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					Applications Requirement

Applicants are required to submit the following:

   1. Duly accomplished application form and application letter addressed to the
      Project Director of the PASCN Secretariat.
   2. Endorsement letters from the Dean of the Graduate School and the immediate
      supervisor. The said letter(s) should indicate other grants the applicant may be
      receiving or is expected to receive from other institutions/ agencies.
   3. Recommendation letter(s) from at least two (2) referees. The recommendees will
      directly mail the recommendation letter.
   4. Copy of the approved thesis/dissertation proposal following the TDAP-format.
   5. Certification duly signed by the members of the Advisory Committee that the
      applicant has successfully defended his/ her thesis/ dissertation.
   6. Transcript of record of graduate studies
   7. Budget proposal
   Work program/ schedule.

   Obligations of the Grantee

   1. The GRANTEE shall:

            a. Submit written status/ progress report(s) once every semester using the
               PASCN-TDAP format (Annex III)
            b. Refund in full the amount released, in case the grantee failed to finish
               his/her thesis/dissertation, except for some exceptional cases.
            c. Submit to the PASCN Secretariat computer diskette(s) containing the data
               used in the study and an expressed permission for PASCN to use the data
               with usual acknowledgement of the source of the same;
            d. Acknowledge the assistance of the PASCN in his research work;
            e. Submit certificate of approval from the Dean of the Graduate School
               and/or the thesis/dissertation adviser for the PASCN to publish an
               abridged version of the thesis/dissertation.
            f. Submit to the PASCN Secretariat two (2) hardbound copies of his thesis
               together with the Abstract of the Study and diskette containing the thesis;
            g. Inform the PASCN Secretariat in writing about any changes in his
               research program/ schedule.
Present/ discuss the outputs and findings during meetings, workshops, seminars, or other
for a that may be convened or organized by the PASCN Secretariat.

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