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					                 Volume XX - Number 3 - August 2009

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Crossroads Captures Championship in California
3    Anaheim in Review               16-19 Quartet News
6-9 Best AIC Show Ever (Again)       20-23 Member News
14   In Memory of Tom Keehan         33-34 The Faces of Anaheim
                                                                                                                                  August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX

                                                                   Crossroads Captures Championship in California           New AIC Officers Elected
                                                                                                                            Menaker to Lead in 2010
               Medallion Staff
                                                                   Laughter, Love and a                                     The “09” Nominating Committee (Bagley,
                Grady Kerr                                                                                                  Cokeroft & Tyree) presented the nominations
               Editor/Graphics/Design                              Barbershop Song                                          and the following men were elected to lead the
   Masthead Design - Dickie Johnson                                                                                         AIC in 2010.
   Proofreaders – Sally Cunningham
                                                                   By Grady Kerr – AIC Reporter
             Bob Sutton - Holly Beck
                                                                                                                             Rob Menaker - President
   Honorary Member - Earl Hagn                                     Borrowing the title of the popular book by Fred           Mike Lawton - Secretary
                                                                   Gielow seems very appropriate when telling the            Bob Dowma - Treasurer
      Some Photos Provided by:
Grady Kerr, Lorin May, Miller Photography,                         story of our new champions. Their purpose and             Dave Kindinger - Vice President Events
   Jeff Baker, Becki Hine, Hank Brandt                             impact is just that simple.                               George Davidson - Vice President Show Producer
                                                                                                                             Joe Clay - Vice President Endowments
                                                                   Crossroads won the gold in Anaheim and it was a           John Devine - Vice President Marketing
      Publication Office                                           huge event for not only the singers in the quartet        Dr. Jim Kline – Vice President Quartet Development
                                                                   but everyone involved.                                    Cory Hunt - Vice President Youth in Harmony
    9498 East Valley Ranch Pkwy, #1107
                                                                                                                             Brian Beck - Immediate Past President
             Irving, TX 75063
       214-57G-KERR (214-574-5377)                                 The Medallion was privileged to interview Fred                                  Farrell (tenor), Mike Slamka (lead), Brandon
                                                                   Guyton (baritone) and Dr. Jim Henry (bass) and
                                                                   discuss several topics regarding the win and the
                                                                   quartet. We were able to get a peek at their
                                                                   personality, their driving force and especially their
                                                                   sense of humor in this exclusive interview.
                                                                   Well first off, congratulations on the win
                                                                   and thanks for talking with us today.
 The Association of                                                Jim: Thank you ... our pleasure.
                                                                   This win makes each of you a double gold
    Champions                                                      medalist. Is the second gold sweeter?
            of the
  Barbershop Harmony Society                                       Mike: I wouldn’t say it’s sweeter, but it sure was                                               different for me.
          800-877-6936                                             Fred: Nothing like that first one, and the absolute                                          thrill of doing something you only dreamed of.
         ——————————————                                            This one was less of a thrill, I’d say, given the
2009 AIC Board of Directors                                        overall objective of this quartet.
President - Brian Beck
Secretary - Rob Menaker                                            Brandon: I think our priorities were a little
Treasurer – Bob Dowma
                                                                   different this time. We are much more interested         Photo by Grady Kerr
Vice Presidents                                                    in singing great music to the best of our abilities
Marketing - John Devine                                                                                                    off stage in the semis, and they had so many
Endowment - Joe Clay
                                                                   than we were on winning. Frankly, that’s the best
Youth In Harmony - Tom Metzger                                     thing about having won once before. We didn't           great things to say about Lucky Old Sun. We
Quartet Development - Jim Kline
                                                                   feel that pressure that can come along with trying      have since gotten very meaningful emails from
Events - Dave Kindinger
Show Producer - Ken Hatton                                         to win. Actually, the Ambassadors of Harmony            the likes of Jim Massey, who was unable to
IPP - Don Bagley                                                   winning the day before might have been the              attend the convention but watched the webcast.
     AIC Executive Assistant                                       sweetest for me personally!                        Jim: People were so incredibly kind and
           Holly Beck                                              Jim: Actually, I've tried them both and they taste supportive. No jokes here. We were truly
                                                                   about the same. I'm hoping my third one (which I humbled by the response we received on and off
  The Medallion is published for the edification, enlightenment
        and education of the members of the Association of         hope to win in 2011) will be milk chocolate the stage throughout the week.
 International Champions. All articles and photos appearing in
   this publication and not credited are probably by the editor    wrapped in gold foil. That would be a LOT What’s your most vivid memory as you
  and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the AIC members,
               the AIC Board or those of the editor                sweeter (after removing the foil, of course).
                                                                                                     were on stage?
                                                                   I’m sure you all heard some great Fred: Easily the performance of That Lucky Old
                                                                   comments during the week ...      Sun; the incredible response from the audience
                                                                   Fred: There was a lot of amazing feedback. The afterwards. It was a once in a lifetime
                                                                   most cherished feedback tends to come from those experience!
                                                                   who have “walked the walk” as they say. We saw Mike: Simply amazing.
                                                                   Gene and Iris Cokeroft immediately after coming                        Continued Page 28
August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX                                                                                                      3

                       Anaheim In Review
Anaheim’s Quartet Contest                                             Quite surprisingly
                                                                      Masterpiece fell just
The Best Barbershop Quartets on                                       19 points short of the
                                                                      medals on their first
the Planet                                                            attempt. They held
                                                                      back and didn’t enter
by Grady Kerr – AIC Reporter / Photographer                           last year out of
The quartet contest in Anaheim was truly one of the “best ever”.      respect for their
Despite the low attendance (if you weren’t there – shame on           buddies in OC Times and to become tighter as a group. Four gold
you!) the crowd was lively and recognized the fact that they were     medals don’t always equal repeats. Placing 6th in your quartet’s
seeing top quality performances from almost every group. There        first International is anyone’s dream. The men of Masterpiece are
was a lot of variety and a lot of surprises. This created differing   probably thrilled but we suspect they won’t be happy until they
opinions of who would medal and who might not.                        reach the top. We expect nothing less.

It seems clear that                                                                                                Glory Days continues to
everyone had our new                                                                                               impress. They’ve been
champs on top through                                                                                              consistently around 7th
all three sets. As it                                                                                              place for three years.
turned out – so did the                                                                                            They deserve better.
judges. Crossroads won                                                                                              Voce were mike-testers
all three sets and ended                                                                                            for the finals. I can’t
u p      w i t h     a n                                                                                            imagine how tough it
impressive 213-point winning margin over Old School.                  must be for JG to wear so many hats in one week (New Tradition
                             Joe Connelly and Kipp Buckner            director / AIC chorus director / Quartet competitor / etc.). Eleventh
                             are proud of their silver medals, with   place is certainly a tribute to his talent and passion.
                             Kipp only singing with them a few        I also must mention the
                             months. I’m one of many who              Buffoons. Beef Baughman
                             believe they’ll be wearing gold in       and boys made quite an
                             Philly.                                  impression. I’ve personally
This year could be remembered as the battle of the past champs.       never heard such a huge
There were a total of 20 AIC members in the contest (12 in the        reaction by an International
top 10). While some debate whether or not past champs should be       audience. There was a
able to participate, Storm Front ignored it and came in third with    massive GROUP GASP when
three entertaining sets very reminiscent of FRED.                     the Buffoons ... killed the
                                                                      HORSE (you had to be there
Their first song set                                                  to see this one). It was sick, twisted, shocking, disgusting, and one
the pace. Having                                                      of the most unforgivable acts on a contest stage since the Most
dropped from 3rd                                                      Happy Fellows actually killed a guy. This set made me a life-long
place in Denver to 6th                                                fan of HAB. Incredibly funny!! “Filet a filly” Great show, guys!
place in Nashville,
they opened up with                                                   In addition to the other AIC brothers in the contest we should also
“Medal Come Back to                                                   mention that Ray Henders’ son, Pat, was competing with Rush
Me” (parody of Lover                                                  Street. They placed 46th. We only learned about this after the fact.
Come Back to Me).                                                              Quartet Results           6. Masterpiece
Their slam to each quartet singing against them in the top 10 was              1. Crossroads             7. Glory Days
very FRED-like and VERY well received.                                         2. Old School             8. The Allies
                                                                               3. Storm Front            9. Men in Black
Ringmasters continue to move up and work toward being the                      4. Ringmasters*           10. Musical Island Boys
first off-continent gold medal champs. They made an impressive                 4. State Line Grocery*    * tied for fourth
jump up from 17th last year to 4th this year.
                                                                                                Finals Quartet Scores
State Line Grocery tied them for 4th and earned their third     
medal; more medals to come for them, certainly.                                               Semi-final Quartet Scores
                                                                                           Quarter-finals Quartet Scores
                       Photos by Grady Kerr                     
                                                                                             August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX

                                                                                                                Photo by Grady Kerr

Anaheim’s Chorus Contest                                             Other champs also directed choruses in Anaheim.
Highest VM Score Couldn’t Beat Ambassadors                               Doug Harrington -
Henry Makes History                                                       zero8, Stockholm,
                                                                               Sweden – 7th
by Grady Kerr – AIC Reporter / Photographer

The St. Louis area-based Ambassadors of Harmony won their
second gold medal. They followed their heartfelt ballad, “If You
Love Me, Really Love Me” with an impressive production /
costume change / high energy, “76 Trombones”.

                                                                                                     Joe Connelly – Southern
                                                                                                     Gateway – Western Hills
                                                                                                     (Cincinnati), OH – 11th

                                                                       Clay Hine - Atlanta
                                                                            Vocal Project,
                                                                        Atlanta, GA – 12th

But the story is not that simple. It’s not that they won, it’s who
they beat. This was a historic “I was there when ... ” moment as
they defeated the Goliath Vocal Majority.
AOH director Dr. Jim Henry and his “band” simply “out-
performed” the eleven-time gold medal champion VM. Jim                                                    Jay Giallombardo - New
Clancy’s chorus earned their highest score ever. Many were sure                                           Tradition, Northbrook, IL
of the outcome until, thanks to the luck of the draw, a few hours                                         – 15th
later - the Ambassadors finished their up-tune. Thirty-seven
points separated the top two. It had been 31 years since the VM
had ever “lost”. VM will have to wait another day to win gold
#12. Ironically about the time the VM came in second, so did            John Sasine - Saltaires,
Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps.                       Wasatch Front, UT – 17th
Jim Henry becomes the FIRST to win BOTH the gold as director
of a chorus and singing in a quartet at the same convention (bass,
                                   Chorus Results
Chorus Scores     1. Ambassadors of Harmony
                                   2. Vocal Majority
                                                                                                        David Smotzer - Men of
INTL20090701_CF.OSS1.pdf                                                                                Independence -
                                   3. Great Northern Union
                                   4. Sound of the Rockies                                              Independence, OH (mike-
      Chorus Photos by Lorin May   5. Toronto Northern Lights                                           testers)
August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX                                                                                                                      5

Super Gold Medalists!                                                     The “Two Plus” Club Grows to 18
                                                                          Don Barnick - 1979 Grandma's Boys (tenor), 1992 Keepsake (bass)
                                                                          Brian Beck - 1973 Dealer's Choice (bari), 1983 Side Street Ramblers (lead)
                                                                          Joe Connelly-1987 Interstate Rivals, 1992 Keepsake (lead), 2000 Platinum (lead)
                                                                          Kipp Buckner - 1987 Interstate Rivals (tenor), 1993 Gas House Gang (tenor)
                                                                          Tony De Rosa - 1992 Keepsake (bari), 2000 Platinum (bari), 2007 Max Q (lead)
                                                                          Tom Felgen - 1965 Four Renegades (bass), 1981 Chicago News (bass)
                                                                          Fred Farrell - 1989 Second Edition (tenor), 2009 Crossroads (tenor)
                                                                          Paul Gilman - 1987 Interstate Rivals (bari), 1995 Marquis (bari)
                                                     Photo by Lorin May   Brandon Guyton – 2003 Four Voices (bari), 2009 Crossroads (bari)

While almost anyone can win multiple quartet medals – it takes a          Jay Hawkins - 1987 Interstate Rivals (bass), 1995 Marquis (bass)
REAL MAN to win a quartet gold and direct a chorus to a gold              Jim Henry – 1993 Gas House Gang (bass), 2009 Crossroads (bass)
medal. To date only seven have accomplished this near
                                                                          Gary Lewis - 2000 Platinum (tenor), 2007 Max Q (bari)
impossible milestone. With the recent win of the Ambassadors
of Harmony, Jim Henry tops the list by winning both during the            John Miller - 1979 Grandma's Boys (bass), 1985 The New Tradition (bass)
same convention.                                                          Jeff Oxley - 1984 Rapscallions (bass), 1990 Acoustix (bass), 2007 Max Q (bass)
Jim Henry*                                                                Mo Rector - 1958 Gaynotes (bass), 1969 Mark IV (bass)
Quartet = Gas House Gang 1993, Crossroads 2009                            Al Rehkop - 1966 Auto Towners (tenor), 1971 Gentlemen’s Agreement (tenor)
Chorus = Ambassadors of Harmony 2004, 2009                                Mike Slamka – 2003 Power Play (lead), 2009 Crossroads (lead)

Mark Hale                                                                 Glenn Van Tassell - 1966 AutoTowners (lead),1971Gentlemen’s Agreement
Quartet = Michigan Jake 2001                                              (bari)
Chorus = Masters of Harmony
2002, 2005, 2008
                                                                          The Purdy Corral - Anaheim
Royce Ferguson
Quartet = Revival 1998                                                    Party Like It’s 1938
Chorus = Westminster 2007
                                                                          From Don Bagley
Jay Giallombardo                                                          The Purdy Corral in Anaheim was it’s usual great time: many quartets,
Quartet = Grandma’s Boys 1979                                             late hours, plenty of beer, wine and pop (Ed. – that’s “soda” for non-
Chorus = New Tradition Chorus 2001                                        Chicagoans), “who could ask for anything more”. We're not sure if
                                                                          anyone is keeping records, but it had to be the longest running hospitality
Jeff Oxley
Quartet = Rapscallions 1984, Acoustix 1990, Max Q 2007                    room ('till dawn) ... what else?
Chorus = Masters of Harmony 1999
                                                                          Along with all the competing quartets who showed up, we also had SAI
Fred King                                                                 quartets, mixed quartets. One with our old buddy, Pete Neushul and one
Quartet = Oriole Four 1970                                                all the way from Kobe, Japan consisting of our old friends from Sing
Chorus = Chorus of the Chesapeake 1971                                    With the Champs, the Hirose (sic) couple.

Buzz Busby                                                                The room itself was a function room, but small and intimate, not quite
Quartet = Confederates 1956                                               the old suites that we've come to associate with The Purdy Corral, but
Chorus = Dixie Cotton Boll 1958                                           the price was right and it worked great.
*Jim Henry is the first to win                                            Many thanks to all involved; Mike Maino and Hank Brandt for
both the same year.                                                       MCing, Gail Jencik for quartet lineup, Al Lindseth for helping organize
                                                                          and shop, Jimmy Kline for “beating the bushes” in rounding up quartets,
                                                                          Timmy (the bartender) McShane, the Bagleys and McShanes for
                                                                          organizing and shopping, and of course, Dave THE MAN Kindinger
                                                                          for arranging for the room itself.
                                                                          And, of course, the room would not have been complete without Tom
                                                                          and Jayne (Purdy) Felgen and that glorious portrait of Hal and
                                                                          his bride. For those who are unaware, that portrait was commissioned
                                                                          largely by donations from the AIC, as arranged for by Mo Rector.

                                                                          A great tradition, let's keep it going. As always, donations large and
                                                                          small are VERY welcome. Send to Bob Dowma, care of The Purdy
                                                                                              August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX

Anaheim AIC Show                                                    This year many AIC members stepped up for a VLQ cameo and
One of the BEST EVER! (no, really!)                                 under the expert leadership of President Brian Beck, added a
by Jay Giallombardo - Musical Director - AIC Show 2009              dimension to the VANtastix performance on “Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate
                                                                    the Positive”, yet another feather in our cap! Thanks for this
                                                                    excellent, extra effort. It was great fun and, as entertaining as the
                                                                    “Vans” were, the audience was thoroughly delighted with adding
                                                                    the “AIC Gospel” choir to top off their performance.
                                                                    We hardly missed a beat as we launched into the traditional “Lida
                                                                    Rose”. Wendy Wilson DeCrow was superlative as “Marian” and
                                                                    sang, as usual, with total quality and professionalism. I think the
                                                                    “Vans” couldn’t believe it, when the whole audience joined in.
I’d like to thank each of you for your contribution to make the     They were as thrilled as any. What a great way to lead into
AIC Show, Anaheim 2009, one of the best ever. It truly was the      intermission; perfect timing; a superlative example of show
finest singing AIC chorus that I have ever heard. You did prepare   pacing inspired by our show producer, Ken Hatton.
the music so well that we could work on more musicality,
                                                                    I also want to express my appreciation to our many supportive
nuance, and artistry. That was a joy! I had many, many people
                                                                    directors this year: Jeff Oxley, Ben Ayling, Clay Hine, and
come up to me from the audience, throughout the convention
                                                                    Tony DeRosa. Extra special thanks to Royce Ferguson for his
week, and say how great the chorus was and how great the whole
                                                                    directing, warm-ups, and leadership during the dress
show was. I also appreciate the many kind words and personal
                                                                    rehearsal. As you know I had a quartet and chorus in
thanks that I received from you. It was an honor to be your
                                                                    competition, and that little bit of burden-sharing made all the
musical director and to achieve great heights of musicality
                                                                    difference. I thoroughly enjoyed watching each of our talented
                                                                    directors put the chorus through their paces, as each director
Special thanks to Tim Waurick. His learning tracks are of such      brought his unique skill to the forefront. This is a tradition that
fine quality that you cannot help but get excited when you hear     we can continue.
the music rendered under his excellent musicianship. I about
                                                                    Never has the “coat song” been more aptly performed, and the
“fell off my chair” when I first heard the charts come alive from
                                                                    touch of humor with Cory and Jeff was a “big-brother” image
Tim. I knew instantly, this show was going to be a hit!
The chorus’s performance of the arrangements had its own
unique quality and texture. The quartet overlays were extremely
effective (once we got the mic-ing in order, always a delicate
point). Individual songs, “Over the Rainbow”, and “Pretty Girl
Medley” were majestic. The soft moments were totally engaging;
tags were huge, astounding, as only the AIC can do. I thank you
for those moments and for the feelings of pride and exhilaration
as the music rolled off the stage. It was wonderful and awe-
inspiring. All I can say is “thanks” ... but words can hardly
express the feelings of admiration and pride that I hold for our
The backbone of the AIC chorus is our fabulous show quartets.
This year the show quartets gave performances that rose above
the usual “great” to “amazing” and innovative with a special
energy, timing, new material, and total mastery. We watched
each of you just knock out the audience with standing ovation
                                                                    that brought a tear of joy to my eye. We also added some artistic
after standing ovation. The cameo appearance that each quartet
                                                                    touches to the tag that were executed with perfection. How great
made in the opening segment sets the tone for even greater things
                                                                    was that!
to come.
                                                                    The Finale came off perfectly, exactly what we had envisioned.
I certainly appreciate (and hope that we all recognize) the
                                                                    The gals looked great and the emotion was genuine throughout.
continued contribution quartets make on behalf of their AIC         What a proud moment for the ladies. I hoped that they felt what
brothers that come to sing in the chorus. Our show quartets do so   we truly feel about “our” AIC gals. We know that we could not
much during the week, yet they find the energy and effort to sing   do this without their support. It is only fitting that they get to
with their brothers as well. This is a remarkable statement. The    stand on “pedestal” from time to time and receive the rich
show quartets go beyond the call of duty in this regard, and it     applause they deserve. The standing ovation that ensued was
sends a very strong message, often more than we realize, to see     immediate and unequivocal, not only for the finale, but for the
the current active champs in this context. So, from the bottom of   entire show.
our hearts, we say thank you.
August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX                                                                                                                 7

JG Says Thanks (continued from page 6)                                  A Final Note Your Executive Producer
I saved my last “thank you” for Ken Hatton, show production             It Takes a Village
chairman. Ken had the awesome job of seaming the music                  By Kenny Hatton
together to make the entire show. His creativity in that regard is      (editor’s note: edited down from 2,473 words / the complete version appeared on
unparalleled. His instincts to employ the skills of TNT quartet in      the AIC Yahoo Group)
the MC work proved a total success. And, Ken then had the grace
to trust me to do “my thing” with the music and still work within       The Friday AIC breakfast is never long enough to express
that context to provide enhancements and staging ideas.                 gratitude with adequate profusion to those whose effective efforts
                                                                        are vital to our mission. Also, some of those folks are not
The show production chairman has a huge responsibility. By his          members of AIC, and are not present at the meeting anyway. As
actions, he makes us all look great. It’s often a no-win situation in   Executive Producer the onus is on me to call them to your kind
that if ALL goes smoothly, it’s the performers that seem to get         attention.
the credit. And, if by chance something goes wrong (usually out
of the control of the SPC), he gets the blame. Well, this year…         Jay Giallombardo: Our arranger, director and the proverbial
we all looked great and it was due to Ken’s tireless behind-the-        front man of our band never ceases to amaze. We are blessed to
scenes effort to make this one a great show. Even though it may         have the benefit of his dedication and his abundance of talents.
have looked like Ken and I “butted heads” ... we actually did           Thank you, Jay!
not! And for a couple of “pit bulls”, I think we did pretty well        John Miller and The New Tradition: I knew we were going to
together. We discussed every aspect clearly and professionally          have a great show when I received the advance copy of the script
and made compromises here and there for the benefit of the              written by John in April.
show. So, my hat is off to Ken Hatton for a super job, well done.
                                                                        Dave Duncan, Doug Maddox and Jim McClellan: Our Stage
I am happy to announce that the board has asked me to continue          Manager, Technical Advisor and Stage Designer this year
on as your musical director for 2010 AIC Show in Philly. I              brought many years of experience to the table, and their
graciously accept the position. I hope I can call on our many           relationships with Society folks and stage crew were vital to our
talented directors to help out. And we seek your creative               success.
thoughts for show themes and music. Often ideas for show
themes come from our members, a simple suggestion, or idea that         Tim Waurick: Our learning tracks were (again) timely and
is then developed. But for now, we rest a bit and then look to the      expertly provided by our resident wonder-boy. Tim's respect for
future. I look forward to working with my good friend, George           the music is evident.
Davidson. He is assembling a strong production team. So, I              George Davidson, our Associate Producer. His insight and
believe we remain in good hands.                                        experience prevented certain errors on my part, and enabled us to
I encourage every man to come to Philly. One year, just one             hit deadlines that otherwise would have been missed. Those
time, I envision a time when we open the curtain to a 100+              corrections along the way added to the quality of the show and
chorus. Maybe it will be in 2010. I encourage every AIC man on          helped control expenses.
stage to be with us again in Philly. And for every man that had to      John Schneider; Our Society's Director of Conventions, was a
miss this year, please make this year special with your                 joy to work with this year. We wish you the best in your
participation on the 2010 AIC show in Philly. If you plan now,          retirement in Austin, Texas.
we can make it a reality then.
                                                                        Dusty Schleier secured appropriate accommodations for our
Let’s have 100 or more in Philly. Together, we can make it              celebrity guest performer, Dick Van Dyke.
                                                                        Rick Spencer was instrumental in providing me a DVD of the
Dapper Dans Honored                                                     Rapscallions.
The famous Dapper Dans were awarded the Barbershop                      Quinn Mackin helped by reducing the estimated cost of ushers,
Harmony Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award in Anaheim.                ticket-takers, security and box-office personnel.
Following a special
                                                                        Holly Beck: Our Ticket Manager & Administrative Assistant has
performance prior to the                                                been dedicating many hours each week to the furtherance of AIC
quartet finals about 40                                                 goals since 1991. She continues to handle the ticket distribution
alums joined the Dans on                                                with patience. Three of the gals that helped Holly with ticket
stage for the presentation.                                             sales were Carolyn McShane, Lee Kingdon and CarolAnn
Congrats to these Dapper                                                Bagley ... there were others.
Dans / AIC members; Tony                                                Helen Giallombardo, Theresa Weatherbee and the Pretty
DeRosa, Royce Ferguson,                                                 Girls: The efforts of the better half of our Music Director were
Dan Jordan, Kevin Miles,                                                crucial to the realization of his vision for our finale number this
Roger      Ross,    John                                                year. The final result of their joint efforts painted the exact
Sherburn, Garry Texeira.                                                picture we had in mind
                                                                                             August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX

Hatton Says Thanks (continued from page 7)                          Grady Kerr: Our Medallion Editor and Webmaster did his usual
                                                                    spectacular job on the video honoring our 50th Anniversary
Larry Antemann & the New Tradition Chorus: The New
                                                                    Champions, The Four Pitchikers. Grady also posted our sheet
Tradition Chorus stored their Gershwin Stairway in his shop for
                                                                    music, schedule and learning tracks on the webpage within
several years, and met me on an early weekday morning in
                                                                    minutes of them being finalized.
Chicago to load the material into my van for the trip to Anaheim
through Nashville.                                                  Doyle Cline: The Society's volunteer video reviewer checks out
                                                                    all videos to be shown in the main venue, and transfers them to
FRED: The 1999 champs jumped in to provide needed visual
                                                                    the desired format. His review and his ability to respond quickly
action during the chorus performance of “Singin' in the Rain.”
                                                                    to changes requested late in the game were valuable.
Their antics required props, which they provided.
OC Times: Our 2008 champs were gracious as headliners of our        Vince Winans: Kind Barbershopper answered “yes” to my
show. They delivered a stirring performance that showed why                                       request to serve as driver
they were our reigning champions.                                                                 and bodyguard for Dick
                                                                                                  Van Dyke. Vince was
Other Active Quartets: The Happiness Emporium, Realtime,
                                                                                                  standing by at the Hilton
Vocal Spectrum, and Max Q each brought special elements of
                                                                                                  and the Honda Center with
performance acumen and professionalism to the stage.
                                                                                                  a car from Wednesday
Wendy (Wilson) DeCrow: The acclaimed singer and daughter of                                       morning until Friday
Harlan/sister of Todd was contacted months ago to serve as                                        afternoon, and he saw to the
understudy to Shirley Jones for the performance of “Will I Ever                                   VANtastix's needs upon
Tell You” by Dick Van Dyke & the VANtastix and the AIC                                            request.
Chorus. Miss Jones had been asked to appear but as the
                                                                    Dick Van Dyke & the VANtastix: Gentlemen in every sense of
convention approached, it became evident that she would not be
                                                                    the word. They demonstrated patience and professional behavior
able to make it. Wendy had been prepared. She didn't even cry
                                                                    all during their presence at our convention, and delivered a
when Harlan and Todd presented two dozen roses to our leading
                                                                    performance that met the expectations of our sophisticated
lady. What a pro!
                                                                    audience. The quartet was even more gracious to agree to an
Brian Beck and the VLQ: Several of our guys had the squeeze         interview with the web cast folks immediately following the
put on 'em to learn a special back-up part so the VANtastix could   VANtastix's performance.
perform their arrangement of “Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive.”
                                                                    Dave Kindinger: Our Events VP did his usual great job in
They all came through like champions
                                                                    providing space, food and drink for our cast and crew at the
Rapscallions: Our 25th Anniversary Champions demonstrated           Honda Center before the show, and the afterglow was classy and
class with their entrance in the middle of the video performance    fun.
of “Toyland,” followed by a rousing performance of “Mr.
                                                                    Dick Johnson: Our go-to guy for print ad art did his typical great
Touchdown USA.” It was great to have all four guys present for
                                                                    job, and charged us less than it was worth again. The ads and
this celebration.
                                                                    posters looked great, and they were delivered on time in whatever
Associate Directors Royce Ferguson, Tony DeRosa and Jeff            formats were necessary.
Oxley: provided expert warm-up sessions during rehearsals that
                                                                    John Devine; Our Marketing Vice President directed some ads to
got our voices ready to sing at just the right pace.
                                                                    be stuffed into the Society's ticket mailings, and worked to utilize
Bill Raikes: The video editor at Pro Media Group in New             our Web site for show promotion.
Albany, Indiana was insightful and efficient with respect to his
                                                                    James Harper: This Denver barbershopper has contributed his
work on the walk-in video and the 25th Anniversary video. He
                                                                    considerable knowledge and skill to set up our online sales so that
kept our costs down, and delivered quality products.
                                                                    patrons can buy tickets at any time, day or night.
Jim Bagby The baritone of our 1986
champions, the Rural Route 4, applied                               Chad Guyton: 4 Voices baritone was heading up video this year
his immeasurable skills to the                                      under Jim McClellan and working with George Davidson. The
production of our show program. He                                  images looked good, and the camerawork looked top-notch.
delivered it to the house in advance of
the show. It was a beautiful program,                               It was my pleasure to serve you guys this year, and there were
and it added more professionalism to                                some great memories I'll treasure.
our show.
Lyle Rolofson: Jim's barbershopper pal
in Kansas City provided a great deal on
the printing of the program.
August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX   9
                                                                                              August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX

COUNTDOWN to 2010                                                    BHS and The Tonight Show
by George Davidson 2010 Show Producer                                From Kenny Ray - 303-770-3447                                         Conan O'Brien and his crew were shooting remote footage in
                                                                     Harmony Marketplace at the Hilton Anaheim. I had occasion to
Ladies and Gents ... I'm so thrilled to have been asked to produce   speak with the floor director of the video crew, and he advised
another AIC Show ... I helped out with quite a few from the ‘80s,    that he knew Dick Van Dyke was attending the convention.
‘90s and ‘00s... I expect this upcoming AIC Show to be nothing       Bodyguard Vince was dispatched to wake Mr. Van Dyke, and he
less than the “BEST EVER”...                                         appeared within a few minutes. Mr. O'Brien interviewed him on
Please make plans to join us in Philly, won't you?                   camera for a solid 6 minutes. In addition, our own Tim Waurick
                                                                     was captured by the cameramen singing tenor with the Alley
Quartets and Chorus members can expect to hear a lot more from       Cats and Mr. O'Brien.
me in the coming months.
                                                                     Mr. Van Dyke was very complimentary about the Society during
If you have an idea for a show theme you’ve been wanting to          the interview, while Mr. O'Brien was respectful, albeit
share, please forward to me ASAP.                                    entertaining. If the interview airs, it will be great for
Looking forward to a great year.                                     barbershopping, and could be a real shot in the arm for the
                                                                     VANtastix. Mr. O'Brien invited them to appear on his show in
                                                                     the near future, and Mr. Van Dyke accepted.

                                                                            Groucho’s Giallombardo-isms
                                                                          Jay Giabosticomant
                                                                      Jay Gialumbagolanding
                                                                        Jay Ginalolabridgida
                                                                              Jay Giageneric
                                                                      Jay Giagarbonzo-beans
                                                                          Gia Lluombardojay

                                               Photo by Lorin May

                                                                     RR4 - SWTC Angels
                                                                     The Rural Route 4 and Don Kahl stepped up in a gold medal
                                                                     way to “sponsor” the AIC’s Sing With The Champs. There was
                                                                     a plea for the funds to cover the expense of DVD equipment and
The “Vans” Say Thanks                                                talent to operate it. Treasurer Bob Dowma received a check
                                                                     courtesy of our ’86 champs in the amount of $650.
by Mike Mendyke - Bass, VANtastix
I want to express my sincere gratitude to the AIC for the honor      Philly will be #49
bestowed upon The Vantastix by inviting us to share the stage
with them at the AIC Show in Anaheim. For the little boy who         AIC Shows through the Years
started his first quartet in sixth grade back in Appleton, WI, it    A little historical Research project took place prior to the
was a real thrill, and one I will long remember.                     convention. The question was posed ... “Which AIC Show is
As an cappella "generalist", I have dabbled professionally in        this?”
many genres - classical, jazz, and contemporary, in both all-male    After much digging and compiling facts from Harmonizers,
and in mixed groups from four to over 100 singers. But there is      convention programs and even old AIC Show programs, Society
really no musical expression that can beat ringing chords with       Historian Grady Kerr determined the 2009 show was our 48th
three other guys. There is a paradox to be found in the "complex     annual AIC Show. A complete list with lots of info will soon be
simplicity" of the blending of four voices. But mostly it just       posted on the AIC Webpage. If you wish to add info to the list
makes you feel good. Perhaps I've been away too long.                contact your editor/webmaster.
August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX                                                                                                                11

Anaheim College Contest                                                              May I Have Your Autograph?
So. Cal. Vagrants Win                                                                Matt - the Autograph Hound
                                                         Collegiate                  Many of you have met
                                                         Quartet Contest
                                                                                     Matthew Trusner. He’s a
                                                         1. The Vagrants             7 year barbershopper from
                                                         2. Swedish Match            the Bloomington, IL
                                                         3. On Demand                chapter. If you see a nice
                                                         4. Prestige
                                                         5. Go Fish!*
                                                                                     young man with a great big
                                                         5. 4-Way Stop *             smile awkwardly toting
                                                                                     around a large poster
                                                         * tied for fifth
                                                                                     board, that’s Matt.
                                                                                     His ultimate goal is to Matt gets two rare signatures
Colin Plain (baritone), Joey Buss (tenor), David Meye (bass), Jonny Tillery (lead)   collect signatures of ALL            Four Pitchikers 1959
                                                                                     195 living AIC members.
Collegiate Quartet Scores                                                            He’s confronted many of you with his request. Anaheim was a                               very successful trip for Matt as he explains:

Randy & Jolene Loos Make Donation                                                    I got 25 more autographs while in Anaheim! That raises the
                                                                                     total to 125 signatures. Three special autographs stand out in
New College Quartet Trophy                                                           my mind.
The original College Barbershop Quartet Championship Trophy,                         I finally met Doug Harrington and Jamie Meyer. When
generously donated by Hal Purdy and the 139th Street Quartet,                        I found out that zero8 was coming to international, those guys
has been retired as it has run out of room for any more                              were on my “hit list” immediately. Airfare to Sweden isn't
                                                                                     cheap. I saw Doug outside an AIC rehearsal and he was nice as
champions. This year, they unveiled new CBQC trophy that has                         can be, so I asked him if I could sit in on a zero8 rehearsal and
room on it to last us through 2063! The new trophy was humbly                        he said, “Of course”. This was a win-win situation for me. I got
donated by Randy and Jolene Loos. Thank you to the Loos                              to hear zero8 perform and I got to meet Jamie.
family for your generosity and continued selfless support of the
                                                                                     The third autograph was a complete surprise. After buying the
Barbershop Harmony Society.                                                          new Crossroads and Max Q CDs, my friend and I were
                                                                                     walking out of Harmony Marketplace and talking about past
The Busiest Man in Anaheim?                                                          champions who would be very hard to get. One name that came
                                                                                                                up was Bob Spong. Suddenly, I
Jordan Gets Around, Round, Round                                                                                see a man walking into Harmony
Dan Jordan, lead of The New Tradition (‘84 champs), continues to                                                Marketplace with a gold medal
perform and share his talent with as many people as possible. Here’s a                                          around his neck. I couldn't put his
brief itinerary from his convention week.                                                                       face with a name (this is rare for
Saturday (prior to the start of the convention)                                                                 me). I rushed over to him
Attended big AIC whing-ding at the home of John and Sharon Miller.                                              and glanced at this name tag
Tuesday                                                                                                         and laughed. I said, “So you're
Dan sang in three quartets at the Larry Ajer gathering: Hi-Fidelity, The                                        Bob Spong. My friend and I were
New Tradition, The Perfect Gentlemen                                                                            just talking about you. You're the
Wednesday                                                                                                       baritone of Happiness
He competed with Hi-Fidelity. They did a very entertaining “Elvis” set                                          Emporium.”
Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday                                                           Obviously blind-sided, he said, “Yes, but I don't sing with them
Participated in the AIC rehearsals and emceed the big show with John                 anymore”. I said, “I know. That's why I'm so happy to meet
Miller, John Sherburn and Bobby Gray Jr. He also got to rub elbows                   you.” He was confused so I properly introduced myself to him
again with Dick Van Dyke and VANtastix.                                              and explained my “champs board”. He was more than happy to
Friday                                                                               sign it and we had a great talk (he talked and I listened) about
The Perfect Gentlemen were featured performers at the Harmony                        barbershop life in general. That's what I love: the stories.
Foundation reception.
Saturday                                                                             I also had a great privilege to hear the Rapscallions sing
                                                                                     “Last Night was the End of the World”. After they finished the
Volunteered to emcee at Sing With The Champs. His work prior to the
                                                                                     crowd that gathered began clapping. Then this slow,
convention paid off gathering up former Dapper Dans. He was on stage
                                                                                     thunderous clapping came out of nowhere. We turned to see
for the presentation of the Society's Lifetime Achievement Award.
                                                                                     Tom Felgen with a huge grin on his face. I swear on a stack of
Sunday                                                                               bibles that I saw something rarer than a leprechaun riding a
Ended the week with another party. This one was hosted by Jimmy                      unicorn. I saw Jeff Oxley blush!
Kline with several AIC brothers in attendance. Dan had the honor of
driving Gene and Iris Cokeroft to the bash.                                          There are 195 names on the AIC roster so he’s only got about 70
                                                                                     to go. Good luck, Matt, See you in Philly.
     August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX
August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX                                                                                                                  13

                Anniversary Quartets “Win” Again
Anaheim was a great week for two historic AIC quartets. The
Rapscallions and the Four Pitchikers were well represented and
celebrated. First, there were the historical booths showing photos,
recordings, sheet music and interesting facts for each quartet.
These were painstakingly researched, designed and set up by
AIC/Society Historian Grady Kerr. A special Meet and Greet
was successful and popular for both old friends, fans and the
quartet member.
Lots of leg work went into coordinating the two surviving
members of the 1959 Champs to attend the convention. The Raps
were showcased on the AIC Show with footage from their 1984
contest set. The Pitchikers and several family members appeared
on stage following a special video Saturday night.

                                                                        Keith Young and Keith Keltner visit and reminisce about the “old” days in their
                                                                           historical booth displaying photos, their uniform and the original trophy.

                                                                       A Note from the Pitchikers
                                                                       Words cannot express how grateful we are for the opportunity to
                                                                       participate in the convention in Anaheim. It was the second
                                                                       biggest event in our lives. The first, of course, was Chicago 1959.
                                                                       It was an unforgettable experience that we will remember always.
                                                                       What a thrill to attend all the events and hear that beautiful
                                                                       harmony once again!

                                                                       Special Thanks, to Grady Kerr, Holly Beck, and John
                                                                       Schneider for their help and assistance to enable us to be there.
The video was researched, written and produced by Grady with           To Brian Beck and Shawn York for helping Keith Keltner and
the help of voice-over veteran Christopher Baker of Florida and
                                                                       me to relearn and perform the tag to “Wedding Bells.”
edited by Doyle Cline of Denver.
Both Keith Keltner and Keith Young were overwhelmed with               God Bless and Keep America Singing.
the reaction and thrilled to see so many friends after being out for   Keith Young
nearly 46 years. They vow to be in Philly next summer.                 Four Pitchikers

A Note from the Raps
Now that we are all back from our visit in sunny California, we’d
like to say thank you for helping us celebrate our 25th
anniversary in such a meaningful way.
When we won the international, we were, for all intents and
purposes, a college quartet that may not have been able to
continue much longer. Timing is everything! We certainly didn’t
yet understand the significance of the honor. Standing on stage
with all of you brought to our hearts and minds how truly special
it was. We were extremely grateful to have your assistance in
bringing us together one more time.

The Rapscallions
Dave Smotzer, David Wallace, Tim Frye, Jeff Oxley
                                                                                               August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX

                                                                    In the meantime Jeanette showed signs of Alzheimer’s disease.
Thomas J. Keehan                                                    Tom was in and out of hospitals with his diabetic problems,
May 12, 1927 – May 30, 2009                                         which led to the amputation of his right leg at the knee (he later
                                                                    sang with a pickup quartet called the “Seven Foot Four”). They
By Lefty Parasson -                               sold their motor home, the house and all their belongings and
It is with great sorrow that I pass along                           moved to a special care facility with an Alzheimer’s ward. About
the information that Tom Keehan, the                                every 6 -8 weeks we would take a quartet over to sing for
great lead of the 1962 Champs, the Gala                             Jeanette and she would come out of her semi-coma state and
Lads, passed away on May 30, 2009 at                                mouth the words with us.
the age of 82.
                                                                    During Tom’s last days he was on conflicting medications that
I sang with Tom in a senior quartet, Senior Edition, and we got     caused him to lose control of his electric wheelchair, and he ran
to be the best of friends. He was one of the most likable guys in   into a tree, severely breaking the knee bones on the amputated
the society and had friends worldwide.                              leg. He had already been on dialysis for well over a year and
Tom was born on a farm in Brown, Wisconsin on May 12,               things continued to get worse. He called in the family and told
1927. He met his future wife, Jeanette, in 1946; she was in the     them he made a decision to cut off all medication along with the
Army (WACs) while living in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He joined         dialysis. The family concurred with his wishes.
the Society about that time also. They married and had three boys
that accompanied them every year to the conventions.                About a week before Tom died, Buddy Yarnell and I visited him
                                                                    (in a hospice care facility). Tom had been sinking fast and hardly
                                                                    recognized either of us. Tom got a cell phone call from Eddy
                                                                    James and could not communicate, so Buddy took the phone. In
                                                                    the meantime the nurse asked of our connection to Tom and I
                                                                    said we sang in a quartet together. Tom came out of his semi-
                                                                    delirious state, sat up and sang “Heart of my Heart” with as
                                                                    strong a voice as ever!! It amazed everyone.

Gala Lads won the gold the very first time they cracked the top
five at International. Tom won his gold at the age of 35 and wore
it proudly alongside Dave Panther (tenor), Gordie Lees (bari)
and Bill Cockrell (bass).

He sang with a seniors’ quartet in Northern California called the
FOGS (four old guys singing). In a couple of years they changed
their name to the FROGS (four really old guys singing). He           Singin’ With Tom - Bill Myers, Larry Owen, Lefty Parasson and Tom Keehan
retired from Masterlock about 1995.

I sang with him in the Senior Edition and we knew we were           In Memory of a Dear Friend
going to win the 1996 Seniors Contest (we came in 8th).             By Jerry Orloff
His physical problems started in about 2002 when he went into       Almost 18 years ago, our FWD Senior quartet, The Erin Boys,
the hospital for a stent. While there he got a staph infection      (with Tom Keehan, lead, Hector Rivas, bari, Clark Daniels,
which kept him immobilized for weeks until they got it under        tenor, and me on bass), won the first FWD gold medal, 1991. At
control. In the meantime his sugar balance went out of control      the International Seniors competition, in 1992, we took 4th place
and led to a series of problems.                                    in Honolulu, HI.
August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX                                                                                                                                 15

Justin Miller directs

Westminster Wins “Choir of the
World” Honor in Wales
Southern California's Westminster Chorus traveled to
Llangollen, Wales for the 60th annual International Musical
Eisteddfod - one of the most prestigious choir competitions in
the world - and won the title “Choir of The World” and the
festival's most coveted award, The Luciano Pavarotti Choir of
The World Trophy. The chorus also had won the Folk and
Barbershop subcategory competitions earlier in the week. They
were lead musically by Justin Miller, son of John and Sharon
(bass, The New Tradition ’85 and Grandma’s Boys ’79).
Patrick Claypool (OC Times) also sang in the winning chorus.

Eisteddfod unites thousands of singers and dancers who descend
upon the beautiful Welsh town of Llangollen to compete in some
20 competitions and perform for as many as 50,000 visitors. The
competition is broadcast in video on the internet and on BBC
radio network to thousands across the world.

Of course, Westminster had previously won the BHS
International gold in 2007, directed by Royce Ferguson; and
they appeared on NBC's America's Got Talent in 2006.

Justin and company will be up against a fired-up Vocal Majority
next summer in Philly.                                                                                      Terry Waite, President of the Eisteddfod, presents
                                              For more info see:                                            an excited Justin Miller with the Pavarotti trophy. or or

AIC’s Facebook Page
                                                                                                     Champs Support HEP Schools
                                                                                                     From Jim Kline - VP Quartet Development - Gotcha! bass
700 Fans So Far
by Alan Gordon                                                                   Nightlife completed the CAR HEP school July 10-12
As you may have noticed in Grady's last wonderful Medallion, the AIC                                 OC Times did the EVG Harmony College Northwest July17-19
now has a “fan page” on Facebook. Since some of you may be computer                                  Gotcha! with Gene Cokeroft will be doing NED HEP Aug 6-8
savvy, I wanted to offer some details so you may be able to provide a
little help.
                                                                                                     The PowWow for SLD scheduled for July17-19 was canceled.
First of all, here is the link to the page:
                                                                                                     Thanks to Happiness Emporium for their availability.   Similarly, Vocal Spectrum's appearance at the FWD Aug 21-23
If you are a member of Facebook, please “become a fan.”                                              Harmony College West was canceled.

The page was used to advertise the AIC Show in Anaheim. The page                                     That concludes the activity for this year's HEP schools. In
itself is being used to attract current barbershoppers, and a separate paid
                                                                                                     November I will be posting to the Music VPs in each district to
(but very cheap) advertisement has been targeted to non-barbershop
Californians who have various associations with “Dick Van Dyke,”
                                                                                                     see how they can use our services.
“Disney,” “A Cappella,” etc. So far, that ad has resulted in many people
clicking on the ad for more details.                                                                 Thanks to all of you AIC quartets who have given of your time
                                                                                                     and talents to further the development of our craft. I am sorry we
In the long term, the page can be used for announcements of quartets                                 were unable to schedule schools for all of our active quartets.
going to schools, maybe show dates, other news, whatever the board                                   You will get first choice next year.
deems worthy.
                                                                                                     Thanks for letting me serve the cause.
Thanks for your help, and let's see how our initial dive into the 21st
Century works!
                                                                                              August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX

                                                                      ended up giving the gold to some of the best champs, singers and
OC Times Says Thanks                                                  friends in barbershop. Congrats to Fred, Mike, Brandon and
                                                                      *The MoH Swan Song. Singing with our heroes, friends and
                                                                      mentors. Westminster, Masters, Nightlife and Mark Hale have
                                                                      consistently been where we learn, grow and refine our craft and
                                                                      they have all been our biggest supporters for so many years.
                                                                      What an amazing song that Jay G. wrote and arranged “The
                                                                      Dream Is Carried On” specifically for this performance. It
                                                                      captured perfectly the tremendous bond that exists between these
                                                                      groups, and the common bond we have in wanting to pass this
                                                                      special thing we lovingly call barbershop on to others. It's far
                                                                      more than winning gold medals, rather, it's about the impact we
                                                                      have in the lives of others.
                                                                      *Ringmasters, zero8, Musical Island Boys, VocalFX and The
                                                                      Vagrants. The message of the Masters’ swan song “The Dream
Anaheim was a busy week for us; so many moments and                   Is Carried On” was exemplified perfectly with the tremendous
incredible performances that we were blessed to be a part of.         performances from so many young groups that we have played a
There were so many fantastic performances throughout the week,        small part in encouraging and maybe even inspiring. For these
but a few stand out in my mind:                                       groups to do so well, to perform with such passion and
*The AIC Show was a dream come true. Stepping up to the               innovation, to go out and give something to the audience and “put
risers and seeing so many of our heroes standing there with us        it all out there” - it makes us swell with pride.
was a surreal moment.
*The World Harmony Jamboree was a fantastic event. We                 To see the youth movement in barbershop spreading like wildfire
were honored to see Vocal FX (from New Zealand) perform the           – the college quartet contest, the youth chorus contest, youth
haka - a traditional Maori dance. Anyone in the audience for the      choruses competing at international, young quartets in the top 10
show will surely not forget it.                                       - it reminds us of the profound impact that singing a tag with a
*Sing with the Champs was a really cool event. We were                new singer, offering a few words of advice, or encouraging others
honored that so many people wanted to sing with us (I was             to have a dream and go after it, can do. To see our brothers and
especially glad most of them were basses!) Two young men even         friends achieve their own dreams and such great success is
camped overnight to be the first in line to sing with us - wow!       something we didn't expect to see so soon. We're so proud of
We're flattered that you all would want to get up there and ring a    them. You all should be proud too - their successes are a direct
few with us!                                                          result of your generous giving through the Harmony Foundation
*The Harmony Foundation Show. Simply put, this was the                and other venues, your support of young singers and the youth
greatest barbershop show ever and that is no exaggeration. The        movement, and the encouragement you provide in so many other
day after a landmark chorus contest with incredible performances      ways. Thank you.
across the board, two choruses who had previously duked it out
head to head stood next to each other on the risers and offered       Congrats again to the Yorks, Crossroads, the Ambassadors,
their gifts as brothers. No other competitive event offers anything   The Vagrants, and all the competitors at Anaheim, and to you all
like this camaraderie - and that's the hidden beauty of barbershop    for making so many dreams possible. We're looking forward to
that so many don't know about when they first join. It was our        many more years to come singing as OC Times, and to seeing
distinct honor to sing under three of the greatest directors, with    you at a show, youth harmony camp, harmony college, rehearsal
two of the greatest champ quartets and three of the greatest          or convention in the near future. Until then ...
choruses in the history of barbershop. Moving, unforgettable,
awe-inspiring, dynamic, impassioned... words can't express what       Humbled, honored, and proud to be your (past) champions,
a privilege it was to be a part of this show.
*Giving the gold to Crossroads. I always dreamed of one of my                                                               OC Times
heroes - Jim Henry - giving me a gold medal someday. I never                                     2008 International Quartet Champions
imagined I would be giving a gold medal to him! Turns out we all                                   
 August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX                                                                                                                    17

                                                                                           Helping Kids through Music
Vocal Spectrum Performs in
                                                                                           Realtime Has Real Heart
St. Louis Music Man Production                                                             Our 2005 Champs recently showed “real”
from the Harmonet and John Donehower - Dubuque, Iowa                                       heart and what a quartet can do to help
                                                                                           others. Realtime (Tim, Doug, Mark &
                                                   Tim Waurick, Eric Dalbey                Tom) produced a benefit show for a local
                                                   and Chris Hallam (Vocal                 orphanage funding organization in May.
                                                   Spectrum) along with Rich               The organization is named Kidstown
                                                   Knight (Gas House Gang)                 International and was started in Bellingham, Washington to help
                                                   performed as the School                 fund and support orphans in Romania. It has since spread to India
                                                   Board Quartet in a St. Louis            and Nepal.
                                                   production of The Music
                                                   Man at the world famous                 Growing to nineteen orphanages, through this organization over
                                                   Muny. They performed for                450 orphans are sponsored. Lead, Doug Broersma writes: “I
                                                   around 60,000 theater goers.            have been a sponsor of several of the orphans for several years,
Waurick (Jacey Squires, tenor), Knight                                                     and one of the things that I like about the organization is that
 (Ewart Dunlop, lead), Hallam (Olin
   Britt, bass), Dalbey (Oliver Hix,               Check out the following link            100% of all the sponsor funds go directly to the orphans. All
   baritone) from The Muny's 2009                  for the story and a YouTube             administrative costs are raised through fund raising events.”
    production of The Music Man.                   audio clip of the superstar
            Photo by Larry Pry.                    quartet.                                They found a desperate need for bunk beds for ten of the
                                                                                           orphanages. Realtime decided to produce a benefit show and
                                                                                           raise money for this project. The show included Sterling Dietz,
                                                                                           the 2007 national youth champion magician also from the
                                                                                           Bellingham area. The show was called “A Night of Music and
                                                                Realtime Tom
                                                                Metzger’s little boy       Magic”.
                                                                Ryan got to sing with
                                                                a quartet for the first    Realtime and Sterling performed separately as well as together.
                                                                time - Rocky Top was       Sterling choreographed a magic ring act to one of the Realtime
                                                                his musical choice -       songs. “It was a lot of fun.”
                                                                He did really good,
                                                                with a little help, of     The show was very well attended and raised enough money to
                                                                course. That’s Tom's
                                                                                           send 50 sets of bunk beds to Romania India and Nepal, helping
                                                                other son Tyler
                                                                                           100 orphans get a better night sleep.
                                                                looking on.

                                                                                          A New Masterworks CD
                                                                               Chiefs of Staff
                                                                          1988 International Quartet Champions
                                                                    This newly re-mastered recording includes the best 25 songs from their
                                                                       collection, such as “Looking At The World Through Rose Colored
                                                                       Glasses”, “Every Tear Is A Smile In An Irishman’s Heart” and the
                                                                    incredible voice of Chuck Sisson singing, “What Kind Of Fool Am I?”.

                                                                                      to get YOUR copy
                                                                                            August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX

Doug and Holly’s Little Girl
                                                                    Pat Spirito RIP
Youngest Ever SAI Quartet Competitor                                Tom Spirito's beloved wife
                               If you wanna see “cute”, check out   Pat passed away from cancer
                               SAI Competitor #36. This coming      June 9, 2009. She had been
                               October 21 the Sweet Adeline         undergoing chemotherapy for
                               Convention in Nashville will         two years when she took a
                               witness the youngest competitor      turn for the worse and died
                               ever.                                three days later. Needless to
                                                                    say Tom is heartbroken.
                              Sylvia Harrington sings tenor
                              with Paper Dolls. She first made      Tom has since relocated back
                              SAI history at age 6 with her debut   to Boston where he lives with
                              performance in the Region #4          his daughter Lisa and her family.
                              quartet competition on April 11,
                              2008 in Covington, KY. The Paper      As most know Tom is an associate member of the AIC as a
Dolls captured the 3rd place medals!                                replacement lead with the Boston Common. More substantial is
                                                                    his stint with the two-time silver medalist Four Rascals and
Sylvia happens to be the daughter of Doug and Holly Harrington.     inspiration to many quartets (including the BC).
Doug made history in 1989 singing lead with Second Edition.
Holly sings baritone in the quartet with Tawni Miller on lead and   He had reservations and plans to attend Anaheim but just
Karen Johns singing bass.                                           couldn’t force himself to go. Tim Broersma encouraged him to
                                                                    subscribe to the webcast. Tom sat and watched the entire thing
At contest time she will be SEVEN years old.                        and was ecstatic with the contests. He was especially thrilled to
                                                                    see his dear friends, Crossroads, win the gold. “They had it from
Visit their Web site and check out the SAI webcast to see history   the start!”, he says.
                                                                    Crossroads dropped by his house following a show in Ft. Myers,
                                                                    FL in June. They sang for several hours. There aren’t many
Lucky Day for Jay Hawkins                                           barbershoppers who can command such a private concert by the
                                                                    soon-to-be-champs. Tom can.
Lucky Day announces their new bass, Jay Hawkins, the double
gold medalist bass of Interstate Rivals (1987) and Marquis
                                                                    Thanks to Roger Ross, there’s a secret movement afoot to send
(1995). He now joins Roger Ross (tenor, Keepsake), Eric Bell
                                                                    Tom some AIC quartet CDs and well wishes letting him know
(lead) and Paul Gilman (bari, Marquis).
                                                                    how much we love and miss him. Tom’s daughter will be putting
                                                                    these CDs on a special iPod just for him.
Jay most recently competed with Four Aces. Even though Nick
Aiuto and Ed Cazenas competed with Full Tilt in Anaheim,
                                                                    Please send your CDs ASAP to: Lisa Whyte, 26 Range Heights
Four Aces is still doing selected shows with Jay.
                                                                    Terrace, Lynn, MA 01904 -

In Anaheim, Lucky Day placed 21st and performed as mike-
testers for the semi-final round.
                                                                    1957 Champ Gets His Medal
Its members bring to the stage five quartet Gold medals, over 100
years of barbershop performance experience and over 25              Danny Aycock, lead of the Lads of
International competition appearances.                              Enchantment ’57, recently got his
                                                                    gold medal presented to him by his
Lucky Day will compete in the Sunshine District fall contest in     family. He had apparently lost it
Jacksonville, FL and is available for show bookings! For more       some years back. The “new”
information, please contact Roger Ross at (407) 595-5359 or         replacement medal was generously                                                 provided by the AIC.

Lucky Day                                                           You see how happy he is, can’t you?
Roger, Eric, Paul and Jay
August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX                                                                                                                19

                                                                             *Little Pal
Max Q Releases New CD                                                         The song of the '07
by Grady Kerr                                                                  convention - arranged by
                                                                               Clay Hine - This is even
I just had to tell you about this NEW CD I got my hands on. I'm lucky to       better than the live version.
be listening to an advance copy of the newly completed and just released       Worth a good cry and the
Max Q recording entitled ... JOURNEY.                                          price of the CD.
                                                                             *Somebody Loves Me
What a journey it has been for these guys. Greg Clancy (Tenor), Tony          Another great Clay Hine
De Rosa (Lead), Gary Lewis (Baritone) and Jeff Oxley (Bass) have              chart - perfectly done by the
spent the last few years singing all around the world and performing for      boys - Doesn't get any better
thousands making new fans along the way. I suspect the most common            than this.
question has been ... WHEN?                                                  *Windmills Of Your Mind
                                                                              One of the best on this CD -
It has been a few years since their blockbuster release “For the              originally done by The Arbors (a popular group in the 60s) -
Children” and, for me, it was time for another Max Q addition to my           Breathtaking / Incredible / Awesome / fill in the ________________.
iPod.                                                                        *Don't Rain on my Parade
                                                                              They saved this special David Harrington chart for last - had they not
Holy Cow! This one is SPECIAL. As they say here in Texas ... “That            been too busy they would have done this years ago. Worth the wait.
Dog'll Hunt!” Max Q has once again proven why they were on top
during their entire JOURNEY through the contest years. They are STILL        This will be the most played CD on MY iPod (and probably yours too) -
one of the most popular quartets on chapter shows and corporate gigs.        but it leaves me wanting more. Thankfully, still available are their first
                                                                             two ground breaking recordings, “Discovery” and “For the Children.”
As good as they are on the stage live and in person, they really show
their expertise on this beautifully mastered studio recording.               I predict JOURNEY will be heralded as the “recording of the year”.

JOURNEY includes many songs never released with some classics from           You'll find it available via the Max Q Web site;
their historic winning contest sets in 2007 that earned them the gold        There you can also hear MP3 samples of every track and see just what
medals.                                                                      I'm ranting on about.

Almost all of this CD is true-blue SOLID Barbershop. Their sound is          If the question is still “When?” ... the answer is NOW! Get this CD!
clear, crisp and full. I believe this recording shows Tony as one of the
best quartet lead singers of all time. You'll notice, as I did, they prove
themselves as masters in the recording studio and outstanding balladeers.
The uptune and swing numbers are flawless too.

Here's what to expect on JOURNEY:

*Put your Arms around Me Honey/ Them Girls Medley
  (Arr. Aaron Dale) The intro alone makes this the perfect opener for
   this project.
*Take Me Home, Country Roads
  I can remember this favorite done by The Dealer's Choice. It is
  STILL a great Renee Craig arrangement.
*Somewhere (from West Side Story)
 An incredible arrangement and original verse by Greg's “ole man”.
*Steppin' Out with my Baby
  Arranged by Clay Hine of FRED - What an Outstanding tag!!
*Royal Garden Blues                                                                 If you love the Dapper Dans,
  Arr. Greg Volk - a snappy, jazzy tune with Max Q drive - done by
  many - never this good.                                                         you'll LOVE the HUMDINGERS!
*I Heard You Singing
  Oh my! I've always loved this one. It was originally done by                  Available for shows throughout
  Grandma's Boys (arr. Jay Giallombardo). What a joy to see this one
   stolen ... err ... borrowed ... err ... PRESERVED!                                      the world!
*Rhythm Medley (I Got Rhythm/Crazy Rhythm/Fascination Rhythm)
                                                                                       Roger Ross - - (407) 595-5359
  Another Aaron Dale masterpiece - Outrageous - A perfect fit with the
   Max Q personality.
                                                                                                         August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX

Introducing Kainoa York                                                     Upon our return to Denver Sunday, just after getting home, her water
                                                                            broke. Still exhausted, it took another day for our son Mike to be born.
                                                                            Today he turns 30. He's grown up to be a great singer and barbershopper.
                  Exciting news! We're proud to announce an                 One of his heroes is OC Times.
                  addition to the OC Times family! (You may                 Long live OC Times!!!
                  have seen that Shawn's wife Lani was very,
                  very pregnant at International. Turns out she's a
                  trouper and made it through the week!)                    Jay Giallombardo Retires as NT
                  Sex: Boy                                                  Musical Director
                  Name: Kainoa John York
                  Stats: 8lbs, 13oz - 20.5 inches
                  Born: 12:31pm on 07/08/09
                  To: Shawn and Lani York
                  Voice Part: Tenor

Kainoa John York (8lbs,
13oz - 20.5 inches) was born
at 12:31pm on 07/08/09 to
Shawn and Lani York.
Both mother and son are
healthy and happy. Many of                                                  The Northbrook, IL - based New Tradition Chorus announces with
you saw the Yorks’ daughter                                                 regret the retirement of its longtime Musical Director Jay
Kalea make her big debut                                                    Giallombardo. A prolific arranger, international champion with the
on the AIC with Lani; we                                                    Grandma’s Boys quartet, and currently bass of one of the top quartets in
                                                                            the Barbershop Harmony Society, Voce, Jay has decided to focus on his
know she'll be a fantastic big
                                                                            many other musical outlets. Jay directed the New Tradition for 26 of our
sister.                                                                     first 27 years, which included achieving 18 medals (inclusive of a gold
                                                                            championship in 2001) in Barbershop Harmony Society International
We're so excited for the                                                    chorus competitions. The group was founded on Jay’s vision of the
Yorks and this addition to our family!! (We'll be teaching him his          pursuit of musical excellence and has never wavered from that mission,
first tag in the next couple of weeks.) Pictures are available on the       thanks in large part to his steady hand, incredible drive and artistic talent.
OC Times blog:
                                                                            The New Tradition Chorus formally thanks Jay Giallombardo for
                                                                            making us what we are today, and for so many, many great times and
                                                                            special memories. He provided artistic vision, amazing musical
A Special Welcome and Memory                                                arrangements and countless hours of creative time. Jay helped us to push
From George Davidson, bari, Classic Collection, '82                         the envelope creatively on the international contest stage, and we like to
                                                                            think some of our past performances had a tiny influence on other
Despite what others may say, I think you are great guys! It's really hard   groups. Jay has always pushed us to take risks. He is and always has
to quantify the impact your quartet has had on the YOUTH of today, but      been a wonderful barbershopper, and we will miss having him in front of
it's awesome!                                                               the chorus.

Congrats to Shawn and Lani, and welcome Kainoa.                             We have a strong music team which Jay helped to nurture and build, and
                                                                            we will do what we have always done – work together in unity to make
I have similar memories. In 1979 in Minneapolis MN, where the Classic       wonderful music and theatre!
Collection first cracked the Top 10, my wife, Sally, was 9 plus months
pregnant. Of course she was at the convention, and wandered around ‘til     (Editor’s Note: JG currently holds the record for the MOST medals of
all hours of the (Saturday) night with our quartet. She wouldn't have       ANY director in the Society’s history with 18).
missed it for the world.
August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX                                                                                                                21

Jay Bond Doing Very Well                                                           Dog For Sale!?
Jay Bond (bass, Orphans ’54) is reportedly doing very well                         Shirley Bradshaw is doing well. Just before Anaheim she was
under the circumstances. He has moved into an assisted living                      out one morning walking her dog and tripped. When she fell she
facility in Derby, Kansas. He still battles Alzheimer's but is                     landed on her elbows and broke them both. More embarrassed
accepting of this fact and describes it as; “It’s just my brain that               than hurt, she got medical attention and continued to recover
has gotten tired”. His kids are providing a lot of love and                        more each day. Currently one elbow is already back to near 100%
support.                                                                           and the other will soon be.

                                                                                   Husband Ted cancelled his trip to International to stay home and
                                                                                   care for the wife. Asked if he had to learn to cook while she was
                                                                                   healing, Ted laughed out loud and said ... “Are You Kidding? It
                                                                                   wasn’t THAT critical!”

                                                                                   We’re sorry Ted missed the International but happy to hear
                                                                                   Shirley is doing fine. They celebrated their 52nd anniversary on
                                                                                   August 7.
 Jay singing again with friends. Greg Yarnell (far left), Byron Brittian (second
   from left), Frazier Allen (fourth from left) and Jay Bond (blue shirt, “Bass)

He enjoyed attending Byron Brittian's (The Four Cavaliers
                                                                                   An Update on Lindsey Irving
                                                                                   From Bob and Sue Franklin
bari) 90th birthday in May and got together with some
barbershop friends at the facility to do a bit of singing.
                                                                                   Beloved son-in law Lindsey was
                                                                                   stricken with a seizure August 10th. He
An Alzheimer's association counselor told them that the last part
                                                                                   was taken by helicopter to Johns
of the brain to be affected by the disease is the part that controls
                                                                                   Hopkins hospital. Currently he is on a
                                                                                   breathing apparatus (intubation) and
                                                                                   doctors are determining the degree of
Daughter Karen says, “God has blessed him with the ability to
                                                                                   neurological damage suffered. Sue is at
keep singing for a long time. The staff at the facility in Derby, just
                                                                                   the hospital along with Lindsey's
love him. He's still a jolly ole' guy who is very much trying to
                                                                                   parents and other family members. I'm
adjust to a very emotionally hard time in his life with as
                                                                                   holding down the fort in Vero Beach.
gentlemanly charm as he can muster, with God's help”.
                                                                                   Please pray for Lindsey, Amy and the
He would REALLY love to hear from his AIC brothers. If you’d
like to contact Jay and send your wishes, he can be reached
                                                                                   We had been waiting on an update regarding and finally got some
through his daughter at
                                                                                   answers. Lindsey’s MRI did NOT show any tumors, it showed
                                                                                   that there is a lot of inflammation in the brain from two surgeries,
Or send a card to Jay at: J W Bond, co Sterling House, Room
                                                                                   chemo/radiation; chemo wafers that were planted in the brain
120, 1709 E Walnut Grove Rd, Derby, KS 67037
                                                                                   during the first surgery, continued chemo and a lot of steroids.

                                                                                   He had begun experiencing headaches ergo the brain scan and
                                                                                   MRI. They will try to get him off the steroids and hopefully
                                                                                   improve his quality of life. They had started a new and somewhat
                                                                                   experimental drug, Avastan, however it has shown to reduce
                                                                                   inflammation and get rid of cancer cells that might be hiding in
                                                                                   the brain. This is given thru an IV drip. So, he will get the
                                                                                   Avastan every two weeks and continue his chemo pill routine of
                                                                                   5 days on and 23 days off.

                                                                                   Kelsey continues to “do her thing” going to school, playing ball
                                                                                   and enjoying her life. We pray that God will continue to grant our
 Jay performing for his new friends at Derby with some old quartet buddies from
                       his Wichita quartet, Thick N Thin.                          prayers for both of them.
                                                                                               August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX

Greg Wright Gets Some Airplay                                          Where’s Wendell?
From Greg Wright – bari, Chicago News ‘81                              Our best wishes to Wendell Heiny (Tenor, Four Hearsemen                                                ‘55) who as recently moved from his assisted living apartment to
                                                                       a skilled nursing unit. He’s now at St. Andrews in Aurora,
I wanted to bring you up to speed                                      Colorado.
with what I've also been doing in a                                    The best way to contact him would be by snail mail at:
professional direction. While I have                                      St. Andrews Village
been absent from the barbershop                                           2670 S. Abilene Street West Bldg. room 204,
scene, for a few years I have not been                                    Aurora, CO 80014
inactive in the music business. I have                                 Wendell sends his best to his AIC brothers and congratulates
taken up the guitar and am actively                                    Crossroads.
writing country songs. I've written
about 20 and recently had three
professionally “demoed” down in
Nashville with various country
                                                                       Chilton Price Honored
vocalists.                                                             by Kenny Ray Hatton
                                                                       I’m just bustin’ at the seams to
Recently, one of my songs, “A Hat Don't Make You a Cowboy”,            share this exciting news. My
has gotten some airplay on a Milwaukee country station (WMIL           friend, mentor and collaborator,
106.1 FM). What a blast!! I've been getting some real positive         songwriter Chilton Price, will
feedback.                                                              be honored by Kentucky
The song is also available online. You can go to the site and          Governor Steve Beshear at a
listen to the new artist / songwriters and cast votes (1 to 5 stars)   public ceremony in the Capitol
for their favorites. Once you click on the song to hear it, a row of   Rotunda in Frankfort, KY on
stars appears which you can click on to vote.                          Tuesday, October 6th at 10:00                                  AM. There, she will be presented with the prestigious 2009
                                                                       “Artist Award” in recognition of her lifetime achievement in the
I’m hoping you all may want to circulate this news and go online       arts. Eight other Kentuckians will be similarly honored in other
give it a listen and cast a vote.                                      categories of the Kentucky Arts Council’s “Governor’s Awards
                                                                       in the Arts,” including actor George Clooney and jazz pianist
                                                                       and composer Harry Pickens.
Fairchild Named to FWD Hall of Fame                                    Chilton suffered a serious injury resulting from a fall in
By Maureen Fairchild – Proud Wife
                                                                       April. However, she is recovering very well, and is expected to
                                                                       return home from the rehab center within a week or two. We had
I am delighted to announce that
                                                                       our weekly Tuesday visit earlier tonight, and she was in good
Jerry Fairchild (tenor, ’64
Sidewinders) was recently
honored as the newest Far
                                                                       I sincerely hope some of you will want to attend this
Western District Hall of Fame
                                                                       celebration. However, if you can’t make it, but wish to send a
member. He has worked hard
                                                                       note of congratulations, you can send e-mail messages to her,
for many years for the FWD.
                                                                       care of me at this e-dress. You can send cards or notes via snail
                                                                       mail to:
His most recent contribution to
the District was his very
                                                                       Ms. Chilton Price
successful 4-year stint as
                                                                       c/o Ken Hatton
District Music & Performance Fairchild receives FWD Hall of Fame
                                     award from Dave Briner            2415 Bradley Ave.
VP/Chairman and Dean of
                                                                       Louisville, KY 40217
Harmony College West. He is the first FWD Hall of Fame
member to have won a quartet gold medal.

I am very proud of him as are our family and friends.
August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX                                                                                                      23

The Perfect Gentlemen Very Busy                                     Hall of Famer – Gene Cokeroft
                                                                    Congratulations to Gene Cokeroft who was named to the
                                                                    Society Hall of Fame in Anaheim. This is what was printed in
                                                                    the convention program:

                                                                    Gene Cokeroft
                                                                       Gene Cokeroft was born in Alabama and has been a resident
                                                                    of south Florida since 1941. He has been an active quartet man
                                                                    continuously since grade school days, and he and his wife, Iris,
                                                                    share and provide mutual support in their many barbershop
                                                                    harmony achievements. As the incomparable tenor of the
                                                                    Suntones, 1961 International Champions and one of only four
                                                                    quartets installed in the Society Hall of Fame to date, he has
                                                                    made an indelible mark as performer, arranger and song writer.
                                                                    Working closely with producers, directors and writers for major
                                                                    organizations outside our Society, his influence in the recognition
                                                                    and acceptance of our art-form has been significant. Gene has
Dan Jordan and his show quartet, The Perfect Gentlemen              further distinguished himself as a tireless supporter of, and
appeared on A&E Sunday, August 9th introducing KISS rock            contributor to many facets of the Barbershop Harmony Society's
star, Gene Simmons to start the episode entitled “Rootin' Tootin'   activities at the chapter, district, and Society levels. He has
Gene” of Gene Simmons’s “Family Jewels”. It was taped many          excelled for decades as arranger, chorus director, certified judge,
months ago.                                                         clinician, YMIH mentor, and a willing participant on numerous
                                                                    committees. In short, he has devoted a lifetime to "giving back"
TPG has been very active with shows for Sounds of Aloha
                                                                    to an organization he feels has given him so much.
chapter in Hawaii; Holland America's Rotterdam Cruise Ship
in the Caribbean from Barbados to St. Barts to Ft. Lauderdale;
World Premiere of Disney/Pixar's movie “UP” at the El Capitan
                                Theatre on Hollywood Blvd;
                                the “Stars and Stripes '09”         More Honors for the Buffalo Bills
                                event to raise funds for the        Mr. Dick Grapes (original bari of the Buffalo Bills) has been
                                “Wounded Warrior Project”           selected for induction into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame. The
                                at the Playboy Mansion; The         induction gala is scheduled for October 8th at the Tralf Music
                                All American Boys Chorus            Hall in Buffalo, New York where he and the Bills will be
                                annual show at the Irvine           honored.
                                Barclay Theatre.
                                                                    See the article here:
All this was just in May.
                                                                    The nomination was submitted by barbershopper, Paul
                                                                    Ellingson, bass of the Empire State Quartet. Part of the
                                                                    application process included a radio show about the Bills entitled
                                                                    Great Quartets.
Congratulations to Harlan Wilson who
attended his 51st CONSECUTIVE
International Convention this summer in
Anaheim. He won his gold medals in
1961 with the Suntones and 1965 with                                New Roster Online
the Miamians.                                                       The Updated / Outdated AIC Roster is now online. Many thanks
                                                                    to Holly Beck for the doing the impossible task of keeping this
                                                                    info as current as humanly possible. If you have any updates /
                                                                    corrections / additional info contact Holly at
                                                                    We’ll try to keep a Word doc online with corrections between
                                                                    updates. The Roster is available in two formats; Excel File / PDF
                                                                    file(s). You can access this info on the Members Only site.
                                                                                                    August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX

         A New Guide to Singing                                          A Proud Papa
    Basic Group Singing                                                  by David Wallace

        Techniques                                                       If you enjoy progressive jazz,
         By Gary Parker                                                  check out my son-in-law's newest
                                                                         release: it's not in the stores for a
                                                                         few more weeks, but is available
Jim Henry                                                                on iTunes and Amazon right now.
Gary brings a lifetime of experience as a singer and musician of the     His artist collaborators on the CD
highest order to bear in this elegant book. He has a knack for taking    are really top-notch, too.
the most daunting concepts and explaining them in a way that even
beginners can understand.
                                                                         Search for artist:
Dr. Ben Ayling                                                           Bobby Selvaggio
An excellent text for the beginning choral ensemble, singer and direc-   and album “Modern Times”
tor. Gary’s home-spun approach toward explaining critical singing is-    (Arabesque Recordings)
sues is both easy to understand and masterfully written. What I enjoy
most about this book is its broad usefulness that can be employed by
amateur and professional musicians alike.
Jim Clancy
                                                                         First review:
The fundamental elements of vocal techniques and musicianship that
helped propel the Vocal Majority from inception to almost immediate         Modern Times is Bobby Selvaggio’s fifth CD as a leader and a
international prominence has been compiled into a simple, easy to read    major step forward for the saxophonist. Filled primarily with his
and understand, reference book. I strongly recommend this to anyone      new compositions, many of which were written specifically for his
who inspires to become a better singer and overall performer.
                                                                            sidemen, this set is a major statement in modern post bop jazz.
Only $14.99 and volume discounts are available.                                                                              - Scott Yanow

              Copies can be purchased at                                 Pardon the plug, but I'm
                    or call 1-800-876-SING
August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX                                                                                        25

               Marty Mendro Retires – Again!
                       That’s right - but this has to do with my stock

                   Reminiscing With the
                     Mid States Four
                                                                      I’m closing out – shutting down – and selling off
                                                                      the remaining copies. When they’re gone, so am I!
                                                                      As an added incentive to buy I’m offering – FREE
                                                                      – a bonus copy of one of two recorded live
                                                                      performances of the quartet – Elgin, Illinois or
                                                                      Pekin, Illinois (with the Schmitt Brothers
                                                                      quartet). Also available is a digitized CD of our
                                                                      two LPs, Memories and Madness and On Stage
                                                                      Order now while supplies last.

                                                                                          (plus $2 S&H)
                                 Make your check payable (US Funds please) to:

     Marty Mendro - 317 Poorman Creek Road - Twisp, WA 98856
                         Remember to indicate your choice of a FREE CD.
Also available are four copies of my three hole punched album (minus cover) containing the History of the Mid
States Four, including copious quantities of pictures, score sheets from our early contests and a complete set of
18 arrangements charted by Buzz Haeger, Walter Latzko and me, complete with a CD “As arranged and sung by
                                               the Mid States Four”.
Songs like: Never Go Wrong With a Song, Let’s Harmonize, Rockin’ Mockin’ Bird, Finger Prints on the Window
                                 Pane and I’m the Last One on the Corner
           Good Old Fashion Barbershop Harmony by the 1949 International Quartet Champions.
                  Songs arranged in the inimitable and unique style of the incomparable Forry Haynes and Marty Mendro.

                                           Marked down to $25.00 each
      All Proceeds from the Sale of M/S 4 CD's will be be donated to the YIH program in Buzz's name
                                                                                    August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX

You too can PARTY on Halloween @ The Playboy Mansion

Barbershop, Bunnies & BUCKS
From Dan Jordan

After a very successful fund-
raising event at the Playboy
Mansion in May, where my
quartet The Perfect
Gentlemen performed, I have
been asked to assist with
another event at the world-
famous house that Hefner

I will be supplying some musical acts, gathering items for placement into
the event goodie bags, and the reaching out to several close friends,
business associates, and companies for sponsorships and the purchasing
of individual tickets to attend this event. Even if you're unable to attend,
your sponsorship or purchase of individual tickets helps deserving
members of the military attend this event due to your gracious

This event is a fund-raiser for the Wounded Warriors Project. This
association continues to support the men and women who have given so
much of themselves to keep our nation free and to protect our country on
a daily basis.

The attached materials will outline the entire event, the levels of
participation / sponsorship that will gain you entrance into to this event.

                                                                               Silver Medalists
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to party at the Playboy
Mansion.....don't miss it.

Saturday - October 31, 2009
The Playboy Mansion / Holmby Hills, California
7:00 pm till 1:00 am
* Everyone attending must come dressed in costume

Important Note:
I want to make sure that your evening is all you dream of. To make sure
that the ticket(s) you purchase, or the sponsorship you select is taken
care of immediately, send your reservation and payment to me directly
so that I can deliver these directly to the event director. Make sure to
mark your ticket order or sponsorship forms as follows: Referred By
Dan Jordan.

If you have any questions, drop me an e-mail or call me directly on my
cell at: 818-395-3868.

I'll see you at the Playboy Mansion!

Dan Jordan
Featuring the “A” List of Look-A-Likes, Models, Tribute Shows and
Variety Artists
Post Office Box 1031 - Montrose, CA 91021
Tel: (818) 244-4361 -
August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX                                                                                                  27

Notes from Your Society Board Member                                •   Fewer members translate to less dues revenue, reduced
Anaheim Wrap-Up, Financial                                              Harmony Marketplace sales and lower convention/event
                                                                        attendance. It’s a downward spiral.
Challenges and Thanks                                               •   We need funds to support existing and planned initiatives
By Gary Parker – bass - Dealer’s Choice ’73, AIC Past Prez,             that will reverse our declining membership trend.
Society Board Member                                                •   The Harmony Foundation is the mechanism for accepting
                                                                        tax deductible contributions to support these growth
Wow! What a fabulous international convention in Anaheim. For           initiatives.
those of you who weren’t able to attend, you missed one of the      •   Please help raise awareness of these challenges in your
best ever from my perspective. It was a great location, great           chapters and districts, and if you are able, provide financial
weather, great venue, great contests, great shows, and most             support as well.
notably our own memorable AIC show.                                 •   There are many different ways and levels you as an
                                                                        individual or your quartet can contribute. Sean Devine can
The AIC breakfast was once again laced with an appropriate level        help determine what will work best for you.
of fellowship, fun, frivolity and foolishness. As expected, O.C.
Times sang rather poorly, but were good sports and somehow          In the last Medallion I mentioned the new Membership Growth
squeaked into membership. The AIC afterglow and new champs          Task Force Society President Bill Biffle recently formed. Tom
reception were both first class all the way. Many thanks to Dave    Metzger and I are serving on the eight person team. We are
Kindinger.                                                          focused on strategic growth opportunities, in process of gathering
                                                                    data, and identifying and executing quick hits. We can grow the
Once again kudos to all those responsible for making our show       Society in two ways: recruit more new members and retain more
the highlight of the week – Jay Giambalaya’s arrangements and       of our existing members. We are addressing both opportunities
direction, John (Groucho) Miller’s creative script and emceeing     in a variety of ways, both inside and outside the box. You will
along with the comedic support of the New Tradition, Tim            hear more about our efforts over time both directly and indirectly.
Waurick’s exceptional learning tapes, Ken Hatton and his            If you have strategic ideas, no matter how farfetched, Tom and I
tireless and flexible show production team, our active champ        would love to hear them. Just send us an email.
quartets, and on and on.
                                                                    It was so great to see all of my heroes, mentors and “mentees”
Congratulations to our new champs, Crossroads. They won five        once again in Anaheim. Getting together one time a year is just
straight contest sessions over two years, probably a first. Since   not enough. I hope to see many more of you at Midwinter in
these guys are all existing champs, in order to avoid AIC           Tampa this coming January. If you haven’t been in a few years,
“shrinkage”, AIC member deaths are hereby banned for the            the rapidly growing Youth Chorus Festival has transformed it
coming year. Further congrats go to Jim Henry for his record-       into an incredibly energizing weekend full of tag singing and
breaking Ambassadors of Harmony direction and performance.          woodshedding. Florida in January isn’t too bad either.
What a week for Dr. Jim.
                                                                    Finally, a personal thanks to one of my heroes, Brett Littlefield,
The Harmony Foundation show was arguably the best barbershop        for giving Ruth Ann and me a ride from the airport to the hotel on
show ever assembled. Max Q, Vocal Spectrum and O.C. Times           our arrival in Southern California, and for letting me borrow three
showed why they are true champions, and it’s nice to have two       of his current and former quartet guys to sing a few DC tunes late
AIC members, Mark Hale and Jim Henry, directing two of the          Saturday night. You were my idol when I was growing up, and
three (or four) best choruses on the planet. Even the combined      you still are.
choruses were pretty darn clean. The AIC was definitely well
represented throughout the week.

John Devine and I talked about our beloved Society’s current
                                                                    We Get Mail
financial challenges at the AIC breakfast. Just to reinforce and    I've said it before, but I have to say it again, to you, personally.
remind you of the gravity of the situation:                         I just read the Medallion. WOW. What an absolutely
• Over 80% of Society revenues come from the combination            magnificent job you do. I know we don't say it often enough,
    of dues, Harmony Marketplace sales and conventions/events.      but I'm also certain that you are deeply appreciated by all the
• Total membership peaked in the mid 1980s at 38K and has           guys, maybe more than you know.
    been declining steadily ever since. We are now in the 26K
    range. Membership has dropped by almost a third in the last     In harmony,
    20+ years.                                                      Drayton Justus
                                                                                                August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX

         Laughter, Love and a Barbershop Song                          Mike: I think we actually sang a song at the 2004 convention in
                                                                       Louisville. It was so special for Jim he has no memory of it.
 An Interview with Crossroads                                          When did you first sing together and say ... “this could
                      Continued from page 2                            become something special”
Brandon: It was truly overwhelming. Just when the applause             Jim: We’re STILL waiting for that day.
started to die down, you could hear a second wave of applause,         Brandon: No, the very first time we got together was Memorial
that was louder than the initial explosion, roll over the entire       Day in rented cabins in the Great Smokey Mountains. We had
auditorium.                                                            our families with us for the weekend and we all laughed, played,
                                                                       shared stories, and just had an immediate and genuine connection
                                                                       as people. The singing was actually pretty bad, but we connected
                                                                       where it mattered the most.
                                                                       Mike: It was Jim who came up with the name, Crossroads.
                                                                       How do the wives feel about the win?
                                                                       Jim: We haven't told them yet.
                                                                       Fred: (Stop it) ... they are all thrilled to be on the arm of a
                                                                       champion once again. It has been a long time for a couple of
                                                                       them and they have been getting a little restless, let me tell you!

Jim: Yes, the ovation after Lucky Old Sun was surreal. We had          Mike: And this was the first time that Jim’s, Brandon’s and
no idea when to start - or, for that matter, how in the world we       Fred’s kids got to see them win.
were going to be ABLE to start - the second song. Did we even          Brandon: Fact is, Fred's kids thought he was tone deaf until we
sing a second song? I don't even remember a second song. Well,         started singing (I'm not convinced he isn't).
if we did sing a second song I'm sure it was a lot crappier than the
first song. Anyway, that's a memory that I will take to my grave.      OK, I get it. It’s a family affair ... kinda like Power Play.
                                                                       The kids seem to be an important part of this quartet. Is
Whose idea was this and how did this quartet get                       that true?
                                                                       Jim: We are definitely a family-oriented quartet, but not like
Fred: Well, Brandon and Mike were together at a HEP school in          Power Play in the sense that we actually LOVE the people in
January of ‘07 and at the time both of their quartets were coming      OUR families.
to an end. They both had filled in with the Gas House Gang and
so Jim was on their radar and the obvious choice for bass.             Brandon: Actually, we can't stand our kids. We use the quartet
                                                                       as a means to get away from them on weekends. We only talk
Jim: Yeah, they called me that evening ... actually, it was about      about them this much because it really helps us move product.
three in the morning! ... and they asked if I would consider trying
it out with them. I, of course, told them “no,” reminding Brandon
of the restraining order I had against him and demanding that he
stop calling me. But they were persistent, so we decided to get
together to give it a whirl.
Jim: We had no tenor the first time we got together so we asked
Tim Waurick (the hack) to stand in with us. It sounded
terrible. But we didn't care. We made a list of possible tenors, and
Fred rose to the top of that list (after we had been turned down
by the first 8 or 9).
Mike: Fred had more money than anyone else on the list.
Brandon: Jim and Geda and Kim and Fred had been good friends
for years. Geda campaigned for Fred to be the tenor. Geda now
has to live with this guilt every day of her life.
Jim: We got together with Fred, and we still sounded
terrible. But we still didn't care. We were having a great
time. Our wives loved each other, our kids loved each other, the
four of us in the quartet loved the same kind of food. It was a
match made in heaven.
August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX                                                                                              29

Fred: Seriously ... family is an extremely important part of this   I’m guessing one of the challenges of being a long
quartet. We are truly blessed to have 4 of the greatest wives you   distance quartet is finding time to rehearse and get
could ask for. When they ask, “How many in your quartet?” we        coaching.
can honestly answer “EIGHT” because we have so much fun
when the four couples get together. We all married up in a big      Brandon: We actually didn't get to simply rehearse going into
way. Also Jack and Kitty Slamka were in Anaheim with us as          Anaheim. All of our rehearsing was scheduled around shows. We
well as Jim’s mother Rose, Fred’s mother Katie, sister Peggy,       would have loved to have just a weekend where we rehearsed,
brother Mike, and niece Eileen.                                     but we couldn't work out the schedule.
                                                                    Mike: We did travel to Finland for 10 days in May, and got to
        The Crossroads Family                                       sing a lot!
                 15 kids and one grandkid                           Fred: That was supposed to be a rehearsal “boot camp” of sorts
                                                                    for us, but we had so many performances while we were there
                                                                    that we didn’t get in the contest rehearsal that we were hoping
               Jim & Geda Henry                                     for. Even though Jim and Brandon now both live in St. Louis and
                Lydia (27)                                          Mike and Fred now live in Ft. Myers, finding rehearsal time is
                   Married to Martin Hlinka (a Slovak who           challenging.
                   plays professional hockey in Germany).
                                                                    Brandon: When we do get to see each other we are always
                   They have a son, Henry, 11 months old
                                                                    working on new music or tweaking our current repertoire. We've
                Gea Rose (10)
                                                                    developed a pretty good internal coaching system that involves a
                Isaiah (7)                                          great deal of duetting and trioing while we take turns coaching
                                                                    each other.
               Brandon & Noemi Guyton
                                                                    OK, time to drop some names, whom do you want to
                Chandler (7)
                                                                    credit here for the help you DID get.
                Taylor (6)
                Isabella (3)                                        Jim: Let’s let Brandon answer this one as he got most of the
                Kadence (Born July 17th)                            coaches' attention.
                                                                    Brandon: Thanks ... we have worked with Jean Barford, Randy
               Mike & Traci Slamka                                  Loos, Aaron Dale, and David Wright. David has been our main
                Michaela (16)                                       coach and mentor. Of course, our wives might be our best
                Mackenzi (14)                                       coaches. They don't seem to like anything we do so our next goal
                Madison (11)                                        is to try to do something, anything, that makes them happy. We
                                                                    were also blessed that many of our rehearsals were in and around
               Fred & Kim Farrell                                   St. Louis so the Vocal Spectrum guys are also good sounding
                Olivia (16)                                         boards.
                Caroline (14)
                                                                    I’m sure you know a lot of people were pulling for Old
                Quinn (12)
                Molly (6)
                                                                    School and Masterpiece.
                Lilly (5)                                           Mike: Who????
                                                                    Brandon: I'm sorry. I'm not familiar with their work.
I understand y’all celebrated at Disneyland Sunday                  Jim: Wonderful guys ... Terrific quartets ... Dear friends ...
after convention. How’d that go?                                    (Who’s he talking about?)
Mike: It was a blast. There were 24 of us.                          Do you agree that your previous gold played a large
Fred: We all hated to say goodbye on Sunday after Nashville and     part in this win through that experience and work
we vowed that we would stay in Anaheim until Monday so the          ethic?
Disney trip was planned for quite a while.
                                                                    Fred: Absolutely. We all learned so much from our previous
Brandon: We finally got to bed around 6 a.m. only to get up at      quartets and the great singers we all sang with prior, and we are
10.                                                                 all very proud of the accomplishments of our previous quartets.
                                                                    We had hoped to poke some fun at those guys in Anaheim with a
Jim: Yeah, sleep-deprived and energy-depleted, we all went to
                                                                    funny parody we devised but we were unable to get the song
the “Happiest Place on Earth,” and then decided to break up.
                                                                    cleared. Thank you Bourne Music!
                                                                    Jim: Work ethic???? Hahahahahahaha
                                                                                               August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX

Fred: Let me try to be serious here for a minute. We can’t say        Mike: No, they gave us each a GREAT
enough about Jim as a person and as a musical talent. It’s a          gift. It was a FlipShare personal video
privilege to get to sing with him and what he has accomplished        recorder. Very cool.
with the Ambassadors of Harmony is just incredible. You’ve
                                                                      Fred: Yeah, It was perfect! So far we
never seen a nicer bunch of men in your life, and they all know
                                                                      have loaded it with footage from
what Jim means to their organization. We feel like we are a part
                                                                      Disneyland, our recent trip to Anacortes,
of a wonderful family with the Ambassadors of Harmony, and we
                                                                      Washington, and the Ambassadors’
are so incredibly proud to say that we get to sing with Jim Henry.
                                                                      victory party. We would like to thank
He is a special person.
                                                                      them publicly for their thoughtful gift.
                                                                      I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to Acoustix
                                                                      for leaving you guys ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the trophy in
                                                                      Mike: Perhaps you could now make it right by sending them one
                                                                      of your old combs?
                                                                      You released your first CD before International, quite a
                                                                      challenge for a long distance quartet. How are sales
                                                                      Mike: CD sales have been great! Actually, they’ve been pretty
                                                                      steady since around April.
                                                                      Brandon: One major goal we have is to record often. We would
                                                                      like to have a new CD every 18 months.

       President Biffle Presents Jim With Chorus Trophy               Fred: Our first shipment was in April, and we’re just about ready
                                                                      to order our 3rd run. And we still have plenty available at
Brandon: As a quartet, we made the chorus our first priority for
the week. We knew how hard so many people had worked to
make the Ambassadors’ set possible and we wanted to make sure
that the chorus came first. If you would have told us that we had
to pick between quartet and chorus gold, we would have picked
the chorus, hands down.
That week had to be a mental and physical challenge for
you, Jim, would you recommend it to anyone else?
Jim: I absolutely WOULD recommend it. It's the greatest feeling
in the world to share that experience with 160 of your best friends
and quartet members. But, yes, it IS exhausting so, like me, you
have to keep your mind and body in tip-top shape.
Fred, how does it feel to now hold the record and be the
answer to the Barbershop Trivial Pursuit question:
“Who has longest span between gold medals (20 years)?”
What’s it feel like to no longer be a “has-been?”
Fred: A very nice little distinction I have to say. I thought I was
washed up. Also a very sad reminder of how fast the last 20 years
has gone by.
I hope I’m not revealing a secret here BUT,
traditionally the outgoing champs hide something in
that secret hiding space inside the trophy. What did OC
Times leave you?                                                      Every good quartet has members who fill specific
Brandon: Oh yea, OC Times left us an autographed 8X10                 needs ... administrator, music leader, distribution,
glossy of them, shirtless. Fred has it hanging over his desk at       jokester, etc - Who fills what role in this quartet?
August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX                                                                                                       31

                                  Brandon: I think we do a good
                                  job at spreading it around. We
                                  have all contributed great ideas
                                  for music. When we rehearse,
                                  we all are coaching and
                                  contributing. Fred has been the
                                  contact man, but we now have a
                                  good friend of the quartet, Hal
                                  Maples, who is taking that role
                                  over for us.
                                                                        With 20 past champs in this contest I’m sure you’ve
                                   Fred: Yeah, it’s a nice mix. We
                                   all share the same sense of          heard the comments from those who feel gold medalist
                                   humor and we laugh more than         should NOT be allowed to compete again.
                                   we sing. No shortage of comedic      Mike: Gold medalists have been competing again for over 40
                                   material within this quartet. I      years. There’s no reason to stop now.
                                   handle a lot of the admin work
                                   since I can’t sing very well.        Brandon: I think that everyone should be able to enjoy the hobby
                                   Everybody understands his role       the way they want to enjoy it. I’ve been barbershopping 16 years
                                   pretty well but everybody is         and have been in 2 official quartets. Jim, Fred and Mike, have
really open-minded and easy to work with, so no real strong             been singing longer, but have also sung in only a few quartets. I
personalities that dominate things within the quartet which is          know that we are in this for the right reasons. I think we are doing
really nice. Jim is a very talented artist who did all of the graphic   what every barbershopper in history has done, try to find a fit.
design work for our CD, and Brandon shared the mixing of the            Everyone looks for a vocal fit, personality fit, musical fit, work
CD with David Wright and did all the mastering.                         ethic fit, family fit, and any other fit you can imagine. We have
                                                                        found that in each other. The gold medal isn't even a factor, and
As new champs I’m guessing your schedule is getting                     let's be honest. I'm not sure Power Play's gold really counts.
pretty full? Any highlights?
                                                                        Fred: If you look at it statistically, it’s just not a problem. People
Jim: Well, I’ve got a dentist appointment on the 12th and a hair        tend to forget that we are also just dues-paying members who all
stylist appointment to get highlights done on Monday, and then          seek out the most rewarding personal quartet experience possible
I’m going to ...                                                        just like everybody else, and if by doing so the bar is raised, and
                                                                        great music is being made, who suffers from this? Diluting our
Fred: (Can’t somebody stop him?)
                                                                        product in the name of fairness or whatever would be short-
Jim: Oh ... sorry ... SHOW schedule?? I have no idea where              changing everybody involved, most especially our audience and
we're going.                                                            potential new members. Competitors who may be affected by us
                                                                        competing don’t have a problem. If they win, they want it to be
Fred: The Central States District has decided to alter the
                                                                        against the best. Nobody wants a gold medal handed to them. The
normal schedule and put on a show Saturday night of the
                                                                        people who raise this complaint for the most part are not even
convention in October featuring the Ambassadors of Harmony,
                                                                        active competitors from all we’ve seen and heard. This is a
Crossroads and Vocal Spectrum. So we get to do a whole show
                                                                        debate we’ll gladly engage in with anybody, at anytime.
for our great home district along with the Ambassadors. Should
be a wonderful weekend all around!                                      With that in mind ... Will this quartet last? Any talk about
                                                                        how long you want to keep this one together?
                                                                        Brandon: Definitely not. We are already looking for other
OK, before we’re done here – would you like to take                     combinations to go and win more golds.
this time to say thanks to the AIC?
                                                                        Fred: We are all in complete agreement that this is our last
Jim: Are you kidding?!? What did they ever do for us?                   quartet, and we are all done competing. We certainly hope that
Fred: Yes, we WOULD like to thank the AIC for everything,               we’re singing and still going strong 15-20 years from now. I
especially the champs reception in Anaheim. They had no such            don’t think we’re in any danger of getting complacent and not
thing in 1989 and when Second Edition was done with pictures            wanting to work to get better and learn new music. We are
the only people left in Kemper Arena were the union guys tearing        always on a quest for new music and new challenges. We still
down the stage. We are really looking forward to Philadelphia           feel like there is so much more improvement ahead of us and
and we can’t wait to be on the AIC show.                                there are so many great song ideas we are excited about. David
                                                                        Wright is excited as well and ready to do some serious arranging
Mike: We appreciate the support we’ve gotten from everyone,             for us which we are thrilled about. We hope to be around for a
including members of the AIC. It was humbling to hear the               very long time.
anticipation of the crowd prior to all of our performances in
Anaheim. Truly remarkable!                                              Mike: Yep, this quartet was built for longevity ... at least until
                                                                        Jim and Fred decide to form a seniors quartet.
                                                                                                 August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX

                                                                        blessed to have introduced it, and we owe David a lot for this
  Crossroads Contest Songs                                              one. I mean that literally - we owe David a LOT for this
                                                                        one. (Check's in the mail, David.)
                                                                        Mobile Medley - David Wright
                                                                        This was David first arrangement for us, although we made some
                                                                        changes and shortened it so David might not want to claim it as
                                                                        his anymore. Singing this was also Mike's idea, one of his few
                                                                        good ones. Jim has vivid memories of Earl Moon singing this
                                                                        tune at Harmony College, and we always think of him when we
                                                                        sing this song. David inserted "Down Mobile" in the middle
                                                                        which was the FIRST song sung at the FIRST Society meeting in
                                                                        Tulsa in 1938, April 11.


Daddy’s Little Girl - David Wright
We decided to do this in honor of our daughters. We had 11 at the
time, now 12 (that we know of) and introduced it at last year's
International. Our favorite performance of it, however, was the
first time we sang it for all the girls. We gathered them together
in the main living room of a cabin we had rented for Memorial
Day weekend and sang it right to them. Afterwards they rushed
up and gave us hugs. Not a dry eye among the four of us. Then
the girls asked for money.                                              Finals
Georgia May - Aaron Dale
                                                                        Mean To Me - David Wright
An obscure, fun, Fats Waller tune we introduced in Nashville.
                                                                        Jim: I've wanted to sing this tune for about 20 years, since the
We LOVE singing this one. In fact, we love singing it more than
                                                                        first time I saw Nell Carter perform it in the Broadway musical
the audiences (and judges) love hearing it apparently.
                                                                        “Ain't Misbehavin'.” Honestly, I have never seen anyone put so
                                                                        much honest emotion into a song as Nell Carter does in her per-
                                                                        formance. Check out her rendition on YouTube and you’ll see
                                                                        what “presentation” is all about.
                                                                        v=LjnEhZReAj0 Though now that I've witnessed Mike Slamka's
                                                                        treatment of it, I have to say that I have never seen anyone put so
                                                                        much honest emotion into a song as Nell Carter does in her per-
                                                                        formance. David, for his part, was masterful in capturing the
                                                                        bluesy style of Nell's performance while staying within the rules
                                                                        of contest. He's a really smart guy.
                                                                        A Little Patch of Heaven - Aaron Dale
                                                                        Fred played us a recording of SAI champs, Swinglish Mix, sing-
                                                                        ing a non-contestable version of this song and we absolutely
                                                                        loved it. Mike knew it from the animated movie Home on the
Semi-Finals                                                             Range. It had all the hallmarks of a great barbershop tune, so we
                                                                        asked Aaron to
That Lucky Old Sun - David Wright                                       arrange it for us
                                                                        as a contest
Inspired by the awesome Buffalo Bills version (with Vern Reed           number. Our
on solo). Mike suggested this one and we fell in love with it im-       first Aaron Dale
mediately. We only had this one a few weeks before International        arrangement. He
but sang it all over Finland. It is truly one of the special songs      did his usual
that don't come along very often in one's life. David Wright hit        fantastic job.
this one out of the park for us. It is ideally voiced for us. We feel                                First Song As New Champs
August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX                                                                                     33

                 OC Times entertain our ladies at their breakfast                          Noemi & Laura Guyton

       Pookie and John get ziggy with it              Rick & Tony LeRosa             Jeff, Kipper and Rob compare shirts

                                                                                     Molly Gordon, Melody Hine,
  The Incredibles with two cartoon characters                                        Sara Littlefield & Becki Hine
                                                     Laura & Brandon

         Rob Menaker, Steve DeCrow & Jimmy Kline                    Tim & Van Dyke       Dan Jordan, Iris & Gene Cokeroft
                                                                       August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX

                                                   Judy DePlauge

     CEO Ed Watson with Marty Mendro            Cindi &Alan Gordon       Clay Hine and Friends

 Jimmy Kline & Pat Menaker              Becki Hine & Eileen Smotzer      Brandon & Chad Guyton

     Johnathan Littlefield, Aaron Clay, Camden Hine, and Tony LaRosa       Grady’s New Best Friend
August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX                                                                                                   35

Official Disclaimer: The information gathered here was taken
mostly from each quartet’s Web site. Few of these quartets pro-      High Fidelity – Pan Pacific Champs
vided this info directly (as requested). Please confirm the info
below with the host or performer. We take NO responsibility as       Jun 13 – “Go for the Gold” Show - Fullerton, CA
                                                                     Jun 30 - Jul 4 – BHS International Convention - Anaheim, CA
to the accuracy of this data.
                                                                     Jul 11 - Private Party - Lakewood, CA
Acoustix (1990)                                                      Aug 1 - Live at the Coffee Gallery Backstage – Altadena, CA
                                                                     Oct 8 - 11 - FWD District Convention & Contest - Sacramento, CA
                                                                     Oct 23 - Mansfield Univ. Young Men’s Festival Chorus & Concert -
ACOUSTIX 20th Anniversary Tour
                                                                     Mansfield, PA
March 6 - Central Florida Chapter - The Villages, Florida (BHS)
                                                                     Nov 7 - Mission Viejo SAI Chorus Show – Mission Viejo, CA
March 27 - Tumbleweed Chorus - Colby, Kansas (BHS)
April 17 - Calgary, Alberta Canada (BHS)
                                                                     Hot Air Buffoons
Crossroads (2009)                                          
                                                                     August 29 - Chord Rangers Annual Show – Austin, TX
                                                                     March 13 – Capitol City Chordsmen Annual Show – Lansing, MI
August 15 - Harmony Camp - Columbus, OH
                                                                     April 17 - Fort Dodge Harmony Brigade Ann. Shows - Fort Dodge, IA
September 12 - Grand Rapids, MI (2 shows)
                                                                     May 1 - London, ONT Canada Annual Show - London, Ontario, Canada
October 3 - Escanaba, MI (1 show)
October 9-11 - CSD Fall Contest Lincoln, NE
November 13-14 - Stone Mountain, GA (3 shows)                        Masterpiece
November 21 - GNU – Minneapolis, MN                        
December 11-13 - AOH Christmas shows - St. Louis, MO (5 shows)       September 4-7 - Labor Day Jamboree - Orlando, FL
January 30 - Midwinter Convention –Tampa, FL                         October 9-11 – Far Western District Convention – Sacramento, CA
March 27 - Defiance, OH (2 shows)                                    March 6 – Visalia Chapter Annual show – Visalia, CA
May 1 - Santa Fe Springs, CA (Masters of Harmony-2 shows)
May 15 - Harmony Celebration Chorus (1 show) Northern NJ
July 1-5 - International Barbershop Competition – Philadelphia, PA
                                                                     Max Q (2007)
                                                                     No dates on website
Eureka! (2008 Senior Champs)                                         Aug 29 – Richtones (SAI) Show – Richardson, TX
No website
Aug 15 - Houston Tidelanders Show – Houston, TX
Aug 29 - Shreveport Show – Shreveport, LA
                                                                     OC Times (2008)
Oct 23-25 - SWD District Convention, Little Rock, AR
                                                                     September 16-20 - NZABS Convention - Wellington, New Zealand
                                                                     September 26 - Granite Statesmen Show - Nashua, NH
FRED (1999)                                                          October 17 - Brothers in Harmony Show - Hamilton, NJ
August 15 - Mills Tones BHS Chorus – Goldthwaite, TX                 Old School
November 21 – Asheville, NC Annual Show 7:30 p.m.          
May 8 – Nashville, TN "All Comedy" Barbershop Show                   Aug 15-25 - Russia Tour
                                                                     Oct 2-3 - Mid-Atlantic Dist Fall Contest - Lancaster, PA
Glory Days                                                           Nov 7 - Simcoe Gentlemen of Harmony - Simcoe, Ontario, Canada                                             Dec 5 - Private Event - Naples, FL
September 12 - Fort Worth, TX                                        April 24 - Fostoria Lake Plains Chapter Show - Fostoria, OH
August 21 - Goldthwaite, TX                                          October 9 - Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus Show - Pittsburgh, PA
                                                                     May 7 - Keystone Capital Chorus Show - Harrisburg, PA
Happiness Emporium (1975)                                            Our Town
August 9 - Bethel Lutheran Church - Northfield, MN                   No website
August 12 - Grace Lutheran Church - Apple Valley, MN                 Sept 28 - Hanover Chapter Show - Hanover, NH
August 30 - Christ the King Lutheran Church - New Brighton, MN       Oct 1 - Liberty Belle Chorus SAI - Arlington, MA
January 23 - Dover Barbershop & Gospel Show - Dover, OH              Oct 10 - Schenectady Chapter Shows - Schenectady, NY
March 27 - Oshkosh Chapter Barbershop Show - Oshkosh, WI             Oct 17 - Morris County Annual Show - Madison, NJ
May 14/15 - Twin Cities Gospel Quartet Convention - Lakeville, MN    Oct 23/25 - NED Fall Convention - Burlington, VT
July 17 - Seneca Land District HEP School Weekend – Rochester, NY    Nov 8 - Norwich Chapter Show - Norwich, CT
                                                                     Nov 21 - Farmington Valley SAI – CT
                                                                     August 2009 - Number 3 -Volume XX

Realtime (2006)
October 3 - Whatcom Symphony Orchestra Bellingham, WA
October 6 - Whatcom Symphony Orchestra
October 9 - Realtime Opens for Take Six
October 17 - Tune Town Chorus Show Nashville, TN
October 31 - Evergreen District Show Whistler, BC
April 10 - West Central Connection Chorus Show Wilmar, MN

August 7/9 - Middlebass Barbershop Weekend - Middlebass Island, OH
October 2/4 - Cardinal District Contest and Convention
October 16/ 18 - Johnny Appleseed District Contest and Convention

The New Tradition (1985)
No website
May 7-8 – Nashville, Tennessee Chapter with FRED and Lunch Break
(2 shows)
June 11-12 - South Bay, California Chapter (3 shows)
June 28-July 4 - 72nd International Convention – Philadelphia, PA
(25th Anniversary)

Vocal Spectrum (2004)
October 3 – BinG! Convention: Dortmund, Germany
October 24 - Silver Dollar City Weekend: Branson, MO
December 12 - Ambassadors of Harmony Annual Christmas Show - St.
Louis, MO

        Am I the only one to notice
        the huge Crossroads Logo
              in Anaheim?

                                              Photo by Lorin May

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