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If you have opened a fashion magazine lately, you know that zip-
pers are not just for zipping anymore. Create a zipper belt with a
ruffle embellishment or add a rosette to shoes or other accessories
using Coats Fashion Metal Separating zippers. Attach them to a
purse, shoes, a headband or add a pin back and wear on a lapel.

•	 Coats	Fashion	Metal	Separating	zipper	24”,	black	(will	
   make	2	rosettes)
•	 Dual	Duty	XP	all	purpose	thread,	black												
•	 Dual	Duty	XP	Heavy*	thread,	black	
•	 Elastic	belting,	3”	wide,	enough	for	waist	measurement
•	 Optional:	Felt,	1	¼	inch	circle	to	match	zipper
•	 Hand	sewing	needle,	size	5	or	6
•	 Seam	sealant	(Stop	Fray	or	Fray	Check)

1. Measure waist and cut elastic belting to waist measurement.

2. From the bottom of the zipper, measure up 4” and mark each
side of zipper tape. With the zipper UNZIPPED and cut each tape
at mark. Be sure to keep the slider at the bottom of the zipper, so                                Photo 1
that it doesn’t zip off the cut end of the tape.

3. Place the zipper end with the slider right side down on one end
of the belting. Line up the plastic bottom of the zipper with the
edge of the belt, the cut end will extend one inch. Align the edge
of the zipper tape with the cut edge of the belting.

4. Place zipper foot on machine and thread the machine with all-
purpose thread. Stitch ¼ from coil, through zipper tape and belt.
Turn the zipper face up and topstitch belting. Fold the extended                                    Photo 2
end of the zipper to the wrong side of belt and hand stitch in place
at an angle. Repeat with other side of zipper and belt.
                                                                         Thread hand needle with heavy thread and knot one end. Begin
                                                                         rolling the cut end of the zipper tape, overlapping each round.
Rosettes & Ruffles:
                                                                         Take a few hand stitches in each round to secure tape in place.
1. You will have two 20” zipper tapes. Each will make one ro-
                                                                         When the tape is rolled completely into rosette, stitch several
sette or a ruffle. Dab a small amount of Stop Fray or Fray check
                                                                         times across bottom or rosette to secure. If desired, hand stitch
on cut end of tape.
                                                                         (or glue) small circle of felt to back of rosette.

2. Thread top and bobbin of sewing machine with XP heavy. Set
                                                                         5. Rosettes may be attached with a hand stitches to shoes or
to a long stitch length to gather. Put zipper foot on machine.
                                                                         glued. A combination of stitches to secure and then gluing to
                                                                         position works well.
3. Stitch 1/8” from outer edge of zipper. The zipper foot will be
between the coil and edge of tape. Tie the loose threads at one
                                                                         * All-purpose thread may also be used, but using heavy thread
end and pull the other end to gather. Gather tightly so that the
                                                                         makes the gathering process fast and easy because it can be
zipper tape curls into a ruffle. Attach on either side of zipper on
                                                                         pulled very tightly through the stiff zipper tape without breaking.
the belt using a few hand stitches to position.

                                               This page may be reproduced courtesy of Coats & Clark.

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