Rajasthan Tourism-The Best Itinerary For Rajasthan Tour

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					"Rajasthan Tourism"-The Best Itinerary For Rajasthan Tour

The enchantment of vibrant Rajasthan lies in its rich cultural heritage, exotic safaris, smooth sand
dunes, verdant forests and serene wilderness, rendering “Rajasthan Tour India” a nonpareil
alternative. Rightfully connoted as the “Land of the Kings”, the state incorporates several imperial
forts, famous cities like the pink city of Jaipur, chromatic flora and fauna and a gamut of biosphere


Moreover, Rajasthan is not only known for its bravura architectural masterpieces and enthralling
culture, but is also blessed with some of the supreme national parks and wildlife havens of India
including the world-renowned Ranthambore National Park, Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Sariska
National Park, and the Desert National Park, swarming with some of the rarest and endangered
species of birds and animals. This fact entices thousands of wildlife enthusiasts and bird wooers
from all around the world.

With millions of tourists visiting Rajasthan throughout the year, the “Rajasthan Tourism” sector
has bloomed with leaps and bounds. The “Rajasthan wildlife tour” packages, proffered by
“Rajasthan Tour India” India include several exotic travel stratagems, covering the most coveted
wildlife havens like Ranthambore, Keoladeo and Sariska.

Some of the precise schemas included under the Rajasthan Wildlife Packages are:-

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary tour-This journey sets off from Delhi airport and covers the monuments
of National importance like Qutub minar, India gate, Red fort etc, before visiting Bharatpur
(Keoladeo national park) and returning back to Delhi on the 5th day.

Bird watching tour-Starting from Delhi, the tour passes thru Chambal sanctuary (Agra), Bharatpur
sanctuary, Ranthambore National park, Pangot-Sat Tal, Corbett National park and Sultanpur bird
sanctuary, before returning to Delhi airport on the 16th day.

“Rajasthan wildlife tour”-Embarking at Delhi, this 12 day tour encompass Ranthambore national
park (Jaipur) and Bharatpur – Sariska National Park.
Ranthambore national park tour-This short 5 day excursion starts with the historical sites at Delhi
and culminates with a visit to Ranthambore national park.

Sariska wildlife tour-Precisely akin to the Ranthambore National Parktour, the 5 day Sariska tour
incorporates Sariska tiger sanctuary instead of Ranthambore.

Apart from the wildlife expeditions, “Rajasthan Tourism” facilitates a plethora of idyllic Rajasthan
tour packages such as Rajasthan historic tour, Rajasthan Goa tour, Rajasthan cultural tour,
Rajasthan forts and places tour, Rajasthan Haveli tour, Rajasthan heritage tour with Taj mahal and
Ajanta Ellora caves tour amongst an array of further options. And with its online enquiry and
booking portals, the Rajasthan tour India has become an ideal place to recce.

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Description: The picturesque beauty of Rajasthan, with its imperial history and majestic Rajputana culture is one of the most frequented tourist spots in India. “Rajasthan Tourism” is an ideal guide book for lovers of this regality…..