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									                       ASTA Tour Operator Program (TOP)
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The Tour Operator Program (TOP) is a section of ASTA’s membership comprised of tour operators who agree to adhere
to stricter membership standards, abide by a tour operator code of ethics and are committed to promoting the use of
tour operators by travel agents.

ASTA’s TOP program offers varies levels of engagement to connect your tour company with travel agents. The program’s
substantial benefits and opportunities include agent targeted e-newsletters; tour offering directories, TOP member-only
directory, use of the TOP logo and show promotions.

CURRENT TOP MEMBERS             (As of October 2011)

  Abercrombie & Kent, Inc.                       Gerber Tours, Inc.                   Sunny Land Tours, Inc.
  AfricanMecca Inc.                              Globus & Cosmos                      Tahiti Cruise & Vacation
  America Israel Travel, Inc.                    Golf Holidays International          The Hardy Publishing Co., Inc. Dba The
  Brennan Vacations/Canada A La Carte            Goway Travel                            Society of Intl Railway Traveler
  C.I.E. Tours International                     Grand Canyon Tour and Travel         The Mark Travel Corp.
  Cartan Tours, Inc.                             Isle Inn Tours                       Tour Beyond, Inc.
  China Travel Service (USA) Inc.                Key Tours International              TourCrafters, Inc.
  Ciao Italy & Carrani Tours                     Mayflower Tours                      Tradesco Tours
  City Escape Holidays                           My Exclusive Journeys                Travcoa
  Collette Vacations                             New York City Vacations, Inc.        Travel Bound, Inc.
  Contiki Holidays                               Pacific Delight Tours                Travel Impressions
  Crown Peters Travel Service of Astoria         Pacific Holidays, Inc.               Trips2Italy, LLC
  Dba Global Discovery, Inc Champion             Panorama Tours                       Tucano Peru
      Holidays                                   Princess Tours                       Vacation Express
  Discover Travel & Tours                        SITA World Travel, Inc.              Vacation2Africa, LLC
  Easy Tours of Asia                             Solar Tours                          Vacations for Less, Inc.
  Eict Tours                                     Sports Empire, Inc.                  V’Explore Travel
  European Tours                       , Inc, DBA Suncoast   Wendy Wu’s China
  FLO USA                                              Vacations, DBA    Yampu Latin America Tours
  Georgia Sports & Events Marketing              Sun Holidays

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                                         For More Information on TOP, call 1-800-440-ASTA                  MKT781 Mem | 10.11 | Code: PDF
Travel agencies value tours and packages because of the higher commission they deliver and the ability to expand their
profits. The challenge for these agents is finding reputable suppliers.

TOP members pledge themselves to conduct their business with integrity; treat travel agents in a courteous and
professional manner; and strive to perform to the travel agent’s expectations.

Responsibilities of All TOP Members:
 1. Travel Agents: TOP members will ensure that the company’s promotional materials do not disparage travel
 2. Commission: TOP members will accept travel agent bookings and pay commissions.
 3. Responsiveness & Complaint Resolution: TOP members agree to respond within three weeks of receiving a
    complaint. TOP members agree to informal mediation to resolve complaints through ASTA’s Consumer Affairs

Adherence to the TOP Code of Ethics is what sets TOP members apart from other tour operators. Failure to follow the
regulating guidelines for TOP members may result in disciplinary actions or dismissal from TOP & ASTA.


 •   Is an Allied Company member of ASTA
 •   Has been in the business of operating tours for the past three (3) years
 •   Has a $1 million Errors & Omissions (E&O) policy naming travel agents as additional insureds
 •   Accepts travel agent bookings and pays commissions
 •   Agrees to comply with applicable federal and state travel regulations
 •   Agrees to respond to Better Business Bureau and other consumer protection agency complaints within 30 days
 •   Cooperates with ASTA’s Consumer Affairs Department in resolving complaints
 •   Complies with both the TOP Code of Ethics and the ASTA Code of Ethics
 •   Subscribes to ASTA’s Environmental code

 Some of the TOP Program benefits

     TOP e-newsletter            TO Member Specials Directory       TOP Member Directory                  TOP Twitter

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                                       For More Information on TOP, call 1-800-440-ASTA             MKT781 Mem | 10.11 | Code: PDF
                         ASTA Tour Operator Program (TOP) – Application
                         Please review membership requirements and code of ethics
                         at the beginning of this document.

ASTA Membership ID: ____________________________ (Call 800.440.ASTA if unknown)
(Participation in TOP is separate and apart from your membership in ASTA, and entails a separate participation fee per year. Please make your checks
payable to ASTA TOP and return it with this application as well as any needed attachments.)

Legal Name of Firm: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
DBA(s) (please list all that apply, if any): ____________________________________________________________________________


Company Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
City: _____________________________________________ State: ______________________ Postal Code: _____________________
Country: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone: __________________________________________ Fax: ________________________________________________________
E-mail: __________________________________________ URL: ________________________________________________________
Name & Title of Contact Person for TOP Program: ___________________________________________________________________
List Owners or Two Principal Officers (if ownership has changed in the last three years please explain):
How long has company been under present ownership? ____________________________________________________________
Is the land of portion of your programs packaged and operated directly by your firm? o Yes                         o No
If no, add name and address of firm: _________________________________________________________________________________
List the primary destinations for your tours: _______________________________________________________________________
Provide a general description of your company for promotional purposes: ____________________________________________

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                                           For More Information on TOP, call 1-800-440-ASTA                              MKT781 Mem | 10.11 | Code: PDF
Has the applicant or any principal owner or officer ever filed for bankruptcy or been a defendant in any legal action
regarding fraud or non-payment of debts?
 o Yes o No (If yes, please explain with attachments)
To participate in TOP, the applicant must maintain at least $1,000,000 of Professional Errors and Omissions liability insurance and
must obtain an additional endorsement affording coverage to travel agents with whom you do business and/or indemnification of
such agencies as additional insured. Please provide the following information.
   Name of Insurance Company: __________________________________________________________________________________
   Broker: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
   Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
   City, State, Postal Code, Country: ________________________________________________________________________________
   Policy #: ______________________________________ Expiration Date: _______________________________________________

I hereby acknowledge that in the event my company is accepted as a participant of TOP that:
 (a) I have received a copy of the ASTA Tour Operator Program membership requirements and Code of Ethics;
 (b) I have read it and understand it; and,
 (c) I have the authority to apply for participation in this program and in the event my company is accepted, it agrees to abide by the
      terms of the program.

I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application, all of which are accurate and complete to the best of
my knowledge. I understand that misrepresentation or omission of facts may be considered cause for denial or cancellation of
participation. If accepted for participation in TOP, I agree to advise ASTA of any changes of control, firm name, location of business, or
other pertinent matters.
Signature: ______________________________________________________________Date: ___________________________________
Printed Name: __________________________________________________________Title: ___________________________________

                                                      PAYMENT METHOD: (Please check one)

                                                      o Check made payable to ASTA
                                                      o Credit Card (ASTA accepts AmEx, MasterCard. Visa, Diners Club and Discover)
  ANNUAL DUES (Check only one package)
                                                      Card Number: ________________________________________________ Exp. Date: _______
  o TOP .................................$525
                                                      Name on Card: _________________________________________________________________

                                                      Signature: _____________________________________________________________________
  For advance participation
  please contact ASTA                                 Wire Transfer: PNC Bank NA                           Routing/ABA: 031000053
                                                                     8800 Tinicum Blvd                     Swift Code: PNCCUS33
                                                                     Philadelphia Pa 19153, USA            Account#: 5300766238
  o TOP SILVER                                                       Telephone Number: 1.800.272.4912      American Society of Travel Agents
  o TOP PLATINUM                                      Return Application and Payment to:
                                                      ASTA Tour Operator Program, Attn: Membership
                                                      1101 King Street, Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22314
                                                      Email:     Phone: 800.440.ASTA (2782)   Fax: 703.838.8467

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                                                For More Information on TOP, call 1-800-440-ASTA                  MKT781 Mem | 10.11 | Code: PDF

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