Do I Have To Get Hearing Aids?

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					Do I have to get
 hearing aids?
No, you don’t have to get
  hearing aids, but you
  might really want to
consider this information.
   You may think your
 hearing really isn’t that
 bad or that hearing aids
     cost too much.
  So what if you have to
  turn up the TV and ask
  people to repeat more
often. What people don’t
 realize is the longer you
wait to treat hearing loss,
 the more difficult it can
       be to correct.
      The brain actually
 interprets what we hear.
If you have a hearing loss,
even a mild loss, the brain
 is not receiving all of the
    information it needs.
     Even when those
   forgotten sounds are
  reintroduced through
hearing aid amplification,
the brain may not be able
to effectively use this new
   At this point in time,
there is no medication or
 surgery that can correct
  nerve loss. However, if
  you seek help in time,
  hearing aids can help.
   Hearing aids not only
 enhance what is left of
  your hearing but they
   actually preserve or
 maintain your ability to
process sounds and make
  sense of conversation.
  Consider the costs of
untreated hearing loss. If
you still feel the need to
wait, remember that it is
your decision. But don’t
      wait too long!

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