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									                                            San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce
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MAY PROGRAM                                                                                       vol.1. no.5/May 2011

 Headlines . . .
        San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce announces its’ new officers: New officers were
        elected at the Annual General Meeting March 25, 2011 held at the El Tropicana Hotel. The current
        Board of Directors and Officers is as follows:

                       President: DeeDee Belmares                  Phillip Barcena

                       Vice-President: Rodric Fitzgerald           Tracye’ Hall

                       President-Elect: Chad Nall                  Darrell Parsons

                       Treasurer: Daniel Morgan                    Brian Schoeman

                       Secretary: Elizabeth Schleigh

In This Issue:

       * News You Can Use                              * Chamber April Breakfast Meeting Report

       * Membership Update                             * May/June Events
                                                                                                   vol.1. no.5/May 2011

News You Can Use . . .                                                             Chamber Collaboration

Spread the word to non-members of the San Antonio LGBT Chamber of
Commerce! During the period April 2011 to end of June 2011, the Chamber
is offering reduced membership rates to new members on the Networking,
Business, and Corporate levels. Check the Chamber website.

REMINDER: Website Advertising
Please contact us at if you are interested in
advertising on our new upcoming, refurbished website. A great idea is to
offer coupons and special offers to attract attention to your business. Get

The SA LGBT Chamber of Commerce is giving Chamber Members an op-
portunity to gain further exposure by offering your business products as
Door Prizes at our Monthly Mix & Mingles. Offerings will be limited so
contact us as soon as possible.

               Congress Repeals 1099 Requirement

    Millions of small businesses across the country will bene-
      fit from the repeal of the 1099 requirement! Congress
    voted recently to repeal one aspect of the new health care
      legislation that would have required businesses to file
     Form 1099 tax forms for every vendor that sold them in
    excess of $600 in goods. Though not related to the health
       care law, the Form 1099 law—slated to take effect in
            2012—would have helped pay for part of it.                                  Chamber Sponsorship

                                                                              You can SPONSOR a SA LGBT Chamber
                                                                              of Commerce event by providing a locale or
                                                                              contributing appetizers, refreshments, or
Most Recent New Members                                                       even entertainment. This is an ideal oppor-
                                                                              tunity to gain exposure, tell us about your-
                                                                              self and/or business/non-profit in coopera-
                                                                              tion with other sponsors and event
Susy Williams Entertainment - Business                                        organizers.
Rusty Beanland - Network
Emily Persyn – AXA Financial Advisors - Business                              We want to know about you so, contact the
Jim Cottone – Network                                                         Chamber at to
                                                                              express interest or obtain further
                                                                                                             vol.1. no.5/May 2011

San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce April Breakfast
                                                                                                    May Events
Meeting Report.
                                                                                     Mix & Mingles
                                                                                     May 27, 6:00— 8:00 PM
The San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce April Business Networking
                                                                                     Hosted by PRIDE SA @ Farris Foto
Breakfast was held at the Plaza Club of San Antonio on the 21st floor of the Frost
Bank Tower, Tuesday 12th April. The guest speaker was Darryl Freeman,
                                                                                     on 110 Broadway, Suite 60
Counselor at San Antonio SCORE (                                San Antonio, TX 78205

Darryl introduced himself (a true entrepreneur and experienced businessman) and      SA LGBT Chamber of Commerce
explained who SCORE is, how to contact the organization, and proceeded to give       Meetings:
valuable advice to small business owners as well as to those who are contemplat-     May 17, 6:30 – 8:00 PM
ing small business start-up.                                                         LGBT Chamber Joint Committee Meeting
                                                                                     Location: TBA
Starting off with a Business Plan - your very own map in pursuit of your business
idea - SCORE will help in assembling this document with the business owner. A        Volunteer Kick-Off Meeting
well thought out Marketing Plan is just as important. While it may seem as
                                                                                     May 3,, 6:30 – 8:00 PM
though there is a lot to consider all at once, Darryl pointed out that there is
literature freely available. For example, a condensed and comprehensive guide
                                                                                     San Antonio LGBT Chamber Volunteer
for start-up and existing businesses in San Antonio and documentation outlining      Meeting
the essential elements of a business plan are available by contacting SCORE or       Location: Luthers Café on Main Street.
the San Antonio LGBT Chamber. In addition, there are no pre-requirements be-
fore you consult with SCORE and you are encouraged to contact them as early as         Snacks and refreshments sponsored by Re-
possible in the start-up process.                                                     source Printing Services. Join us to see what
                                                                                      You can do for Your organization in a volun-
A very relevant topic was also covered - Business Lending. Darryl pointed out          teer capacity and support Your community.
the surge in development in the Greater San Antonio metro area and thus the
possibilities "out there". Viable business ideas can compete for various forms of
financial assistance. Darryl's message was - "They are lending! There is
Growth!"There are business workshops for a nominal fee or even free! Further-
more, SCORE counselors who have extensive experience as entrepreneurs and
                                                                                     HEADS UP!! June 24, 6:00— 8:00 PM
executives are available, totally FREE, to assist with a myriad of aspects           The San Antonio LGBT Chamber of
confronting small business owners.                                                   Commerce June Mix & Mingle is being
                                                                                     hosted by Spurs Sports & Entertainment -
Considering the fact SCORE services are free and there is access to experienced      WNBA Silver Stars @ AT&T Center,
business people willing to assist, the presentation gave us an assuring and com-     San Antonio, TX 78219.
forting feeling of not going it alone! Furthermore, it was a breakfast well worth
attending! I highly recommend business owners and those contemplating start-            Join us for an evening of networking and
                                                                                      meeting business colleagues followed by the
ups that were not present to visit for more information.
                                                                                        event of the evening. Discount tickets for
                                                                                      reserved seating are available for purchase at
A special Than You to Susy Williams of Susy Williams Entertainment LLC for
                                                                                                 the Mix & Mingle event.
                            hosting this event.

                         Corporate Sponsors                                          Upcoming SA LGBT Chamber of
                                                                                     Commerce Luncheon
                                                                                     June 9, 11:30 AM -1:00 PM
                                                                                      San Antonio Library. Guest Speaker: To
                                                                                      be announced.

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