrolytes?                Tel (04) 565 3936 Mobile 021 714958                                   8am to 5pm. 4 days.
•    *I am feeding him so much but he is still                                             Course size limited to ensure supervised attention
•    Denise ia a Equine Feed Specialist who has                        Trisha Wren                                    Where: Only Fools and Horses, Auckland, New
     worked in England, Africa & Australia.                      CONNECTED RIDING CLINIC
•    Denise is also a rider who has Show Jumped to                                                                    Cost: $1295, Includes course manual and class
                                                                      to be held at the Manawatu RDA, Feilding
     Grand Prix and currently hunting in the Bay of                                                                                        supplies
     Plenty area.
                                                               Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 August                         If you are reading this you are already know that
                                                      Learn how to really Connect with your horse, on the           saddle fit is a key component to the well being and
Sarah Jocelyn is a full time rider, won the NZ Young ground and in the saddle, taking your horsemanship            improved performance of your horse. You also know
Rider of the Year Series, who Show Jumped at          and performance to new levels.                                lithat you need a further understanding on what to
Grand Prix and has been a competitive Eventer up to                                                                 look for when fitting saddles. The tuition alone will
2* Level. Sarah now focusses on producing young       •    Improving your Connection
                                                                                                                                         pay for itself.
horses for the National & International Market so has •    through communication, body awareness,
a lot of Knowledge to offer.                               correct posture, and releasing tension and                  EQUINE ANATOMY DISCOVERY WORKSHOP
                                                           bracing patterns                                                     (Clay Class & Hands On)
A Prize of Dunstan Horse Feed to the value of $200 •       help your horse become more attentive and                               January 10-18, 2011
will be drawn at 1:30pm on the day.                        consistent, softer, less spooky and more                                    in Feilding, NZ
You must be present to WIN!!                               engaged.                                                with Debranne Pattillo Master Equine Body Worker®
Visit us at Action Feeds. Unit 2, 122C Whakatiki St,  •    Trisha uses primarily Connected Riding (Peggy            Tuition: $1,395.00: includes model rental and class
Upper Hutt or have a look at our website for more          Cummings) and Connected Riding Groundwork                            supplies. Full course details:                                 method to help you and your horse as well as  
                                                           Tteam and Ttouch, and common sense
                                                                                                                        EQUINE BODY WORKER® CERTIFICATION
  TONI GRAY SHOWJUMPING CLINICS:                           approach she learned from her time with Mark
                                                                                                                                  th             nd
        * Get prepared for the upcoming season             Rashid. She specializes in helping you connect                      25 March to 2 April 2011
         * Improve balance, control and rhythm             with your horse.                                         Join us for our signature certification course which
        * Learn to have fun with your SJ training     •    Whatever your discipline, if you are looking for          offers a unique blend of sports mas-sage, MFR ,
             * Find out your horses potential              a trainer or instructor who works with both you               stretching, and point therapy. The course
                                                           and your horse with empathy, softness and                   emphasizes proper and safe tech-niques; all
                Saturday 14th August                       understanding, Trisha can help.                         anatomically referenced. It covers assessment of the
      Saturday 28 & Sunday 29th August                •    Riders - $245.00 per person for the two day                 entire horse including con-formation and gait
                                                           course (includes venue hire fee)                         evaluation and introduces saddle fit and dentistry.
         Venue: 333 Grays Road, Pauatahanui           •    As Trisha holds a more personal clinic, there is               Location: Manawatu Riding for Disabled,
         $35 per horse per day + $10 arena fee             a limited number of riding spaces available and                      Feilding,Tuition: $1995USD.
           To enquire or book contact Toni on              this course is again already ½ full.                      All courses are hands on formats supported with or 233 1237 evenings       •    For more information, please visit Trisha’s                              classroom activities.
                                                           website at                                    NZ Contact: Sarah Linton, EBW®
     Equine Therapies and Saddle Fitting presents     •    To book your place or for more details please            Waituna Road, RD 2, Pahiatua Phone: 06 3766780
        FREE SADDLE FITTING DEMO                      •    contact : Jane Harris: Ph: 06 3285 764         
 Sunday 15th August 2010 1.30pm sharp
                                                                       Dressage Lessons With
                 Waitohu Quarry
           (353 Waitohu Valley Rd Otaki)
                                                                       NADINE FRANÇOIS
                                                                    Nadine Francois will be back in
Please bring a seat as duration in vicinity of 2 hours                Wellington to teach on the
    Entry by gold coin donation (for Levin RDA)                     26th - 29th October 2010.
This is not a personal saddle fitting but an informative •     Nadine is one of the few top-level dressage
 demo on how we can make our horsescomfortable                 instructors who has kept alive the legacy of the
  and happy. Feel free to bring along saddles you              late Master Nuno Oliveira.
                 would like looked at.                   •     After moving to Portugal to live and dedicate all
                                                               her time to the study of classical dressage with
                                                               the Master, she now operates her own stable in

WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                            AUGUST 2010                                                                   PAGE 4 OF 42
                                                             TRAINING DAYS
             ALI MCWATTERS                               Dressage and Jumping Training Days2010                           placed under or around trees
          SHOW JUMPING CLINICS                                    Roe St (off Tararua Rd), Levin             •             Inquiries: Lorraine Adair (04) 293 7267 or
                                                            9.00 AM START $15.00 per entry per day                        Wendy Gibson (04) 293 7933
All levels catered for Improve your Balance, Rhythm &                      ST        TH
     Position Working on grids, courses & jump offs                    21 AUG 25 SEPT                        •             Please note: Waikanae Pony Club Spring Show
                         Sundays                                   Ring A 50, 60 & 70 cm jumps                            - 19th September 2010 (Program out soon)
                th            th                                    Ring B 80, 90 and 1m jumps                             SOLWAY PONY CLUB PRACTICE DAYS
             08 August 12 September                                     Kindy 30 cm jumps
     $40 + $10 arena fee 333 Grays rd Pauatahanui                                                                         Saturday 25 September - 1.00pm - 4.00pm
                                                                   Combined dressage and jumping scores
       Contact: Ali 021 120 1578 or 04 526 4699                  st    th                                                 Sunday 26 September - 10.00am - 3.00pm
                       with 1 – 4 placing's at the end of the day.
                                                                 Practice rounds are available in both rings                      SOLWAY SHOWGROUNDS
                                                                 Postponement notice will be on website by                     $20.00 per mount (incl. A&P levy)
                                                                         7.30am on the day.                  •            Open to anyone to come and make use of our
              Hawkes' Bay Equestrian Park.                                           facilities.
               10:0am to 2:00pm both days             -Entries must be received by the wednesday prior to •               FLAGGED X country fences, show jumps and
                                                       each training day. Entries taken on the day incur a                dressage arenas will be available for schooling.
                   15th August 2010                                   $5.00 late fee per horse               •            RIDERS UNDER 18 YEARS MUST HAVE AN
 SJ Practice Day - starting heights approx 65cm and     All enquiries email:                      ADULT WITH THEM!!!
     getting higher as the day and need progresses.                                                          •            Participation is at your own risk.
                   29th August 2010                              WAIKANAE PONY CLUB, INC,                    •            No dogs allowed.
SJ/XC Practice Day- One practise SJ arena open and X-COUNTRY/SHOWJUMPING PRACTICE DAY •                                   Correct safety helmets must be worn
             XC fences will be flagged for use                            At Waikanae Park
                                                                                                             •            ALL ages and abilities WELCOME.
                                                               Sunday 5th September 2010                     •            As this is a practice fun day, we would like to ask
                                                            Cancelled if wet! Cancellations Beach FM                      everyone to be thoughtful and courteous.
                    XC TRAINING DAYS
Queen Elizabeth Park, McKays Crossing, Paekakariki Payment $20 per horse/pony - Entries on the day •                      More information:
                                                                     TIME: 10:30am – 2:00pm                  •            If weather doubtful, contact Christine
        22nd August 26th September                                                                                        0272260447.
                  10.00 am to 2.00 pm                                     CROSS COUNTRY
                                                                   (flagged jumps only to be jumped)                •     P.S. If your horse is for sale and you want to
$20 first horse, $15 additional $5 non jumping horses
                                                                                                                          advertise it -tie a yellow ribbon to the tail!!
•    A selection of Pre-training Level 2                    Course set Introductory: 10:30am – 12:15pm sharp
•    through to Novice fences will be flagged.                   Introductory pony/horse..max height 65cm              Dutch Horses Unlimited presents:
•    The water jump will also be filled!                                           to follow                                FUN * jumping on the beach* FUN
•    Please only jump flagged fences this is for your         Pre-training and Training: 12:30pm – 2:00pm       This is a lovely way to introduce your horse to
     safety,                                                     Pre-training pony/horse. max height 80cm       jumping, or for the person who needs her confidence
                                                                   Training pony/horse...max height 95cm        build up or learning to jump or getting back into
•    anyone caught jumping unflagged fences will be
                                                                                                                shape. Whatever the reason jumping on the beach is
     asked to leave.                                                           SHOWJUMPING                      lots of fun. We do trotting poles, cross rails, grid work,
•    Riders must wear a back protector.                             Ring 1: 10:30am - 12.30pm 60cm              lines and a little course up to 1 meter for the more
•    Riders and Spectators attend at their own risk                12.30pm – 2.00pm: 70cm or as needed          daring one. You only have to do what you feel
•    Please enter through the first gate, closest to the                                                        comfortable with. You will receive quality instruction
     yards.                                                           Ring 2: 10:30am – 2.00pm - 80cm
                                                                  to go up 10cm on the hour or as required.     from our jumping and dressage instructor nicole
•    Cancellations Phone Vanessa Brownie 027 303                                                                bours. And afterwards you can cool your horses legs
     7167 message will be on answer phone                  The following Conditions apply:                      in the ocean.
•    Please leave your dogs at home                        •     All riders & spectators enter park at own risk
•    Please note: due to increased levies as of the        •     No liability accepted by waikanae pony club     We get together twice a month on a SundayLocation:
     1st of January 2008 anyone using the grounds                                                                            tangimoana beach cost: $50.00
                                                           •     All dogs must be on a lead
     will be charged $20/horse,                                                                                                    Time: approx. 2 hours
                                                           •     No group lessons or continual repeated use of
                                                                                                                    If you are interested give us a call at 06-3248853
•    this includes non-jumping riders and training              the same jump
     days organised by outside groups                      •     Regulation hats & back protectors compulsory
         EQUINE PRACTICE GROUP                             •     All rubbish to be removed and manure/hay

                            Improving a horse's flexibility and suppleness                 forceful equipment, and whenever you apply any device that affects your
                            under saddle can be an uphill battle. Consider                 horse's carriage, adjust it so there's always a neutral, no-hurt zone at the point
                            these flatwork tips when leg-yielding and circles              where he's moving with true suppleness.
                            don't do the trick. By Karen Smith                          3. Check your own riding. A rider's stiffness, lopsidedness or tension is the
                            If your horse seems tense, try simplifying your                most common cause of the same symptoms in his horse, and the horse sure
                            training gear.                                                 can't fix himself on his own. Riding instruction can help identify trouble spots
                                                                                           in your position or technique and provide exercises to overcome them.
You've tried and tried, circled and spiralled, begged and cajoled, but your horse          Improve your "feel" for the horse's rhythms and movements by riding with
just isn't getting any suppler? Take the following measures to uncover hidden              your eyes closed in an arena or on a longe line, and learn to feel where the
stumbling blocks in your flatwork that could be slowing your progress:                     horse's body and legs are. Is he straight? Are his hips and shoulders in a
1. Investigate physical causes. A stiff horse who doesn't "soften" may be                  line? Are his strides absolutely even and rhythmic? Can you tell which legs
   protecting himself. Chronic low-level lameness or muscle soreness may not               are on the ground? As you tune in to his motions, you'll feel subtle changes
   be apparent until you start asking your horse to carry himself differently and          and be able to defuse tension and stiffness as soon as they start.
   abandon the protective carriage that relieves him and deceives you. Have             4. Abandon your schedule. There is no set timetable for overcoming stiffness
   your veterinarian perform a thorough lameness examination, including                    in horses. Age, conformation, temperament and previous training all influence
   watching you ride the horse.                                                            how long it will take. If you've eliminated physical problems as the cause, just
2. Simplify your gear. A harsh bit or complicated head-setting device can force            keep at it and celebrate whatever small victories you attain. One good circle is
   your horse into a bend or coerce him into lowering his head, but the resulting          a great start to a supple horse
   "suppleness" could be an illusion. Your horse might have adopted a different          Source:
   but equally tense and inflexible posture to escape the coercion. Try less
WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                             AUGUST 2010                                                                       PAGE 5 OF 42
                                               FOR SALE
                                            TACK & HORSE CARE
  No.    What                                                                                       Price            Contact
  1.     SHOW & DRESSAGE STOCK PINS - Unique tie pins for either ties or stock These                       
         are not what you would buy in the shops I make them personally only a few made at
         a time. If people want to view they are for slae on trade me this is and example
         Also TINY TIES for the little riders These I have in black Navy Red and White at this
         time Also have pure silk ties as well In different colours These are just a sample of
         colours. I have also a beautiful royal blue, Lavender, turquoise, cerise, Black, navy,
         red ,white, and other different ties for sale. Prices range from 10 to 15 dollars a tie.
  2.     Selection of Tweed riding jackets, childs and small ladies                                 From 50.00       06 3678474 or
  3.     SHOW & DRESSAGE STOCK PINS - Unique tie pins for either ties or stock These                        
         are not what you would buy in the shops I make them personally only a few made at
         a time. If people want to view they are for slae on trade me this is and example Also TINY TIES for
         the little riders These I have in black Navy Red and White at this time Also have pure
         silk ties as well In different colours These are just a sample of colours. I have also a
         beautiful royal blue, Lavender, turquoise, cerise, Black, navy, red ,white, and other
         different ties for sale. Prices range from 10 to 15 dollars a tie.
  4.     Green & black $$ sign X-Country Jumper Size 12                                             5.00             Text or Call Brooke 0211750280
  5.     Moores Navy Blue Jacket. Excellent condition. Size 10/12. Maroon piping around             150.00           Can email photos if required.
         collar. Dull bronze buttons. Single vent. Fully lined. Lovely jacket.                                       Pip 021 891 535

  6.     Assorted horse gear for sale rider giving up halters lead rops neck rugs boots             Make me an       Leonie 04 5279039 027 245 2070

         Item                                                                                         Cost             Contact
         BRIDLES: Sparrow, Jefferies, Kieffer etc some new, some double                               $POA             06 3678474 or
         BROOKLEA BROWBANDS - Exquisite made-to-order ribbon show browbands for                       Browbands        Bronwyn Kerr, Brooklea Browbands
         the discerning show horse. Tasteful and classy, never gaudy. I have been making              Starting $70     1144 Tuamarina Track, RD 3 Blenheim
         browbands for over 15 years. A Brooklea Browband is well made, with attention to                              7273 - Ph/Fax 03 5727 188 Ph/Txt 027
         detail and with care will last for many seasons. All my browbands are treated with                            712 0827
         Scotchgard. Lapel pins and hair bows also available. Contact me to discuss your                     
         EQUINE ENHANCEMENT BROWBANDS (from editor – these are gorgeous take a                        150.00 plus      Erin Gundesen P 021 1157031
         look at the website)                                                                         delivery
         Safe T Halter (patent pending). Sacha Renna won the Young Inventor of the Year               30.00 each +     Sacha Rennie - 434, Rangitane Rd,
         award at the recent National Fieldays for this halter! The halters are designed for use      post and         RD7, Mangaweka 4797 06 382 5555
         in the paddock, yards, with sun guards etc. They have a special quick release system         handling         027 644 0510
         which drops them cleanly off the horses head, should they caught anywhere.
         Pelham Bit (roundings and chain 5inch)                                                       35.00 021 541 774
         French Link Snaffle                                                                          20.00
         Loose Ring Snaffle                                                                           20.00
         Webbing reins (brown) $10.00                                                                 10.00 021 541 774
         Black cavesson noseband (cob, not show condition) $10.00                                     10.00
         Blue/cream/gold ribbon show browband (hack) $15.00                                           15.00
         German Silver French link snaffle bit, 5.5”, good condition                                  30.00 ONO      Ph: Tracey 5266404.
   11.   LANCE DOCKERY – 100% Sheepskin Paddock boots – pair – Velcro fastening –                    30.00 – 40.00 04 526 4197
         with hard wearing blue canvas outers
   12.   LANCE DOCKERY - Polar Fleece bandages – set of four – Velcro fastening –                    25.00 set 04 526 4197
         variety of colours – standard length and pony; good quality heavy non pilling polar
         fleece used
   14.   SupaStuds Visit to view the different styles.                                   The Company For Horses Ltd, Tel 04 905
         Black Brushing boots (set of 2, Hack size, Front) $15.00                                    15.00  021 541 774
         Blue front ‘skid’ boots $15.00                                                              15.00
  7.     White Cotton cooler sheet Size 4ft9 – 5ft $30.00                                                   021 541 774
         White cotton/canvas cover + neck cover Saddlery Warehouse Brand 4’9 $50.00
  8.     Superior Canvas Jute Lined Cover. 5 foot. Made by Superior Covers in Blenheim.             130.00           Check out
         Regentex canvas. 18 oz. Only 4 weeks old but too small for horse. Quality leather                           for further product info. Pip 021 891 535
         straps and sturdy buckles and clips.
WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                       AUGUST 2010                                                               PAGE 6 OF 42
   9.     Black gel pad for under the saddle. Good condition                                              40.00 ONO         Ph: Tracey 5266404
   10.    Saddle Blanket (Full Size) White Synthetic fleece half pad $15.00                                        021 541 774
   11.    WINTEC Saddle Bag $60.00                                                                                 021 541 774
          Size inch       Saddle                                                                            Price            Contacts
   12.    16.0            Wintec 500, Medium Gullet (not changeable gullet system), flock fill, well        Offers           Ph Brenda (04) 564 8139
                          used, with 2 girths.
   13.    16.5            Bates Caprilli Dressage Saddle Full leather black leather Bates Caprilli                 
                          dressage saddle - Beautiful condition, Med/Narrow gullet can be changed
                          by saddler if required Rider giving up. This is a bargain
   14.    16.5            Dressage Keiffer Silverline, Medium gullet, Tan (Havannah Brown). Has             2,000.00 ono     Ph Brenda (04) 5648139
                          black marks from use with rubber riding boots otherwise good condition.
                          Can sell matching bridle if required.
   15.    17.0            Bates Caprilli Black double grain leather saddle. Narrow gullet, fully            650.00           Annette 0274306077
                          mounted. Stubben leathers. Excellent condition. Stored inside
   16.    17.0            Bates Isabell dressage saddle Black, full-grain leather previously used           1,800.00 ono     Contact Sharon Goldsworthy-
                          only for competition. Has the self-change gullet system and fits the                     , or 027-
                          Wintec gullet plates. Only for sale as it doesn't fit horse or rider! Located                      227-1014.
                          in Hastings.
   17.    17.0            Kreiger GP 17inch Extra Wide Gullet - Changeable Gullet (Easy to                  750.00 offers    Text or Call Brooke 0211750280
                          change) Comes unmounted / Saddle is in great condition                            welcome
   18.    17.0            Wintec Pro Cair Jumping Saddle Wide Gullet Interchangeable Gullet                 800.00 offers    Text or Call Brooke 0211750280
                          (Easy to change) Comes Unmounted Saddle is in great condition                     welcome
   19.                    Wintec 500 Dressage Saddle, black, CAIR, interchangeable gullet                   600.00 ONO       Ph: Tracey 5266404.
                          system, has medium gullet in at the moment. Excellent condition, comes
                          with a dressage girth only, no leathers.
   20.    44 CM           Wintec 500 Wide Gullet Saddle (44cm) - comes with three changeable                800.00 ONO       Please ring Lesley 04 2936311 Kapiti
                           gullets. Also Wintec stirrup straps included. Only one years use and in                           Coast
                          excellant condition.

                                            HORSES – SALE, LEASE, STUD
  21.    Broodmare available: 16 yr old mare by Oldenburg out of TB mare. Foaled 2008, very nice foal. Much loved            For enquiries, photos ph 0273324987
         horse with a lovely nature, easy to handle in every way. Available as a broodmare on long term loan to              or
         approved home only, I would like to retain ownership though. Owner going overseas.Currently in light riding.
  22.                 Cupcake 6yr old buckskin Timor pony, won lots of ribbons with my                                Ph Sarah 06 363 7108 or 0274201003
                      daughter in lead rein, just started been ridden off the lead before she
                      outgrew her. She is a real character to have round. Offers over $1500
                      will be considered but home is more important.
         SIZE         HORSE/PONY                                                                     PRICE            CONTACTS
  23.                 Just a quick email to advise that ALL unbroken stock & brood                                    Feel free to get in touch if you have any
                      mares remaining in the dispersal catalogue have been reduced in                                 questions or want more info sent through.
                      price by 50 - 75%. MUST BE SOLD asap...too many TB's coming into                                Cheers
                      work now to be bothered anymore. Great opportunties for keen people                             Liz Rennie
                      to bring on talented horses & ponies...we're just no longer interested.
                      Please feel free to pass this info on. More details & photos of individual
                      lots avail on request. Unless stated horses/ponies are by M. Sparhawk                           RUAHINE ADVENTURE HORSETREKS
                      (Sire of M. Southern Man, M. Kittyhawk, M. Tigermoth etc).                                      Meersbrooke Farm
                      All the colts are excellent to handle & running in groups with no                               434, Rangitane Rd
                      problems. Been too wet to risk gelding them.                                                    RD7
                                                                                                                      Mangaweka 4797
                      •    M. Dark Spice ylg colt EMH 14.1hh Was $3500 now $1500 (Listed                              New Zealand
                           on Trade Me)                                                                               Ph. 06 382 5555
                      •    M. Mr Spice 2yo colt EMH 14.1hh Was $2000 now $1000                              
                      •    M. Sub Zero ylg colt by M. Iced Ripples EMH 15.3hh Was $2000
                           now $1000 (Listed on Trade Me)
                      •    M.Artic Blast 3yo colt by M. Iced Ripples EMH 15.3hh Was $6500
                           now $3000
                      •    M Jaffa Broodmare not served 148cm Was $1000 now $500
                      •    M.Miss Snazzy ylg filly EMH 148cm Was $1800 now $800
                      •    M Milano 4yo gelding EMH 148cm Was $1800 now $500 (Listed
                           on Trade Me)
                      •    M.Miss Attitude 6yo mare EMH 14.2 - 15hh Was $2500 now
                      •    M. Miss Balmain Broodmare not served (full sister to M. Miss X &
                           M. Harlequin) 15.1hh Was $1000 now $500
                      •    M. Melody 2yo filly EMH 14.2cm (not 15.2 as in original catalogue)
                           Was $2500 now $1000
                      •    M. Limerick 2 yo colt EMH 14.1hh Was $3500 now $1500
                      •    M. Primrose 12yo mare 156cm under saddle goes well Was
WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                          AUGUST 2010                                                                  PAGE 7 OF 42
                       $7000 now $6500 (Listed on Trade Me)
               •       M. Icy Blast coloured Broodmare by Iced Ripples. Dam M. Icy
                       Puzzle. Not served. Full sister to M. Cold as Ice. Was $1000 now
               •       Additions left out of original catalogue
               •       21. Penny 15yo black 16hh stationbred mare. Trekking/pleasure
                       lovely horse. $5000 firm (listed on Trade Me)
               •       M. Studley 9yo gelding 15.1hh great all rounder. Was $7000 now
               •       M. Major Ripples 1/2 brother to stallions M. Iced Ripples, M.
                       Sparkling Ripples & Larkspur Ripples. 6yo 15.2hh gelding. Not
                       broken, but led/tied up when younger, regularly drenched. Huge
                       jumping talent, with amazing paces. We were always going to
                       compete him ourselves. $1000 (Listed on Trade Me)
               •       M.Ambition 11 yo 15.3hh gelding. 1/2 brother to M. Ambassador.
                       Leads ties up, groom etc. Never finished breaking him in. Very
                       good paces & nice nature. $500
  24.          Rising 15yr old Bay geilding. Three good paces , lovely soft trot and                    Can email pics
               scoopy canter. Has been worked throughout current winter , ready to go                   Phone, txt, 0220206129.
               for the upcoming season. Has competed dressage , flat classes, show
               jumping and eventing. Would make nice show hunter . Jumped up to
               1.30m at home and free jumped up to 1.5m. Has been beach, farm,
               forest, road hacked. Is great by himself or with one or two others but
               doesn't enjoy large groups. Great to catch, shoe (bare foot all winter,
               good hard feet), float, truck, drench, clip. Is a good doer so doesn't
               require a lot of food. Experienced novice / Experienced ride.
               Reasonable offers, payment plans considered as I don't have time for 3
               horses in the upcoming season.
  25.   13.1   Sparky is a 17 year old, part Welsh chestnut gelding. Has good paces          3,000.00   Ph: (06)3703722 Chris
               and a lovely jump. He is a great all-round pony and has done a bit of         ono
               everything. He needs a confident rider but could be a suitable first pony
               with experienced adult supervision. Soft snaffle mouth. Has been
               barefoot for five years. He has no vices. Is kind and good to handle
               from the ground. Sparky is a lovely pony, full of character. He is
               regretfully for sale as rider has outgrown him comes with saddle, bridle,
               3 covers and other sundry gear.
  26.   13.2   Connemara pony grey geilding.3yr. Wonderful wee guy. Going well but           4,000.00   phone 06 355 2655
               still green.
  27.   14.0   7 Years Old Connemara Cross Bay W/ white markings. He is registered           800.00     Horse located in Kumeu, West Auckland, contact
               with the Connemara Pony Society and his papers will go with his sale.                    Debbie Barker Auckland Horse Havan
               Auckland Horse Havan is selling this pony on behalf of the owner. This                   Kumeu,West Auckland 09)8385320 Work
               lovely little gelding is a very sweet pony, with a big heart. He has lovely              Hours (021) 1074587 Mobile
               even movement, and is going happily over poles. He is not fizzy, and
               doesn't need alot of fed or upkeep. This pony does have a swayed back,
               that he sadly was born with but has been fully checked out by a vet and
               gives him no trouble. He isnt terrible to fit a saddle too, but does
               required a raiser pad for under the saddle depending on saddle. He is a
               great little pony, and has been ridden by beginners with no problems. He
               has been ridden by several different riders while with us and they have
               had no trouble at all with him. He is a checky little pony with no dirt.
               Would be perfect for pony club, forrest, beach, games ect.. I have sent
               you a picture of his swayed back when we had him in full work.
  28.   14.0   Connemara pony filly weanling. Well put together. Lovely nature.              POA        phone 06 355 2655
  29.   14.1   Grey connemara mare, rising 6yrs available for lease for the season.                     Phone Maria 5279-551 (evenings
               Tango needs an experienced rider to get her out and about to continue
               her learning. She has done a bit of jumping and has been to a couple of
               dressage days, she is a quick learner but is not a beginner's pony as
               she is still green and can be strong at times. She could continue to
               graze at our place in Mangaroa, transport to local shows available if so.
  30.   14.2   JOE STROLLER Grey Gelding 13 years old Excellent to handle in every           8,000.00   Please email for
               way - clip, drench, trim, float etc. Absolutely no vices!                                further information or call Yvonne (owner) 021
               Joe is well schooled on the flat has about 50+ Level 1 points and has                    300 789 to organise viewing Joe.
               competed and placed at Level 2. Joe is a good little jumper with a lovely
               technique. Current rider is jumping 60+ show jumping and Joe has
               competed Pre-training cross country, Joe has jumped up to 1m with
               more confident riders. Joe is safe in company or by himself, he is not a
               spooker. He has attended Pony Club. Joe would make great 1st or
               second pony Joe has been out of work for the winter but could be
               brought back in easily for the new 2010/11 season. He is regretfully for
               sale as his current rider is over committed. Joe runs on the smell of an
               oily rag, he is a fantastic doer. Low maintenance pony. Joe comes with
               all his gear, a near new Wintec GP Saddle (fully mounted), bridle, boots,
               a selection of covers, halter etc. Genuine enquiries only please.

WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                  AUGUST 2010                                                            PAGE 8 OF 42

    31.   15.2           TB mare-10yr wonderful all rounder. Suit young rider coming off ponies                            POA            phone 06 355 2655
    32.                  Badger 12 yr old bay TB gelding, beautiful dressage horse. Most suited                            1,500.00       ph Sarah 06 363 7108, 027 4201003
                         to an adult/teenage rider who is looking to get started in dressage or flat                       ono
    33.   16.0           BERTOLUCCI, bay Thoroughbred gelding, 6 yo (in Nov), unraced. Has                                 3,000.00       Ph Lizzie 027 6993663 Barbara 027 5435275 or
                         been being schooled on flat and jumping for past 5 months. Bert has 3                             ono            04 293 4778 or email
                         well established paces and is doing jump exercises to 90cm. This boy
                         doesn’t care what he jumps – he jumped full wire on his first hunt. Bert
                         is uncomplicated, obedient, fit and ready to go. He’ll make a great
    34.   16.0           Vissani AS, Stunning 7 yr old warmblood gelding, 16hh (160.5cm)                                                  Pls contact Liz, 04 527 0001 or
                         Lovely mannered boy, fab on ground, great to do anything with.                                          or 021 428 540
                         Exceptional breeding - VolltaireII out of a Jaguar mare. Compact build.
                         Late starter due to no fault of his own. Schooling 1.05, fab movement -
                         big paces. Will go far with exp confident & kind rider.
                         Special home needed for this cool guy.
    35.   16.1           8yr by Danasinga/Debbie Dee Bay Gelding Has done some small                                                      Leanne 0272436424 (ph or Txt)
                         shows, but not ridden for at least 6 months as rider gone over seas
                         Need go to experienced rider. Nice Type. Offers considered
                         Good Home a must. Still green so needs more work, to bring the best
                         out of him
    36.   16.2           Warmblood Filly weanling Wonderful movement. By Appleton out of                                   8,500.00       phone 06 355 2655
          EMH            Witzbold mare. Fully sister reserve champion at HOY, inhand sport                                 ONO

                                                                    HAY / FEED / ADDITIVES
    37.   CUBE CENTRAL - Premium Fibre Feeds                                                                                     Ask about              Best Price, Best Products, Best
                                                                                                                                 discounts on bulk                  Results
          Lucerne Hay Cubes .............................................................................$35.00 22kg                                   Premium hay and beet pellets and
          Lucerne/Timothy Hay Cubes................................................................$37.00 22kg                   orders
                                                                                                                                                      cubes are convenient, economic and
          Timothy Hay Cubes..............................................................................$37.00 22kg                                          quality guaranteed.
          Timothy Hay pellets                                                                      $37.00 22kg                   For the full
          Fibre First Beet Pellets(Low Sugar) ....................................................$45.00 25kg                    complete feeding              Available in 3 sizes,
          Release Products Made from superior bio available minerals that increase the performance and well                      regime                         250g,500g & 1kg
          being of your horse.                                                                                                                            For ordering and all enquiries
          Release M .......................................................................... Magnesium + Boron                  Free Delivery in                   call Ash
          Release M+C...................................................................... Magnesium + Boron + Calcium              Taranaki            06 762 4154; 0274 881 739 or
          Release Extra..................................................................... Magnesium + Potassium + Vit E                          
          Toxin Aid+ .......................................................................... .Mycosorb + Vit E + Flavouring
    38.   KYLDAR FARMS                                                                                                           Prices include       Can deliver by arrangement or
          Top quality Lucerne Baleage and Hay                                                                                    GST                  collect from our Horowhenua yard
          Lucerne Mini Baleage 30kg $22.50                                                                                                            Contact:
          SPECIAL - Lucerne Hay conventional bales $11.25                                                                                             Or phone Darrell 06 367 2901 or
          Also available Meadow Hay $7.85 & Meadow Baleage $16.85                                                                                     021 244 7742
          Easy to handle and easy to feed conventional bales.
          Top Quality product, Clients presently feed to race horses, broodmares, eventers, show
          ponies, weanlings, hacks, alpacas, milking goats, even Chinchillas.
    39.   Mini round baleage - two bale equivalents for sale - $25 neg on size of order also hay                                                      Wayne 06 3681859 or 0274 474
          @$14 for mini rounds - 2 bale equivalents. have had great feedback from the guys who                                                        611 or this email
          are using it, can deliver into wellington
    40.   QUILITY MEADOW HAY FOR SALE;- (Conventional bales)                                                                     8.50 per bale        Valley View Training Stables –
          Pre-Order your winter Hay today!!!! *Weed free *Dust free, clean meadow hay Ideal for                                                       Eketahuna 06-375 8656, 027-
          horses. This hay will be ready end of Jan, beginning of Feb.                                                                                6725642
    41.   WHY PAY MORE??? .660 x 1.220 Sacks of Quality (Meadow Hay) Chaff. Buyer Pick Up                                        25.00                 TXT or Call Peter 021 632 674
          - Upper Hutt
    42.   HAY/HAYLAGE/STRAW.                                                                                                     All prices include   Phone: 06 3278120 or
          All our hay and straw is this seasons and kept indoors so no face to the weather.                                      GST:                 0273253259 or 021859899
          •     BEST QUALITY first cut RED CLOVER hay $12.50 p/bale
          •     BEST QUALITY Meadow hay $10.00 p/bale
          •     BEST QUALITY Barley Straw $10.00 p/bale - (no dust)
          •     HAYLAGE - RED CLOVER first cut - wrapped conventional size bales $15.50
          All the above - made in Marton and stored in Otaki and Marton so easy to supply all areas.
          Red Clover hay: $10p/bale        Meadow Hay: $7.50p/bale       Straw: $6.50p/bale
    43.   HAY / FEED FOR SALE                                                                                                                         Call Bridget 04 526 2194
          Baleage - large round bales. 10 available, good quality meadow pasture, suitable for
          horses/cows, this season's, baled Jan 2010. In Mangaroa Valley.
          $60 per bale but you will need to arrange own transport.
    44.   25 bales of meadow hay for sale in Carterton. Was cut in January.                                                      7.00 per bale        Ph Leanne 0272749626

WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                                                   AUGUST 2010                                                             PAGE 9 OF 42
  45.   A range of supplements for both horse and rider to keep you both in top condition.                                           miracleshappen@paradise.n
  46.   "LUBRISYN" (Hyaluronic Acid) is a revolutionary joint supplement now licensed in New Zealand                        or
        for horses and dogs. We have several very satisfied customers in the short time that it has been                             contact Philippa Sim (Wgtn
        available here.                                                                                                              distributor) on 0274 875 924.
  47.   FLEXWELL CHELATED MAGNESIUM. Flexwell Chelated Magnesium is the best and most easily                      500 gram           All prices are including GST,
        absorbed and utilized form of Magnesium you can feed your horse. Magnesium is critical to                 container          but are plus postage.
        normal muscle function and normal functioning of the nervous system. Many horses are deficient            $30.00             Please contact Penny
        in Magnesium in their diet. They can show many different symptoms, but some of the most                   1 kilo container   Brooker
        common are, Nervous, tense horses which often show an inability to learn.Horses which tend to             $55.00   
        have tight tense muscles, often girthy and are slow to warm up, possibly with sore or tight backs.                           Phone (09) 2924 606.
        Those prone to, or with a history of founder – particularly those with cresty necks. Horses whose
        weight is hard to manage, either from low weight or obesity. Chelation means the Magnesium is
        bound to a highly absorbable molecule, the amino acid, as the amino acid is actively picked up
        from the digestive tract, the magnesium comes with it. Flexwell chelated Magnesium contains
        many amino acids, including, Lysine: An essential amino acid (must be present in the diet since
        the body cannot create it on its own) that is most commonly found to be missing in the horse's
        diet. Lysine is necessary for the proper use of all of the amino acids. Deficiencies in any of the
        essential amino acids can lead to decreased growth and development as well as a low tolerance
        for stress. Tyrosine: Is often recommended in appetite control and also supports normal brain
        functions. L-Glutamine, this is involved in more metabolic processes than any other amino acid,
        including building muscle, repairing intestinal tissue and enhancing the immune system. Glycine:
        A protein-forming amino acid that has been shown to increase electrolyte mineral absorption.
        Recommended dosage of 1 level tsp daily – this supplies 1000mg daily.
  48.   Flexwell Fine Granulated Garlic Food grade product, very potent. Recommended dose up to 1                 700 gram           contact Penny Brooker
        level tablespoon daily - introduce gradually into feed. All prices are including GST, but are plus        container $8.00
        postage.                                                                                                                     Phone (09) 2924 606.
  49.   FLEXWELL GLUCOSAMINE Flexwell Glucosamine Sulphate is an oral nutritional supplement                      500 g $ 23.00      All prices are including GST,
        which provides the nutrients involved in the maintenance of healthy cartilage and joints. It is fully     1 kg $ 40.00       but are plus postage.
        certified at least 99.5% pure with no additives or fillers. Glucosamine is required by the animal to      1 of each size     Please contact Penny
        produce mucopolysaccarides, the substances that make up cartilage, ligaments, tendons and                 container          Brooker
        collagen. It thickens and increases levels of synovial fluid to maintain healthy cartilages and joints.   (1.5kg) $58.00
        It has been proven to increase joint flexion and mobility. It may be of special benefit to older                             Phone (09) 2924 606.
        animals, particularly with arthritic conditions, but is ideal for younger animals too, to help prevent
        damage occurring. Glucosamine plays a major role in cartilage formation and repair, it stimulates
        the production of water-binding glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans, two essential building
        blocks of cartilage and also inhibits the production of chondrocytes, enzymes that break down
        cartilage. Flexwell glucosamine sulphate is registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997.
        Registration Number A9613.              See for registration conditions.
        Recommended dosage for horses, 1-2 tsp daily (5 – 10 grams) Recommended dosage for dogs –
        500 mg per 10 kilos bodyweight. ¼ tsp = 1250mg
  50.   FLEXWELL Healthy Hoof and Hair This supplement contains a combination of Biotin and DL                    800 grams          All prices are including GST,
        Methionine. It is just the active ingredients and does not contain any fillers or other additives of      $35.00             but are plus postage.
        any kind. Methionine is the most important sulphur containing amino acid, required for quality hoof                          Please contact Penny
        and hair/coat growth. Combined with the proven effects of Biotin, it provides the nutrients                                  Brooker
        necessary to support optimal hoof growth and structural integrity of the horn / hoof wall.                         
        Recommended dose: 1 tsp daily. (5 grams)                                                                                     Phone (09) 2924 606.
  51.   FLEXWELL MSM. Methyl Sulfonyl Methane.Certified 99.97% pure. MSM is an organic sulphur                    400 gram           All prices are including GST,
        compound. It is found in every cell in the body and is vital to the creation and regeneration of the      container:         but are plus postage.
        body’s tissues. It is a very strong, natural anti inflammatory and so lessens pain. If the body is        $15.00
        sulphur deficient the cell walls may become hard and stiff, hindering the essential flow of fluid                            Please contact Penny
        through the cell walls. MSM improves circulation. It is also known to be very effective in the                               Brooker
        treatment of allergies. MSM is a naturally occurring source of bioavailable sulfur important in the                
        formation of links between collagen molecules, which provides strength to tendons, ligaments, and                            Phone (09) 2924 606.
        joint tissues. It also acts as a synergist, making other nutrients more easily absorbed, so is ideal
        to feed with the glucosamine, making it more effective too. Recommended dosage, for horses ½ -
        1 tsp daily. Recommended dosage for dogs, 500mg per 10 kilos – ¼ tsp = 500mg.
  52.   FLEXWELL YEA-SACC, Probiotic YEA-SACC is a very high strength live yeast supplement                       700 grams          All prices are including GST,
        produced by Alltech Biotechnology, Kentucky, USA. It is comprised of live yeast cells and the             $30.00             but are plus postage.
        medium on which they are grown. The type of yeast used has been specially selected for its                                   contact Penny Brooker
        advantageous effects in farm livestock. ideal for young horses during weaning, old horses or any                   
        suffering ill thrift and any that are recovering from illness, particularly when antibiotics have upset                      Phone (09) 2924 606.
        their digestion.
  53.   FLEXWELL YEA-SACC, Probiotic. YEA-SACC is a very high strength live yeast supplement                      700 gram           All prices are including GST,
        produced by Alltech Biotechnology, Kentucky, USA. It is comprised of live yeast cells and the             container          but are plus postage.
        medium on which they are grown. The type of yeast used has been specially selected for its                $30.00             Please contact Penny
        advantageous effects in farm livestock. The medium contains compounds produced by the yeast                                  Brooker
        cells during the fermentation process of manufacture. These compounds, which include digestive                     
        enzymes, B vitamins and chelated minerals, are available for use by the animal itself and by its                             Phone (09) 2924 606.
        intestinal bacterial population. The high strength of YEA-SACC means that it can be included in
        the diet at a very low level and still produce the desired effects. YEA-SACC contains a minimum
        of 1,000,000 live cells per gram. Excellent results are being achieved with YEA-Sacc in the
        Equine industry with many reports of horses being in better condition on the same or reduced
        amounts of feed. Previously fussy feeders have often shown appetite improvement in just a few

WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                       AUGUST 2010                                                                PAGE 10 OF 42
            days and the incidence of colic and other digestive disorders is reduced in horses receiving YEA-
            SACC in their daily diet. This product is ideal for young horses during the weaning process, old
            horses or any suffering ill thrift and any that are recovering from illness, particularly when
            antibiotics have upset their digestion. Recommended dosages are Foals and weanlings 5 grams
            per day, Yearlings, race and performance horses and broodmares 8 grams per day, Recreational
            horses in light work or spelling, 2 – 4 grams per day, depending on bodyweight., 1 level tsp = 3
     54.    TOXIN BINDERS - We are proud to offer the choice of two excellent products …                             700 gram            All prices are including GST,
            FLEXWELL MYCOTOXIN BINDER. This product just contains Mycosorb - produced by Alltech in                  container           but are plus postage.
            America. It is a natural toxin binder made from the yeast cell wall which binds toxins and reduces       $32.00
            the harmful effects of mycotoxins that are found in pasture and feed. This product provides                                  Please contact Penny
            nutritional support for horses grazing high endophyte pastures. Mycosorb is a product designed to                            Brooker
            limit mycotoxin damage. It acts by binding pathogens and mycotoxins in the gut without affecting                   
            gut bacteria. The bound pathogen or mycotoxin is then excreted without detrimental effect to the                             Phone (09) 2924 606.
            animal. Mycosorb does not bind nutrients such as vitamins and amino acids. Recommended
            dosage, Low dose = 1 gram per 100kg live weight, per day. Normal dose = 2 grams per 100kg
            LW per day for 7 days, then reduce to low dose for maintenance.High dose = 4 grams per 100 kg
            LW for 7 days, then reduce to low dose for maintenance.For horses under 100 kg LW – 2-5 grams
            daily for at least 7 days. One standard level tsp = 5 grams. One standard level Tblspn = 12
            grams. Introduce gradually into the horses diet, building to optimum dose, over a 5 – 7 days.
            FLEXWELL MYCOGUARD This product just contains Mycoguard, a very high quality, broad
            spectrum Mycotoxin binder, produced by Lallemand in France. It is a blend of cell walls of
            specifically selected natural yeasts and an aluminosilicate, shown to have a high affinity for certain
            toxins, which increases the toxin binding capacity of the Mycoguard. As with the Mycosorb, this          600 gram (lge)
            product simply binds with Mycotoxins and pathogens in the gut and then they are excreted by the          container
            animal. It does not interfere with the uptake of any vitamins, minerals or nutrients. The                22.00
            Mycoguard has a slightly sweeter smell – and many horses find it more palatable than the
            Mycosorb. Recommended dosages, Low dose – 1.5 grams per 100 kg live weight, per day (this
            equals 1 heaped tsp 7.5 grams for a 500kg horse) Normal dose – 3 grams per 100 kg live weight,
            per day. High dose (known Mycotoxin problem) 6 grams per 100 kg live weight – per day.
     55.    TRANSFER FACTOR - The long awaited next step in immunotherapy. Boosts the immune                         Used by Mark        For help and information
            system. Balances the immune system in cases of autoimmune diseases, allergies, etc Raises the              Todd and          please contact
            body`s own natural killer cells by over 300%. (killer cells fight infections and malignant cells).         Gandalf.          Sonya Glennie
            Totally natural and scientifically proven for People and Animals. Just a few problems that Transfer                          06 3471853 : 027 2892529
            Factor has been proven to help with include: Chronic Laminitis, Cushings Disease, Respiratory                      
            problems, Allergies, Skin problems, Infections, Viruses, Asthma, Hay Fever, Eczema, plus much,
            much more.
     56.    VALERIAN: Organic liquid valerian, NZ grown, in a cider vinegar base to settle your horse during         210ml bottles
            times of stress, This is a safe & natural product that will give you an approximate 1hour window to      $26 incl p&p        nz for next day delivery
            work thru issues with your horse.

           Where              Details                                                                  Cost                Contacts
    57.    Featherston/       Details: Grazing available centrally located between Featherston         From 50.00 per      Contact: Phone or text 027 279 7799.
           Martinborough      and Martinborough. 25 acres offering excellent facilities including      week
                              new 60 x 20 sand arena with lights, jumps, new covered and
                              uncovered yards, wash bay, feed room, locked tack room and float
                              parking. Individual/shared and short/long term grazing options
           Where              What                                                                     Cost                Contact
    58.    Otaki              Luxurious five star boutique farmstay available for horse                                                     Sudbury Fields
                              experiences. Packages available including horse whispering and                                         101 Te Hapua Road,Te Horo
                              equine assisted therapy and riding. Horse owners can also bring                               
                              your own horse to make the most of fantastic facilities including                                           Phone 06 364 3064
                              arena, training track, round yard and beach riding.                                             
           What      Where              Details                                                               Cost               Contacts
    59.    RENT      Levin              Levin property to rent. Solid 4 bdrm home with approx 3 acres         Rental $250-       References required. Available mid
                                        of flat usable land with lots of storage including large shed         $300 / week        september.
                                        suitable for bringing horses in under cover for feeding, grooming     depending on       Enquiries: 06 367 0291
                                        etc. Lots of room for float/truck parking. Quiet road in market       whether land
                                        garden area just a few minutes drive from Levin. Long term            is needed or
                                        tenant preferred.                                                     not.
    60.    SALE      Levin              Ideal Lifestyle Block for sale. 3ha (7.5 acres) and tidy 3            497,000.00         Email
                                        bedroom home. All weather sand arena 20x60m 2 bay hayshed
                                        and loosebox, tackroom,washdown bay, fertile, sheltered
                                        paddocks and excellent fencing. 5 minutes to beach or hack out
                                        locally. Private setting and views only 5 minutes from Levin.
                                        Easy drive to Palmerston North or commute to Wellington.
WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                           AUGUST 2010                                                                PAGE 11 OF 42
      61.     HORSE VANS The New Phenomenon in Horse Transport in NZ, popular in                             from only
              Europe and available there since the early 90's, now we can have the ease of                   $48,844 + GST
              transporting our horses in comfort, style and with peace of mind. It is now readily            until 31 July
              accepted in the UK that travelling horses rear facing is less physically demanding             2010.
              and less stressful. Our van's are manufactured by the company that started two
              horse van conversions in the UK nearly 20 years ago and that experience along with
              the beautiful craftsmanship means you get the best design and safety. Our standard
              pricing is based on a 2007 or later chassis with less than 100,000km, but brand new
              is available too.                                                                                                See our website
      62.     Great single float, excellent condition, tandem axle, homebuilt 1994. Has galvanised           4,000.00           ph 021 122 2664 or 976 6246 evenings.
              undercarriage main frame, with non-galvanised but rust proofed/painted axles and
              suspension. Padded sides and front at body level, excellent floor/ramp and marine
              ply sides new last year. New WOF, solid and safe. Photos available on request.
      63.     Purpose built Horse Float.. double axle, new tyres, safety regulation towbar chains.           4,000.00
              New floor matting. Fully padded. LCD lights, Tack Box on front constructed by
              engineers. Padded tail chains. and Suitable for horses up to 16.2. New warrant
              4.3.10 and registration until Nov 10. No brakes as we have never need them , long
              towbar makes this a smooth tow vehicle. Inside measurements of this float
              Dimensions: Length 2m.73 Width : 1m.53 Height : 2.0m
      64.     Landrover Discovery 1994 - $3,900 ono – good towing vehicle. More information &                                  Contact 021 2543382,
              photos on Trademe #306351350.                                                                          

              BASED IN          HIRING                                                                        COST              CONTACT
      65.     Pauatahanui       FOR HIRE: THOROUGHBRED LUXURY LINER HORSE FLOAT.                              70.00 per day     PH: Tania 04 2377208 or 0272813646
                                Double, Brakes, rubber matting. Excellent to tow
      66.     Upper Hutt        KaraKar – 2005, fully braked new float                                        70.00 per day     Thompsons Horse Centre 04 526 4515
      67.     Woodville         Great horse float for hire, braked, takes large horses, Float Factory                           Ph. 06 376 4054 or text 021 104 5384
                                Special. Or if you prefer I can transport your horse for you. .
      68.     Wellington        Float for hire JR Winton                                                      70.00 per day     Carl 027 249 0815 or email
      69.     Woodville         Great horse float for hire, braked, takes large horses, Float Factory                           06 376 4054 or text 021 104 5384
                                Special. Or if you prefer I can transport your horse for you?

      70.     Horse Transport - Need to get somewhere in the Wellington                Base price is: $30 per horse. Depending         Maryclare Morgan Ph: (04) 567
              region? then give us a call!:) we have a 3 horse, horse truck and        on distance travelling, negotiable.             4656 OR 021 0664456, feel free
              can also supply travelling boots, experienced & friendly handlers,                                                       to text.
              so your horses reach their destinations safe and happy.
      71.     The Horse Courier Float Hire - Delivered To Your Door!                                                                   Ph: 06 376 4054
              Brand New Smart Floats With No Hire Logo! Horse Pick-Up And                                                              Mob: 021 104 5384
              Delivery; Overnight Stopovers; Agistment; Arena Hire
      72.     Horse/pony Float Transported                                             Pick up & Delivered Levin to Wellington         Vicki 04 298 8148
      73.     Wright Floating - Very large double float (Float Factory Special).       Wellington area                                 Jo Wright Ph 021 895 575

                                               MISCELLANEOUS / OTHER
74.         Academic Horse Training book and DVD - I have copies of Andrew and Manuela                                        Postage and packaging $7 anywhere in NZ
            McLean's fantastic new book and DVD, as well as Andrew McLean's best seller 'The
            Truth About Horses. Learn more about this revolutionary science-based and                                                   To order, please email
            sustainable approach to training your horse. Bk $159 3-DVD set $179 Set (bk + 3-                               
            DVD set) $319 The Truth About Horses $79
75.         AN INTRODUCTION TO ANIMAL REIKI E-BOOK - A delight full and easy-to-read E-                     Price $9.00       For further content or to purchase contact:
            book introducing animal Reiki to those interested in natural healing. The book covers                             bValee More
            what Reiki is, the history of Reiki, Reiki benefits experienced by animals, how animals
            respond including using Reiki for a semi-wild horse. It includes basic information on
            the energy systems, other Reiki uses and gives 3 case studies: an injured horse,
            canine operation and cat heat-stroke.

  76.         EQUICAST - Equicast can be applied within minutes by vets, farriers or horse owners:            $35 (plus         This product along with many other hoof
              Adding a temporary hoof dressing for foot injuries. Providing comfort to tender footed          shipping) per     care items is available to purchase online
              horses (perfect for those transitioning to barefoot). Support to the hoof wall in laminitic     roll.             from the shopping section of
              and founder cases. The repair of poor or damaged hoof wal. To keep a loose shoe in                       or give me a call on 0800
              place in an emergency. Temporary protection to the hoof when a shoe is lost                                       211 212. RRP is
  77.         HEALING HORSES UNIQUE MANUKA FACTOR HONEY: Wounds, infection,                                                     Enquire about our fundraiser offer for Pony
              coronary band abscesses, general hoof health and more…. Order now!! Sam                                           Clubs. Call Frances on 06 377 4262 or use
              Williams of Little Avondale Stud uses this honey with great effect – see his testimonial                          the contact
              along with others when you visit our website

WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                             AUGUST 2010                                                                   PAGE 12 OF 42
 78.      TAO Therapy Gel: Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory. 100% natural NZ                    available from       Email for more details.
          product with added oxygen molecule to assist healing of mudfever, cuts, proud flesh,               $25 + p&p  
          lesions, rainscald, eczema, dermatitis, bee stings, sunburn and many other issues for
          animals and humans. 15ml, 30ml, 60ml.
 79.      WHITE LIGHTENING: I have a brand new product just arrived in New Zealand called                    By mail order        For more information visit David Hankin
          White Lightning which is very effective for minor cases of seedy toe, thrush and white                                  Dip.WCF -
          line disease. Our farriers have had some very impressive results with it.
 80.      Staysound Uptite leg poultice $5kg (used a small amount)                                           40.00       021 541 774

           Based In             Details                                                                      Cost                Contacts
  81.      Te Horo              20 x 60 dressage arena with jumps available plus training track. Te          20.00 per           Call 06 364 3064.
                                Horo area.                                                                   horse
  82.      Mangaroa,            180a Parkes Line Road, 60 x 20 m, post and railed fenced all                 $10 per hour        Lynn 04 526 9913 / 021 390 568
           Upper Hutt           weather arena. Monthly passes and 10 trips available
  83.      Featherston          Arena Hire New 60m x 20m sand arena with lights available for                                    Phone or text 027 279 7799.
                                hire and clinics. Located between Featherston and Martinborough
                                on SH 53. Yards and wash bay available for use. Short and long
                                term grazing also available.
           Based In             Details                                                                                           Contacts
  84.      Horowhenua           DO4US SPORTHORSES, We offer arrange of services from schooling, backing or just                   For more details or drop me a line
           region               exercising at very competitive prices. checkout:                                                  Vanessa
  85.      Kapiti Coast         Knowledgeable and Fun! Can lend a helping hand for anything horsey! Will help you                 Hayley-Ann Oakley Kapiti Coast Ph.
                                get your woolie friends looks & performance up to scratch before the fast approaching             0274219592
                                season. -Clipping -Mane & Tail pulling (general sproosing) -Schooling (Dressage,
                                Jumping, exercising –Lessons –Handling –Feeding -experienced with young horses
                                 17 years of full on horsey experience B Cert. Horowhenua Pony Club Riders Rep. for
                                last 2 seasons. Competent/competitive at PC & NZEF Level.
  86.      Pauatahanui          NZ representative and advanced dressage rider offers professional dressage                        Contact Caroline Simpson 04 528 0114
                                schooling for horses and ponies. Excellent facilities and care provided for your equine           or email
  87.      Upper Hutt           Experienced rider available to take horses for dressage schooling, short or long                  Please phone/email Rosanne Rix for
                                term. Grazing/agistment space also has become available, and possible short term                  further details.
                                (human!) accommodation.                                                                            04 5281220
  88.   Wellington              Hi, if you need someone reliable to exercise your horse in the Wellington area                    Please call 021-1786495 or email me @
                                (preferably in the western suburbs) I might be your perfect match. I am an experienced  
                                and confident rider and happy to do other horsey jobs around the stables/paddock, as
                                well. Not interested in lease agreements.
  89.   Half an hour              SPACE AVAILABLE for Horses and Ponies for schooling and/or getting fit for:                     Contact: Heather Montgomery, 06 324
        from                                   dressage showjumping cross country hunting racing                                  8763
        Palmerston              Great opportunity to get your horse or pony really fit and well schooled! Horses and
        North and               ponies (rider under 60kg) can be trained on flat to undulating sandy country with plenty
        Feilding                of room to gallop. Beach work and show jumping, cross country and wire jump training
                                available. Knowledgeable horsewoman and competitive rider with experience in all the
                                above disciplines. Competitive rates.
  90.      Pauatahanui/         HORSE FEEDING SERVICE Do want peace of mind while on holiday? Need your                           PH: Claire Lennon 237-4050 or 0277-
           Plimmerton           horse feed and checked daily? Claire and Erin can offer that assurance to you.                    149-189.
                                Daily checks, Feeding, Rugs. Reasonable rates. Also happy to feed other animals
  91.      Wellington           JURA - HOLIDAY CARE for your equine when you area away. Many different options          
                                to suit your equines needs, paddocks designed for horse safety, no minimum length of              Holiday-Care.html or call us to book on
                                stay, owners onsite.                                                                              04 210 0412/ 021 363 067

                                                          STALLIONS AT STUD
        Stallion                                                                                                      Stud Fee            Contacts
  92.   APPLETON DHU, 17 h, 4 year old, royal dutch warmblood / kwpn.                           Imported from the                            for more information about this
        Netherlands standing stud in New Zealand. At the 'Horse of the Year Show', 2008, Hastings, Appleton                                stunning young stallion please look
        DHU became overall Champion Young Performance Bred Horse Of the Year. As a winner of the '3 Year                                             on our web site
        Old Performance Bred Horses' and the 'Colt as Sire of Performance Bred Horses', he stole the heart of                     or
        many in the audience. Appleton, with his excellent exterior, showing a lot elasticity in his movement, was                          come and visit us, coffee is ready
        the stallion of choice of the European jury. Comment from the jury: I was really surprised by your stallion
        Appleton DHU because he was amazing : without discussion, he was the best horse of the show,
  93.   ASHBURN KING GEORGE 16.2hh Registered Clydesdale rising 5yr old DB clyde type true bright bay not             Stud fee $500       Contact Moira Wainwright, Actifun
        roaned and light even markings having a star and strip and 4 knee socks not stockings. A delight to           plus agistment &    Riding Stables, 1121 Queen St East
        handle and ridden by our 13yr old progeny on the ground to view and more due soon This is the 1st             expenses includes   RD1 Levin -
        season he is offered to outside mares paddock run only. email me for pictures of stallion and progeny or      $100 non            (06)3684774 or 027 32 55665
        come visit possibly ride accommodations available.                                                            booking/handling

WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                             AUGUST 2010                                                                     PAGE 13 OF 42
      94.   “DARBY LS” by Distelfink, 7/8 brother to NRM Falcon, NZ rep at World Cup SJ. Chestnut, 16hh leaving               $800.00 + GST             Melda Gibson, 69 Otaki Gorge Road,
            good natured, strong, classy foals. Oldest now 5YO showing show jumping ability. Use NZ’s proven top SJ           Live foal                 RD1, Otaki. Ph 06 3640475 email
            blood.                                                                                                            guarantee       
      95.   DARVEL HEAVEN SENT, Buckskin stallion, WB x QH. Limited to a few outside mares this season.                       Price $1000.00            Carol and Natasha Miller
            Champion inhand, registered NZSH, he should mature 15.2hh. A beautiful boy, very good and careful with            includes a non-            Highbridge Sporthorses
            mares, hand serve only. You are most welcome to come and view him at Highbridge Sporthorses in                    refundalbe                54 Central Mangaone Road
            Eketahuna.      You      can    see     him      and      my      other     stallions  on   my    website.        handling fee of           RD4, EKETAHUNA ph 06 375 8533
                                                                              $200.00. LFG.             email:
      96.   DARVEL SUPANOVA, Pallomino and White Overo stallion, Riding Pony x, Limited to a few outside mares                $1000.00 LFG              Carol and Natasha Miller,
            this season. Supreme Champion Pinto, Champion inhand, Reserve Champion colour at HOY in 2009.                     includes a non-            Highbridge Sporthorses. 54 Central
            Registered Pinto. He should mature 15hh, a very pretty boy, has been DNA tested at Massy and should               refundable                Mangaone Road
            throw 75% colour, hand serve only. You are most welcome to come and see him at Highbridge                         handling fee of           RD4, EKETAHUNA
            Sporthorses in Eketahuna.                                                 $200.00.                  Ph: 06 375 8533.
      97.   FLORIAN - A Spanish stallion with super Star quality. By Andalusian Justiceiro IV Grey 15.3hh. Florian            Stud Fee:                 Enquiries: email:
            has correct conformation, is sound and strong with great feet, straight and expressive movement, a stylish        $700.00 +GST     or phone
            jump and commanding presence… but best of all…*Superb temperament and type that he consistently                   (includes $200.00         Jane 0212451125
            passes to his offspring. Florian’s offspring to date all have his impeccable temperament and trainability.        booking fee)                If you are looking for temperament,
            He is producing sound, sane, and rideable horses with looks and talent for all disciplines. Standing Otaki        L.F.G                           trainability, soundness, looks,
            (lower North Island) at Riverbank Farm Equine.                                                                                                      versatility… look no further!
      98.   GALAXY SPRING FEVER, 14.1 1/2, 6 y.o, bay tobiano. Champion Pinto Pony HOY 2008 & 2009,                           2009/10 stud fee          For photos and further details visit
            Supreme Champion Pinto Clevedon 2008, Supreme Ch Pinto Royal Easter Show 2009. By Galaxy                          $900 + GST +     Ph: Chris
            Pourewa out of Spring Brooke a Pony Grand Prix showjumping mare. 90% coloured foals to solid mares.               collection & airfreight   (09) 420 5393 or 021 104 9034
                                                                                                                              charges for AI with
            Produces straight & correct foals who are all very friendly, athletic and always admired.                         chilled semen.
      99.   HULA TOWN - Now standing in the Wairarapa. A leading TB sire of Eventers                                          $1200 + gst               Contact LONGSPRING STUD
            Semen shipped nationwide. HULA TOWN is now 23 so DON’T put off another year!                                      (includes 1st             Rupert at 06 378 8983 or Victoria
            Also Freetown, Shades of Green, Hula Rock, Funky, Stiletto, Air Hill Squaw Valley, Golly Its Ollie, St            collection &              Vallance at 06 378 8985 email
            George, Im Bru, Lets Hula, Olsen, Out of Reach, Hula Habit and more!                                              courier)         or
      100.     JOLMER FAN TWILLENS, Friesian Stallion with the “star” predicate (imp. Netherlands) 1st year at stud,          Stud Fee:                 Contact: Louie or Marianne
               standing in Marton, Chilled semen available for AI. 163 cm . Excellent temperament, confirmation and           $1200.00 + gst            Weitenberg - Glenrose Friesians
               movement. Winner of NI 2008 Grand Champion Friesian. Winner of Best presented and best marketing               details on website        Ph 06 327 6188 027 683 684 0
               awards at Cambridge stallion parade (a first for same stud to win both awards)                                 or phone for    
                                                                                                                              posted copy               WWW.GLENROSEFRIESIANS.CO.NZ
      101.     MERIMINDI FINALE Imp (Aus) Tall, scopey Purebred Arabian. Finale stands at 15.2hh. He is a lovely                                        Inquires please call Caroline Barber
               boy with a great nature. He is throwing well balanced progeny. His parents were both show champions in                                   06 306 8911 (Martinborough)
               Australia and has come from a line of show quality stock. Progeny available for viewing
      102.     PARIS 8yr old TB stallion by Pupil out of Lets get Famous (by Famous Star), lovely                             $300, $100 non-             Ph Sarah 06 3637108 or 027
               temperament, correct confirmation and straight movement. Service only available for non-                       refundable booking                   4201003
                                                                                                                              fee applies.
               racing purposes.
      103.     Talisman Farm Sport Horses:                                                                                    Stud fee $500               Louise & Nick Wilsden, Talisman
               TF HAMISH. Hamish is a delightfully sweet natured stallion with excellent conformation, strong bone, a         plus agistment                 Farm Sport Horses, Email:
               sound constitution (feet of steel!) and a very pretty head. He stands at 14.3HH but to date all of his foals   and expenses       ,
               have outgrown him. Hamish's foals have all been stamped by their sire and are proving to be personable,                              
               fast learners with gentle temperaments and eye catching looks. Hamish only covers a limited book so it is      Introductory stud
               recommended you book early. Visitors welcome. Mares paddock run or hand served.                                fee of $500 with a         Tel: 06 372 5922 or 027 246 1670
                                                                                                                              LFG. Ltd book so          Stud Fee for each stallion includes a
               CROSSIEBEG BRENNAN Capparis Cassanova x Taihoa Cloudy, 2006 Registered Liver Chestnut                          please book early          $100 handling/booking fee that is
               Connemara Stallion. Eligible for Class 1 Licensing (to be presented). Exciting young pony stallion with        to avoid                      payable in advance and non
               striking looks, correct conformation, straight, ground covering paces and a delightful temperament. To         disappointment                        refundable.
               mature 14-14.1HH Ideal cross with TB mares


     104.     Grazing for 3 horses required in the waikanae area from early november, i am a useful, self sufficient and                       Please contact nikki on 07 866 3341 or
              responsible horse owner.                                                                                               
     105.     For very, friendly quiet retired stationbred gelding. Idealy own paddock with horse over fence or in with                        Please Phone Gail 04 9716558 or
              similar type . Very responsible adult owner.                                                                                     021444236
     106.     Looking for a nice Hack to Show, Dressage & lower level jumping. Jumping not too much of a concern.                              I am in Hawkes Bay area, cell 0274479051
              Doesn't need to be a Super Star but would like it to stack up reasonably well in the Show Ring. Would                            Ph: 06 8794222
              prefer a Park Hack. Please no TBs & under 12 yrs. Would possibly consider a lease.
     107.     Wanted - Wintec Back Protector - Rear Lift Any condition considered                                                              please email or text
                                                                                                                                               on 027 257 2929
     108.     Wanted: CTD Le Concours Flat Seat Saddle 17.5inch with med or wide gullet                                              
     109.     Wanted to buy. Plain black raised style browband 16-16.5 inches in length.                                                       Please email
     110.     Wanted: 18" Wintec Wide Saddle, must be able to trial (happy to pay and get refunded upon return of                              Contact: Katie, 021 044 1308,
              saddle if it does not suit).                                                                                           
     111.     Wanted: 4'6" covers, summer, cotton, doona etc...., set of white jumping boots Cob size, also black Cob                          email
              size Hunter bridle
    112.     Wanted- competent rider to help excercise standardbred horse for owner mostly weekends but some days                           Please phone Val 970 7826
             in week if was able. Mostly hacking but could also have lessons.
    113.     Wanted: Longreach riding boots, 28cm outside length toe to heel, black, good condition.                                        Ph: Tracey 5266404.

WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                                    AUGUST 2010                                                                            PAGE 14 OF 42
                                                           SERVICE DIRECTORY
 Type                  Organisation               Services                                                                         Address             Email/Web addresses                  Phone
 Apparel               Joanne Rowley              Made to measure riding chaps                                                     RD 7 Feilding                   06 323 8753
                                                                                                                                                               0274 43 22 43
 Buildings             Versatile Buildings        Implement Sheds Stables etc. Free Quotes available Based in Ullric St            Plimmerton                  04 233 9528
 Clipping              Clem Benjamin                                                                                               Kapiti Coast/Wftn                                        027 4166 886
 Clipping              Just Clipz                 Horse and Pony clipping service. From trace to full clips.                                                     04 297 0651
                                                                                                                                                                                            021 522 531
 Clipping              Leia Mcevoy                Experienced groom available for all turn out services, clipping, plaiting etc.   Hutt Valley          04 4390264 wk
                                                  Reasonable rates. -                                                                                  or                or 027 5788578
 Clipping              Liz Hutson                 Upper Hutt Based                                                                                                                          04 526 7721
 Clipping              Rosanne Rix                Upper Hutt Based                                                                                                                          04 528 1220
 Clipping              Tania Perriman             Wairarapa / Upper Hutt based                                                                         0272 388 366                         06 370 3554
 Clipping              Yvonne Denton              Porirua based                                                                                            04 232- 9106
 Club                  Te Maura Horse Club Ind    Adult riding club. "Fun club holds rallies, instruction, closed shows,           Upper Hutt
                                                  dressage series Members are able to use club arena and equipment"
 Club(Riding)          Newlands Paparangi         Flatwork & jumping rallies, closed shows, Catered to all levels                  Churton Pk
                       Horse Riding Society
 Engineering           Hanna Engineering          Sheet metal fabrication. Custom made to your requirements. Jump                  Paremata            04 235 7661
                                                  stands, barrel cups, cover racks, float panelling etc.
 Equestrian /          Thompson’s Horse           All Weather arena, with full show jumping area incl jumps as well as a           7 Leonards      04 526 4515
 Train / Instruction   Centre                     separate full sized dressage arena. Fully floodlit, Exercise training            Road, Upper
                       Instruction Avail.         Tracks – 600m and 1000m, $20.00 per hour. Indoor Arena - $20.00 per              Hutt
                                                  hour – booking essential for indoor
 Equestrian /          Tielcey Park               Saddlery, Stabling, Cafe Restaurant, Indoor & Outdoor Arenas. Free               474 Fitzherbert                p 06 353 3533
 Train / Instruction                              Camping & Parking. Based at 488 Fitzherbert East Rd, Aokautere,RD1               East Rd,                m 021 741 772
                                                                                                                                   Palmerston Nt                                            fax 06 353 3536
 Equipment             Jump-A-Bull                Specialising in show and cross country jumps, Pretty Plonkers (artificial        Contact Jan and                 06 322 0838
                                                  decoration) Dressage Planta Boxes, dressage letters, equestrian lead             Graeme O'Fee                                             fax 06 3220839
                                                  lights and stable doors windows and grills.
 Feed/Tack             ACTION FEEDS               Tues – Fri 10.30am – 6.00 pm Sat 10.00 am – 2.00 pm Closed Sun –                 Upper Hutt                04 528 2152
                                                  Mon. DELIVERIES AS PER USUAL Orders in by 5.00 pm Tues. Action                   Unit 2, 122c
                                                  Feeds offers an extensive range of Horse Feeds, Supplements and                  Whakatiki St
                                                  Saddlery. Also stockists of Poultry, Rabbit, Alpaca, Sheep, Birds & Dog
 Feed/Tack             C & P Brogden              All types of hay and baleage, all conventional (And rounds if required).         Palmerston                06 357 7698
                       Contracting                Red clover & meadow hay, meadow haylage, Lucerne baleage. All                    North & Pahiatua                                         027 519 5174
                                                  manner of contracting services.
 Feed                  Seed & Cereal              Large drive-thru warehouse, extensive range of horse feed and                    Masterton               06 3774202
                                                  supplements, Large range of other stock feed as well
 Fencing               Premier Equestrian         The safest of all fences as rated by American Equine Vets – ElectroPlait         Pauatahanui               04 528 8016
 Supplies                                         is now in NZ. For more information on this unique and low cost horse                       
                                                  fence with an outstanding 25 year warranty. Also suppliers of Ranch
                                                  Fencing the safer post and rail style fence that requires no maintenance
 Health                Agresearch Ltd             Non-invasive, urine based pregnancy testing. Simply send a 5 to 10 ml            Upper Hutt
                                                  urine sample from your mare into our diagnostic laboratory for testing.          Based               z
                                                  Suitable for all horse breeds
 Health                Equine Alternative         Equine Sports Massage, Stretching, Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Herbal             Pahiatua                  06 3766780 or
                       Therapies                  & Homeopathic Remedies, Bioptron Light Therapy, Myofascial Release,                                          021 703290
                                                  Saddle Fitting Assessments and Horse Home Care. Regularly covering
                                                  Lower North Island and other areas by arrangement
 Health                Equine Craniosacral        Brochures and price available - Will travel lower north Island                   Wellington based,        0800694434
                       Therapy - Leanne Hall                                                                                                 
 Health                Equine Physiotherapist     UK Trained - Also qualified human Physiotherapist. Based Wairarapa,                                                                       021 582332
                       Luce Dalziell              travelling to UH fortnightly, covering lower North Island
 Horse Toys            Julip Ltd                  High quality horse toys and accessories from established English                 PO Box 22- 033,                    04 479 5798
                                                  company. Colour catalogue on request.                                            Wgtn       
 Instructor            Caroline Simpson           NZ representative and advanced dressage rider offers professional                                         04 528 0114
                                                  dressage schooling for horses and ponies. Excellent facilities and care
                                                  provided for your equine star.
 Instructor            Anna Stephenson            Showjumping Instruction by Experienced, Competitive Grand Prix Rider.            Martinborough         027 652 0383
                                                  Private Lessons $30 for approx 45mins (jump hire included). Prepared to                    
                                                  travel for multiple lessons. Horses also taken for Schooling. Groups by
                                                  arrangement. Clipping & Mane Pulling Service also available
 Instruction           Sarah Inglis               Successful dressage competitor up to and including Prix St George level                              or (021)1526775                      (06)3643292
 Instructor            Anne Kershaw               Dressage lessons in Wellington/Wairarapa. Individuals and group if                                           027 232 2018
 Instructor            Equine Behaviour           Horse training and instruction for horse and rider. Confidence building,         Pauatahanui         training@EquineBehaviourSolutio      04 233 1408,
                       Solutions, Karen Britton   flatwork and foundation for jumping. Improving difficult behaviours. Float-      based,    ,                            027 233 1408
                                                  training. Travel by arrangement, including Hutt Valley area, Kapiti Coast                            www.EquineBehaviourSolutions.c
                                                  and Wairarapa                                                                              
 Instructor            Jacqui Thompson            Dressage lessons at Thompsons horse centre, Competed to Intermediare                             04 5264-515
                                                  1, Indoor or outdoor arena, $50-00 for 45 min Lesson.
 Instructor            Jane Abbott                Dressage/show jumping and confidence building                                    Otaki                                                    021 245 1125
 Instructor            Sarah Inglis               Successful dressage competitor up to and including Prix St George level                                                                   06 3643292
 Instructor            Tania Perriman             Dressage Flat Lessons, will travel to you                                        Wairarapa 
 Instructor            Toni Gray                  Qualified instructor and experienced competitive rider. Reasonable rates                                      021 136 1060
                                                  will travel to you.                                                                                          evenings
 Photography           Dot's Photography          Fully mobile photographer comes to you. Equestrian, candid portraits.                      
                                                  Guaranteed results.
 Photography/          Cathy Dee                  Have your web site designed and photographed by an award winning                                                ph 06 306 8380
 Web design                                       professional who understands horses. For something with difference
 Repair                O’sullivan Boots &         All Saddlery, riding boot and leather goods repaired                                               06 364 5667 or
                       Saddles                                                                                                                                                              021 754025
 Repairs /Tack         Lance Dockery              MADE TO ORDER & REPAIRS (no surcharge) Canvas/fabric products                    Upper Hutt                 04 526 4197
                       Equestrian Products        and repair – also restitching of stirrups, bridle mending. Based at 67
                                                  Oregon Dr, Maoribank. Postal of items available Catalogue Available
 Tack                  Barry’s Place              The greatest range in the Wellington area. 516 Paekakariki Hill Rd,              Pauatahanui                                              04 237 9040
 Tack                  Brent Robertson            Cover manufacturer – Care of Arena Saddlery                                                                                               06 378 2417

WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                                       AUGUST 2010                                                                                      PAGE 15 OF 42
                                                                                                                                                                                   027 255 8226
 Tack               Clareville Saddlery            Good range of both new and 2nd hand gear                                      SH2 Clareville                                    06 379 6494
 Tack               D.S. Equestrian                Top quality equestrian turnout products and a full range of Dairy hygiene     Levin            06 368 9701
                                                   products. first aid equipment suited for equestrian use and are also                 
                                                   agents Equine pasture plus liquid fertilizer especially made to suit equine
                                                   pasture Same day service. Based at 293 Koputaroa Road
 Tack               Horsewyse Palmerston           Large range of new and second hand saddlery. Specialising in rider            Palmerston             06 354 7787
                    North                          outfitting, lay-by and hire purchase available. 117 Rangitikei Street         North                                             0800 TROT ON
 Tack               Rein-Aid Productions NZ        Beautifully made from English leather this range of compassionate aids                        0274 361 961 04
                                                                                                                                                                                   472 4866
 Tack               Robertson Rugs                 Based out of Arena Saddlery, Masterton                                        180 South Rd     Ph/fax:
                                                                                                                                 Masterton          (06)377 7457
 Tack               Tim Abbott                     Master Saddler                                                                Whitby,            04 2355140
                                                                                                                                 Wellington                                        021 2414308
 Training           Andrew Froggatt                Specialises in problem racehorses and eventers, but is also available for     Te Horo                                           06 364 3064.
                                                   your horse. problems from floating, breaking in, re-education, confidence
 Training           Greendowns                     Equestrian Centre                                                             Ohariu Valley                                     04 477 3092
 Training           Peka Peka Road                 Riding lessons (all levels), jumping clinics, school holiday courses,         122 Peka Peka             04 293 6201 /
                    Equestrian Centre              overnight camps, beach treks, birthday parties, schooling,                    Rd, Waikanae                                      021 961 962
                                                   horsemastership courses for kids and parents
 Training           Te Horo Equestrian             We offer lessons (all levels including jumping), grazing, arena hire                          06 3643336 or
                    Centre                                                                                                                                                         0274 486764
 Training           Arena For Hire                 Dressage Arena for Hire - New Arena, Fully fenced                             Pauatahanui      027 281 3646                     04 237 7208
 Training           Arena For Hire                 On line booking System – visit website                                        Pauatahanui
 Training           Moutere Downs                  Train/Instruction/Trails/Jumps/Freejumping lane/Allweather arena/Arena        75 Moutere Rd,;              06-367-9904
                    Equestrian Centre              use/Bookings essential                                                        RD1 Levin

                                                         SERVICES AVAILABLE
BREEDING                                       •     Please contact me for further details           •      Horses, dogs. Your photo or mine        •     88 Avenue North, Levin Dorothy &
DUTCH HORSES UNLIMITED                               on 0210707974 or email me at                    •      $300 plus travel to photograph                Derek Burt - your hosts Tel/fax 06
•   BREEDING: Dutch Horses Unlimited                              •      Phone Melda 06 364 0475.                      3687062 Email:
    has brought Dutch warmblood horses                                                                                                          
                                               HORSE POSTCARDS
    to New Zealand. Dutch warmbloods           Contact Louise,
                                                                                                     FARM STAYS /
    are renown for their performance in                                                              ACCOMODATION                                   FEEDING
                                      for more                                                                BROOKBY HERBS:
    both the dressage and show jumping         details                                    HORADELA LODGE
    arena. Many world class sport horses                                                                                                            •   The Natural Advantage. 100% Natural
                                                               Pack#1 This pack includes  •    EQUESTRIAN HOLIDAY CENTRE
    have their origins in Holland.                                                                                                                      Herbs for Horses, Dogs and Riders.
                                                               10 high quality standard   •    Kitchen with large open plan living –
•   Dutch Horses Unlimited assists you to                                                                                                           •   Enhance your horse’s health,
                                                               sized postcards. Horses         fabulous for happy hour, functions and
    find the stallions that meet your                                                                                                                   performance and stamina the way
                                                               featured are a pair of          meetings.
    breeding objective. Although many of                                                                                                                nature intended.
                                                               purebred Clydesdale fillies.    T.V., Piano, Table Tennis Table
    the stallions are not directly available                                                                                                        •   Complete range and price list
                                                               They are full sisters, a year
                                                                                          •    Showers and toilets modern
    in New Zealand, Dutch Horses                                                                                                                        available.
                                                               apart in age. Size = 10.5cm•    Tarseal to gate and ample parking
    Unlimited can help you to find other                       x 14cm. Just add a stamp,                                                            •   Phone Toni 477 1993 or 027 222 1266
                                                                                          •    45 minutes from Wanganui and
    stallions that meet your needs.                            address and your message                                                             • OR
•                       and send! $10 per pack                                                         
                                                                                          •    14 pipe horse yards
    Start.htm                                                  with free postage.                                                                   EQUINE ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES
                                                                                          •    Over night paddocks
•   06 324 8853 and 0211496689                                 Pack#2 This pack includes                                                            •   For help with Muscular Aches and
                                                                                          •    Cross country training course – pre -
                                                               5 high quality printed                                                                   Pains, Behavioural and Emotional
EQUESTRIAN ART/FILM                                            oversize postcards. Horse
                                                                                               training to pre-novice but I'm able to
                                                                                               provide smaller fences if required                       Problems, Saddle Fitting Problems,
EVENT PHOTOGRAPHER: BRENDA                                     featured is a three year old
                                                                                          •    Farm tracks for riding, tramping and                     Training Issues, Strains and Sprains,
CAMERON                                                        7/8 TB bay stallion by
                                                                                               mountain biking                                          Enhancing Performance, Increasing
•    I have been taking a number of                            Mighty Heights. Size =
                                                                                          •    Charges $11.25 Per night per                             Range of Motion and Flexibility,
     photo's at events over 2007 and also                      21cm x 14cm. Just add a
                                                                                               person G.S.T. Inc; $15.00 Use of X                       Preventative Maintenance,
     of the Manawatu Hunts over the 2008                       stamp, address and your
                                                                                               Country course per day per horse                         Rehabilitation, Event Treatments
     season.                                                   message and send! $10 per
                                                                                          •    G.S.T. Inc; $6.00 Night per horse                    •   A range of therapies available -
•    My photos are on the following site:                      pack with free postage
                                                                                               G.S.T. Inc                                               Equine Sports Massage, Stretching,
•                                                                                                                                  Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Herbal &
•    email address:          ORIGINAL HIGH QUALITY SKETCHES OF •              Sharon & Lou de Melo Phone 06 346
                                              YOUR HORSE OR PONY!                              6286                                                     Homeopathic Remedies, Bioptron
•    I will be attending most events this                                                                                                               Light Therapy, Myofascial Release,
     season with my daughter so am happy •         Wouldn’t you love a beautiful original •
                                                                                                                                                        Saddle Fitting Assessments and
     to "snap" photos for people if they           portrait of your horse or pony to hang •
                                                   on your wall?                                                                                        Horse Home Care.
     wish!                                                                                                                                          •   Regularly covering Lower North Island
                                              •    Send us a high quality digital
DIGITAL CRAFTING – RYKELAND                        photo/scan or an original photograph GREENACRES FARM STAY for you &                                  and other areas by arrangement.
DESIGN                                             and let Nick sketch your horse/pony    your horse                                                •   CHECK OUT NEW WEBSITE:
•    The perfect gift for any horse lover!!!!      for you.                               •    Great for those competing in the               
     Have your favourite horsey photos        •    NO computer reproductions! These            Horowhenua Room for both riders and                  •   Phone: 06 3766780 or 021 703290
     digitally crafted, using a variety of         are 100% original, gorgeous hand-           horses                                               •   Email:
     artistic methods to create striking           drawn works of art that truly capture  •    Horowhenua/Manawatu and can offer
     personalised art for your enjoyment.                                                                                                           WELLINGTON FEED AND SADDLERY
                                                   the grace and beauty of your equine         luxury accommodation
                                                                                                                                                    have in stock:
•    Up to A3 size. A1 and A2 by                   friend!                                •    Our tariff is $100 per double per night,
     arrangement.                                                                                                                                   •     Back on Track
                                              •    Sketches are available in A3 or A4          including full English breakfast with
•    Full service and price list on the                                                        home-made bread and jam, and offer                   •     Veredus Magnetik boots
                                                   sizes and make awesome presents –
     website.                                      Get in early for Christmas or give a        a full choice menu. Also there are                   •     James Hart Herbals
•    Gift vouchers available.                      friend or loved family member a very        refreshments on arrival, usually home-               •     Mountain Horse/Ridesafe
•                     personal and unique gift!                   made cake and a cup of we can                        •     Plus a full range of feed and
•                 •    Prices start at $60.00                      provide a 3 course dinner for you at                       supplements.
                                              •    Just send your photo and we will send       $35 per person including wine. An                    •     please text or call 027 752 8812 for a
'HORSE DRAWN'                                      you a quote.                                extra bed in your room for a child $15.                    free delivery or shop hours.
•    Equine                                   •    CONTACT: Louise and Nick Wilsden            We don't charge for your animals. We
     Portraitsby                                   Talisman Farm Sport Horses,                 have a cosy log fire, double glazing                 HEALTH
     Rachel                                        MASTERTON Tel: 06 372 5922:                 and concrete walls in a lovely warm,                 D.S. EQUESTRIAN
     Henderson                                             modern house.                                        •     Full range of Dairy hygiene products.
     Prices start at                                                                      •    There is room to exercise your horses                •     First aid equipment suited for
     $35All pictures drawn from your          PORTRAITS                                        in the 4 acre paddock and we have a                        equestrian
     photographs                              •    Pastel, pencil or water colour.             big garden too to wander through.                    •     Agents Equine pasture plus liquid
WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                                        AUGUST 2010                                                                           PAGE 16 OF 42
     fertilizer especially made to suit equine   •     Available in greater Wellington area    •   Distance Healing & Communication              CertMST(Human) CertVetNursing
     pasture                                     •     Ph: 04 4769994                              Sessions for Animals                          Registered Animal Chiropractor and
•    Same day service.                                                                         •   Rider Therapy - Relief Guaranteed             Human Sports Therapist.
•    Based at 293 Koputaroa Road, Levin          LYNNE MOORE                                       for riding, performance, jumping          •   Specializing in gentle & effective
•                     •   Barefoot Trimming Palmerston North            anxiety and loss of an equine friend          treatment to relieve neuro-musculo-                             to Wellington including Wairarapa.            with EFT. 15mins free consultation            skeletal dysfunction & prevent
•    06 368 9701                                 •   Fitter and distributor of Old Macs Hoof       NZ wide by phone.                             problems that cause gait
                                                     Boots, Therapeutic Saddle Pads, Pee       •   Email: Valee More, Reiki Master               abnormalities, lameness, back
NON-INVASIVE PREGNANCY TESTING                       Wee Bits, Cool Heat Rugs and more.            Teacher, for           soreness, injury, pain and decreased
•    Accurate urine based test for               •   Tidy Trims Hoofcare                           intro pages. Visit                            performance.
     diagnosing pregnancy status of your         •   Ph 06 329 7767 or 021 147 6081       for          •   Full biomechanical assessments
     mare from 100 days after breeding           •                           case studies, articles, testimonies.          made. Also SpectraVet Laser Therapy
     through to 300 days. Suitable for all                                                     •   Ph 09 832-9273 or 021 250-5039                (LLLT) & Heel Homotoxicology.
     horse breeds.                               MICK FRYATT (A.W.C.F, R.S.S)
                                                                                                                                             •   Member of the Australian Veterinary
•    Simply send us a 5 to 10ml sample of        •    Farrier services available
                                                                                               BIOPTRON LIGHT THERAPY                            Chiropractic Association. Registered
     your mare’s urine and we will notify        •    Available in the                                                                           with the G.C.C.(UK). Graduate from
                                                                                               •   Greatly reduce the healing time of
     you of her pregnancy status within 5             Horowhenua/Rangitikei areas.                                                               University of Wales, UK 2002. Post-
                                                                                                   your horse's injury - abrasions,
     working days of sample receipt.             •    Ph: 063278120 Mob: 0273253259                                                              Graduate from RMIT University,
                                                                                                   arthritis, contusions, sprains,
•    Visit for full     BOOK - HOOF PROBLEMS                                  inflammation, rigid muscles, open             Melbourne 2005.
     details of the test and easy ways to                                                          wounds, pulled muscles.                   •   Small & large animals treated.
                                             •   “With the aid of over 1000
     collect a urine sample.                                                                   •   This natural therapy light has a          •   Please call 021 378 127 (M), 06 342
                                                 photographs, internationally renowned
•    Contact                                     expert Rob van Nassau looks at every              biostimulative effect on the cells of the     9967 (H) or .          aspect of hoof care, and describes in             body which activates and regenerates •
     Phone 04 529 0541.                          detail more than fifty common foot                blood and body cells - encouraging
                                                                                                   the body to self-heal and regenerate      COTSWOLD EQUINE & ANIMAL
HEALTH - DENTAL                              •   The Author: Rob van Nassau has over               at a much faster pace than if left        THERAPIES NZ LTD.
                                                 thirty years experience working in a              untreated. It is recommended that the •       Professional, gentle and effective care
•    Equine Dental Technician                                                                      light be applied daily on muscular            of neuromusculo-skeletal problems for
                                                 specialist equine veterinary clinic. He
•    I have just finished a three month                                                            conditions, and every second day on           you, your horse and your dog
                                                 is a respected farriery teacher and
     course with Warwick Behrns at the NZ        lecturer, and is a former European                open wounds (a treatment is generally •       Freedom of Pain – Prevention of Injury
     School of equine dentistry. Warwick                                                           around 6 minutes per site). Very              – Optimum Performance
                                                 Champion and National Champion
     has just passed his advanced                farrier in Holland.                               quick, and very easy!!!                   •   Fenella Grigsby - DC, Grad.Dip.
     certification in England and is an                                                        •   $10 for 10 minutes, $60 per hour (plus        (Animal. Chiropractic) RMIT,
                                             •   Illustrations: Colour illustrations
     advanced dentist with the IAED                                                                travel)                                       Cert.M.S.T.(Human), Cert.Equine.
                                                 throughout Pages: 270 x 210 mm, 224
     (international association of equine                                                      •   To find out more, give me a call -            Massage, Cert. Vet.Nursing
                                                 pages Binding: Casebound ISBN:
     dentists) a world wide governing body       9781905693009                                     Jackie - on 2377987, or 0274-429-279 •        MAVCA, MNZHATA, Reg’d with GCC
     of vets and lay dentists). Having                                                         •   It’s a quality product and great value        (UK)
                                             •   $89.99 plus $5 shipping anywhere
     passed the course under IAED rules I                                                          at $39 including GST.                     •   Based in Wanganui, with regular visits
                                                 within NZ.
     have to be practising for eighteen                                                                                                          to Manawatu, Wellington, Hawkes
                                             •   Order online from David Hankin                DEBBIE PRATTLEY
     months before I can sit the exam.                                                                                                           Bay, Waikato and Auckland
                                                 Dip.WCF at or call
•    Contact: Ph 04 299 3412 or 0274 688                                                       •   Hi I am a veterinarian with post-         •   For enquiries or to book an
                                                 0800 211 212
     5299                                                                                          graduate qualifications in veterinary         appointment please go to
                                             •   Also available: Other hoof books,                 acupuncture and chiropractic. I've   or call us on 021 378
KRISTIN MAXWELL EQDT - EQUINE                    Tools, Rasps, Horseshoes, Farrier’s               been making regular trips down to the         127 or 06 342 9967
DENTAL TECHNICIAN.                               formula, knife sharpeners etc                     Wellington area treating horses and
•    Graduate of American School of                                                                can also travel to other areas.           EQUINE ALTERNATIVES -Professional
     Equine Dentistry.                       SHARRON ALLMAND                                                                                 Member of International Equine Body
                                                                                               •   AcuVet Ltd
                                             •   Natural Barefoot Hoof Trimming
•    Covering Wellington, Manawatu and                                                         •   Acupuncture and chiropractic care for Worker Association
     the Wairarapa.                          •   Services:                                         animals                                   •   ENHANCE THE WELL BEING OF
•    All floating, bit seats and wolf teeth. •   Natural barefoot trimming for any             •   Phone 027 3838 728 or email                   YOUR HORSE...try a range of natural
•    Contacts: email                             horse or pony anywhere from                                    therapies for healing and health               Palmerston North - Wellington area                                                              maintenance.
•    Cell phone: 0274816488                  •   Available for trimming workshops to           ORTHO-BIONOMY FOR HORSES /                    •   Massage, Aromatherapy, Bioptron
                                                 show how barefoot works for our               OWNERS / HANDLERS                                 Light Therapy, Acupressure and
MARTEN DIJKSTRA.                                 horse                                         •    Horses are very receptive to Ortho-          Homeopathic Remedies.
•    I am a practising horse dentist, I have •   I am also available to talk to Pony               Bionomy® and respond clearly to the •         For more information contact:
     a good understanding of modern              Clubs/Riding Groups and demonstrate               treatment at an optimum speed for         •   EQUINE ALTERNATIVES - Sarah
     horse dentistry, and have the skills to     with a cadaver leg how barefoot                   new-comers and beginners to notice            Linton Ph: 06 3766780 or 021 703290
     use hand floats, but also have power        benefits our horses                               the effects and to develop confidence         or email:
     equipment for when necessary.           •   Address: Te Horo                                  in the practice.                    
•    I am based in Palmerston North          •   email:               •   Ortho-Bionomy® was founded by Dr.
•                                                                     Arthur Lincoln Pauls, D.O. an             EQUINE CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY
                                             •   phone: 06 367 3506 or mobile: 0274
                                                 400 664                                           osteopath who was searching for more •        Most horses can benefit from a
TONI KILVINGTON, EQDT - PEAK                                                                       gentle ways for aligning bones and            Cranio-Sacral session: Head injuries
PERFORMANCE EQUINE DENTISTRY                                                                       releasing muscles. Ortho-Bionomy®             / traumas, Emotional problems,
•    Graduate of the American School of
                                             HEALTH – MASSAGE ETC                                  uses both Osteopathic and                     Behaviour, problems, Lameness, TMJ
     Equine Dentistry                        ANIMAL REIKI COURSES                                                                                (temporal mandibular joint
                                                                                                   Homeopathic Principles such as:
•    Member International Association of     •   Learn this gentle and loving system                                                             dysfunction), Colic, Tinnitus (ringing in
                                                                                               •   The body has an inherent capacity to
     Equine Dentistry (            that is scientically proven to accelerate                                                       the ears), and Blocked tear ducts,
                                                                                                   heal and balance itself. Like cures like.
                                                 healing of soft tissue. It reduces stress                                                       Spine injuries, Hind end injuries. And
•    Services include: floating (using hand                                                        Less is more: an effective dose is the
                                                 usually within minutes having an                                                                many other problems. Equine
     floats and/or motorised equipment),                                                           smallest dose
                                                 analgesic effect helping to reduce                                                              CranioSacral Therapy is effective in
     incisor realignment, wolf teeth                                                           •   Structure governs function
                                                 pain. Reiki creates a deeper                                                                    treating acute and chronic injuries &
     removal, canine reduction, and bit                                                        •   If you can improve the flow of blood,
                                                 connection with your animal friends,                                                            conditions. The number of treatments
     seats.                                                                                        fluids and energy, then healing occurs
                                                 balances and clears the energy                                                                  needed, will differ from horse to horse.
•    Phone: 027 222 1266 or 04 477 1993                                                        •   Ortho-Bionomy® has been shown to
                                                 channels, and helps release tissue                                                          •   Leanne Hall on Ph 04 477 1993, or
•    Email       trauma and cellular memory.                       improve:
•    Or visit                                                                                                          027 274
                                             •   Learning Reiki enhances the ability to        •   sore muscles and joints, structural
                                                                                                   imbalances, relaxation and stress,        •   email
                                                 listen to animal communication
HEALTH – FEET/FARIER                             through expanding one's intuition and             circulation and immunity                  •,
CLAUDIA WALDMANN                                                                                                                       
                                                 connection with our inner self,               •   A full-body release session (approx. 1
•    Barefoot Hoof Trimmer (certified)           developing qualities such as                      hour) $50                                 EQUISSAGE MASSAGE
•    contact Claudia Waldmann                    acceptance, patience, compassion,             •   Contact: Christine Jamieson Hm (04) •         Equissage Therapist Available
•                  trust and forgiveness.                            977 6844 Cell (021) 165 8877              •   Lisa Davidson Ph (06) 377 1055 Cell
CRAIG ANQUETIL                               •   DVD ~ Animal Reiki showing                CEAT NZ Ltd. - Animal Therapy                           027 408 5171
•    Farrier services available                  session with a horse                      •   Fenella Grigsby DC                            •     Email Davidsonlisa@Hotmail.Com
•    Trade qualified                         •   only $6                                       GradDip(AnimalChiro)                          •     Equissage massage is a proven way
WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                                    AUGUST 2010                                                                       PAGE 17 OF 42
     of preventing injury especially when                Cost: $40 per person per day (3 or               from beginner to advanced level.
     your horse is being worked a lot or on      Holiday-Care.html                                  more) or $55 pp per day for 2 people.      •     Learn a better way - Make real
     hard ground as occurs during summer. •      call us to book on 04 210 0412/ 021          DESENSITIZING CLINICs                                  progress - Correct, Effective Training
     Yet if an injury or muscle soreness has     363 067                                                                                             that provides Results!
                                                                                              •   Back by popular demand!
     already occurred then an Equissage                                                                                                        •     Season Planning Advice and Ongoing
                                             SARAH TYLER                                      •   Clinics generally run over two days,
     massage will speed up the recovery                                                                                                              Competition and Horse Management
                                             •   I have been a professional rider for             and the cost would be approximately
     process. Preventing injury is always                                                                                                            Support.
                                                 many years and have produced many                $80 per horse for the two days.
     best, so to help reduce the risk of                                                                                                       •     Advanced/Intermediate, CCI**
                                                 horses from uneducated to top level              Overnight horse accommodation
     injury to your horse then use                                                                                                                   Eventing Rider, trained under National
                                                 incl.                                            available if required ($10 per night.).
     Equissage massage                                                                                                                               and International coaches and riders.
                                             •   An Advanced eventer that went on to              One day intensive courses
                                                                                              •   can be arranged for anyone                         Winner Taupo 3DE CCI* ON 2006,
equinePHYSIOcare                                 the Sydney Olympics.
                                                                                                  interested. They run for 23 hours and              Dip. HBM, Qualifed ESNZ coach,
•    Bioptron, massage, chiro, discount for •    I have been a member of the NZ
                                                                                                  cost approximately $60 per horse.                  NZPCA Coaching Officer, PC National
     teams.                                      Development Squad and am a
                                                                                                  (min 3 people)                                     Teams Event Coach at NZPCA
•    Currently attends some of NZd`s             qualified coach.                                                                                    Champs and TT Eventing.
     champion eventers & dress` horses       •   Lessons are $35 for 30mins, $45 for          •   New: INTRODUCTION TO HOOF
                                                                                                  BALL!                                        •     Available for schooling and competing
•    VISITS: New Plymouth, Queenstown,           45mins.                                                                                             horses - short or long term. Lessons
     Christchurch, Palmerston North,         •   I also ride and take horses for              •   Hoofball is a fun new game to teach
                                                                                                                                                     also available on my schoolmaster
     Wellington, Melbourne                       schooling.                                       your horse. This clinic is designed to
•               •   Phone Sarah Tyler 0274 589 286                   introduce your horse to the ball and
                                                                                                  the concept of playing with it, as well      •     Private lessons from $35 for an hour.
     021.446.374                                                                                                                                     Group discounts apply.
                                               GROOMING                                           as learning to work alongside other
SONYA GLENNIE                                                                                     horses in a team environment. Safety         •     80m x 40m all weather Arena with full
•   EMRT, CCMRT and BOWEN                      SERVICES/PRODUCTS                                  and enjoyment are a top priority for               set of jumps in Pauatahanui ($10 fee)
    THERAPY                                    CLIPPING & TURNOUT SERVICES                        both horse and rider. Duration:                    OR I can travel to you.
•   (Equine Muscle Release Therapy,            AVAILABLE                                          Approximately 2 hrs. $40.00 pp.              •     Ph. 04 2331237 evenings or 021 136
•   Cat and Canine Muscle Release              •    Leia McEvoy, Experienced groom                Minimum of 4 people, max 8 people.                 1060
    Therapy)                                        available for all turn out services,      •   If you are keen to participate in any of     •     Website:
•   EMRT, the official Bowen on horses.             clipping, plaiting etc.                       the above courses or clinics or learn        •     Email:
•   Affiliated to Bowtech. A gentle, non       •    Reasonable rates.                             more, please email                           CAROLINE SIMPSON
    invasive state of the art healing          •    Hutt Valley                          to register your
                                                                                                                                               •   Dressage lessons by NZ
    technique.                                 •    Contact or                 interest. Or Phone Jane on
                                                                                                                                                   representative and advanced
•   Sonya Glennie, certified practitioner.                            0212451125
                                                                                                                                                   dressage rider
•   06 3471853 : 027 2892 529                  •    021 0272 5158 or 04 4390 264 or
                                                    02102725157                               TRAINING – RIDING                                •   .Individual or group lessons, all levels,
•   Areas covered regularly include                                                                                                                will travel.
    Taranaki, Wanganui, Manawatu,              HORSE CLIPPING & MANE/TAIL                     INSTRUCTORS                                      •   Contact Caroline Simpson 04 528
    Horowhenua, North Waiarapa                 PULLING:                                         ALI McWATTERS: COACH                               0114 or email
•   $60 for a single horse; $45 each for       •   Have your horse start the new season         •    Lessons available in Wellington area      •
    two or more horses - Includes GST              looking their very best. No job too          •    Show Jumping, Cross Country,
    Plus travel                                    tough.                                            Dressage                                  CATH GARDEN - EQUINE CONSULTANT
•   Bowen therapy for people too               •   Competitive rates, and can travel out        •    I’m a travelling coach so will come to    •   Improve trust, communication and
                                                   of area if group booking.                         your place to coach or I have an all-         understanding between you and your
HORSE                                          •   Phone Sarah 0274 589 286                          weather arena with jumps based in             horse.
SITTERS/EXERCISERS                                                                                   upper hutt. Can do daytime or             •   Halter training, In-Hand and Long-rein
HORSE EXCERCISE/LIVERY - NICOLE                SMART TAILS - THE REVOLUTIONARY                       evenings and weekends.                        work
REESBY                                         MANE AND TAIL THINNER                            •    Currently competing 1.35 sj and           •   •       Learn body language your horse
•   Horses taken in for                        •    The humane way to thin, tidy and give            eventing train/pre novice, having             will understand in
    schooling/excercising by experienced            the pulled tail look without discomfort          produced all my own horses from           •   your Roundpen work
    riders working with                             to your horse, brilliant for thinning thick      unbroken or ex racers.                    •   Refining techniques for riders of any
    young/problem/competition                       unruly manes.                               •    NZEF qualified and PC coach for NISJ          level
•   Horses, based in Wairarapa                 •    They cut and thin, but leave the tail            champs for past 4 years as well as TT     •   Identification of “problems” and
•   Different riding packages available,            looking like it has been pulled.                 eventing coach, I also do some natural        introduction of methods for
•   Gavin Morison on hand for expert           •    Great for shaping, finishing and                 horsemanship.                                 Improvement
    help.                                           thinning. Doesn’t look like it has been •        Ph 04 526 4699 or 021 120 1578            •   New Zealand Equestrian Federation
                                                    scissored, razored or clipped.
•   Ph 06 372 7677                                                                              ALISON FRANKLIN                                    Level 2 coach               •    A full tail can be transformed to a
                                                                                                                                               •   Have the benefit of my 30 year’s
                                                    pulled tail ready for the show ring in 10 •      Can travel to you - NZEF Grade 1
                                                                                                     Coach                                         experience world wide.
HEATHER MONTGOMERY                                  minutes.
                                                                                                                                               •   Handling & starting untouched horses,
•   SPACE AVAILABLE for Horses and             •    Totally safe, no need to put yourself at •       Eventing, Showjumping and Dressage
                                                                                                     experience.                                   retraining difficult horses & developing
    Ponies for schooling and/or getting             risk with a difficult horse.
                                                                                                •    Can teach beginners to experienced            them into user friendly partners for
    fit for:                                   •    For more information contact Alyssa
                                                                                                     riders.                                       you.
•   dressage showjumping cross country              email
                                                                                                •    Committed to enhancing your riding        •   Available for private lessons and
    hunting racing                             •
                                                                                                     experience, whatever your riding level.       clinics
•   Great opportunity to get your horse or     •    Stud
                                                                                                                                               •   Limited space available for schooling
    pony really fit and well schooled!     •            I specialise in improving
                                                                                                     communication between rider and               horses.
•   Horses and ponies (rider under 60kg)            tud
                                                                                                     horse whether you aim to compete or       •   Round pen and arena available
    can be trained on flat to undulating
                                               TRAINING – CLINICS                                    simply enjoy the ride.                    •   Ask about the “Back to Basics” for
    sandy country with plenty of room to
                                                                                                •    Contact: Alison Franklin, Dannevirke,         new, older and returning to riding
    gallop. Beach work and show jumping,       CLINICS AVAILABLE AT RIVERBANK
                                                                                                     06 374 3866; Email                            horse people
    cross country and wire jump training       FARM EQUINE
    available. Half an hour from                                                                                 •   Based in the Manawatu - Phone 021
                                               •    The following clinics are being offered
    Palmerston North and Feilding.                                                                                                                 02361099
                                                    at Riverbank Farm Equine in Otaki, if ANNA STEPHEN
•   Knowledgeable horsewoman and                    you can get a group together, dates                                                        •
                                                                                                •    Showjumping Instruction by
    competitive rider with experience in all        and times can be arranged to suit;                                                         HEATHER MONTGOMERY
                                                                                                     Experienced Competitve Rider.
    the above disciplines.                          otherwise, look out for notice of up                                                       •   LESSONS Specialising in Show
                                                                                                •    Private Lessons $30 for approx
•   Competitive rates.                              and coming dates on the WEC                                                                    Jumping, ShowHunter
                                                                                                     45mins, Groups by arrangement.
•   Contact: Heather Montgomery, 06 324             Equestrian web site.                                                                       •   Flat Work for Jumpers
                                                                                                •    Clipping & Mane Pulling Service also
    8763            •    The emphasis of all clinics is on fun                                                      •   Do you want to advance your jumping
                                                                                                     available –
                                                    and education in a safe and friendly                                                           riding and feel confident when you
JURA - HOLIDAY CARE                                 environment. Contact details below.         •    Limited horses taken for schooling –
•   for your equine when you area away.                                                         •    Martinborough based                           jump?
                                               EVENTING CLINICS                                                                                •   Do you want to improve your
    Many different options to suit your                                                         •    Contact 027 652 0383
                                               •    (Dressage & Cross Country)                                                                     knowledge about riding and preparing
    equines needs, paddocks designed for                                                        •
    horse safety, no minimum length of         •    Ideally maximum group size would be                                                            jumping horses?
    stay, owners onsite.                            4 or 5 people, minimum 2 people.                                                           •   Do you want to learn what makes
                                                    Lessons will last one and a half to two AWESOME GGCOACH - TONI GRAY                            good show jumping and show hunter
•   Check out the website
                                                    hours (depending on group size).            •    Lessons in Dressage, SJ and Eventing          courses?
WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                                   AUGUST 2010                                                                          PAGE 18 OF 42
•     Individual and group lessons             •     Experienced PC instructor/examiner      •     These sessions can quickly help to              2935.
      available. Competitive rates.                  and retired SJ competitor.                    reduce and eliminate anxiety, create
•     Knowledgeable and competitive            •     Enjoy teaching competitive riders.            clarity and help you get on track with    GAVIN MORISON
      horsewoman currently competing in        •     $30 plus travel.                              what you want to accomplish. Energy       •   Horse Trainer - starting and problem
      show hunter and show jumping at          •     Based Otaki. Phone Melda 06 364               psychology (EFT) can also help to             horses
      ESNZ shows with success.                       0475                                          change physical patterns and pain         •   115 Ruakokopatuna Road, RD1,
•     Contact: Heather Montgomery, 06 324                                                          held in the body.                             Martingorough
      8763          MICHAELA MANLEY                               •     Transformation is easily monitored        •   06 306 8199
                                               •   Jumping and dressage, handling skills,          and changes are usually experienced
JACQUI THOMPSON                                    starting young horses.                          within minutes where other modalities     PARELLI NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP
•   Dressage lessons at Thompsons              •   Rider/instructor with 20 years                  may take months.                          •   Clinic organiser
    horse centre                                   experience in riding/competition and      •     In a recent session, jumping anxiety      •   Call or emails to register your interest
•   Competed to Intermediare 1                     instruction in NZ and the UK. Qualified         created by a fall was eliminated within       for clinics or for dates of up and
•   Indoor or outdoor arena                        teacher, with a background in                   one session.                                  coming clinics
•   $50-00 for 45 min Lesson                       schooling/breaking in, working with       •     No obligation 15min free consultation.    •   Sandra Gow, Parelli Clinic Organiser,
•   Lessons available on our well                  difficult horses, and competition.              One off sessions or contract rates by         Manawatu to Wellington and
    schooled horses to improve your                Sympathetic and hands on approach,              phone.                                        Wairarapa 1138 C Maymorn Road,
    position and confidence                        with a variety of approaches to           •     Call Valee More, dip psychsyn,                Upper Hutt
•   Tel 5264-515 for bookings                      progress you and your horse. Can                member EPANZ.                             •   Email:
•                travel to you, $50/hour, $40 half hour,   •     09 832-9273 Visit:                        •   Ph: (04) 5264459 or (mob)021
                                                   first lesson $10 discount. Mileage may Email:           469364
GEOFF CULVERWELL                                   apply depending on location.                                                              •
•   Specialist programs to build               •   Phone Michaela on 021 122 2664,
    soundness, strength & enhancement              934 0882, or email                      SANDY FRYATT                                      DESENSITIZING CLINICS
    movement.                                              •   NZEF coach level 1                            •   Movie horses NZ (Jane Abbott and
•   3DE / PC champs preparation.                                                           •   Trained and produced horses and                   Karen Mason) are available to run
•   Also basic - medium dressage &             NATALIE PAGE AVAILABLE FOR                      riders to CCI****level Internationally            Desensitization Clinics.
    preparation for all jumping xc/sj          COACHING                                    •   25 years of good solid competition and        •   The clinics will be held at Jane’s
•   geoff culverwell internationally trained   •   Currently competing at advanced             trainingwith top class riders/trainers for        property in Otaki.
    coach & equine therapist                       eventing                                    all diciplines in Europe and NZ               •   Courses generally run over two days,
• nz 021 446         •   Winner of the CCI** 3DE at Puhinui      •   Loads of experience with complicated              and the cost is $80 per horse for the
    374                                            2008 and Past winner of the CCI* 3DE        horses and putting them on the right              two days(2 hrs per day). (minimum of
                                                   at Taupo. Have also competed up to          track.                                            four horses)
HEATHER MONTGOMERY                                 1 star grand prix showjumping.                                                            •   There are yards for horses to stay
                                                                                           •   Train any level of horses and
•   LESSONS Specialising in Show               •   Please contact Natalie on 027 485                                                             overnight if required.
                                                                                               any dicipline,forte being 'The absolute
    Jumping, Show Hunter                           4101 or (06) 3626665.                                                                     •   One day intensive courses can be
                                                                                               basics' - eventing.
•   Flat Work for Jumpers                                                                                                                        arranged for anyone interested. They
                                                                                           •   Based in Rangitikei area but will travel.
•   Do you want to advance your jumping        NICOLE BOURS - DRESSAGE                                                                           run for 2-3 hours and cost $50 per
                                                                                           •   Email:
    riding and feel confident when you         •   Nicole Bours has been riding at Grand                                                         horse. (minimum of four horses)
                                                                                           •   Ph: 021859899
    jump?                                          Prix level in the Netherlands, the USA                                                    •   If there is a group of ten or more at a
•   Do you want to improve your                    and Japan, and she has coached a        SARAH INGLIS                                          suitable location, we can travel within
    knowledge about riding and preparing           show jumping stable in Italy. She gives •   Working with riders to develop and                the Wellington region.
    jumping horses?                                instruction to riders of all levels,        improve their influence with their            •   If you are keen to participate or learn
•   Do you want to learn what makes                ranging from Elementary to Grand            horses through better postural                    more, please email
    good show jumping and show hunter              Prix.                                       alignment. I have trained and            to
    courses?                                   •   If you want to improve your riding, or      competed horses up to and including               register your interest
•   Individual and group lessons                   just want to learn about the Dutch          Prix St George - Intermediare l level
    available. Competitive rates.                  method of training horses, just give us     and am a past member of the                ODENHILLS PERFORMANCE EQUINES
•   Knowledgeable and competitive                  a call.                                     Dressage NZ development squad.             •     Focused on building a solid
    horsewoman currently competing in          •   / •      I am based on the Kapiti Coast and               partnership between horse & rider.
    show hunter and show jumping at                htm                                         travel to the Hutt Valley most weeks.            Helping riders assit their mounts to
    ESNZ shows with success.                   •   06 324 8853 and 0211496689              •   Ph 021 638837                                    achieve great results. I am currently
•   Contact: Heather Montgomery, 06 324                                                                                                         working fulltime schooling horses, and
                                               PEKA PEKA ROAD EQUESTRIAN                     SARAH TYLER: DRESSAGE & JUMPING                    have previously competed to one-star
                                               CENTRE                                        •   I have produced 8 international quality        GP on both ponies and hacks,
                                               •   Riding lessons (all ages, all levels),        horses that have been sold overseas            including self-produced mounts.
•   Available for schooling horses,
                                                   your horse or ours. "Learn-To-Ride"           mainly as event horses but also 2 who •        CONTACT: (04) 234-1125
    lessons, pre-season fitness, selling
                                                   program for beginners, after-school or        sold as straight show jumpers.           •     Email:
    horses on behalf and short term livery
                                                   weekend private/group lessons.            •   If required I will travel and teach at a •
                                               •   Work towards Certificates of                  suitable place. I also offer riding and
•   Currently competing at                                                                                                                VALLEY VIEW TRAINING STABELS
                                                   Achievement. We also offer regular            schooling of horses for those riders
    Intermediate/Two Star level eventing,
    1.25m Show Jumping and Elementary
                                                   jumping clinics, school holiday               that are too busy or unable to ride on Give your Young Horse the Best start in
                                                   courses, overnight camps, beach               particular days.                         life.
    level dressage.                                                                                                                       •     Horses taken from Weaning up to
                                                   treks, children's birthday parties,       •   I charge $35.00 for 30 minutes,
•   Spent January to June 2010 working             schooling, horsemastership courses                                                           starting under saddle and everything
    in one of New Zealand’s top eventing                                                         $45.00 for 45 minutes and discounts
                                                   for kids and parents, and more.               available for group lessons plus               else in between.
    yards schooling green broke horses                                                                                                    •     Let us train your young one to a stage
                                               •   Bring your own pony or ride one of our        whatever arena surcharge exists.
    through to advanced level event                                                                                                             of training you require.
                                                   lovely schoolmasters.                     •   Clipping and mane/tail pulling,
                                               •   122 Peka Peka Rd, Waikanae                    competitive rates, contact details as    •     We use straight forward, non-
•   Produced current horse to Two Star                                                                                                          abrassive, common sense, kind
                                               •   Ph Anna & Kate on 04 293 6201 or              above.
    level eventing and have a team of                                                                                                           methods to train all Horses for the
                                                   021 961 962 or email us at                •   My contacts are; home: 04 239 9325
    young horses working their way up the                                                                                                       Sporthorse and Thoroughbred
                                                                   and mobile: 0274 589 286
    grades.                                                                                                                                     Industries.
•   Experience riding a variety of different   REBECCA PENN - DRESSAGE
    horses and ponies at different stages      •   Available every fortnight in Mangaroa
                                                                                             TRAINING – HANDLING &                        •     Valley View is known for producing
                                                                                                                                                well educated,relaxed,sensible horses
    in their training.                         •   On all weather arena.                     NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP                               that are well prepared to start there
•   For full CV and pricings contact           •   $55 for 45 minutes, includes arena        ANDREW FROGGATT                                    young life’s in all equestrian
    Lauren on 04 564 8987 or                       hire.                                     •   Specialises in fixing problem                  disciplines.
    0272044177                                 •   Beccy has trained her own horses              racehorses and eventers, but is also     •     Very competitive rates.
•   Email:                 through to Grand Prix dressage and            available for your horse. Whatever
                                                                                                                                          •     Friendly, Experienced team.
                                                   provides an effective, simple approach        problem you have - from floating,
LYNNE CHAPMAN                                                                                                                             •     Contact;-Maria Coulston
                                                   to riding and training your horse.            breaking in, re-education, making safe
•   Based at Te Horo Equestrian Centre                                                                                                    •     063758656 or Email
                                               •   Contact Liz Hutson for more details on        and confidence building
•   04 2935144 or 021 02271273                                                                                                        
                                                   04 526 7721                               •   Andrew can fix it using natural
MELDA                                                                                            horsemanship principles.
                                               RIDING THERAPY & PERFORMANCE                  •   If you want tangible results, contact
•   Lessons , riding from PC to serious
                                               COACHING                                          Andrew on 027 271 1548 or 04 293
WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                                  AUGUST 2010                                                                         PAGE 19 OF 42
TRAINING – ARENAS /                             •     Phone: 07 883 8641 or 027 233 1408               size arena for just $10 per hour.              comfortable.
                                                                                                 •     We are based at 97 Te Hapua Road,        •     Fun and sporty with your jackets off.
RIDING SCHOOLS /                               MOUTERE DOWNS EQUESTRIAN                                Te Horo. 10 mins ride to the beach.            Conservative with your jackets on.
INSTRUCTION                                    CENTRE
                                                                                                 •     Contact: Andrew on 027 271 1548 or       •     Choose from a wide selection of
ACRYSE COURT EQUESTRIAN                        •    Team Leader Rhona MacKenzie                        Janine on 021 1047686                          woman’s, men’s and children’s shirts
                                                    B.V.SC Grade 1 Coach
SERVICES (ACES)                                                                                  •                 •     View our new website for easy online
•    Children’s Lessons / Adult’s Lessons •         School horses for beginners to                                                                    shopping
                                                    advanced, dressage or jumping                THOMPSONS HORSE CENTRE
•    School Holiday Programme                                                                                                                   • •
                                               •    Your horse or ours                           •   7 Leonards Road, Mangaroa, Upper           •
•    Horses / Ponies can be provided                                                                                                                  or contact Jo Andrews, 027 247 8121,
                                               •    Free-jumping and Jump courses                    Hutt                                             Hm: 06 364
•    Bring your horse/pony to us or we can
     travel to you
                                                    starting you and your horse                  •   Facilities available for casual use: All   •     0579, Email:
                                               •    Horsemastership Courses including                Weather (sand/rubber) arena, show
•    Professional Schooling / Exercising
                                                    sessions on horse behaviour, ground              jumping with jumps and full sized          LADY RIDERS SIZE 16-24
•    Programmes can be tailored to suit
                                                    work, nutrition and hoofcare                     floodlit dressage arena. Exercise          •   I will be selling a range of all seasons
     your needs
                                               •    Private or group lessons                         training Tracks – 600 m (sand/rubber)          riding clothing for pleasure and show
•    All Weather Arena For Hire 40m x                                                                & 1000m
                                               •    57 acres rolling sandhills for hill work                                                        riders, designed specifically with the
                                               •    All weather spacious arena                   •   Hire Fee: $20.00                               fuller figure in mind. This UK designed
•    Show Jumps set up – great coloured
                                               •    Start youngsters the right way,              •   Indoor Arena - $20.00 per hour –               quality clothing is tailor made to
                                                    Retraining and Pretraining racehorses            booking essential.                             ensure comfortable elegant fitting at a
•    Agistment / Grazing Available – Short                                                                                                          good price.
                                               •    Contact us at 75 Moutere Road RD1            •   Lessons can be on your own
     or Long term
                                                    Levin, ph 063679904,                             horse/pony or one of our school            •   For more details please contact Nicola
•    Animals cared for when you are away,                                                            mounts.                                        tel: (04) 529 7212 or 021 926 623 or
     here or at your place                                                                                                                          by email
                                               •                   •   For all enquires and bookings contact
•    Great farmland to hack on. Quiet                                                                Jacqui Thompson 04 524 6515                •
     roads. Access to hills Clipping / Pulling NICOLE BOURS-VISSER
                                                                                                 •   Email
     / Show Prep. Service                      •    Dressage and jumping instructor from                                                     MADE TO MEASURE CHAPS
•    Gift vouchers available                        the Netherlands available from the                                                       •    By Joanne Rowley
                                                                                                 •   Website:
•    Contact: Kerrie Race Ph 06 379 5521 /          Manawatu down the Kapiti coast to                •    RD 7 Feilding
     Mob 027 490 6268                               upper hut.                                                                               •    Email:
•    70 Riversdale Road, Carterton             •    Nicole can help you get a better             VALLEY VIEW TRAINING STABLES-               •    Telephone 06 323 8753 mob.0274 43
                                                    relationship with your horse, her            WAIRARAPA                                        22 43
CASTLE HILL EQUINE LIMITED                          believe is a happy horse is a willing        •   Maria Coulston Equestrian Trainer,      •    There is also online ordering available
•    Dressage lessons from beginner to              horse.                                           Grade one instructor NZEF, Coaching          for my products at
     advanced.                                 •    She has 20 plus years of training and            N.Z level 2 Qualification.         
•    Lessons available on Grand Prix                coaching experience from the us to           •   Dressage rider and trainer of horses to
     dressage schoolmaster.                         Japan and Italy. Coaching all levels             and including Prix St George, also      RIDESAFE
•    Horses and ponies taken for dressage •         She also takes horses in to help them            trainer of many excellent show hacks. •      Rodney Powell Body Protectors,
     schooling.                                                                                  •   Horses taken in for schooling, fitness       Mountain Horse Boots and LAS
                                                    reach the next level in dressage.
                                                                                                     training and pre-sale conditioning.          Helmets
•    Short & long term quality grazing         •    For more info please take a look on
     available.                                     our website                                  •   Excellent training facilities.          •    Contact Bernie Ellison, Wellington/
                                                                                                 •                                                Wairarapa Representative; (06) 379
•    Excellent facilities.                     •                     Private lessons also available.
                                                                                                                                                  8577 or 021 127 4753;
•    Quality warmblood young stock by          •    Or call me on 063248853 0211496689           •   For more details please contact
     Jaguar, Voltaire II, Ramirez for sale.                                                          (06)3758656                             •
•    Supplier of broad range of horse feeds RHONA MACKENZIE B. V. SC. NZEF                       •     (025)6725642                             TEAM WORKS CLOTHING
     at competitive rates.                     Coach /Ali Buist                                        Email;        •   Go professional.
•    Arena for Hire-60m*20m dressage           •    Tuition, training in dressage, jumping,
                                                                                                                                                •   Make yourself or your team look the
     arena, sand and rubber chip surface,           lungeing techniques and                      TRAINING – EQUIPMENT                               part.
     fully fenced, floodlit with large              horsemastership. Specializes in              THE JUMP COMPANY (2001) LTD
                                                    training young horses in a kind gentle                                                      •   Embroider your hat, your shirt, your
     mirror.$10 per hour or $120 per month                                                       •    Specializing in high quality equestrian       logo up to 50mm and your name.
     for use upto 30 times.                         but firm way. All weather surface, easy           sports products
                                                    rolling sandhills for fittening work. Your                                                  •   Black, White, Navy, Red.
•    Contact Caroline Simpson 04 528                                                             •    Arena Craft pipe dressage arenas,         •   Great Prices: Hats from $20.00, Shirts
     0114, 662 Moonshine Rd                         horse or ours                                     dressage markers, jumps (wooden
                                               •    Start youngsters the right way,                                                                 from $25.00, Vest contrast colour full
     Pauatahanui.                                                                                     and polyethylene), poles, fillers, feed       zip from $40.00
                                                    Retraining and Pretraining racehorses             bins and the fabulous Easy Step
INDOOR ARENA AVAILABLE FOR HIRE                •    Location Moutere Downs Levin Ph 06-                                                         •   So make your orders NOW: Phone: 04
                                                                                                      mounting block plus much more.                5288981 or 0277372786 After 4pm
•    Hutt Valley Riding for the Disabled's          367-9904                                     •    Based in Palmerston North
     indoor arena is available for hire.                                                         •
•    The riding surface is 40 x 20 metres. SUMMERSTONE RIDING CENTRE
                                                                                                      Delivery nationwide                       TACK
                                                                                                 •    Email / web address -                    BERRY EQUINE SUPLIES LTD
•    Rates are as follows:                     •    Beautiful surroundings,                 
•    $250 + GST per day; $150 + GST per •           All weather 60x30 arena for Dressage                                                       •   If you’d like your saddle repairs done
                                                                                                 •                             by an artisan who is passionate about
     half day                                       use or Jumping with full use of
                                                                                                 •    phone 0800 JUMPCO (586 726)                  his work, cares about your opinion and
•    Casual hire $15 (including GST) per            extensive jumps, our horse or yours
                                                                                                                                                   your horse, and values your custom,
     horse.                                    •    Resident & visiting instructors,             RIDER - APPAREL                                   give Tom O’Sullivan a call.
•    Pony club groups by negotiation.          • or ph 06-             D.S. EQUESTRIAN
                                                    3648787                                                                                    •   Over the last 30 years, Tom has
•    Indoor stalls available, parking on                                                         •     Top quality equestrian turnout              worked for some of the most
     roadside only.                            •                              products                                    respected saddlers and leather
•    Jumps are available.                                                                        •     Same day service.                           artisans in the country. Now he’s
                                               TE HORO EQUESTRIAN CENTRE
•    Enquiries to Shona Belcher, phone 04                                                        •     Based at 293 Koputaroa Road, Levin          working for you.
                                               •    Offers private and group lessons -
     528-6364                                                                                    •                 •   If you need saddles, riding boots, or
                                                    dressage and jumping; schooled
 KAREN BRITTON,                                     ponies and horses any age and                •                         leather goods, repaired or altered ‘Talk
Equine Behaviour Solutions                          experience                                   •     06 368 9701                                 to Tom.’
•    Services: Equine education and rider •         arena - 20' x 60'                                                                          •   He is also a very experienced and
                                                                                                 EQUEJODS                                          knowledgeable saddle fitter and can
     coaching; foundation training             •    also - horse sleepover; grazing/livery;
                                                                                                 •     Choose from 8 colours and 5 styles.         advise and help you in what can be a
     ('starting'/'breaking in') and remedial        beach access
                                                                                                 •     Made for comfort, hard wearing and fit.     very frustrating experience, not only
     work ('re-training'), young horse         •    Situated 7 kms north of Waikanae on
                                                                                                 •     Enjoy the personalized service              for those starting out and looking for
     handling and float training.                   SH1
                                                                                                 •     Based at 21 Foster Cres, Belmont,           their first saddle, but also the
•    Dressage, early jump training             •    To book or enquire please phone
     and confidence building for horse and          Mandy; 06 3643336, 0274 486764 or            •     Mail order available                        seasoned rider wanting to optimise
     rider. Challenging and conflict                04 2984609; email                            •     Ph-04 565 0136 emal                         their horses performance and own
     behaviours addressed, and positive        •                                         comfort..
     horse-rider relationships established. •       To book lessons direct with instructor       •     Web                  •   Contact Tom at BERRY’S
•    Waikato area                                   Lynne Chapman phone; 04 2935144                                                                EQUESTRIAN SUPPLIES LTD 56
                                                                                                 GEEGEE’S EQUESTRIAN SHIRTS                        Oxford Street Levin,
•    Training@EquineBehaviourSolutions.c            or 021 02271273.                             •     NZ designers of distinctive equestrian •                                                                                                                                          ph. 06 368 3192 or mobile 021 754
                                               SUDBURY FIELDS.                                         shirts.                                     025, email rachel@berry-equine.
•                                                          •     Made to order, they’re stylish, cool &
                                               •    Come and use the racetrack and full
WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                                    AUGUST 2010                                                                          PAGE 20 OF 42
HEAD2TAIL                                       •     The nervous, highly sensitive or young    •    Phone Anna & Kate (04) 293 6201 or         •    For further content or to purchase
•   Please keep checking back to the                  horses to trust the rider’s hand whilst        (021) 961 962, Email                            contact:bValee More
    website as we are always updating                 riding or lunging.                                     
    this site.                                  •     Takes the ‘jab’ out of the rein when
                                                                                              RUAHINE ADVENTURE HORSETREKS                      STUD BLACK STAIN Suitable for horses
•   Leg Protection                                    the rider gets ‘left behind’ or
                                                                                              •    Upper Kawhatau Valley, near                  •   Introductory Offer 20% off from May—
•   Saddleblankets, seat savers. Misc                 unbalanced, particularly when
                                                                                                   Mangaweka. (Home to the                          August 2010
    Items                                             jumping.
                                                                                                   Meersbrooke sport horses)                        200Ltr Drum $796.00 NOW $636.8020
•   Horse Clipping Contact details are 06-      •     Horses that are heavy in the hand                                                             Ltr Pails $105 Now $84 Including GST
    3299-733 or,                 quickly learn to hold the bit softly.   •    We offer 1hr, 2hr, day & multiday
                                                                                                   horsetreks through stunning scentrey,            & freight South Island Freight extra                     •     Helps to steady horses that rush their
                                                                                                   on well schooled horses & with friendly      •   THE PAINT FACTORY (NZ) LTD
                                                      jumps or lack confidence while
                                                                                                   experienced guides.                          •   662 Tremaine Ave, Palmerston North
LANCE DOCKERY EQUESTRIAN                              jumping.
                                                                                              •    Book now, for our summer explorer                4410 Ph 06 354 4959 Fax 06 354
PRODUCTSS                                       •     Ideal for protecting the mouths of
                                                                                                   horse treks. 2 -6 days of amazing                1209 0274 958 985 Email
•   Ph Lance Dockery on 04 526 4197                   schoolmasters, riding school or
                                                      trekking horses from the accidental          riding, through some of the most
•   Based in, Upper Hutt – for those of                                                                                                             Superior Appearance - STUD
                                                      tugs made by inexperienced or                beautiful Central North Island hill
    you that don’t know Lance, he repairs                                                                                                           BLACK is now blacker, more durable
                                                      uneducated hands                             country.
    horse covers as well as making them                                                                                                             and longer lasting with no peeling. A
                                                •     Contact: Caroline Lewin on 0274 361     •    We cater to all levels of rider, including
    (made to measure) he has a whole                                                                                                                liberal coating will produce a good
                                                      961 or a/hs 04 472 4866 Email                children.
    new list of items he is making                                                                                                                  sharp black look for up to 5 years.
    (including a range for miniatures), he            enquiries or orders to:                 •    Full details are available on our
                                                                                                   website                                          STUD BLACK will not print off onto
    is now able to repair leather. if you are                                                                      clothes, horse covers or horses.
    interested I can email you a catalogue.                                                   •
                                                SADDLE FITTING                                     z                                                Superior Protection -STUD BLACK
•   Repair Service available for all covers,                                                                                                        stain is absorbed and continues to
    leather, fabric products etc                •   Make sure it fits – contact us at Berry’s •    Or contact Liz Rennie Ph 06 382 5555
                                                    Equestrian for a huge selection of new •                     protect year after year. STUD BLACK
•   NO MINIMUM SURCHARGE                                                                                                                            does not trap underlying moisture in
                                                    and secondhand saddles, or come           •    Meersbrooke Farm, Rangitane Rd,
•   EMAIL for a                                                                                                                the timber causing rot. Your timber
                                                    and talk to Tom O’Sullivan our in-             RD7, Mangaweka 4797
    catalogue Or drop your repairs off                                                                                                              continues to breathe and flex with the
                                                    house saddler on the type of saddle
    direct Unit 4, 34 Park St, Upper Hutt                                                                                                           conditions, dramatically increasing the
                                                    that will best suit you and your horse. TRANSPORT
    between 8.00 am to 4.00 pm Monday                                                                                                               life of your fences. Superior
                                                •   Don’t forget we are open Sats too.        DRIVEWRIGHT TRAINING LTD
    to Friday 8.00 am to 12.00 noon on                                                                                                              Economy -STUD BLACK stain is
                                                •   Berry Equestrian, 56 Oxford Street,       •    Drivewright Training Ltd is a NZ
    Saturdays                                                                                                                                       significantly cheaper than acrylic
                                                    Levin. Ph 06 368 3192,                         Transport Agency Course Provider
                                                                                                                                                    paints and most other coatings, it also
ONEBLACKHORSE Equine Laundry and                •   Tom’s mobile.021 754 025, or email             running an approved industry training
                                                                                                                                                    does not require expensive rubbing
Equestrian Supplies                                 Rach on                                        programme for the Class 2 Full
                                                                                                                                                    back only a good water blast to
•    Please also change the opening times       •                      Licence. Our programme cuts out the
                                                                                                                                                    remove moss and lichen before
     we are not open Thursday nights                                                               waiting time between getting a Class 2
     now!!!                                     STARRTREKK TREELESS SADDLES                        Learners Licence and a Full Licence.
                                                                                                                                                •   Ease of Application - A number of
•    We have a new 0800 which is 0800           •   The same comfort of a treeless saddle          All horse truck owners need to have
                                                                                                                                                    years of research and field work have
     1BLACK OR 0800 125255                          but with the feel of a treed saddle.           an HT licence if their vehicle and its
                                                                                                                                                    contributed to the development of
•    Australasian importer of Tretorn           •   Try-before-you buy or have some fun            load is over 4500kgs. We can help
                                                                                                                                                    STUD BLACK stain. STUD BLACK is
     Advance Riding boots, Prochaps                 and organise a saddle-party (minimum           people get through the Learners
                                                                                                                                                    water based making it environmentally
     customized chaps, Cas-co specialized           5 people) and I'll come to your yard.          Licence and go to get the Full Licence
                                                                                                                                                    safer and healthier than the harsh
     Helmets and Dy’on Quality Leather          •   The Company For Horses on 04 905               fast and cheap.
                                                                                                                                                    solvent based product available until
     Bridles and Leatherwork.                       7556 / 021 033 456                        •    We have dedicated training rooming in
•    We support Nancy Te Whata DR,         or              Lyall Bay, our own truck, and lots of
     Tessa Williams SJ, Catherine                   visit              good advice on how to get licensed           COOKE'S HORSE COVER REPAIRS
     Cameron SJ and Olivia and Paula                                                               fast and cheap. We guarantee to have         •   Horse Cover Repairs and Laundry
     Hamood (AUS)                                                                                  the lowest course fee in Wellington.             Service
                                                TREKKING                                           And we will happily travel to service
•    We use imported Water proofer and          DUTCH HORSES UNLIMITED                                                                          •   Experienced, Professional, Timely
     Rug Cleaner from England specifically                                                         groups of candidates.                            Free collection and Delivery (Marton to
                                                •   BEACH RIDES: Experience
     designed for Laundering Horse Rugs.                                                      •    Richard Wright                                   Dannevirke, Eketahuna and Levin)
                                                    Tangimoana Beach in the best way
•    Are I also able to put OneBlackHorse           possible: on horseback. The               •    Mobile 021 441 336                           •   Ph 021 104 5384 06 376 4054
     under your Riders Apparell Section?            Tangimoana area has plenty of trails •         P O Box 2569, Wellington 6140                •
•    We stock ANIMO jackets and jods                through the dunes and the forest as       •    Ph (4) 939 4123 | Fax (4) 939 4125
                                                                                                                                                RURAL TRADER.
•    GPA jackets                                    well. Join us afterwards for a coffe and •     CLASSROOM: 68 Kingsford Smith St,
                                                                                                                                                •   the new website is up and running and
•    HKM jods and casual jackets                    a chat. Please call for reservations: 06       Lyall Bay,
                                                                                                                                                    we are hoping to get a strong equine
•    Arista Clothing                                324 8853 or 021 149 6689                  •    WEBSITE:
                                                                                                                                                    side to it.
•    Polo Clothing                              •                                                         •   The site features forums, articles,
•    Our hours are                                  htm                                       OTHER                                                 blogs and news.
•    Mon to Fri 10.00 am - 2.00 pm              •   06 324 8853 and 0211496689                ACCOUNTING/BOOKKEEPING SERVICE                    •   Please go along and sign up to
•    Late night Thurs 5.00 pm - 9.00 pm                                                       •    Experienced Finance and                 for FREE and
                                                MOUTERE DOWNS
•    Sats 9.00 am- 2.00 pm                                                                         Management Accountant/Mother                     be in to win an iPOD nano!!
                                                •   Rolling sandhills and native bush trails
•    136a Settlement Road, Te Horo                                                                 developing a small business working          •   Please also contribute to our equine
                                                •   Close access to beach                          from home. Professional help without
•    (Hillside just past the Lavender Farm)                                                                                                         polls, blogs and forums – we need all
                                                •   Well-trained horses and good safety            the professional price.
•    visit our equine laundry site for map                                                                                                          the support we can get. Any
                                                    record                                    •    Support can be provided via email and
•                                                                                                                        contributions of news items, articles,
                                                •   Confidence building                            post throughout NZ. No job too big or            photos, tips would be greatly
O’SULLIVAN BOOTS & SADDLES                      •   75 Moutere Road RD 1 Levin                     small.                                           appreciated – we are always looking
•   If you’d like your saddle repairs done          (Championship Golf Course nearby)         •    Jaclyn: 027 284 2300, Hawkes Bay             •   for equine bloggers also! Online
    by a craftsman who is passionate            •   Start youngsters the right way,
                                                                                              AN INTRODUCTION TO ANIMAL REIKI E-                    auction systems
    about his work, cares about your                Retraining and Pretraining racehorses
                                                                                              BOOK                                              •   and videos are soon to be added!
    opinion and your horse, and values          •   ph 06-367-9904, e-mail
    your custom, give Tom O’Sullivan a    ,                       •    A delight full and easy-to-read E-book       STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH
    call.                                       •   web                 introducing animal Reiki to those            •   Want to reduce the time and stress
•   If you need saddles, riding boots, or                                                          interested in natural healing.                   involved when selling your horse, pony
    leather goods, repaired or altered ‘Talk    PEKA PEKA RD EQUESTRIAN CENTRE                •    The book covers what Reiki is, the               or youngster? Then let us take the
    to Tom.’                                    •   We offer private/group lessons (our            history of Reiki, Reiki benefits                 reins!
•   If you send a repair to him and you             horse or yours),                               experienced by animals, how animals          •   We'll do the marketing and liaison for
    don’t like the price, or it isn’t worth     •   Learn-To-Ride programs, School                 respond including using Reiki for a              you.
    fixing, will pay the return courier cost.       Holiday Courses, jump clinics, beach           semi-wild horse. It includes basic
                                                                                                                                                •   SFTHM is a marketing service for
    06 364 5667 or 021 754025                       rides, overnight camps, farm rides,            information on the energy systems,
                                                                                                                                                    sellers and a point of call for buyers.
                                                    kids' birthday parties and more.               other Reiki uses and gives 3 case
                                                                                                                                                    Free Trade Me ad with each listing!
REIN-AID PRODUCTIONS (NZ)                       •   Our friendly team caters to all ages           studies: an injured horse, canine
                                                                                                                                                •   136a Settlement Road, Te Horo
•    Beautifully made from English                  and all levels.                                operation and cat heat-stroke.
     leather this range of compassionate                                                                                                        •    06 3642323, 021 1124036
                                                •   Schooling, retraining, horses & ponies •       Price $7.50 valid til February 2010
     aids help:                                                                                    there after $9.                              •   Equine Laundry Service
                                                    for sale.
WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                                    AUGUST 2010                                                                         PAGE 21 OF 42
•       •       Ability to include videos in listings          burrow.                                      photos, tips would be greatly
      nz                                                allowing browsers to see horses            •   GST receipt available if required.           appreciated – we are always looking
•                                    perform.                                   •   Packing and postage up to 1.5kg -            for equine bloggers also!
                                                •       Designed specifically to be simple and         $4.50 nationwide. Postage over 1.5kg
SELL YOUR HORSE FASTER AND FOR                                                                                                                SADDLERY CLEANING
                                                        easy to use.                                   will increase.
MORE MONEY                                                                                                                                    •   Wellington service only
                                                •       Active promotion both nationally and       •   Heather Montgomery, 06 324 8763
•    when you learn the secrets from horse              internationally by an experienced                 •   Do you want to spend more time riding
     selling experts from throughout the                                                                                                          then cleaning your leather saddlery?
     world.                                                                              RIDING THERAPY & PERFORMANCE                             Then let me clean it for you! I only use
                                                •       FREE to browse, low cost to list.
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WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                                     AUGUST 2010                                                                        PAGE 22 OF 42
                                       Some of you may be familiar with          providing they are 4 years or over and
                                       the Wellington Area Trail Riding          are sound (they have to pass a trot
                                       Club (WATRC), which has been              out before & after rides).
                                       active since 1987, but for those
                                       who aren’t we would like to take          Adults & children are able to ride
                                       the opportunity to tell you a bit         together in the novice class and riders
                                       about what we do.                         are encouraged to ride in pairs for
                                                                                 safety and enjoyment (it's much more
                                     Our season is about to kick off             fun with company). If riders do not
                                     again on 3 October and we want to           have a ride partner, our entries
                                     invite new riders along to try out          person does his best to match up
our great sport. In this newsletter we will give you a brief run down on         people. The rides are well marked
what CTR is & in the next one,                                                   and you follow signs and markers
provide you with some more detail on                                             over farmland.
how a CTR ride works & some                                                      We have a Novice class which is
information on our first ride of the                                             especially designed for new people,
season.                                                                          young horses, or people who just
                                                                                 want to come along to the occasional ride. This is the only class open to
So what is CTR?                                                                  non members but offers a great introduction to the sport.
Competitive Trail Riding (CTR) is an                                             Ride fees are very affordable with an entry fee of $25 for an adult & $18
optimum time competition which                                                   for a junior (18 years or under). All riders have the opportunity to enter
caters for a wide range of horses &                                              their relevant class and groom & turnout which is judged individually at
riders.     The aim is not to be the                                             the commencement of the ride. Criteria for groom & turnout is for
fastest, but to arrive on time with the                                          horses to be turned out for a trail ride so no plaiting is necessary.
least stressed horse. Horses must                                                Ribbons are awarded to 6th place in all classes.
pass a vet check prior to and 30
minutes after completing a ride. The                                             WATRC annual membership is $30 for an individual and $35 for a
horse’s final heart rate along with their                                        family. WATRC members get a discount on their entries, the ability to
across the line heart rate is added to                                           compete in any class & the ability to compete at WATRC club
any time penalties and the lowest score wins. Riders are encouraged to           championships and for trophies and KM awards.
ride as closely to time and are penalised double points for finishing early      So, if you think this sounds like something you would like to have a go at
so there is no need to ride fast. WATRC caters for both competing and            – please mark Sunday 3 October on your calendars and get ready for
casual riders and a good time is had by all, especially the horses.              WATRC information Part 2 in the September newsletter which will
                                                                                 outline how a CTR event runs and provide details of our first ride.
CTR has no special gear requirements other than helmets & a boot with            Please feel free to go to our website for further information at
a heel (unless you are using stirrup cages). Any saddle, bridle or bit is or email if
acceptable. The only exceptions are we don’t allow spurs or whips to be          you have any questions.
taken out on the ride and split reins must be tied and no reins over 3m in
total length. It is a great outing for young or green horses as riders start
in pairs or individually at 5min intervals and are able to start at any
speed they like.

It is a great fitness outing for any horse or a perfect first outing for young
horses. The atmosphere is generally very quiet and horses really seem
to enjoy the ride. A lot of our riders find they come along once & are

Where we do it...
We generally run 12 rides every season from Turakina in the North to
Wainuiomata in the South and pretty much everywhere in between. We
                                                                                     Photos taken by WATRC committee member & photographer – David Fitzgerald-Irons
have flat rides & hilly rides. Some rides boast spectacular scenery and
                                         others the opportunity to ride
                                         along a nice sandy beach or in          WATRC calendar dates 2010/2011
                                         forestry.      Our first ride at        •      Sunday 3rd October 2010 – Pukemarama Station, Tangimoana
                                         Pukemarama Station near                        (premier points)
                                         Tangimoana is a perfect start           •      Sunday 17th October 2010 – Maymorn, Upper Hutt
                                         to the season. It is great              •      Sunday 31st October 2010 – Waikawa Beach
                                         underfoot and not hilly so a            •      Sunday 14th November 2010– Wainuiomata (new venue) (premier
                                         great ride to get the horses                   points)
                                         fitness up before the more hilly        •      Sunday 28th November 2010 – Foxton
                                         rides feature on the calendar.          •      Sunday 12th December 2010 – Battle Hill
                                         Some of the other venues we             •      Sunday 16th January 2011 – Pikarere Station, Titahi Bay (premier
                                         regularly hold rides at are                    points)
                                         Battle Hill, Pikarere Station and       •      Sunday 30th January 2011 – Brights Farm, Paraparaumu
Waitarere Forest to name a few.                                                  •      Sunday 13th February 2011 – Manakau (premier points)
                                                                                 •      Sunday 27th February 2011 – Turakina
Who can do it?                                                                   •      Sunday 13th March 2011 – Waitohu, Otaki
What’s the joy about CTR - pretty much anyone! A novice CTR class is             •      Sunday 3rd April 2011 – WATRC Champs, Waitarere
run at 8km per hour which is mostly walking with a little bit of trotting (or    •      premier points rides have double points for WATRC members &
a canter or two if you feel like it) so very achievable for most horses                 double sashes for series winners (WATRC members only)

WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                       AUGUST 2010                                                                 PAGE 23 OF 42
                                                  W E S T E R N:
Perfect your showmanship presentation by avoiding three common                  When I judge, I want to see fluid, controlled movements. Your
hand-position mistakes. By Andrea Simons with Alana Harrison                    maneuvers should happen with a purpose, but shouldn't be overdone. A
                                                                                showmanship pattern should look like a flowing "dance," with all
Goal: To improve the aesthetic quality of your showmanship
                                                                                movements blending together. To achieve this, you and your horse must
presentation. You'll study, and learn to avoid three common hand-
                                                                                be familiar with one another, and you both need to practice extensively.
position mistakes--pulling your hand toward you; pushing your hand
                                                                                Hard work pays off in the show ring.
away from you (toward your horse); and pulling your hand down.
                                                                                Here I’ll give you a judge's-eye perspective on proper--and improper--
Benefits: By mastering a correct hand position, you’ll maximize control
                                                                                hand position and control, and tell you why attention to detail here is so
over your horse’s body, while minimizing excessive movements that
                                                                                important. If the class results come down to one or two competitors with
would detract from the overall fluidity of your showmanship pattern. A
                                                                                similar scores, I'll place the detail oriented one higher.
correct hand position also guarantees a good first impression, as it
allows you to project a controlled, seamless, and natural presentation.         In the slideshow that follows, a student demonstrates three common
                                                                                hand-position mistakes--pulling toward her body; pushing away; and
As a judge who evaluates showmanship contestants, I’m privy to a lot of         pulling down. After you've studied the wrong ways, you'll see the correct
presentation mistakes--and hand control is a biggie. Poor hand position         position, so you can mimic it the next time you're in the showmanship
prevents your horse from moving and stopping straight, decreasing your          ring. But, before you examine the mistakes, you need to know how to
chances of a high placing. A correct position ensures control of your           set yourself and your horse up correctly, before stepping off toward the
horse’s body, so you can easily keep him straight and balanced.                 judge.
                        Mistake #1: "The                                Mistake        #2:                             Mistake #3:
                        Pull"                                           "The Push"                                     The "Pull-
                        In the photo, the                               Here, notice how                               Down"
                        handler is pulling                              the handler is                                 The      final
                        the lead (and her                               pushing her hand                                    common
                        horse's        head)                            toward         her                             hand mistake
                        toward her body,                                horse, causing                                 I see in the
                        causing her horse's                             him to move his                                show      ring
                        hips to cant away                               front end out (to                              occurs when
                                                                                                                                        The         Correct
from her. Even though the hip-out mistake         the right, away from her). This prevents                             handlers pull
                                                                                                                                        Position:     Front
isn't blatantly obvious in this photo, it still   him from maintaining a straight and         their horses' heads too far down.
detracts from her overall impression and          balanced line. Even though the handler      Whether the handler is conscious
                                                                                                                                        In this front-view
prevents her horse from remaining straight        isn't grossly pushing her horse's head      or unconscious of this downward
                                                                                                                                        photo, the handler
and balanced. And worse, this will make it        away here, you can still see how his        pulling, it clearly puts the horse off-
                                                                                                                                        holds the lead at
impossible for her to stop her horse              front end is bowed out, ruining his         balance,         prevents       overall
                                                                                                                                        the correct length,
straight. This mistake is common when the         straight alignment.                         straightness and detracts from a
                                                                                                                                        with her fingers
handler becomes overly anxious or                                                             positive presentation. This error
                                                  Handlers often make this mistake with                                                 closed, but soft.
nervous and starts to walk too fast. If you                                                   tends to happen when the handler
                                                  "mouthy" horses. A horse that relishes                                                Her elbow is near
do this, your body will tense, causing your                                                   tries to pull her horse forward when
                                                  play biting, pushing, or rubbing his                                                  her waist at a 90-
arm, elbow and wrist to become stiff and                                                      he's not responding to her go-
                                                  head against you, or is otherwise silly,                                              degree angle, and
jerky--conveying, in turn, a lack of                                                          forward cue. If his head's being
                                                  isn't just a nuisance. His behavior can                                               appears soft, agile,
confidence to your horse.                                                                     pulled down, he won't be paying
                                                  also      ruin    your      showmanship                                               and functional. She
                                                                                              attention to where he's going. Like
As your body stiffens and you begin to            presentation quickly. If you're                                                       stands upright while
                                                                                              you, your horse needs to find an
walk too fast, your horse will be inclined to     accustomed to pushing his head away                                                   looking     straight
                                                                                              eye-point to walk straight and
move his hip out while curling the front part     with your hand or arm every time he                                                   ahead, and both
                                                                                              maintain a correct body alignment.
of his body around you in an effort to keep       disrespects you with this behavior,                                                   handler and horse
                                                                                              Plus, if he's looking down, you may
up. To correct this problem, you need to          you'll easily be tempted to correct him                                               have       pleasant
                                                                                              imitate his position, further
relax your body and re-examine your               by pushing the lead away from you in                                                  expressions
                                                                                              depleting your ability to maintain
position. To give your horse's head the           the show ring. If you have a mouthy
freedom he needs to maintain a straight           horse,work on correcting his ground
nose-to-tail alignment (without sacrificing       manners before you begin to practice        To correct this mistake, finesse
your control), soften your arm, elbow and         showmanship. Then, perfect your hand        your go-forward cues first. If your
wrist, and confirm that your arm is bent at a     position at home, not at a show. When       horse isn't readily responding to
90-degree angle. Any more bend will tempt         practicing, double check the 90-degree      you, you're not ready to compete in
you to pull your horse's head toward you.         angle in your elbow. If it's less than 90   showmanship. Seek the help of a
When you practice, be conscious of your           degrees, you'll likely push his head        trainer to polish your go-and-stop
position, but try not to let anxiety overtake     away from you. If you're unable to          cues, until your horse is clearly
you. And, as you walk forward, count              assess the angle on your own, enlist        listening and responding. Then, the
slowly in your head to prevent yourself           an observer to help you.                    hand pull-down mistake will correct
from walking too fast and consequently                                                        itself.
pulling your horse's head toward you.

WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                      AUGUST 2010                                                          PAGE 24 OF 42
                                        Correct Position: Side View
                                       In this side-view photo, notice          For an at-home exercise: Set up two cones (or other markers) so they
                                       how the handler is walking               form a straight line. One cone represents the starting point; the other,
                                       between her horse's eye and              the judge. Before stepping off, glance back at your horse's spine to
                                       mid-neck to best control his             verify his body is straight, nose-to-tail. If he's not, use your lead to
                                       head. You can better see (versus         realign his shoulders with his hips.
                                       the front-view photo) that she's
                                       looking straight ahead, is               After making any such changes, walk off toward the judge. As you're
                                       standing upright, and her horse is       walking with your horse, the judge should barely see his hind legs
                                       carrying his head and neck at his        because they're lined up perfectly behind his front legs.Your horse
topline. She's maintaining an appropriate distance between her body             should be focused and attentive, and your eyes should be focused on
and her horse's, so she can control him without compromising her safety         the cone in front of you. For added polish, you and your horse should be
or performance.                                                                 walking in sync with the same leg leading.

In this and the previous photo, she's not walking too fast; she's not           As you complete walking the straight line, stop in front of the judge,
pushing her horse's head away to avert disrespectful behavior; and              leaving at least one horse length between your horse's nose and the
she's not dragging him forward into a walk. Her position is helping her         cone. If I'm the judge, I'm not going to be impressed if you stop with your
horse stay straight, nose-to-tail, contributing to an overall polished          horse's nose on my clipboard. So, perfect your stops before you're faced
presentation.                                                                   with a real judge. Once you've stopped at the cone, look back at your
                                                                                and your horse's footsteps to assess your straightness. (Do this only
Hand-Position Homework                                                          when practicing; you may incur a penalty for doing it in the show ring.) If
Once you understand how and why these three mistakes occur, polish              your footsteps more resemble a snake-like pattern than a straight line,
your hand position and control at home. It's difficult to assess your own       continue this exercise until you've established a straighter walk-to-the-
position, so I suggest you recruit a trainer or a showmanship-savvy             judge line.
friend to help you.
                                                                                Photo by Cappy Jackson
An observer can tell you what your position really looks like--your
posture and eye-point, your hand on the lead, your elbow angle, tension                                                                                        Source:
in your arm or back, and what mistakes you're making. If you have                                                                                        intro_080310/
access to an arena with a mirror, you can observe your own position--
but another set of eyes is most helpful.

Al Dunning discusses the similarities between dressage and
Western riding and shows you an exercise using a leg yield to get
a smooth and correct lope depart.

By Al Dunning with J. Forsberg Meyer

Think dressage is unrelated to the type of Western riding you do? Think
again. Dressage ("dress-AHHZH"), a French word meaning simply
"training," refers to all the ways we influence a horse to move the way
we want him to. In other words, it's just good horsemanship. I've always
thought of how I ride my horses as cowboy dressage.
                                                                                Note the similarities here--my traditional Western seat and my colleague
Dressage incorporates a lot of bending and lateral work to supple and           Lynn Palm's classical dressage seat are nearly identical. We're sitting
relax the horse, plus develop his responsiveness. And let's face it:            deep and balanced in the center of our saddles and following our
Regardless of the breed we're riding or the gear we're using, a supple,         horses' motion at the lope/canter.
relaxed, responsive horse is what we're all after.                              Photo by Robert Dawson

You may be surprised to learn that the classical dressage seat, or
position on a horse, is almost identical to the traditional Western seat.
But don't confuse dressage with the hunt seat position, where stirrups
are shorter and the rider is inclined forward--to put him or her in position,
ultimately, for jumping.

In dressage, the rider maintains a longer stirrup and a more upright
position that's essentially the same as how we Western folk ride. And as
for cueing, a horse is always a horse, as the saying goes. So the ways
of influencing him are the same in both dressage and Western riding.
                                                                                Ease and harmony describe our horses: They're moving in a balanced
                                                                                frame, with lightly flexed polls and faces vertical (perpendicular to the
                                                                                Photo by Cappy Jackson

                                                                                In the photos above, you can see how similar the two forms of riding
                                                                                are. Facing me is my friend, colleague, and fellow Team Horse & Rider
WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                      AUGUST 2010                                                                  PAGE 25 OF 42
member Lynn Palm, who competes in dressage plus uses its principles             Before You Begin…
to train her Western horses. Lynn and I collaborated on a training DVD          …know that your horse must have some basics already in place to
that illustrates the similarities of dressage and Western riding. In it, Lynn   perform this exercise. He must be obedient to your go, whoa, and turn
and I ride a series of dressage-based exercises designed to give you a          cues; move off your leg laterally; and know how to collect a little--that is,
better-broke horse.                                                             respond to your driving legs and steadying hand by softening to the bit,
                                                                                rounding his topline, and bringing his hind legs farther up underneath
The exercise I’ll demonstrate in this article, leg-yield to lope depart, is     himself as he moves.
drawn from that DVD. Leg-yielding is moving your horse laterally--
forward and sideways at the same time. You'll leg-yield at a trot for           Work in a safe arena with good footing. You can perform this exercise
several strides, then change your position just slightly to ask for a lope.     riding one-handed in a shank bit as I am here, or two-handed in a
The leg-yield puts your horse in the perfect position to pick up a soft,        snaffle bit
collected lope on the correct lead.

1. After warming up your horse,               2. Establish a nice trot down the      3. My mare has begun                4. The combined use of my reins
establish a nice, steady trot. Your           center of your arena, then begin       stepping over laterally--note       and legs keeps my mare softly
"Western dressage" position should be         to ask for the leg-yield. If you're    her outside front leg crossing      collected, and her movement
as mine is here--so that a straight line      yielding to your right, as I am        over. My reins are steadying        unified, so neither her front nor
falls from your ear, through your             here, take your right leg away         her front end (note how I've        her back end gets out ahead.
shoulder and hip, and down to the back        from your horse's side ("open the      moved my hand over slightly)        After warming up your horse,
of your heel. Sit deep in your saddle and     door"). Cue with your left leg just    so her shoulders don't get          establish a nice, steady trot. Your
ride your horse from back to front--that      behind the cinch. Keep your reins      ahead of her hind end.              "Western dressage" position
is, use your legs to drive him forward        centered, allowing your horse's                                            should be as mine is here--so
into the bridle, as I'm doing.                head to tip just slightly away from                                        that a straight line falls from your
                                              the direction of movement.                                                 ear, through your shoulder and
                                                                                                                         hip, and down to the back of your
                                                                                                                         heel. Sit deep in your saddle and
                                                                                                                         ride your horse from back to
                                                                                                                         front--that is, use your legs to
                                                                                                                         drive him forward into the bridle,
                                                                                                                         as I'm doing.

5. Here's a close-up of the cues you'll       6. Now, to prepare to ask for the      7. And here she does! As I           8. Here's the second step of
use to ask for the leg yield. I'm moving      left-lead lope, you must change        cue with my right leg just           stride, with the diagonal legs. My
my mare to the left in this photo, so I've    your legs, as I am here. I've taken    behind the cinch, my mare's          mare stays soft and steady; her
tipped her head just lightly to the right     my left leg away from her side         right hind leg plants--the first     shoulders are up; her head
while holding steady with my reins so         and stopped cueing with it, and        step in the stride.                  stays down; and her body
her shoulder doesn't get ahead of the         am bringing my right leg back to                                            straightens naturally. This is the
action. I've also "opened the door" with      prepare to ask for the lope depart.                                         perfect lope depart that leg-
my left leg (meaning I've taken my leg        (If you don't change your legs like                                         yielding can help you to
away so her energy can flow through           this, your horse will pick up the                                           develop.
that opening), plus I am asking for the       wrong lead.) My mare is now
leftward movement with my right leg           perfectly positioned to pick up a
behind the cinch.                             left-lead lope.


WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                      AUGUST 2010                                                            PAGE 26 OF 42
                              S H O W H U N T E R:
                                        ARTICLS BY GEORGE MORRIS
Take a trip down memory lane and revisit one of George Morris’ classic Jumping Clinic critiques from his October 1996 column in
Practical Horseman magazine.
                   JUMPING CLINIC CLASSICS:                                                      JUMPING CLINIC CLASSICS:
                  TEXTBOOK-PERFECT... KNEES?                                                        TOP-NOTCH FORM
                                                 Here we see far and                                                              This is an
                                                 away the best leg this                                                           outstanding
                                                 month: heel down,                                                                photograph. The
                                                 ankle flexed, calf on                                                            rider is clearly
                                                 the horse's side and a                                                           framed for critiquing,
                                                 tight, solid look. The                                                           and her form is top-
                                                 knee angle tells us                                                              notch.
                                                 this rider's stirrup is
                                                 the correct length--                                                              Her leg is just about
                                                 though I suspect (I                                                               perfect: stirrup on
                                                 can't be sure because                                                             the ball of her foot,
of the jump standard blocking my view) she needs more toe in the                                                                   ankle flexed, toe out
iron. A quarter to a third of the foot is ideal.                           between 15 and 45 degrees, heel down. Her just-right knee angle tells
                                                                           me her stirrup length is correct for this 3-foot or 3-foot-3 fence.
Her buttocks are a little high out of the saddle, but she's not jumping
ahead of her horse (her crotch is behind the pommel), so I'm not           Her seat is exemplary, too. She's allowed the force of her horse's jump
bothered--especially as she's getting off his back over this good-sized    to throw her forward and up out of the saddle, and she's avoided the
fence.                                                                     upper-body faults we see so often: jumping ahead, ducking and
                                                                           dropping back in the saddle.
Her lower back is beautiful: relaxed, yet flat. And her head and eyes
are perfect, alert for her next fence. She's in control and on target.     Her head and eyes are up, and her back is flat and relaxed, neither
My one quibble with her long release is those open fingers. If she         hollow and stiff nor rounded--a very natural, elegant posture.
wants to give her horse more freedom, the right way is to move her         Her hands, in a very good short release, are resting on and pressing into
hands more forward, releasing more with her arms and shoulders.            the crest. This release lets her maintain a slack contact with her horse's
Here, the reins could too easily slip from her grasp.                      mouth, as opposed to the loose rein of a long release or the taut contact
Though short-necked and bull-shouldered, her horse has a textbook-         of an automatic release.
perfect set of knees--high, tight, and square--and a lovely bascule;       Her horse has beautiful, expressive eyes and ears and a lovely neck.
he's round from poll to dock. With that long, smooth hip balancing his     He's a round jumper, using his head and neck and back well. His knees,
ponyish front end, I wouldn't be surprised if he has good scope. And       however, are uneven. This form isn't dangerous, but it isn't great, either.
he's studying his job with a brave, honest expression.                     Horse and rider look neat and clean and conservative. Hoof polish would
The pair's turnout for this jumper class is adequately tidy, but more      really make them shine.
elbow grease could burnish the horse's coat

From a clinic with equitation and jumping expert George Morris,
here are two exercises you can set up in your own ring.
By the Editors of Practical Horseman magazine
In a December 2005 clinic series with U.S. show jumping team chef
d'equipe George Morris, the following exercises were part of the first
day's work for students of Southern California trainer Karen Healey
riding in the 3-foot-6 group.

WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                    AUGUST 2010                                                          PAGE 27 OF 42
Use your eyes to solve tricky steering questions in an arena before            2. As Fence 1 disappeared between Frolic’s ears, I let my eyes bounce
heading out on the cross-country course.                                       to the center of the top rail of Fence 2.
By Doug Payne with Melissa Roddy Wright                                        Return to the middle fence. From the outside of the other standard, walk
As event riders move up the levels, the growing size of the fences isn't       25 feet, turn 90 degrees and set the inside standard of the third fence.
the only challenge they face. Increasingly difficult accuracy questions,       Finish building that fence perpendicular to the middle fence. Keep the
the basics of which show up on course as early as Training level, often        fences at least a foot lower than your competition height to begin.
surprise riders new to a level. They discover just how quickly the fences
                                                                               Skills You’ll Practice
come up and how fast their reactions have to be.
                                                                               1.   Preparing and reacting to fences with much less distance between
Preparing for angled combinations and turning questions doesn't require             them
trailering to a cross-country course. In fact, introducing your horse--and     2.   Improving your horse’s rideability.
yourself--to those tricky questions needs to begin at home, in an arena,
where you can adjust fence heights and take hilly terrain and other            How to Do It
complicating factors out of the equation.                                      This is a test of your horse’s straightness and accuracy. With only two
                                                                               strides between fences and changing angles that invite a run-out to the
In the May 2010 Practical Horseman article "4 Exercises to Better X-C          left between Fences 1 and 2, and to the right between Fences 2 and 3
Control", I share four exercises, taken from The Rider's Eye, an               (or before Fence 1, if you’re not careful), your horse needs to be totally
instructional video I produced with my colleague and trainer Jim               straight and even between your hand and leg.
Wofford. These exercises mimic cross-country questions that appear
from Training level all the way up to Advanced. They will test your skills,
pinpoint weaknesses and help you develop one key tool that can
dramatically improve your ability to handle difficult steering questions:
your eyes.
Learning to look where you want to go--and doing it quickly in tricky
combinations--will help put your horse on the right track and ensure you
have the maximum time to prepare for the next fence. As Jim says in the
video, “The eyes of the rider control the path of the horse.…If I can get      3. I jump Fence 2, shifting my focus to the center of Fence 3’s top rail.
you to look where you are going, I can almost guarantee that your
performance over jumps is going to improve.”                                   Any bulging to one side or dropping a shoulder must be corrected within
                                                                               the stride it happens; there isn’t space for big adjustments here.
                                                                               As in Exercise 3, don’t turn to the first fence until you see the straight
                                                                               chute through all three. Then be ready for your eye to bounce from
                                                                               center to center to center of each jump.

                                                                               Eyes: Room for error is gone in this exercise; you can’t be slow with
                                                                               your eyes. If you aren’t looking for your next fence the moment the one
                                                                               you’re jumping disappears between your horse’s ears, you won’t have
1.   I turn to the first fence when I see a straight chute through the         time to recognize if you are off your line, much less react in time to
     center of all three jumps and keep Fernhill Frolic straight and even      correct it.
     between my hand and leg aids.
3 Fences on an Angle (2 strides)
In this exercise, a variation of the fourth exercise in my magazine article,
you’ll ride three fences set at right angles to one another in two direct
strides. This mimics questions that typically don’t show up on cross-
country until the Intermediate and Advanced levels. It is for experienced
horses and riders and shouldn’t be attempted unless you are absolutely
confirmed in all the other exercises.
Setup -
                                                                               3.   Over Fence 3, you can see that Frolic is still perfectly straight and
Set the middle fence first, then walk 25 feet from outside of one
standard, turn 90 degrees and set the inside standard of the first fence.
Finish building that fence perpendicular to the middle fence.
                                                                               Photos by Amy Katherine Dragoo


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                       MARRIED WITH HORSES: THE WRITE WAY
                                           “How’d you hear that?” I asked.          “I have a nap to take, but you can      “OK,” said Pepper. “I’ve got a
Finding himself faced with
                                                                                    interview me after that,” Sascha        column for you. Actually, I’ve got a
writer’s block, a horsewoman's             “News travels fast around here,” she
                                                                                    said.                                   whole series of books for you. You’ll
husband lends an ear to his                responded.
                                                                                                                            make millions.”
animals for their bright column                                                     “Thanks.”
                                           “Fine,” I said. “What’s your idea?”
ideas.                                                                                                                      “I’m all ears,” I responded.
                                                                                    In the barn, our horses Vander,
                                           “OK, I’ve got an idea for a series of
By Jeremy Law                                                                       Madison and Brownie were debating       “Your novels will chronicle the
                                           stories about a canine superhero,”
                                                                                    their own ideas for the column. I       adventures of a young wizard and
                                           Hazel said excitedly.
                                                                                    didn’t want to know how they’d found    his friends as they attend wizardry
                                           “Starring you, I suppose?”               out about my writer’s block.            school, fight an evil lord, come of
                                           “That’d be great!” Hazel responded.                                              age, fall in love and struggle to fit
                                                                                    “You should write about Brownie
                                           “And we’d call it ‘Southern Fried                                                into a society, that is, in large, hostile
                                                                                    pooping in his water bucket,”
                                           Ninja Dog.’”                                                                     toward their kind. And they relax by
                                                                                    Madison said with a giggle.
                                                                                                                            playing a lacrosse-style game while
                                           “Southern Fried Ninja Dog?”              “I think you should write about         riding flying broomsticks, but I
                                           “Yes,” Hazel said, matter-of-factly.     Vander ripping the tail flap off of     haven’t worked out the details yet.”
                                           “And the first adventure would be        Madison’s blanket,” said Brownie.
                                                                                                                            “This sounds familiar,” I said.
Illustration by Andy Myer                  based on what happened here two          “I think you should write about how
                                           nights ago.”                                                                     “I don’t know how,” Pepper
 “Whatcha doin’, Dad?” our cat                                                      you gave us a bunch of treats,” said
                                                                                                                            responded. “I just came up with it.
Pickles asked, taking a seat beside        “What?” I asked. “When you               Vander, “like, now.”
                                                                                                                            And I’m seeing, like, seven books
me on the couch where I sat with my        wouldn’t stop barking and running        “Write now?” I asked.                   with accompanying movies, as well
laptop.                                    around the yard?”
                                                                                    “No,” Vander said, “right now.”         as unlimited lines of themed
“Typing a column,” I said.                 “I saved the farm from a cougar! A                                               merchandise and licensing options.”
                                                                                    The animals were wearing me down.
Pickles looked at the blank computer       cougar!” Hazel shouted. “I chased it                                             “You’ve really got this planned out.” I
                                                                                    I handed out several treats to each
screen and then at me.                     into the big oak tree!”                                                          said. “What’s the wizard’s name?”
“I don’t see any words.”                   “Wow.”                                                                           “Steve,” Pepper answered.
                                                                                    “Yeah,” Vander said. “This column is
“It’s still in the planning stage,” I      ”Unfortunately,” Hazel said, “it got     practically writing itself. Can I get   “Does Steve live in Britain?”
responded.                                 away when I was distracted by you        another cookie?”
                                           yelling at me to shut up.”                                                       “Wisconsin,” Pepper responded.
“You should write about me,” Pickles                                                “Hey,” said Madison. “You should        “And the wizardry school is called
said, beaming.                             “I see.”                                 talk to Hazel about column ideas.”      ‘Pigpimples.’ I thought that was
“You doing what?” I asked.                 “Southern Fried Ninja Dog,” Hazel        “Yeah!” added Brownie. “She caught      appropriately whimsical.”
                                           said.                                    a cougar!”                              “Jack,” I said, “do you have any
“Telling jokes.”
                                           “I’ll think about it,” I said, turning   “And she’s got some great jokes!”       ideas for the column?”
“OK,” I agreed, “let’s hear one.”          toward the barn.                         said Vander with a chuckle.             “Pepper pretty much stole my idea,”
“OK!” Pickles exclaimed. “Did you          “Hey,” Hazel said, “did you hear the                                             Jack responded, “but my young
                                                                                    “I know, I know,” I said. “The
hear about the kidnapping on the           one about the kidnapping on the                                                  wizard was named ‘Jacques.’”
                                                                                    kidnapping on the bus? Yes, very
bus?”                                      bus?”                                    funny.”                                 I opened my laptop and turned it on.
“No.”                                      “Yes.”                                                                           I leaned back, closed my eyes and
                                                                                    The horses looked at me with
“Yeah,” Pickles continued, “the                                                     confused expressions.                   attempted to rub the growing
                                           I was barely half way to the barn                                                headache from my temples.
driver had to wake him up! Get it?         when another cat Sascha stopped          “No,” said Vander, “I mean the one      Kimberly came in and sat down
Kid-napping? AHAHAHAHAHAAA! I              me.                                      about the cowboy, the Appaloosa         beside me.
love that one!”
                                           “An aging, nearsighted sentry dog,”      and the leprechaun.”
I shook my head.                                                                                                            “What are you writing about?” she
                                           she said.                                “Yeah!” shouted Brownie. “Then the      asked.
“You’re not typing anything,” Pickles      “What?”                                  Appaloosa goes ‘OK, little man, but
said. “Here, let me type it in for you.”                                            what about the gold coins in my feed    “What do you think about a kitten
                                           “Your column will be about an aging,     bucket?’”                               that tells jokes?”
Pickles crawled up on my belly, and,       nearsighted sentry dog who
after thoughtfully studying the laptop                                              “AHHAAAHAAAAHAAAA!” The                 “It sounds pretty silly,” Kimberly
                                           mistakes humble barn cats for                                                    answered, scratching Pepper behind
keyboard, pressed a few key                cougars and chases them into             horses roared with laughter.
combinations with his front paws.                                                                                           the ears. “How about I put on a pot
                                           trees.”                                  “Man!” exclaimed Vander. “That          of coffee for you? Maybe that will
kjdlfcdekidfjdoksij8ue3e9iw23              “Sounds familiar,” I said.               dog’s got a twisted sense of humor!”    help.”
“Feel free to use that one,” Pickles       “All too familiar!” Sascha added.        I nearly tripped over another cat       “Yes, please.”
added.                                     “Thank goodness someone told her         Macy as I fled the barn.
                                                                                                                            As soon as Kimberly left the living
“Thanks. You’ve been a great help.”        to shut up or I’d have never gotten      “One word,” Macy said.                  room, Pickles moved over beside
                                           away.”                                   “Kidnapping.”                           me.
“You’re welcome,” Pickles
responded, looking sleepy.                 “And this column will be about you?”     I didn’t stop running. The horses’      “OK,” Pickles said quietly, “a
                                           I asked.                                 and Macy’s laughter trailed off         cowboy, an Appaloosa and a
As Pickles purred himself to sleep, I
turned off the computer and headed         “No,” Sascha answered. “It’s more        behind me as I neared the house.        leprechaun walk into a bar...”
to the barn.                               universal than that. I’d like to think   Our other dog, Pepper, and cat Jack     I just smiled at him and started
                                           the story is about ‘everycat.’”          had joined Pickles on the couch by      typing.
“No idea for your column, eh?” our
dog Hazel asked as I stepped               “Everycat--got it.”                      the time I came in and sat down. I
outside.                                                                            was winded and sweaty.        

WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                              AUGUST 2010                                                              PAGE 29 OF 42
                          HOW TO TRAIN, REWARD MIXED TYPES
                     Learn how to better train and reward horses with            reassuring until Romance regained her composure and confidence. By
                     mixed personality types.                                    the end of the weekend she was already trusting Kassie to see her
                     By Yvonne Barteau                                           through any scary situations and, eventually, the pair ended up having a
                                                                                 great show season together as the mare became more and more
                     All illustrations by Joanne Mehl                            confident.
                     For many years I have been interested in the                Our other working student, Endel, encountered a very different scenario
                     personalities of horses, and I know that every              with his 9-year-old, Fourth Level Dutch horse, Picasso, a
                     equine enthusiast is interested in horse                    fearful/challenging mix, who is a 4 on the P/A scale. Picasso also
                     temperament to some extent. People describe their           displayed fearful tendencies in a new environment but, often instead of
                     horses’ personalities to me all the time without even       settling down when reassured, he would switch gears from defensive
realizing it. They say things like, “My horse is very bossy with other           maneuvers to offensive ones quite suddenly.
horses” or “My horse is afraid of anything new” or “My horse doesn’t pay
attention to me at all.” These kinds of comments and observations are            Endel was instructed to pay close attention and deal with whatever
key in defining and understanding the behavior of any horse.                     behavior was in front of him. If Picasso spooked, then Endel would
Understanding the personality of your horse, coupled with knowledge              soften the reins and try to develop a soft shoulder-fore to take the
about your own temperament and skill level, gives you the best chance            horse’s mind off his worries. Sometimes that would work, but if Picasso
for success in your daily rides. Ideally, you want to be paired with a           became confrontational about the aids, pinning his ears, pushing against
horse whose natural behavior patterns allow you to stay within your own          the aids or jumping around, Endel had to change his own tactics, as
natural comfort zones as much as possible. My goal in this series of             well. He was then instructed to deal with getting the horse to answer the
articles is to share insights that may help you better understand your           request even if he had to use a sharp half halt or whip to get it. As soon
horse, yourself and even the other horse people who you interact with            as Endel established his answer, he was then instructed to ride in
regularly.                                                                       neutral for a few strides to clear the air between them. This strategy
                                                                                 worked, but there are many riders who might make mistakes in
In part one, I explained the four basic personality types as I define them.      assessment or timing of the aids under these circumstances or even
They are social, aloof, challenging and fearful. Also, I introduced you to       become fearful themselves. Therefore, Picasso would not be suitable for
the passive/aggressive (P/A) variations that can be found within each            an amateur without a certain level of confidence and riding skills. The
type. Now that you have developed some awareness of type among                   pair is now making steady progress in all of the FEI movements and
horses, you may have a pretty good idea about where your horse fits in.          should get to Grand Prix together.
If your horse shows clear behaviors from two different types, then you
are dealing with a mixed personality type. The best way to explain the           An uncomplicated example of type is the Dutch stallion Liberty, a social
mixed types is to give examples. So now I’ll share with you a few mixed-         horse with no discernable behaviors from any other group. He is starting
type horses I’ve had and how their personalities guided me in their              his second season at Grand Prix. Usually, stallions are higher on the
training.                                                                        P/A scale than geldings because of their hormone levels, but even with
                                                                                 his stallion parts Liberty is only a 2.
Mixed Personality Types                                                          In the beginning, my husband, Kim, a very methodical trainer, allowed
Many horses appear to have a Jekyll-and-Hyde approach to life. They              Liberty ample time to learn and absorb all of the lessons that brought
may be one way at home or in their normal work environment and then              him up the levels. Liberty is always composed and confident, and he
behave quite differently under stress or during any change in their              stays “in the moment” during training and riding sessions. He is
regular circumstances.                                                           interested in his environment, rarely distracted and very forgiving and
An aloof horse, for example, might tune you out and be slow to respond           tolerant. He loves attention. In the summer, Kassie rides him bareback
to your aids. If you turn up the heat on him by increasing the intensity of      while he swims in the pond, and my daughter Jessie can lie down with
your request, the aloof horse will finally jolt into action and respond. If he   him while he is napping. His only fault is that he would like to be lazy.
is aloof/fearful, however, he may seem indifferent and, when he gets             But, he can even be talked out of that. I have done exhibitions around
into trouble, he may suddenly panic and try to escape from under you,            the country with Liberty, and crowds, spotlights and cheering do not
appearing to change from indifferent to worried based on situation or            bother him a bit.
circumstance. But, an aloof/social type may actually start to interact
better once you turn up the heat and may then behave in an interested                                            We have found that a horse’s personality
fashion until you let him off the hook again. An aloof/challenging type                                          is defined before he is even weaned. If we
may tune you out. When you finally get through to him, he may want to                                            are lucky enough, or sufficiently educated,
argue about things or try to assert himself.                                                                     to handle our horses appropriately from
We have an 8-year-old Swedish mare who is fearful/ social and about a                                            birth, it often makes an important
4 on the P/A scale. Because she has a social side, Romance was not as                                            difference in how the horse will accept a
difficult to start as many fearful horses are. We were slow and patient          training routine for the rest of his life. A spoiled or sour horse has the
with her initial round pen work, and consequently she became easier              best chance of being “turned around” if he is retrained by someone who
and easier to reassure. She was both interested in, and somewhat                 not only has good riding and training skills but also understands his
dependent on, her relationship with my working student Sue and my                temperament.
daughter Kassie, who did much of her early work.
                                                                                 Rewarding the Different Types
When it came time to take Romance on a field trip to school her at the
show grounds, I chose Kassie to handle the assignment because she is             Rewards are important in any training program. Some riders use treats,
balanced in the saddle and never allows a horse’s fears to become her            while others just take away stimulus as soon as a horse responds. Any
own. She babied the mare around the show grounds, catering to her                reward is fine as long as the horse understands he has behaved
uncertainty until the mare realized that Kassie would be there for her.          appropriately and that is why he is being rewarded.
Kassie was careful never to lose her temper with the mare, even when             We pay attention to type even when we reward, because a fearful horse
she jumped around or spooked repeatedly. Kassie just kept settling and           might be happy to be petted and told what a fine horse he is, but an

WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                       AUGUST 2010                                                         PAGE 30 OF 42
                                   aloof horse may find it more                    I pick up the reins again. Then it is time to work, and he must once again
                                   rewarding to be left alone to zone out          focus on me. While all of our horses eventually need to behave and
                                   for a moment. Remember that                     perform to a certain standard, understanding temperament will help
                                   interacting is work for an aloof type.          foster a more successful partnership, and that is a definite plus.
                                   Social horses like pats and a chance            There is much more to say on the personalities of horses and how best
                                   to look around the ring. Challenging            to utilize this information, but I hope you have read enough to try and
                                   types often find it rewarding to argue,         incorporate some “type awareness” into your riding and training
                                   but we don’t want that, so we are               program.
                                   careful with this type to get in, get out
and get answers to our aids. As a reward, a firm rub on the neck or a big          In part three you’ll learn about human personality types from a colleague
pat and a moment where they can stop and look around the arena at                  of mine who specializes in such things. Knowing our own preferences
everyone who has to work harder than they do is sometimes just right.              helps us have better relationships with both humans and equines. In the
                                                                                   fourth and last part of this series, I’ll give more examples of how to find
I have a social Friesian stallion who is about an 8 on the P/A scale.              the best match for your type and how this also works for choosing the
When he gets a break, I reward him by letting him stand or walk on a               right instructor.
loose rein and call out to all of the other horses in the arena or show
grounds to tell them how great he is. I am quite sure Boater believes              Now, observe your horse’s behavior, decide what type he is and think
that a horse show is the equivalent of an equine singles bar, because he           about how this new insight might affect your next training session.
often acts accordingly. I allow him his interactions and socialization until       Source:

                             DEVELOPING A DRESSAGE CANTER
Question: I would like some advice on how to regulate my horse's                   By riding many canter departs and always bringing him back to a walk
canter tempo. He is a 5-year-old warmblood gelding with a big,                     when he starts to rush, you will increase his strength. Therefore, this is a
bounding canter stride that tends to get faster and faster. He often stays         valuable exercise.
slow enough on circles, but he picks up speed when we go on straight               As you practice canter departs, you may want to practice counter-canter
lines. Sometimes my half halts work in the canter, and it's easy to keep           departs as well. A few strides in counter-canter on a slight bend, like a
him at an appropriate tempo, but other times he is harder to bring back.           very shallow single loop on the long side, will definitely increase your
He also used to get very quick in the trot, but he now accepts half halts          horse's awareness and his balance.
and usually maintains a forward, but not quick, trot. He generally is calm
and doesn't seem nervous. We are making progress, but I would                      When cantering on a circle, you will have more success at maintaining a
appreciate any hints you could give me about why he does this and how              slower tempo if you make your horse straighter on the circle. A horse
to help him maintain a slower, steadier tempo in the canter.                       travels naturally on two slightly offset tracks, rather than with perfect
                                                                                   straightness. Because you can seldom straighten a horse by pushing his
Claudia Garner's Answer: Your problem is common. In the beginning                  haunches out, you have to straighten him by positioning his shoulders in
of many horses' training, they have difficulty maintaining their balance           front of his haunches. So, to get more straightness on the circle, you
and, therefore, a quiet tempo in the canter. This imbalance is usually             may want to think about-though not actually perform-shoulder-fore as
strength related. The horse's balance in the canter is delicate, and when          you prepare for the canter.
a rider's weight is added, the untrained horse can maintain a quiet
tempo only if he has natural athletic ability or if the rider's abilities are of   Also try riding your horse on a 20-meter square instead of a 20-meter
such quality that she does not interfere with his balance.                         circle, utilizing every corner to rebalance him. Riding slightly deeper into
                                                                                   the corners will give you a little more leverage and will train him to
You can minimize this interference by paying close attention to the                become stronger and more accurate.
quality of your seat and hands. Don't push your horse through
movement in you seat, but rather use your seat to hold him steady and              There are many other exercises that will also help your horse develop
quiet. Tighten your abdominal muscles to hold your seat steady. Make               the strength for a balanced canter. Ride up and down hills, jump small
sure your horse is round and on the aids (see "Building a Bridge," DT,             gymnastics, ride over cavalletti and longe.
July 1999) before you ask for a canter depart so he can canter without             It will take time to build the physique that your young horse needs to
leaning on your hands. The self-carriage necessary for a quiet canter              carry your weight with ease and therefore with beauty.
tempo can be obtained only when your horse carries himself instead of              SOURCE:
leaning on your hands.
A strong, balanced horse carries his weight more on his haunches.
Often, the horse's ability to carry more weight on his haunches and not
to run on his forehand can be developed through better alignment, or
straightness. There are many ways to get your horse straighter. Here is
one that works for me: Concentrate on keeping your horse's neck
straight at the base-in front of the shoulders-and the rest of the body will
This alignment must be practiced diligently at the walk and the trot both
on straight lines and with bend. Try riding patterns that incorporate many
transitions to challenge yourself and your horse to say alert. Suppling
him thoroughly in the walk and trot through many changes of rein, tempo
and direction, as well as many turns on the forehand, leg yields and
transitions, will enable you to prepare him for a balanced canter. As his
ability to maintain his balance in the trot increases, so will his steadiness
in the canter.
Your horse must be strong to lift his entire weight off the outside hind in
the canter depart (see "The Foolproof Canter Depart," DT, Sept. 1999).
WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                         AUGUST 2010                                                                                     PAGE 31 OF 42
by Valee More
                                                                                                                            Important Note: Do NOT
Here is a fantastic stretch that releases the superficial and deep spinal                                                   create pain – go to the edge
muscles and straightens the spine that will help your riding posture.                                                       of pain and hold for around
                                                                                                                            8 seconds only
•    This stretch lifts and opens the chest freeing the internal organs.
•    Traditionally we are told to keep our shoulders back to stand up or
     sit up straight, but this doesn’t release the muscles and causes the                                        4
     shoulder muscles to tighten and stiffens the pelvis.                     Instructions
•    Try this instead regularly and you will start walking and sitting more   1.       Take Shoes off. Stand against a wall with heals 3cm away from
     upright. When you are riding there will be less effort to sit upright,            wall. Make sure your buttocks are on the wall.
     therefore, less tension and softer movement with your horse.             2.       Bring your chin down so that it is touching your chest with your mouth
                                                                                       closed. If you are unable to do this, this is the first stretch for you –
                                                                                       hold for 8 seconds.
                                                                              3.       Throughout the whole movement your chin must remain on your
                                                                                       chest with your mouth closed and your buttocks on the wall. Put a
                                                                                       piece of paper under your chin so that you know if your chin
                                                                              4.       Now push your chin back toward the wall allowing your chest to
                                                                                       come up. Go as far as you can go without losing the piece of
                                                                                       paper. Hold the posture for 8 seconds. It is normal not to be able
                             2                                                         to touch the wall with your head.
                                                                                       • You should feel the muscles stretching somewhere either
                                                                                            down your back or in your neck or both, depending on where
                                                                                            your muscles are tight.
     1                                                                                 •    Practice this once every day. You will be surprised how
                                                                                            quickly you will start to feel that you are more upright.

                                                                                                             Ref: Posture Makes Perfect by Dr. Vic Barker

Here is a stretch for the deep psoas muscle that when tight
compresses the lumber spine, tilts the pelvis and can contribute to
sciatica and lumber pain.
                          In horse riders if this muscle is tight it
                          prevents the rider being able to stretch the leg
                          back and keep the heel in alignment with the
                          shoulder. It also causes anterior tilt which is a
                          sway back and if it one muscle is tighter than
                          the other, can cause one hip to be higher than
                          the other and the toe pointing more outward.
                       The psoas (major on the right) is a very strong             •       Allow the leg to stretch down to the ground, but keep your body
                       and powerful muscle. It helps the body bend                         straight. You could add ankle weights to help the stretch.
towards the ground and sideways, and is the prime mover for lifting                •       Hold the position for 30 seconds then repeat with the opposite
the leg up when walking.                                                                   leg.
                                                                                   •       Repeat 2 more times holding the position for up to a minute or
Tightness Test                                                                             longer if comfortable.
Wearing loose fitting clothing lie on the floor and bring one leg up to                                                         Ref: NZ College of Massage
your chest. Keep your head on the floor. If the psoas muscle is tight
on the opposite leg, the back of the thigh will lift off the floor. Repeat         About the Writer (of both articles)
for the other leg.                                                                 Valee More, together with a horse riding background, is trained in
Caution – with all stretches do not create pain.                                   remedial massage, craniosacral therapy and orthobionomy. She
Psoas Stretch                                                                      loves helping horse riders with awareness of their posture, releasing
      • Sit on the edge of a table where your feet will not touch the              tight muscles and pain, and helping to realign their posture to assist in
           ground. You may like to put something on it such as a                   their riding. She empowers clients with self-help techniques such as
           folded blanket for comfort.                                             stretching specific muscles and learning to use the body in a more
      • Gently roll back bringing one leg up to your chest (with head              balanced way. Valee guarantees pain relief during sessions.
           still on the table).                                                    She also works with horses with Reiki and craniosacral therapy, and
      • The hanging leg is doing the stretch and should not be                     teaches Reiki for animals which is available in Auckland and by
           touching the table.                                                     correspondence. Her websites are &
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                                             LUNGING YOUR HORSE
                                                Young and green horses         So how do you know that the side-reins are fitting properly? The answer
                                                almost always start their      is simple: after warming up your horse on the lunge without side-reins,
                                                training on the lunge.         ask him to halt and allow him to catch his breath. Attach the side-reins
                                                Older, more experienced        to the bit and allow enough length to form a straight line from its base at
                                                horses are also often          the girth straps to the horse’s mouth. The horse should be carrying
                                                lunged. Of course, there       himself in a natural outline, his head and neck positioned just as he
                                                are many benefits from         wanted them to be when he halted. This is what I call the free outline.
                                                lungeing, provided that it
is done properly. However, it can also be harmful to your horse. This          Ask the horse to trot a circle or two then halt him again. Walk up to him
article is aimed at covering all aspects of lungeing, why it is done, how it   and take about two inches out of the side-reins. Trot on two circles and
is done, how to correct problems, and how to avoid any harmful side-           watch carefully. Is there excess slack in the side-reins? If there is, halt
effects.                                                                       the horse and take out another inch or two. By now, the horse’s nose
                                                                               should be slightly in front of the vertical. This is as tight as your side-
The Benefits of Lungeing:-                                                     reins should be. Eventually, you will know from the first attempt how
• Improves the horse’s way of going. Helps him coordinate his body             much to tighten the side-reins.
     and find his balance without the weight of the rider.
•    Aids in teaching the horse initial voice commands: walk, trot,
     canter, halt.
•    Stretches and loosens the horse’s body and gets him to engage
     his hindquarters,
•    Strengthens and tones the horse’s outline.
•    Improves lateral flexibility.
•    Can be used to relax or warm up a tense horse.                             Above: Correct length for the side-reins. Photo
                                                                                from 'Dressage Masterclass with Dane Rawlins'
Starting the Young Horse
Almost every green horse started his training on the lunge. Young              .Remember that the side-reins should be of equal length. The other end
horses can be lunged even before they are introduced to the saddle and         of the reins will be attached to the second girth strap as low as the
bridle. A head collar or a lungeing caveson is usually all the tack they       bottom of the saddle flap. See photo on the right, courtesy of Horse &
need. The goal at this stage is simply to get them going forward at the        Rider magazine.
voice commands. A whip can be used to encourage the horse to step
forward and around you, but I personally prefer to avoid the whip if the
                                                                               Lungeing Without Side-Reins
horse is willing to go forward on his own. The lunge line should be long       This method can be useful with horses who are stiff or who take too
enough for the horse to circle 20 meters in diameter. A small circle can       long to supple up. Lungeing without side-reins encourages the horse to
be damaging to the horse’s legs since his muscles and flexibility have         stretch down, which lifts his back and improves strength and flexibility.
not yet developed.                                                             You should always make sure that your horse is stepping forward with
                                                                               energy because this posture could tempt the horse to drag his hind legs.
When a saddle is introduced, the horse is lunged again to get his              If you find that you cannot canter your horse long and low without
accustomed to its feel on his back. Later on, he can be lunged in side-        loosing control, you can safely lunge him in the canter without side-
reins as well. There is much more detail to starting young horses, and         reins. I find this particularly helpful before riding a dressage test as it
anyone who attempts breaking a young one should be experienced                 loosens the horse’s body - much like stretching your body before
enough.                                                                        running a race.
Lungeing Equipment                                                             If your aim is to improve your horse’s way of going, such as get him to
Basic equipment:-                                                              engage and carry himself, then it is best to lunge him with side-reins
                                                                               attached. I also don’t favor the use of other gadgets such as the
•    Lunge line or rope, preferably 20 meters long or more.
                                                                               Chambon, Phillips reins, etc. when lungeing or riding. Yes, they may
•    Lungeing caveson or head collar.                                          improve the horse in certain areas, but they collide with classical
•    Gloves for you: if the horse tries to pull away, the rope will burn or    training principles of letting the horse find his own balance naturally.
     cut your hand if you are not wearing gloves. Speaking from
     experience, here!                                                         Attaching the Lunge Line
                                                                               There are different ways of attaching the lunge line to the horse’s head.
Optional equipment:-                                                           Each method serves a certain purpose or corrects a problem. They are
• Bridle with snaffle bit to fit under the caveson.                            explained below:-
• Saddle with stirrups removed or tied up.
• Side-reins. These maintain the horse’s outline and support him with          Head collar or caveson - The lunge line snaps on to the bottom ring on
    a steady contact on the bit.                                               the head collar or on the top ring on the caveson. You can also snap it
• Protective boots for the horse. As the horse is constantly on a circle,      on to the side ring of the caveson, provided you change it to the other
    the chances of him brushing his legs against each other increases.         side when you change the rein. This is the simplest way of attaching
• Lunge whip - as long as you do not use it to threaten the horse. If          lunge line and works well with young horses since it exerts minimum
    used, it should be for gently coaxing the horse to go forward.             pressure on the horse’s head.
                                                                               Caveson over bridle - Remove the noseband from the bridle and fit the
Adjusting the Side-Reins                                                       caveson over it. Attach the lunge line to the top or side ring of the
The worst thing you can do to your horse is adjust his side-reins too          caveson. There isn’t any more pressure on the horse than the first
tightly. This can have a number of effects on him. First, he may lean on       method but the addition of the bit gives the horse something to think
the bit and fall on his forehand. Second, it may cause stiffness in his        about. It isn’t one of my favorites, though, because the weight of the
neck which could extend to his back. Third, he will either run away from       bridle and the caveson can be uncomfortable for the horse.
the restraint or will be unable to move freely forward.

WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                     AUGUST 2010                                                         PAGE 33 OF 42
Bridle only - In Germany, horses with sensitive mouths are lunged with                  your horse has reached a fair level of training already; if he is still green,
the lunge line tied around the snaffle bit ring and the noseband. If your               keep the circles big. At all times, ensure that he is going actively
lunge line has a buckle end, you can buckle it around the bit ring and                  forwards; falling on the forehand on the lunge can cause stiffness in the
take the noseband with it as well. This method would not work if your                   horse’s back. A swinging back and over-tracking foot falls are signs that
lunge line has a snap end. Another way to lunge in a bridle only is to run              the horse is working properly.
the lunge line through the snaffle bit ring, over the horse’s poll, and
attach it to the opposite bit ring. This is method gives you more control               Finish by removing the side-reins and allowing the horse to walk freely
than the previous ones described. If the horse tries to pull away, the                  on a large circle. For a better cool down, take your horse out of the
pressure on the bit and over his poll will be too great, so be careful                  arena and lead him around in a leisurely walk for 5 or 10 minutes.
when you lunge in this manner. Bear in mind that the lunge line should
be snapped to the outside bit ring, meaning that you will have to re-                   Use of the Whip
attach it every time you change the rein.                                               If you are teaching a young horse to respond to voice commands, or if
                                                                                        your horse is slow in his response, you can use a lunge whip to
Preparing to Lunge                                                                      reinforce your request. Voice the command first, and if the horse not
Check that all your tack fits properly. The girth doesn’t need to be too                respond, immediately touch him with the whip just above his hocks.
tight. The stirrups must be tied up or removed. Remove the martingale if                Notice I said ‘touch’. Any harsher action can cause kicking, bucking, or
your horse wears one. Now, deal with the reins. You can either                          just general misbehavior. Following this touch, repeat your voice
unbuckle them where they split and then slip them through the D-ring on                 command.
the saddle, or you could do the following: unfasten the throatlash on the
                                                                                        To encourage him to step forwards with activity, you can choose any
bridle; hold the reins behind the horse’s jaw and twist them 5 or 6 times
                                                                                        command such as ‘forward’ or ‘go on’ or ‘active’. Get the horse used to
then run the throatlash through the loop you made; fasten the throatlash
                                                                                        these by combining them with a touch of the whip. When the horse has
again. This locks the reins in place. If you are lunging only in a caveson
                                                                                        learned the meaning of these words, you will no longer need a whip.
or collar, disregard this paragraph.
                                                                                        How to hold and use the whip is important. It should be always pointing
If you are using side-reins, forget them for now. Make sure you have
                                                                                        just behind the horse’s hocks. When used, the motion should be at an
your gloves on. You can lunge your horse anywhere but it would be
                                                                                        angle towards the horse’s eyes. In other words, when you touch the
better if there are not many distractions around. A round pen is ideal but
                                                                                        horse with the whip, move it as if drawing an imaginary line from the
a rectangular arena will do. Beware of lunging a young, spirited horse in
                                                                                        point of the hock to the eye.
an open area; he could get excited and run away
                                                                                        Problems with Lungeing
                                                                                        The horse is rushing on the lunge.
                                                                                        Slowly decrease the size of the circle and speak softly with your voice
                                                                                        low to your horse. Never pull your horse sharply onto a smaller circle,
                                                                                        just take a little at a time from the lunge line until the circle becomes
                                                                                        smaller. The horse will be forced to slow his pace down. Once he is
                                                                                        going at a steady, rhythmic pace, you can slowly increase the size of
                                                                                        the circle again.

                                                                                        The horse is rushing through the transition.
Above: Caveson fitted over bridle. The reins   Below: Stirrups secured.
are twisted and secured with the throatlash.   Photos from Horse & Rider magazine
                                                                                        This is a common problem often occurring under saddle as well.
                                                                                        However, when the horse is ridden, it is often the rider’s seat and aids
If you are carrying a whip and about to lunge on the left rein, hold the                that result in this rush, but when on the lunge, it is usually due to a
lunge line in your left hand. Excess slack and the whip will go in your                 number of reasons, 1) The horse does not understand your request, 2)
right hand; and vice versa for the right rein.                                          The horse does not want to work harder, or 3) The horse is sore or
                                                                                        physically uncomfortable to perform the transition or work at the next
To get your horse going, it is best to lead him onto a small circle first.              gait.
Gently walk your horse on a 5 meter circle then slowly step away from
him to the center of the circle. If he turns in, lead him back to the circle.           If the problem is due to either of the first two reasons, you can solve it
If he stops and looks at you, urge him to keep going by using your voice                by going back to basics and teaching your horse how to respond to
or the lunge whip. Once he is established on the small circle, give him                 voice commands. If he is sore, then it is best to have a chiropractor look
some slack and encourage him onto a bigger circle. Let him walk freely                  at him. Almost all horses could benefit from a visit from the chiropractor.
for about 5 minutes before you begin his workout.                                       The horse turns in on the circle.
Active Work on the Lunge                                                                If your horse cuts in on one side of the circle, cut him in on the opposite
                                                                                        side and urge him on. This means that if your horse habitually makes
If your horse is new to voice commands, you will need to back up your
requests with the whip. Read the next section to learn how to use the                   one side of the circle too small, make the opposite side too small for him
whip correctly.                                                                         by taking in some lunge line, then give him a little slack on the side on
                                                                                        which he cuts in. Ask him for more forward activity. You can use the
Ask your horse to trot. Let him maintain a steady trot for a few circles                whip in the motion described above, only without actually touching the
then ask for a transition to walk. From walk, trot again, then canter.                  horse.
Change the rein and repeat the process. You will not have attached the                  The horse tries to run out of the circle.
side-reins at this stage. The goal is to loosen and relax the horse before              This is usually associated with a little bit of bucking and kicking. The
serious work begins.                                                                    horse is either too excited or he is scared of you. Whichever the reason,
Halt your horse. Walk up to him and reward him with a pat and a ‘good                   the key to solving it is to calm the horse down. Walk and trot him on a
boy/girl’. Attach the side reins and ask him to walk on. Give your horse a              small circle until he has settled. But if he is turning away and kicking at
couple of minutes to become accustomed to the contact on the bit                        you, watch out! This becomes a matter of respect - the horse does not
before asking him to trot on. From now on, focus on transitions and                     respect you. At this point, your best option is to remove the lunge line,
include plenty of walk in the exercise. Change the rein only once with                  free lunge your horse, that is, ask him to walk, trot, and canter without a
the side-reins attached.                                                                lunge line attached. This is best done in a round pen. When he turns
                                                                                        away and kicks at your direction, make him run around in circles until he
Try to keep the circles big when the horse is cantering. You can also                   is out of breath. You can do that by either waving your arms or by
vary the size of the circle when the horse is trotting. I am assuming that              swinging a lead above your head. Eventually, the horse will start looking
WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                                 AUGUST 2010                                                         PAGE 34 OF 42
for ways to get out of this exhaustive situation. When he reaches that         riding. It is a sign that he is falling on his forehand. Get his hind quarters
stage, show him that you are the only place of refuge by retreating a few      active and he will stop leaning on the bit.
steps every time he looks at you. Inevitably, most horses choose to
settle down and approach the handler in submission.                            The horse tries to change the rein on his own.
                                                                               This mostly occurs with young horses who don’t know better. If the
This method is similar to Monty Robert’s Join-up, but it is actually           horse suddenly pivots and changes direction, calmly ask him to halt.
adapted from Mark Rashid’s studies on passive leadership. In simpler           Walk to the horse and lead him back to the track on the rein he was
terms, it is natural horsemanship, that is, training from the horse’s point    originally traveling on. Keep the horse framed from behind by following
of view. What you need to achieve is gain the horse’s respect as a             his hocks with the whip. If he does it again, just lead him and turn him
result of his personal preference not out of his fear of you.                  around. In time, he will learn to stay on the current rein until you decide
                                                                               to change it yourself.
You may need to repeat this process two or three times before the
horse has accepted you as his chosen leader. You can then bring him            The last thing you should keep in mind is that perfecting your lungeing
back on the lunge.                                                             technique takes practice, but it is relatively easy to grasp. Don’t lunge
                                                                               your horse excessively with no particular goal in mind. You should
The horse is leaning on the bit and is using the side-reins                    always be focused and lungeing with a purpose. Horses get tired quickly
for support.                                                                   on the lunge so limit the session to about 20 minutes.
Ask him to step forward with more energy and get his back swinging.
The side-reins may be too tight, adjust them and give the horse more                         SOURCE:
slack. This is similar to the horse leaning on your hands if you were

                                      BALANCE, FEEL & RHYTHM
We look in awe at gymnasts, wondering how they are able to achieve             then lengthening or shortening the stirrup to complement the length of
such complete body coordination. They have control over different parts        your legs.
of their body, giving them the ability to perform movements that require
ultimate flexibility and suppleness. On a horse, however, performance is       A common mistake is to relax completely. An upright position would not
not dependent on the horse alone. It is the rider who brings out the           be possible if the whole body was to relax. The spine must always
radiance in any dressage display.                                              support the upper body, so it must remain perpendicular and erect. The
                                                                               trick is to relax the lower body. Think that your body, from the waist
A rider who has no control over his body will find great difficulty in         down to your legs, has become part of the horse, while the upper half
achieving harmony with his horse. One must be aware of the function of         must remain upright and supporting itself.
every muscle movement of their body and how it should affect the
horse. Mere awareness of this will aid in the progress of every rider.         "Mentally tell yourself your lower body has become part of the horse."
                                                                               Sylvia Loch, "The Classical Seat"
All that is required of a rider seated centrally and in balance on a horse     Over time, a natural sense of balance will develop. This will not happen
are subtle aids that are almost invisible to the onlooker. A well balanced     overnight. It will take much practice, but awareness will speed up the
rider results in a well balanced horse, thereby more responsive and            process. Developing a sense of rhythm also takes time, as the body
alert. The more awkward the seat, the more awkward the aids; the more          must be trained to listen to the horse's motion. With the horse in walk,
refined the seat, the more refined the aids. It is the classical seat that     close your eyes and breathe deeply. Block out any external disturbance.
can lead to perfect balance on a horse, as will be described later in          Focus on the horse's motion. Feel his muscles stretching and
detail.                                                                        contracting as he takes his steps. Listen to each hoof as it hits the
                                                                               ground. Then try to predict which hoof is now going to hit the ground.
Gravity                                                                        Eventually, visualize the horse's complete movement with each stride
Gravity should help you remain in the correct position, or it can help you     he takes as if you were watching him from the ground.
crash to the ground, which is why it should always be used to your
advantage. Sitting on a horse with the legs too far forward disturbs the       This exercise can also be practiced while trotting and cantering, but
vertical line of gravity. Lets imagine standing stationary on the ground.      make sure this happens on the lunge. The feel for balance and the feel
We will find that we are in balance. If we try to stand with our legs          for rhythm cannot be separated, as they both lead to a confident and
forward or backward, it will be impossible to maintain any balance. The        secure seat.
same principle applies on horseback, a weak seat with wrongly                                       SOURCE:
positioned legs is not a balanced seat.
                                                                                                     FUNNY DOOR MATS :O)
It is not right to simply say that balance should be maintained on
horseback as is it maintained on the ground. Obtaining balance over a
horse's constantly changing center of gravity takes time to learn. By
practicing the correct position on the ground in front of a mirror, you can
form a visual image of how you should look like when seated on a
horse. Grasping on to that image, try to imitate it the next time you're
mounted. Feel the gravity flowing through the checkpoints of your body.
Let your legs grow long, as though reaching for the ground. Sit upright,
as though reaching for the sky. This is a natural position, so breathe
deeply and relax any tense muscles.

It is worth mentioning that short stirrups make a classical seat virtually
impossible. Showjumpers often ride with shortened stirrups as it helps
their legs absorb the shock of the jump. Shortened stirrups misplace the
legs in a forward position for the dressage rider. It is advisable to sit in
the classical position, letting the legs hang loose and long naturally,
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                                              YOUR HORSE'S BACK
With a basic understanding of the engineering of the equine spine,             A horse’s spine operates much like an arrow shot from a bow. When the
you can head off back problems that may cause soreness before                  string is released, the arrow flies fast and straight. But imagine shooting
they become severe. By Kathy Anderson, PhD                                     an arrow made out of Styrofoam; the soft shaft would wobble so much,
Ever notice differences in how animals move their bodies?                      it’d be lucky to get near the target, and if it did, it would most likely snap
                                                                               on impact. If your arrow were curved, it would take a great deal more
Your dog comes running up, his entire rear end swinging back and forth         energy to get it to travel in a straight line.
almost as fast as his wagging tail. Then he drops his hips and scuttles
up against your legs before rolling belly-up to wriggle at your feet.          In much the same way, a horse’s hindquarters propel him forward at the
                                                                               gallop. The bend at the lumbosacral joint allows him to bring his hind
Your cat dances in circles on her toes, head up and back arched high,          legs way up under him, to maximize his thrust, and as he gains speed
then walks a serpentine around and between your legs; you lift her and         the muscles supporting the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae tighten,
she goes limp, almost as though she has no bones--until she spots a            turning his spine into an even more straight and rigid projectile. Any
squirrel and launches herself like a coiled spring. The squirrel,              bending or curvature between the withers and rump would reduce
meanwhile, races up a tree then sits up on its hindquarters, craning and       efficiency; there is only enough flex to absorb the forces of impact with
bending to keep the stalking cat in view.                                      each stride. Meanwhile, the rhythmic rise and fall of the neck acts like
Your horse’s body, in contrast, seems as solid as a rock as you brush          both a pendulum and a flywheel, assisting and smoothing the
him, and he doesn’t flinch as you place the saddle securely behind his         momentum of the body, coordinating the strides of the forelegs and
withers and swing onto his back. You feel only a gentle undulation as he       helping the horse maintain his balance.
moves off.                                                                     A rigid arrow may be the most efficient tool for flying straight, but it’s not
As diverse as they may seem, mammals have more similarities than               made to get around curves. For this, you’d need something that could
differences in how their backs are constructed. All share the same basic       flex, like a train. At slower gaits, the horse’s back muscles relax and
lineup of bones called vertebrae, which enclose the spinal cord and            become supple, giving him more freedom to bend and stretch.
support the skull, ribs and limbs.                                             Ideally, when a horse jogs in a circle, he “bends around a rider’s leg.”
Yet form follows function throughout the animal kingdom. Obviously             That is, his neck curls slightly, while a less obvious curve immediately
horses don’t need to climb trees or bring down prey. Instead they must         below the rider’s leg originates in the thoracic spine. Very little bend is
be able to cover ground efficiently and, when needed, sprint away from         possible in the lumbar spine, but the muscles in this area help
predators. In fact, horses in their natural environment often travel           coordinate a smooth and fluid gait around the turn.
dozens of miles a day to reach watering holes or better grazing,
sometimes sustaining a trot for hours.                                         Kinks in the System
The horse’s spine is designed to aid efficient locomotion. In biological       Because the spine is at the center of a horse’s every movement, any
terms, that means getting a maximum return on a minimal input of               problem that originates there can have repercussions throughout the
energy.                                                                        body. These include elusive lameness, incoordination, paralysis and/or
                                                                               behavioral and training issues manifested as resistance to the saddle,
“Horses’ legs have developed special tendons that act like big springs
                                                                               “dipping” of the back when being mounted, crookedness or jump
with little muscular involvement at the trot,” says Kevin Haussler, DVM,
DC, PhD, assistant professor of equine anatomy at Colorado State
University. “Treadmill studies have shown that the back doesn’t move           Diagnosing a specific source of back pain is often difficult because signs
much at that gait; it has the ability to become a passive structure. The       are usually subtle, and individual horses may respond differently to what
trot is a very efficient gait when you need to travel 30 or 40 miles. In       appear to be identical problems. Sometimes back pain results suddenly
contrast, there’s much more flexion at the canter. That gait is best for       after a clear cause--such as a switch to a new saddle, a fall in a trailer or
short emergencies.”                                                            the first lessons in a new, demanding sport. Other times, mild signs may
                                                                               come and go, but build up slowly over months. A horse’s back soreness
In the modern world, of course, a horse’s work is more varied, and in
                                                                               can stem from several sources:
many sports he is asked to perform at the extremes of his gaits while
carrying the weight of a saddle and rider. And even the trail horse,           Muscle pain: Hundreds of muscles, large and small, attach to the
whose life may be less demanding, is still at the mercy of his rider’s         vertebrae up and down the spine. They are involved in breathing,
imperatives. As well-engineered as a horse’s back may be, these                swinging the tail, extending the head and participating in every step the
demands can strain the system.                                                 horse takes. And like any other muscles they are subject to fatigue,
                                                                               major or minor spasms, tears and strains. “In my experience there is a
With a basic understanding of how your horse’s back is put together and
                                                                               lot of muscle soreness out there that we don’t recognize,” says
how it works, you’ll be better able to spot potential problems before they
produce any chronic aches and pains or worse--and that will help keep
him sound, comfortable and happy for years to come.                            In most cases, rest--or a reduction in workload--along with
                                                                               administration of anti-inflammatory medications and/or muscle relaxants
Slings & Arrows                                                                will allow back muscles to heal. Some horses may benefit from massage
                                                                               therapy or acupuncture. But it’s also important to identify the reason for
A horse’s spine is like a suspension bridge, a connective structure            the sore muscles in the first place. Examine your saddle and pads for fit,
between the uprights of the front and back legs, rigid but somewhat            and consider adjusting your training schedule.
flexible, capped off on each end by the highly mobile neck and tail.
                                                                               Fractures: Breaks or stress fractures of the vertebral processes that
All vertebrae share several characteristics. Viewed head-on, the most          anchor the muscles involved in locomotion are not uncommon. These
noticeable feature is a hole in the middle for the spinal cord. In addition,   injuries can be difficult to detect, but like damaged muscles, they tend to
all have bony projections on each side, called lateral processes, and a        heal readily with rest and medication.
single projection on the top, called the dorsal (spinous) process. And
holding all of the vertebrae together is a system of muscles and               Arthritis: Just like the other joints, the junctures between the vertebrae
ligaments.                                                                     are subject to wear and tear and inflammation, which can lead to
                                                                               osteoarthritis. Arthritic changes may be detected by ultrasound, but
                                                                               appearances can be deceiving: “It’s hard to say if a subtle change is
WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                     AUGUST 2010                                                            PAGE 36 OF 42
clinically significant,” Haussler says. “Some horses can have a lot of          neck or sustains a fracture that causes scar tissue in the spinal canal.
arthritic changes but don’t seem to be in pain. Others seem severely            Diagnosing “true” wobbles can be tricky: The characteristic sign,
pained by what looks like more minor arthritis.”                                progressive incoordination in the hind limbs, can also be caused by
Older horses are more likely to be diagnosed with arthritis in the spine        EPM, infection or vertebral fractures.
but the condition can occur earlier. “I’ve seen some severe arthritis in        The prognosis for a horse with wobbles depends on how debilitated he
younger horses,” Haussler says. In addition to judicious exercise, horses       is. Wobbles caused by arthritis or injury can often be treated with rest
with arthritic backs may benefit from anti-inflammatory medications and         and anti-inflammatory medications. In severe cases of dynamic
joint supplements.                                                              wobbles, surgery to stabilize the spine may be advisable.
Impingement: Another significant source of pain is impingement, when            In a condition called spondyloarthropathy, spinal ligaments calcify,
the large dorsal processes of the thoracic or lumbar vertebrae press            creating “bridges” of bone tissue that span the gaps between the lateral
against each other. Conformation flaws, such as a “hollow” back, can            processes of neighboring lumbar vertebrae, fusing them together.
leave some horses more prone to impingement than others, and in                 Because this fusing increases the rigidity in an area of the back that
many cases, the condition grows worse with age.                                 normally has very little flexibility anyway, spondyloarthropathy does not
Uncharacteristic resistance to being ridden is often an early sign,             seem to bother horses. In fact, the condition occurs so frequently that it
because the extra pressure of a rider’s weight presses the bones                need not be considered a pathology but rather a variation of normal
against each other. X rays can usually detect impingement; tests                skeletal structure.
performed while the horse is under local anesthesia may help determine
the clinical significance.                                                      Relief Forces
Some horses with impinged processes never show any signs of                     If you suspect your horse has a back problem and he doesn’t improve
discomfort; for those with minor pain, medication and rest can bring            after a few days of rest, call in your veterinarian (especially if you notice
relief.                                                                         neurological signs).
If the pain is more severe, surgery to remove part or all of one or more        The source of equine back pain may be as simple as an ill-fitting saddle
processes can relieve the pressure on the bones. Most horses recover            or blanket or as subtle as hoof imbalances or hock problems. Arthritis is
well and return to work within months, but it’s important to rule out all       a common cause of sore backs, as is injury from a fall, collision or
other possible causes for the pain before resorting to surgery.                 awkward buck or kick. A lopsided or rigid rider may contribute to a
Abnormal curvature: Horses are subject to three vertebral deformities           horse’s discomfort, and overtraining--in particular too intense or too
that cause the back to curve: lordosis, the dipping of the back called          frequent repetition of movements or maneuvers--can be hard on an
swayback; kyphosis, the arch called roachback; and scoliosis, curvature         equine back.
to the side. In congenital cases, the abnormal curvature becomes                In many cases, however, horses will continue to show outward signs of
apparent as the young horse grows. Growth plates within the vertebrae           pain with no obvious cause. In that case, “have your veterinarian refer
are among the last to close--usually at the age of 5 or 6 years, as the         you to a professional who specializes in back problems,” Haussler
young horse fills out. If a slight deformity appears within the first year or   advises. “That can include massage therapists, acupuncturists and
two, it likely will continue getting worse until the vertebrae stop growing.    chiropractors.”
These curvatures may look alarming but in many cases the horses are
not nearly as debilitated as you might suppose. With appropriate saddle         But do some homework, he adds: “Make sure whoever you use is a
padding, many can be ridden and lead normal lives                               licensed professional, and make sure your own veterinarian stays in the
                                                                                loop.” Haussler also suggests asking whether your specialist has taken
Wobbles: Cervical stenotic myelopathy, called wobbles, is a                     continuing education courses from a reputable veterinary organization.
malformation of the cervical vertebrae that “pinches” the spinal cord,
impairing the horse’s ability to coordinate his legs and body. The              Finally, Haussler says, “Ask what percentage of their practice is horses--
impingement can be dynamic--if the malformed vertebrae allow too                100 percent? Or only 5 percent? You want someone who is seeing a lot
much bend in the neck, putting pressure on the cord--or static, if a            of equine back pain, because you want someone who is attuned to all of
buildup of bone tissue causes a narrow spinal channel.                          the things that can go wrong.”
Often associated with young, growing horses, wobbles can occur in any
horse, especially an older campaigner, who develops arthritis in the

                             DEVELOPING A FULL, ROUND NECK
Classical trainer Charles de Kunffy shares insight on developing                you sweep, the dustbin travels forward to receive the dust. It has to
your horse's neck and progressing toward collection.                            move in order to receive the dirt being gathered up. Similarly, the horse
By Charles de Kunffy                                                            is gathered up from behind by energizing his haunches and giving him
                                                                                the room through the reins to articulate freely. Trying to achieve
As a young rider in Hungary, I remember how three moments of                    collection by working on the horse’s neck cuts the horse off in the front.
evolutionary breakthroughs made all the difference. Like all young              Confining reins prevents the hind legs from powerfully supporting the
riders, I was impressed when I looked at the sophisticated equine               rider’s weight and balance by lifting him with suspension. Following this,
professors that moved with big, round necks, as opposed to thin,                I realized that a horse consists of three bascules:
inverted racehorse-looking ones. Being pragmatic and used to getting
things done quickly, the easiest solution to achieve a round neck               1.   The neck (the easiest to access and manipulate)
seemed to be manipulating the neck so that it appeared to be round. My          2.   The back (which takes more knowledge and skill to engage). If a
coaches got on my case, leaving me with a sense of desperation. If not               horse has what we called a “warm” back--loose, supple and
actively working on the horse’s neck, how in the world would I get such              oscillating--he can lift the rider. It’s almost like sitting on a suction
a round and tall carriage?                                                           cup; it comes up and supports the rider’s pelvis. On the other hand,
Backed up by my relentless coach, my patient horses soon revealed a                  if a horse has what we called a “cold” back--low and stiff--the rider
most surprising discovery: I could influence the neck’s position from the            achieves nothing other than growing old sitting on it.
haunches rather than from the reins. The principle of this discovery is         3.   The hind end (the haunches should thrust the pelvis forward to
similar to the principle of sweeping dust into a dustbin with a broom. As            lower the croup and to actually articulate at the lumbar-sacral joint).
WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                      AUGUST 2010                                                               PAGE 37 OF 42
     This last bascule is the one that is widely ignored by riders. If it       coaches insisted that the reins may be used for a thousand things
     were addressed, one would see many more horses that lower                  except to inhibit the haunches or to set the shape of his neck. A well-
     themselves toward the ground in supple strides from elastic joints.        schooled horse will collect on even sagging reins into a piaffe or school
     Horses with unexercised hind leg joints move stiffly with high             canter. No need to hold him together, only drive him from leg and seat.
     croups. Horses with ill-developed muscles, lacking strength and            Consistent and knowledgeable use of half halts educate the horse to
     suppleness, might appear to have round necks but remain still              understand the leg aids not merely as “go” but also as “energize” without
     disconnected through the topline.                                          running off.
Once I understood to ride the horse’s hindquarters instead of his neck,         When thinking about collecting a horse, many riders only think of closing
the second breakthrough came when I realized that riding is a dancing           him longitudinally from hocks to bridle. However, one must realize that
partnership with the horse. Every horse has a certain signature rhythm--        one closes the horse also laterally from outside leg to inside rein and
a footfall that’s like a fingerprint. Only when a rider aids in the rhythm of   from inside leg to outside rein, like an X. Half pass and the shoulder-in,
the horse’s footfalls will they make sense to the horse. Horses don’t           for instance, are exercises that utilize this concept of closing the horse
understand banging and poking with legs out of phase with their                 laterally. In the half pass, when the horse is closed correctly, he lowers
footfalls, although the rider might use an occasional kick as a wake-up         his outside hip and thrusts his pelvis toward the inside shoulder. In the
call. A horse that’s pushed out of his signature rhythm will run off and        shoulder-in, the inside hock is supposed to reach so deep--not just
not be able to do relaxed extensions.                                           across but deep forward--that it reaches level with the outside stifle. The
So we were asked to get into a rising trot and tell our coach when we           rider who fails to close the horse longitudinally as well as laterally will fail
found the horse’s perfect rhythmic profile. Once we had established that,       to engage him.
we were able to stimulate the horse to more activity without changing his       These three principles allowed me to train to higher levels. I wish you
rhythm. This resulted in a dancing, free, forward, suspended and                well in riding your horse in your horse’s native rhythm, closed from
rhythmic movement without the horse being confined in the front.                behind, strong and seated, elastic and supple.
The third important principle was an understanding of how to keep the                                                                                                      Source:
horse together without confining his haunches from the reins. My                                                                                                             0909/

Canadian sport horse breeder and international dressage judge                   your goal. When you feel her moving along without prodding, taking
Lorraine Stubbs offers tips to a Dressage Today reader.                         longer to begin to sweat and breathing without stress, she is telling you
A: Having spent four years in the maternity ward, a 13-year-old mare            that she is ready to work a little harder. But it's always better to put a
needs to be brought back to the competition ring very slowly. I suggest         horse to bed, so to speak, with a little gas left in the tank, rather than on
you make sure she is dewormed and has her teeth checked and floated             empty.
and filed, if necessary. Get her inoculations up to date and get her shod       If she was well-trained four years before her "leave of absence," the
so she is well prepared to commence a conditioning program.                     movements of First and Second Level will not be too hard for her to
Her feed program also will have to be readjusted to her work level. If she      remember if your aids are correct. She may be rusty, but don't confuse
appears to be losing weight as her workload increases, gradually                this with lack of understanding. Start off on the conservative side and be
increase grain or pellets. A good vitamin supplement also will help her         easy on her, especially when dealing with more specific movements,
body deal with the increased physical demand you will be putting on her.        such as leg yield and shoulder-in. Once she is fit, you will be surprised
                                                                                what she can do.
Depending on how fit she is when you start to ride her again,                                   Source:
conditioning her properly for the show season next year will take from
three to six months. Think long, slow and distance for the first month.
This period will be the hardest on her, and you must be prepared to go
Exercise her, but don't drain her muscle tone by overworking her.
Remember, it's not just her cardiovascular (heart) system that you want
to improve, it's those muscles, tendons and ligaments that need
strengthening in order for her to become an athlete again.
Try to increase your workload gradually, week-by-week, not day-by-day.
If you find she comes out with energy and is keen to work, perhaps then
is a good time to increase the duration of your workload, not the
intensity. Recognize the fact that some horses are easier to get fit than
others and since she is new to you, you will find this out at the end of
your three months.
Start with lots of walking-10 to 20 minutes a day to begin the first week,
depending on how she responds. Then add five minutes per week from
there. When she walks 25 minutes a day without breaking a sweat or
seeming to be out of breath, gradually add short sections of trotting.
Begin with one-minute trots and work up to several minutes before you
return to walking. She may be out of breath at first, but when she can do
four or five, two-minute trotting segments between walks comfortably
each day, you are ready to ask her to canter. As you do this, think large
circles and turns at slow speeds.
If she gets stressed, breathes too hard or sweats profusely, you are
doing too much. The more keenly you observe and monitor how she
acts and reacts to her work, the more successful you will be in achieving
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                                               DA VINCI'S HORSE
With only 15th-century sketches                                                  disease on Christmas day of 1994, he left his private art collection to
to inspire and guide them,                                                       LDVHI, and its sale brought more than $1 million to the fund.
modern-day artisans and art                                                      The Sculpture Begins
lovers have fulfilled Leonardo da                                                In 1988, LDVHI enlisted sculptor/painter Garth Herrick to begin part-time
Vinci's vision for the world's                                                   work on the horse. "Charlie and Garth studied the drawings like crazy,
largest bronze horse.                                                            but it was very difficult to translate a two-dimensional drawing into a
By Tim Lewthwaite                                                                three-dimensional object," says Kralik. "Their efforts were good but
                                                                                 somewhat amateurish."
With neck arched in pride, nostrils
flared in excitement and ears                                                    By 1997, Tallix Art Foundry, in Beacon, New York, the company
pricked in anticipation, Il Cavallo                                              contracted by LDVHI to cast the horse, had suggested bringing Nina
stepped through the mists of time to                                             Akamu, a talented animal sculptor, on board to attempt to correct the
take his rightful place among Milan,                                             anatomical faults of the Dent-Herrick horse. After several months of
Italy's, Renaissance monuments in 1999, more than 500 years after first          trying, Akamu determined that the original model could not be salvaged
taking form in Leonardo da Vinci's imagination. The world's largest              and concluded that a completely new sculpture needed to be executed.
equine statue, cast in bronze and engineered to stand for hundreds of            "The problems were proportional in nature. It was very squat looking
years to come, was unveiled as a gift to Italy from the American people.         and with a very short neck," says Akamu. "Because none were
The colossal statue recognizes the genius of the Italian painter, sculptor,      horsepeople, they had difficulty translating the drawings into a
architect and engineer-the original Renaissance man-who conceived it,            sculpture."
and celebrates the cultural, scientific and artistic legacy of the epoch         LDVHI board members had an extremely difficult and emotional decision
that produced him. But Il Cavallo is also a monument to an American              to make. Charlie's Horse, as the early model had come to be known,
man who took an idea lost in time as the consuming mission of his last           was not of the quality necessary for its intended purpose as a gift
16 years of life. And finally, it is the achievement of dedicated people         between countries. But starting over meant walking away from the
resolving numerous artistic and technological challenges to keep a               statue that represented 16 years of the founder's life. Complicating
promise to a dying friend and take Leonardo's most monumental                    matters was the fact that two weeks before his death in 1994, Dent had
creation home to Milan.                                                          gotten the LDVHI board members' promise to see the project through to
Il Cavallo's story spans five centuries, beginning in 1482, when Ludovico        completion. "It was a tough decision for us because we were so loyal to
Sforza, the Duke of Milan and Leonardo's patron, commissioned an                 Charlie and his original
equestrian statue in honor of his father. Leonardo worked on the statue          design," admits Kralik. "But
for 17 years, completing a 24-foot-tall clay sculpture that was to be cast       it was too much to impose
in bronze. However, the political instability of late 15th century Italy         that on an artist who was
proved to be the project's undoing. In 1499, French forces invaded               trying to come up with a
Milan, forcing Ludovico to use the bronze earmarked for the immense              design that she thinks fits
statue to build cannons instead. With the Milanese defeated, French              the drawings."
archers used the clay model for target practice. What the conquering             During the 17 years that
army didn't destroy was left to the elements. Il Cavallo vanished from           Leonardo had worked on
the earth to become a little-known footnote in Renaissance history.              the horse, he had made
There the statue might have remained but for a retired airline pilot and         numerous small sketches
lover of the arts who happened upon a 1977 National Geographic article           of horses to help illustrate
about Leonardo's life and the story of his never-completed bronze                his notes about the
horse. Charles Dent, of Fogelsville, Pennsylvania, eventually founded            complex procedures for
Leonardo da Vinci's Horse, Inc. (LDVHI) to complete the Renaissance              molding and casting the
master's vision that had been described in the article.                          horse. But his notes were
                                                                                 far from systematic, and none of the sketches points to the final position
"It just kind of jumped off the page at him as a huge project by the
                                                                                 of the horse. The absence of a single definitive drawing of the statue left
master that was lost in history, but is hanging there as an unfinished
                                                                                 the 20th-century artist some latitude for interpretation. Akamu
idea. It was the romance of that that attracted him," says Milan Kralik, an
                                                                                 researched multiple information sources to gain insight into the original
LDVHI trustee. "He saw things a little differently from anyone else. One
                                                                                 sculptor's intentions. She studied both Leonardo's notes and drawings of
of the first thoughts that jumped into his head was why didn't anyone
                                                                                 the horse and those of other projects he was working on. She reviewed
finish this project."
                                                                                 his thoughts on anatomy, painting, sculpture and natural phenomena.
The first step in Dent's plan was to research Il Cavallo and see if there        Her research expanded to include the teachers who had influenced
was enough material upon which to base an undertaking of this                    Leonardo. Akamu also studied Iberian horse breeds, such as the
magnitude. After much travel and discussion with leading American and            Andalusian, which were favored by the Sforza stables in the late 15th
Italian Renaissance and Leonardo scholars, Dent got the affirmative              century. "When you look at his notes and study the drawings, it's very
responses he needed to go forward with his dream. In 1982, he founded            clear that these horses are Spanish," says Akamu.
the nonprofit, tax-exempt LDVHI to oversee and finance the production
                                                                                 By creating an overlay of all Leonardo's sketches that had been
of the statue. The projected final cost of Il Cavallo is approximately $6.5
                                                                                 enlarged to precisely the same scale, Akamu could discern the
million. Over the years, contributions to the effort have ranged from
                                                                                 repetitiveness in his proportions. The difficulty was in blending actual
$6.75 from a school class to an anonymous foundation grant of
                                                                                 equine anatomy with the vision she was developing for the statue.
                                                                                 "What I tried to do was merge the aesthetic harmony of the piece and
"We didn't fit the profiles for corporate giving," says Kralik. "It was mostly   the anatomy," she says.
private contributions with a few foundations. It involved a lot of cold
                                                                                 The sculpted horse bears a neck that's approximately two vertebra
calling and grassroots fund-raising." But when Dent died of Lou Gehrig's
                                                                                 longer than a normal horse's would be, but this artistic license was
                                                                                 necessary to keep the statue's profile consistent with the creator's
WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                       AUGUST 2010                                                         PAGE 39 OF 42
drawings. "In order to accommodate the profile Leonardo wanted, I had        Success, 500 Years After Conception
to make these slight adjustments," says Akamu. "The challenge was to
play everything together."                                                   On a warm late-summer Milan day, precisely 500 years from the day
                                                                             that the French archers took aim at Leonardo's clay model of Il Cavallo,
Creating a bronze structure the size of Il Cavallo posed unique              the 24- foot-high, 15-ton bronze statue that almost never was emerged
mechanical as well as artistic challenges. Leonardo had planned to cast      from a light- blue veil lifted by helium-filled balloons. Approximately
the statue in one continuous pour. Modern engineers believe that             2,000 people at the Ippodromo del Galoppo racecourse for the unveiling
handling such large amounts of molten bronze would have been                 witnessed first the hooves, then the muscular legs and massive body
impossible, given the technology of the day. The difficulty would have       and finally the noble head appear as from another epoch.
been in keeping the temperature constant and insuring that the bronze
had flowed into the extremities and all of the crevices.                     Celebrations surrounding the unveiling included a fireworks display, an
                                                                             evening of opera at Milan's famous La Scala Opera house and a dinner
"The problem is that you would be trying to heat too much bronze and         for the American statue team and Italian dignitaries. Over the following
pour too much at the same time," says Kralik. "They would have had to        weekend, the cultural park created to showcase Il Cavallo was opened
preheat and control the temperature of the molds at the same time they       to the public, and thousands of Milanese thronged around the statue.
were pouring. The technology was just not available back then to do          The horse stands on a pedestal only four feet high, allowing visitors to
something that big. The engineers think that he would have tried it and      reach the two hooves that support the statue. "They would hold their
ended up with a giant bronze ingot." Leonardo would have then had to         little kids up so they could touch the horse," says Kralik. "To see the
break the bronze back down, construct sectional molds and cast it piece      reaction of the ordinary people was really exciting."
by piece, which was the method used by Tallix to produce the immense
sculpture centuries later. Il Cavallo was cast in 60 sections, most of       The recipients of the gift horse appreciate the artistic and political
which were approximately 4-feet square in size but some were as small        messages intended by the presentation: "This is another presence of
as a single ear.                                                             the great Leonardo in the city," says Salvatore Carrubba, Milan's cultural
                                                                             director. "It recognizes the contribution of Italian history and culture to
Assuring that the assembled mass of bronze would trot indefinitely           the world. It is very important that the American people have shown this
through the coming centuries called for some internal supports. "That        great friendship for the people of Italy." For members of LDVHI, the
was one of our concerns at the beginning: How do you engineer this           unveiling was also a time to remember a friend and a promise kept. "I
thing?" says Kralik. "You have 12 tons of bronze that is going to be held    can't emphasize how important it was to keep our promise to Charlie,
up on two legs." The solution was to use a 3-ton stainless-steel             especially for those of us in the room who had looked him in the eye,"
armature throughout the interior of the statue. One-inch-thick stainless     says Kralik. "We all felt very good about finishing something he couldn't
steel rolled into tubing 8 inches in diameter runs through the grounded      finish himself."
legs and exits below hoof level. This armature supports the mass of the
horse, transferring the weight into the pedestal. "It has been designed to   The story of Il Cavallo and its many creators is available at the LDVHI's
withstand earthquakes, wind shear, you name it," notes Kralik. "We said,     Web site,
'This has got to last,' and it is incredibly rigid."                              SOURCE:

                                                                             make them. His happy expression--soft eyes, relaxed ears and chewing
In the May 2008 issue of Practical                                           jaw (see the white foam on his lips)--indicates that he's appreciating and
Horseman, dressage rider Courtney                                            enjoying this soft contact.
King-Dye shows you how to
correctly perform a correct "stretchy                                        Meanwhile, I'm keeping my own shoulders balanced over my hips and
circle." Here she teaches you the                                            heels and looking ahead around the circle to help him maintain that
difference between that and the test                                         crucial uphill balance. Notice that his hind foot is already solidly on the
for self-carriage.                                                           ground while his front foot is just landing. This means that he's still
                                                                                                                    carrying more weight over his
By Courtney King-Dye                                                                                                hindquarters.
In the forward and downward stretch, the rider opens her fingers a little                                               Überstreichen
bit and invites her horse to chew the reins forward out of her hands. The                                               1.     In Überstreichen, you ask your
reins are never released completely in this case. This movement is                                                             horse to maintain correct self-
asked for in many dressage tests at Training and First Level.                                                                  carriage while you release the
                                                                                                                               contact with one or both hands.
Many riders confuse the concept of stretching horses forward and                                                               Here, I'm preparing for the
downward with the concept of testing for self-carriage by releasing the                                                        Überstreichen, asking Timber
contact, also known by the German term Überstreichen. In the latter, the                                                       with my seat, reins and legs to
rider gives a half-halt to say "stay here" and then reaches one or both                                                        "stay here."
hands toward her horse's mouth until there is no contact at all. A horse                                                2.     When I follow forward with my
in correct self-carriage shouldn't change his frame at all as a result.                                                        inside rein, Timber maintains
                                                                                                                               the same head carriage, neck
The Stretchy Circle                                                                                                            length and bend that you saw in
The stretchy circle encourages your horse to lengthen his frame by                                                             Photo 1. Compare his frame
reaching forward and down into the contact, As I continue gently                                                               and contact with that in the
massaging Timber's mouth with subtle finger movements and follow                                                               stretchy circle photo above.
forward and down with my hands, I've kept a straight line from my            Photo by Nathan Welton
elbow, through my hands, to his mouth. My fingers have opened slightly                                                                                           Source:
on the reins, and my wrists and arms are as soft and relaxed as I can

WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                   AUGUST 2010                                                                     PAGE 40 OF 42
                       31 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT HORSES
1.  Emerging 60 million years ago, the first horse was called Eohippus       14. Persians were excellent horsemen and their dominance in the east
    (The Dawn Horse) and was tiny, weighing only 12 pounds and                   was largely due to the Nisean horse, the “superhorse” of antiquity.
    standing just 14 inches high. In contrast to the modern one-toed             The horse was a status symbol in the Persian Empire, and only
    horse, the Eohippus had four toes on its front feet and three on its         aristocrats could own them. Horses were also used to play early
    hind feet.b                                                                  forms of polo.f
2. The term “horse” is derived from the Old English hors, which is           15. Islam is said to have been “founded on the hoof prints of the
    related to the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) kurs, which is the source           Arabian horse,”b and horse care was even incorporated into the
    of the Latin currere, “to run.” This replaced the original PIE root          sacred Hadith. The Prophet Mohammed is reportedly to have
    ekwo from which the Greek hippos and Latin equus derived, both               ascended to heaven in a halo of fire on a horse-like creature.d
    meaning “horse.” This dual etymology is perhaps due to the               16. The goddess Demeter (the goddess of fertility, grain, and the pure)
    reluctance of ancient cultures to utter the actual root or name of an        had as her image a black mare’s head, and her priestesses were
    animal held sacred for the Indo-European religion.a                          considered her “foals.”b
3. Horses that seem wild today (such as Mustangs) are actually feral         17. White horses were sometimes drowned in honor of Poseidon, the
    horses, usually descendants of horses that were imported to                  god of the sea and creator of horses.b
    America from Spain in the sixteenth century. The only true wild          18. The Hindus associate the horse with the cosmos, and a white
    horse is the Asian Wild Horse.b                                              horse was considered the last incarnation of Vishnu.e
4. No horses existed in Australia until settlers brought them during the     19. In literature, art, and dream theory, the horse is often a symbol
    eighteenth century, and no early horse fossils have ever been                imbued with various meanings, ranging from power to beauty and
    found in Australia.c                                                         even sexual prowess. The coloring of a horse is also often
5. Before being domesticated in the Middle and Far East around 4000              symbolic (black: mystery, danger; white: messenger of birth), and
    B.C., horses were hunted for their skin and meat, usually by being           the Bible specifically lists the colors of the Four Horsemen of the
    clubbed or driven over a cliff.b                                             Apocalypse (White, Red, Black, and Pale).e
6. After horses became domesticated around 4000 B.C., many Indo-             20. Some horses are able to figure out how to undo the doors of other
    European cultures regarded horses as a supreme sacrifice to their            horses and let them out.f
    gods and often ritually entombed horses. People in the Caucasus          21. Horses can differentiate between emotions in the human voice.f
    practiced horse sacrifice as late as the 1800s.a
                                                                             22. Horses experience two kinds of sleep, SWS (short wave sleep) and
7. Famous owner/horse partnerships that helped change world history              REM (rapid eye movement), and they most likely dream. They
    include Alexander the Great and his horse Bucephalus (“ox head”),            need about four hours of sleep out of every 24 and can sleep
    El Cid and Babieca (“stupid”), and Napoleon and Marengo (named                                                   standing up by a special
    after a battle) who after its death, had its skeleton displayed in                                               arrangement of locking joints.f
8. A horse’s teeth are a good indicator ofits age.d Hence, St. Jerome                                            A horse hoof acts as a circulatory
    (A.D. 400), who never accepted payment for his writings, penned                                              pump
    the famous adage “Never inspect the teeth of a gift horse,”b which
    became the more familiar “Never look a gift horse in the mouth.”
9. Though most horses live for 25-30 years, the oldest horse on                                                   23. Horses like music but are
    record is “Old Billy,” who was a barge horse born in England and                                                   selective in their taste. They
    lived to the age of 62. The first year of a horse’s life is roughly            prefer calming or cheerful instrumental music, but are agitated by
    comparable to 12 human years, the second year is comparable to                 loud music such as rock.f
    7 human years, the next 3 years are comparable to 4 human years          24.   A horse’s hoof is extremely complex and sensitive. When a horse
    a piece, and subsequent years are comparable 2.5 human years.d                 puts pressure on its hoof, the blood is squeezed up the leg into the
    That means Old Billy was roughly 173.5 horse years.                            veins, thus acting as a type of pump.b
10. Horses have five highly developed senses: taste, touch, hearing,         25.   While the mare primarily cares for her newborn, occasionally a
    smell, and sight. They also have an enigmatic sixth sense,                     sibling, the sire, or other mares will shelter and protect youngsters.f
    heightened perception, which is very rare in humans.f                    26.   In a herd, one gender is not always dominant of another; for
                                                                                   example, a female may rank higher than a male in some cases,
A horse's eyes are larger than most                                                and a male may rank higher than a female in other cases.f
animals' eyes                                                                27.   Any marking on a horse's head is called a star, even if it is not
                                                                                   shaped like a star.f
11. The eyes of a horse are larger                                           28.   Horses have a strong band of muscles around their esophagus.
    than most other animals', and                                                  This band is so strong that a horse’s stomach would typically burst
    they can move independently,                                                   before it would vomit.f
    giving the horse a shallow                                               29.   The Pony Express (1860-1861) didn’t just use ponies; it also used
    panoramic vision. Because its lenses are inflexible, a horse will              many horses. The differences between ponies and horses are
    focus on an image by moving its head to direct light rays to the               often blurred, but generally, ponies are smaller than horses and
    central part of the retina. Horses can also see in color.f                     can be smarter and more stubborn.b
12. A horse has an acute sense of smell that allows it to detect             30.   Though the word “hippopotamus” means “river horse,” a hippo is
    nervousness in a handler, and old-time horsemen would smear                    actually more closely related to the pig than the horse.b
    aromatic fluid on their hands when dealing with a difficult horse.       31.   There are many crazy horse laws, including one in Bluff, Utah,
    Horses also become nervous around the smell of blood.f                         where an unmarried woman could be jailed for riding a horse on
13. There are nearly 160 distinctive breeds and types of horses around             Sunday. And in several cities throughout the United States, newly
    the world, but the Arabian horse is unique in that it is the purest of         married men were not allowed to ride alone, unless he had been
    all of the breeds.b                                                            married longer than 12 months.

WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                   AUGUST 2010                                                           PAGE 41 OF 42
Use this five-minute fix to position your head for better riding. A            3. The head is pulled too far back as if the rider is trying to touch the collar at the
well-balanced head makes it easier to look for your turns and move             back of her shirt. This forced position will cause her to stiffen her back, which will
freely with your horse's motion. Excerpted from the book 50 5-                 create difficulty when sitting the trot.
Minute Fixes to Improve Your Riding by Wendy Murdoch.                          Whenever you feel "stuck" simply take a second to repeat this process
By Wendy Murdoch                                                               to free your whole body.
                                 1. A good head position. The head is          Comparable Parts: The Head
                                 balanced over the spine. The neck is
                                 relaxed. The rider can lengthen upward        Human: To state the obvious, your head contains your brain and most of
                                 through the spine.                            your sensory organs: eyes, ears nose, and mouth. You might be able to
                                                                               feel all over your body but you can’t take in food through your toes. One
                                 Do you have trouble looking where             of the major functions of the brain is to receive input regarding your
                                 you are going when riding? Find your          balance, then make appropriate adjustments so you can stand, walk,
                                 neck is tense when you ride, or stiff         run and ride. This certainly requires a lot of “internal” attention.
                                 afterward? Have difficulty sitting the
                                 trot? The solution may be all in your         For most of us, this balancing act goes on “behind the scenes” without
                                 head. Here's a quick tip for finding a        our being aware of it. Our nervous system constantly monitors where we
                                 good comfortable head position next           are in space and makes sure we don’t succumb to gravity.
                                 time you ride.                                Horse: The horse’s head also contains most of his sensory organs--
Pay attention to your head--that 10- to 15-pound bowling ball at the top       eyes, ears, mouth and nose--in addition to his brain. His head is about
of your neck. That's right, your head weighs as much as a bowling ball         four percent of his overall body weight. In a 1,000-pound horse, we are
and you are carrying it around on top of your spine--5 to 6 feet above         talking about 40 pounds. The horse's head hangs on a neck that sticks
the ground--all the time. If your head is poorly balanced, your neck and       out horizontally out from the chest, which makes it much harder for him
back muscles have to work hard to keep from "dropping the ball."               to balance than your head is for you.
Good head alignment means that you use a minimum amount of                                                      To understand how much effort is
muscular effort to hold up your head, allowing the skeleton to do most of                                       required, grab a gallon of milk. Hold it
the work. When your head is well-aligned front to back, you can                                                 horizontally away from your body at
lengthen through your spine all the way through the top of your head,                                           arm’s length. I guarantee you aren’t
thereby countering the downward force of gravity (fig. 1).                                                      going to keep it there very long!
                                                                                                                Fortunately, the horse is designed to
Poor head carriage requires more work than good head carriage. When                                             carry the weight of his head in this
you habitually carry the head forward or pulled back (in the horse, the                                         position, thanks to the strength of his
equivalent of high carriage or overly tucked in) you inhibit ordinary                                           nuchal ligament, which runs from the
movement such as turning to look where you are going on a jumping                                               poll to the withers. It acts like the cable
course or dressage test (figs. 2 and 3). In addition, your inability to                                         on a suspension bridge passively
lengthen upward creates a heavy, downward pressure, making you                 supporting the weight of the horse’s head.
                                 more like a sack of potatoes on your
                                 horse's back than a good dance.
                                 2. The jaw is jutting forward. Notice how
                                 the rider's head is no longer balanced over
                                 her shoulders.

                                 Exercise (On the Ground)                        NEXT ‘NOTICE-BOARD’ DUE OUT:
                               To find a good position slowly and                    Fri 2ND September 2010
                               gently turn your head side-to-side as
                               you move it forward and back. Find the                   ALL INCLUSIONS TO ME BY:
place where your head turns most freely.
                                                                                              Wed 1st September 2010
How far down your spine can you sense the turning of your head? Do
you notice movement only in your neck, or can you feel something                             Email:
happening between your shoulder blades or even lower in your spine?            This publication was first created in 2002. The WEC
Is there any movement in your sternum?                                         Noticeboard is a free publication for all those with an
Stop turning and notice that you breathe                                       interest in horses. It is free to receive, pass on,
easier when your head is balanced. See                                         advertise in etc.
if you can lengthen your neck so that the                                        Disclaimer: this is an 'all care no responsibility' document. I
head moves slightly upward. Think of                                             am running this service as horse owners out there have
"pricking your ears" as if you were a                                            requested it. All ads are placed at advertisers own risk, it is up
horse.                                                                           to the advertiser and purchaser to come to the price/delivery
                                                                                 agreements. All other data is taken on 'good faith' it is not
As you lengthen through the neck, turn                                           meant to be controversial, only added if I thought other horse
your head slowly again and find out if                                           people might be interested. Where applicable I will add the
turning is easier. Do you sense or feel                                          source to documents.
anything change in your seat when you                                            The Database is used for this mailout, programmes/clinics
lengthen your neck? If you are attentive you may feel your hips open             etc and will not be passed on to other people/ organisation
and your seat deepen as you do this.

WEC NOTICEBOARD                                                     AUGUST 2010                                                                             PAGE 42 OF 42

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