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					           SPRAGUE ELECTRIC

Volume XVI                                                              NORTH ADAMS, MASSACHUSETTS, JANUARY 1954                                                                                    •Number 4

                                              Quarter-Century Employes Receive Watches
 63 Graduates Of                                                                                                              Arthur Giroux,                            John O'Leary And
 Electronic School                                                                                                               Foreman, Dies                          W. A. Pierce Named
 Feted At Luncheon                                                                                                               Arthur John Giroux, 55, popular
                                                                                                                              foreman of the Maintenance De-
                                                                                                                                                                        General Foremen
   On December 14, at 12:30, 63 em-                                                                                                                                        Revisions in the Brown Street plant
                                                                                                                              partment at the Beaver Street plant
                                                                                                                                                                        organization, including the promotions
ployes who passed the Company's fall                                                                                          for 20 years, died at his home at 21      of John O'Leary and William Pierce
series of courses in "Elements of Elec-                                                                                       Miller Street, Adams, January 3,          and changes in areas of responsibility
tricity" and "Theory of Capacitors"                                                                                           after an extended illness.                for Superintendents John O'Connell
were awarded diplomas and honored at                                                                                             Mr. Giroux joined the Sprague          and Frans Fonteyn, have been an-
a steak dinner at the Marshall Street                                                                                                                                   nounced by Factory Manager Fred-
                                                                                                                              Electric Company on April 3, 1934.        erick H. Potter.
cafeteria.                                                                                                                       He was a native and life long resi-       In addition, Adolph Zabek's re-
   Julian K. Sprague, President, de-                                                                                          dent of Adams. Mr. Giroux at-             sponsibility as Foreman has been in-
livered official congratulations to the                                                                                       tended the Adams schools, and was         creased, Mr. Potter announced.
instructors of the courses and the                                                                                            graduated from Adams High School.            Mr. O'Connell, who has been at the
latter presented diplomas to their re-                                                                                           He was a member of the Notre           Brown Street plant as a Superin-
spective pupils of the 12-week courses.                                                                                       Dame Church, the Cartier Club,            tendent for many years, will become
The instructors were Robert Sheehan,                                                                                                                                    Superintendent of seven departments
                                                                                                                              and the Sprague Electric Manage-          at the Marshall Street plant.
Walter Lamphier, Mike Geroulo and                                                                                             ment Club.
                                          Receiving gold watches recently from President Julian K. Sprague in                                                              Mr. Fonteyn, in addition to his
Thomas Richardson, all of Research &                                                                                             Mr. Giroux is survived by his
                                          commemoration of their 25 years of service to the Company are, left                                                           present duties, will assume respon-
Engineering. Mr. Sprague expressed        to right, Ernest Purpura, head of the Production Drafting Department,               wife and daughter, Mrs. Ippol             sibility for Molded Tubular activities
thanks to them for giving of their time    Lewis Cronin, Superintendent of Industrial Oils, and Henry Anderson,                                                         at Brown Street. He will also coordi-
to teach the voluntary classes.           Machine Shop. All three employes began their service with Sprague                                                             nate processes of a similar nature at the
                                                                                                                                 Pall bearers at his funeral were
    Mr. Sprague mentioned a possible Electric prior to its moving to North Adams.                                             Charles Dean, department head of
                                                                                                                                                                        Rock of Ages Corporation Capacitor
                                                                                                                                                                        Division in Barre, Vermont, an affil
 new course to follow the advanced                                                                                            Maintenance Cost Control at Mar-          iate operation of Sprague Electric
 course in "Theory of Capacitors".
 A new winter series of courses is sched-
 uled to start as soon as the new class-
                                          Company's Management Again Rated                                                    shall Street; Casmer Ziemlak, fore-
                                                                                                                              man of Metal Clad at Beaver
                                                                                                                                                                           Mr. O'Leary is promoted to General
                                                                                                                                                                        Foreman rank and will have responsi-
 rooms are completed.
    Guests at the luncheon were Messrs.
                                          As "Excellent" by National Survey                                                   Street; Theodore Dziok, foreman of
                                                                                                                              the Can Shop and Plating at Beaver        bility for Paper and Prokar Rolling,
                                                                                                                                                                        Prokar Test, Prokar Solder, Molded
                                                                                                                              Street; Adams Assessor Henry P.           Tubular Section Solder, Molding De
 E. L. Ward, W. J. Nolan, R. C. Spra-        The Sprague Electric Company, for practices generally throughout the             LeGrand, Alfred Beauchemin and            partment and Molded Tubular Final
 gue, Jr., C. W. Flanders, and J. D. the second consecutive year, has been country," Mr. Martindell said. "The                Armand St. Hilaire. Burial was in         Solder. He will report to Mr. Fonteyn.
 Washburn.                                certified as "excellently managed" by philosophy behind these awards is to          Bellevue cemetery.                           Mr. Pierce becomes a General Fore
    Those who received diplomas in the American Institute of Manage- focus attention upon those companies                                                               man also, and will be with the Wire
 "Theory of Capacitors" were James W. ment.                                         whose practices should be emulated by                                               Coating operations at the North
                                                                                                                                                                        Adams and Bennington, Vermont,
 Baker, Benjamin Banulis, Arthur F.          According to Jackson Martindell, others, to increase efficiency and in-               Tax Changes In Effect                plants. He also will report to Mr.
 Barry, Charles H. Belouin, Raymond president of the non-profit foundation, sure stability for employes, share-
                                                                                                                                 In accordance with law, your pay-      Fonteyn.
 Collier, Jr., Arthur J. Eccher, David T. the Company was rated in the top half holders and the economy as a whole. "
                                                                                                                              check last week reflected two major          Mr. O'Connell becomes Superin-
 Geiser, Robert W. Hamilton, Adolph J. of the 348 companies in the United
                                                                                       When auditing a management, he changes:                                          tendent of these Marshall Street oper-
 Heideman, Ernest R. Jones, Peter States and Canada which were found                                                             Starting January I, income taxes       ations: Automatic Rolling, Prokar and
                                                                                    explained, the institute uses a point
 Mancuso, Laddie Meranti, Joseph R. eligible for the designation for 1953, out                                                were reduced       most of them by an     PC Impregnation, PPA and PC
                                                                                    system for rating 10 key factors -
 Mucha, Eleanor Patterson, Frank of 3,000 leading concerns whose                                                              average of 10 per cent.                   Assembly, Flat Midget Assembly, Flat
                                                                                    economic function, corporation growth,                                              Midget Assembly PHA, Network and
 Patterson, Felix A. Puccio, William                                                                                             Social Security taxes, however, went
                                          methods were evaluated.                   fairness to stockholders, directorate an- up from 1 percent of your wages (up       Filter Sample Development, Filter
 Rossell, Arthur E. Spencer, Harold C.                                                                                                    2
                                             "Recognition of superior manage- alysis, research and development, fiscal to $3,600) to 2 per cent.                        Production, and the Metalized Paper
 Tourjee and Clarence W. Wildman.                                                                                                                                       Department.
                                          ment in particular companies is the policies, production efficiency, sales            These new rates are slated to remain
    Recipients of "Elements of Elec-                                                                                                                                       Mr. Fonteyn's area of responsibility
                                          first step in improving corporate vigor and executive valuation.                    in effect through the year.
 tricity" diplomas were Richard Arm-                                                                                                                                    now includes: Pulse Transformers,
 strong, Everett W. Barton, Frederic R.                                                                                                                                 Paper and Prokar Rolling, Prokar Test,
                                                                                                                                                                        Prokar Solder, Molded Tubular Sec-
 Bennett, Paul J. Belanger, Albert S.
 Blondin, Norman Bourassa, John G.
                                          Does March 15th Mean Headaches To You? Accountants                                                                            tion Solder, Molding Department,
 Brent, Bruce R. Carlson, Francis N.      Institute Offers Suggestions To Make It More Pleasant                                                                         Molded Tubular Final Solder. Wire
                                                                                                                                                                        Coating, Bennington, and Wire Coat-
 Carmichael, Raymond Collier, John                                                                                                                                      ing, North Adams.
                                             When it comes to making out tax receipts, cancelled checks, etc. - - to ping. Clever Carl knows that the tax
 P. Crase, Ernest Del Debbio, Jr., returns most of us operate on the time- back up your deductions. And, if you table (which allows about 10' ( for                        Mr. Zabek, under the new changes,
 William GafTey, Roger W. Girouard, honored principle: "Never do today find Uncle Sam owes you money, charity, interest, taxes, medical ex-                             becomes Foreman of Paper and Prokar
 Edward A. Godek, Alfred J. Golonka, what can be put o^f until tomorrow. " early filing means a quicker refund.               penses, etc.) gives him a lower tax       Rolling, Prokar Test, Prokar Solder,
 Charles E. Gray, Martin J. Hamilton,     Then we look at the calendar one day         Here's a brief review of how the than he would get by figuring his actual        Molded Tubular Section Solder and
                                                                                                                                                                        Molded Tubular Final Solder.
•John F. Hartigan, Robert J. Heideman, and discover that "tomorrow" is income tax affects some typical em- deductions, so he uses the Short Form
                                          March 15, the "Day of Reckoning" ployes. Do you recognize yourself in 1040.                                                      (Turn to page three for pictures of
 Charles Heinrich, Alice E. Herrmann, for the average taxpayer.                                                                                                         personnel involved in these changes.)
                                                                                    any of these situations?                  Matrimonial Bliss
 Sterling R. Hewitt, Robert R. Howard,
                                             This not only runs up the electric
 Jr., Richard Konopka, Lou Larsen, light bill for that all-night figuring The Long and the Short of It                           Newlywed Nat was so excited he
 William E. Lesure, Anne Mazza, session on March 14, but, says the                     Lazy Louis takes the easy way out.     forgot to claim his additional with-               Mail Call Helps
 Donald J. Meiklejohn, Donald Mill- American Institute of Accountants, He signs his name to the simplified holdings when he files his return. Also                        How far is "away from home?"
                                                                                                                              he and his wife will each get a $600
 berry, John G. Newkom, Douglas H. it also may enrich the Federal Treasury Form I040A and lets the government                                                             To your sons and friends in the
 Norton, Albert R. O'Connor, James        at the taxpayer's expense. The reason? figure out his tax for him. He saves personal exemption. They are filing a             armed forces it may be half way around
                                          Haste makes waste       waste of possible three hours and loses $30 that he could joint return — the best procedure for       the world or the long, long weeks to the
 Oldham, William Pasotti, Stuart I. tax savings.
                                                                                    have cut from his tax by taking all his most couples.                               next three-day pass. But letters from
 Pead, Alex W. Petro, Norman Remil-          If you want to give yourself the best deductions. Thrifty Theresa lists all        Split-second Sally presented her        home keep our servicemen within
 lard. Wilfred A. Rouillard, Kenneth W. possible break on your federal income her deductions on Long Form 1040 and husband with twins just before the                   "talking distance"       and snapshots
 Russell, John R. Shea, Milan Scalise, tax, file early, prepare your return gets a refund check that comes in stroke of midnight on December 31.                        with your letters almost put you
 and Charles Wacker.                      carefully, and save your records          mighty handy after Christmas shop-                   Continued on Page 3            within arms' length.
Page 2                                                                             SPRAGUE ELECTRIC LOG                                                                          January 1954

                      Publishing Staff                                       Medical Staff Enjoys                              Their Good Suggestions I'aid Off
                                                                             Christmas Gathering
                            John H. Winant
                          Manager of Publications                                 The nurses and members of the
                                                                               Medical Department were invited to a
                              Associate Editor
                            Suzanne W. Slater                                  Christmas party at the home of Ellen
Circulation Manager: Marion Caron                Social Chairman: Ann Heath Armstrong, R.N. on Tuesday, De-
Sports Editor: Kenneth Russell                   Photographer: Albert Horsfall cember 22.
                           ASSISTANT EDITORS                                      Everyone enjoyed the surprise fort-
  Kit Carson, Tom Cullen, Etta Owen, Jim Oldham, Rosemarie Tobin. Peter unes found in the hors-d'oeuvres follow-
Mancuso, and John Davis.                                                       ing which, gifts were exchanged under
                          Marshall Street Reporters                            a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.
  Betty Bogus, Joan Paradis, Carmela Mancuso, Virginia Caron, Patricia Later in the evening a delicious home
Shabot, Audrea Bowen, Cecile Trudeau, Larry Hiser, Nini Sacco, Mary Bernard, cooked luncheon was served in the
Dolores Domenichini, Lois Lisee, Marilyn Lavigne, Ralph Fressola, Julia dining room, illuminated by holiday
Desrosiers, Nick Richardello, John Walsh, Ida Gigliotti, Emma Maruco, Marie tapers, and other decorations in keep-
LeMoine, Ceil Risch, Madeline O'Neil, Joan West, Edward Cook, Betty Fleury,
                                                                               ing with the season. Thanks to Ellen,
Marjorie Richer, John Gallese, Jennie Garceau, Cora Ryan, Susan Bishop,
Florence Clough, Lorraine Maloney, Sidney Louison, Isabelle Jensen, Marge j that we could all get together at this
Hauptfleisch, Lena Hurlbut, Norm Miller, Mary Mathews, Joan Bryce, Mary time. Those present were Ethel Lowe,
Cantoni, Emily Gardzina, Virginia Suprenant, Jane Delisle, Joan LaPierre, Agnes Costello, Elsie Manson, Sally
Gladys Sullivan, Margaret Champagne, Jack Sullivan, William Martin, j Hawks, Edith Matranga, Etta Owen,                  Hugh MacDonald, Machine              Edmond Rivers of the Filter De-
Mary Odell, Irene Dubreuil, Lea Walden, Betty Beckwith, Betty Mahoney,
                                                                               Gertrude Bobowiec, and Margaret Shop, received a Suggestion System           partment won an award of $20 for a
Joan MacDonald, Lawrence Clark and Carole Clarke.                                                                      award of $30 for a new type cutter   new jig made of Bakelite handles
                                Beaver Street                                                                          the automatic rolling machines,      with a spring steel clamp to hold
  Doris Monette, Gertrude Noel, Delia Keating, Marie Rose LaFlamme, Rita                                                                                    cans while solder is being applied.
Johnson, Jane Paradise, Ann Masson, Leona Denault, Veronica Sobon, Clifford
Domenichini, Dora Landry, Lillian Stahelek, Lorraine Duffy, Agnes Fitzgerald,
Clare Shabot and Joan Horn.                                                       The Red Cross was organized in 1864
                                                                               by Henry Dunant of Switzerland.
                                Brown Street
                                                                                  The American Red Cross was
  Isabelle Witherow, Rita Brooks, Jean Levy, Chick Currant, Sam Vince, Alma founded by Clara Barton in 1881.
Pratt, Jeanette Cady, Adela Smith, Corena Tatro, Mary Timothy, Erminia
Sweeney, Isabelle Fuller, Martha Clark, Mary Messier, Florence Lang, Blanche
Tatro, Justine Miner. Charles Felix, Frank Santelli, Marion Andrews, Ace
Samia, Betty Jangrow, Lillian Forbush, Ruth Richmond, Marg Greene, Art            If you are an average human being,
Van Steemburg, Herbert Hafner and Margaret Petrovice.                            ou eat about a ton of food a year.

            Bennington Plant Reporter
               Mildred Marchegiani                                             Vvomen outnumber mciles in seventy~
           Sports Reporter: Fran Brazeau                                     two of the ninety-two cities of more
                                                                             than 100,000 population.
                    "Every Sprague Employe a Reporter"
         Published by SPRAGUE ELECTRIC CO., North Adams, Mass.
                                                                                        "I DO" NOTES

                                                                                                                      An award of $50 was given to   Gertrude Noel was the recipient

         A                                                                                                           William Schink of the Machine of a $35 award for suggesting an
                                                                               Theresa Coutu and John Dube Shop for a new type machine to
                                                                               Mary Morrissey and James Gangimi glaze porcelain rolls in the Forma-
                                                                                                                                                   adjustable supporting arm moun-
                                                                                                                                                   ted on the rear side of a spin sealing
                                                                                                                                                   machine, which would increase
                                                                               Elizabeth Mahoney and Arco Rec- tion Department.

    GOOD THOUGHT                                                             chia
                                                                               Mary Bowman and James Hart
                                                                                                                                                   production slightly, decrease re-
                                                                                                                                                   jects, and improve the quality of

                           for the
                NEW YEAR                                                      Q
                                                                              ij                            \

 f What is a Customer?
                                                                               December 20—Mr. & Mrs. Glenn |
                                                                             Bressett, Son.
                                                                                                                                                                      RESEARCH WILL WIN
                                                                               December 21—Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred;
   A customer is the'life blood"                                             LaBonte, Son.
                                                                               December 21—Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence I
    of this plant.                                                           Hiser, Daughter.

     We are dependent on him                                                  December 22—Mr
                                                                             Nassif, Daughter.
                                                                                                    & Mrs. Fuad

     He is the purpose ofour work                                              December 25—Mr. & Mrs. Robert
                                                                             Sinderman, Son.

     He is part of it.                                                         December 26—Mr. & Mrs. Donald
                                                                             Rogers, Son.
     Nobody ever won                                                          December 26—Mr. & Mrs. John
                                                                             Mattimore, Daughter.
     an argument with Him.
     He brings us his is
                                                                               December 27—Mr. & Mrs. Raymond
                                                                             Bishop, Son.                                 Join
     our Job to handle them
                                                                               December 29—Mr. & Mrs. Richard
                                                                             O'Neil, Daughter.                            the
     profitably to Him and to
                                                                               December 31—Mr. & Mrs. Edward
                                                                             Zoltek, Son.
                                                                               December 31—Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth
                                                                                                                          of Dimes
     ourselves.                                                              Bernier, Son.                                THE NATIONAL FGUNfiATIOH
                                                                                                                           FOB {NfANTlU PARAtYSIS
                                                                               January 2—Mr. & Mrs. Frederick
                                                                             H. Whitham, Son.
January, 1054                                                                            SPRAGUE ELECTRIC LOG                                                                                             Page 3

  William Pierce has been pro-              John O'Leary, recently promoted             Frans Fonteyn, Superintendent,             John O'Connell, Superintendent,             Adolph Zabek takes over addi-
moted to General Foreman in re-           to General Foreman at the Brown             who will have responsibility for           takes over responsibility for a            tional responsibiliites as a Foreman
cently-announced revisions in the         Street plant, will have cognizance          Molded Tubular activities at the           number of operations at the Mar-           at the Brown Street plant under the
organization at the Brown Street          over several departments there in           Brown Street plant, in addition to         shall Street plant. Under the re-          new changes. In addition to his
plant. Mr. Pierce will be associated      the Molded Tubular and Prokar               responsibility for Wire Coating            visions announced by Frederick H.          present duties, he assumes re-
with Wire Coating operations at           capacitor lines.                            operations. He will also have duties       Potter, Factory Manager, Mr. O'-           sponsibility for Molded Tubular
Brown Street and in the Benning-                                                      of coordination with the Rock of           Connell becomes Superintendent of          Section Solder and Molded Tub-
ton, Vermont, branch.                                                                 Ages Corporation's capacitor di-           Automatic Rolling, Filters, Flat           ular Final Solder.
                                                                                      vision.                                    Midgets, and others.

Know        Your   Accountants Institute Offers Tips
     FOREMAN . . .             To Make Tax Chore A Little Easier                                                                            STRICTLY MASCULINE
   Attention all LOG readers         we
                                                    Continued from PaKc 1             been deducted from his pay. On his                                               by
                                                                                      income tax return he will list "F.I.C.A.
would like to introduce to you, Mr. Her timing was excellent, because the
Najib Davis, or Pat Davis as he is New Year's Eve babies each provided
                                                                                      tax" (Federal Insurance Contribu-
                                                                                      tions Act) and claim credit for the
known, the foreman of Retail Sales. a $600 exemption for the couple on
                                          their 1953 tax. If the twins had been       excess over $54 in the "income tax
   It may be noted that in the "Farm- born just after midnight the exemption          withheld" column.
er's Almanac for 1954", May II, the would not have applied until the 1954                                                          We are in receipt of certain corres-       Once this seemingly grave problem
day on which Pat was born, falls under tax.                                           Help When You Need It                      pondence relating to matters of dress      is solved, we increase the dramatic
the sign of Taurus, and that people                                                                                              and the preparations therefore for the     action "assai appassionato".
born under this sign are fearless, kind, Changing Houses in Mid-Year                      Most taxpayers can fill in their tax   Sprague man-about-town. Although
                                                                                                                                                                              Enter the trousers.
gentle, strong of mind and body, and                                                   blanks with a minimum of help. A          there are several distinct tomes on this
emotional. Well - we don't know if          Prosperous Pete sold his bungalow                                                    subject already published, we feel            In this day and age of mass pro-
                                                                                       sensible first step is to read the tax
Pat fits each and every one of these on North Tenth Street and bought                                                            quite secure in recommending your          duction, everyone is inclined to look
                                                                                       instructions sent to you with your tax
descriptions, but we do know he is a what the agent called "a comfortable                                                        correspondent's newest book, "Talent       like everyone else. This is a tragic
friendly and congenial fellow.            home for gracious living." He closed         forms by the Internal Revenue Service.    and Togas", now in circulation at the      thought but it must be faced with
                                          the deal on his new place before the sale    In most cases the answers to your         Pernambuco Memorial library, Sao           rare courage and determination. At
   Pat was born in New York Mills, of the bungalow was completed. Just
                                                                                       questions can be found there.             Paulo, Brazil.                             least once    be different!
New York, a small suburb of Utica, in one thing bothered him. Although he
1915.   When he was two years old, had made no improvements since buy-                   The next step, if you are still un-                                           To enhance your scintillating person-
                                                                                                                                    If this publication cannot be found
his family moved to North Adams and ing it in 1940, he got twice as much for          certain, is to consult your nearest                                           ality, choose red striped plus fours.
                                                                                                                                 at the better rummage sales, kindly
                                          the bungalow as he had originally paid.      Internal Revenue office — but do it                                          This is a tour de force calculated to
                                                                                                                                 send check for $40.00 to the librarian
                                         He wondered whether he would have to                                                                                       knock the orbs from your Intended.
                                                                                      soon if you want to avoid the last-        in Sao Paulo. Your book will be
                                         pay tax on his "profit." Pete learned                                                                                      Added to this, see that the hosiery and
                                                                                       minute rush. Of course, you may have      forwarded on the next scheduled sailing
                                         that no tax is due under the present                                                                                       shoes are most nearly matched. If
                                                                                      more complicated problems which will       vessel.
                                         law since he purchased and occupied a                                                                                      underpriviliged (not having plus fours),
                                         new residence within one year before         require the help of an accountant. The    Therefore, let us assume that your substitute something nearly as eye-
                                         (or after) the sale of his former resi-       Internal Revenue Service and the      date has been made and you are in a filling       like a zouave outfit. The
                                         dence. If the new house had cost less        national CPA organization have re-     state of delirium "sans tremens". effect will long be remembered.
                                         than he received for the old one, he                                                After an exercise called "apres les      And finally, the coat or sport jacket.
                                                                                      peatedly warned taxpayers to be sure
                                         would have had to pay tax on the                                                    bain" in which you are successfully This is the grand moment. In a trice
                                         difference as a "capital gain."              their advisers are fully qualified. By showered, shivered, boiled and oiled, you slip on a lavender alpaca coat
                                            Home-owner Horace doesn't miss a          putting your trust in a self-proclaimedyou commence clobbering your hair — suitably emblazoned with seigneural
                                         bet when it comes to taking tax de-          "tax expert" you might find yourself   or its remains — with another succes- arms, Drury High cheers             - and
                                         ductions. Of course he knows that he         in trouble.                            sion of Prem, Prel, Pram and Spam. "Don't Be Vague" slogans. You are
                                         can't deduct depreciation, repairs, im-                                             It has been alleged what was good for now resplendent from head to toe —
                                         provements, or payments on the                                                      Grandpa should be good for this and ready for your Date.
                                                                                      Paying Your Tax                        generation. So, if none of the afore-
                                         principal of his mortgage. He has
                                         plenty of deductions this year, never-         If you find that the government owes mentioned hair goo reposes in your
                                         theless, with items for interest on the                                             foot-locker, use Old Grandad's goose
                                                                                      you money, write the word "RE-
                                         mortgage, local real estate tax, interest                                           grease.
                                                                                      FUND" on the envelope in which you
                                         on a home-improvement loan, and $50
                                                                                      mail your return. This will help you      We presume that you have pro-
                                         damage from a windstorm (not covered
                                         by his insurance).                           to get your refund sooner. On the gressed from your filmy undergar-
               Pat Davis                                                                                                     ments, and are ready for a choice of
                                                                                      other hand, if you owe additional tax
                                                                                                                             slni i wear. Considerable thought is
                                       Change of Job                                  on your Form 1040, you must enclose given to the shirt to be worn for this
has lived here since. He attended
                                                                                      payment with your return.              important occasion. In years to come,
Houghton School and Drury High           Newcomer Nelson worked for an-
                                                                                                                             your memoirs will roam from venera- Evelyn Heideman                Lee Mendel
School here.                           other company part of the year. As
                                                                                                                             tion to generation and vice versa.
   Pat has been with Sprague Electric a result he has an extra credit against                                                Hence, this critical moment — shirts,
                                                                                                                                                                    Marke Bonvouloir      Bernard Garceau
for 15 years — I 3 of which have been his income tax. Each employer was                                                      that is — is not to be tossed away Marilyn Burdick               Robert Clark
seniority years. When he first began required to deduct l | % of the first            Anniversaries...                       cavalier fashion. Of the three shirts Susan Bishop             Edward Caucro
working here, Pat was employed in $3,600 of each employe's wages                                                             you own outright, choose one having
Maintenance. He has since worked in (amounting to $54 for the year) for                                                      the most buttons. There is nothing     Ruth Buzzell               James Rowe
Shipping for a number of years, 1 3 to social security tax. Because he had              November 28—Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
                                                                                                                             so crushing to the ego as a manly Carolyn Cicchetti           Robert Moulton
be exact, and in Dry Assembly and the two employers, more than $54 had                Roy—22nd.                              chest bursting its bonds abetted by a
Stockroom on Beaver Street.                                                                                                  button straining at the thread.        Virginia Suprenant Pvt. Ernest Haas
                                                                                        December 5—Mr. and Mrs. Anthony
  Pat became Foreman of Retail                                                                                                                                      Virginia Caron             John Gallese
                                          connected with transportation, truck-       Sacco—25th.                               Now for the tie — ah! the tie. This
Sales when he was moved there on                                                                                                                                    Rose Bua               Benjamin Davis
                                          ing, shipping and the like. He enjoys                                              is a subject long enamoured of the
June 15, 1953. Before becoming a                                                        December 27—Mr. and Mrs. Ernest poets, Byron, Keats, Shelley and Marie Landry
                                          fishing and baseball and remarks these                                                                                                            Alfred Berthold
foreman, he was a supervisor for a
                                          two are the only two hobbies for which      Brooks—44th.                           Crookshank. If at this moment, you
number of years.                                                                                                                                                    Marie Graunde                Alfred Roy
                                          he has time.                                                                       are full of Hearts and Flowers, choose
   Pat is a member of the Sprague            Mr. Davis is married to the former         January 1—Mr. and Mrs. William a soulful number to fit the mood. Jeanette Wanat Frank Lagowski, Jr.
Electric Management Club and the          Dorothy Booth.       They have two          Andrews—16th.                          Peruse your collection of ascots, in Diane St. Pierre             Francis King
Northern Berkshire Traffic Organiza-      children, Frank, who is 14, and Robert,                                            four hands, bows and peek-a-boos in
tion. For those who do not know what      7. The Davis family resides at 89             January 27—Mr. and Mrs. Lyle the manner of a connoisseur selecting          Rita Girard              John Cardinal
this club is, it is a group of people     Gallup Street, North Adams.                 Blanchard—3rd.                         vintage wines.                         Joan West                     R a y Lillie
Page 4                                                                                   SPRAGUE ELECTRIC LOG                                                                                         January 1954

    DEPARTMENTAL NEWS                                                                                                            Know                          Your                       Reporters..
                                               served. Jennie Hirst, formerly of this Dry Tubular Assembly
                                               department, and now living and work                 by Peg Champagny
                                               ing in Kingston, N. Y. visited friends             and Gladys Sullivan
                                               and relatives in this city New Year's
                                               week-end. She asked to be remember-           Mr. and Mrs. Victor Boucher and
                                               ed to all her friends   Betty Beckwith son Bruce, recently spent a vacation
 Advertising Ad Libs                           was a lovely bridesmaid at her sister in sunny Florida           Margaret Davis
                  by Versus                    Phyllis's wedding to Airman 3rd Class spent the holidays with her daughter in
                                               Robert Roy on Saturday, December 26.      Decatur, Illinois Toni Connell re
    A wonderful Christmas was had by Betty wore a Forest Green net over turned from a holiday trip to Water-
 all members of the Advertising De- satin gown and a flowered tiara. She bury, Connecticut                      Florence Lecuyer
 partment, judging by the haggard faces carried a colonial bouquet of yellow spent the Christmas holidays in New
 seen around the office       It all started pom-poms.                                   York City visiting her sister      Irene
 with the office party. Our appreciation                                                 Charron is enjoying her vacation at
 goes to Francis Cancro for the spaghetti                                                home... With her eyes all aglow.
 dinner he contributed. Delicious! ! !                                                   Rita Girard came back to work after
      Speaking of parties, Frances Sifton                                                Christmas flashing a beautiful diamond
 spent a very enjoyable weekend at a Building No. 1—Floor 2                              ring. It won't be long now, Rita A
 Christmas party in Cohoes, New York,                            by Sue                  very enjoyable Christmas party was
 so we hear Janice Fowler and Helen                                                      held by Departments 568 and 569 at
 Goodermote say they didn't do much               Molly Avery spent the Christmas the American Legion Home in Adams.
 over the weekend         but how can you holiday in Quincy, Mass., and had a A visit from Santa Claus distributing
 do nothing and look that tired?               very nice time We have all missed gifts to everyone highlighted the pro-                                 Lea Walden and Irene Dubreuil
 Santa was especially good to Joan Helen Lamoureaux, who is on leave of gram. Group singing and dancing                               Our two-some who report from the the summer, when their two children
 Charbonneau and to Yours Truly. absence Mr. and Mrs. John Hartigan was enjoyed. Claire Andrews, who Purchasing Department with the by- want to put their suits on and cool off.
  For Joanie he left a cedar chest and spent Christmas week-end in New York was in charge of the affair, was present- line of "Irene 'n Lee", we would like to                  Mr. and Mrs. Walden and their two
  Bill was able to come home. Yours City Bruce Carlson's son, Larry, ed a beautiful corsage from 568.                              introduce to you.                         children, William, aged II, and Ellen,
 Truly was presented with a beautiful celebrated his sixth birthday with a                                                            Mrs. Irene Dubreuil has been with who is 7 years old. make their home at
 sparkler from "The Trooper", who nice birthday party                   good time had
                                                                                            Sympathy is extended to Mary Ann the LOG staff for two years. In 23 Johnson Street.
 wangled a 15-day leave from Ft. by all Arlene Jeffers spent the                                                                   March of 1950 she came to Sprague            It seems as though Irene and Lea
  Benning, Georgia Charley Wacker Christmas weekend in Presque Isle, Shand on the death of her mother, Electric, and became secretary to Mr. belong to the same associations, and
  took a trip to Ossining, New York, Maine. She tells us there was a lot of jMrs. James Oliver..                                   Robert A. Fairbanks. Prior to this, have attended the same school and
  recently. Not to the prison, he was snow there.                                                                                  Irene was employed at the James their hobbies are the same.
 careful to point out We all saw the                                                                                               Hunter Machine Company for three             The Dubreuils' and Waldens' have
 New Year in at a party at Helen                                                         Test Equipment                            years.                                    been best of friends all of fifteen years.
 Goodermote's home, and a swell time                                                     Engineering                                 She was born and raised in North Irene and Lea both say that they
 was had by all.                                                                                    by Mary Cantoni               Adams and graduated from the Notre look forward to coming to work every
                                               Production Engineering
                                                                                            Welcome back to Ed Lamphier, who       Dame High School in 1943 and Bliss day. Their picture shows that they
    Our sympathy goes to Mr. Sidney L. by Lena Hurlbut and Bill Martin
 Chertok on the death of his mother.                                                     has just returned from six weeks sick Business College in 1944.                     look quite content.
                                                  We all appreciated the efforts of ' leave. Glad to see you back, Ed                Not being an only child, Irene is
                                               George LaBombard toward our Christ- Our first vacationer of 1954 in the de- fortunate to have two brothers, Wil-
                                               mas Party We are wondering why partment is Mary Mazza. The reason fred G., who is 24, and Robert J.
 Material Control Office                       Dick Demo went from singing "Vaya for s u c n a n early vacation is her son Saulnier, who is 15. Wilfred returned
              by Flo Clough                    Con Dios" to "Richochet"? Who is Russell Mazza, Jr., is home on a ten to the States recently after being Purchasing Department
    The holiday season is over and everv-     she, Dick? "Oh, My Papa" will j day furlough and Mary plans on stationed in Japan with the Army for                               Holds Christmas Party
                                                                                                                                  three and a half years. He has since
 one looks as if he survived and isprobably be next! ! Gen Melito, who ; making all his favorite recipes. Our been discharged with the rank of Staff
                                               recently was transferred to our de- Johnny Aldrich is really stepping up to                                                 I Members of the Purchasing Depart
 looking forward with anticipation to                                                                                             Sergeant, and is now attending the
 the coming New Year. Happy New partment, spent her vacation at home t h e big time. He just bought himself North Adams State Teachers College. ment and their guests enjoyed a
                                                   Ann Lefebvre spent her vacation at precision skates. He is going to be-                                                   Christmas Party Saturday, December
 Year to all from this reporter Our
 hunter, Larry Moreau, failed to bring home also We are happy that Mary c o m e a great skating star someday.                         In October of 1946 Irene married 5, at "Petey Dinks" Restaurant. The
                                              Green is back with us again Marlene ; Good luck. Johnny. Roland Yii is              John, her childhood friend from tables were decorated with Christmas
 down a deer this past season, but like
 all the hunters, he has great hopes for Shea has left.                                  not the only one interested in TV these grammar school days. They have one candles and silver and red poinsettia
 next year.                                                                              days. So is everyone else. Everyone daughter, Lynn, who is 6 years old and each guest had as a favor a candy
                                                                                         seems to be greeting each other in this and attending the Notre Dame Paro- cane.
                                                                                         manner: instead of "Good Morning", chial School. Irene, her husband, and              Mrs. Irene Dubreuil welcomed the
                                                                                         its "How is your picture coming in?" . daughter make their home at 16 Miner guests and introduced Mr. F. W.
                                               Employe and Community                     Roland was transferred from the Lab Street.                                         McNamara who served as toastmaster
 Tantalum Department                           Relations Department                      recently. We hope you like us as well
              by Mary Odell                                                                                                          Being a lyric soprano, Irene takes and master of ceremonies.
                                                           by Joan West                 as we like you.                           advantage of her beautiful voice by          Those called upon for remarks were
    On December 21 our annual Christ-                                                                                             singing at weddings, funerals and other Messrs. F. G. Jenkins, Department
                                                 Happy New Year! The Christmas                                                    social events. She has taken lessons Head, R. A. Fairbanks and R. R.
 mas party was held at Petey Dinks. A
                                              party in our department was a whoop-                                                for nine years.
 good time was enjoyed by all, and what                                                                                                                                      Howard, Jr. Games were played and
                                              ing success. It was held at the
 unusual grab-bag gifts we received!. . .                                                                                                                                   prizes won by Dorothy Russett, Shirley
                                              Taconic Restaurant at Taconic Park How We Do It
 From the comments heard December                                                                                                 Teacher Group at Notre Dame, is Davis, Lea Walden. Catherine Sutliff
                                              and the dinner was delicious. We wish
 28. all the girls in our department had a                                                 Then there's the story about the two treasurer of the Cercle Francais and is and Mrs. Howard. Dancing was en-
                                              to thank those responsible for the great
wonderful Christmas We wish to
                                              time we had ...We have a new figure "sidewalk superintendents" who stood a member of the Notre Dame Church joyed until midnight.
 roll out the welcome carpet for Dominic                                                watching a big bulldozer at work. choir.                                               Invited guests were Mesdames Jen-
                                              in the office, and it's that of Joan
 Papas who has recently joined us.
                                              Brosseau. Another girl from Adams. With each bite, it lifted great chunks              During the summer months, Irene kins, McNamara. Fairbanks, Howard,
 "Dom" is from Check Inspection
                                              We hope that you will enjoy working of earth                                        enjoys swimming, and dancing all the and Joseph O'Keefe and Messrs. John
We wish to say "Au revoir" to Dolly                                                                                                                                         P. Dubreuil, William A. Walden.
                                              with us, and we're sure you are wel- "If it weren't for that scoop," one year-around.
Smith who is on a leave of absence.
                                              come Joan West and Toby Tobin complained, "a hundred men might be                      She finds work very interesting and Charles Sutliff. Donald Russett. Louis
We miss you, Dolly          I would like to                                                                                                                                 Davis and Richard Saunders.
                                              enjoyed the "Ice Capades of '54"working with shovels "                              enjoys her co-workers.
wish each and everyone a Happy and
                                              immensely when they went to Spring-                                                                                              The Purchasing Department gives
Prosperous New Year.                                                                        "Yes," agreed the other, "or ten The "*n Lee" is Mrs. Lea Walden,
                                              field recently       Fred Whitham is                                                who also has been a LOG reporter for special thanks to Irene for her time and
                                                                                        thousand - with spoons!"
    Sympathy is extended to Louis             finally the proud father of a son. Little                                           two years.                                effort in organizing the party and
                                                                                            Terse, but true We Americans
Florioni on the recent death of his Steve was born January 2, at 1(1:00
                                            j                                                                                        Lea was born in North Adams and carrying through the many details
                                            ! A.M., weighing 8 pounds, at the North never believe in doing anything by attended school here. She graduated that made it so successful.
                                              Adams Hospital. Just the facts, ma'm, hand that we can get machines to help from the Notre Dame High School in
                                              just the facts! Pamela Christopher us do - thus extending our own strength 1935 and Bliss Business College in 1936.
                                              and Pat Marsh attended the New            and energy 20-fold, and contributing
Office Service                                                                                                                       She was employed by Liggetts Drug
                                              Year's Eve ball which was held at the immensely to our progress, through
          by The Two "B's"                                                                                                        Store, and in 1941 came to Sprague Hints:
                                              Stanley Club in Pittsfield         Joan productivity.
                                                                                                                                  Electric and worked in Networks until
    Pfc. Al Horsfall is spending a thirty Brosseau also attended a formal at the                                                  1945. In 1950 she returned and start-
day furlough with his parents Mr. and Turn Hall in Adams on the Big night...                                                      ed a new job in the Purchasing Depart-
                                                                                                                                                                               To keep pajama or blouse buttons
Mrs. Albert Horsfall of 226 Eagle Street. Susie Slater lived it up at the Elk's                                                                                             from pulling out of the fabric, rein-
                                                                                                                                  ment, where she is today.
Before Al's induction into the service, New Year party; it was great, says                                                                                                  force them with a small button or piece
he was employed in the Photo Lab. . . Sue. ..Toby Tobin spent the New                Humor:                                          Lea is a member of the Emblem Club of tape on the back.
Good luck to Genevieve Melito, who • Year's weekend at Mary Pat Riley's in A Boston salesman visited Texas No. 20, Parent-Teacher Group at
has been transferred to Production Bennington. She now refers to it as and heard one particular Texan boast- Notre Dame and sings in the choir at
Engineering. Gen was presented a "The Lost Weekend." Bob Potter ing about heroes of the Alamo, who, the Notre Dame Church. She also is
                                                                                                                                                                               A piece of white chalk tucked in your
decorated cake and a purse We j and family spent Christmas weekend almost alone, held off whole armies. president of the Cercle Francais Club.
                                                                                                                                                                            purse does a wonderful touch-up job on
wonder if Betty Beckwith's Christmas in New York, and Pam Christopher "I'll bet," challenged the Texan, "you Being president of this social club takes your spotted white gloves.
gift of a hope chest will mean a did likewise in New Jersey My, this never had anybody around Boston as up quite a bit of her time.
marriage in the near future? . . A department really travels! . The LOG brave as that."                                              When anyone asks "let's go skating, "
Christmas party was held on December section is no longer located in the main                                                     Lea is always game. Skating is one
16 at the Greylock Community Club office, it is now across the way, in a "Did you ever hear of Paul Re- of her favorite sports, as is swimming.                                Make your own scratch remover by
by the Office Service department and much nicer office with plenty of elbow vere?" asked the Bostonian meekly.                       Her husband. Bill, constructed a painting the scratches with common
their guests. Dancing and singing was room Have you made your New                          "Paul Revere," sneered the Texan, pool in back of their house. While it is household iodine. Use a cut lemon on
enjoyed and a buffet lunch was Year's resolutions yet? ? ? ?                            "isn't he the fellow who ran for help?" not the largest pool it is most useful in blond pieces.
January 1954                                                                                  SPRAGUE ELECTRIC LOG                                                                                               Page 5

Sprague Products                              Ceramics Department                        We sincerely hope, Ray La France, that                                                 Misc. Paper Finish
           by Shen and Lee                              by Emma Maruco                   your wife and son recover soon. It                                                                 by Gert Noel
                                                                                         never rains, but what it pours Dot               Busy EiAV£R
 - We are glad to see Margaret Sweeney            We all wish Ethel Sherman, formerly    Bliss and Anna Mae Jammallo are all                                                       Ho hum, I'm sure you will join me in
back with us after being out sick with
the horrible "Chicken-pox." Next
                                               check inspector in our department,
                                               good luck on a new assignment. Ethel
                                                                                         smiles these days. Why? Dot Wes-
                                                                                         lowski is some yodeler! That was
                                                                                                                                           Nfws                                 a tired but happy sigh of relief that the
                                                                                                                                                                                holidays are tucked away for another
time watch who you are baby-sitting            was presented with a chocolate cake,      quite a rendition she gave the day be-                                                 year. May the coming year be the
with, Margaret Thirty-six co-work-             topped with whipped cream which was       fore Christmas June Sherman is all                                                     best and happiest for all of you
ers attended the annual Sprague                made by Marjorie Pytko. Ethel also        excited; her husband, who is in the                                                    Helen Harrington joined the ranks of
Products Christmas party at Petey              was given a purse of money George         service, and has been away for so-o-o-o Paper Impregnating                            grandmothers on December 22 when
Dinks in Clarksburg, December 16.              Maxwell now has the honor of being a      long, is finally on the way home.             by Agnes Fitzgerald                     her daughter. Connie Nassif, formerly
Bertha Decoteau made a very jolly              member of the newly-organized Stam-                                                                                             of Sales Office had a baby girl who has
Santa Claus. Reports are everyone              ford Volunteer Firemen's Association.                                                It is good to see everybody back to        been named Gail Jean Ann Douney
had a wonderful time A party was                   We wish a speedy recovery to             Our deepest sympathy is extended to work — all a little tired but happy. .         has added another grandson to her
held in honor of Marie Landry, who is          Leona Gagnon, who has been hospital-      Marge Richer upon the death of her Our Christmas party, held December                 rapidly growing list. This new baby
leaving us to go to Cleveland, Ohio.          ized. Leona, we all miss you and hope      father-in-law.                         23, was most successful       Joe Breda        boy was born December 26. This
Don't forget to come visit us when             to see you back soon We all are                                                  had his son, Albert, home for Christ-          brings the total to six boys and one
you're in North Adams, again, Marie.           happy to hear that Eva Fraureau's son                                            mas. Al is a student at the University         girl Gloria Kelly spent the Christ-
    Pat Schabot made a very pretty             is feeling better Clara Bourdon and       Personnel Department                   at Amherst Agnes Fitzgerald had                mas holidays in Albany with relatives
maid of honor at her sister Claire's          Josephine Dean are justly proud of                      by Those Two              her daughter, Mary, home during the                 Florence Cobb took her vacation
wedding January 9 Everyone seems               their husbands, who proved successful                                            holidays. Mary is a student at the             Christmas week and spent the holi-
to^have had a good time New Year's            during the recent deer season       Ray       Our annual Christmas Party was College of Anna Marie in Paxton                     days with her sister in Paterson, N. J.
Eve, but all in all I guess we are pretty     Scerbo, Marjorie Pytko, and Mary           held at Pine Brook December 21. We Harvey Durant and Raymond Miller,                       Kay Marra spent Christmas in
glad the holiday season is over for            Fern attended the Ice Capades in          had the pleasure of meeting the wives who work on the night shift, paid us a          Springfield with her sister On De-
another year     It is pretty "sparkally"     Springfield      Yvonne Carlisle treated   and husbands of our co-workers         visit recently       Raymond held a            cember 21 all the gang in the depart-
around the office with some of the             the girls to some very fancy home         Sydney Louison and Connie Dube wel- Christmas party at his home for the               ment exchanged gifts from a grab bag
girls sporting diamonds. Among them            made cookies. They were delicious         comed in the New Year at the Ameri- North Adams 4H Poultry and Garden                 and our foreman and supervisors were
are Marie Landry, Jeanette Wanat,              Dover Owens, formerly of the Ceramic      can Legion; Mabel Hillard and Edith Club Joe Downey had a birthday                    presented gifts On December 29 a
Marie Grande, Ginger Caron and Rose            Department, has written requesting        Matranga at the Springs Best wishes recently...Carmella brought in some               gang of the girls enjoyed a spaghetti
Bua. Best of luck, girls.                      that some of his friends write to him.    go to Edith Matranga, who recently lovely homemade Italian cookies to                 dinner together. Lil Peck made the
                                               Dover is in Korea and his address is:     moved into her newly-built home on us Red Bennet spent New Year's in                  sauce, and from all reports it was
                                              Pvt. D. L. Owens- Prov. Co. 914—           Barbour Street.                        New York           Chuck Roy's little          delicious. Beatrice Pierce brought a
                                              APO 2 % P.M. — San Francisco,                                                     daughter spent New Year's in Spring            homemade apple pie and Velma
                                              California     Recent returnees from                                              field.                                         Lincoln her specialty, "Tomato Soup
Sales Office                                  vacations are Nettie Murphy, Edward                                                                                              Cake" Roberta Booth and family
                                              Mulvaney and Christine Petri         Ida                                                                                         are among the many local residents
           by the Snoopers                    Gigliotti sang some beautiful solos at     Small Order                                                                           who have purchased upright freezers
     The Sales Office girls held their        St. Anthony's church during the holi-      by Mary Bernard and Nini Sacco                                                        which are stocked regularly with
 annual Christmas party at the Springs        days Julia Alfred spent the Christ-                                                   Bathtub Assembly (Balcony)                 foods. . Congratulations to Edith
                                                                                            The night shift celebrated with a
 in New Ashford on December I 7. The          mas holiday in Covington, Virginia,                                                                                              Scriven who was elected matron of the
                                                                                         Christmas party at Pinebrook, where                   by Marie-Rose
 food was delicious and all the girls had     with her in-laws Joe Venerus spent                                                                                               Petersburg. N Y . , Order of the Eastern
                                                                                         exchanging of gifts and dancing were
a marvelous time           except for Joan    the Christmas holiday with his parents                                                   Jeannette Oleskiewicz is walking on     Star.
                                                                                         enjoyed. Two parties were held by
 Blanchette, who was unable to eat            at his home in New Jersey           Ray                                               clouds right now. Her husband re-
                                                                                         the day shift, one at Petey Dinks and
solid food because of a recent tonsil         Scerbo surprised the girls on the hydro-                                              turned from Korea December 4 and
                                                                                         another at the Trailside. Merry good
operation. How was the soup, Joan?            phone line by giving them carnation                                                   received his separation from the Army
                                                                                         times were had by all Vacations
 . . . It was noted at this party that some   corsages to wear to the annual Christ-                                                December 10. Jeannette is now en-
                                                                                         were enjoyed by Ned Walden, Douglas
of the girls have lovely voices. For          mas party The party was held at                                                       joying a leave of absence. Glad to         Metal Clad, Small Order
                                                                                         Bernin, Lillian Steffens, all at home.
 proof of this statement just ask             the American Legion Home on Holden                                                    have you back, Benny Lee Ann
                                                                                         Theresa Pedercini journeyed to New
 Madelyn Rougeau to sing the harmony          Street December 17 The depart-                                                        Blanchard celebrated her second birth-
                                                                                         York to meet her husband who just                                                        A few girls from the Metal Clad
on "You Are My Sunshine."            If any   ment held a party December 24 in the                                                  day December 13. She was honored
                                                                                         returned from Japan. Good luck to                                                     enjoyed a supper at the Springs before
one is interested in having ashes re-         department. Lunch was brought in                                                      with a party at her home and received
                                                                                         Paul LaPlante. who will teach in                                                      the holidays If anyone would like
moved, please contact Mr. H. B.               by the employes. Small presents were                                                  many gifts. The proud daddy is our
                                                                                         Williamstown, and also to Tommy                                                       to know the road to the Springs, kindly
Barry. We hear this is one of his side-       exchanged via the grab bag. Excel-                                                    supervisor Lyle Blanchard. Our de-
                                                                                         Paquin, who joined the Air Force.                                                     inform Jane Dufresne, Nellie Hewitt
lines The Sales Office would like to          lent music for the party was furnished                                                partment had its annual Christmas
                                                                                         They were both given appropriate gifts                                                and Carmen Scalise. They took a
jump the gun and offer congratulations        by Harold Burdick with his fiddle and                                                 party at the Clarksburg Sportsmen's
                                                                                         for the occasion.                                                                     short cut through New York State
to Hank Valenti. who is patiently             Leo Cyr with his banjo A special                                                      Club on December 15. I believe all         Jane Dufresne spent the holidays
counting the days until his new family        breakfast was held by the loaders for                                                 who had attended had a wonderful           visiting her son in Detroit, Michigan.
addition arrives A recent visitor             Norman Boyer who will enter the                                                       time. We did not need an orchestra         Larry Lewis isn't satisfied with his
over the holidays was Concetta Angeli,        service on January 15. A cherry cake                                                  that night, for here's what the grab-bag    1950 Model, and is trading it in for the
who spent the summer helping out in           was made by Geraldine Royne for the                                                   of gifts contained: Bruno Skowron, a
                                              occasion and a purse of money was
                                                                                         Shipping Department                                                                   new classy 1954 Ford. What a lucky
the Sales Office. We were all glad to                                                                                               drum; Lyle Blanchard, an accordian;        fellow you are, Larry One of the
                                              presented to Norman by the depart-                  by Cecile Trudeau
hear that she is doing so well at the                                                                                               Johnny Sikorski, a horn; Vivian Dale,      lucky boys from our department was
University of Rochester, where she is a       ment John Wittig, one of our           We all wish good luck to Jeannette             a harmonica; and Freddie Roy, an-          Mae Lefave's son. Santa presented
freshman        Pat Davis also dropped in     Ceramicists, gives us this thought for
                                                                                  Krzeminski, who has joined the office             other horn. Believe me, they made          him with a saddle horse Jean Poirot
to wish everyone a Happy New Year.            payday:                             staff of Sprague International Wel-               pretty music. Dancing was enjoyed          is back with us. Welcome back, Jean.
It was nice seeing you again, Pat On                                              come to Eileen Niles, who has re-                 by all and the evening ended too                We celebrated Mary Bator's birth-
December 31, it was good-bye to               "I swear it each payday,                                                              soon The holidays are over and
                                                                                  turned to Shipping from Retail Sales.                                                        day with a birthday cake.
Terry Taft, who left to await the arrival     This Time I'll seek,                Ellen Crocker's son, Alan, has returned           everyone will be recuperating for the
of a blessed event. Terry was present-        To have some pay left at the end of to Norwich University, Northfield. Vt.,           next two or three weeks. It takes
ed a gift for the coming baby and a               the week.                       after spending the Christmas holidays at          time to get back into condition again,
purse of money Do our eyes de-                                                    his home...Eileen Niles enjoyed a week            but cheer up, folks, we'll make it
                                              But always my figures
ceive us or is Sylvia Borowski sporting                                           at Amherst, Mass. She attended the                Josie Sikorski enjoyed a week of vaca
a black onyx? Congratulations! Is             Come out the wrong way                                                                tion just before the holidays Millie
                                                                                  military ball at the University of                                                           Paper Rolling
this for real? Now that both Joe              I have some week left at the end of Massachusetts We are glad to hear                 Bathaway had a beautiful Christmas
Mucha's brothers have been discharged             my pay."                        that Agnes Bolus is convalescing                  scene in front of her home during the             by Rusty and Dusty
from the service, we think it would be                                            favorably at her home following a re-             holidays. Millie and her husband              The last vacationers of the year were
a very nice gesture if he invited them                                            cent operation. We all miss you, Agnes.           made all the statues themselves. They      Julia Gattuso at home; Bessie Turgeon
up for a week end! As we go to press                                                                                                increase their work each year and the      at Lome; Helen Boucher at home,
Marion Clark is confined to her home                                                                                                results are beautiful. Believe me folks,   painting her kitchen, and Howard
with a bad cold. We wish her a speedy         Filters                                                                               it was worth-while riding to Briggs-       Guan at home Ruth Buzzell and
recovery Who is the girl to whom                     by Ginger and Richer                                                           ville to see it.                           Enis Montagna are both sporting
Bill Carlton refers as "Monroe?" A                                                                                                                                             beautiful diamonds. Congratulations
special welcome is extended to Beatrice          Surprise! Don't faint now, yes,         Flat Midget Assembly
                                              it's really our column back in print                    by Carmie                                                                girls Claire Schabot is in a dither
Collins, who joined us during the                                                                                                                                              these days. Wedding bells will be
Christmas holidays.                           again! How's your television these            We would like to welcome Eva                                                       ringing January 9. The lucky guy is
                                              days? Do you need an antenna?              Jowett to our room The department                                                     Bill Senecal. Two of her attendants
                                              Better check! If one is needed, call us!   has settled down after the exciting        Paper Rolling Dept.                        are Irene LaFleur and Joan Horn .
                                              No picture guaranteed! Our annual                                                             by Vivian Stachelek
                                                                                         holidays, which were enjoyed by all                                                   Congratulations to Al Bergeron, our
                                              Christmas Party was held at the            If anyone thinks we have a doctor in          Two Christmas parties were held by      foreman, on the arrival of his littlo
                                              North Adams American Legion home.          our midst, it is only Lillian Trombley s   our department, one at The Springs,        baby daughter, Mary Jo So long to
Field Engineering Dept.                       Everyone enjoyed himself and there         new handbag We all like Eva                                                           Rita Moreau. Phyllis Parker, Hazel
                                              were no casualties. The "Dragnet"                                                     and the other at the Elwal Pines.
               by Carole                                                                 Daldos's new words to popular music                                                   Button, Rose Bard, Gerry Dutcher.
                                              narration by Tony Falco was the high                                                  Entertainment was provided by yours
                                                                                         these days.                                truly and others. Everyone reported        We will miss you all Rena Livsey
   Those are pretty snappy hats all the       light of the evening. He certainly is
girls are sporting. We see that Joan          the life of the party. You can't stop                                                 a wonderful time. Al Bergeron and          spent New Year's weekend in New
Southgate. Joan Russell, Marion Mat-          laughing, once you start, right, Eddie?                                               Bill Arbruster were each presented a       York City      Hank Lepicier is famous
ney and Carole Clarke have joined the             Welcome to George Paquin, George                                                  gift. Phil Nimmons presented Harry         in our department for her banana
ranks of those that wear 'em. Carole          Henderson, Alden Jones and Roger                                                      Haskins a gift which represented con       cream pie. Either bring in the recipe
has returned to work after a two-week         Brown, who have joined our group.                    MARCH                            tributions by three departments            or the pie. Hank, but confidentially we
illness Anybody noticed the tree              Welcome back to Molly Spadea and                                                      Congratulations to Alice Major who         prefer the pie Carolyn Bernier is
                                                                                                          OF                                                                   the proud mother of a baby boy
growing on Joan Russell's desk?               Millie Sprowson, who have returned                                                    had a baby boy recently Con
Now that everybody's done wrapping                                                                                                  gratulations too, to Al Bergeron, the      Rusty and Dusty wish to extend
and unwrapping Christmas presents,
                                              from leave of absence Farewell to
                                              the Network Department, which has
                                                                                                     DIMES                          proud father of a baby girl I              their wish for the happiest New Year
they're busy breaking New Year's              moved to Brown Street Al Marsh is                                                     wonder if anybody is going to give me a    to all.
resolutions.                                  designing a new home without stairs              JANUARY 2 - 31                       percolator? That's a hint!
Page 6                                                                                 SPRAGUE ELECTRIC LOG                                                                                    January 1954

Log                                 Pictorial                                      Employes, Servicemen, Sprague Sprouts

                                                                                                                                           James Eric Hermansen is the son
                                                                                                                                         of Lee Hermansen of Test Equip-
                                                                         Airman Second Class Leo J.                                      ment.    Little James was two
  Here's the Ceramic Department as it posed for its picture during the Lamore, Jr., is the son of Emily The happy Lewitt family gets to- months, old when this picture was
group's annual Christmas party last month at the American Legion. Lamore, of Filters, Marshall Street gether for a reunion. Here are taken.
                                                                                   Plant. Leo is with the 602nd A.C. (front) Leonard E. Lewitt, formerly
                                                                                   Squadron, A.P.O. 185, c o Post- of Industrial Oils, proudly holding
                                                                                   master, New York.                 his son, Martin Ernest, while
                                                                                                                     Leonard's wife, the former Joan
                                                                                                                     Sloan, and grandparents Mr. and
                                                                                                                     Mrs. Leonard Lewitt, look on. The
                                                                                                                     younger Lewitts are now living in
                                                                                                                     Seattle, Washington. The senior
                                                                                                                     Mr. Lewitt is the well-known fore-
                                                                                                                     man in Molded Tubulars at Brown

                                           Robbie Bentley is the son of
                                         Corporal and Mrs. Robert Bentley.    All of the Metal Clad Small Order
                                         Mrs. Bentley is with the Ceramic Department, and all enjoying                                                Danny, two, and Billie, six
                                         Department.                                                                                                months, are the s'ons of Billie and
                                                                           themselves in Holiday style are,                                         Jean Mahoney. Jean was formerly
                                                                           left to right, Kathy Stinnette, Jane                                     with the Retail Sales Department
                                                                           Paradise, Nellie Hewitt, Jane Du-
                                                                                                                  Twin daughters of Helen Mur- at Marshall Street. The children's
                                                                           presne, Julie Morin, Alma Kent
                                                                                                                phy, of the Prokar line, are little grandmother is Millie Mahoney of
                                                                           and Carmen Scalise.                                                      the
                                                                                                                Carla Jean and Carol Ann, who KVA Department, Brown Street
                                                                                                                will be one year old January 29. plant.

                                                                                GUESS WHO? T h e little, dark-
                                                                              haired girl in t h e foreground is
                                            Enjoying themselves at the Filter today employed in t h e Filter D e -
                                         Department Christmas party were, partment at Marshall Street. Give
                                         left t o right, Mr. and Mrs. Benup? Then check with LOG reporters                    Gloria Helene, who is just 16
  Here are the three grandchildren
                                         Richer, Foreman and Mrs. John Betty Fleury and Marge Richer for                    weeks old, is the daughter of Mr.
of Delphine Bergeron, who is with
                                         S m i t h , Mrs. Leo Lemoine and Mr. the answer.                                   and Mrs. George Giroux. George is
the second shift in Ceramics,
                                         Edward Rivers. Supervisor Leo                                                      North Adams division manager of
Marshall Street Plant. From top to
                                         Lemoine snapped t h e picture.                                                     Industrial Food Crafts, which oper-
bottom, they are Sandra Senecal,
10, Larry Senecal, 8, and young                                                                                             ates our cafeterias.
Linda Senecal, 5.
                                                                                       "The more we all learn about the
                                         As Steel Goes—                                                                                                               Lorraine Turgeon, one, is the
                                                                                   nature and purpose of God and our                                                 granddaughter of Bessie Turgeon,
                                             The steel industry, without whose     relation to Him, the nearer we will                                               who is with the Paper Rolling De-
Eager Beavers? That's O.K.
                                         production most of the nation's fac-      come to a proper solution of our prob-                                            partment at Beaver Street.
   In this land of ours, we always       tories would grind to a halt, has been    lems. With the guiding principles of
have been looking for something new—     spending $1,300 a minute for the last     religion as a background, employers
something better -and we're always       7 years to expand its capacity even       and employees should be able to work
                                                                                                                                                                       America has many and obvious
anxious to use it quickly.               further. It has invested $5,000,000,000   out any problem that comes up in
                                                                                                                                                                     faults. But it is still the land where
   In the early days of our country,     since the end of World War 2 on new       our day-to-day affairs. "
                                                                                                                                                                     no one starves unless it is a $3000
for instance, a man named Eh Whit-       facilities.                                         —Charles R. Sligh, Jr.                                                  a-week movie blonde who has a figure
ney invented the cotton gin, which                                                                                                                                   to control.              —//. V. Wade
was to revolutionize the textile in-
dustry. The word got around. So          A man should never be ashamed to
eager were those early enterprisers to own he has been in the wrong, which
                                                                                                                      John Alan LeClaire is t h e four-
get at, see and use the new machinery is but saying in other words that he is It is not enough to be busy: so are a n d _ a _ h a i f y e a r o i d s o n o f P a t L e _ Don't worry about the job you don't
and process, that they broke into wiser today than he was yesterday, the ants. The question is, What are Claire, Flat Midget Assembly, Mar- like—somebody else will soon have it!
Whitney's barn!                                             —Alexander Pope we busy about?            —Thoreau. shall Street plant.                                                           Sydele Quarterly
January 1954                                                                          SPRAGUE ELECTRIC LOG                                                                                          Page 7

Plating Department                       K V A Stockroom                          Industrial Oil Rolling                   hunting. Bill Passotti shot a doe
                by Lee                                by Ace Sam                           by Erminia Sweeney              weighing 1 15 lbs. Frank Santelli shot
   Mike Becker gave Ness Roberts a                                                                                         a buck weighing 75 lbs. Frank Kolis,
steak from the deer he shot in Ver-         Though the holidays have passed and                                            wasn't so lucky. Sterl Hewitt won't
mont. Here's hoping you have luck the parties are over, I hope everyone                                                    say how much the deer that he shot
again next year Al Broulett has re- had a merry Christmas and may the                                                      weighed. It must have been a big one
turned after being absent from our j New Year be a bright and prosperous                                                    . . Everyone had a good time at our
daily session. He is on a soup diet, one for all Alcide Guisti really                                    Alice Beaucharr   department party which was held at
 having had all of his steak grinders surprised us at a recent gathering received a car from her husband f              <  Petey Dinks the 17th of December.
 removed. Smile Al, the wide open | during the holidays. Al did the Christmas Elizabeth Slattery spent                     Grace Nowak won't forget the party.
spaces Deer season came and per          I Charleston with Marie Ducharme and a week with her daughter in Connec-          Did you have fun, Grace? . The girl
usual Lawrence Estes and Ed Sprague they both agreed that they are not as ticut, where she has purchased a new             with the Poodle cut is our own Millie November 28                      Lee Crase
were out in the woods tracking deer. young as they thought           Fran Dargie home We all missed getting a piece        Mahoney. Millie, you look cute. You ! November 30                 Betty Recchia
Well, it was good exercise anyway         and wife Marie spent the holidays at of that gorgeous cake that Dotty            also looked nice New Years Eve at the
George Whipple's name has not appear- the home of Julie Dolle. We are still Daunais makes. We hope to have                 Legion. It was a close draw between i December I I               Nelson Reopell
ed in print the past couple of months. waiting for one of your apple pies,                     yet. Happy birthday to      Millie and Phyllis Santerre. Phyl
1 hope he is not offended. Don't Julie Chris Shultz and husband and Alice Lunney, Rita Fornier and Dot                     looked grand also, with her new hair-do December 20          Mildred Waterman
worry George, there are a couple of family spent Christmas in Virginia with Baker Bill Shelden was made happy               . .To everyone in our department, December 21                Philip B. Talarico
stories in the making Sporting a new Chris's family. . Just recently Dean by his wife with a movie camera and              Frank and I would like to wish a very
hair-do and looking pretty chic is Alice Brown and Frank Osterhoudt cele- projector            Charles Sears received a    Happy New Year.                         December 27           Carmela Mancuso
Menard Howard Isherwood could brated their anniversaries. Both fami- small gift of Limburger Cheese in his                                                        December 29              Amelia Couture
not wait for Christmas to come so he lies got together and had a wonderful Christmas stocking. It's a wonder
played with his children's new toys time James Goeaway is about the that the stocking did not get up and                                                          December 31                  Doris Langer
before Christmas day Well, the big peppiest man in our department. Not walk away.... Kenny Russell and                                                            January I                 Harold Burdick
weekend is over and everyone return- only does Jim work hard all day, but I Francis Delisle are sporting some
ed_to_iwork looking quite contented. even does odd jobs on the side. What , fancy sweaters . Classy Lassie is Industrial Oils                                     January 3                 Bernie Roberts
                                          kind of pills do you take, Jim?... I Gerry Delisle We don't think Rita
                                          Harold Brown and Ralph Burdick Fournier likes mistletoe!                   Agnes             by Ann Heath               January 15                  Julia Sullivan
                                          almost didn't make it home for Christ- Miller bought a new car recently,            The Industrial Oils Department en- January 18
                                          mas. When out in the woods, they                                                                                                                   Carol Burdick
                                                                                                                           joyed its Christmas dinner and dance
                                          seemed to take the wrong trail. Better                                           at the Sportsmen's Club December 1 7. January 18                  Albert Giroux
                                          take your compass next time you go                                               Lou Vincelette was master of cere- January 19
                                          manuevering in the woods Al Fer-                                                                                                                    Art Bissaillon
                                                                                                                           monies, and kept things humming.
                                          rara and yours truly have taken up Industrial Oils Cover                         Group singing was enjoyed at the January 20                     Betty Luczynski
Paper Rolling and                         skiing as a winter sport. Each has Assembly                                      tables and dancing followed the steak
Prokar Soldering                          purchased a set of skiis and is anxious by Flo Lang and Isabelle Witherow dinner. Ann Heath and Henrietta January 20                                   Jean Levy
            by Mary Messier               to try them out In a recent Beauty                                               Langlois were in charge of the dinner January 25
                                          Contest, Marie Dargie was chosen           Santa Claus was very generous to and dance It was a nice surprise to                                    Nancy Barber
fwA Christmas party was held during Stockroom Queen, with Marie Duch- Evelyn Therrien and Daisy Meland see all the girls and boys from Networks January 27                                   Blanche Cable
lunch period December 23. Chet arme running a close second Dur- this Christmas. He brought them back at Brown Street again. The
Lesniak pulled the prize package in ing the past year there have been many Persian lamb coats Moskina Morin Networks moved to Marshall Street January 30                                        Victor Gay
the grab bag, and everyone had a good new faces in the Stockroom, and yours proudly announced the birth of her 12th three years ago. So a big welcome January 31
                                                                                                                                                                                              Jean Gingras
laugh. . The annual Christmas party truly, having been kept busy with my grandchild. She now has 10 grandsons home to them from the Brown Street
was held December 1 7 at The Springs daily schedule, finds it would have been and 2 grand-daughters Lena Deso gang!. Millie Reardon enjoyed the
in New Ashford. Everyone who at- almost impossible to fill my column on spent the New Year's weekend in holiday weekends, for her sons were
tended had a wonderful time Wel- time for rolling off the press, had it not Boston. While there, she attended home on a 10-day leave. Howard re-
come back to the girls who were been for my very good friend Al the Ice Show We were relieved to turned to Fort Dix, N. J., and Eddie to
temporarily working in other depart- Ferrara.                                     hear that Isabel Witherow's 4 year Air School in Oklahoma Winnie
ments. . Congratulations, Marie Mar-                                              old grandson, Walter Kaczowski, will Emery has returned to work after a Fires are More Than
tell. Marie is the proud owner of a                                               not lose his sight in one of his eyes    two-week vacation in Springfield with     Statistics
 1954 Chevrolet.                          Prokar and Polyester                    Our "Quiet Man," Alec Murach, her son, Dr. Emery. The holidays
                                          Impregnation                            had this comment on his recent vaca- were too much for Charlie Cyer, for he Statistics generally are read and
                                                                                  tion: "All I did was hang around and                                            quickly forgotten. You know that
   We extend our sympathy to Connie          Reggie Rowetts son David celebrat- I missed everyone." How nice of him is still in a daze Don Arigoni is hundreds of people die violently each
Davis on the loss of her mother.          ed his birthday December 21 Alice                                                quite a boy. Where he gets all his year from fires in factories and homes,
                                          Domin is now back with us in Prokar.                                             pep is a mystery to me! Mary just by reading the front page of your
                                          Reggie celebrated New Years Eve by                                               Roberts returned to her old department newspaper. You probably say, "too
Wire Coating                              beating the drums at Norcross in           Our sympathy is extended to Aime at Marshall Street. It was nice hav- bad," and turn to the sports page.
            by Corena Tatro               Readsboro Fletcher Morgan did a Morin on the death of his brother.               ing you with us, Mary . Eddie Clark's
                                          good job at bartending in Williams-                                              new hobby is raising mice, but he         But if you have been to a fire
   We are all sorry to hear that Don town recently. Mrs. Norman Miller                                                     doesn't seem to be able to hold their smelled the smoke and perhaps been
Bourdon's wife, Jeanette, has been ill celebrated her birthday January 4 and                                               affection no matter how nice he treats scorched from the heat, or became
in the hospital. Those who enjoyed Beverly Ann Miller, January 2                                                           them.. Hope Martha Clark will like nauseated when you helped dig out a
                                          Mathew Krzeminski celebrated his Misc. Resistor Assembly                         her new job at the desk The Christ- victim, you wouldn't treat fire as a
Peg Durnin, Helen Foote and the December 21.                                                   by Jean Levy                mas broadcast from the Congregational statistic it would be a personal en-
Faour sisters, Eva and Lurice Neil                                                                                         Church was beautiful. We are very emy, one that you know is somewhere
Van Steemburg has left our depart-                                                   Art Bissaillons's son, Don, was home
                                                                                                                           proud of Bill Sheldon and Martha stalking, ready and willing to pounce
ment. Wishing you luck and hope you                                               from camp in Texas for the Christmas
                                                                                                                           Clark. They are members of the on you if you let your guard down.
will enjoy your new job Betty Final Soldering                                     holidays. Don looks sharp in his Air                                               A fire here could mean loss of val
                                                                                                                           choir. Bill sang a solo which was very
Jangrow recently enjoyed a nice trip             by "The Busy Bees"               Force uniform        Marguerite Todd's                                          uable property, loss of work for all of
                                                                                                                           well done.
to attend the wedding of her sister,                                              daughter, Pat, was home for the holi-                                           us, and the chance the fellow or girl
                                             New Year's greetings, everyone! days. Pat lives and works in Wash-
Catherine Everyone had a nice                                                                                                                                     working next to you could become one
time at the wedding of Jo-Ann Faour, We wish everyone good health and ington We received a Christmas                                                              of those "statistics" Or, it could mean
                                          prosperity throughout the year.         greeting from Clyde Hirst, our former
sister of Lurice and Eva. Eva was her                                                                                                                             your life.
maid-of-honor and Lurice was brides- Sylvia Beaudin recently spent four days co-worker, who is now with the
                                                                                                                                                                     Fires don't generally start unless
 maid Jerry Burdick, son of Helen, in Boston. Mary Rosco visited in Kingston plant. Thanks Clyde, it Networks Department
                                                                                                                                                                  someone is careless careless about
will be leaving the 15th of January for New York City . Both girls com- was nice of you to remember us .
                                          mented on how beautifully the stores December 21, we celebrated our                        by Mae and Marie             smoking, or leaving oily rags thrown in
the Army. Hope you like the service
                                          in these cities were decorated    Rena Christmas party in this department.                                              a corner instead of a covered can, or
Jerry, and make the best of it!
                                          Brassard has been absent a long time The table was decorated in colorful           We have bid a sad good-bye to our not reporting unsafe electrical con-
                                          on a sick leave. ' We wish you a holiday colors. Every one received a co-workers in Filters, and have moved ditions or from lots of causes you know
                                          speedy recovery and hope you'll be gift from the grab bag and yours truly, our department to the Brown Street about but maybe ignore. We must not
                                          back with us soon, Rena. We were Jean Levy, presented a gift to our plant. Especially missed by us will be feel that fires will always happen to
 Resistor Department                      happy to have Mabel Lewitt return supervisor, Art Bissaillon, on behalf "Sargeant Hangover" Falco, "Stormy" someone else. Let's be fire conscious
       by Chick and Chuck                 after her recent mishap We were of the gathering. Art accepted it with Fleury and "Tombstone" Henderson. and mighty careful in 1954. It pays.
                                          sorry to lose our Superintendent, John a few well-chosen words Twenty-               Good luck to Marie LeMoine in her
   The Sportsmen's Club was the scene O'Connell, and office girl, Kay Ghidotti four co-workers sat down to a turkey new home Welcome back to Ray
of two Christmas parties of interest to to their new positions on Marshall dinner with all the fixings. The Joseph, who has returned from a sick
 this department. On Monday, Dec- Street. Congratulations to both of dinner was planned by Laura Roy and leave . . Catherine Bergeron had the
ember 14 the cementers, trimmers and you on your new venture. We would Jean Levy. The turkey was one of pleasure of being with her children
color code held a party with arrange- also like to congratulate Jack O'Leary, Ralph Lewis' choice birds. Ralph over the holidays: Robert and his wife, In a Word
ments in charge of Emma Montagna. who was made General Foreman . . . A donated it for the dinner and his wife Patricia, from Boston, and Mary and
Lucy Kenney impersonated Santa week before Christmas, our supervisor, Lucille graciously prepared it for us. her husband, Robert, from Norfolk,                      It's a riddle to the rest of the world
Claus and gave out the presents, and a Frank Stawarz and his wife received a Thanks again to you, Mrs. Lewis, Virginia and their beautiful little how we Americans keep forging ahead,
fine evening of dancing was enjoyed most precious present. They had — a from all of us.                                    daughter, Paula. . Julia Gregalis had making progress year after year. They
by all On Friday evening, December call from their son Joseph, in Tokyo.                                                   her son Thomas home for the holidays, can't quite figure out how we keep
 18, the winders and casters gathered at He was on a 14-day furlough from                                                  too. Thomas is in the Air Force in building our living standards getting
the club for a party. Arrangements Korea. He remarked he was drinking                                                      Texas Ann Scully had her son, and enjoying more automobiles, tele-
for the affair were in charge of Pris- all the fresh milk he could, since they                                             Robert, home from West Point for phones, clothes, houses, bathtubs,
c.lla Sherman and Helen Miller. Harry have dehydrated milk only in Korea                                                   Christmas and New Years.               food, TV sets more of everything,
                                                                                  K V A Department                                                                including health and happiness.
Haddad played Santa Claus, while And now, our own special New Year's
                                                                                              by Alma Pratt
Chick Currant played several selections wish for you:
                                                                                            and Frank Santelli
on the piano. Solos were rendered by        May you find joy where e'er you
Victor Gay and Rachel Davis. Danc- search,                                           Now that the holidays are over, may-     Our deepest sympathy to Doris Krol
ing was enjoyed to the accompaniment        At home, at work, at school or be we can get down to business . . The on the recent loss of her Mother.                  The key to the riddle the key to
of the juke box.                          church!                                 fellows in our department all went deer                                         our progress—is, in a word: Production.
Page 8                                                                                                       SPRAGUE ELECTRIC LOG                                                                                        January 1954

                   Electronics Course Instructors
                                                                                                            Sports                                                                                        by KENNY RUSSELL

                                                                                                                                                                                                   They bounded back on December 17.
                                                                                                            Northern Berkshire                           Williams College                          trouncing Trinity in Lasell gym.
                                                                                                                                                                  Sport News                       l-ollowing the Christmas recess, the
                                                                                                            High School Basketball                                                                 Williams "Purple " has chalked up two
                                                                                                                                                       HOCKEY: Williams College launched successive wins and in impressive
                                                                                                                Now that the holidays and the school its 1954 season with Springfield as the fashion.
                                                                                                            recess are over, the area high schools visiting team. This was the first official
                                                                                                                                                                                                     On January 6 the"Ephmen" journeyed
                                                                                                            have concluded their pre-schedule ex- game to be played on the new artificial to West Point and did a workmanlike
                                                                                                            hibition games and are set inaugurate rink at Williamstown.                            job on the "Cadets" from West Point.
                                                                                                            the 1954 basketball season.                                                            In this game Walt Creer, captain, led
                                                                                                                                                          We are sorry to say that although the attack and his all around play was
                                                                                                                Our predictions are for a close and Williams was the first team to score, outstanding for the "Shawmen". Their
                                                                                                            very interesting Northern Berkshire they wound up the losers by the score most recent win was at the expense of
                                                                                                            League race with Williamstown and of 5-2.                                              the "Panther" from Middlebury in the
                                                                                                            Pittsfield St. Joseph battling for the                                                 Vermont town. The score in this one
                                                                                                            crown. Adams, Pittsfield and Drury            However, from the outlook, and the was 68-46. All hands led in the victory
                                                                                                                                                                                                   and the shooting bordered on the sen-
                                                                                                            will be struggling for third spot, with chance to practice we look forward to sational.
  Instructing the Company's fall and winter series of courses in "Ele-                                      Dalton and St. Joseph (local) following. the Williams teams in the future to
ments of Electricity" and "Theory of Capacitors" are, left to right,                                        Many upsets are in store with surprises make a name for themselves in the Here is the schedule for the rest of
Thomas Richardson, Walter Lamphier, Michael Geroulo, and Robert                                             every week.                                collegiate hockey world.                    January:
Sheehan, all of Research and Engineering. The second series of courses,                                                                                   With Coach Frank Bell and his Jan. 16 Wesleyan
which are open to all employes on a voluntary basis, will get under way                                          In exhibition tussles, Adams and                                                                                    Home
as soon as new classroom facilities are completed.                                                          Williamstown won all their games. assistant, a former Michigan star, and Jan. 28 Univer. of Mass.                       1 lomr
                                                                                                                                                       with talent that is hailing from the Jan. 20 Springfield                      Home
                                                                                                                 Here are the league standings as of
                                                                                                                                                       country to the north, namely Canada, Jan. 23 Wore. Poly. In.                  Away
                                                                                                            January 9, 1954.
                                                                                                                                                       the calibre of players and talents will de-
                                                                                                             Name              Won Lost Pet.           finitely improve the squad's standings. WRESTLING: Coach Ed Bullock's
                                                                                                                                                                                                   grapplers were beaten in their only
                                                                                                            Drury              2      0      1 .000    SWIMMING: Coach Bob Muir's match to date, losing to Harvard on
                                                                                                            Williamstown 2            0      1 000 Natators have won their only start, and December 12. Now that the holidays
                                                                                                            Pittsfield         2      0      1 000 that was against Union on December 9 are over the wrestling schedule resumes
                                                                                                            Adams              0       1      .000     Now that the Christmas recess is over on January 16 when Springfield will be
                                                                                                            St. Jos. (N.A.) 0          1       000                                                 entertained in the Lasell gym.
                                                                                                                                                       the schedule will be resumed on Jan-
                                                                                                            Dalton             0      2       .000     uary 15 at Colgate. The next home TRACK: Here is the Varsity Track
                                                                                                            St. Jos. (Pitts.) 0       1        000     swimming match will be on February Relay Schedule:
   Unless otherwise noted, call the LOG DESK if you are interested. Your ads will run in one issue.
                                                                                                                                                       6 when Springfield College will be en- January 16 Boston K. of C.
If you wish to renew your advertisement, please call the LOG DESK by dialing 383                                 Let us take a look at what took place
                                                                                                                                                       tertained in Lasell Pool.                   February 6 Millrose Games, New York
                                                                                                            the first week of the schedule.
                                                                                                                                                       SQUASH: Coach Chaffee's squash team         Feb. 27     I.C.A.A.A.A., New York
                                                                                                                 Drury met Adams at the new and
Articles For Sale                                                                                                                                      will open its 10-game slate January 15 March            New York K. of C.
                                                                                                            beautiful Memorial High School Gym
Polaroid camera complete with genuine leather case, 8 filter lens, GE meter on timer, flash attach-                                                    when M.I T will be the visiting team.
ment. Used only six times price, $120.00 complete. For further information, dial MO 3-6241.                 in Adams and eked out a 48-47 win in a
                                                                                                                                                       A few losses have weakened the team,
Kodak Bantam flash camera which includes leather case and Kalart flash gun price $50.00
                                                                                                            thriller. This was classified as an upset
                                                                                                                                                       one in particular, that of Dick Squires.
one year old. Dial MO 3-6158 anytime after 5:00 p.m.                                                        as Drury was and is predicted to finish
                                                                                                                                                       However, the "Ephmen" still look
Studebaker Convertible (1948) with radio, heater, new tires and top, overdrive. Best offer takes it.
Dial Marshall St. plant 580, Alice Marchio.
                                                                                                            in about 4th spot. However, with Jerry
                                                                                                            Schmidt back and playing his best
                                                                                                                                                       powerful.                                Skiing is Here!
Crosley (1947) with radio, heater, two-year-old motor, new brakes and clutch              price $60.00.     brand of basketball, the team took on BASKETBALL: Coach Al Shaw's                         Finally, with the first week of Jan-
Call Thomas Richardson, Williamstown 1010-W or dial Marshall St. plant 238.                                 new life, and with Bill Morin returning quintet has now won four and dropped uary at an end, winter with all of its
Stove brown, coal or wood A-l condition price $10.00. Dial MO 3-7064 after 5:00 p.m.                        to action, the team refused to fold and two encounters. We honestly didn't fancy white dressings made an appear
                                                                                                                                                                                                   ance that was warmly received by all
Stove white Kalamazoo coal and gas in good condition. Will sell very reasonably reason for                  won, much to the delight of its follow- think that this squad would go unde ski lovers.
selling, owner has new electric range. Contact Retail Sales or dial MO 3-5459 after 5:00 p.m .
                                                                                                            ers.                                       feated but we did feel that Norwich or
Stove    five-year-old Glenwood gas and oil Price $150.00. Dial MO 2-2045.                                                                                                                            On January 10 to be exact, ski re-
                                                                                                                                                       Dartmouth would be victims to this
                                                                                                                 On this same night a big, rangy and                                               sorts throughout New England posted
Boiler American Radiator Co. "Redflash" six years old series 6-B.               Three sections include;                                                great team. Dartmouth downed the ski conditions that ranged from poor
sidearm heater, controls and thermostat. Price $60.00. Dial OX 4-1285.                                      undefeated Williamstown team came
                                                                                                                                                       "Ephmen" in the last seconds of the to very good and snow with depth from
Washing Machine      Maytag       three years old   aluminum tub. Price $70.00 or less Dial MO 3-8633       roaring back in the second half, after
                                                                                                                                                       game at Hanover to pin the first defeat 4-18 inches.
                                                                                                            being behind by 12 points, to knock off
Water Heater     40 gallon tank     Penfield   four years old. Price $75.00. Dial MO 4-0209.                                                           of the season for the "Purple". This was       Both Dutch Hill at Heartwellville.
                                                                                                            Pittsfield St. Joseph in another action-
Gas Heater Rex side arm white enamel in good condition. Price $10.00 Dial MO 3-3685                                                                    on December 12. Two days later a Vermont, and Jiminy Peak in Hancock,
between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m.                                                                                  packed game.
                                                                                                                                                       small but extremely fast Norwich quin- Mass., were open for business but the
Military Miniatures hand painted cast metal figures. Authentic to each smallest detail custom                    Pittsfield, meanwhile, was downing tet literally raced the legs off the bigger bulletin did not state excellent skiing
made samples shown at your request. Contact J. E. Gallegher, Machine Shop.                                                                                                                         conditions.
                                                                                                            a scrappy Dalton Five that came close Williams team, and vvhat's more,
Saw     Mall   two man chain saw slightly used. Dial MO 4-0283 after 5:00 p.m.                              to pulling another upset.                                                                 For the next eight weeks we can look
                                                                                                                                                       downed them in their own backyard.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   forward to winter's wonderland as the
Skiis 7 ft., with steel bindings. Also ski boots, size 11. Used only once- excellent condition                  On Friday night of that same week Now this could have taken the starch top sports item for the outdoor die-
Price $.15.00 complete. Dial Marshall St. plant 406.
                                                                                                            Drury registered another outstanding out of other teams, but not Williams- hards.
Refrigerator 9 ft. Montgomery Ward; gas stove with storage and broiler chrome kitchen set
with six chairs radio and victrola combination. Dial MO 4-0433 after 6:00 p.m. or dial Marshall             win by handing Pittsfield St. Joseph
St. plant 569.                                                                                              its second straight defeat. Score was                 HELP Y O U N G DRIVERS TO GET STARTED RIGHT
16-mm. Revere sound projector, portable screen, and about 5,030 feet of assorted sound film.                50-40. Once again Jerry Schmidt led
Projector alone cost $325. Will sell all for half price. Dial MO-3-7908 any time                            the attack with 10 field goals and 8
Washing machine Frigidaire automatic, latest model all porcelain finish. Purchased for $300                 fouls for 28 points. Big Pat Robinson
when new never used, will sacrifice for $250.00. Telephone Adams 942-W3.
                                                                                                            scored 21 points. The entire team out-
Saw Stanley Handyman combination table saw, jointer, spindle-shaper, grindstone, sander and                 played the favored Pittsfield St.
buffing wheel, complete with ;j horsepower motor. Cost $91.00 when new, will sell for $70.00
Owner used for one hour. Reason for selling, bought a larger saw. Telephone Adams 942-W3.                   Joseph five.
                                                                                                                 Adams was idle that night but local
Riders or Wanted Rides
                                                                                                            St. Joseph journeyed to Pittsfield and
Riders from Adams to Marshall St. plant        8 to 5 shift. Dial Marshall St. plant 437, Carole Clark e.
                                                                                                            although defeated, they were not over-
Ride from Brown St. plant to Adams at 3:45 p.m. Contact Anne Scully, Brown St. plant -Network s             whelmed as in years past, and Captain
Riders wanted from Cheshire to Marshall St. 8 to 5:00 p.m. shift         both ways. Contact John Krol       Chuck Raedelli led his team with mark-
at Metalized Papers.
                                                                                                            ers.                                             Your automobile can do a lot        has the proper attitude and
                                                                                                                                                             of damage if not handled prop-      sense of responsibility to he
For Rent                                                                                                       Williamstown, meanwhile, polished             erly. It lakes an alert, mature,    trusted with your car. See to
Comfortable, furnished double rooms, fireplace, convenient shopping and transportation and                  off Dalton in convincing fashion for its         conscientious, trained driver to    it that they learn to drive with
quiet street. Inquire at 30 Hoxsey St., Williamstown.                                                                                                        master the hazards of the road      a good instructor. P r o p e r
                                                                                                            second straight win in its own Mitch-            today.                              driver training in many of the
                                                                                                            ell gym in Williamstown before an over-          Before you turn over the keys       public high schools is helping
                                                                                                            flow crowd. To many college town fans            of your car, you have the re-       to make the young driver a
(Carpenters Amateur Carpenters Hobbiests) hand saws, power saws and all edged tools sharp-                                                                   sponsibility to make sure that      safer motorist.
ened. Contact Herb Hafner in the Salvage Department or dial MO 3-3226 after 5:00 p.m.                       this is the year for Williamstown. One
                                                                                                                                                             the new driver is ready to drive    You will he a wiser and less
                                                                                                            thing is for sure, they look great to date       in a safe and sane manner.          anxious parent if you get your
Found                                                                                                       and it will have to be a great club to           Know that your son or daughter      new driver off to a good start.
Woman's gold wedding ring (band) Contact Marion Matney, Marshall St. plant 517.                             beat them.

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