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					                                                         2003 Reviews

Date of Review   Unit/Departme     Internal           Department             External Panellists       CHED/IPD Assessor
                  nt of Review    Panellists                                                              Members
  14-15 May        Information   Mr Jeff Jawitz          CHED                 Professor Anthony
                   Technology                                              Krzesinski, University of
                                                                             Stellenbosch (Chair)
                                 A/Prof Brian      Mathematics and             Mr Dieter Polzin
                                    Hahn          Applied Mathematics              (Industry)
  19-20 May        Actuarial     Ms Vera Frith     Mathematics and            Prof Caspar Greef
                   Science                        Applied Mathematics                (Chair)
                                                                                FFA, FASSA
                                   Prof Tim         Statistical Science      Mr Mickey Lowther
                                    Dunne                                       FFA, FASSA
  21-22 May       Information     Prof Peter      Centre for Information    Prof Andy Bytheway
                    Systems       Underwood              Literacy              University of the
                                                                            Western Cape (Chair)
                                  Prof Theo         Statistical Science        Ms Cathy Sims
                                   Stewart                                         (Industry)
   5-6 June       BA Fine Art     Dr Suellen             CHED                Prof Keith Dietrich
                                    Shay                                             (Chair)
                                   Dr Peter               Music                Dr Gregory Kerr
                                   Klatzow                                       University of
11-12 August      Construction     Professor           Mechanical            Professor Rob Pearl
                 Economics and   Gerald Nurick         Engineering         University of KwaZulu-
                  Management                                                          Natal

                               Dr Suellen                                Mr Barry Probert
2-3 October   Physiotherapy    Prof Susan       Human Biology             Ms José Franz
                                 Kidson                                  University of the
                                 (Chair)                                  Western Cape
                              A/Prof Lana    School of Health and       Ms Pam Hansford,
                              Van Niekerk    Rehabilitation Science         Registered
7-8 October       LLB         A/Prof Tessa        Accounting           Prof Charles Ngwena
                                Minter                                University of Free State
                              Prof Johann          Sociology            Prof Duard Kleyn
                                 Maree                                 University of Pretoria
                                                        2004 Reviews

Date of Review   Unit/Departme      Internal         Department            External Panellists        CHED/IPD Assessor
                  nt of Review     Panellists                                                             Members
 29-30 April     Environmental    Prof Vanessa   School of Architecture     Prof Brij Maharaj           Dr Rob Moore
                 & Geographical      Watson          and Planning         University of KwaZulu-
                     Science         (Chair)                                       Natal

                                   Prof John         Archaeology            Prof Gordon Pirie
                                   Parkington                                University of the
                                                                              Western Cape
  19-20 May        School of       Prof Mike          Accounting           Prof Rashad Cassim           A/Prof Nan Yeld
                   Economics       Wormald                                    University of
                                    (Chair)                                   Witwatersrand
                                   Prof Tim        Statistical Science      Prof Merle Holden
                                    Dunne                                 University of KwaZulu-

                   Division of      A/Prof             Medicine           Prof Jo-celene de Jongh        Mr Jeff Jawitz
  27-28 May       Occupational      Charles                                University of Western
                    Therapy       Swanepoel                                        Cape
                                  Prof Harsha    Communicatin Science       Mrs Susan Beukes        University of Stellenbosch
                                    Kathard         and Disorders
                                                        2005 Reviews

Date of Review   Unit/Departme     Internal           Department            External Panellists      CHED/IPD Assessor
                  nt of Review    Panellists                                                             Members
 28-29 April     Communication    Prof Leslie    School of Public Health    Prof Brenda Louw,         Dr Moragh Paxton
                  Sciences and      London        and Family Medicine      University of Pretoria

                                  Prof Janet         Department of          Ms Sandhya Singh,
                                   Seggie              Medicine            Department of Health,
                                   (Chair)                                        KZN

  15-16 Sept         LLM         Prof Henning      Graduate School in       Prof Patrick Osode,       Mrs Lucia Thesen
                                    Snyman            Humanities           University of Fort Hare
                                   Prof John      Management Studies         Prof JT Pretorius,
                                   Simpson                                     University of
                   Chemistry     Prof Eric van   Chemical Engineering       Prof James Darkwa,        Dr Kathy Luckett
  27-28 Sept                     Steen (Chair)                                 University of
                                   A/Prof                MCB                 Prof Gert Kruger,
                                   George                                      University of
                                   Lindsay                                     Johannesburg
                                                        2006 Reviews

Date of Review   Unit/Departme     Internal           Department            External Panellists     CHED/IPD Assessor
                  nt of Review     Panelists                                                             Members
  23-24 Feb           IAPO          A/Prof        Social Anthropology      Ms Sizakele Magubane,    Ms Judy Favish, IPD
                                    Andrew                                  University of South
                                    Spiegel                                        Africa
                                    Mr Carl        Admissions Office         Mr Robert Kotze,
                                    Herman                                     University of
                                    (Chair)                                     Stellenbosch
  6-7 April       Nutrition and     A/Prof            Child Health            Dr Rina Swart,         Dr Kathy Luckett
                   Dietetics        Michael                                   University of the
                                   Hendricks                                   Western Cape
                                   Prof Sue         Human Biology           Dr Salome Kruger,
                                    Kidson                                 North-West University
                                                                           Dr Nelia Steyn, MRC
  23-24 May       Accounting       Prof Mike      Information Systems      Prof Jeffrey Rowlands,    Dr Kathy Luckett
                                  Hart (Chair)                                Nelson Mandela
                                                                            Metropole University
                                   Prof Tim             Statistics            Prof Henk Kriek,
                                    Dunne                                       University of
                   School of      Prof Henning    Graduate School in        Prof Mariana Visser,       Prof Ian Scott
   7-8 June      Languages and      Snyman           Humanities                 University of
                   Literatures                                                  Stellenbosch
                                   Prof David    English and Literatures     Prof Tawana Kupe,
                                   Schalkwyk                                    University of
 7-8 Sept      Statistics    Dr Shannon    Management Studies    Prof Tertious De Wet,     Prof Saalih Allieh
                               Kendal                                 University of
                               (Chair)                                Stellenbosch
                             Prof Steve           GSB           Dr Mbulaheni Nthangeni,
                              Burgess                            Statistics South Africa
                              Prof Ken      Computer Science
21-22 Sept    Associate in   Mr Jonathan          GSB             Ms Rahmat Omar,          Dr Linda Cooper
              Management        Marks                              University of the
                (AIM)          (Chair)                              Western Cape
                              Ms Jenny            GSB              Mr Alan Ralphs,
                                Carter                             University of the
                                                                    Western Cape
12-13 Oct      Transport        Prof        Civil Engineering   Mr Yusry Frizlar, Arcus      Mr Tony Carr
                Studies      Alphonse                                GIBB, CT
                             Prof Mark      Civil Engineering   Prof Christoffel Venter,
                             Alexander                           University of Pretoria
             Human Biology    A/Prof             MCB               Prof David Gray,        Ms Kate Bennie
                              Valerie                                University of
23-24 Oct                      Abratt                               Witwatersrand
                             Dr George      Human Genetics         Prof Robin Veale,
                              Rebello                                University of
                              Dr Kathy           CHED
                                                         2007 Reviews

Date of Review    Unit/Department     Internal        Department           External Panellists     CHED/IPD Assessor
                     of Review       Panellists                                                        Members
 15-16 March       Department of     Prof Nigel     Historical Studies     Prof Jenny Kinder,      A/Prof Suellen Shay
                       Dance          Worden                             University of Melbourne
                                     A/Prof Jay          Drama             Prof Gary Gordon,
                                        Pather                             Rhodes University
                                       A/Prof            Music
                     Career         Dr Loveness           IAPO           Mr Terry Dray, Oxford     Ms Jane Hendry, IPD
  15-16 May        Development         Kaunda                                 University
                   Programme           (Chair)
                                     Prof Tessa        Accounting        Mr Winston Middleton,
                                       Minter                               University of the
                                                                             Western Cape
18-19 September    Organizational   A/Prof Colin       Psychology          Prof Frans Cilliers      Dr Moragh Paxton
                    Psychology        Tredoux                             University of South
                                      (Chair)                                    Africa
                                     Prof Frank           GSB               Prof Gert Roodt,
                                      Horwitz                                University of
27-28 September      Sociology        A/Prof       Social Development      Prof Robin Cohen,        Dr Kathy Luckett
                                      Viviene                             University of Oxford
                                Prof Anthony         Economics             Prof Deborah Posel,
                                   Black,                                     University of
                                Prof Anthony      Political Studies       Prof Peter Alexander,
                                   Butler                                     University of
                                Prof Richard      Historical Studies
                Mathematics &    Prof Martin    Electrical Engineering     Prof Alan Beardon       A/Prof Nan Yeld
3 – 4 October      Applied      Braae (Chair)                            University of Cambridge
                                 Prof Raoul            Physics
15-16 October      Finance       Prof Paula                               Mr Temba Zakuza,         Mr Ashraf Conrad
                                Ensor (Chair)                            University of Fort Hare
                                 Prof David            Physics            Ms Nasima Badsha,
                                  Aschman                                Cape Higher Education
                                                                          Consortium (CHEC)
                                                           2008 Reviews

 Date of      Unit/Department    Internal    Department         External        CHED/IPD Assessor Members
 Review          of Review      Panellists                     Panellists
18-19 June      Astronomy       Prof Craig     Physics          Prof Phil            A/Prof Saalih Allie
                                  Comrie                     Charles,South
                                  (Chair)                        African
                                 Emeritus    Mathematics    Prof Roy Booth,
                                   Prof       &Applied       HartbeesHoek
                                  George     Mathematics   Radio Astronomy
                                   Ellis                      Observatory
8-9 October      Geomatics      Prof Barry    Electrical   Prof Clive Fraser,        Dr Kevin Williams
                                Downing      Engineering     University of
                                 Ms Anne     Private Law   Mr Mmuso Riba,
                                   Pope                      Department of
                                 (Chair)                     Land Affairs
 2-3 June       Institutional   Prof Frank      GSB           Prof Antony       Dr Max Price, Vice Chancellor
                  Planning       Horwitz                   Melck, University
                Department       (Chair)                       of Pretoria
                                  A/Prof     Accounting       Ms Nasima
                                  Tessa                      Badsha, Cape
                                  Minter                   Higher Education
                          A/Prof     Health
                           Gonda    Sciences
22-23 April   Radiation     Prof    Surgery       Prof Louis       Ms Melanie Alperstein
              Medicine    Delawir                 Goedhals,
                           Kahn                  University of
                          (Chair)              Orange Free State
                            Prof    Medicine     Prof Bernard
                          Bongani              Donde, University
                          Mayosi               of Witwatersrand
                                                             2009 Reviews

  Date of     Unit/Department    Internal     Department         External         CHED/IPD Assessor Members
  Review         of Review       Panellists                     Panellists
20-21 April     Anaesthesia         Prof      Obstetrics &    Prof John Sear,        Dr Ermien van Pletzen
                                  Zephne      Gynaecology    Oxford University
                                  Van Der
                                  Prof Del      Surgery          Prof Arthur
                                   Kahn                          Rantloane,
                                                                University of
  22-23       English language   Prof Sally   Humanities     Prof David Medalie       A/Prof Kathy Luckett
 October       and Literature     Swartz                        University of
                                  (Chair)                          Pretoria
                                                               Prof Laurence
                                                             Rhodes University

                                                                Prof Isabel
                                                               University of
                                   Prof        School of
                                  David        Languages
                                  Wardle           and
6-7 October      Physics      Prof Susan    Chemistry      Prof Jonathan       Mr Robert Prince
                               Bourne                          Knight
                                (Chair)                   University of Bath

                                 Prof      Mathematics      Prof Robert de
                              Christophe   and Applied       Mello Koch
                              r Gilmour    Mathematics       University of
School of     28-29 October   Prof Nigel    Historical    Prof Brian Davies
Education                      Worden        Studies         University of
                                (Chair)                      Cardiff (UK)
                                 Prof       School of        Prof Volker         Prof Ian Scott
                                Shirley     Child and         Wedekind
                              Pendlebur     Adolescent       University of
                                   y         Health        KwaZulu-Natal
School of     12-14 August    Prof Susan   Environment    Prof Bruce Sparks    Dr Moragh Paxton
 Public                         Parnell       al and         University of
Health and                      (Chair)    Geographical    Witwatersrand
 Family                                      Science
                                 Prof        Physics       Prof Fred Binka
                                Saalih                      University of
                                Allie                           Ghana
                                                          Prof Anthony Zwi
                                                            University of
                                                      2010 Reviews

Date of   Unit/Department   Internal     Department      External      CHED/IPD Assessor Members
Review       of Review      Panellists                  Panellists
 24-25    Human Resources     Prof        Sociology    Mr Gary Paul          Ms Judy Favish
March                        Johann                   Nelson Mandela
                             Maree                      Metropole
                              Prof         Health
                             Marian       Sciences
                              Prof        Finance
                             A/Prof        CHED