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                                                                                             Sc op
                             North America’s Grounds Care Specialists
                             Sunshine Aurora Lends a Helping Hand at
                                       Christmas Toy Drive
                           During the Christmas holidays, Team Sunshine Aurora gave generously of their time and money to help
                        out with a local toy drive run by Yellow Brick House, a charity committed to rebuilding the lives of abused
                        women and children. The landscapers donated nearly 200 toys!
                           “We felt that we have been very fortunate to be chosen to join the Sunshine Team, and we wanted to
                        take Christmas as our opportunity to give back,” said Sunshine Aurora Franchise Owner Marco Ritacca.
                        “We decided that purchasing a large number of toys and donating to a local charity would be the best way
                        to show our gratitude.”
                           When the Yellow Brick House volunteers were faced with the task of moving more gifts than their cars
                        could handle, the Sunshiners stepped in again, offering the use of their trucks. “One of the workers had
                        mentioned that it did not feel like Christmas this year,” said Marco. “Shortly after we dropped off the toys,
                        his attitude changed.”
                           Sunshine later received a touching e-mail from the executive
                        director of Yellow Brick House, recognizing the Aurora Team for
                        its efforts:
                           “You have made many families happy this holiday season, and
                        many moms and kids were actually crying when they received
                        their gifts. I know that at times it is hard to imagine the impact
                        you have on other people if you don’t see them, but rest assured
                        that you and your team have been blessed by many even though
                        they don’t know you.”
                           Thanks to Team Sunshine Aurora for all of your hard work and
                        generosity! Find out more about the wonderful work that Yellow
                        Brick House does at                                    Team Sunshine Aurora members
                                                                                                            with some of the donated toys.

                                         S u n S h i n e e n v i r o n m e n ta l
                       Environmental sustainability is a topic of growing impor-   accept leaf and yard wastes as well as organic wastes
                    tance within our industry. Interest in pesticide usage,        from the industrial/commercial sector.
                    carbon emissions from vehicles and lawn mowers, and
                                                                                      The head of this new Sunshine company is Scott Bryk,
                    the effect of salt used in winter maintenance are some
                                                                                   B.Sc., a native of Palgrave, Ontario. Scott is a business
                    issues that are moving to the front of our customers’ minds.
                                                                                   owner who has worked on developing the composting
                      Following the motto, “We Care, All Year, Sunshine            facility from its inception. He brings a wealth of informa-
                    has formed Sunshine Environmental. This new com-               tion regarding a wide range of environmental issues,
                    pany will be responsible for developing a company-wide         along with a practical business owner-focused approach
                    environmental policy that franchises can use to take           to environmental sustainability.
                    advantage of new business opportunities with respect
                                                                                     Long-term goals of this company include creating a
                    to environmentally friendly lawn care approaches and
                                                                                   completely “Carbon Neutral” company where the
                    methodologies. Also, Sunshine Environmental will be
                                                                                   emissions from every aspect of our business are “off-
                    constructing and running a composting operation in
                                                                                   set” by other practices and activities, such as by the
                    Orangeville starting in the summer of 2010. This facility,
                                                                                   use of biodiesel and tree planting.
                    a model for other facilities to be built in the future, will
                                           Sunshine in the Community
             Over 50 landscape professionals from Sunshine                                       so long to do what you accomplished in a single
           Grounds Care volunteered to help with the clear-                                      morning. People can begin to enjoy this trail and
           ing of branches and debris at the newest extension                                    the beauty of Island Lake right away.”
           of the Island Lake Trail during Sunshine’s annual
                                                                                                                              Picturesque Island Lake
           training week.
                                                                                                                            Conservation Area is located in
             “Each year we gather employees                                                                                 the rolling hills of Dufferin County
           for several days of skills training fo-                                                                          in the towns of Orangeville and
           cusing on ways to improve customer                                                                               Mono and provides for four
           care and service,” said Sunshine                                                                                 seasons of recreation. The 332
           CEO Peter van Stralen. “Giving back                                                                              hectares of lake, wetland, forest
           to the communities in which we live                                                                              and meadow play an important
           to make them more sustainable is                                                                                 ecological role in protecting the
           very important to us.”                                                                                           headwaters of the Credit and
                                                                                                                            Nottawasaga Rivers.
              Bob Shirley, chair of Friends of
           Island Lake, was on site to observe                                                                                 For more information on
           the charge of the yellow landscape                                                                               Island Lake, please visit
           brigade. “This is fantastic work,”                                                                     
           Bob said. “It would have taken us

Spring Seeding preSentS unique ChallengeS
           As warm weather returns and you take stock of your lawn and landscape this spring, it may be tempting to
           jump start your turf’s growth with some new grass seed. It’s only natural to think of spring as the perfect time
           for seeding your lawn. After all, the spring season brings new growth everywhere we look. However, the truth
           is that late summer and fall are really better times for seeding. There are several reasons why.

                SPRING SEEdING ChALLENGES                           LAtE SummER ANd FALL AdvANtAGES                                   WhEN SEEdING CAN’t WAIt
           A variety of factors can interfere with                  In	the	late	summer	and	fall,	on	the	                         Of	course,	it’s	not	always	possible	to	
           spring seeding success:                                  other	hand,	conditions	are	more	favor-                       wait	until	late	summer	or	fall	for	seed-
           •	 Soil	is	still	cool	in	the	spring,	so	                 able	for	seeding	your	lawn.	At	this	point	                   ing.	If	that’s	the	case	with	your	lawn,	
              germination	is	slower	than	during	the	                in the year:                                                 proper	after-care	will	be	critical	for	
              late	summer	and	fall.                                 •		Warmer	soil	encourages	faster	                            seeding	success.	This	includes:
           •	 New	grass	seed	will	be	forced	to	com-                    seed	germination.                                         •		Keeping	the	seedbed	moist	until	
              pete	with	any	crabgrass	seeds	trying	to	              •		Cooler	temperatures	mean	less	                               well	germinated,	and	providing	extra	
              grow.	And	if	pre-emergent	herbicides	                    stress	for	new	grass	seedlings.	                             water	through	most	of	the	summer.	
              have	been	applied	to	prevent	crab-                    •		Crabgrass	and	other	weeds	aren’t	                         •		Mowing	at	normal	height	in	seeded	
              grass,	they’ll	prevent	new	grass	growth	                 so	much	of	a	concern,	and	pre-emer-                          areas	to	help	the	new	grass	fill	in.
              as	well.	New	grass	seed	shouldn’t	be	                    gents	can	safely	be	used	next	spring.                     •		Avoiding	weed	control	applications	
              planted	until	six	to	eight	weeks	after	a	                                                                             on	the	young	grass	until	it	has	been	
                                                                    •		New	grass	plants	will	have	both	
              pre-emergent	application.	                                                                                            mowed	three	to	five	times.	
                                                                       the	fall	and	spring	growing	seasons	
           •		New	grass	planted	in	the	spring	                         to	get	established	before	summer	
              won’t	have	time	to	fully	develop	its	                    weather	returns.
              root	system	before	hot,	dry	summer	
              weather	arrives.	As	a	result,	extra	                  Finally, remember that good seed-to-soil contact makes a big difference.
              watering	will	be	necessary	during	the	                Hand raking, slice seeding and core aerating are all good ways to open
              summer	months.		                                      up the soil and make it more receptive to new grass seed. For more
                                                                    information on lawn seeding, call Sunshine Grounds Care today.

5. Flowers have changed color in the urn to the left of the pool. 8. there is an extra window pane in the middle of the house.         2. umbrellas at the back of the pool have changed color.
4. the bay window shows a beach scene.                            7. there is a beach ball in the pool.                                1. there is a pair of sandals to the right of the pool.
3. there is a bird flying to the right of the house.              6. there are new flowers planted to the right of the house.          answers to photo puzzle on back page:
Combining Form and FunCtion with natural SCreenS
   Trees and shrubs planted in strategic spots                 screening around a deck or patio, deciduous shrubs
 throughout your landscape make effective, attractive          will do the trick (plus, they’ll grow tall in just a few
 screens that will add privacy and value to your prop-         seasons). And for year-round screening of unpleasant
 erty. In some cases, a single tree or shrub may be all        views, or for privacy, evergreens are your best bet.
 you need to achieve your desired screening effect.
                                                                 In addition to screening, a “living fence” of trees
   The first step is to decide what your screen will be        and/or shrubs provides a home for birds and other
 used for. If you need to block out a long, horizontal         wildlife, reduces noise from passing traffic, and
 space, a hedge or group of shrubs and small trees             can even cut down on heating and cooling costs
 will work quite nicely. To hide a tall neighboring            by deflecting cold winds and creating shade. For
 building, consider some deciduous trees (both small           more information, or if you’re interested in adding
 and large varieties will work, depending on how               a natural screen to your property, call Sunshine
 much of the building you want to hide). For seasonal          Grounds Care today.

                                                                                                               5 2 9 6
           Evergreens are great for year-round                             
                 screening and privacy.

                             With Storms Coming Soon,
                             It’s a Great Time to Prune!
                                               Proper              Dead wood that is likely to fall in stormy weather
                                             pruning from        can be removed as well. And besides preparing for
                                             Sunshine            storms, pruning can be done to:
                                             Grounds Care
                                                                   • Improve air circulation
                                             can go a long
                                             way toward            • Increase exposure to sunlight
                                             preventing tree       • Remove branches that are blocking windows,
                                             damage from             walkways or driveways
                                             spring and
                                             summer thun-          • Remove overlapping branches and those that
                                             derstorms. For          are rubbing together
                                             example, main-        Remember, no matter how strong and sturdy
                                             tenance-level       your trees may appear, all of them are susceptible
     pruning can create a sturdy, well-spaced framework          to damage from heavy storms. Preventative prun-
     of healthy branches and an open tree canopy. This           ing from Sunshine Grounds Care is one of the best
     will decrease wind resistance and minimize the risk         means of protection. Give us a call today to sched-
     of tree failure in stormy conditions, since air will be     ule this beneficial service.
     able to flow freely through the branches.
       Pruning may also be beneficial if
     branches and foliage have grown thick-
     er and heavier than what the roots can
     easily support. In cases such as these,
     tree failure can occur when excessive
     rainfall creates waterlogged soil that
     can’t keep the roots anchored. Pruning
     away extra branches and foliage may
     help to minimize failure.
               Welcome to a Brand-New Growing Season
                     “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!’” – Robin Williams
                                    We think Mr. Williams hit          concern. Your satisfaction is our first priority, and we
                                 the nail on the head with             hope you’ll let us know if there’s anything we can do
                                 that quote! There’s no doubt          to improve your experience with us.
                                 about it: After a dull and              Working together, we can make your property more
                                 dreary winter, the first signs        beautiful and more valuable…while enhancing the
                                 of spring will put a bounce           quality of the environment we all share.
                                 in anyone’s step. Birds are
                                 singing, flowers are bloom-
      ing, the sun is shining, and the air just feels ripe with
      possibilities. At Sunshine Grounds Care, we’re always
      excited about the potential each new growing season
      brings, and we’re especially pleased to be working
      with you to keep your property looking its best.                                  1-800-361-LAWN
        We’re here whenever you need us, so please don’t                                                      5 2 9 6
      hesitate to call anytime you have a question or                  

   did You Know? the mediCinal power oF plantS…
   There's more to some                    Some plants not only look great in the garden, but can provide medicinal
 plants than meets the eye!                benefits as well. Here are just a few of them:

                                           Calendula                lavender                 roses                  PurPle
                                           Sticky	resin	can	be	     Essential	oils	can	      Fruit	is	high	in	      Coneflower
                                           used	to	heal	wounds.	    help	heal	wounds	        vitamin	C	to	combat	   (eChinaCea)
                                           Can	help	with	           and	burns.	Flowers	      the	common	cold.	      A	well-known	immu-
                                           respiratory infections   have	antimicrobial	      Leaves,	flowers	and	   nity	booster.	All	parts	
                                           when	combined	with	      properties	to	fight	     buds	may	also	help	    of	the	plant	have	
                                           herbs	and	taken	         bacteria,	viruses	and	   with	indigestion.      medicinal	properties.
                                           internally.	             fungi.	May	help	with	
                                                                    mild	depression	when	
                                                                    brewed	in	a	tea.

KidS, Can You tell the diFFerenCe?                                               See if you can find the eight differences between the
                                                                                 two photos. Answers are on page 2.

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