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                         MONTHLY BEACON
                                                                  Sharing the Light and the Love of Our Lord
Volume 4, Number 8                                                                              August 2011

A huge thank you to everyone who helped plan or volunteered for the “Rendezvous Olivet”. Thank you to
La Crosse Tent and Awning, La Crosse Family Restaurant, and La Crosse Beverage for donating services.
We hope everyone enjoyed themselves in spite of the weather, and thank you for inviting others to attend.
You are All a part of Olivet’s Life Missions Team.                         See page 12 for contest winners
Olivet Monthly Beacon                                                                                 2

From the Desk of Pastor Dave
         Loosening Culture’s Grip on Us
Last month I attended a church conference in          on Angry Birds titles each day. (Angry Birds is a
the Twin Cities and one of the speakers at the        game on people’s smartphones, iPods, etc.)
conference spoke about the importance of de-          Let’s do the math on that statistic…200 million
veloping and practicing spiritual disciplines.        minutes each day = 3,333,333 hours = 138,888
Spiritual disciplines are not new for the follow-     days = 380 years. So each and every day world-
ers of Jesus; we have been practicing them for        wide people spend the equivalent of 380 years
centuries. Spiritual disciplines are practices        on a game called Angry Birds. Ok, maybe Gabe
that help us put more of “our-self” aside allow-      Lyons has a point; perhaps we do spend too
ing the Holy Spirit to more fully lead and direct     much time entertaining ourselves instead of
our lives. At first these practices can seem diffi-   spending more time in the word of God, the
cult or possibly painful, but over time they be-      Bible.
come rewarding. The speaker, Gabe Lyons au-
thor of the book UnChristian offered thought-
provoking insight into some age old spiritual
practices. Once again there is nothing new
here; we have been practicing them at Olivet
for years as part of our Path for Spiritual
Growth. What I did find fascinating about
Gabe’s presentation is how he juxtaposed these
spiritual practices to what our cultural has to
offer us. Over the next few months I hope to
examine these spiritual practices with you as
we juxtapose them against what our cultural
has to offer.

Part I - Immersed in Scripture
                 Instead of entertainment.
As followers of Jesus we all agree that the Bible
is a VERY important book! We teach that the           Gabe Lyons writes… “Understanding scripture
Holy Bible is the living word of God, inspired        can be difficult. It is much easier for me to click
by God’s Holy Spirit, and our final authority in      through channels on the television or quickly
matters of faith and life. (2 Timothy 3:16 Psalm      clicking through Internet links and Facebook
119:105). I think that we would also agree that       updates are much easier. Engaging with our
we do not read or study it as often or as much        sacred texts takes time.”
as we should. Quite often there just does not
seem to be enough hours in the day.                   Dear friends, will you please join me in examin-
                                                      ing how we are using our time. Do we need to
Gabe Lyons makes the point that there are             make any adjustments so we have more time
enough hours in the day the real issue is how         for God’s sacred word, the Bible?
we use them. He states that the average Ameri-
can spends almost three hours a day watching
television. That’s almost an entire day, every        Pastor Dave
single week. Over a lifetime it can accumulate
to almost ten years! I have recently read that
Worldwide some 200 million minutes are spent
“Sharing the Light and the Love of Our Lord”                                                                3

From Pastoral Intern Luanne Sorenson

It’s not easy to travel light
My husband will tell you, I’ve nev-    around if you don’t have to
er been one to travel light. I’ve      hassle with a lot of luggage.
tried, believe me, I’ve tried, but I   Lugging bags around burns
pack extra just in case the weather    up energy and is just plain
changes...or my mood changes.          exhausting. As I packed my
                                       bags for “light” travel, it oc-
In July, Denny and I traveled to
                                       curred to me that we tend
California for the wedding of our
                                       to drag around a lot of bag-
son, Corey. Initially, we were go-
                                       gage in life. We carry
ing to drive and I thought, good,
                                       around stress, anxiety, fear,
I’ll have plenty of room. Well,
                                       guilt, disappointment, an-
when we figured it out, we decided
                                       ger, arrogance, stubborn-
five to six days of windshield time
                                       ness, insecurity, worry,
out and back was too much so we
                                       all weighs us down and ex-
took to the skies.
                                       hausts us. To travel light,
Well, that meant packing light be-     we need to let go and let
cause the airline charges you extra    God. Traveling light means
for each checked bag. Well, when       putting our trust in God,
we go for a weekend, my bag is so      trusting God with the bur-
heavy, he has to lift it. So, okay I   dens we were never intend-
need to focus on traveling light.      ed to bear.
“Sure,” my husband said, with
                                       God has put us in this great
that “highly doubtful” look.
                                       race called life, and he has
We decided that for 10 days, we        plans for each of us. Under his      exhausted, it’s hard to do what we
would each take a carry-on and         care, we’ll go where we’ve never     want for our families, for our
check a bag. The checked bag can’t     been and serve in ways we’ve         friends, for others is need. My
weigh more than 50 pounds or the       never dreamed. But to do so, we      prayer this summer, is that each
cost jumps from $25 to $170—           have to drop some stuff. When        of us will let go of the extra bag-
even if it’s one pound over 50.        people are in races, they can’t      gage in our lives. Put behind us
Now there’s incentive.                 carry a lot of “stuff” with them     what we cannot change; seek for-
                                       because it slows them down.          giveness for whatever is bothering
Traveling light became a whole                                              us. It’s as though our great God of
                                       How can we share grace if we’re
new challenge for me…a suitcase                                             grace and love is at baggage claim
                                       filled with guilt? How can we of-
sure fills up fast!                                                         and saying, “Here, let me take that
                                       fer comfort to others if we’re too
There’s a lot about traveling, I       exhausted worrying about yes-        bag, and that bag. You don’t have
don’t know. One thing I do know,       terday? How can we lift someone      to carry them. Trust in me to
though, it is so much easier to get    else’s load if our arms are too      lighten your load.”
                                       filled with our own? When we’re

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers
It’s a humbling experience to let      pieces. That’s what happened to      Dave and Alice for picking up the
stubbornness fade and accept that      me in July. Thank you all for your   pieces for me during my illness.
the infection caused by a tiny deer    kind words, thoughts, cards and      Special thanks also to the rest of
tick is in control and you are not.    especially for your prayers.         the staff and to all of you for your
What you thought you were going        Thanks to God, your prayers and      support and well wishes. I feel
to do for the next several days is     modern medicine I’m feeling          very blessed to be part of such a
completely turned upside down          much better, and don’t plan to go    caring, grace-filled faith commu-
and others are left to pick up the     into the woods anytime soon. I’d     nity.         -Luanne Sorenson
                                       especially like to thank Pastor
 Olivet Monthly Beacon                                                                                                             4

                                                     August 2011
                                    “Sharing the Love and Light of our Lord”
    Sunday            Monday              Tuesday           Wednesday                             Friday                Saturday
                  1                   2 6:30am             3                   4            5                      6
HC=               5pm Holy Stretch    Women’s Bible        10am Bible Study    6pm          6:30-7:15am            1pm
Holy Communion                        Breakfast/Prayer                         MOMS         Men’s Bible Break-     Cook Marriage Re-
                                      9am Exercise Class   1-3pm Water         Group        fast                   newal
                  HS Mission Trip     9:30am Staff         Color Group                                             5:30pm Worship
                                      Meeting                                                                      6:30pm Ice Cream
                                                                                            Men’s Prayer Grp
                                      11:45am                                                               Relay for Life Cancer Walk
                                      Deacons Mtg                                                           @Logan High
High School                           7pm AA                                                                Fri 6pm—Sat 6am
Mission Trip

7                 8                   9 6:30am             10                  11           12                     13
8am Worship       5pm Holy Stretch    Women’s Bible        9am Support Staff   6pm          6:30-7:15am            2:30pm
                                      Breakfast/Prayer                         Baptism      Men’s Bible Break-     Olson/Johnson
9am Ice Cream
                                      9am Exercise Class   10am Bible Study    Class        fast                   Wedding
                                      9:30am Staff                                          7:30-8am
10am Worship                                               1-3pm Water                                             5:30pm
                                      Meeting                                               Men’s Prayer Grp
                                                           Color Group                                             Worship/HC
                                                           6:30pm                           Schwingle-Bilyeu/
                                      Operations Mtg
                                      7pm Shepherd Mtg     Harvest Supper                   Sweazey Wedding
                                                           Planning Meeting
                                                                                            5pm Wedding
                                      7pm AA                                                Rehearsal

14                15                  16 6:30am            17                  18           19 6:30-7:15am         20
8am Worship/HC    5pm Holy Stretch    Women’s Bible        10am Bible Study                 Men’s Bible Break-     5:30pm Worship
                                      Breakfast/Prayer                                      fast
10am                 BEACON
                                      9am Exercise Class   1-3pm Water                      7:30-8am
                     Deadline                              Color Group                      Men’s Prayer Grp
                                      9:30am Staff
11am Welcome      6:30pm                                                                    2pm War-Leh Man-
Gathering Lunch   Rendezvous                                                                or Bible Study
                  Wrap-up Mtg         7pm AA

21                22                  23 6:30am            24                  25           26 6:30-7:15am         27
8am Worship       5pm Holy Stretch    Women’s Bible        10am Bible Study    7pm          Men’s Bible Break-     2:30pm
                                      Breakfast/Prayer                         Book Grp     fast                   Baldwin/Lehman
10am Worship
                                      9am Exercise Class   1-3pm Water         “Crazy       7:30-8am               Wedding
                                      9:30am Staff         Color Group         Love..Over   Men’s Prayer Grp
                                      Meeting                                  - whelmed    4-8pm                  5:30pm
                                                                               by a         Olga Novak Me-         Worship/HC
                                      7pm AA
                                                                               Relentless   morial
                                                                               God”         5pm Wedding Re-

28                29                  30 6:30am            31
8am Worship/HC    5pm Holy Stretch    Women’s Bible        10am Bible Study
                                                           1-3pm Water
                                                                                         Olivet’s Prayer Shawl Group
Worship/HC                            9am Exercise Class   Color Group                   will not be meeting in August.
                                      9:30am Staff
                                      Meeting              6:30pm                        Check the September Beacon
                                      11am XYZ Group       Education Lead-               for the meeting date.
                                      7pm AA               ers meeting
“Sharing the Light and the Love of Our Lord”                                                                     5

                             Worship Assistants for August
August 6/7   Saturday 5:30pm                    Sunday 8:00am                    Sunday 10:00am
Reader       Cindy Cossette                     Sally Christ                     Marlene Howard
Hosts        Dan/Betty Fagan                    Bill/Jane Binnebose              Russ Dresdow/Nancy Arens
Greeters     Anne Zeisler/Holly Smith           Erna Brauer/Tim Ackerman         Larry/Linda Koblitz
Acolyte      Sydney Lamers                      Alexandra Mix                    Jamie LaFleur
Nursery      Open-not staffed                   Tarran Talbot                    Tarran Talbot
Counters     Donna Kemp/Betty Fagan                                              Carol Thiele/Carol Maier
Sound Tech   Christa Baldukas                   Michelle Wendtland               Michelle Wendtland
Welcome Table Kathy Vongroven                                                    Harlan/Sandie Perry

August 13/14
Reader        Marge Marshall                    Paul Stuhr                       Patti Barney
Hosts         Robin/Robin Dyck                  Faye Bright/Tim Ackerman         Scott/Dorothy Payne
Greeters      John/Doris Schwingle              Doug/Alice Olson                 Phyllis Buchner/Shannon Mollet
Communion     Pastor Dave/Cindy Cossette        Pastor Dave/Paul Stuhr           Pastor Dave/L. Hawkins/R./J. Voss
   Assistants Mike/Marge Marshall               Bill/Jane Binnebose              H./S. Perry/B./P. Barney
Acolyte       Logan Miller                      Volunteer Needed                 Lizzy Lang
Nursery       Open-not staffed                  Tarran Talbot                    Tarran Talbot
Counters      Bob Hembd/Alice Gerken                                             Pat McHenry/Patty Houser
Sound Tech    Alan Gerken                       Margaret Ackerman                Christa Baldukas
Welcome Table Lucine Grafft                                                      Avert/Edye Eklov

August 20/21
Reader       Carla Swerman                      Effie Piper                      Pat Haskey
Hosts        Ray/Denise Serres                  Bill/Jane Binnebose              Rob/Linda Sturgis
Greeters     Anne Zeisler/Amy Gerken            Neil Collins/Carmen Phelps       Mary June/Barb Wilder
Acolyte      Sydney Lamers                      Alexandra Mix                    Mari Lang
Nursery      Open-not staffed                   Tarran Talbot                    Tarran Talbot
Counters     Amy Gerken/Anne Zeisler                                             Carol Barney/Kathy Hampel
Sound Tech   Michelle Wendtland                 Brandon Bankes                   Mike Lefevre
Welcome Table Cindy Cossette                                                     Harlan/Sandie Perry

August 27/28
Reader       Paula Betlach                   Brian Liethen                       Cole Warner
Hosts        Dan/Betty Fagan                 Brian/Linda Liethen                 Joe/Anne Weber
Greeters     Glenn/PJ Green                  Mike/Tina Brettingen                Diane Fitzpatrick/Carol Maier
Communion    Pastor Dave/Lynn Dettinger      Pastor Dave/Brian Liethen           Pastor Dave/C. Warner/S./D. Payne
Assistants   Tim/Paula Betlach               Mike/Tina Brettingen                G./A. Wuensch/M. Wuensch/C. Maier
Acolyte      Logan Miller                    Brian Liethen                       Jamie LaFleur
Nursery      Open-not staffed                Tarran Talbot                       Tarran Talbot
Counters     Lynette Dettinger/Cindy Cossette                                    Donna Bentzen/Pat Haskey
Sound Tech   Nick Betlach                    Michelle Wendtland                  Michelle Wendtland
Welcome Table Lorraine Ganrude                                                   Melanie Wuensch

Altar Guild: Volunteer/s needed - please contact Linda Liethen for more information.
                        If you are unable to fulfill your duties,                                            you
                     please find a replacement and contact the office.                                           !
Olivet Monthly Beacon                                                                               6

         Fall Education Schedule                                   Memorials

Wednesday, August 31—6:30pm                                     In Memory of Bernice Gellersen
Education leaders meeting                                  Gene & Anita Henderson—Bell Tower Fund
All Sunday school and confirmation leaders
                                                                 In Memory of Brad Jolivette
Wednesday, September 7—6:30pm                                     Youth Room Cabinet Fund
                                                                  George & Kathryn Jolivette
Parent/student orientation
                                                                        June Jolivette
Sunday, September 10—10:00am                                   In Memory of Margaret Kilgariff
First Sunday for preschool—5th graders                         Eileen Goyette—Bell Tower Fund

Supplies needed:                                                  In Memory of Steve Yeske
As you shop for school supplies this summer                Harold & Shirley Yeske—Bell Tower Fund
please think of the youth that have classes here on
Wednesdays and Sundays. Consider donating                      In Honor of Dave & Barb Wilder’s
needed items such as glue bottles, glue sticks,                   40th Wedding Anniversary
pencils, pens and construction paper.                         Barb & Dave Wilder—Nursery needs
                                                              Doran Banse & Friends—Bell Tower
Thank you,
Lynn Tully
Youth & Family Team Leader

                                         Olivet Beacon of Light Lutheran Church
                                                   2100 Bainbridge Street
                                                 La Crosse, Wisconsin 54603
                                                 Church Office 608-783-1484
                                              Web site:
                                                    Office Hours:
                                         Monday—Friday     8:00am—4:00pm
                                         Sunday            8:00am—noon
Church Contacts                                                       E-mail Addresses
Ministers………………………………….......All Members of Olivet Beacon of Light Lutheran Church
Pastor…………………………………………...Rev. David J. Baldukas…………………
Pastoral Intern……………………………….Luanne Sorenson…………………………
Youth & Family Ministries……………….Lynn Tully……………………………………
High School Youth Leader……………….Kristi Perkins………………………………
Office Coordinator…………………………..Alice Gerken………………………………
Office Support………………………………..Joel Fisher……………………………………
Bookkeeper…………………………………….Debbie Kendhammer……………………
Parish Caller/Elder Care………………….Leanne Hawkins
Librarian………………………………………..Carla Swerman……………………………
Custodians……………………………………..Frank Gerken/Kathy Hampel/Kalen Seib
Maintenance…………………………………..Bob Hembd
“Sharing the Light and the Love of Our Lord”                                                                 7

Dear friends in Christ,
I just wanted to take a brief moment to thank you for all that you do! With Olivet being a vibrant congrega-
tion we often are moving from event to event and sometimes we need to stop and say a word of thanks.
Thank you for your dedication to God.
Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit's leading in every part of our lives. Galatians 5:25
I am so thankful that you serve God and His kingdom not only at Olivet and the many ministries that we are
involved in but also by the many ways you are engaged in the larger community. I know that many of you
consider your jobs not only as employment but also a calling from God. In your work places you are allow-
ing God to lead you in your interaction with others. We are effectively taking the church beyond the four
walls of the building and into the community to engage and influence our community with the mercy and
love of God in word and deed. I am also constantly “bumping” into Olivet members and friends who are
serving God by serving their community in a volunteer capacity. We have people serving as volunteers in
our schools, hospitals, retirement centers, homeless shelters, after school programs, youth programs, food
pantries, to list only a few. You are truly amazing—thank you!

Thank you for your faithfulness in worship.
Some people have gotten out of the habit of meeting for worship, but we must not do that. We should keep
on encouraging each other, especially since you know that the day of the Lord's coming is getting closer.
Hebrews 10:25 CEV
In many traditional churches there has been a steady and even rapid decline in membership and participa-
tion. For the first time we are seeing churches merging together in the city as they have done for a number
of decades in our rural communities just to keep their doors open. I thank you for your faithfulness in wor-
ship. I thank you for the countless hours you dedicate not only in worship every month, but also the many,
many hours you serve in order to allow us to offer engaging and meaningful worship. Thank you for your
faithfulness in attending worship and serving as readers, greeters, hosts, techs, music, Altar Guild, commun-
ion assistants, etc…

Thank you for your support of God’s restoration here and beyond.
You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don't give reluctantly or in response to pres-
sure. "For God loves a person who gives cheerfully." 2 Corinthians 9:7 NLT
You are truly amazing in how you respond to the needs of our faith community and beyond. You faithfully
bring your tithes and offerings to support God’s kingdom work as we share the light and the love of our
Lord. Because of your support of our ministries at Olivet we are constantly seeing lives being changed. If it
was not for your support we could not offer worship services, Bible studies, small groups, children’s and
youth ministries, Nursery cabinets, meeting room cabinets, sound panels, and soon a “loop-system” for the
hearing impaired, etc... Then you are always going beyond that by supporting Military Bible Sticks, Food for
Salvation Army summer meal program, emergency relief for victims of floods, tornadoes, and many, many
other ways that you are taking part of God’s restoration plan for the world. You are amazing!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!                                               Pastor Dave
Olivet Monthly Beacon                                                                                                  8

                    June/July Worship Attendance and Offering
Date                 Attend   General     Mort/Prin Designated      Total      Automatic Giving
Sat. June 25             72                                                    June 25 -July 27
Sun. June 26 8am         49                                                    General                    $7,721.50
Sun. June 26 10am      158                                                     Mortgage                    $2,059.50
Totals                 279    $2,878.50     $737.50    $2,986.00   $6,602.00   Designated                   $100.00
                                                                               Total                      $9,881.00
Sat July 2               88
Sun July 3 8am           59
Sun July 3 10am        112                                                     Mortgage Principal Balance
Totals                 259    $5,214.50    $2,325.00   $2,414.62   $9,954.12   As of 6/28/2011 =       $1,228,463.63

Sat July 9               78                                                    June Principal Pd           $2,771.57
Sun July 10 8am          62                                                    June Interest Pd           $5,778.48
Sun July 10 10am       162                                                     Addit'l Principal Pd        $1,010.00
Totals                 302    $3,932.50    $1,191.00   $3,734.00   $8,857.50   Principal Paid YTD         $38,313.89
                                                                               Interest Paid YTD         $35,432.01
Sat July 16              89
Sun July 17 8am          57                                                     Thank you for your faithfulness
Sun July 17 10am       122                                                      in worshipping and praising our
Totals                 268    $4,500.86    $1,832.00    $739.00    $7,071.86    living Savior and Lord!
                                                                                Thank you for your faithful
Sat July 23            140                                                      support of God’s mission at
Sun July 24 8am          54                                                     Olivet and beyond.
Sun July 24 10am       116
Totals                 310    $2,726.10    $1,975.00   $1,553.50   $6,254.60

                                                                   Thank you for supporting our troops
You did it again!! Thank you!!
                                                                   at home/abroad with God’s word
Youth/Meeting room cabinet fund complete!!
Thank you to those who donated to the Youth/ Meet-                 Thank you for your generosity in supporting the
ing room cabinet fund. The storage and countertop                  BibleStick program. Our goal was to collect
area will be a great enhancement to the room which                 enough money for 80 BibleSticks. In just two
will make the room more functional. The cabinets are               weekends we had enough money donated for 166
on order and should be here and installed soon. Again,             sticks!!! Olivet’s Operation Team voted to in-
thank you to Craig and Jody Lyon for their help in the             crease the number to 170 with the additional
design.                                                            money taken out of the 2011 Benevolence Fund.

                        Thank you!                                 From a U.S. soldier in Kosovo -
                                                                   “Listening to the audio Bible re-
                                                                   ally helped me to understand the
                                                                   emotions in the Bible. I can read
                                                                   the words over and over, but to
                                                                   hear the word spoken to me
                                                                   really puts it all together.
                                                                   Thank you.”
“Sharing the Light and the Love of Our Lord”                                                                9

                                                                  Olivetian worked on
                                                                   set of new movie

                                                       “The Help,” a new movie by DreamWorks, a part of the
                             Winners in Olivet’s       Walt Disney Company, will be in theatres beginning
                             summer reading            Aug. 9. Based on the novel “The Help” by Kathryn
                             challenge will be         Stockett, the movie features the lives of three African-
                             drawn after the Sept.     American maids in 1960s Jackson, MS.
                             3rd 5:30 PM service.      Corey Sorenson, a member of Olivet, worked on the set
                             If you would like to      of “The Help” in Mississippi last summer. He was the
                             be one of the four        acting coach for little girl Mae Mobley, who is played by
                             winners of a $25          a set of twins, and also was a casting associate recruit-
                             Living Word Chris-        ing and screening “extras” for the movie.
                             tian Bookstore
                             (across from Dahl
                             Ford in Onalaska)                     Feed Kids Drive a Success
                             gift card, start read-
                             ing, or spend time                  Thank you for supporting the Salvation
reading even more! You have until Wednesday,          Army’s summer lunch program! Through your generos-
                                                      ity 70 boxes of juice and $788 was donated! The Opera-
Aug. 31 to enter the drawing. As explained on
                                                      tions Team members voted to increase the monetary
the handout on the Olivet Library display, the        amount to $1,000.
more time you spend reading Christian materials,
the greater your chances of winning. So, “stay        The Salvation Army was very appreciative in receiving
cool” this month and “catch your rays” by read-       the juice and money.
ing!                                                           Thank you for being a partner
                                                                   in doing God’s work.

      Women’s Clothes Closet
    accepting fall/winter clothing                       Is it time to clean your windows?
        as of September 1
                                                          A young couple had just moved into a new neighbor-
 It doesn’t seem like we should even be                   hood. As they sat eating breakfast one morning, the
 thinking of fall/winter clothing yet but the   young woman noticed a neighbor hanging her laundry out-
 Women’s Clothes Closet at Our Savior’s         side. "Those clothes are not very clean," she said.
 Lutheran Church will stop taking summer        "Either she doesn't know how to wash correctly, or she needs
 items soon. The reason being the lack of       better laundry soap." Her husband just sat there quietly and
 storage space at the church.                   watched. Every time the neighbor would hang her laundry
                                                out to dry, the young woman would make the same comment.
 Starting September 1, you may bring in
                                                About a month later, the young woman was surprised to see a
 winter coats, jackets, sweaters and other
 cold weather items. Jeans, purses, and         nice clean wash on the line, and said to her husband, "Look,
                                                she has finally learned how to wash correctly. I wonder who
 jewelry are accepted at all times.
                                                taught her?"
              Thank you to Michelle Rich-       "No one," said her husband. "I got up early this morning and
              ards for making sure that all     cleaned our windows."
              the items are taken to Our
              Savior’s Lutheran Church.         And so it is with life. What we see when watching others, de-
                                                pends upon the window through which we look.
Olivet Monthly Beacon                                                                                     10

                                                              Sugar Creek Quilt and
                                                                Antique Auction
                                                           September 10, 2011 10am—3pm
                                                          This is the annual fund raiser at Sugar Creek
     Fall Meatball Dinner                                      Bible Camp, Ferryville, Wisconsin.

     September 20, 2011                                 Lunch will be served all day including a barbeque
                                                                pork dinner and homemade pie!!
                                                        Over 100 quilts, wood crafted items, sports mem-
If you are interested in find out more about the         orabilia, antiques of all kinds and much more.
dinner or would like to help in the planning, you            The Country Store will be open all day.
are invited to attend a planning session being           Gift theme baskets will have a silent auction in
held on Wednesday, August 10 at 6:30pm.                                   the morning!

On the menu will be: Meatballs, mashed potatoes,         ****Antiques wanted for auction. If you
salad bar, vegetable, rolls, dessert.                    want to donate to our Auction we accept
                                                            donations of all kinds at anytime.
Watch for the sign-up sheets to volunteer to help
and donate.                                                  Sugar Creek Bible Camp is located on
                                                              County C outside of Ferryville, WI

                         Mission Work in Haiti
We continue to plan and explore a mission trip to Haiti with several different weeks being planned
for January and February. To assist in the planning Pastor Don Poole and Christa Baldukas will be
traveling to Haiti at the end of August. While in Haiti they will be installing three Bio Sand Filters at
                           the orphanage so the children will have clean drinking water. (These are
                           the Bio Sand Filters that Olivet has heard about and supported.) Pastor
                           Poole and Christa will conduct a survey interview with each family in the
                           housing complex being build by Haitian Helping Haitian Organization.
                           They will also measure and photograph housing units to plan for safe wa-
                           ter and sanitation. They will also compile a list of all necessary parts and
                           pieces for additional Bio Filters for the housing units. In addition to work-
                           ing on the Bio Sand Filters they will also be exploring the possibilities of a
                           LCMC Mission House or how LCMC can partner
with other organizations to help the people of Haiti help themselves as
they continue to rebuild their country.

We ask for your prayers as they travel and engage in the mission work in
Haiti. Christa will be bringing a suitcase that can hold up to fifty pounds—
it is her plan to fill it with undergarments and shoes for the children at the
orphanage. If you feel so moved to support this effort in addition to pray-
ers any financial support to cover the cost of clothes for the orphanage or
the mission work of Pastor Poole and Christa would be thankfully re-
ceived. Please make the checks payable to “Olivet Beacon of Light Luther-
an Church” with Haiti Mission in the memo line.
“Sharing the Light and the Love of Our Lord”                                                               11

      August Bible Reading Plan from — 31 days in the Book of Proverbs
                                 (one chapter each day).
 To many, the Book of Proverbs is known as a book of Wisdom. While Proverbs is full of many wise sayings,
  A Topical Treasury of Proverbs clearly reveals the Lord as the source of all wisdom. Wisdom is presented
   as knowledge, understanding, discernment and instruction. The Lord's wisdom helps us live a righteous
 life, be attentive to the voice of wisdom, develop compassion, generosity, gentleness, humility and so on. If
 you would like to be convinced of this, try using the following Daily Reading Plan. In this plan, you concen-
   trate on one or more topics each day of the month. By reading approximately nine pages per day, all 100
                   topics from A Topical Treasury of Proverbs will be covered in one month.

 Day Topics
   1 Lord
   2 Wisdom
   3 Discipline / Correction; Knowledge
   4 Discretion; Faithfulness; Prudence / Shrewdness; Understanding; Unfaithfulness
   5 Discernment; Good Counsel
   6 Wickedness / Evil
   7 Foolishness
   8 Righteousness
   9 Hard-heartedness; Injustice; Justice
  10 Consequences (Negative); Consequences (Rewards)
  11 Financial Pitfalls; Wealth
  12 Speech that Builds up; Speech that Destroys; Speech Withheld
  13 Anger; Bitterness; Hatred; Shame; Violence
  14 Honor / Glory; Joy; Zeal
  15 Disrespect; Fear of the Lord; Purity; Rebellion
  16 Covet; Sinfulness; Upright
  17 Brokenness; Cruelty; Fear; Jealousy; Peace; Schemes; Self-righteousness
  18 Family Matters; Love; Parenting
  19 Authority; Corruption; Obedience
 20 Backslider; Impulsiveness; Marital Problems; Self-control; Sexual Immorality
  21 Food; Health; Protection; Success
  22 Hope; Judgment
  23 Able to be Corrected; Compassion; Generosity; Hard Working
  24 Deception; Lie (untruth); Trust; Trustworthiness; Truthfulness
  25 Attentiveness; Drunkenness; Laziness; Preparedness / Decisions
  26 Independent Spirit; Teachable Spirit; Weak Spirit
  27 Boastfulness; Greed; Pride; Selfishness; Temptation
  28 Friends / Neighbors; Heart; Quarrel
  29 Criticism; Dissension; Enemy; Gossip / Rumors; Thievery
 30 Gentleness; Grace / Mercy; Humility; Integrity
  31 Bondage; Courage / Strength; Freedom; Oppression
Olivet Monthly Beacon                                                                                        12
  Olivet offers new mission partner course                                     High school meeting
       as part of new member process
                                                                              times for Wednesdays
Olivet will be offering “Welcome      believe in meeting people where               In August
Gatherings” during the year for       they are at and walking with
those people interested in learn-     them as they grow in their faith.
ing more about                                       We are glad they         August 3-youth on Mission
membership and                                       are with us and          Trip to Kokomo, IN
those who want                2011-2012              will consider
to become mem-         Welcome Gathering             them a “Friend”          August 10-Riverside Amuse-
bers.                            Dates               of the congrega-         ment Park ($5.00)
                                                     tion. For those
The first such                                                                August 17-Hixton Forest
                      Sundays after Worship ready to become
gathering will be                                                             parking lot
                                                     a member will be
on Sunday, Au-            August 14—11 am            invited to attend        August 24-Frisbee Golf at
gust 14 at 11 am.
                          October 30—11 am           Olivet’s four-
Since we are all                                     session Mission
                                                                              Pettibone—meet @ hole #1.
at different plac-    January 15, 2012—11 am partner course.                  August 31-Pool Party ???
es in our spiritu-                                                            Who’s house has a pool?
                        April 29, 2012—11 am         If you are inter-
al journey, we
                                                     ested in attend-
offer two options
                                      ing the August 14 Welcome
for participation at Olivet. For
                                      Gathering, please contact
those who are not ready to make
                                      Luanne Sorenson at
a commitment, we DO NOT re-
                                      783-1484 or by e-mail her at
quire a person to join Olivet to
worship with us or attend any of
our small groups or events. We

              Fresh produce will go to                     Rendezvous Olivet Contest Winners
              help local food pantries                     Wild Game/Fish Cook Off:
                                                             1st place—Bill Binnebose for his
              Many of you are now reaping the har-
                                                                            Venison Campfire Beans
vest of your gardens. Are you finding that you
planted way too much? If so, please know that oth-           2nd place—Bob Barney, Sr. for his
ers will benefit from your excess.                                          Cheddar Fish Soup

Please bring in your items to Olivet                       Best Tasting Fruit Cobbler:
on a Saturday or Sunday and we will                          1st place—Eileen Goyette for her
make sure that it gets delivered to a                                       Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler
local food pantry on Monday.                                 2nd place—Lynn Tully for her
                                                                            Berry Crunch Cobbler
              Monthly Beacon
                                                           Most Authentic Fruit Cobbler:
            available on the web                             1st place—Andy Ackerman for his Cherry Cobbler
  Do you want to eliminate the amount of paper that                        made over an open fire on site
  comes into your home through the postal system?            2nd place—Melanie Wuensch for her
                                                                           Wild Berry Cobbler
    If you would prefer not to receive a paper copy,
 please advise the office at or
                                                           Thank you to those who brought in the delicious salads
                     call 783-1484.
                                                           and non-judged cobblers.
  You will find the “Monthly Beacon” on our website
“Sharing the Light and the Love of Our Lord”                                                              13

                                                                          Pre-Baptismal Session
      WAFER/Onalaska Food Basket                                          If you are considering having your
                                                                          child baptized, please register for
           Food suggestion for August =                                   the Pre-Baptismal Session offered
           Spaghetti and spaghetti sauce                                  once a month at Olivet.
 Non-perishable foods and personal care items can be                      The next session will be held
 brought in anytime. The grocery cart is located just to                  Thursday, August 11 at 6:00pm.
 the left of the Fellowship Hall doors. Once each month the food
 items are taken either to WAFER or to the Onalaska Food Basket.
                                                                          Baptisms are held on the first and
 Thank you to the Ackerman family for taking 93 food items to             third weekends of the month.
 WAFER in July.

                  Grocery Receipts
                  Thank you to Sheri Harrison for volunteering to
                  take over the totaling of the grocery receipts and
                  making sure they are turned in on time. Thank you
                  to Sherry Grabinski for volunteering for the past few

 Reminder: Please turn in your receipts from Quillin’s and Festival
 Foods in a timely manner.                                                 Here is the test to find whether
                                                                          your mission on earth is finished:
                                                                               If you’re alive, it isn’t.

                                                                          “For as the days of a tree, so will
                                                                            be the days of my people; my
                                                                           chosen ones will long enjoy the
Check us out on our Facebook page online at                                     works of their hands.” Search for Olivet Beacon of
Light Lutheran Church to see pictures,                                             Isaiah 65:22 NIV
events at Olivet, and to post your feedback/
questions. Make sure you “Like” us, so you can continue to follow
what happens at Olivet.
                                                                          When hospitalized
                                                                          Being able to support you during
                                                                          difficult times is an important part
                                                                          of being a church community.
           Good for a smile                                               This is particularly true when you
                                                                          are going through a health care
           A six-year-old boy told his father one day, “I’m going out-    crisis and/or being hospitalized.
           side and play ball with God.” “So how do you play ball         If you would like the church to
           with God?” the father asked. “Oh, it’s not hard at all,” the   know when you are hospitalized,
boy replied. “I just throw the ball up, and God throws it back down to    please notify your family members
me.”                                                                      or the clergy at the hospital you
Signs found outside churches:                                             are at to let us know especially if
Does your life stink? We have a pew for you.                              you are a patient at Mayo Clinic
Get out of Word Perfect and get into God’s Perfect Word.                  Health System Franciscan
Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil—it has no point.           Healthcare.
Watch your tongue, it’s wet and slips easily.
Jesus can turn water into wine—
        but he can’t turn your whining into anything
Olivet Monthly Beacon                                                                                                 14

           BIRTHDAYS                                                        ANNIVERSARIES
                                                      8/1         John and Doris Schwingle
8/2    Michael Fillner, Katie Jeske,
                                                                  Mike and Sandy Bittner
       David Hellerud, David Scheel
                                                                  Dean and Julie Coates
8/3    Phyllis Buchner, Barb Lutz,
       Liam Rogers                                                Bradlee and Jenna Stevenson
8/4    Christine Hughes, Justin Adams                 8/4         Bud and Carol Melcher—60 years!
       Luna Deters, Gabriella Raymer                  8/6         Tim and Alice Ackerman
8/5    Mark Neumann                                   8/9         Mark and Sharon Hellerud
8/6    Joan Howard, Kathy Hampel,                     8/10        Tom and Melissa Garson
       Jody Lyon, Cheri Kjos                          8/12        Dennis and Sue Johnson
8/7    Joanne Smith, Janice Kehr, Jacob Horning       8/14        Gerald and Betty Baldner
       Joshua Gruen, Kaleb Bakke                      8/15        Dave and Kris LaFleur
8/8    Gale Engler, Al Duerwachter,                               Damon and Dianne Revolinski
       Nathen Herzer                                  8/16        Rich Linton and Pam Knutson
8/9    Dean Coates, Tara Bittner.                     8/17        Tim and Sherry Herold
       Nathaniel Apuan, Kaeden Apuan                  8/19        Al and Kathy Duerwachter
8/10   Sherry Thomson,                                            Jerry and Bonnie Poellinger
       Taylor Collins, Brandon Witzke                 8/20        James and Sandy Bivens
8/11   Leverne Storlie, Steve Hockenberry,            8/21        Ken and Faye Bright
       Traci Winjum, Darren Larivee                               Loren and Sandy Nerby
8/12   Karen Johnson, Bob Dearman,                                Luke and Kelly Raymer
       Dave Gibbons                                               Eric and Amy Baldukas
8/13   Elleana Buday                                  8/22        Eric and Sherry Anderson
8/14   Joe Weber, Linda Liethen, Brandon Wanke        8/24        Dennis and Holly Horning
8/15   Cody Maier                                     8/26        Rich and Pam Branhagen
8/16   Larry Rugotzke, Sara Rugotzke,                             Brian and Sara Connor
       Bill Hembd, Vickie King, Kyle Prentice,        8/27        Pastor Dave and Lisa Baldukas
       Debra Penfield, Michael Gibbons                8/28        Al and Cheri Kjos
8/17   Vi Benson, Carol Maier, Neva Ritter,           8/29        Brian and Linda Liethen
       Lynn Hockenberry, Tammy Gruen,                 8/30        Tom and Lettie McCormick
       Kaitlyn Martell, Katie Herold, Daniel Suiter               Cole and Lindsey Passe
8/18   Betty Fagan
8/19   John Owens
8/20   Brenda Adams
8/21   Bill Binnebose, Sr.
8/22   Sabrina Strauss, Katelyn Hampel                                                             XYZ Group
8/23   Carol Barney, Frank Gerken, John Marti
                                                                    oup   Ne ws
                                                                                        (eXtra Years of Zest)
8/24   Sonya Mix                                             XYZ Gr

8/25   Charles Prise, Marlene Knothe,                                             Meet with others who are 55 and bet-
       Rosie Rislow, Gabrielle Goehner                                            ter on Tuesday, August 30 at 11:00 am
8/26   Doris Schwingle, Isaac Defatte,                                            at the church.
       Kaysan Irwin                                         After devotions, we will go out for lunch.
8/27   Michael Hauser
8/28   Lois Underberg, Donna Jobe,                                   There is no charge for this group
       Doug Gschwind, Travis Herold,                                 except for the cost of your lunch.
       Travis Suiter
8/29   Merideth Lock, Sherry Grabinski,
       Rebecca Ehlers, Andrew Bell
                                                       The Monthly Beacon
8/31   Betty Smith, Jacqueline Gschwind,               is published for members and friends of Olivet.
       Kristi Perkins, Lydia Tully                     Editor: Alice Gerken
                                                       Layout Editor: Anne Zeisler
“Sharing the Light and the Love of Our Lord”                                                                 15

                                                 to Bible Books!
                                                     Thursday, September 8 at 7:00pm
Would you like to know which books in the Olivet Library might be the best ones to read? Have you read a
Christian book that you’d like to share your thoughts on? Or, do you enjoy reading in your spare time and/or
desire to read more Christian materials? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, show up in the
Olivet Library at 7 PM on Thursday, Sept. 8. At this first Bible Books meeting of the 2011-12 season, the
adult men and women in attendance will share their opinion of a fiction or non-
fiction book/audio-book that they’ve read from the Olivet Library. Chances are,
you’ll leave with a list of books that you’d like to read, and, if you’re not already
a Bible Books’ member, you’ll consider joining the group on a more regular ba-
sis. New members, including friends of Olivet, are always welcome and at any
time! Better yet, Bible Books is FREE, attendance is not mandatory at all nine
meetings of the year, and transportation is available. To find out more about the
Sept. 8 meeting as well as Bible Books, take a handout from atop the library
computer, or contact Carla Swerman at 781-0171.

                          Join Pastor Dave at 7 PM on Thursday, August 25, to discuss Crazy Love:
                          Relentless God. In it, Pastor Francis Chan inspires us believers to truly follow Mat-
                          thew 22: 37-38 (“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul
                          and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.”) while con-
                          victing us of being “lukewarm, halfhearted, or stagnant Christians.” There’s so
                          much more to being a Christian than going to church each Sunday and being a
                          “nice” person. Chan says that “They [lukewarm Christians] may be going to
                          church, but not going to heaven.” While acknowledging Romans 3:23 (“All of us
                          fall short of the glory of God.”), Chan contends that we lukewarm Christians must
                          “step outside the box” and become counter-cultural as we live an authentic Chris-
                          tian life. We can do this by putting into action our love for God. The results of tru-
                          ly loving God—obsessing about Him and making Him number one in our lives—
                          are life-changing and unfathomable. For God loves us so dearly—so crazily—that
                          he yearns for the same kind of love from us. To learn more, take a handout on
Crazy Love from the display outside the Olivet Library. Better yet, read the book! The Olivet Library of-
fers two print copies of the 2008 book as well as an audio version.
B.Y.O.B. Party @ olivet Every                                     Worship Schedule
          weekend!                                                            Saturday
                                                                     5:30pm Blended Worship
                                                                     8:00am Classic Worship
                                                                  10:00am Celebration Worship
                                                                     10:15am Sunday School
                                                                    (September through May)

                                                                   Bring your Bible to church!

Every weekend at Olivet we are have having a B.Y.O.B. party at
our worship services. We encourage you to bring Bring Your
Own Bible to worship and Bible studies.
                  Why what did you think it meant?

                                                                   18      Birthday/Anniversaries
                                                                   14        Mission Work in Haiti
                                                                    5           Worship Assistants
                                                                    4                       Calendar
                                                                    2                 Pastor’s Letter

                                                                 Pastor David Baldukas
                                                                 La Crosse, Wisconsin 54603
                                                                 2100 Bainbridge Street
                                                                 Olivet Beacon of Light Lutheran Church

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         Permit No. 521
      La Crosse, WI 54603
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