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									                               Trends in Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce has flourished nationally and globally in the past few years owing to the internet boom and

technological advancements. Making it possible for the online entrepreneurs and traders to be able to

maintain this pace of smooth operations and assure greater returns to scale, it is essential to adopt in

innovative ecommerce solutions that address multiple business demands and requirements.

Today the advent of B2C and B2B shopping portals has increased the opportunities for ecommerce

solutions. Social networking too is on an upswing right now that has resulted in the traditional shopping

models to undergo a metamorphosis. Hence even the consumer activity such as interaction and

participation are of supreme importance. In addition to that, the advent and success of mobile

technologies introduced a new sales channel for the retail sector by allowing the users to shop directly

from their mobile handsets.

A top service provider of ecommerce solutions assist their users in attaining a competitive edge and

promise a great customer experience. Furthermore, this comprises secure data management, sharp user

interface, rapid performance, a solid POS and the capacity to manage heavy traffic.

Companies specializing in software product development provide new age eCommerce solutions to

eminent industry players enabling them to develop and support pioneering retail products. Some of the

focus areas are as follows:-

        Online, social & mobile commerce

        Web portals for specialized services

        Interactive advertizing
Before selecting your partner for eCommerce solutions it is imperative to evaluate the types of projects

that company has its experience in. Leading companies mostly have the experience of working with BPM

modeling tools and few other reporting tools. This in turns makes the eCommerce software development

services more quick, reliable, and cost-efficient. Some of them are listed below:-

        Online storefronts, shopping carts and catalogs

        Web-based administration products for efficiently handling inventory, gift certificates and coupon


        Point of sales (POS) and payment processing solutions

        Web portals for travel, ticketing and event management

        Online auction engines based on open source libraries

        Websites optimized for user content generation

        Location-based shopping services for mobile phones

        Robust, scalable platforms for digital content delivery

        Next-generation ad servers

Customer data and research is an essential part of setting up eCommerce solutions for retaining

customers and evaluating the user tastes and preferences. Therefore, eminent service providers of

eCommerce solutions along with other solutions also specialize in customer research solutions.

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